Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 7, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1936
Page 4
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rr PAGE FOUR 1 THE AL B AH Y, DEMOCRAT-HERALD, A C B A N T, OR EGO N THURSDAY, MAY 7, 1936 gon, and it depicts quite accurately British legation at Addis Ababa dit orgy, the foreign office ad-of wounds he received in the ban-1 vised his relatives today. FOLLY an FAREWELL her personality and character. It was Miss Mason's privilege to read this tribute at the time it i Intend at Albany, Oregon, poetofflee aa J aeeond'.clase mail. Member United Pmi you," one of them said to her one morning. "His name is Dixon Carter." Miss Bourne didn't flutter a single dark eyelash. She didn't touch the cambric handkerchief in her lap. There was just exactly the right shade of interest in her smile By Marie Blizard Letters to the Editor TOE OPEN FORUM and NBA News Serrlee. Established 18M. was submitted for publication. Bo GIVE HER FLOWERS cause of its excellency the article, IIKIilN IIEUM TOIIAV Edlton and Publishers L. Jackson and R. R. Croniee. entitled "A Builder Flora Augus I.INIM JiomtNK, 20 yenra old. pretty. Jh left nlmnKt penniless by ta Mason," is here reproduced, me nurinen uentn or ner rather. I'BTKIt OAltDl.VKU, Newspaper written as of the present, rather Linda was. accustomed to bad manners. She had met them frequently in the last year, but she was astonished that Thorne had been guilty of such bad taste. A Chinese bulter took her wrap. She touched a lipstick to her mouth, patted her hair and lit a cigarct. Then she strolled into reporter, neipa nor Ket a Job writ than the past. lliic noclety iiewn. Linda la In love with DIX CAI1TKU. but ho iroea If you should come in a urouo to nltroail to Mwly Hinfrlna:. When J ON Mother's Day Sunday, May 10 Albany, Oregon, and Albany wished to be especially gracious to ler n.tka her to marry him ahe aKreea, nut poHtpntieK the wed'Unir. the living room you, as she would, ten chances to SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER Om Tar, In advance ,...15.60 S SDonthe, In advaneo , S.75 On month. In advance ,. SO BY MAIL Linn, Benton, Marlon, Lane and Lincoln counties. One year, In advance fs.00 Six months. In advance 2,28 Three months, in advance 1.26 One month. In advance 5 r Mall Elsewhere In U. S. A. One year, In advance 16.00 Bix months, In advance 2.76 One month, la advance 60 llu.NKY IIAH.MON, film atar. one you would be entertained in cotnea to Newtown, mnkltiK a "per- the home of Miss Flora Mason. Honal apeurnnee" tour, I'eter Koea to Honai appearance' lour. She huya If it were early spring or win narlo written l,y l.lmla. Llnila There ,was an eight-foot lounge before -the hearth and, reposing in unlovely slumber, dressed for dinner with a dressing gown in place of his dinner jacket, was her host! He was snoring gently. Not that the "gently" part helped. He might have trumpeted and the Roea to Hollywood, nnil there, i ter you would enter the spacious hall and then pass on to the comfortable parlors, where flowers ar- prettHlno; ideaa that are really l'eter'a, Mhe actiulreH a reputation for being To the Edtior: Probably no single individual in the state of Oregon has meant more to the life of Albany college than Miss Flora A. Mason, who died in Albany Tuesday afternoon. Graduated from the college, president of the Woman's Albany College League, and a loved trustee, Miss Mason took more interest in student affairs than any other person off the campus. Long before she became a trustee and when her interest was purely that of an outsider, she fostered every activity conducive to the growth and intellectual life of the college. Students lived in Miss Mason's home where they found real culture, sympathy and beauty. She attended the social affairs of students and she helped them with their personal problems. Her car was ever at their disposal. When they gave a play or the college had an open house, Miss anie to uiHeover new Htara. tisticly arranged by Miss Mason herself, gathered from her own and her voice: "Really? Dix Carter? Of course he knew me! We were friends when he was in college. I didn't know he was in Hollywood. I'd like to see him some time." Linda waited for the next line as though it were not terribly important to her. "I'll tell him if you don't mind. I know he'd like to see you." Linda smiled and walked away. She wanted to tell the girl her telephone number and address, but she didn't dare. Dix would know where to reach her if he wanted to. The girl had said Dix was an extra. That perplexed her, and she tried to forget it. She tried not to want to see him. But the very next morning, when he came, she told her secretary to show him in and take a message to someone four floors away and wait for an answer. "Hello, Dix," she said. "Hello, Linda," he answered. "I always thought you were beautiful, but then I thought I had only imagined it... but, you're just the way I've been thinking of you At a parly Klven by Honey Ilnr- There couldn't be ANY gift she would appreciate more. There is none that more beautifully expresses your love and affection. Select now. We will deliver whenever you wish. Per copy, on trains and newsstands .. .06 In oroerlnn changes of address subeerir-ers should aWays give old well aa new eliect would have been no worse, garden, would surely please you nion, Linda meets BASIL TIIOKNK. director. She iroea out In the nlirlil Fastidius Linda shuddered, and Cheerful fires would burn in the alone. Suddenly Thorne appears be was lost to him. side her. takes her in his arms and fire places. You would hear some good music, an interesting traveler. Cut Flowers and Potted Plants of all kinds to - select from Published Daily Except Sundays The Democrat-Herald Publishing Co., He. la) Independent Afternoon Newspaper address. He was aware of her then and kisses her. opened his eyes, shook his head, or thinker would delight you with MW liO OS WITH TIIK STOltV rose unsteadily to his feet, and U. 0. Mogenaen Co., National Adrsr- a message. Albany Floral Co. 115 Broadalbin Street Phone 737 spoke thickly. "Sorry, Little Lmda. tWing Representatives. CHAPTER XIV Moreover you'd never be able to Linda refused to accept the leave until our hostess had served Dropped off to a nap. Be all right in a minute." His words slurred slightly and he roared, "Cock threat in Honey's voice. There was A BUILDER FLORA MASON you tea of just the right sort, during which time interesting convcr no reason for it; therefore it sation would mingle pleasantly tails!" couldn't exist. Smiling and friendly, she said good night to Honey In all cases death is an occasion for sorrow among friends of the and to Basil Thorne separately, Linda look one from the tray and sipped it. She was stricken ana went lo ner room. Sunday Mason took her own furnishings j to the campus. Often I have sat ; in the chapel and recognized here ! and there a bit of beauty from 1 her home loaned that Albany i to silence. The evening had gone she pleaded work, breakfasting privately, and spent the morning every day since...." wun ine tinkle or tea cups. If it were midsummer you would gather in Miss Mason's beautiful garden and cool drinks in tall glasses would take the place of tea. Miss Mason does not spend all her time thus, however, though you will find no more charming hostess. She has traveled extensively in Linda didn t say anything. She completely flat. She watched Thorne gulp two of the cocktails in quick succession, saw his hands reading. In the afternoon she Special For MOTHER'S DAY SUNDAY, MAY 10th couldn t say, "I still love you, gathered up a foursome for bridge too." steady and his eyes cloud und at 5 she left without saying more than the most casual ban (To Be Continued) She didn t quite know what to do, but when ho pulled her down alities to Basil Thorne. on the loung beside him she But, returned to her apartment our own land and abroad. She spent the greater part of 1U34 in slipped from his grasp, smiling n Beverly Hills, her gaze wan KOAC Radio . Program and, still smiling, left him. He didn't realize until she was well fcngiand. She gives of her time and her dered toward the telephone and each time it rang, exhilaration lifted her swiftly and left her as down the road in search of a telephone that she had gone. talents to her church, to fraternal orders and the D. A. It., and when the Business and Professional college might be in its most becoming dress. Miss Mason formed a group of I Albany women dedicated to beautifying the campus. They planted 110 trees on the campus. It wasi Miss Mason's greatest joy to ! watch those shrubs and saplings i grow. Their unfoldment and bios- i soming was her delight. Miss Mason never listened to i or spoke an unkind word about anybody. Anything she touched succeeded just because she was connected with it. I THOS. W. BIBB, j RED CROSS CHIEF DIES London, May 6. Andre John Mely, chief of the British Red Cross in Ethiopia, has died at the swiftly as she heard a voice that was not Thome's. That finished Basil Thorne with Friday, May 8 9 a. m., Homemakers' Hour, 10, Women's Club, or other club, de She wasn't in love with him. deceased but it is with comparative rarity that the passing of one person is the cause of personal regret to everyone in an entire community. When such a death occurs it prompts public comment. Still more unusual are those instances in which tho valued member of a community is privileged to read or hear while still mortal those' praises which are generally reserved for obituaries. Such privilege was enjoyed recently by one of Albany's most beloved citizens. Prior to the national convention of Business and Professional Women at Seattle last July plans were made for a special edition of the "Washington Business Woman," official B. & P. W. club organ of Washington, for distribution among delegates to the convention. The magazine was to have contained a section devoted to outstanding women of the northwest, Music; 10:15, Guarding Your Linda, but it did not remove him from her life. And that week had awakened in her a loneliness, a sires an interesting speaking, Miss Mason is called. Health; 10:30, Music; 10:45. KOAC An especial project of Miss Ma School of the Air 10:45. German; need for affection to have and to She never would be. Then what was it? Linda took an afternoon off literally to try lo analyze the fascination he had for her, and discover why she seemed to son's is her interest in Albany Col 11, The Story of Oregon; 11:15, bestow. The next day he telephoned. He Facts and Affairs; 11:30, The Story of Music; 11:45, Music; 12, Noon Farm Hour 12:05. United Press lege bhe has helped in its building program; she has helped in landscaping the grounds; her home is open to the young women of the be living on constant anticipa News; 12:15, Furs, Fins, and Fea tion of seeing him again. Being honest with herself, she admitted she wanted him to kiss her again. De Moss White Layer C-A-K-E Ask for this delicious Mother's Day Treat at your Favorite Grocers 50c De Moss Bakery thers U. S. Biological Survey; 12:40, Market and crop reports college for social functions. In fact one always associates Albany College and Miss Mason. bo thats what it is! Linda and weather forecast. ' Because of Miss Mason s general said to herself, admitting that the magnetism of Thorne was 1 p. m. Music: 1:15, The World Bookman; 1:30, Programs on Par purely physical and yet, being a culture, her sympathetic interest in young people, her unlimited gift of energy and time to civic better woman, she rationalized. Linda was romantic and she was a Schilling retains its delicate ade; 1:45, Music; 2, Lesson in Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30, Oregon Fishing Conditions; 2:45, Music; 3. Continuing Education "Sharing ment, the Albany Business and Professional Women's Club is hon Ideas" Dallas Branch of AAUW, called her at the studio, and he called her at home. He sent her a charming note of apology and enough flowers to lend a tuneral effect to her four-room apartment. But she refused to talk to him or see him. After that she accepted no invitations until she was certain that the guest list did not include his name. She saw him at lunch at the Brown Derby. She met him at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Ho sut two tables away from her at the Clover Club and each time she nodded and smiled, but was careful to avoid having to speak to him. Linda had learned that one does not make enemies in Hollywood. For many weeks nothing happened to disturb the smooth routine of her way. She hud much work to do, and worked hard. She had discovered an elderly actress in the ranks of extras and was Mrs. Bruce Spaulding; 3:30, Music; ored to name Flora Earharl Mason, Albany's outstanding "Builder." Of none could this have been more aptly said. 3:45, The Monitor Vews the News; flavor rp in al 4, Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. 212 West First Street Phone 137 5 p. m. On the Campuses; 5:30. FROZEN DESSERTS Music; 5:45, The Vespers Led by Rev. D. Vincent Gray; 6, The Dinner Concert; 6:15, What Trust ibut owing to lack of space that department was omitted. The ma-Aerial was nevertheless prepared, and among those intended for this Jionor was Flora A. Mason of Albany. $ The tribute to Miss Mason was ' "written by Lottie Morgan, a member of the Albany B. & P. W. club, In which Miss Mason was also an iiictive member. The article summarizes as adequately as words can the esteem in which Miss Mason was held !n Albany and Ore- Companies Do. 6:30, Evening Farm ESCAPED SNAKES CAUGHT Montreal, Muy 6. Twelve poisonous snakes, one of which bit its owner probably fatally, were safely cuged by an Egyptian snake charmer today after an entire neighborhood had been thrown into a panic by reports that some of them were at large. Hour 6;30. Plant Pathology; 6:45, Market and crop reports and wea ther forecast; 7, Agricultural Economic; 7:15, O. T. McWhorter "Thinning Fruit Trees"; 7:30, Mli- writing her first big role for her dip- 7-45 Orcgonians and Their TV-H. Wnnt Ada Brine Results She was very carelul these days Hobbies; 8, The Oregon State Sys-to pick her way surely through-the tom Qf Higher Education Lucy precipices of judgement. She wnsM. Lewis, director of Libraries; saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.aaaaaaaH P-sl Vote For JLrrr$.. Ronald L. Gilson f&Jef V? Republican Candidate for i& J5 ""yfJ '; Nomination, Linn County T R EAS U R E R VVri "Economical and Efficient Service" I NATIVE SON OF LINN COUNTY . ' (Paid adv) a success, but, one sup, and she knew she would find her work undone. 8:15, We Write a Story; 8:30, Music; 9-9:15, United Press News. Shepherd Named to State Soil Board Honey Harmon called to tell her that Pete Gardiner's play, "Remembrance," was being done by The Theater Guild on Broadway. Linda thanked her, had. a moment of being happy that Pete had arrived, made a note to send him a Formerly Aged 12 Months Now Aged a in - V N. Aa Minimum of 15 Minimum of 15 gentlewoman. She refused to accept this reason for his attraction. She fitted into the role of The Man a Girl Dreams Of. She knew all about the other women in his life Cora Jarrett hud told her about them but she let herself go to the extent of believing that she might be the One Woman. The reasoning part of her mind told her that it wasn't and wouldn't be, but the imaginative side told her that it would be intriguing to make sure. Kor five days Thorne didn't telephone her. That didn't surprise Linda. She expected that lie would play his game that way. He knew ho hud made an impression; now lie would let her wonder a bit. He reckoned without Linda's purposefulness. Knowing the situation between Honey and Thorne, she decided she would not sec him. But for once Linda did not abide by her own decision. Basil Thorne telephoned her the sixth day of that week and asked her lo dine at his house. To her own surprise, she accepted, and spent tlie next hour in a fever of dressing. Her hair wouldn't behave. The red frock looked too bold, the white one too virginal, the black one too - dressed-up. She wore a frosty gray, pinned violets at the waist, and flung a mink cape over her shoulders. She was glad then that she was extravagant about clothes. She laughed a little at herself as she put "mad-nuinuy." (a hand-over from a girlhood that seemed long ago) into her velvet purse. Speeding over the smooth roads to Brentwood and Thome's palatini "shack." as she called the 18 rooms, she remined herself that she was a grown woman, capable of handling any situation, and that a man only look advantage of a woman when the woman wanted him to. While many men had made love to her in Hollywood, none hud presumed to treat her as a woman other than she was. And while she was telling herself these things, her excitement mounted and made her (lushed and lovely when she stopped into the great hall of Thome's house. He was not there to gleet her. Word has been received here that John Shepherd, Scio, has been named as one of the four members of the Oregon State soil conservation board to administer the new soil conservation program in Oregon. The appointment was made by George E. Furrell, Washington, D. C, regional supervisor of the program, who will have 11 western states under his jurisdiction. It is regarded as a tribute to Mr. Shepherd's leadership in local agricultural circles. What's the grand champion of all breakfasts? A bowl of cool, crisp Kellogp's Corn Flakes plenty of milk or cream and red, sun-ripened, luscious strawberries! Enjoy this treat often. And be sure the Corn Flakes are Kellogg's the original always the best. Nothing takes the place' of CORN FLAKES I always voted for the best interest of tho People of Linn County. T. W. MUNYAN Democratic Candidate fro Re-election as REPRESENTATIVE FROM LINN COUNTY My Past Record "Honesty and Integrity" telegram, asked her secretary to remind her to send it, and lorgot all about it. A week later the secretary told her she had sent "the usuul telegram" and showed Linda the press clippings about the play. It was a sell-out and Pete was the season's success! , That was at the time Unit "Take a Letter" was finally being filmed and Linda found herself ucting as co-producer. She was on the set all day, in the projection room watching the rushes by night, and squeezing sleep in when she could. That picture was all hers. Young, slim, executive, she was as attractive to the extra girls as the star herself. They called out shy greetings to her, found ways to wait on her. She was practically a producer. If she liked a girl, she might help her. "Miss Bourne, there's an extra, a boy, who lives at my boarding house who says he used lo know Few Call to Get Dividend Checks TOM'T mice ttio rti'irinn irMr Comparatively few persons have called at the office of C. C. Bryant, receiver for the First National bank, for their dividend checks, now available, the receiver said today. Anyone having a receiver's certificate can secure his dividend nt any time, Mr. Bryant said. PINT 45' Code No. 1S5-D " I J mellower whisky actually lower j priced at 1 5 months ageing than it was I at 1 2 1 What's more, it's gen uine Ken-itucky straight bourbon whisky. Its ; formula is 65 years old. Try it today! ...and it asks no odds of any car at any price PINT 80c "?, QUART $1-50 N.?1.V, All Summer liOUl ROULID TRIP TRflin FI1RES EI1ST lettoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT WHISKY Louisville fty BROWN -FORM AN Distillery Co. J. At in Kentucky 4 TUP rDC ATFCT .U A M P ft. I lidi is v Daily Mmy IS October 15 Prom Portland Standard Tom i it Coach Chicago . . $86.00 $68.80 $57.35 rsc vr-s.- -j ittivic i n if m ol f .Mrlte The VanLand.njr..iam Company for Illustrated Krclpe Booklet, Bedell Hull dine. I'ortluiid. Oregon. mm mm New York , 124.40 107.20 95.75 131.48 114.28 102.83 joij to San Diego mnd tk EXPOSITION? Stop at tk ... U.S. GRANT Central downtown location convenient to th. Atm Exposition and boache. Boston . , . Cincinnati . Detroit . . . 97.00 80.70 69.85 98.30 69.65 48.00 48.00 81.10 57.60 57.60 81.15 Kansas City 72.00 Minneapolis 72.00 New Orleans 101.40 WEEK-END SPECIALS HALIBUTS Arte 67.60 Philadelphia 122.85 105.65 94.20 BABY CHICK EACH Pound 12 Vic Stlouis.. 81.50 65.20 54.35 Washington 120.75 103.55 92.10 RATH 3to8 ettkW It's hard to persuade Pontiac owners that any car could be more economical Pioportional reduction.! to many others points Rttmn limit October 31. Rftuin limit 45 dayt with longer limit at slichtly hither (area: none Chinook Salmon 22c beyond October SI. SATISFY YOUIStlf WITH Creater Comfort, Economy, Pleasure, In Train Travel New deluxe Coaches, latest Tourist and Standard Sleeping Cars, hneit I) mine Cars, with low priced meals. Ot-eiation-ClubLounce Cars. Sleeping car charges reduced. DRIVE. IN GARAGE corrcE shop RENDEZVOUS COCKTAIL LOUNGE SOMETHING EtTtl tUf A PRIME STEER Standard ticket! honored in all tiaaaes of equip mem; touriai ticket! tn new type tourist sleep ine cars where available, and coaches: coach ticketa in coaches only; eat of Chicato, St. Louis, etc., all tickets honored in any equipment, ftleepinc car charges art additional. Choice of Routes and Stopovers in Each Direction STEAKS 1 Sc 41 tickets honored on these famous trains A LMOST all motorists who buy Pontine notice a sharp drop in driving coats. So it didn't surprise owners when Pontiac defeated all entrants in its class in the Yosemite Valley Economy Run averaging 23.9 miles per gallon (no oil added), under American Automobile Association supervision. It simply made official what they knew before -you can'f do better for all-around economy. Remember that when you buy a car. Over and above Its smart distinction ... its wealth of modern features . . . and its smooth, lively performance. Pontiac offers savings that are nothing less than phenomenal! It asks no odds of any car nor even for economy! Sugar Cured, by the piece, lb. BACON 20c Via SPOKANE and ST. PAUL CONDITIONED to CHICAGO EMPIRE NORTH COAST BUILDER LIMITED OFnciAt ici a ass CCONOMT CHAMPION PORK STEAK young, ten-dor ,1b. 2 ell C (utvVcf tpchmne w,iSaul nonce) SmlrtT plmf OH.t.d on C Af A C; ntw 6 ", Pm,mtnl Htn. 'Lttt prie atgontutc. Mich., rrfin er SSI 3 for rh. "e" endl."0 for fh. J' f.'.ss sr.nd.u on g.Lut. "e" and "8" .Stntrd groupot kcmwim i(r.. Vl Great NorthetrRy. Via Northern Pjciftc Rf. Many (ares shown above ire the same, or slightly higher from your home station. Kor details, consult Southern Pacific Agent. or wttte R H Ctoner, General Passenger Agent, S.P. A S. Railway, Portland, Oregon. SPOKANE, PORTLAND & SEATTLE RY. IRVINE GARAGE ROY'S MARKET Phone 58 IN PAY t SAVE Free Delivery 324 Broadalbin Street Telephone 396 0 t ENTRE PONTIAC'S NATI0NV9L. ECONOMY CONTEST FREE CARS 164 CASH PRIZES 0

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