The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 27, 1968 · Page 25
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 25

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1968
Page 25
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Palm Beach Post. Wednesday, Nov. 27. 1968-23 $40 Million Home Mnrtsraffe Santa's Due Nixon Appoints Trouble Shooter o o Told By Speaker top ranking assistant appoint- ed by the President elect, With the broad nature of his advisory capacity, he is ex- w d m i i w pi A !- -.V. 2. Swindle By HY WHITE Staff Writer PALM BEACH - Illiterates and elderly persons are being fleeced of $40 million a year in Florida by home mortgage funds, according to D. D Hamilton Jr. Hamilton, who is chief mortgage investigator representing Fred 0. iBudi Dickinson Jr.. state comptroller and mortgage commissioner, spoke before the Kiwanis Club at the Palm Beach Towers Tuesday. In the United States the home improvement racket is milking the public out of from $500 million to $1 billion a year, he said. "The vicious result of this racket is that people lose their homes." he noted He gave a detailed picture of how the unwary public is defrauded. They send lor a brochure or get a telephone call. They are told that thev can get aluminum sidings and air conditioning for $219. They oiler a free pected to be Nixon's chief troubleshooter. STARTS TfinAV GENERAL CINEMA CORPORATION Unlike other classics t'mfW x! V 'West Side Story ' ij Y St grows younger! K . ' &Jir,J- J W rX'Jr'i - U J l -4j i j Eif It , ..."WEST SIDE STORY" I II Brill "-T -BOBIRT WISE -.. .. f I :: I; f l"Vl NATALIE WOOD : 'Ul'V RICHARD BEYMER RUSS TAM8LYN ft SmCLZZI RITA MORENO GEORGE CHAKIRIS ' " W fc ll 1 W'f PANAVISION ' if SK w vEjfCr ,ECH'"COl0R, Here Soon By Boat Santa Claas is scheduled to arrive by boat from the North Pole at Marina Park. Pier 4. at 9 a.m. Saturday by arrangement with the Merchants Division of the Greater West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. Santa will have balloons and camlv for all the children. At 9: 20 a.m. Santa will set out on his trip around town on a fire truck. He will include 1st Street to Sapodilla Avenue. Clematis Street to Narcissus and at 9:55 a.m. he will stop at Currie Park after going north on Broward Avenue to Flagler Drive. Leaving at 10:30 a.m. he will include Northwood Avenue going west to Broadway, south on Lake Avenue to Park' Street and west to Fire Department Drill Grounds. At 11:30 a in. he will include South Dixie to Ogston Street in his tour and stop at Phipps Park east of the school. At noon he will travel on South Olive to the downtown district and the Central Fire Station. Japan Plans Ships TOKYO UPI t - Japan will build 20.500,000 tons of ocean-fa ring ships in the next six years. Transport Minister Yasuhiro Makasone told a cabinet meeting Tuesday. Last year Japanese shipbuilders launched 7,5 million gross tons of shipping accounting for 48 per cent of total world la unchings. County Delegation Head Unchosen Through Delay coffee pot or a blanket or a steak knife . . . something free. A man. known as "the animal." comes to the home to close the deal. He brings along the FREE item and places it on the table. Then he goes to work on the unsuspecting prospect. He starts out by talking him out of the aluminum siding for $219. He belittles this item. He says that it will cost the prospect $25 every two months to wax the job. The animal puts on the hard sell by telling him that for $2,190 he can get a good job and forget it without having to spend the money for waxing. If the prospect resists the animal asks how much he is paying on his mortgage now. When he is told $275. the animal says that he can fix it up so that he pays only $75 a month and pocket the other $200. If the prospect still resists he is told he can use his home as a model and get $100 every one to be selected by the House delegation and one by the Senate group. Friday advanced Sen. Jerry Thomas. D-Tequesta. as the Senate hall of the co-chairman concept Sen. Thomas apparently acquiesces. The absence of Sen. L. A. "Skip" Balahs. K-Lake Park, on a trip to South America, was given as the reason lor delaying a showdown on the differing concepts of how to head the delegation. Dmlger Damaged WILIIELMSIIAVE.Y Germany APi - The Belgian dredger Antwerp IV tied into a World War II mine and was heavily damaged early this week while deepening Jede 'Bayi n Tfi e 'E iTie'esf Gary." orie"" of the 25 crewmen was hurt by the blast. MOVIE AUDIENCE GUIDE The following rating designation liy the Motion Hirture Association of America applies to films released after Nov. I. hnH and is being run as a public service bv this newspaper to acquaint the viewing audience with this new system, Haling ttymbuls appear in individual theater ads, G Suggested lor General audiences, M Suggested for Mature audiences (parental discretion is mUist-di H Hi'Strictt'd. Persons under Mi not admitted iimess iiiiiiiiauit'ii liy purcm or adult guardmn. X - Per nuns under IB not admitted. ' '- i j SEC MC OVIt TIMS (MOCK NEW YORK fUPIi President-elect Richard M. Nixon Tuesday appointed his campaign political director, former Kansas congressman Robert F. Ellsworth, as a top trouble shooting presidential assistant. ' He will be a generalist in the truest sense of the word.' said Nixon press assistant Ronald L. Ziegler in announcing the appointment. He described Ellsworth's role as a 'policy and program assistant.'" who will advise the next president on domestic as well as foreign affairs. In a news conference at the Pierre Hotel. Ellsworth. 42. said the President elect would give him "across-the-board responsibility. It wouldn't rule out anything." Ellsworth said his first official duty for the Presidentelect would be to visit on Saturday the London Institute for Strategic Studies, which he described as a "think tank" of the sort operated by Rand Corp. and Brookings Institution in this country. He said he would "examine and explore the mode of operation of the institute, which he said concerned itself "largely" with defense matters. On Sunday, Ellsworth will return to New York for a luncheon conference with Henry Ford II and members of the National Alliance of Businessmen. He said he would discuss with the businessmen the problems of finding jobs for the unemployed, a primary interest of the alliance. Ellsworth becomes the fifth i.nii - aijni - iini GABFL NOW THRU SAT! MATINEES - WED. SAT. SUN. V i?ySK I ',,,,?N,'t?,A I . 11 I MAR I IN LAINIt PAI KAZAN HENRY tmm-1,;. I Mcel me at . . . MY Rimii:T COCKTAIL LOUNGE Featuring Betty Rowland Nightly lite most relaxing almosplu're for particular people Bobby Price and His Society Combo Friday and Saturday Nights C klail Hours I To 7 P.M. Open I P.M. To ." A.M. 823 Belvedere Rd. Ph. 833-9219 ..i x ) m s i tt Mniii)i)waiiiWEEiiiHi)i' m i!.':'t?"."' " J -'!. " 9 II I fcjftl A A . A time he influences his friends to take a home improvement mortgage. Finally, after offering other inducements he gets the prospect to sign a blank mortgage, a blank note and blank contract. They become legitimate instruments. "Banks can and do buy the mortgage," Hamilton said. Often no work is done. And the defrauded person has no resource. The animal can start with a $2,500 home improvement mortgage and work it up to a $6,000 mortgage and it is legal. "How to stop it?" he asked. "I don't know. The law as it is written today is lax. These con men prey on women as well as illiterates and the elderly. We are trying to educate the public not to sign these mortgages until they know what they are signing, to ask their attorney. " One bank in Tampa was "hooked" for $217,000 by forged mortgages, he said. One of them consisted of raising a mortgage of $14,000 to $44,982. Since 1961 a home improvement bill has been introduced into the State Legislature but it has been unable to get through. An attempt again will be made in this Legislature to pass a home improvement bill that will help the public from being fleeced. Theaters Todav BOCA RATON "Lady In Cement," 2 00, 3:55, 5:55, 7 55, 9 50 CAREFREE "Wel Side Story." 2. 20. S: 20. 1 30 COLONY "Oldest Profession," 7.25, 9:30. FLORIDA "2001: A Space Odyssey," 2:00, 5:00, 8 30. LAKE "GoneWiththeWind,"2:00,8 00. LOEW'S CINEMA BOYNTON "Parent Trap," 2 00. 4 30, 7:00. 9:30. LOEW'S CINEMA 70 "Lady In Cement," 2 00, 4 00, 6:00, ! 00, 10:00 PLAZA "Coogan's Bluff." 1:00, 3:10, 5.20, 7:35, 9 50. ........-...pv,A-sli,ftY . "Blond on a Bum Trip," 2:00 , 4:00, 6:00, B OO, 10 00, "Depraved," 3:00, 5:00, 7:00,9:00. RIVIERA "Barbarella," 7 35,9.45. BEACH (DRIVE-IN) "Speedway," 7 00, "Wild In The Streets," 9:00, "Born Losers," 10:30. "Hell's Angels on Wheels," 12:20. BOULEVARD (DRIVE IN) "Prudence and the Pill," 7:00, 10:20, "Singles Only,"8:50. DELRAY (DRIVE-IN) "Oldest Profession," 7:00, 10:35, "Shuttered Room," (1:55. SKYDROME (DRIVE-IN) "Ugly Ones," 7:00, 10 45, "Harry Frigg, "9 00. TRAIL (DRIVE IN) "Katie Elder," 7:00, 11:00, "Big Mouth," 9:20. ma...L 2 COLOR HITS II MARY ANN M0BLEY "SINGLES ONLY" Color Swap Shop Sunday "Born Losers" "Hell's Angels on Wheels" 2 COLOR HITS SEAN CONNER! HITS "wShlove'A BIG HITS Paul Newman - Sylvia Kotcina "The Secret War of Harry Frigg" 967-2500 JERRY LEWIS "BIG MOUTH" Davis Roadt - Lake Worth -kt if ROCKING CHAIR THEATRE ''aim n'ftsl Pi fta u b I w 'A1 M ai alii I 20th Ceniury-Fo PRESENtS FRAKK SINATRA "LADY IN CEMENT" :0m - F cuir i. iiii - Dunnri un ru nnuuLLULLUii CONIE . 'r'rm,- RICHARD f tTjTTffw5t3TTJ BEACH DRIVE-IN 1 if'-l l-lljA-J V T Xll RIVItB Ph!(!rV'vi-,4.0330 fOK f-e ATURf TIMH I ANNOUNCING 1968-69 SEASON DAN BLOCKER PLUS COLOR SHORT "KEYS TO FISHIN FUN" OS I JOUIMIIN HUU ott 03 WIST Of AlKfOI DAVID . DEBORAH 1 . NIVEN KERR "PRUDENCE AND PILL 4 in wiroiius no i "Speedway" "Wild in the Streets" 13 2 BIG AGENT 007 "THUNDERBALL" ON US NO I 1AM WORIH 2 Richard Wyler . Thomas Milian (Sp'The Ugly Ones" 0LO GROU TE3EATRE IN THE ROUND IMiKSEiNTS TALLAHASSEE iAFNi -The attempts to select a chair man of the Palm Beach County legislative delegation have been delayed, probably until December. Hep Donald Heed. H-Boca Raton, a senior member of the House delegation, anil William James. H-Dcliay Beach, a nominee lor the chairmanship. Tuesday said a decision would be ilelaved until further notice Sen. Elmer Friday. D-Fort Myers, a member ot the ruling taction ot the Stale Senate, recommended co-chairmen. DIVE! into the social swim for the season JOIN THE SINGLES CLUB Party - Dance - Today! ISLANDER ROOM Seaview Hotel . Singer Island 848-9606 Last Times tonight wo films RATED X BLONDE ON A BUM TRIP and DEPRAVED. Showing at the Playboy Theatre IN CENTER Of LAKE WORTH. STARTS Tomorrow!' Special Thanksgiving Program ! "Weekend" and "EXPERT" tall 582-3615 FOR INFORMATION i m uniii oi liii no! ' orxxx MUSI- SllN-iHINf Slj I II lilt J WALT msney, I u ,m-Mi riin,i,i'i'liirn ii - UjGALA HOLIDAY PROGRAMS sen Hi: I AIR CONDITIONED GLINT EASTWOOD , toM on a manhunt for a killer in Manhattan , JOHN WAYNE DEAN MARTIN "SONS OF KATIE ELDER" Corner lake Worth & MISS A SUMMER VACATION? Just a few hours by car, an easy cruise by boat, puts you in the resort world of Pier 66. So very handy, even a brief holiday rewards you with plenty of pleasure-time. And all the pleasures are here. A superb marina for boating, fishing, Par-three golf. Two swim pools. Fine-food restaurants. Nightly entertainment and dancing. Famous revolving Pier Top Lounge. Every room or suite is luxurious and low summer rates prevail all fall. Just hop In your car, or boat and sail down. -1 Mj rXmi'J susan!:iark don strqud tisha sterling mm jtWti'i I LEEJ.COBB in color : 1 PLUS "JAZZ FESTIVAL" J I. SIERFOfHONir SOUND MFTtCKOlOU WINNER OF THE PULITZER AND CRITICS AWARD music by RICHARD R0DGERS LYRICS by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN, 2nd Book by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN 2nd AND JOSHUA LOGAN Adapted from JAMES A. MICHENER'S PULITZER PRIZE WINNING "TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC" Starring: THELMA WEAVER EDWARD DOE FEATURING: HUGH ALBEE AND EVANGELINE PUGLIESE Directed by Larry Brown OPENING DEC. 3rd m DEO. 7th PERFORMANCES EACH EVENING 8:30 P.M. Advance ticket sales at POLO GROUNDS THEATRE OFFICE, SOUTH MILITARY TRAIL AT SUMMIT BOULEVARD RESERVATIONS CALL 683-1666-7 PRICES: $3.50 (reserved seats) $3.C0 $2.50 Tickets Also on Sale at BOX OFFICE t NIGHT OF PERFORMANCES m aazzung trip beyond the stars! exclusive eNGAGeMeNi 3 SHOWS DAILY 5:00-5:OO-:30 P.M. if not tl$tv OWN 'lioli T'i OoTTl OPtN fKOM 1:00 P.M. In imh vnin silin(lf...llir 7 V i mm "m" ,mU u SM0WS IO0Ay $, nwsl in.i)UiilirTiil iirlnn- rut'. ,i,,,i garter. n r c 3 . C'jwul mil. Ill " (lAKK(,Alil! VIMKMJIMI MlhllOWVItl) 0I.IM.I( IL1I.IAM)J SHOWS DAILY 2:00-8:00 P.M. PIER 66 I7lh STREET CUSEWT e OEPT ff.JJ KT IAUDERDAU, FIOIIOA Ulli "fhtt IOX OfFICI Off N HOM I 00 F M ' 'I 'JSjLJ I AftM "NHJ$I.MIVININOI50 J HU. CHILDBEN AU TIMtS 75' J

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