The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 250
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 250

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 250
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Page 250 article text (OCR)

145 TBN Kids Against Crime assigns difficult essays. (CC) 6817077 TLC Hometlme (CC) 314787 EWTN Our Lady of the Angels Monastery Mass (1:00) FOOD Chef du Jour FX Collectibles Show 9613665 J Jungle cubs (CC) 36058 JX-Men (CO 74232 39 Sylvester i Tweet Mvsterles TNN Southern Outdoors 329619 IU iMZb HBO Movie: Playing Dangerous 2 (1996) Richard Gilliland. A boy 9 Origins With Burt Wolf 94400 catches a computer hacker stealing Q) Just the Facts With Ron Hem- TVL Hogan's Heroes 9350874 1 p.m. Cf) (3 Figure Skating: Northwestern Mutual Life World Team Championship From Milwaukee. Skaters include Kurt Browning, U.S. secrets. (Urania, (1:4b) 3199110 met AP Acorn: The Nature Nut 56868 HGTV What's Your Hobby 65145 HIST Century ot Warfare: f-rencn inn college Football Preview DSC Great Chelsol the South 956706 involvement in Vietnam; North and Katarina Witt and Paul Wylie. (Part ESPN NFL Countdown South Vietnam; U.S. involvement; the North's victory; the aftermath, (1:00) 40394 LIF Our Home 204400 ESPN2 Winter X Games Trials EWTN Holv Rotarv iot2)(iapea)(uc) (i:uu) 65400. 17400 (T) Main Floor (Repeat) If, Tommy Tang's Modern Thai Cuisine Ol Kids Club (CC) 5895145 FOOD Cookino Monday to Fridav MSNBC NBC News Today in Amer FX Baseball, Minnesota 5775042 HblVGarrJeninobv the Yard 63 Access Hollywood (CC) (1:00) ica 1079787 MTV Best ol Sports and Music Festival 206868 NIK Rocko's Modern Life (CC) 389665 truck toys to Alaska. (Drama, (2:00) 661752 1:30 p.m. OGDGoll: EMC Skills Challenge From Ojai, Calif. Eight pro golfers test their shot-making ability. (Part 1 of 2) (Taped) (2:00) 98684, 96226 Incredible Cuisine With Chef Jean-Pierre S)f45)TBN Faithville 2674464, 87690, 53874 C0 Best ol Joy ol Painting 51868 CD El Amor Que Vale AP Petcetera 13226 BETThea (CC) 663690 BRAV Movie: Hammett (1983) Frederic Forrest. Writerprivate eye Dashiell Hammett in 1920s San Francisco. (Crime drama, PG, (1:45) 3824042 CNN Parenting Today (Repeat) DIS Flash Forward (CC) 860936 DSC Next Step: Technology of monster trucks; coral helps heal bone fractures; snowboarders; high-tech toys. 943856 El Behind the Scenes 203232 FOOD Molto Mario FX Pet Department (CC) 9706329 HBO (1:45) Movie: The Cable Guy (1996) Jim Carrey. An unbalanced 54400 LIF Night Court (CC) 206348 MAX (11:45) Movie: Only the SfrOflfl(1993) Mark Danasme 1U4UU CQ Best ol Joy ol Painting 76752 3D TBN Kids Club (CC) 22394, 94706 HI El Club 700 653868 RCN Movie: The Manions ot Amer Martial-arts master teaches tough ...- vuywona. I i: X .19nS7RnB ica (1981) Pierce Brosnan. Young man leaves 1845 Ireland, begins U.S. dynasty. (Miniseries, (2:00) (Parti) 1670077 SC NHL: Florida Panthers at New A&E America's Castles: Mansions MTV Daria 29141R NIK Aaahhlll Real Monsters (CC) SCSethGreenbrn.llilin of Washington, D.C. (CC) (1:00) 104416 AMC Movie: Destry Rides Again (1939) James Stewart. Deputy sheriff tames town and saloon singer. (Western, BW, (2:00) 287868 York Rangers (Repeat) (3:00) 377706 SCFI Mission Genesis (CC) 8549058 STAR2 Movie: Tim Rtinn It nQMi Jackie Gleason. Con woman gets in v" ion men s boxing scam. (Come SUN Golf: Mitsubishi Motors Invitational Pro-Am From Scottsdale, dy r-u.(i:j 5651058 SUN Playoff Fantasy Football weeklv 9BR74 AP Amazing Tails 34348 CMTV Jammln' Country 35416 CNN On the Menu COM Gallagher: Totally New 9275139 DIS Baby-Sitters Club 301868 Ariz. (Repeat) (2:00) 64023 TBS (12:05) Movie: King of Kings (1961) Jeffrey Hunter. Orson Welles narrates the story of Jesus. (Historical drama, (3:30) TLC Bob Vila's Home Again (CC) 619892 TMC (11:45) Movie: TheShrimo cable-TV installer plagues an architect. (Comedy, PG-13, (1:45) (CC) 80119329 HGTV Sew Perfect 91058 LIF Handmade by Design 291936 DSC Beyond 2000: A multi-role on the Barbie (m) Cheech Marin. "Ubiraiian heiress nicks un warln 56237226 TLC Hometlme (CC) 687145 TNN In-Fisherman 692077 fighter plane; high-tech fossil scan American. (Comedy, PG-13, (1:30) ning; computer converts spoken " 9imt TNN Flshln' With Orlando Wilson words into text. 638058 E! Coming Attractions 648936 ENC Movie: Raggedy Manimn TNT Movie: Sergeant Rutledge (1960) Jeffrey Hunter. Cavalry officer defends sergeant for rape, mur MAX Movie: 77iaf Thing You Do! (1996) Tom Everett Scott. A '60s rock band's meteoric rise and fall. (Drama, PG, (2:00) (CC) 544226 3I44M TRAV Great Country Inns 2525313 TVLlidsville 5409684 UNI La Cuchulloii j.71aaar der. (Western, (2.30) 363394 TRAV Sports Safari 4872690 TVL Green Acres 6390058 USA Movie: Big Business (1988) Sissy Spacek. Divorced mother has affair with sailor in 1944 Texas. (Drama, PG, (1:45) (CC) 2242665 ESPN2 College Football: NCAA Division III Championship (Live) NIK Looney Tunes 111706 NOS Monterey Cookin' 201874 SCFI Masters ol Fantasy (CC) 2061874 VH1 American Bandstand 439918 Noon Bette Midler. Two sets of twins meet as corporate opposites. (Comedy, PG, (2:00) (CC) 460139 TLC Renovation Guide 313058 TNN Hot Rod TV 311690 TRAV Outdoor Journal 1991955 (3.00) 6466348 EWTN Franciscan University Focus (1.00) FAM Bonanza (1:00) 380874 VHIVHUoOne 216706 VH1 Top 10 Countdown 123042 WGN Soul Train 875868 GDJacques Pepin's Cooking Techniques (CC) (2:00) I J Student Bodies: Cody has a p-ind date tor the school dance. Herjeatl fin77 2 p.m. FOOD Michael's Place FX Supercollectors 3000077 HGTV Simply Quilts 36752 HIST Masters ot War: Nuclear 12:30 p.m. GD Deepak Chopra's The Crystal Hang Time (CC) 66619 Cave: Lessons From the Teachings of Merlin (CC) (2:00) 7936 (41 Golden Moments of the Winter Games n Saved bv the Bell: The New Lift nead Coach: The NFL'sCom- Cf )f0 College Basketball: manoeri a K nnt mm weapons and the Cold War; Cuban Missile Crisis. (1:00) 59042 LIF Next Door With Katie Brown 812058 uemson at Illinois or loppin btate Class: The girls swim team vies for (1?) Inspiration ol Painting: Acrvlici at Arizona (Live) (CC) (2:00) ooo time aaainst tne Doys team, 8232. 65416 guest Janet Evans. (Repeat) (CC) 99481 (17; Oebbi Fields' Great American Desserts MSNBC Newslront 8546343 MTV Sports and Music Festival Closing Party 388416 NIK Looney Tunes 556400 Plugged In Electronics Show (c (JO) 61 ''45) TBN Kids Like You t6374226, 51787, 47771 S UNI Super Sabado Sensa- cional I? nni I ) NBA Inside Stuff Best of Joy of Painting (CC) "I 45 TBN Colby's Clubhouse JT A Glint of Gold (2:00) ?Q Comm. Bulletin Board (8:00) JJ To Be Announced UNI Onda Max (1:00) 70684, 112416 1224923, 95619. 54503 RE01 Movie: The Fifth Element (1997) Bruce Willis. A New York cabby tries to save Earth in 2259. (Science fiction. PG-13, (2:30) (CC) 728690 New Adventures of Winnie the Science Court (CC) 94145 I NFL: Washington Redskins at ED Movie: Paradise. Hawaiian New York Giants (Live) (CC) (3:00) 591481 ifyfe(1966 Elvis Presley. Singing SCFI Trailer Park 9051 139 SH02 Movie: The Halfback of Notre Dame (1996) Gabriel Hogan. CB Best ol Joy of Painting pilot and buddy try helicopter-charter service. (Musical romance, G, (2 00) 85868 52597 AP Animal Planet Zooventure 14955 (33j Movie: Cookie (1989) Peter Exchange student distracts teenage football star. (Romance, G, (1:45) 9079226 STARZ (1:15) Mom: Meatballs Part II (1984) Richard Mulligan. ralk. tx-convict mobster teams up with daughter. (Comedy, R, (2:00) CMTV Showcase 30961 CNN Travel Guide 654481 ESPN2 In the Driver's Seat FOOD Dinlna Around 9990 G) Movie: Clean and Sober Camp owner pushes boxing match with other camp. (Comedy, PG, (1:30) 8732868 TCM Movie: Broadway Melody of HB02 (12:45) Movie: On (1988) Forest Whitaker. Short, fast lite ot (1988) Michael Keaton. Cocaine-hooked exec joins ex-junkie's recovery group (Drama, R, (2:30) 159690 jazz saxophonist Charlie "Bird" 7940(1940 Fred Astaire Dancer Parker, diograpny, h, (::; (CC) 89959400 (391 Movie: Worth Winning m) X n (UU) 67503 FoiNFLPregame 133 Movie: The Rescuers Down Under ym) Cute mice save boy and eagle from hunter in Australia. Animated. (Children, G (2 00) 50665 E3 Movie: Return to Mayberry (1986) Andy Gritfith Andy and other "Andy Griffith Show" veterans. (Comedy, (2:00) 53313 139. Annual Hollywood Christmas (2:00) 43313 SB Best of Joy ol Painting 25955 SJTo Be Announced (1:00) AP Animal Planet Zooventure 87313 BETTeen Summit 731110 CNN Newsday COM Town Hall 9362619 CSPN International Programs 18565 BSC Gimme Shelter: Remodeled kitchen, safe doors: bed installation: grass: carpetupholstery cleaning. (1:00) 826400 El News Weekend 127868 ESPN College Basketball: Georgia lech at Kentucky (Live) (2:00) 282313 fSPN2RevtlUp gets his partner's role, but it works out. (Musical, BW, (2:00) 3298348 Mark Harmon. TV weatherman must woo three women to wed, HB03 Movie: The turning mm (1977) Shirley MacLaine. Aging m TJ 3 with video proof. (Comedy, PG-13, TLC Renovation Guide 758752 TMC (1:15) Movie: Operation ballerina and ex-rival bicker. (Drama. PG, (2:00) 4369348 HGTV Company ol Animals 92787 Dumbo Drop (1995) Danny Glover. (00) 67874 tg Best ol Joy of Painting 1 86I 145 TBN Carol Lawrence Army captains ship elephant to Vietnam village. (Comedy. PG, GD Rescatados del Infierno 03 m o i TJ o 1:50) UC 85027435 NIK Ren I Stimpy Show: Ren and Stimpy work as bellhops; for a lodge meeting, Stimpy poses as a A&E 20th Century With Mike Wallace: Serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy. (1:00) TNN My Classic Car 763684 TRAV Outdoor Journal 9692508 TVL Daniel Boone 9355329 VH1 Artist ol the Year Nominee dog. (CC) 112435 SCFI Buzz 2062503 SHO Movie: Johnny S Clyde (1995) John White. Boy's eight- 918706 AP Pet Connection (CC) 78313 Special 644110 WGN Movie: Christmas Comes to BET Caribbean Rhythms 201394 CMTV Non-Slop Country 7510771 Willow Creek (1 987) John Schnei hour adventure with bloodhound. (Comedy. (1:30) 113110 SH02 Chris Cross: Mr. Koufax CNN Your Health 123416 J COM Movie: Class (1983) Jacque- t der. Feuding brothers and teen son

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