The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 12, 1924 · Page 7
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 7

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1924
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1924. ; charge of the hospital, has renewed SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES ? 20 YEARS AGO "Burke Eye Glass Service" The Children of Today Are The Men and Women of Tomorrow. Without Correc Vision They Cannot Get a Proper Grasp of Matters Because They Cannot See Them as er persons using such highways. An emergency existing for the immediate taking effect of these sections six and ten as amended, the same shall take effect immediately after its passage. Passed by the Board of Trustees the 27th day of May, 1924. Attest: 22t3 Town Clerk, F. V. Annis ed that the message came f rom heaven and made its receipt the occasion for a revival declaring to his credulous flock: "This am the message of the Lord, and now am the judgment coming." Some of the Indian hunters who have shot the tagged geese in the Far North have had a strange superstition about them, insisting that they, belonged to the evil one, who had marked them as his own. The result of Miner's experiments and observations may be summarized thus: He has definitely proved that birds do return to the same haunt year after year; that kindness will overcome fear even in the wariest of feathered folk; that geese travel over the same route in migration at a speed of about sixty miles an hour. -Albert F. Gilmore in the Christian Science Monitor. They Are. "BURKE." $7.50 and $8.50 Shell Glasses Complete, Examination included, $5- DR. J. BOREE Over 20 years in the sasne location. 230 South Mickiraa street SOUTH BEND, IND. Burke's Glasses Fit the Eye. B. & O. TIME TABLE West Bound No. 45 Chicago train 5.57 AM No. 31 Local West 7.17 AM No. 7 Chicago train 12.09 PM East Bound No. 10 Wash-New York . . 12.26 PM No. 32 Garrett Local 5.42 PM No. 46 Willard-Wheeling . . 12.27 AM Nai 16 Baltimore-New York 12.42 AM Trains 10 and 46 stop at Bremen to discharge passengers from Chicago or South Chicago and pick up passengers for Toledo, Detroit, Dayton and Cincinnati and all points east of Willard. Train 16 stops to receive passengers for points east of No. thirty-six (36) of the Original Plat of said town; and provided further that no vehicle shall be parked or left standing by the owner or driver thereof on said Center Street where said street abuts on the following loLss in said town, to-wit: Lot No. nine (9) of Dietrich's Addition, Pomeroy Lot, Lots one (1) and thirteen (13) of Heim's Addition, lots 13-24 and 25 of the Original Plat, all of the said town of Bremen, except such vehicle be parked or left standing parallel to the curb and as near said curb line as possible and on the right hand side of said street. And provided further that no vehicle shall be parked or left standing on any street in said town by the owner or driver thereof within 20 feet of any fire plug or hydrant. And that section ten (10) of said ordinance be ammended to read as follows : Sec 10. The traffic officers of said town shall enforce all the rules and regulations and ordinances of said town in regard to travel over and along the streets, alleys and . highways of said town, and the person owning or driving or having control of any vehicle shall observe and promptly comply with all orders of the said traffic officers, and no person shall drive or operate any vehicle of any kind on said streets or highways in a careless, dangerous or reckless manner, or to so operate, drive or operate such vehicle as to interfere or affect the rights of oth TOWN ORDINANCE AMENDMENT Be it ordained by the board of trustees, of the town of Bremen, Indiana, that section No. Six (6) of Ordinance No. XX of said town be ammended to read as follows: Sec. 6. All vehicles shall stop on the right hand side of the street for unloading, and on the same side of the street for parking and at an angle of 45 degrees and that it shall be unlawful for the owner or driver of any vehicle to park or leave the same standing on the west side of Center Street in said town at the place where said street abuts on lot V T V " T V t V V T V P t' T "f" ,T V T V V T V Items of Interest Reproduced from the Files of the Enquirer After the Lapse of a Generation. Earl Carbiener is pitching for Dan Lung's Churubusco "Stars." Critics who have witnessed the lad's work pronounce him a comer. Grand Rapids Tost: "Carbiener made seven hits out of 14 times at bat in tVii KPtifx; Five of thp Viit w-pr hoane runs and the other two were doubles. Five other times he hit the ball far enough out for hits if the outfielders had not been playing way back for him, knowing how hard he hits." Fred Newman, of Mishawaka, was in town Monday. He will have a string of five horses in training at j the Bremen fair ground. Will HeLmlinger, Homer Lay, Norman Voegeli, and Otto Walter saw the South Bend-Fort Wayne ball game, Monday. Only 53 tickets were sold here for the Chicago excursion last Sunday and . ,. ,A ,, , , ; the sales were light all along the road. : . , , . ! St. Louis gets our money this year, i . ' V. F. Mensel and daughter, Miss , . , , . .. ' Franc, leave today for a visit to the ' , . ,. ' St. Louis expedition. ,. . , , . , . t . Bilhe Matz opened his buffet to the , ,. , . T. . , , public Tuesday evening. Jim Kirk- . , . . . , , . . . . . , . ! Patrick is head clerk at the institution, i . T , ,T . j, They say that Jacob v ollmer is sud-' , ., . . , . . . , denly exhibiting very unusual interest ! .. 1,1 - in furniture and housekeeping para-1 ... i ,r o. t tt -r t t- vit- ! iMrs. S. J. Hayes, Mrs. I. F. W ine, -r r. 1 1 1 rp n ! Mrs, Sanford ockey, and Mrs. T. W. Lvtle are visiting friends at South Bend today. Rev. L. O. Oyler went to North Manchester last week to visit his brother, taking his son Ralph with him. While there the lad was taken sick with scarlet fever, and both have been quarantined. While Charlie Ritchie and Miss Mamie Evans were driving about town Sunday evening they drove into the deep trench where the water main is being laid on South street. No great damage was done, but it required a good deal of digging to get the horse out. L. K. Awry has just received from the Michigan Steel Boat Co., of Detroit, three fine steel row boats for his resort at the Lake of the Woods. They are the swellest craft afloat on the lake, large enough for family parties, very light running, and un-' sinkable. Mr. Avery is now finely prepared to care for visitors at this pretty resort. He gives especial attention to the wants of fishermen, keeping all kinds of tackle and live bait on hand. ' . 1 JlkV- RED BAND V sfwr newyorkusa. GRACE UNITED BRETHREN Rev. A. F. Knepp, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30. I. dliver Pfeiffer, Supt. Preaching services, 10. SO. Junior Y. P. C. U. 10.S0 a. m. Senior Y. P. C. E. at 6:00 p. m. Preaching Services at 7:00 p. m. Mid-week Prayer Service on Wednes day, at 7:30 p. m. Official Board Meeting, first Monday each month, 7:30 p. m. Invitations extended to all to attend these services. SALEM EVANGELICAL "A Prosperous Church in a Prosperous Community." D. Alfred Kaley, Pastor Sunday Services: 9.30 Bible School Claude E. Weiss, Supt. 10.30 .Morning Worship. 6.30 Christian Endeavor. 7.30 Evening Sermon. Week Day Services: Wednesday, Thursday. Monthly Services: 1st Monday Evening, Official Board Meeting 2nd Monday Evening, League Business Meeting 1st Thursday Afternoon, W M. S. Meeting 2nd Wednesday Afternoon, Aid Meeting. 4th Wednesday Evening, Y. P. M. C-Meeting. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Chas. C. Cripe, Pastor Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Milo Weaver, Supt. Sermon, 10.45. Teacher Training, 6.00 p. m. Christian Workers, 7 p. tti., Mrs. Chas. Cripe, President. Sermon, 7.45 p. m. Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, Wed. evening 7.S0 p. in.. Aid Society each alternate Thursday. All are cordially invited. If . you have no regular church home, come and worship with us. ST. PAUL'S EVAN. LUTHERAN Rev. W. T. Vogel, Pastor. Services every Sunday morning at 10 oclock, alternating in German and English. English Sunday school at 11 oclock every Sunday morning. Services every Sunday evening at 7 oclock, alternating in German and English. Everybody is cordially invited. FIRST EVANGELICAL Rev. H. H. Senne, Pastor. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9.30 a. m. Preaching Service, 10.30 a. m. Teacher Training class meets every Wednesday at 7.00 p. m. Women's Missionary Society meets every last Thursday in the month at 2.90 p. m. Official Board Meeting of the church every first Tuesday of the month at 7.30 p. m. THE WYATT GARAGE Clayton G. Enders, Prop. Overhauling and Repairing GIVE US A TRIAL tf CAL. L. STUCKMAN AUCTIONEER PHONE 533. NAPPANEE, IND. A good night's rest There's nothing like it to put you in chape for the clay's duties or pleasures. There's nothing like Dr. Tillies' Ncrvlno to bring refreshing, restful slumber. Buy a bottle. If it does not help you, we'll give your money back, Your druggist sells it at pre-war prices $1.00 per bottle. ; the treatment of whooping cough with ? I the X-ray, which treatment was dis covered m 1011 by a Russian physi cian, and abandoned by him as iin- practieal. Doctor Bowditch is the pioneer in this method of treatment in the New ! England states, and while cures in all ; cases are not effected completely through the agency of the X-ray, ; great things are expected of it in , the near future, the doctor said, j "Seventy-five per cent of the cases respond to treatment," Doctor Bow- ditch said. "In a period of two months last year we treated S3S cases with gratifying results. "This treatment shortens the dura tion of the disease, lessens the cough and enables the patient to get much needed sleep." Denizens of the Deep Have Some Human Ways Fish stories are important items of human experience, and the teeming lift r f fVi cc!) line line nnH I rv-T"i o f n , , , ., , , match any fortune of the land, loung . , ... , , oysters, we are told, settle down to , ,, . . . , . , , , work after forty-eight hours of mak- . , , .' , . mg a splash in their world. Z. . i Some become pearl manufacturers, , , . . - , , and others just hang around the bars , . , , , plain old soaks. Starfish sometimes . ... , . visit oyster communities and work the , T1 n old shell game. Well, the oysters have , . .. . made their beds let them he in them, , . ,, ., .. And there are the limpets. They , , , prowl around at night, but always in the morning they manage to find their -. .,1.1. 1 j own flats on the old home rock, and so . . ' save uivir xttces in Liie c)ts ux community. Ah, these slyrollick-ing limpets. And what armories of teeth whelks have from 220 to 250 ach, winkles 3,500 and the umbrella shell about 750,000 to the set. What a time there must be when the little umbrella shells are teething . Whelks, mon! Life at the bottom of the sea is a pretty serious business. A Talk With A Bremen Man Mr. Chas. Haenes, bricklayer of Sherman street, tells his experience. There is nothing like a talk with one of our own citizens for giving hope and encouragement to the anxious sufferer from the dread kidney disease. We, therefore, give here an interview with a Bremen man: "My work is a strain on the back and kidneys and I had attacks of backache that made it hard to do a day's work," says Mr. Haenes. "When I stooped, I could hardly straighten on account of the sharp catches over my kidneys. The action of my kidneys was irregular. Haenes had. Foster-vMilburn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Adv. Tagged Wild Goose Is Occasion for Revival Jack Miner, of Kingsville, Ont., who has become noted for his ability to tame wild geese, made the experiment of fastening metal tags to a large number of them before turning them loose to resume their migrations Caution and care are us-, 1 vj ed in the production of Snyder's Sanitary Dairy j 1 milk. It is as it should be, pure and sweet and clean i and it belongs in y o u r home. jSiffpER's Sanitary Dairy YOUR MILKMAN 1 fJ USE P g S ATUXARY DAIRYFO CDSg I! E SI R A BLE MILK 5Sy Arthur Heim came home from Pur- j I used Doan's Pills, which I pur-due last Saturday. The other stu- chased at Koontz Bros.' Drug Store, dent returned this week. . and they fixed me up in good shape. Henry Trainor began work on his The backaches left and my kidneys big ditch near Plymouth this week, didn't trouble me any more." He was accompanied by Joe Vollnagle ' Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't and one or two others. simply ask for a kidney remedy get Rev. D. T. Williams will preach in ' Doan's Pills the same that Mr. Coimffldeinice, London a week from next Sunday. Bad weather has greatly interfered with his travels in England, and he will not return as soon as was first intended. Alexander Grose and William Klinkner, of near Wyatt, left Tues day for the south. The gentlemen ' are in ill health and hope to improve their condition by spending several ; months in the balmy climate of the south. A. C. North, Frank Boggs, and John Mr. Advertiser Berg have been appointed viewers of ' Thereby hangs an amusing tale, the Jacob Fralich ditch in German A gray goose bearing one of his and Center townships. The ditch be- ; tags had been shot by some negroes gins at the south end of the Lake of in Mississippi. The negro who ac-the Woods and empties into Yellow quired this particular bird, it appears, River. j was an illiterate preacher, possessed The Bremen telephone company will of great powers of speech. He insist-inaugurate the all night system short- ; . The confidence the people of Bremen feel in the Enquirer which makes advertising bring results. They have learned from experience that every item of news, every bit of advertising which we accept, has been the subject of careful scrutiny on our part. It must pass our test of reliability and honesty before we will accept it In other words, our acceptance of any advertisement is a guarantee of its worthiness. We welcome you to our columns if your product is honest, if it has real merit, and if you are a reliable concern. Your advertising will produce because it reaches people who have confidence in us, and, through us, in your products. Advertise in the EnquirerIt Pays ly. This is a good move and will be highly appreciated by the patrons. Manager Koontz informs us that he will soon erect the new cable, giving t Is better services and a more com-! plete telephone system, which already excels a great many in larger places. Camphor For Sore Eyes It is surprising how quickly eye inflammation is helped by camphor, hy-drastis, witchhazel, etc., as mixed in Lavoptik eye wash. One small bottle helps any case sore, weak or strained eyes. Aluminum eye cup free. Fisher Bros., druggists. adv. Whooping Cough Cured By X-Ray Treatments Will the X-ray prove itself the long- looked-for remedy for whooping ! cough ? J A new departure in the treatment ' t f this disease has boon inaugurat-' eu at the Boston floating hospital, ! where for the last year patients ' have Iven experimental upon with groat success, says a Boston dis- j patch to the Kan-as City Star. ' Dr. Henry L. Ruvvdiieh, physician in

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