The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 27, 1968 · Page 30
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 30

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1968
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

za-Palm Beach Post. Wednesday, Nov. T7, 1968 THE LITTLE WOMAN Outs Answer to Previous Punle f -r- ' TEASgg l5tTtRtEtw5 36 Flower part 37 Reserved 38 Violent misdoing 40 Repair 41 Restaurant 42 Disencumber 43 Age 45 Donkey (comb, form) 47 Betray (2 words) 51 External 55 Climbing plant 56 First man 58 Biblical weed 59 Likewise not !P THIS IS THE yjl DO YOU GIVE A-S.. i 1 R ,,V WELL, LETS VI 1 I p rr DOESMTWOPK OUT 1 rrT FftSTT,wE f GOOD HAIRCUTS? J - rinrS TACE I'LL GIVE VOU 7 1 j s ri I "j i r ' " 71 CH OH ! ... VOUR FUTURE. a i iii.if r REAP AAY FORTUNE HOLDS 6REAT SORROW A i J KNOW C MEDICINE MAN A" AND SADNESS! J i 6UE6S WHAT ?.' - iKlAttif OW: redeye j 1 I 5 Because vehicle 6 Willow genus 35 Archetype 7 Dins 36 Narrow 8 Car damages (domb. form) 9 Semiprecious 39 Flying saucer stone (ab.) ACROSS 1 out (leaves the indoors) 5 out (discover) -9 Baseball term 12 Thomas Edison 13 Siouan Indian 14 Before (prefix) 15 Was observed 16 Bridle strap 17 Beast of burden 18 All (comb, form) 20 Arthurian town 22 Possessive pronoun 24 Worm 25 Monk's title 28 Hardy heroine 30 Doctrines 34 Very, very remote 60 Factual items 61 Fall in drops 62 Driving command 63 Killed 64 Individuals DOWN 1 Pant 2 Genus of true olives 3 Level 4 Domingo 10 Constellation 41 Like a tail 1 1 Try out 44 Highways 46 Surpass 47 Chant 48 Cry of bacchanals 49 Musical instrument 50 London 19 breath 21 Willow 23 Legal point 25 Spume 26 Regulation 27 Solar disk (var.) gallery 29 Greek portico 52 Mountain 31 Box lake 32 Priests of Zoroaster 33 Winter 53 Great Lake 54 Corded fabric! 57 Bird's craw 7 18 9 110 111 H-Z7 The weather has been terrible! The younger gen eration is impossible! The government takes all our money!" HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY 14 17 5 lb 13 19 120 T 2 13 4 l f5 18 ' ' ' la 25 126 27 p" 34 35 37 40 23 28 41 44 47 48 49 55 59 62 ( AND WHAT CAN V AND SPEAKING OF HAIR- Jt LAST, TRACY'S (CHLOROFORM!) they do with half -.. cupped skull is directly JZ. Z, V V A HEAD OF HAIR? V l"1"!1" 1 BENEATH THE SKYLIGHT, &,ovi , SXnjENvi. YK XLJf AS 22 POUNDS OF COPING TILE b'ns ITS DESCENT Jjk STAY INSIDE. THEY r" I A TOUGH PLACE HAVE TO MAKE SURE OUR Y1 WHOEVER. Xf LOOKS i w it jl:t Ay see you rzmW-l I to LAND i STUFF is safe there - M' built the m OK FROM ' . ,- t ry mn that uoBooY rTff'f Tn piace-J here, "ZVmTwvx m If AT NIGHT, broke 'vCrf i t9, -TTtL ' JP""s5 mv: fi jntsVo J ks ' ' - I ( EERFUL AH LOVES TH' j l Atj ff f HE'S ALL YOR'N,) , ,X BELOW J( DEEP SILENCE oy XirH! F V LI'L ORPHIN r-V prom. Key is to be knowledgeable about details. Some overlook important aspects of project. Don't make same mistake. Keep on top ot situation. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22': Study agreements, contracts. Read between the lines be aware of fine print. Key is to be analytical. II you want to keep an association, relationship, now is time to sav so. LIBRA (Sept. 23 Oct. 22': Domestic adustment may be necessary. Strive lor greater harmony. Forget past work toward future. Accent on practical approach. Give praise where due. especially to family member. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21': Good lunar aspect today coincides with change, variety, creative expression. You break loose from restrictions. Opportunity knocks answer. But remain skeptical. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21': Obligation to friend grabs spotlight. Obtain hint from SCORPIO message. There is opportunity but duty comes first today. Keep promise to family member. Improve home. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. lit' : What appears to be minor change could evolve into major opportunity. Be at your best. Prepare for any eventuality. Some at the top are readv to give vou a break. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 11! : Study values. Down payment may not get what you really need. Spend time reviewing various possibilities. Invite fresh viewpoint. You could be in for pleasant surprise. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20 : Obtain hint from AQUARIUS message. Break through to new ground. Lunar emphasis on power of your personality. Display enthusiasm. Cha lenge proves stimulating. Welcome it. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are creative, anxious to help others to help themselves. You've come through a cycle of responsibility. Now you get chance to enjov results of some of vour eliorts. GENERAL TENDENCIES: A secret is exposed and grabs wide attention could involve a VIRGO individual. Time NOVEMBER 27, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the wav." ARIES I March 21-April 19 ': You lace question of whether you are capable of letting go when situation so demands. Means don't hang on to intol erable situation. Key is faith in future. Appreciate your own assets. TAl'RUS ( April 20-May 20': Friends may appear impatient. Don't permit this to ailed special assignment. You do have work to complete. Know that your aspirations can be fulfilled it you live up to potential. GEMINI (May 21-June 20': Accent on your judgment. If correct, you could make impression upon superiors. To assure this, listen to inner voice. Today you have knack of knowing. Back up your feelings. CANCER (June21-July22 : Long-range views dominate. But also remember present tasks, obligations. Use imagination, but don't procrastinate. Pay attention to calls, messages. Don't neglect one at a distance. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22': Ideas can be transformed to CARMICHAEL HaVe Vou ever. Tried To sieeP 0 an OUTtfspRirjG MATTRESS 7 They'll Do It Every J ...i. mjiv- (tf'to 21 24 29 30 131 132 133 39 146 50 51 i52 53 54 57 58 27 Fnlerpfise Assn ) ON BRIDGE One to Blame "Take the heart finesse. When that wins, cash the ace of diamonds. Then run all your trumps but one. Dummy's last three cards are the spade nine, and the ace and nine of hearts. You hold a trump, a small heart and the 10 of diamonds. Now play your last trump. West has to keep a spade higher than dummy's nine, so he played a heart. You discard dummy's spade. East either must unguard his hearts or make your diamond 10 a winnpr " Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Dble Pass 1A Pass 3 A Pass You, South, hold: AQ 10854 A10 453 7654 What do vou do now? A Bid four spades only. Your partner has practically bid game by himself but your hand does not look slammish. If you do want to suggest a slam, the way to do so is with a four heart bid. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three spades, partner jumps to four spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's When ochra, a talentcp artist, gives one of her paintings as a gift, the recipients value it as a priceless work of art yi THOUSHT MIGHT LIKE YOU LIKE IT? IT'S A MASTERPIECE! THE COIOR f oA 8 ' j $ IT FOR U IS BETTER THAN VAN O0H ! IT HAS THE 1 11 VTTl o f "D ; " "i 6T (Newspaper JACOBV Partner Not NORTH 27 A98G3 V AQ92 AJ K109 WEST EAST A AK J52 AQ10 KJ7 10863 754 4KQ9832 A53 2 SOUTH (D) A74 54 106 AQJ8764 North-South vulnerable West North East South 3 3 A 5 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead A K West opened the king of spades and continued with the ace and deuce. East ruffed and the student playing the hand overruffed. He led a club to dummy's king and noted that East played the eight of diamonds. The student thought things over, then proceeded to ruff dummy's last spade. Next he pulled West's last trump and played dummy's ace and jack of diamonds. East was in with the queen and the student showed his hand to go down one trick. "Where did you dig up that jump to game?" he asked the Professor, who was sitting North. "I had to work out an end play to be sure to go down only one." "It was a nice end play," said the Professor. "I am glad to see that you have progressed to the point where you can both work end plays and blame your partner for your mistakes. Apart from the fact that your hand was a trifle too weak for a vulnerable three-club bid, your play fell short of the optimum. You should have made your contract." "I see that the heart finesse was on but how could I avoid the loss of a diamond?" asked the student. "Easy," said the Professor. "A diamond shift at trick two would have beaten you, but once the third spade was played you had an automatic squeeze for your contract. -t.,. 2 as; VLR- ' ; - "ti" I 'rjhm f T' ' r7 ri 1. I Kv. f --" MIoHT AS WELL PUU. THE uim IW hc MF?ki'T -Ov INTEKhblEf IN PINObAOJKS vJ bw .-vJ'; LM , V Z-JV,TW. injrj j - j llllANDLOIS7 W - j"" ' gy. ... A STSV6 CANYON'S PUOHT HEAP$ fOKA BEfllSL- INS STOP AT Ei-MENPOEP A.f 6. NEAR ANCHOiJAOE... f -y ' ) THEY E SO QUIET ON T. I THINK THEY'BE AKAI0 1 I THESE HOME-BOUND TO ASK FOR SOMETHING IAL RUNS... FOK FEAK THEY MIGHT ' I.STEVE CANYONM 1 VSLm2l I K 1 iyiin I Wjjfc' JjLJMj j fiialPg HIYU'S NEXT STOP IS THE BAN -'II W-Z--- TDID VOU GETA fi fMtmPBr V -f- I'LL LEAVE ONE N But what goes F1fcfi onthose chrowos? p i TmZ J... Cfo ST! WHEN THE SAME AWL& t &BW WH0 5H THINK. I 1" Mt ! ffii ARTIST WAS AN -A l W5 k-Qi SWEIS"- ,ti Lvfli J uW&k J EXHIBIT AN9 HOPES trj Yfen BMBRANDTU XSgfJ fe PL ' MS4 S Pj H Slt 1 IIP?""" I HIVU'S NEXT STOP 15 THE BAN S H l;Oll KL wTl mT' -W t 7 V P? THANK YOU, l1Yfu'cJ M'f- f 7 I'LL LEAVE ONE 27 MA'AM! I t II - , ' r- J P0LLA2. - TO fcEEP J 1 F0UNP WHAT lL" fV O'SKfEH'v f THE ACCOUNT ) I hlV 1 WANTEP....iy IW PXmr OPEN... r r ik.jj I' i rff-ni -viv i i u hi i . . .7. 7 r-M-YW i7nw..f OUT OUR WAY By N eg Cochran ' ; VfcJ i pi IW UL ('Vr' f .r civ iu.iiwliu iiuiSE! Willi .najur noopie l II v n 1 i-, I i n AWP HIS &A6?: THIf, AIM'T , AS BP AS THE HOTFVXTT ' HE CWVE ME LAOT WEEK.' Y0U5H0ULPHE THAW.FUL I v I'M BEIWEASVON HIM 1 ) AWAV.' 1 HKJOWHE NJ0P5OFFA LOT, BUT VDi I DCV'T HAVE TO MAKE AM ISSUE OF IT.' IF HE WAKE"?. UP TO THAT HE'LL BE GRUMPY AMP IRRITABLE ALL PAY.' NOW MOVE 7 Tr i h) Fd1 "V UrJDR THE I YOUR NOBElJJ'P i r7 Cr1i,.,'. r (cKlV I NVnx;,- um.ya?, we 4riETi5T$HAJe heading fl prize Speech its ' V A T TV1' T CARRIED MANKlMO FROM OF ADDING 1 0UT WONTA LIGHT, irrf 'L,Minnrt k-'-jtf s.Ab ( r" v. X. ' YJ 1 l I jrZW, X l I NOW THET HOOPLE A 6VMPHOMY HELMET gellgREAK I SWITCH ON ) OKAY. GET RHADV I I WE'RE SORRY TO ) IT'S OBVIOUS V-- ...WHY DOU THINK I (ff rjlW' '7 sffm wcv Kl uiwn uimuic HAVE WASTED WE RE MOT NO I CAME ALL THE &Wf ffl' lv KtW ("vW'hX V HAf; I'VE HAD iuis iimc, r tiuiiNu iu DC utL: wl uui MtKE.- Xjcffi X r X t S - ii IFil ft tJfi"1W- (V, - IT WITH HIM' MR. POPPLES j ABLE TO MAXEft 1-7 J ' ) J-.M lfc,W'--. , i . mm vims w&h wmr i- i!'!i) i ''' XMt, Ml h, t m iT H.n"W I 4M 111 I I f 1 jfv- f. . . ''iV.I II I LLEY OOP;

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