The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana on June 5, 1924 · Page 2
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The Bremen Enquirer from Bremen, Indiana · Page 2

Bremen, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1924
Page 2
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THE BREMEN ENQUIRER. THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1924. GEORGE E. MARTIN SOLDIER BONUS BIG PRICE HEW TAX BILL BECOMES LAW ADMIT MURDER OF FflHiKS BO! ARRANGED FOB U. S. Balloon Mail Over Atlantic This Summer Lakehurst. N. J. The American dirigible ZR-3, now tearing completion in a German factory, will be put Into transatlantic mail service this summer, said Admiral Moffat, chief of the bureau of naval aeronautics, who visited the naval air station with Secretary of the Navy Wilbur. The ZR-3 will operate between Lakehurst and London, the admiral said, to prove the commercial practicability of rigid REDUCTION IN BABY CHICKS FROM High Grade Stock in Pure Breds Appropriation to Cover Expenditure for Next Fiscal Year. President Signs Measure, but Makes Severe Criticisms. Sons of Wealthy Chicago Men Clear Up Week's Mystery. Chicago. The possibility that Leopold ami Loeb misrht be able to clear up the unsolved murder of Freeman Louis Tracy, former University of Chicago stmlent. is being investigated by the detective bureau. Simultaneously, the state's attorney's office Washington. Appropriations totaling $131,943,138 for expenditures for the soldier bonus during the fiscal year 1925, which begins this July, are in Hatchery located 1 mile west of Nap-panee also in Nappanee 3rd door south from square. Full line of poultry supplies and Conkey's chick feeds at the city plant. Washington. President Coolidge 6igned the tax bill. As he did so he Issued a statement describing the bill as providing tax reduction but not tax reform and severely criticizing many of its features. He pledged himself to devote his energies toward the passage of a tax bill "less political and more truly economic at the next session of congress. Government Sends Aid to Starving Alaska Colony Washington. The coast guard cutter Algonquin has been rushed to Nlkolskl, on Unmak island, Alaska, with provisions and clothing for starving inhabitants there, said a radiogram to the W J II i ": J cluded in a deficiency bill reported to the house from the committee on appropriations. The items Include $100,000,000 for the sinking fund. $26,629,393 for adjusted service pay and dependent pay, $3,600,000 for administrative expenses started an inquiry following the Identi fication of both youths by Charles Ream, Yellow Cab chauffeur, as the two giand robbers who anaesthetized of the War department, $1,1S8,500 for ; coast guard service here. About 100 families live in this desolate section on the coast of Alaska. Few ships are able to land there at this season, and as a result inhabitants have had little food or clothing since last March. and mutilated him last November, Youths Admit Killing. administrative expenses of the veterans' bureau, $450,000 for administra Chicks should be ordered in advance and the earlier you do so the better service we can give you. Send in by mail, by phone or call in person. .No deposit required. The following prices are for chicks called for at hatchery. If rent to you by Post add lc per chick. May 26 to June 10 June 16 to August S. C. White Leghorn $11.00 per 100 $10.00 per 100 S. C. Brown Leghorn 11.00 per 100 10.00 per 100 S. C. Mottled Ancona i... 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 Barred Plymouth Rock 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 White Plymouth Rock 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 White Wyandotte 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Buff Orpington 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Rhoade Island Red 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 S. C. Black Minorca 13.00 per 100 12.00 per 100 Justice George E. Martin of the Nathan E. Leopold, nineteen years tive expenses of the Navy department : old. millionaire University Cairo student. and his intimate been nominated by President Ooolldge and $75,240 for administrative expenses of the general accounting office. to be chief justice or tne unitea con- chum. Richard Loeb, eighteen. The $26,629,398 Includes $8,178024 j fessed that they murdered fourteen- State, court of appeals for the TUm-year-old Robert Franks, whose body Wict of Columbia succeeding Uie lata The President said that in Its administrative features the bill represents generally an Improvement over existing law; that it will provide sufficient revenue for the fiscal year 1925, and probably thereafter If unforseen expenses do not arise; that the retroactive tax cut of 25 per cent Is expected by the people, and should be promptly given, and that It Is desirable to have a definite determination of the taxes as applying to 1924 incomes while the income is still being received. In Effect Immediately. The bill becomes effective immediately as to the repeal of various excise Deputies Hoot Yago-Slav King and Cry "Republic" Belgrade. "Vive republic I" was cried for the first time in the Yugoslav chamber of deputies, when the was found in a railroad culvert a few for cash payments to those entitled to less than $50. The deficiency bill will be passed by both houses before adjournment. The total carried by the bill for all purposes Is $158,106,417.89, which Is $1,898,408.15 less than recommended by the budget bureau. ee, BISHOP BROWN IS Standard Poultry Co., Na?D GUILTY OF HERESY opposition leaaer, ai. ttacucn, representing the Republicans and Peasants party, led the cheering against the royal dynasty. All the credentials Cleveland. Ohio Declared "guilty" days ago. Plana Were Well Laid. Prosecutors and detectives characterized the plans of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb to obtain the $10,-000 ransom money they demanded of Jacob Franks as perhaps the most elaborate and most likely of success ever evolved in a kidnaping plot. No band of hardened veteran criminals. It was stated, ever plotted more of teaching doctrines not held by the Protestant Episcopal church, William of M. Radlch's deputies were certified, and the new members gave their oath according to the constitution. Lamb Threw Gift Books Over His Garden Wall Reorganize Inland Waterways Division Washington. President Coolidge is taxes, changes In estate tax rates, and administrative provisions. Certain excise tax changes become effective In thirty days. These include the repeal In the tax on admissions of 50 cents Montgomery Brown, retired bishop of Arkansas, asserted his case was far from settled. expected to sign a bill passed by congress providing for reorganization of "I cannot be deposed, he said, and carefully, with more acumen. Had this was supplemented by formal notice of appeal, filed by his counsel. Jacob Franks followed out their in North Dakota Banks Reopen Their Doors Bismarck, N. D. Two state banks which were closed recently were reopened. One Is the State Bank of Hannah, in Cavalier county and the other Is the Michigan City bank of Michigan City. The Hannah bank suspended In December. It has deposits of $40,000. The Michigan City bank suspended In December; It has deposits of $138,000. the Inland waterways division of the War department through creation of the Inland Waterways corporation with The trial court itself gave the de s tractions which were to be Issued to him leading him from one step to or less, the repeal of the tax on telegraph and telephone messages, the reduction and repeal of portions of the automobile tax, the repeal of taxes on jewelry below certain amounts, and the reduction of the stamp tax on grain and other produce exchange transactions. fendant a respite of nearly six months capitalization of $5,000,000. The gov Ten Die in Series of Fires in N. y.; Maniac Set One New Xork. In an epidemic of fires one blaze known to have been the work of a pyromanlac ten persons lost their lives. Two girls, a woman, and a man were the victims of the firebug. The toll of death at the burning of the Windsor Men's hotel in Newark was six. Four of the bodies were burned beyond recognition. another until he was on a moving muer uniu ue uu ernment barge lines on the Mississippi D announcing that it would not pass train it is almost certain, the de- mi nJl u -rt sentence until October 14, next. After that the defense will have sixty days tectives said. they", would not have and Warrior rivers will be turned over to the corporation. been apprehended and in addition. in which to file its appeal to the The purpose of the act Is to the Inland and coastwise water church board of review. The Income tax changes, Including the new normal tax rates of 2, 4 and gone free with the money. Seek to Aid Youths. service now being operated by the sec j 6 per cent, and surtaxes with a maxi Nathan E. Leopold. Sr the father I Ends Fight Against retary of war. Ths secretary of war will be incorporator of the Inland Waterways of young Nathan; Michael Leopold, an Railroad Labor Board . In none of the letters or lives of Latmb have I found evidence that he ever bouhgt a new bok. His literary interests were of no profit to publishers. The battered veterans on his shelves welcomed no dapper young- recruits; but he received numerous presentation copies from authors, and such volumes, too modern to please his fancy, he was wont to throw over the wall into Westwood's garden, writes Harry B .Smith in Scribner's. In this manner was formed the library of the younger Thomas wood, then a boy of thirteen. "A Leigh Hunt," he wrote 40 years afterward, "would come skimming to my feet through the branches of the apple trees; or a Bernard Barton would be rolled downstairs after me from the library door, 'Marciari Colon-na' I remember finding on my window sill, damp fromt he night's fog; and "The Plea of the Mid-Summer Fairies I picked out of the strawberry bed." l The writer possesses one of these older brother, appeared at once on behalf of Nathan. Jacob M. Loeb, "Washington. Representative Bark- former president of the board of edu Major Martin Reports to Washington Chief Washington. Maj. F. L. Martin, who started as commander of the amy's round-the-world "-iSut and nearly lost his life In Alaska when his airplane smashed into a mountain, reported to Gen. Mason M. Patrick, chief of the army air service. Later he and General Patrick called on Secretary of War Weeks. ley, Democrat of Kentucky, withdrew his bill to abolish the United States MacDonald Promises to Act on Rum Smuggling London. Answering a hurricane of questions In the house of commons regarding rum running into the United States, Prime Minister MacDonald said that he would communicate with officials "and see If we can do anything to remove this disgraceful blot." cation, an uncle of Richard Loeb, was at the state's attorney's office on be half of Richard. mum of 40 per cent, are effective on Income of 1924, payable in March, 1925. This Interests Everybody. The retroactive cut of 25 per cent on Income of 1923 payable In 1924 makes it possible for taxpayers to make a deduction from their June 15 payment. Announcement was made at the treasury that regulations will be Issued within the next few days governing the retroactive tax reduction. In making the June 15 payments taxpayers may take oft one-fourth of railroad labor board. He explained that his action was due to his belief that there is no chance of getting action on the measure at this session of congress. "The murder was committed in a Free State Averse to Russ Agreement Dublin. It was learned authoritatively that the free state govermrer.t planned to send a note to England protesting against any agreement with Russia unless the soviet stopped sending money into Ireland for the Irish communists. spirit of adventure and for the $10,000 ransom they hoped to collect, " said State Attorney Crowe. "It was planned nine months ago and Leopold The bill has been debated frequent ly In the house, but efforts to bring It to a vote Invariably failed. Marconi, in Cornwall, Radios to Australia London. William Marconi stoke calmly said the first Intention was to kill young Franks. There was no acci An Identical measure, sponsored by Senator Howell, Is pending in the the March 15 payment and one-fourth trom poldhu, Cornwall, to Australia. dent in his death. He was beaten with a chisel, strangled and then suffocated of June 15 Installment. The effect Is j- ra(ji0 telephone Sunday, according with ether." Coolidge Names Chicagoan Ass't Treasury Secretary Washington. Charles S. Dewey, vice president of the Northern Trust company of Chicago, .vas appointed assistant secretary of the treasury by President Coolidge. Mr. Dewey was appointed to fill the post left vacant by the elevation of Garrard B. Winston to the post of undersecretary of the department. to permit tne June o installment to to the . Daily Mail. Transmission oc-be cut In half. A 25 ner cent reduc- Japanese to Withdraw Phoned After Killing, Italians Land Troops on Rhodes, Greek Isle Constantinople. A telegram repeivHl here from Angora says the Italians are landing troops on the island of Rhodes, in the Mediterranean sea off the southwest coast of Asia Minor. After killing the boy the youths sped i roopS t rom ; tion will then be permitted for the was acknowledged by cabie. The The Russo-J a p a n e s e ' Sept 15 and Dec. 15 payments. tance from Cornwall to Australia by j outcast volumes, absolutely identified j by Westwood's bookplate and Hunt's I inscription to Lamb. The covers are ! damp stained; like the lost heiress of j old drama, it is identified by a straw-! berry mark. back to the city and calmly telephoned it is estimated tnat tne treasury win airline Is about 10,000 miles. the Franks family that the boy had J agreement, according to a dispatch to have to refund from $15,000,000 to been kidnaped, but was in no danger. I the Nippi a Japanese newspaper The extortion letter, demanding $10,000 here, provides for separate treatment Children Lose Lives ransom, was written and mailed, the I of the Nikolaevsk and bakhalin ques- in "Home" Death Trap $20,000,000 to taxpayers who paid the full amount vof their tax on March 15. Taxpayers who desire to finish up their tax payments for the year on June 15, may obtain the benefit of the entire reduction at that time. boys spending the remainder of the tioas and withdrawal of the Japanese evening drinking and then went home 1 trooos from Sakhalin. The Sinclair for a night's rest. I oil rights In Sakhalin will bo discussed The confessions were obtained by a I directly between Tokyo and Moscow. Los Angeles. Cal. Ashes of the Hope Development School ' for Subnormal Children at Playa Del Rey, eighteen miles from here, on the ocean beach, yielded the burned remains of 23 per complete moral breakdown of Loeb, the youngest boy ever to receive M fj. S. Sues Coca Cola Co. sons as the result of a tragic fire. Michigan. He was axsdnatert when Or JJSOi.O-i 1 OX enlv seventeen venr old Atlanta, Ga. Suit for $0833.460.62 was niea in uuiiei oimw uistricc court here against the Coca Cola com LaFollette Is Virtually 700 Italians on Liner Are Barred From U. 5. New York. About seven hundred Italian Immigrants aboard the liner Dante Altghlerl were refused permission to land. In consequence of the United States Supreme court's recent decision abrogating the Immigration lepartment's ruling that close relatives of resident aliens might enter he country. pany of Georgia, alleging unpaid In- Eighteen others, inmates of the school, are in a precarious condition at St. Catherine's hospital In Santa Monica, a few miles away. The dead ranged In age from four to forty-eight. The three-story structure was declared by Investigators to have been a fire trap Isolated from any protec Out for the Presidency J come and excess profits taxes for 1919 GEORGE ' WYM3N 8 CO. 1 SOUTH BEND, INDIANA COME AND 8EE U8 Store Hours: 8:30 to 5:30. Saturday Evenings close 6 p. m. Annual Summer Sale of Silks Many many yards of fashionable summer silks go on sale beginning Wednesday, June 4th. The low prices in this Annual Summer Sale of Silks are made possible by recent purchases in New York at new low prices. Washington. Vigorously denouncing the St. Paul convention scheduled for and a 50 per cent penalty assessed by the commissioner of Internal revenue for the alleged making of a fraudulent and false return. June 17 as being controlled by the tion. Communists. Robert M. . LaFollette virtually announced his own candidacy for President as an independent. Peti tions for putting his name on the bal lots of the various states, with elec UNITED STATES TIRES ARE GOOD TIRES tors, are being sent out from Chi cago, it was learned and it Is ex pected that millions of signatures will be obtained. 33-: inch 12-Momme Japanese 7Q 4-inch Black Sport djl CA ongee I 7C Satin -.,. !,. . Vv3 pong 36-inch Black Bemidji Bank Cashier Sent to Penitentiary Femidjl, Minn. Frank S. Smith, cashier of the Solway State bank which closed recently because of iack of resources, pleaded guilty before Judge C. W. Stanton in District court here to a chartie of embezzling $2,404, and was sentenced to an indeterminate term, not to exceed seven years. In the penitentiary. !!!k."...Uo...$1.48 $1.00 36-inch Fiber Brocade Sport Silk meuse 36-inch Glace Taffeta in new d1 CO $1.19 32-inch Checked Tub Silk changeable color combinations $1.69 36-inch Chiffon Taffeta $1.19 36-inch Faille Lustre Silk Poplin T TSCO Cords have established a new standard in high-value tire equipment at a medium price. The new patented latex treatment of the cords gives them strength and wearing qualities that mean many added miles of service The easy steering, yet sure gripping non-skid tread, means ease of handling traction safety. Made in 30 x 3 as well as 30 x 3Vz inch clincher and in all straight-side sizes. U. S. Tires are the only tires in the world made of cords solutioncd in raw rubber latex Solemn Ceremonies in France Memorial Day Paris. Memorial day ceremonies wer. held in the Frenct cemeteries where the Aruerican doughboys are buried. At Surnes, where thousands of American heroes lie, S00 French war orphans sang hyuns and national anthems. in historic Delieau Wood cemetery Benjamin 11. Conner, European commander of the Anii ri'mn Legion, spoke. Frank 8. Cunnp.gham of Chicago, whose son, Oliver. Is burled at Thlau-court cemetery, presented the church of the village of Saint Menehould with a Bet of chimes. 36-inch American Habutia in $1.79 ..,$1.29 36-inch Printed Altyme Crepe washable polka dot design $2.45 40-inch Rhapsody Sport Silk $1.45 36-inch Tub Silks in checks and stripes 40-inch Printed Golf Crepe in J0 Q new designs iydjU 36-inch Check Louisine $1.45 1 I. VI M I - I Buy USCO Cords from Detroiter Wins Race on Motor Speedway Indianapolis, lnl Joe Boyer, millionaire sportsman of Detroit, won the greatest race that has ever been staged on the Indianapolis motor speedway when he stepped from his new Duesenlerg special to a team mate's 'ar nin' drove It to a new track record at an average of 98.24 miles an hour for tlie C(X) miles. Co aper was second in the race, with Murphy third and Har fourth. MAST & KUNTZ 40-inch Black Satin Canton, (f0 At extra heavy $U3 BREMEN, INDIANA.

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