The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 5, 1924 · Page 5
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 5

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1924
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE BREMEN ENQUIRER, THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1924. 5 Mrs. Edward Henry will entertain ; f Straw hats in all the latest styles Dewana Gall Stone Remedy for sale at Koontz Bros. 19po at Lowenstine's. 1 THE LOCAL NEWS t Items Concerning fa You and Your Neighbors. Ladies' coats worth up to $22.50 at $9.95 at Lowenstine's. Easy terms on McCormick-Deering tractors. See Mast & Kuntz. 16tf William Schock, of Chicago, visited relatives and friends in his old home Memorial Day. Misses Bertha Widmar and Clara Deneke, of South Bend, were in Bremen for Memorial Day. E. O. Annis and family,- of Columbia City, visited Bremen relatives and friends over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Neys, of Chicago, visited their farm at Lake of the Woods the last of the week. Fred Deneke, who is working at Buffalo, visited Bremen relatives and friends from Friday until Sunday. Lingette step ins, teddies, combinations and slips; also silk vests in a variety of sizes and shades at the Gift Shop. Curtains to open with the doors and top repairing of all kinds. Have your Ford curtains put on door rods. W. E. Hoople. 3tf June is coming, but Juneve is here! Tall cans of refreshing talcum for hot weather comfort; gleaming white jars of pure cleansing and vanishing creams; rich boxes of soft, adherent complexion powder; dainty vanities of powder and rouge; exquisite bottles of toilet water and perfume. All fragrant with the sweet, alluring odor Juneve all packaged in rich blue and gold all on display at THE REXALL STORE. jfeKionable Eftsnch petjumes the Poilyanna club at her home Friday afternoon. William D. Wright, of Woodville, visited Bremen friends Memorial Day and Saturday. We still have a good line of misses' and children's hats to sell for $1.00. Lowenstine's. E. E. Fitzpatrick, of Noblesville, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Fred Schlemmer, this week. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Forman, of Chicago, visited Mr. and Mrs. Grover Walter from Thursday evening until Sunday. Watch our windows for real bargains Saturday. A window full of Saturday specials will be on display at the Gift Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walter went to Indianapolis last Thursday evening where they attended the automobile races and visited friends for several days. During the week of June 7 to 14 if you buy one Auburn tube at the regular low price you get an extra one for 50 cents more. These are not sale tubes but the regular high quality tubes. Why not get a supply at this low price at the Battery & Tire Shop. 23tl Watch our windows for Saturday Specials. The Gift Shop. Harvey Hauck and family, of South Bend were in Bremen Memoral Day. Mr. and Herman RakafF and Mrs. Lloyd Zi miner motored to Goshen Monday. Mrs. Blanche Annis, of Rockford, 111., visited Bremen relatives Decoration Day. Mrs. W. T. Vogel entertained the Lutheran Sewing Circle at her home yesterday afternoon. Wallace Lape and family, of Mish-awaka, visited Bremen relatives and friends Memorial Day. Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kitch, of Plymouth, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Dierich Friday. A son, Charles Eugene, was born last Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. William Sausman at South Bend. Miss Lola Martin and Miss Edna Leatherman visited Miss Emma Sausman at South Bend yesterday. Stafford Davis, of South Bend, visited Mrs. Davis and baby and John Grise and family over Sunday. J. M. Shafer, Chiropractor, at Wm. Kimes residence each Wednesday and Saturday. 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m. tf Martin Schultz and family, of north of South Bend, vis-ited Bremen relatives and friends Decoration Day. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Schilt, of South Bend, were in Bremen for Memorial Day and visited friends over Sunday. You can get a used car at almost any price you want to pay. Bremen Motor Sales has Fords as low as $25. 17tf Mrs. R. H. Draper returned home Monday evening from Louisville, where she visited relatives for two weeks. .Mrs. Charles Berg will entertain the Gleaners class of First Evangelical Sunday school at her home this evening. ICoOIltZ BrOS., A. Ph. and Rexall Store. Miss Irene Hepner and Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Cook was a Mishawaka visitor Monday. Roland Reed visited relatives and friends in Chicago over the week end. Get an extra inner tube for 50 cents at the Battery & Tire Shop, tl New brushed wool sweaters, in all colors, just arrived at the Gift Shop. Secure your 1924 auto and truck licenses from Dewey E. Arch, Notary Public. 49tf Homer Ringle and family, of South Bend, visited Breanen relatives over Sunday. Our suits with two pairs of pants for $19.75 are wonders at Lowenstine's. Mrs. Bertha Felden went to North Liberty Tuesday to visit her sister for several days. Edison mazda lamps, genuine G. E. product, for sale at Haenes Grocery and Bremen Electric Co. 21tf Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Foltz entertained the Five Hundred club at their home Monday evening. Miss Ruth Dietrich, who is working: in South Bend, visited her mother, Mrs. Ada Dietrich, Sunday. Miss Lucile Cline returned to her hotme at South Bend Sunday evening after a visit of several days with Bremen relatives. "If it's worth anything, have it insured" with Claude E. . Weiss, agent for the largest Fire Insurance Company in America. 5tf Ernest Redman, Philip Penrod, Dewey Arch, Oscar Mutti and George Clindaniel attended the automobile races at Indianapolis Friday. Mrs. Theodore Schweisberger and The Ladies' Aid of the First Evangelical church met last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Philip Roth. The following program was given: Prayer, Mrs Hedwig Wid Week-End Specials New sport hats and dresses just in at the Gift Shop. Patronize a home industry. Heat by American radiators., V. T. Weather-head. lOtf All the new styles in the Blue Bird blue shirts, ties and caps at Lowenstine's. Walter Nufer, of Mishawaka, visited Bremen relatives and friends Sunday. Rudy Klopfenstine, who is working in Detroit, spent Memorial Day in Bremen. Mrs. Cleo Juday entertained the Friday Afternoon card club at her home Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harl Stewart, of Bourbon, were in Bremen for a short time yesterday on their way to Elkhart. Wilfred Morrison and Lloyd Dun-nuck were at Indianapols Friday, where they attended the automobile races. Why wait 3 .days for your battery when you can have it in 8 hours, fully charged, at the Battery & Tire Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Fischer, of South Bend were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. Lowenstine last Thursday evening. Harland Richardson and H. O. Holderman were at Michigan City Saturday to attend the Carpentier-Gibbons fight. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Livingston and Mrs. Carrie Adler, of South Bend, visited Mr. and "Mrs. Mr. Lowenstine Tuesday. Henry L. Lowenstine, of South Bend, and Arthur Simon, of Valparaiso, visited Mr. and Mrs. M. Lowenstine Tuesday evening. L. A. Morrison, Chiropractor, at E. G. Fisher's residence Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Eight years successful practice. 23tf Henry Helmlinger, of South Bend, was a guest of his brother, William Helmlinger, and family from Thursday evening until Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dietrich visited Theodore Dietrich and family at Laporte Tuesday. Mrs. Dietrich attended a meeting of the Eastern Star Tuesday evening. Ernest Mochel, T. J. Walter, George Siefer, George Grise, Mrs. Frank Nufer, Mi's. P. E. .Dietrich and Harland Richardson attended the funeral of Mrs. John Mochel at Woodland Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Miller and son Richard were on a motor trip from Friday until Sunday to Fort Wayne, Bluffton, Monroeville and New Haven. Richard remained in Fort Wayne for a visit of a week before returning home. mar; scripture reading, Mrs. Arthur Mrs. Howard Ullery, of South Bend, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Laudaman and Jacob Ber-ger and family. The Christian Endeavor Society of Grace U. JB. church will serve a cafeteria supper in the basement of the church on Thursday evening, June 5, from 5 to 7 oclock. 22t2 G. W. Heckaman and family, who recently moved to South Bend, were in Bremen for Decoration Day. Saturday they went to Nappanee, where they attended the Heckaman family reunion. Genuine Ford batteries for all models of Ford cars, 13 plate batteries of the very best construction. Why buy cheap batteries when you can buy the best for only a little bit Knoblock; paper, "Church Member ship and What It Means," Mrs. Walter Kimble; reading, Virginia Hoople. Tfftr C- y U J Well Driller At Ayr. I have bought a well machine a- WJlVy VJldllU- VC 2 gain and am prepared for all kinds of well work and making new wells. I have had twenty years experience in water, gas and oil wells. All lated SUGAR Bremen Motor Sales. work guaranteed. Give me a call. more I repair wind mills and put up new mills. 22p2 A. J. Slabaugh. Box 101B, R. F. D. 5, Bremen, Ind. Green and Wax Beans, Fancy Berries RENT SCHEDULE. The Board of Trustees of the ToAvn of Bremen, in special session Tuesday evening, fixed the following schedule rates for the rental of the town hall assembly room: Phone 358 for Quick Delivery. May 15 to October 1. son Robert, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kinzie were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Xinzie of near Lapaz. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Holderman and daughter, Sue Alice, and Mrs. Bertha Felden were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Holderman at Roseland Sunday. Miss Valeria Beyler, who is working for the South Bend Tribune at the Mishawaka office, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beyler, Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Taske, of Elkhart, Elbert Easterday and family, of South Bend, and Mrs. Charles Barts and children and Mrs. Lillie Anthony, of Bremen, were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Kline Fridav. Mrs. William Canham and daughter, Winifred, of Chicago, visited Frank Thomas and family from last Thursday until Tuesday morning. Mrs. Thomas and children accompanied her home Tuesday morning for a visit of a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mortimore and Miss Ada Fisher, of South Bend visited Bremen relatives and friends Decoration Day. Mr. Mortimore and Miss Fisher returned to South Bend Friday evening and Mrs. Mortimore remained in Bremen over Sunday. Loren Heckaman and Max Teght-meyer returned home Sunday from Champaign, 111., where they have been students at the University of Illinois. Mr. Heckaman is a member of the graduating class this year and will return to Champaign next week, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Edward Heckman, for the commencement exercises. Mrs. Joseph Tordello and children, of Gary, are visiting Mrs .C. J. Hoople and other Bremen relatives and friends for several weeks. i Edward Kiefer, who has been taking a vacation and rest of three weeks, started work again this week at the Dietrich Company Store. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Holderman and Mr. and iMrs. William Holdei--man, of Roseland, visited H. O. Holderman and family Decoration Day. Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCullough, of South Bend, visited Mrs. McCul-lough's mother, Mrs. C. J. Hoople, and other Bremen relatives and friends Friday. Forenoon $1.50 Afternoon 2.00 Evening 2.50 Afternoon and Evening 4.00 All Day and Evening 5.00 The Haenes Grocery October 1 to May 15. Forenoon $2.00 Afternoon 2.50 Evening ' 3.00 Afternoon and Evening 5.00 All Day and Evening 6.00 EVERYBODY READS ENQUIRER WANT ADS. Reservations for dates may be Miss Ruth Huff went to Chicago Pil'ill!!!M made at the office of the town clerk in the town hall. 23tl Tuesday morning to attend the graduating exercises of the class of 1924 of Washington Park Hospital school Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kirsch and IOOOD IlilHlillllH'lIHggmiimraminrrr'Ttyjn; imi'Tininmnini'iiii; , mnnmnnrnTmuMMwuiM MMnrnnmiiimimn n flat H!Mii!!ii"iiiiiS5B3 IOQ BUB IffBff TmTWTTpnyww iuiMiMiiiiiMimBnTTamtnmMgmTt'ii,ii'iiiii.iiinTirriTrinTrTrill IIMIW pirn niBOBEEEBIZBSSEn&l APPRECIATION. The Board of Trustees of the Town of Bremen wishes to express its appreciation to those who donated flowers for the dedication of the r.ew town hall. Foster V. Annis, Clerk. of nurses. Her sister, Mrs. Alice Nusbaum, is a member of the class. Dancing Classes. I will open classes in dancing in Bremen starting Saturday, June 14. Instruction will be given in ball room and fancy dancing. For information call Venus Ponader, Phone -165. Miss Majorie Wilhelm, 23p2 South Bend. four children, of Chicago, Mrs. Fred Stegman, Mrs. Edward Byron and son, James, and Mrs. SeLma Rush and son and daughter, Robert and Doris, of South Bend, visited Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ponader and other Bremen relatives Saturday afternoon. MOOSE PICTURE FREE. The Bremen Moose lodge will hold an open meeting for the public at their hall Wednesday evening, June 11, at which time moving pictures of 77 . W7 u: 7717 7a ii rr mix rrw APPRECIATION. The fire department and those in charge of the Memorial Day program wish to thank all the citizens and all the organizations which helped to make the day a success. B. C. Ellis, Chief. Moose Haven will be shown, with a lecture of explanation. Everybody is invited to come and see Moose Haven in pictures. QPy7 CIAL For Friday and Saturday Only V A Sign of Interest A regular 25c can of Sunbeam Fancy SWEET CORN 22c a can, or 5 cans for$l A Good habit worth Cultivating. Why not continue to pay into a savings account the same amount you formerly paid on Liberty Bonds? Then at regular intervals buy other high grade securities and build up a substantial income? The Bremen State Bank will be glad to advise you. Think it over. Today's the day. Why Are The Young Men who are known to have saved something usually selected by Employers when the good jobs are being filled? It's because mature men know by experience that what is learned by rational money saving is worth a whole lot more than the actual money saved. Saving money teaches the value of money, begets habits of economy and self-control, induces steadiness. The young man who saves is responsible, respects himself, respects work, has developed character. No wonder men who have been through the mill choose him to work beside them! Think it over. SEE THE WINDOW THE S. O. S, GROCERY STORE OF SERVICE Ed. F. Ponader & Son, Props. Phone 41 W. Plymouth St. As we have said before, fjl "You cannot succeed without helping us." 0 The Union State ank I 'JtZJW PENCIL M V ZZ' WA th& W BAND mu'Lar, it Banking Hours: S to 12 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m. Saturdays, 7 to 9 p. m. n a i a w g n a a i amuiii 1 mmissa bbpii ctasnmatiitEW nana ijrM-uprm mm mm l ffiSBt a s n a es csaua itajsussa o a m es faaaiawnuiimiBF w o m n ca nffiaiiasj5(f?jsiianSS

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