The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 12, 1924 · Page 3
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 3

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1924
Page 3
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1924. 3 1 Distinguished American Baritone I i . rtz-sr-i f , f w i ft r tional comparisons of a tentative nature regarding the levels of real wages. At a future conference the problem of calculating reliable index numbers of the cost of living all over the world will be taken up. "HMEIG CASE" Law Officer Will Combal Insanity Plea of Franks Murderers 19 counties was a 7-piece set of aluminum cooking pans. The aim of both the bread and the biscuit contests is to improve the quality of the bread used in farm homes and to establish better standards for both yeast and light breads. Many who did not take part in the final contests were interested in the demonstrations given by extension workers directed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College and either participated in community or county contests or carried ideas on improved baking into their own homes. A Combination of Fun, Facts and Foolosophy Conducted, Conducted, . q Concocted and p T "3 J Confiscated W C. JV, it '? : Few Animals Live In Depths of Mines Pit ponies are not the only creatures that live in coal mines, seldom seeing the light of day. Miners are often troubled with rats, mice, flies, and even frogs and toads. The presence of mice spells danger. They have been known to gnaw cables, calsing electric wires to fuse and vapor to be exploded in gassy pits. Their food consists of scraps from the miners' meals, and they have a strange liking for oil, which they lick f rom the lubricated parts of machinery in the mine. Whatever their diet, however, the mice never grow very big, because the entire absence of light has a dwarfing effect. Flies seem to thrive underground, and are a great nuisance to the miners, especially at mealtimes. Other minute forms of insect life which inhabit the mines explain why frogs and toads are frequently found there, looking fit and well-fed. World Wage and Cost Of Living Investigation Fifty-two delegates from thirty-three countries attended a conference of official labor statisticians recently held in Geneva under the auspices of the International Labor Office of the League of Nations. Among them were heads of statistical divisions of national labor departments, chiefs of statistical offices, chief factory inspectors and other experts. The conference discussed the question of statistics of labor and wages and of industrial accidents and the classification of industries and occupations for the purpose of labor statistics. The International Labor O ffi c e was requested to proceed with an investigation of statistics of wage rates of typical categories of workers in important industries throughout the world and of the prices of items of ordinary consumption in working class families. These data will furnish the basis for interna Chicago. With what it terms a "perfect hanging case" against Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold, Jr., confessed slayers of little Robert Franks, virtually ready to submit to a Jury, the state went ahead to assemble absolute evidence that the youthful murderers are sane. The first step came with the revelation by State's Attorney Crowe that he was zealously guarding notes taken by the two boys In their own handwriting directly after the confessions were made. These notes are expected to be far more Important In the case than even the confessions. The authorities read Leopold's confession aloud to Loeb, and then Loeb's confession aloud to Leopold. This occurred immediately after the boys confessed. Takes Notes as Proof. These notes prove the boys sane beyond any vestige of rt doubt, the officials say. By these notes they are proved cognizant of their crime, Its motives. Implications, results and possible entanglements, State's Attorney Crowe holds. The notes, Mr. Crowe let It be known, are the final clinching steps In the "hanging evidence." But even this Isn't enough for the state's attorneys who are out to make "the trial of a century" a complete job from the prosecutor's angle. As a second "anti-Insanity" step, they prepared to collect testimony from scores jpf persons who saw Leopold and Loeb directly after the murder. Another Grand Jury Hearing This evidence is likely to be preserved by bringing it before another grand jury hearing Immediately. State's Attorney Crowe has left an opening for this procedure. Inasmuch as he can still ask for Indictment of the young killers on a conspiracy to commit murder charge. ALEXIUS BAAS Trustee's Notice. As Trustee of German township I will transact official business at my office, the north room of the Hays law office in the J. R. Dietrich block, Bremen, each Saturday. Remainder of time at my residence on W. Plymouth st., Bremen. Wm. A. Engel. REASONABLE. An urchin with a puzzled look v Unto his father said: "Why is it upon all the coins They stamp a woman's head?" The father thought a moment, then He gave him this reply: "My child, they say that money talks, I think that must be why." 3 3 9 An experienced husband is one who reaches resignedly for his purse when his wife tells him he is an old dear. 9fc 9fr 3$ Men and motors have little in coan-mon. Motors knock most when they begin to go up hill. Cutting advertising may reduce the cost of doing business, but cutting your windpipe will als reduce the cost of living. Sfa 9fc 9fi HIS REPLY. An eloquent politician was constantly interrupted by a man in the crowd, who kept on shouting out, "Liar!" After about the twentieth repetition, the speaker paused and fixed his eyes on his Jtormentor. "If the gentleman who persists in interrupting," he said, "will be good enough to tell us his name instead of merely shouting out his profession, I am sure we shall all be pleased to make his acquaintance." P THE PROPHET. It was the young candidate's first campaign and his very first political speech. He was much encouraged by the hearty welcome extended by the local committee and delighted by the elaborate preparations for the meeting. There was even a band to play on the stand before the speech. At last the chairman came forward and addressed the crowd as follows : "Fellow citizens, we have with us today a young man that is destined to take high place in ranks of our beloved party. He comes to tell us of OPENING DIRGE. Mule in the barnyard, lazy and slick. Boy with a pin on the end of a stick, Creeps up behind Mm, quiet as a mouse. Doctor fears the worst at the little boy's house. FOOLED. The most noticeable trend of modern education is to develop what is in a child, rather than whip them all into one general shape as they used to in the old days, but there are still to be found plenty of the old-fashioned teachers who seem to have the faculty of stifling the kiddies with the two greatest bugaboos of youth impatience and intolerance. At school one day shortly before the close of the year, one of the children unwittingly got revenge. Eager to share a new discovery with others, the little fellow cried: "I is" The teacher swooped down at once. "Never say 'I is,' " she admonished, "It is never, never, never correct. Always say 'I am.' " Tomany looked pairted, but he was always an obedient little chap. "I am the ninth letter of the alphabet," he continued timidly, and even his little mates were not too young to appreciate the discomfiture of the teacher. Bad people, says one of our curb stone philosophers, are the folks who do openly what the good people do secretly. 9$ HEALTH HINT: Never hold a nail for your wife to drive. TRIBUTE. On a tombstone in a Long Island cemetery of great age is a stone with the following inscription: "She lived with her husband for fifty years and died in confident hopes of a better life." Pfc 3 WHEN TO DO IT. Without consulting any of the authorities on etiquette, we will If you haven't read the want ads, do it now it pays. concert tours in other sections. For three years he was director of the vocal and drataatic departments of the Wisconsin School of Music. He has had other prominent connections as an instructor. Mr. Baas is an actor as well as a singer. He was for four seasons with the Ben Greet Players and is favorably known In all the cities visited by the company during that period. His program will include a number of dramatic readings which will set forth in a remarkable way his amazing ability as a dramatic interpreter. TJORN of a family musically gifted, Alexius Baas, who will be heard daring Chautauqua, is one of the best known baritones on the concert stage. With Waldemar Geltch, violinist, Mr. Baas will give two recitals on the fourth day. He is known throughout America for his fine bass-baritone voice. He has been connected with church and concert work in the Middle Western states for several seasons. He has also spent three years in iVj BREMEN CHAUTAUQUA, JULY 9 -13, 1924 Jane Seymour's Ghost Haunts Hampton Court A In a recent article by Alberic Cahuet More than eight hundred of the thousand-odd rooms are today occupied by members of the British aristocracy who are lodged there gratuitously by the crown. It would appear from this that if the ghost of poor Jane Seymour still haunts the corridors of Hampton Court it runs the risk of encountering plenty of living persons. Income Tax Refunds to Come in December Washington. Operation of the veterans' compensation act will not be seriously delayed by failure of congress to pass the second deficiency Mil, but refunds to persons who have already paid their 1923 income taxes must wait until December. These decisions were reached after several conferences among officials, and after Director of the Budget Lord had predicted to President Coolldge that the government will balance Its ledgers on June 30, the end of the fiscal year, with a surplus of between $350,000,000 and $400,000,000. This figure allows, he explains, for the 25 per cent Income tax reduction. on the (jhosts of J? ontainebleau, published in LTllustration (Paris), according to a translation" in the Kansas City Star, the w-riter said: "In England, at Hampton Court, it ' is admitted that Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII, comes back in , Texas Mother and Daughter Win State Baking Prizes the dead of night to wander through the corridors. Her ghost a ;vraith with disheveled hair outlined in white light has been seen, it is declared, . on the little stairway which leads to j the private apartment once occupied i the burning issues that comfront us, and his fame as an orator has, of course, preceded him. He will now by the young queen. It is even Harry Wills Victor Over Bartley Madden New York. Harry Wills, giant negro heavyweight, challenger of Jack Demp-sey, won a decision over Bartley Madden, veteran New York Irishman, In their long deferred 15-round bout at address you and when he has finished, claimed that the apparition has been photographed witness the souvenir postcards sold by the caretaker at the castle." the band will call you together again, 4 A lady who recently , made a the Queensboro stadium. Although the victory was Wills and the decision It is frankly admitted that the postcard is intended simply to show what answer the question, "When is the prcper time for a man to lift or remove his hat?" for the benefit of our readers. At the following times and on the following occasions respectively, the hat should be removed or lifted as circumstances indicate: When mopping the brow; when taking a bath; when eating; when going to bed; when taking up a collection; when having the hair trimmed; when being shampooed, and when standing on the head. i 3fi $fr PARABLE OF TI1E TIGHTWAD. clearly earned, the negro lost consid Jane's wraith looks like when it is photographed. erable prestige, although most of the It is quite unusual for two members of a family to win prizes in State contests of any kind, especially wThen they, work independently and compete in different fields. Patsey Akin, of Denton County, Tex., won first prize in the 1923 State bread contest for club girls, while her mother, Mrs. Nick Akin, carried off the third prize in the State biscuit contest for women. Patsey produced a fine loaf of bread. She won by her skillful mixing and handling of the dough and the economical use of time and materials. She worked quickly and accurately, measuring carefully, following the recipe closely with practically no waste. Twenty-eight counties were represented among the contestants. Pat-sey's prize' was a beautiful willow rocker and two heat-resistant glass loaf pans. Mrs. Akin's prize for third place among competitors from way Madden was punch drunk absorbing every blow Wills had to offer. When It's a It will be remembered that Jane Seymour, Henry VIII's third wife, was married by this Bluebeard monarch the day after the execution of his second wife, Anne Boleyn, in May, 1536. Jane Seymour was then barely twenty years old. Hampton Court is one of the largest of the royal palaces of England, is of brick with crenellated walls, and was built by Cardinal Wol-sey in 1515 as a gift to Henry VIII. trip down east says she saw a big manufacturing establishment dedicated to the mistakes of mankind. The factory makes rubber erasers for lead pencils. X THE CAT WINS. Mrs. Jones found Mrs. Smith, the aviator's wife, in tears. "Whatever is the matter, my dear?" she asked, anxiously. "I'm worrying about Harold," said Mrs. Smith. "He's been trying for a week to kill our cat, and as a last resource he took her up in his plane. He said he would take her up two thousand feet and Question of Luggage This parable, torn from a sciap book, apparently, is submitted by a man whom we surmise has had some recent experience in the collection of semi-public funds: And it came to pass that a certain man did fail to pay to the elders of the church any part of his tithe for the living of the minister. Supreme Court Holds Strike Not Conspiracy Washington. In an Important decision In the case of United Leather Workers International union, local lodge No. 06 et al appellants, vs. Her-kert and Meisel Trunk company et al. appealed from the Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eighth circuit, the United States Supreme court, through Chief Justice Taft, held that a strike against manufacturers intended to prevent continued manufacture, was not a conspiracy to restrain interstate commerce under the anti-trust act. Chief Justice Tuft, in his decision, reversed the decree of the Circuit Court of Appeals In this case. Justices McKenna, Vandevanter and Butler Ar.d the deacons, going to him, I drop her over the side." "Well, what is there to worry about?" "Lots," exclaimed the frantic woman. "Harold isn't home yet, and the cat is." ff 9fi WICKED. spaice words of praise about the weather and in the end hinteth that the Lord loveth a cheerful giver. But he of the tight wad fell to railing, saying, Not a jitney will I chip in. for behold, a year has passed and not once hath the preacher tarried at mine house to call. And the deacons, reporting these things to the preacher, heard him say: It is even so. I have failed in mv Ill Health Results For a vacaton, wedding, business or pleasure trip you will find in our ample stock just the Luggage you will need. Smart, snappy all-leather Luggage adds much to the pleasure of your trip, and we have it at prices that will please you. in Writer's Suicide Porky Collier likes to tell a story about an Irishman who had recently come across to this country and was San Francisco. -Peter Clark Mac- IKROEHLERt farlane, noted author and playwright, committed suicide In front of the coroner's office, adjoining the hall of taken very sick. He sent for a priest. When the latter arrived he groaningly told him he had been very Davenport Bed Vh h,tJe lied flgpo Justice. He fired a bullet into hlg left temple from an automatic and died Instantly. Long-continued 111 health la given as the cause of suicide. wicked. "Did you steal?" the priest asked "No," he said. "Murder?" "Nd." "Well, what was it you did?" Albanian Rebels Take Tirana; 100 Casualties "Father, I denied my religion," the man said. "When I got on the ship to come aero S3 I was drunk. I was laying there and a fellow come along Suit Cases and Bags at $1.65 to $15 London. Albanian Nationalist captured Tirana after fight in In which 100 persons were killed or wounded. It Is reported from BrlndlsL The nationalists are reported besieging Scutari and Dnraxxo and hare occupied Crura a. and he said: "There's another drunk luty. I will make amends. And behold, in the next twelvemonth the preacher goeth out of his way four times to call upon the man and to speak words of kindness and of cheer. And when the time had come again to chip in and it was seen that this certain man had not come across with his bit, the deacons waited upon hin with their mitts extended. But he laugheth and waggeth his head and sayeth, Nothing doing. Behold, did I not board the preacher and his horse enough to make up my share of hi3 stipend? Even so. And the deacons, returning, meditated upon the coolness of the weather. $ Pfr Sft Ar. optimist is any girl who thinks her beau is bound to make a better husband than her father has made. A genuine Kroehler living room suite of unusual beauty in a modern and overstuffed pattern. The back is spring-filled; the seat has removable spring-filled cushions. May be purchased in many varieties and combinations of covering materials, such as velours, tapestries and mohairs. The chair and rocker are luxuriously upholstered. May be purchased with or without the davenport bed. Come in and get our prices. HUFF'S "The Home of Unusual Furniture. en Irish Catholic." And I raised up on me elbow and said: "You're a Faris Nominated by liar! I'm a Baptist minister!" And Now In Closing We wish to make the innocent ob Prohibition Party servation that while the modern girl may not be as modest as the girl of rhc Dietrich C yesterday, still you'll have to admit Columbus, Ohio. H. P. Faris, a Danker of Clinton, Mo., was nominated for the Presidency by the Prohibition party national convention on the first ballot. He received 82 votes, 40 being cast for A. P, Gouthey of Seattle and i for William F. Warney of New York. . Jf Ujaa2: she is more honest. She conceals nothing.

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