Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 9, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1936
Page 7
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' .SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1936 THE ALBANY. OEM OCfe At -HER ALb, ALBANY. OREGON ; . FAULTY, WORN-OUT CARS ARE DANGEROUS AND EXPENSIVE TRADE NOW fully 25c lower; late bulk good to ALMOST cur rp fiiu:.Mti.(!( i'a Ol ILLI TrullXi phone 29 A NEW TODAY FOR RENT 5-noo.i iiorsK 11 Younty near Al bany. OanhMi and some fruit, Jt-ss Sufley, TaneeiU, Phone O-F-34. . . . - HI'.' WANTFn donation OF SEW-rm i -u ,nB. ma,.i,nu, c.all ,.(, L'I'oks Office, 74-Y. 1119-12 WANTED CUSTOMERS FOU partly dry 4 -ft." slab wood at $2.50 per cord. C. C. Cameron, 220 V. 1st St., Phone 400. m3-12 1 PnnACT QUICK $1800. 80 4).' " , j acres of jiralrle land all undV cuHlvatioi fair buildings, the best buy ever.orrered la liltm county.. $1800 ,.ltal price. iWliy rent?-, ... IK V INK U HOOD, Tlioiio 300 . v . . -. ,.a30tf INCOME -PHO.PKRTV: NICK ,I,UY,,IL ..Highway. No. 9'J Service Station located in the edgev of small town togexher with Jiving (iit.'vrtcrR, , fair .house and 17 acres of tlljnble la,nd. jProperty An equipped with electricity and running water ami full lino of oan Roods, '"tills,.; candy, tobacco, v etc.- Price OOOO.OO with enns arranged at - . . . KO,R KNT:.3 nice cJose n apnrt-itie-nts. upper, and lower for $15.00 ind $17.50. TH1PP & MUHPUY. f - .. . . mOU LOT . .n7 FOH -9-S 5 tivestock. Poultry, Egs BEAUREGARD T H O i: O U O II- bred Kentucky Stallion. Govern men t thoroughbred saddle, stallion will stand at the Fred Sprenger pttiee two miles North of Shedd. Service fee $10.00 Fred Sprenger. . , mG-12 qcyrn co(?keueis. $i peu ioo. OLALU nring hojies Thurs..,Kri St. Will take turkey eggs until May 15. I'hoiie 5-F-3. Oakwood Poultry Farm, Tangent, Ore., ... m4-0-S PHQTHW Hatching iien KGfcs i um . Rnd ,lurk(.y eggs any B. Burton. time, any unit. Ph'ouo 636-J. FDR 9AI F 4 P1'i,,:ni':l1 Pl(:j run omll i ;ilUMIt r;6 lb8i I0 weanling pigs, west of Shedd. , Galo Jakel, mi. -9-S DFAD ANl xV-,llT,ll-r"SK HOUSES Ui-rJ J(I(j t,OW8 pd-ititl up free of charge anywhere. Pliotic colltvc.t 1 4-F-14, Albany. If no answers Phono. ll-F-4. Corvullls.- inU-lf LIVESTOCK W;: ers, ueef of qny kind, sows, feeder pigs and ewes with or without lunibH.S. E. Richer, Phone 12-F-13. ; , . .. .... ... m7-3-S FOR SALE" of RoseburK. ville, Ore. -173 (lOOD KWES and Manilla, 6 ml. elflt W. I. IHxon, lUxon-jiiB.ll WANTFD KO" fAsii-oM) 'and wurthlraR li(irw;B mid cows. Dead aninialR picked up free, of charge anywhere. Cule & AIontKoinery, Pliohe collect S3-P-1S. Corvallla . mllf CASH FOK OLD AND WOUTH less horses and cows. Day old calves. -Ph. H-F-14 Albany Cecil Montgomery. , ml4-tf AUTr LEGHOHN BABY CHICKS Hatches overy day the" first week . In May. Order from this ad $10. per 100. .still plenty of time to false a nice lot of fall layers. RUSSELL'S HATCHEUY Phone 3S0. Corvallis, Ore. aliOtf unilQF on BUILDING I.I. ItOlllN F-4 or call luS-Jl at 1315 K. 2nd. CASH PAID FOU OLD GOLD, dental . crowns. bridges. fillings, old Jewelry,, watch cases, etc. F. M. French Son, Jewelers. d30tf GEO. W.WRIGHT, Notary Public, office St.. Albany. Ore. ATTOUNEY at lnw, and 732 Walnut m7-9 pAOU PAID FOU USED FUUNI-LAOII jure, etc. "Look In your attic.' t'has. Uohrbough & Son. 415 W. First St. Jl-tf Up D THE NEEDY. THE SALVA-I I llr (jon Army needs fruits. vegetables, clothing, etc., to help needy people In emergency eases.. . Money too. If you want to contribute. We .have no telephone but bring in what you have to donate , or drop 'us h card and we'll call for it. Capt. Bert Bailey, 101 West 3rd St . Albany- TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS ' Prim quoted below are thoie prevailing nt 11 o'clock a. ni. on tlay of publlrntlon, nnd are nubject to chantic at any hour thervaftcr. ;. LOCAL ;h IN M. MenderN & ('. WHEAT: No. 1 white, 78c; red and mixed 76c bnshet. BABLEY: lliuiHen, $21.00 ton. OATS: White, No. 1, $18.00: gray No. 1, $23.00; gray feed $20.00 ton. WOOL Wool, peranum) '...HOC Mohair, per pound , 40c 11 K ATS l. I-'.. elierKnll Meat Co.) i'ATTLK Steer .$5. 60i?7.O0 Heifers 4G0ff6.50 Bulls a.&ogr&.oo Cows, beef 3.00 Dr 5.00 Cows, cutters 1.50(j3.00 IOCS 140 to 160 pounds ' . SK.OOiff ft.tiO 1G0 to 210 pounds 8.R0 Hf 9.50 210 to 250 pounds ... ... k ... . 8.00$i'9.00 250 to 350 pounds 8.00fr 8.25 250 pounds tip 0.25ti 7.00 Sows . 5-25i 6.75 Vant-ads. Bead the classified! 22 Wood and Coal ALL KINDS -WX.K HICHT II.'- K. Stewart, 1152 W. 12th, m ,17-S' GOOD Lester Phone WOOD PUU.'ED BIGHT Delivered In any length. Chflcote, 1006 "S;in Until Ud. 734-It. . J20-tf RIHHT wool) T,IK 'iticVrr niOn I pru-p. riaudo . Wright, plmtie 2ti-J. (138 E. 6th St. n20-lf For Sale Used Cars 1 QOq PLYMOUTH COUPE GOOD I ZOO car in fine, condition, for ni 1 it at a sacrifice by owner. - ('all Munsoy Apt, No. 1 after 6:00 .or Sunday- ; , in7-9 Automobiles Wanted p A QUI FOU YOUU CAB OB unoil equity. Warden's Car Market, Lebanon, Phone 1331. m.S-Jii For Sale, Miscellaneous FOR "sAI F UWL:1 ELECTUIC I J. OHLL wasiiers. Otto Kpos Ames Hdwe. m7-9 iicrrj ice boxes only $i Xnd UOLL UJJ jf(.t yours now. -A large stock ito select from. Uiwn mow-. ers, trade in your old mower on one of our new light running, high wheel nail-bearing mowers. t;ar den hose, 'we have a number -of pieces of good used garden hose, new hose 50 ft, lengths, $1.95. Kpr i n k I ers, ga rd e n t oo 1 s, e t e. Albany Bargain House, 2nd & Baker. . m7-9 WRECKING,-,!rr HOOLS . Bricks $4 per M planks for barns, bridges, timber, 1x8 and 1x6 sheeting... flooring, -ceiling, 8 Id ing. Can deliver. 3rd & Mud i sun. Albany. ni7-l?-S For Rent POR RFWT-6 agues land, . gooi modern country home bldgs. Inquire Mrs. T. B, Burton. Phone ti;t!i-J, So. end Ferry St., Albany. . m7-9 TO KENT.' 1NQUUU-: OF Lumber Co. 1117-9 lliunuiond Albany, oreson. . FOR RFNT-M1ljn.N. NKT-1.Y 115 W. 5th St. t:nll at 424 Lyon. m7-13 For rfnt-n'u",,: yims- APT. 7 111 St. FOR RFNT -s "oom un' Ill-M I rilrn ,,, Phone 517-lt. a21-tf ELLSWORTH APTS HHAT. overstuffed furnl- 35. 8ns Rllsn'nrth. "iv6-tr 10 Help Wanted rD (Ut WOMAN FOIt UKNUttAJ, houseworh. Call W.H3. Mnr- lian, 1ISS W. 10th. Phono 716-U lnS-li 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WANTFIj-1"-" i!"-i'T! to unniuty Kr fr lumber In Kame. F. tlrulibe, 17115 K.' Front. 1117-0' WOOL WANTED r WHh- market value. M. SeiiderH ft Co. . . . . u7-B0 pACpARA BAU1C WANTEI WE noun.l'naro in Ih.i market for nu unlimited quantity of dry or , green Cnscara Baric. ill pay -1 highest cash 'or loom Albany Bar gain Hoimui 2nd igttd Baker, Phone . 796. . s .. . al5-tf OLD Store UNITED STATES . COINS bought at Dawson's Drug murltf 24 Personal QTDMAPM uu-Eit, oas pains. . ImllKcitloii . victims, why miffcr? For quick relief iret a free sample of UdKa, a doctor'H j irecriilion at Fred llnwHon't itruir Store. iiir-J 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING:.. WALL PAPIOIllNO, .interior decorating that'll different. Phone 42 or 613-1.. Wilbur Dawaon & Cluire Snyder. mau-tf KNOW - HOUSE IS .maybe , call BUT J ITS QnpK Wquipmkst - furni- .ture. 31 acres located on -Brush Creek, all bottom land, (Trop all in, -vary Rood building), ft' very fine -Uttlo .place, 2 horses, i rows, aU equipment needed, alt r furniture needed. Total price only f $3750 move right in, VI K VINE 1 HOOD, Phone S00 . . a30tf i p I'PTn M H A XCH I NO TU HKEY UUO I UIVI .,lgK8, 4c; H,- CBBS, 2c. Bring effffa nuy; day,, any amt. Will accept cftRB, until June 10. Pacific Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. Phone 601-J-l. . m9-12 TODAY'S BEST BUY 1930 Stucl,- llnke'r Six Sedan. 11.028 delivered. Itichard ;nraKe, Corvallis, or Jack Cathey. Albany. Ph. 576-1!. m9-12" THE CURIOUS SEX By HAROLD GRAY IT MUST HAVE BEEM . LINN COUNTY PA lit Urounds. Buildings and land very cheap and cany terms, AISO all lands and lots that, were owned, by the Central 'bund Co. this Includes 30 acres on Pacific Highway, 34 acres Just South of SPEE Depot, 8 8 J acres ell as a west of Hound house. whole or any size to suit. C. M. Pollarhlde Co. . . m"lf WF H AVF SKVEItAL VlCUY KINK ti L I inv u ran(ft, xpeoialK in addition to the ones mentioned In our regular ads. Mountain States 1'ower Co. m2 SOW ' & 8 PICES KOK SALE- PAUI- Averhoff, lit. 1 Albany, near Price School. - mil GOING TO NAMPA110,!.1 82S k 8lh. C. C. tiiurle. mll-U FOR A1 F a-, 1400-1500, ut. run OrtLL hora,., John Deere 2 hnrsc cultivator. Old wagon, small grain chopper. 150 ft. hay rope, and fork. Clover swnther. Urban Sii rode. Lebanon, Ut. 3. & ml. S-K-of Crabtree. ml For Sale Real Estate mp-CAl C KY tWNKK . BWAU-I Ull OrtLL tfu, 1C0,acre farm, stocked & equipped,' 4 .miles from town near Son tin in river. 60 acres In crops, most all tillable, abundance springs & running water, nil fenced & crossfenced, 8 head cattle, good span mules, 26 head ewes & lambs, chickens, gqod McCor-' mlck-Deering tractor, $1500 work machinery, fine crop wheat, oats & barley. . flood - 6-room house, lighting system, 2 barns. Price $7500, no debt. H. M. Bowser, Itt. 1. Lebanon, Ore. , mS-U 47V? AHRF PAttM FOU SAU;- n' z nVnU " Santlam Hwy.( 5 miles out: new 5 room house, new chicken house 1 1 other outbuildings fair; on main "power line. Crops all in. A BARGAIN. See owner, Vm. McKinlcy, Ut. 1. Albany, Or" - a22-m22 FOR 9AI F HEAL ESTATE I yu oni-i-t-fllflrn i.and Bank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C A. Barnes, Field Salesman. 1103 Oak St., Eugene; Ore. alimlti FRIENDS ' WElLTAKE all twdse cows ikriD Juvenile. COURT! IF WLfTTY PAID FDR THAT MEDICINE. WITH OWE OF THEM , HE'S A CINCH TO BE CLEARED ! 1 FOR SALE" I'M AFRAIP My PEAR-BUT ? I'M COIMG. TWI5 Vz EXACTLY AFTER AL L, ! POCTORf ' MR Bf.LsNCE. TH' BANKER. trvin' to quiz me f he's sure it Was 'u'mcle': jack helped th' joneses- he it's what they eg a ' woman's curiosity; WHATEVER. IT IS, p5 DRIVIN' ME CRAZY- "UNCLE" JACK, BUT HOW " CAN I MAKE HIM VfSDMIT .IT? S'POSE IT'S NONE Ov MY BUSINESS, BUT I'VE ' -1 ' i I 1 v. IT voor uncle VceTEv-T . , . I MUST BE QOITE WWE ftT EKCH " I if ' I' FRIEND OF OTHER CROSS TH' ' llllle IVOUR NEIGHBORS "IcE- rJt I , I THE JONESES- J dS?NT Trrx ' tlwrkhari ntl-T-r-r-rvTrrl They've been Wipnan l I V X") I close enough r I I I . S TO TALK FOR Anne. Other Comics xj Us K VA ' V ..$7.508.50 . . 2.00frH.OO . . 6.0016.00 7c 12c POCI.TIIY (Swift A Company) 1 hens, 4 A to 6 lbs No. 1 hens, 4 J to 6 lbs 1 So No. I hens, over C lbs, IKc No. 1 medium hens, over : lbs 15c No. 1 medium hens, under lbs. 15c Colored springs 18c No. I broilers, 1 to 2 lh 15c Uoosters 7c Stags ., 10c k;;h . All 1'rlerM Are Orllvrred Albany Cnftrit Hrturned ExtraH 19c Standards ....,....'. 17c Extra medium ., 16o Standard medium 13c Browns extras 19c Dirty extras 16c Umlergradcs 13c PtllletH Pee weea . . . 10c ..8 He .I2,c XtoA I, lirvrKHFAT I A grade 1 B grade I C grade 26c 2! 2 l.ambu . .$S.25(f9.00 IMIHTI.AKII MAIIKET Portland, Ore.. May 9. Market for butter showed a genera) firm tone at the weekend. Product Urn Is not showing the normal seasonable in- rease an demand is still able to take care of supplies. Official selling prices on eggs con tinue lower than what buyers are openly offering cash to the pro ducer at the weekend. The market Is flooded with storage rejects. More wool Is being offered at east ern Oregon and Yakima points but the volume Is comparatively small. Prices are held much the same as earlier In the week. POHTLAM 'ortland, ire.. .IVF..STOCK May .9. Hogs: Week's totftl 3320. Compared one week ago, market NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON, FOR THE COUNTY OF UNN. , ' 'No. 17456 ' UNIVERSAL BOND & ) MORTGAGE CORPORATION) a corporation, ) . Pinmtirr.) vs. ) J. R.-CARTWRIGHT, a wid-) ower VIVIAN CARTWRIGHT.) and HAZEL . CARTWRIGHT,) his wife; MARGARET A. ) THOMAS, Executrix of the es-) tute of J. B. ASHENFELTER,) deceased; STATE INDUS- ) TRIAL ACCIDENT COM- ) MISSION OF OREGON, ) Defendants.) By virtue of an execution, judg ment order, decree and order of sale Issued out of the above entitled Court in the above entitled cause, to me directed and dated the 24th day of April, 1936, upon a judgment rendered and entered in said Court and cause on the 20th day of April, 1936, in favor of the above named plaintiff, Uni versal Bond & Mortgage Corpor- ation. a corporation, and against the above named defendant, J. R. Cnrtwright, for the sum of $5,- 172.34 and accrued Interest in tho sum of $1,552,06, together with in terest on sine! $5,172.34 at the rate of Ten (10) per cent per an num from the 20th day of October 1935. until paid: and tho further sum of $15.00 together with Inter est thereon at the rate of Ton (10) per cent per annum from the 16th day of November, 1035; and the further sum of $376.25 with Interest thereon nt the rate of 6 per annum from 20th day of April, 1936; and for the fur ther sum of $14.25 costs and dis bursements and the costs of and upon this writ commanding me to make sale of the following real property situated in the County of Linn, Slate of Oregon, to-wit: Lot Numbered Twelve (12), in Block Numbered Six (6), in the city of Harrlsburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, according to the official plat thereof on file and of record in the office of the County Clerk of said county and state, saving and excepting therefrom that part of said Lot 12 described as follows: The first story of that certain building located on the portion of said lot described as follows, commencing at the northeast corner, of said. Lot 12, Block 6, in the City of Harrlsburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, and running thence West on the North line of said lot Thirty (30) feet and Three (3) inches to the center of the stairway in a brick building now situated on said land, thence south parallel with the East line of said lot Sixty-five (65) feet Three (3) inches, thence East parallel with the North line of said Lot Thirty (30) feet three Inches to the East line of said lot; thence North to the place of beginning; together , with the . perpetual easement in and to the West ' half of the West wall of said building. . , Now, therefore, by virtue of said execution, judgment order. decree and order of sale, and in compliance with the commands of said writ, I will, on- Friday, the 29th day of May, 1936, at one o'clock P. M. at the front door of the County Court House In Al bany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction (subject to re demptlon) to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest which the above named defendants and each and all of them in the above entitled suit had on the 15th day of Oo tober, 1929, the date of the mort gage herein foreclosed, or since that date had or now have in and to the . above described property or any part thereof, to satisfy said 'Qxecution, judgment order and ut'ciee, HI1U unuuug ivaw. Dated Apr 1 24th. 1936, First Publication, April 25th, 1930, .. m Last Publication, May 23, 1936, HERBERT SHELTON. Sheriff of Linn County. Oregon. l.ambs . , . Ewes Yearlings Live , Dressed . . 1 chok-e 165-215 lb drlvelns $10.25 unfinished kinds down to $10, early sales up to $10.35, few to $10.50, load lots to $10.60; 230-280 lbs $9.50-10. few early to $10.10 and better: 125-160 lbs $9.50-10, few to $10.25. Pack-lug sows J7.75-S, few $8.35-8.50. Feeder pig market erratic, most sales 88 to 115 lbs $10-10.50, most I bids below $10. Cattle: Week's total 2350, calves 420. - Compared one week ago, market mostly 25c higher some middle grade Hitters up more; bulk fed steers $7.16-7.85, top $S, common down to $5.50. - Fed heifers $6.50-7.15, odd head to $7.25, mixed steers and heifers to $7.66, common hot f ers down to $5.25. Low cutter and cutter cowa $2.75-4.50, common to medium f4.50-6.60, good beef cowa $5.75-6.35. Bulls $5-5-75, odd head to $6. and above, cutters down to $4.25. Bulk good to choice vealers $9-10, several to outsiders to $10.50, common down to $5. Sheep: Week'H total 6700. Compared one week ago, market mostly steady, spring lambs, lost early 25c gain, old crop kinds closing easier. Bulk good springers $10, tew including early bulk $10.25, common to medium $8.5u-9.5. Medium to good woolcd old crop lambs $9-9.50, good to choice shorn $8-8.60; medium to good wooled ewes $5-5.50, good to choice shorn $4-4.60, common down to $2. pnonicK tt'ii.N;K The following prices were named to be effective today: Butter-cube extras, 27c; standards, c; prime first, 26c; firsts, 25c Cheese Oregon triplets, 15c; Ore gon loaf, 16c. Brokers will pay, $0 below quotations, . , ggs Produce exchange . quota tions between dealers; extra largo, 19c; standards, large, ; 18c; extras, medium, 17c; sUimlard,, medium, 16c. Jobbing prices higher. I'OUTI.AM) WIIOI.KHAI.K I'HICKN These are the prices retailers pay wholesalers, except where otherwise stated: . Butler Prints, A grade, 29c lb. In parchment wrnpper, 30c lb In cartons: B grade, parchment wrapper, 2 So lb, cartons 29c lb. Butterfat (Portland dellVer)r-A grade, delivered at least twice week, 2S-29c lb; country routes, 20-28c lb; B grade 28-29c lb; C grade at market. Milk A gride Portland delivery, CSJc lb butterfast basis fur 4 per cuuL 1 B grade cream for market Buying price butterfat basis, 53Jc lb. Cheese Selling price to Portland retailers: Tillamook triplets, 21o lb loaf, 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, 19c lb; loaf, 20c lb. 1. ,.'. Eggs Buying price of wholesalers: Extras, 19c dox; standards, 17c doz; extra mediums, 10c doz; do me dium firsts, 15c dox; under grade, 15c dox; pullets, 16c doz. Live poultry Selling price by wholesalers: light hens, 16-17c; medium hens, 17-1 8c lb; colored hens, 18-19c lb; broilers, ICJc lb; springs, 18-22c lb; Pekin ducks, young 21-22C lb; do colored, 12-17c lb; capons, over. 7 lbs, 24-25e lb; guinea liens, 50c each. ' . " NOTICE TO CREDITORS , . Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn nvnmlriv and .vWlltnr. pectively, of the will and estate of W. H. Howard, deceased, and have qualified. All . persons having - claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned executrix and executor at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building, in the city of Albany, Linn County, Oregon. Dated and first published this 18th day of April, 1936. MABEL HOWARD ARTHUR K. McMAHAN . Executrix and Executor of the Will and Estate of W. H. Howard, Deceased MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys for Executrix and Executor. A18 25 May 2 0 16 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN , Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gusco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING, , THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR - - Overnight Film Service FCNERAL DIRECTORS , FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE . OWEN BEAM AGENCY , Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan. Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. ; WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.--Maytag, Easy, Thor. Washers WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "Wo solicit your inquiries" Eugene, Oregon it , 1 f l n MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse OM, I COULDM'T I WUY NOT? THERE'?, I Mflto'S-MV BRAVE OF COURSE VDU ARE, CV,;' 'JL JUSTJHIS-I'M ABOUT FED UP Y LEAVE WERE, I DOM'T THiMV "Wr WITWM-MIS WAR-TORM COUMTRV.. I II TUE PLACEl V " IVE. BEEN THINKING - PERHAPS II MOW 7T MORE (fjS MORE POR YfZt .eJJvPTZT- r TOPARIS-ICOULpH. V 4'TT I I WHAT DO . 5TACT MV RESEARCM ft VULJl , V , Jy X . I jAMAAJR OUGHT TO KNOW DR. DeVRlES STRANCE JUST "AU WHAT proof HA'E You ThAt HE DROPPED A FIFTY-. CEtTT PIECE 11-nO A -crack is; T HS HlCOR? THERE V.'EP.E A COTEM COINS USiDER THAT A 'OOP !TO ouHT - GOJ TO HAS A PLAN. INDEED 1 HAMG OKI TO THODE COINS, MR. KELLY ! I - THIWK K'UTTY CAW EXPLAIN THINGS.' 'THEN , PERHAPS MR.TWIDCC CAN EXPLAIN A ' FEW, TOO THE RESCTUE 1 am. By Thompson and Coll 1; NOTHIMG T BY BLOSSEk BY, HAMLIN 15 DISWASD TO P AID . TUAT JAC :5TIL.L IS ! AL'iVE. ' Uih CRAFTy "BRAIN : OVER TPS 5ITUATI0M. Ab WVUA -SLOWLY RECOVERS FROM MER . FRECKLES AND HIS THWTPIAL' MAY BE OSER, IF WE DOWT HUPPY, MR KELLY ALLEY OOP ) SORRY, SOW, BUT WE DIDNT FIND J AWYTVIK)3 TO S CHAWGE. THE ., OF THE CASE J LITTLE'MURSE, TWI5 MORMIM6 rWV 'Pi2p -JfcjJ POstlTEmAVJdfEP WELL,XI -MR. KELLY, THAT WE FOUND A . COULD KNOCK ... 1 DOZEN COINS UNDER. THE FLOOR.. ) ME C'ER V.TIfl ( AMD ALL Of THEM WERE OF A FEWDEft in YOU POOR OL' CRITTER - f 1 ( TH'CUPFiS Y Af ,; OOUT WORRY. OL' FELLA , I BUSTIM' ITS IjOAA ') I W f-.M ILL HAVE VA DOWN ) V J GIVIMG AWAY iH WVlAjU: Outa that Rio ikj ' , OH, ALLEX ' Lr ? SZyfti 'LMiff NOW THAT GUZ HAS GOT TH'" WELUGOOD GIDDLTy-Jf , f 'V WZBR UNDEtt Hi 5 THUWB, WELL SEE UJH AT VVSSTsJ '.?'.! S$ 14 SO -TSFEAK , LE'S GO C M BE E ' rut ITAsIyX- ('J " ' SAK'Er.A LOOK AT GAR . BOUT TAKIN' TH' X if, Jfc nf I -t - J Is-, I 1 April 25 May 2 0.18 23

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