The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 251
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 251

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 251
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GOLF Scottish Seniors Open High EH lights (1:00) HB03 (4:15) Movie: Blood and Wine (1996) Jack Nicholson. Wine dealer incurs wife s wrath while fencing jewels. (Suspense. R, (1:45) (CC) 20062771 HGTV Gardener's Journal 78969 HIST Sacrifice it Pearl Harbor: Documentary uncovers the politics behind the Japanese attack on Dec. 7,1941.(1:30) 320941 LIF Movie: Indictment: The McMartin 7ra(1995) James Woods. Based on McMartin preschool child-abuse case. (Docu drama. R, (2:00) 688313 MSNBC Time 1 Again 2606232 MTV MTV News Presents: Genera- lion Under the Gun: 1997 492058 NIK Global GUTS 148690 SC Sports News 407961 SHO Movie: Some Kind of Wonder- ft (1987) Eric Stoltz. Tomboy helps grease monkey woo popular girl in school. (Romance. PG-13, (1:45) (CC) 6041481 SUN Lightning Weekly 50435 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again (CC) 334936 TRAV On the Loose in Wildest Africa 1701313 TVL Cannon 5595435 USA Movie: When Danger Follows You Home (1997) JoBeth Williams. A patient's death jeopardizes a psy chiatric intern. (Suspense, PG-13, (2:00) (CC) 131435 VH1 Artist ol the Year Nominee Special 154752 WGN Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (CC) 787139 4:30 p.m. (17) Historic Hotels ol America m 45; TBN Or. Cherry (CC) tS Family Matters (CC) C0 Best ol Joy ol Painting 1771 Rj) Fox NFL Postgame fQ Best ol Joy ol Painting 3752 (4? Jewish Jewels GO On Wings ot Eagles AP All Bird TV 28400 CNN Moneyweek (CC) 760481 EWTN Holy Rosary EWTN (3:45) Loretto Litany FAM Rifleman: Lucas suspects a dead man's brother is a bounty hunter. 302481 GOLF Goll Channel Academy HBO Movie: Dear Go(1996) Greg Kinnear. Postal worker answers desperate letter to Almighty. (Comedy, PG, (2:00) (CC) 231961 HB02 Movie: Permanent Record (1988) Alan Boyce. Friends wonder why a teen killed himself. (Drama, PG-13, (1:30) (CC) 6988597 HGTV Winter Gardening 88232 MAX Movie: Top Secret! (1984) Val Kilmer. Rock star helps girl free scientist father from fascists. (Comedy, PG, (1:30) 617874 NIK Hey Dude: Ted wins the Arizona lottery. 296905 RE01 Movie: The Fifth Element (1997) Bruce Willis. A New York cabby tries to save Earth in 2259. (Science fiction, PG-13, (2:30) (CC) 643955 TBN Ray Brubaker 66042 TBS (3:35) Movie: Turns (1988) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perfect specimen meets pint-size, wise-guy twin. (Comedy, PG, (2:30) 81295665 TLC Hometime (CC) 428329 TRAV Pathfinders 1895706 4 p.m. CB Deepak Chopra's Alchemy: The Art ol Spiritual Transformation (CC) (2:00) 3023 4 E College Basketball: Duke at Michigan (Live) (CC) (2:00) 1619, 7077 OGDNFL: Pittsburgh Stealers at New England Patriots (Live) (300) 133787. 131329 C7J Entertainers: Kim Basinger; Vanessa Williams; Matt Dillon; Morgan Freeman: Lea Thompson; Quincy Jones; Chris Spencer; Esai Morales. (Repeat) (1:00) 97503 (15 63 Golf: Diners Club Matches, Day Three From Newport Beach, Calif. Two-person teams from the PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA compete in the fourth-annual event. (Live) (2:00) 9481, 75226 Q7) Collecting Across America IB Jewelry Carousel (2:00) m 45) TBN Walt Mills 23 UNI Cine Univision (2:00) g) 39 NightMan (Repeat) (1:00) (33) Movie: Clean and Sober (1988) Michael Keaton. Cocaine-hooked exec joins ex-junkie's recovery group (Drama, R, (2:30) 188077 tg Best of Joy of Painting 5787 GDGalthers(1:00) A&E American Justice: Serial killer Richard Ramirez surprises his victims in their homes. (1:00) 868597 AP Amazing Tails 92435 BET Real Business 51 8936 CNN Inside Business 852416 COM Absolutely Fabulous 9697077 DSC Storm Warnlngl 157348 El Gossip Show 784085 ENC (4:15) Movie: Dead Men Don't Wear Pad(1982) Steve Martin. Gumshoe hunts Nazi for svelte client amid '40s clips. (Comedy, PG, BW. (1:30) (CC) 5952481 ESPN2 Auto Racing: Firestone Indy Lights Championship From Monterey. Calit. (Taped) (1:00) 2604874 EWTN Dana: 25 Years ol All Kinds ot Everything (1 00) 5869435 FAM High Chaparral (1:00) 110597 FOOD Tamales World Tour FX Fall Guy (1:00) 5765665 f?Ver(1997) Tom Selleck. Confederate fights Union sympathizers claiming his land. (Western, (2:00) 424684 TRAV Great Park Adventures 1883961 TVL Have Gun, Will Travel 9077435 VH1 Storytellers 460690 3 p.m. (71 To Be Announced (1:00) f At Garden's Gate Ql 45 TBN Betty Jean Robinson H UNI Calienle 31868. 613955 Best ol Joy ol Painting 6503 GO Jerusalem On Line A&E Investigative Reports: Parole officers of New York's Special Offenders Unit take on the most severe cases. (1:00) 945690 AMC Movie: The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961 ) Vivien Leigh. Ex-actress widow loves her sly young gigolo in Rome (Drama, (2:00) 388597 AP PetLlne 60348 BRAV (3:15) Movie: Blood on the Sun (1945) James Cagney. U.S. editor smells war brewing in Tokyo. (War. BW, (1:45) 80897690 CNN Computer Connection DIS Gooty's Freeway Trouble: Madcap Goofy drives a rattletrap. (CC) 1550874 DIS (3:15) Movie: Adventures in Babysitting (1987) Elisabeth Shue. Chicago baby sitter drives downtown with kids. (Comedy, PG-13, (1:45) (CC) 80806348 DSC Sea Wings: The torpedo bomber Avenger fights at Midway; battleship Yamamoto sinks. (1:00) 854394 El Talk Soup Weekend 960400 EWTN Divine Mercy Chaplet EWTN (3:15) More Reflections FAM Rilleman: War trauma makes a man think he is Abe Lincoln. 671023 FOOD Emerll's Creole Christmas I (1:00) FX VegaS 5859058 GOLF Golf Channel Academy HGTV Great Indoors 62752 HIST Weapons at War: Select military units take on difficult missions. (1:00) 70416 MSNBC News at Issue 2521597 MTV Year in Rock 295232 NIK Inspector Gadget 332597 NOS Movie: Sundown Saunders (1937) Bob Steele. Spiffy cowboy tries to claim ranch he won. (Western, BW, (1:30) 364810 SC Sports News 322226 SCFI Movie: Moonbase (1997) Scott Plank. Inmates seek nuclear weapons hidden on the moon. (Science fiction, R, (2:00) (CC) 2199665 SUN Skiing Magazine on TV 92690 TCM Movie: Henry Goes Arizona (1939) Frank Morgan, Meek vaude-villian inherits ranch and wait. (Western comedy, BW, (2:00) 1168936 TLC Hometime (CC) 600481 TMC (3:05) Movie: Twelfth Night (1996) Helena Bonham Carter. Shakespeare's twins and lovers, circa 1890. (Comedy, PG, (2:15) (CC) 96249771 TNN Auto Racing: NASCAR MBNA 200 Busch Grand National series, from Dover, Del. (Repeat) (CC) (2 00) 268329 TRAV Earth Journeys 4260590 TVL Gunsmoke(1:00) 5403400 WGN Xena: Warrior Princess (CC) 864232 3:30 p.m. f J f) NFL on NBC: Host Greg Gumbei; with Ahmad Rashad. Joe Gibbs, Cris Collinsworth, Sam Wyche. 7597, 5139 fit' Victory Garden (CC) p Jerry Barnard (21, UNI Control 60868, 424503 AP Petcetera 98619 CNN Managing With Lou Dobbs 778400 COM (4:40) Absolutely Fabulous 19820058 DSC Discovery News 146232 FOOO Chef du Jour line Bisset. Preppie picks up older woman, his roommate's mother. (Comedy-drama, R, (2:00) 6624110 CSPN Public Affairs 68855226 CSPN2 Public Affairs 4452684 DIS Torkeltont (CC) 330690 DSC Movie Magic: Makeup artists; "Amadous"; "Little Big Man"; "Mrs. Doubrfire." 428348 E! Playmatetol the 1980s 431936 ESPN College Football: NCAA Division II Championship From Florence, Ala. (Live) (3:00) 265416 EWTN Choices We Face FAM Big Valley (1:00) 894856 FOOD Taste FX Hart to Hart 2137955 HGTV Carol Duvall Show 56145 HIST Combat at Sea: Nations compete to build superior battleships. (1:00) 56042 LIF Movie: Alex: The Life of a Child (1986) Craig T. Nelson. Sports-writer's little girl dies with grace ot cystic fibrosis. (Docudrama, (2:00) 848868 MTV Scream II Video Special 192706 NIK What Would You Do? 419690 NOS Wok With Yan 523348 RCN Movie: Valley ol the Dolls (1981) Catherine Hicks. Three women rise and tall in Hollywood. (Drama, (4:00) 4343752 SCFI Time Trax (CC) 1455684 SHO Movie: Matilda (1996) Mara Wilson. Neglected girl develops extraordinary mental abilities. (Comedy, PG, (2:00)(CC) 136400 SUN Countdown to Signing Day 58416 TLC Men In Tool Belts With Ed and Joe 794874 TNN Motor Trend Television 709706 TRAV Great Park Adventures 4758905 TVL Lone Ranger 4204787 USA Skating Romance III: Love Is in the Air 129110 VH1 Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon 425752 2:30 p.m. 17 Ciao Italia! Q) 45; TBN Dale Evans (9 Best ol Joy ol Painting 4435 CI) En Contacto AP Pel Connection (CC) 78905 CNN Your Money 765936 DIS Wall Disney World Inside Out (CC) 972110 DSC Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe: A Renaissance-era map suggests the charting of Antarctica hundreds ot years ago. 446428 ENC (2:45) Movie: Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989) Julie Hagerty. Runyonesque characters on New Year's Eve 1928. (Comedy-drama, PG, (1 30) 4986226 EWTN Get a Life-- In Christ F0O0 Cooking Monday to Friday HB03 Movie: The Sum ot Us (1994) Jack Thompson. Widower and gay son get along, unnerving potential mates. (Drama, R, (1:45) H 35275110 SS HGTV Carol Ouvall Show 83787 Si NIK Wild and Crazy Kids 741810 X NOS Cookin' Cheap 165868 0 SH02 (2:45) Movie: Canadian Bacon (1995) Alan Alda. Spin doc-OD tors concoct war with Canada. 5 (Comedy. PG, (1.45) (CC) 5 33305139 J STARZ (2:45) Movie: Gunlighter's Moon (1995) Lance Hennksen. 1 Gunslinger meets unknown daugh-F- ter, fights outlaws (Western, PG- 13. (1:45) 77211690 TLC Home Sawy 343684 TNN Trucks and Tractor Power CM 421416 S TNT Movie: Last Stand at Saber HGTV A Gardener's Diary 90023 MivHockumentary 316042 NIK Adventures of Pete and Pete 144874 NOS Don Winslow 241232 SH02 Movie: An Angel at My Table (1990) Kerry Fox. Troubled New Zealand writer Janet Frame. (Biography. R. (2:45) 41014394 STARZ Movie: Sgt. Bilko (1996) Steve Martin. Maior seeks revenge on con artist Sgt Ernest G. Bilko. (Comedy. PG. (1:45) 4100481 SUN College Basketball: Howard at Hampton (Live) (2:00) 295771 TLC Bob Vila's Home Again (CC) 436348 TNT Rough Cut 427690 TRAV On the Loose In Wildest Africa 1707597 VH1 VHUoOne 150936 5 p.m.. (T)News(CC) MotorWeek (CC) K) 45) TBN Mike Barber fy Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) 63 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (CC) (1:00) (39 Earth: Final Conflict (Repeat) (UU)(1:UU) C0 Best ol Joy ol Painting 8348 CD Adrian Rogers (1:00) A&E Grand Tour: Mediterranean revival: nightclubs ot Miami. (1 :00) 416503 AMC Movie: The Return otthe Pink Panther (1975) Peter Sellers. Nincompoop Clouseau again seeks diamond and irks boss. (Comedy, G, (2 00) 742110 AP Pet Connection 69665 BET Teen Summit 437085 BRAV Movie: Monster in a Box (1991) Spalding Gray tells tales in "Swimming to Cambodia" sequel.

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