The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 12, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 12, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1924. ALBERT HICKMAN ROY O. WEST NEW G. O. P. SECRETARY VOICE APPROVAL BIG PRICE PLAN OF DAWES Postal Bill Passes; Goes to President Washington. The conference report on the postal salary Increase bill, carrying as a rider the Cable corrupt-practices bill, was adopted In the house by a vote of 3G2 to 6. Opponents of the measure stressed the point that it did not carry Increases In postal rates to provide additional revenue to meet the salary "WETS" LOSE IN SUPREME COURT Decision Is in Effect Thai Beer Is Not a Medicine. REDUCTION IN BABY CHICKS FROM High Grade Stock in Pure Breds German Reichstag Gives Marx Government Vote of Confidence. Increases of $300 a year are pro-1 Hatchery located 1 mile west of Nap-panee also in Nappanee 3rd door south from square. Full line of poultry supplies and Conkey's chick feeds at the city plant. Cleveland, Ohio. Roy O. West ol Illinois was selected as secretary ol the Republican national committee, succeeding George Lockwood of Indiana. Fred Cpham of Chicago, who for years has been In charge of the finances of the party, decided to withdraw as treasurer of the committee. His successor has not been chosen. A third big figure In the control of Republican party organization la to retire as soon as the national convention ends. This Is John T. Adams, the chairman. It Lb expected that Mr. Upham will be made national committeeman from Illinois, succeeding L. Y. Sherman. West a "Silent Man." Mr. West, who has gained a name for silence, won the favorable notice of Mr. Butler during the Illinois primary race between Senator Medlll McCormlck and Dene en. West was Deneen's manager. The selection of Mr. West for the national secretaryship, while only tentative, is said to have the strong approval of the White House. He formerly has been a member of the national committee. Washington. The Supreme court blasted the Inst legal hope of the wets under present laws and dealt a death blow to breweries by ruling that doctors cannot prescribe beer as medicine. Thus the last lesral excuse for operation of breweries was killed. The court even went farther than that. For, In effect, it certified as to the perpetual airtightnesa of the eighteenth amendment, pointing out that congress can do Just about anything It wants to under that amendment. Berlin. The reichstag expressed approval of Chancellor Marx declaration on the Dawes report by a vote of 247 to 182. Communists, Nationalists and members of the Deutscn Yoelklsche party voted against It. The poll may be regarded as tantamount to a vote of confidence In the government, at least so far' as its foreign policy Is concerned. The victorious resolution, which was presented by the Middle Parties, was deliberately couched In a limited form, embracing only the approval of the cabinet's foreign policy In order to make possible its support by the Socialists. A prior resolution presented vided for post office and railway mail clerks, carriers, supervisors. Inspectors and assistant postmasters. The night differential carried In the house bill. In accordance with which an hour's pay would have been given for 50 minutes work, was stricken out In conference after consideration of the Post Office department plea that it would cost $12,000,000. As the measure stands. Chairman Orlest of the house post office committee said It would put an additional cost of $64,000,000 a year to the expense of operating the postal service. Mellon Believes the Bonus Law Is Legal Washington. Secretary of . the Treasury Mellon believes the bonua act Is legal, although he opposed Its passage. He so declared In connection with one of the Injunction suits filed against the measure and naming him as a defendart. No Salary Increase Chicks should be ordered in advance and the earlier you do so the better service we can give you. Send in by mail, by phone or call in person. No deposit required. The following prices axe for chicks called for at hatchery. If sent to you by Post add lc per chick. May 26 to June 10 June 16 to August S. C. White Leghorn ..$11.00 per 100 $10.00 per 100 S. C. Brown Leghorn 11.00 per 100 10.00 per 100 S. C. Mottled Ancona 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 Barred Plymouth Rock 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 White Plymouth Rock 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 White Wyandotte 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Buff Orpington 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Rhoade Island Red 13.00 per 100 '. 12.00 per 100 S. C. Black Minorca 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 Standard Poultry Co., Na?Te' Albert Hickman, leader of the new ly formed Liberal party of Newfoundland, who has formed a new ministry to succeed the Warren cabinet. West Virginia Family Zoum Bill Favors Prohibition Bureau Washington. Dry forces, by a vote of 275 to 90, rushed through the house, under a suspension of rules, the Cram- even to the abuse of the power It grants. The decision, written by Justice San-ford, was unanimous. It was delivered to cover two cases that of the James Everards breweries against Ralph A. Day, New York prohibition director, and James Burke, Ltd., aratnst David H. Blair, commissioner of internal revenue. Lower Courts Upheld. Technically, It was simply an up-proral of similar decision In lower courts which upheld the validity of the Willi s-Campbell act agulnst beer prescriptions. Decision it Plain. The decision said, in part : "It Is clear that congress, under Its express power to enforce by appropriate legislation the prohibition of traffic Wiped Oat in Flood Blaefield, W. Va. Eight persons by the Nationalists, expressing no confidence in the government, was defeated by a vote of 239 to 194. A resolution presented by Uerr Graefe, of LudendorfTs party, expressing confidence in the government, was sidetracked on technical grounds. Will Sanction Dawes Plan. The reichstag adjourned until June 24 when it will consider legislation designed to put the Dawes plan Into effect. From sources very close to the government. It was learned that the work of drafting legislation req-nlslte for executing the Dawes plan is proceeding most favorably In close co-operation between German and allied experts. for Postal Employees were killed and a score of -bouses washed away In Mercer and McDowell counties by a flood following a rainstorm that reached the proportions of a cloudburst. Sections of the Nor Washington. President Coolldge vetoed the bill granting postal em ployees Increases of salary amount folk & Western railroad were washed J out An entire family of seven persons ton bill creating a prohibition bureau In the Treasury department, separate from the Internal revenue bureau. A two-thirds vote was required. The Cramton bill has been actively advocated by the Anti-Saloon league as one of the most important measures of the dry program. The drys want to get prohibition enforcement away from the internal revenue bureau. The Cramton bill, of course, had no chance of consideration by the senate at this session. J77, was killed In Mercer county. In intoxicating liquors for beverage Millions of Dollars purposes, may adopt any eligible and appropriate means to make that prohibition effective. The possible abuse of a power Is not an argument against Lost in Bootleg Deals Dundee, Scotland. The trustee of ing to $68,000,000 a year. The President's message, which is his argument for rigid governmental economy restated, was read to the senate during the closing session. Soviets Give Russia New Name; Is "Ussr" Paris, France. "Russia" has passed out of existence, according to a notice issued by the French postal administration, saying that It has been advised by the Russian postal authorities that the official name of the country Is the "Union of Socialist Soviet Republics," which Is abbreviated to "Ussr." the estate of the late Sir John Stew Its existence. And It has been held Woman Carries Baby While Staging Holdup little Valley, N. Y. A woman carrying a small Infant in one arm and flourishing a revolver with the other, helped hold up a restaurant at South Dayton. Accompanied by , two men, the woman backed waitresses and patrons Into a corner. The trio then rifled the cash register and escaped In an automobile. that the power to prohibit traffic In art, the rum-rumniing baronet who lost millions of dollars in unlucky Intoxicating liquors Includes, as an appropriate means of making that pro bootleg ventures, reported to a meeting of the creditors that the total deficit Is $2,424,PS2. with estimated as hibition effective, power to prohibit QJ ICB C R EZ AM ICC C R C A M traffic In similar liquors, although non- sets, after personal debts are sub 0 th..- ( Deficiency Bill Goes Through Upper House Washington. The pending deficiency bill, carrying approximately $200,-000,000, of which $131,943,000 would be for meeting the first year's cost of the soldiers' bonus, and last of the supply measures, was passed by the senate. lntoxicating. "Not Overstepping Limits." tracted of $140,909. "The ultimate and controlling ques Large Increase in tion then Is whether. In prohibiting physicians from prescribing Intoxicat Robberies of Banks New York. An Increase of 46 per Schlossers hits the spot with Kids and Grownups alike. Pure, rich, healthful and delicious. In brick or bulk for your convenience. YOUR DEALER HAS IT. Made by SGHLOSSER BROTHERS Plymouth, Indiana ing malt liquors for medical purposes as a means of enforcing the prohibi Eight Members of Fishing Party Die Santa, Ana, Cal. Eight members ol a party of twelve from Santa Ana which started out from Newport beach on. a fishing trip were drowned when the motor boat Adieu capsized In the breakers off Ralboa beach. Capt. Guy Perkins of the Adieu and four men who were thrown Into the sea were saved by rescuers from shore. tion of traffic In such liquors for beverage purposes, congress has exceeded Walsh Teapot Dome Report Is Scored Washington. Charges that the Teapot Dome committee majority report, submitted by Senator Walsh (Dem., Mont.,) contained many conclusions not justified by the testimony and had been rushed through the committee, were made In a minority report given the senate. the constitutional limits upon Its leg islatlve discretion. Mennonites Abandon Canada for Mexico Saskatoon, Sask. A party of 180 men, women and children, Old Colony Mennonites, was en route aboard a special train from Hague, Sask, to Durango, Mex. cent of the number of bank robberies and crimes against banks was reported, in the first six months of this year as compared with the first half of 1923, or a total of 677 cases as compared with 463, according to the protective department of the American Bankers "We cannot say that prohibiting traffic in Intoxicating malt liquors for medicinal purposes has no real or sub 12T J association. stantial relation to the enforcement of the Eighteenth amendment, and is not adapted to accomplish that end and ft make the constitutional prohibition effective. Veterans' Charges Are GEORGE WYMAN & CO. COME AND SEE US Store Hours: 8:30 to 5:30. Saturday Evenings close 6 p. m. to Be Investigated Washington. Following the strike f U- students at the United State Veterans rehabilitation school at Pen ryvllle, Md on a charge of ur.sanitarv GEORGE WYMAN & CO. South Bend, Indiana Come Ami See Us, Store Hours: 8:30 to 5:30. Saturday Evenings close 6 p. m. Sale of Summer Wash Fabrics Beginning Tuesday, June 17th LACK OF WARM WEATHER BRINGS THESE LOW PRICES ON WASH FABRICS. living conditions and poor food. Gen. Frank T. Hlnes, director of the ret- erana bureau, sent Mai. D. G. Arnold assistant director, In charge of con- trol service, to Perryvllle to investi gate conditions there. Utah Delegates Are to Vote for McAdoc Ogden, Utah. After a bitter fight hinging on the Instruction of dele gates, which culminated In the resig nation of James II. Waters, Democratic state chairman, a delegation instructed to vote for McAdoo at the Democratic national convention was Indestructo Trunks For Service and Beauty Indestructo owners are their best advertisement. For anyone who travels with an Indestructo Insured Trunk is proud of its exceptional service and beauty. They are strong and durable, beautiful in finish and design, and carefully arranged for convenience. And with the exclusive Indestructo patented features, Indestructo Insured Trunks are desirable for any kind of travel. You, too, may know the pleasure and convenience of traveling with an Indestructo by selecting one of these. Indestructo Trunks Attractively Priced Full size Indestructo Insured Wardrobes at $33.50, $36.50, $41.50, $44.50, $65.00. Extra size Indestructo Insured Wardrobes at $42.50, $46.50, $58.50, $74.50, $92.50, $137.50. Steamer and Dress Trunks large assortment at $6.95 to $32.50. selected by acclamation at the state convention here. Treaty to Suppress Bootlegging Signed Washington. A treatv riesicriArt t suppress smuggling of liquor and narcotics across the Canadian botmdnrv was signed here by representatives of tne American and Canadian Each government Is to furnish in formation, on request, resardtne clear ances of vessels or the transnortatlon of cargoes, shipments, or loads of articles across the International boun dary when the importation Is subject to duty. The Out -Doors Calls 2000 Yards 40-Inch Glenmore Voile 39c A very fine quality of hard twisted voile with a soft pliable finish. A large assortment of this year's designs and colorings. Formerly 50c at 39c a yard. Imported Ratine $1.29 36 and 40-inch imported Ratine in plaids, stripes and heather mixtures. Formerly $1.45 to $1.69, at $1.29 a yard. Imported Ratine 95c 36-inch imported Ratine in three-tone heather mixtures. Formerly $1.19 at 95c yd. Crepe Adora 95c A silk and cotton crepe printed in beautiful new designs. 36 inches wide. Formerly $1.19 at 95c a yard. Crepe Venice $1.29 36-inch silk and cotton crepe. Double thread quality in a good weight and with the fashionable small and large printed designs, in lovely colorings. Formerly $1.45, at $1.29 a yard. Japanese Crepe 59c An unusually fine soft quality of crepe print d in real Japanese designs. 36 inches wide. Formerly 69c, at 59c a yard. Silk and Cotton Pongee 49c 36-inch silk warp pongee in natural color. Correct weight and finish for draperies, dresses, children's wear and men's shirts. Formerly 59c, at 49c a yard. Silk and Cotton Foundation Silk 59c This 36-inch silk and cotton fabric is used extensively for linings, lingerie, draperies, and children's wear. Formerly 69c, at 59c a yard. Satinette 59c 36-inch Satinette or "Buty-Chyne" in plain colors and stripes. A large range of colors. Formerly 69c, at 59c a yard. Romper Suiting 25c Stripes, checks and plain colors in 32-inch romper suiting, 25c a yard. Fiber Silk Shirting 45c 32-inch fiber silk striped shirting in large variety of stripes and colors. Formerly 59c, at 45c a yard. Imported Madras Shirting 59c 32-inch imported English Madras Shirting in stripes, checks and plain colors. Formerly 75c, at 59c a yard. Depew Again at Desk; And in Toyland are out-door toys, croquet set3, and hammocks to increase your pleasure in it. Not to Give Up Work New York. Chauncey M. Depew, chairman of the New York Central Wagons, $1.25 to $11.75 Scooters, $1.89 to $5.50 lines, returned to his office after an abwence of ten days due to a sore throat It had been reported he would Hand Luggage For Summer Trips Pullman Cases $4.50 to $16.75. Pullman Cases fitted with toilet articles $11.75 to $55. Traveling Bag's, cowhide, $7.85 to $35. Large week-end or Auto Cases, $7.50 to $35. Boston Bags $1.65 to $5.75. Hat Boxes $3.45 to $16.45 One's entire luggage for a week end trip may consist of a very-convenient roomy Hat Box. It will hold one's extra hat, frock and little things. And yet it is light weight, easily carried and good looking, $3.45 to $16.75. retire, but the rumor was denied. Roller Skates, $1.79 to $2.19. Kiddie Kars, $3 to $4.50. Croquet sets, $235 to $4.85. Hammocks, $2.45 t o $9.75. Velocipedes, $5.75 t o $19.50. Automobiles, $6.95 t o $42.50. Dougherty's Case to Go to Supreme Court Washington. The senate went n record almost unanimously In favor of carrying the Harry M. Danghertv n Batter Up! sue to the Supreme court with the employment of special counsel to dd- Here is everything for the Base Ball gam America's National Sport. hold the Investigation powers of the upper house of congress. Would Purchase Home Base Balls 35c to $125. Bats, 25c to $1. Indoor Balls, $1.65. Gloves, 59c to $3.75. Caps, 35c. Play Ground Ball $1. for Embassy in Japan Washington. President Coolldge hat recommended to onpres the appropriation of $1,lo0,0 for the purchase Shop in the Daylight Basement for Domestics, Luggage and Toys or construction of buildings at Tokyo to house trie American embassy and consulate.

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