Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 6, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1936
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE: FIVE -. -WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 1 936 GET MONEY FOR YOUR TAXES BY SELLING THINGS YOU NO LONGER NEED ' 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs Hay, Grain, Feed OTnpi EiH'U'MKNT - Kl'ltNl-OIUUf ,uri. .,, ,.,.,. inented on FOR RENT 5-!,(51 JWI"S1; I J nun 1 garane. Call at till V. 4lh St. m5-7 NEW TODAY TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Unusual Woman Answer to Pri'vloim l'umlr AlAlpnS E. R A I flRII a .. DLjL.lsH5 WEnoAITlr.jR e 3 BARON QflSA WEf NOfl von ewe1aMe TRMOHOT 5t UE'feWEjN S 0 G lMtoSlS Et ElD GldBW&1Nl I5iqild1t1e.ir31 HORIZONTAIj 1 Famous woman, both blind and (lent. 10 Twice. 11 Constellation. 12 Ages. 13 Trousers. UTo prevent. 16 To perch. 18 Flower. 21 Fabric. 25 Cuts up meat. 30 To worship. 31 Writing fluid. 32 Apportioned cards. 33 Clan symbols. 35 To cuddle. 36 Aurora. 38 ny. , 39 Hnvincs. . 43 Coin. 45 Little. 49 llatite bird. 50 Kinglet. covering. 53 Botch. 64 To lessen. 65 Hottentot triho 57 She Is an . 58 Sho has throughout the U. S. A. VKRTHWIj 2 Tree. 52 Root point Brush I'ret-k, all bottom laml. i:rop' alt in, very kooiI ImihliiiKii. u very Tine little plaee, 2 horses, 2 rows, all equipment needed, nil lurnitilre needed. Tola pnee only $:I7"0 move rlKht in. IISVINK U Huol). Phone Slid ' a30tf FOR RENTiil'1';":i',N,! ",H,M i vin ni-iii wIh ,)rVlllt, HittiB room, newly kulsotninod, heat, hot and cold water, nieely furnished. H i W ,4th St. l'hone 154-U. mS-S" BEAUREGARD Vea'ulk'; Stall inn. Oovcrumcnl thoroughbred saddle stallion will stand at the Fred SpreliKer place two miles North of Shcdd. Service fee IIO.H0 Fn-il Sprenger. mG-1'.J R and G KHXHWKD ANIi Ill'AltANTKKll : SOLD ONLY BY ALKXAN'UKIi MoTOlt CO. ';il Ford 5 passenger Sedan. H) tires, clean car Ihroughout. ";tl Ford Honilsler, almitst new 1110- tor. See this excellent buy. 'HI Chev. Coupe, finish in very good shape, clean inside. :H Ford V-8 Prluxf Sedan, tow mileage, new tire. 1'rlced -for a few days at $4!C.U0. OPEN Sl'NOAYS Alexander Motor Co. I 2 1 I. yon St. Alhany, On-. Your Ford I'enler mfi-7-S For Sale Real Estate 47 V2 ACRE KAUM Kolt SAU:" ' ,,n Santiam II wy., 5 - miles out: new 5 room house, new chicken house all , other outbuildings fair; on main itmvcr Hue. Crops all in. A PAUOAIN. See owner, Wm. MeKlnley, Kt. 1, Albany, Or a22-m22 FDR 9AI F KKAr ESTA T E OMLL Federal Land tank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A. Harnes, Field Salesman, 1103 Oak St., KiiBOtiP, Ore. nlti-ml 6 Automobiles Wanted pACJJ POH YOl'Ii CAH CUt un0' T equity.' WaViTen'sTar Mar ket. Lebanon. . Phojiu 1 :131. inr-J,' Rami G . ft a.,,1 G THESE CARS MUST GO No Iluasunuble Offer Kefusi'd :'S I'lu'v. Sedan Karl Ket'ti trunk. "29 Ford Touring new tires. '29 Durant 4-Umr sedan. . "28 .Puutlac Sedan, '26 -Itulck 4-dkr-2 In stuck. 4 'ad Mine Sedan, clean an a nin. ":10 Krd Coupe a dandy. ',10 Ford Kuadtfter-flne shape. 2t DodRA 4-door Kedan new tires. '29 Kurd truck, Ktock rack, new -tires. HI'KX SUNDAYS Alexander Motor Co. 121 I .you St. Albany, Ore. iuG-7-S nnon iack eah s6 acuks UUUU located aloiiK foot hill but located off main rond, on cuunty road. fiO acreH good land under cultivation with balance pasture and Nome' valuable timber. Old house, fair barn and good family orchard. A real buy for only $250(1. JIlliHWAY NO. 99 STATION with three pumps and lots of land for sale or might take some Washington trade. TU1PP & ML'KIMIY. JUCALTOKS. .mtitf M Onf)-ACT QUICK 11800. 80 4 I OUW -(Uirf.8 of prairie land all under cultivation fair buikliiifis. the best buy ever offered in l.inn county. $ 1 S 00 total pr i ce. V h y rent'.' 1KVINI2 L. HOOD, Phone 1500 aaoir BUY NOW 4K ACItlCS, nearly all cultivated, a fair Het of bulldiuKs, spring water, price $500 with $500 down. 10 'ACHES, In Henton Co. 5-room house, barn etc. family orchard and berries, price $1700. - C. -M. DOLLARHIDE CO. niu-t f FOR. RENT-N,OE pl'KN- A,"r- i yjix. nun I AUllts 8oj w 7lh st FDR 9AIF baby uuuiiv, run ortLC praeti(.ally llow ,.., at 423 Baker forenoons. ni6-S TR A lTFR for salb new 2x I n,nl Lull 4 40 ,lrs S((l uml lH .Murphy's Warehouse. m IT" 7 7 )"" """" o" y a- T v. m.h.i. ; . 4r I " rr s?" r71- CL " zteiTir' ib e? m p So ! "" vT" Si rr'' 45 VT W 4 "T- 4A 44 "" 4S 4tT A7 . 3g ' " "fc HAY 01 n 'KEHEI.S EYEUY Iim. U E. Arnold, l.ibaiion, Ore. I'hniie I 121. m."i-ti FOR 9AI F 17r ti0ul) kwks l vm onLL Jllld iami,H, g mi. east of Koseburg. Y. 1. Uixon, Jixon-ville. Ore. m5-U WANT TO ,llYA OOlM MILK VVrtlll (.uw7 .Make It known with a Want-ad. JERSEY BULL honied and ring in nose. From rcKisten-d stock. Frank P.ruh. Ht. a. Ph. a7-F-:;:i mi-ti Cpyppj COCK EllELS, $1 PEU UI0. OLAUU triMK boxes Thurs., Fri., St. Will take turkey cgs until May IS. Phone 5-F-n. i la k wood J'oullry Farm, Tangent, Ore, ni4-y-S WANTFD Kolt '-ashold "M,,ILL' and worthlesK horses and cows. 1 ead animals picked'-tip free of charge anywhere. C'ule .Mnuigomery, Phone collect uU-F-12, Corvallis. mltf 1 BAY TEAM, 1;-; WOO III. eaeh. K Hay Mule. 9 yrs. ild, WHO lb. Inquire. Ill Fisher lini'l. I'o iiH-0 ll(?Tnl iiatimiim: lsKCKivKii UUo I Ulvl . . u (.,,kl!s Sl. Haired lioek, !le. Jenks llatellery. 'I'aiiKent, Ore. m4-C CASH KOU AN1 WultT"- less horses ami eows. lay-old calves. I'll. Il-K-W Alhany, I'eell Montgomery. mW-tf DEAD ANr wl)llTlll'l"ss HOUSES and eows pieked up free of eliarKe anywhere, l'hone colleet W-K-W. Alhany. If no answer. l'hone. 11-K--I. Corvallis. ml4tf OUCCp SHEAUI.N'li, l.'Al.l. P.OH1N Ol ILLI -l euax. l'hone L'9-F-J or rail at 1 :: 1 r. K. 2nd. inl-7 VVHITF 'Kt'1"t'l!M HAHV CHlfKS "IIL. Hatehes every day the llrxt week in .May. Order from this ad $10 per lull. Still plenty of time lo raise a nieiv lot uf fall layers. KlSSEI.l.S II ATll Uil! Y. I'hUtie. ilSO. Corvallis. Ore. aJIOtf FOOD FOR TOO MUCH WEAVCMS SUE'S. iCOLLAPSED; A IJLOW SO 'THE THINK THEY'LL FIND A FIFTY-CENT PIECE UNDER THOSE FLOORS, AND PROVE THAT COOK ACTUALLY : i medicine: Ff)R 9AI F l-OOSE VETl lI' .c ml. east Tanwent. 22 Wood and Coal mnn woim i'iiickh iiuiht UUUU Delivered in iinv lellirth. Lester Chileote. I lioti Santiam lid. l'hone 734-1!. jL'U-tf niUll I ,,ri,.,.. Claude WriBht, pliMiii- 2i;f.-,i. iirts i:. i;th St. m2ii-tf 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous IIQFn flAQ i:am;i:s. k.i.ectuic UOLU UAO ninKs, u su.vcs, i-leetrle & pas plates, lowest possible prices, llebuilt used ranses, lame slovk only $9.75 up. llest possilde values at Albany JjarKain House, L'lul & ltaker. li5-7 FDR Al F 52 V- STATION-Ilohsoti, Shedd, Ore. ' in5-.7 TWFNTY-''KU ':NT "i:"ih:- iiuiii i ,n jiniin.,.-!, ony Cards. Hall's I'loral Co. m-l-U Off nilR NHW LINE OF HUtO JLL UUI1 .Ul.,.v dishes. Hulls Floral Co. ni4-l WRECKING f.n.'l!.".- JX.BHeki $4 per -M.( planks for barns, bridges, limber, lxS and Ixti sheetiim, flooring, ceiling, siding. Can deliver. :ird & .IhU1ho41, Albany. iKlU-mti-S 10 Help Wanted W A NTF n ,UU'-SI0K k'-h'in" I,'olt nn l i-u Bentlem. n or mnther-less home. Address 1'. O. Uox B7, Albany, tire. in5-7 WAMTFn KXI'KUIKNCED AND 1 responsible loB?er with eat to Iok I million ft. Ijiltn Co. liKKiiiK. timber mid roads frood. Ablress lio llnjri, e-o llemoeral-llerald. ano-iuC 21 For Rent FOR RENT-I0"AI',!1': ,!,!K:Y I Ull lll-IXI .ramli nrehads. Hoe Win. Hain near r. o. on Hroaditl-bin between 2htl iV: Urd. in2-8 THOUGHT OF A STRAIN AT NUTTY f I NEVER DID LIKE "THAT KID. AND NCM' TEAR UP MY FLOORS TO CLEAR HIM MV DIAGMOSIS OF FTS THIS CASE ISTOO KnEEN A MEMORY.' f I'LL WAVE TO DO C 5QMETHIM6 ABOUT JV J A ;:!, : i hisiorOIjTI ' popped ,w . cuthbert's 1 T whv' thouTT gee whtz- i tell '. I THWI DINNER. LI VUK Tft.5TE A TO SEE COTHBERTS f coLkc? fl I HUNDRED THM N OH- I HERD tftBM FlGGERED IF I FED wMffl I .. I ANNIE- tHIS m TH' !S I Mi FOLKS ON ' Iw tniis- 8 I WAS LEFT IN THEIR SOMETHING HM SWELL MAVBE wMt Little I IS A BANQOET W MADE- TH' iffit, WAV HOME FROM 1 TtJ"?, IE I MAIL BOX. TO PAV I ABOUT THAT IN ET HED TALK- DOQ W.Wf 1'lmC - I FIT FOR A ;; KIND YOU Kf, SCHOOL GEE" I HUNDRED ? U I OFF TH MORTGAGE B TOWN To DAV- M GONE IT ALL- NOW i.'Wl - I KING- LIKE BEST- ,"'-, THAT FOUR H WHAT FOUR K I AND SAVE THEIR H MUST BE SOME DON'T KNOW Ml ( Jmnan V -J' hundred sure BS hundred? Kf farm- didn't B fool at large. 111! what to think- . ''', 7 WiUIldll r, tJL ' I MADE THEM, AWFUL .'El . VOL) KNOW Jfl TO GIVE AWAV !.f ' m'N J . 7 I ' Si ' ' HAPPV- VQ T. OK 1''; FOR RENT-4 5 "N"' m1'.1 fniu. upt. l'hone. 517-U. - BSI-lf ELLSWORTH APTO II13vl'' LUL.OVVUII I II mei-slurred furniture. I'h. 35, Sl5 Ellsworth. nC-ir APARTMENTS ZXKvn al H-mfi 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous PAPARA ltAllK WANTK1 VK mi .unlimited quantity of dry or green Cam-ara Murk. Will pay highcHt cash prices. Albany liar-gain House, 2tn and Muher, l'hone 7:ii. ulj-tf OLD U N I I' M O A T HH CO I N 8 ttoughl at DawMou's Drug HI ore. marlt f 24 Personal STOMACH li::! why surfer? For iititck relief get a tVee sample of 1'dgit, u doctor's pn-Hcriptiun at Kreil UavvHon'H lrug Htore. mri-jr 16 Miscellaneous Classified FRIFD 'HU'Kl-:N HINNKlt. 50c I I1ILU's Karm, luilfway between ttalem and Albany. mo-7-S pAQ(-f TA11 VOH OhD aouvt. jt0 I ,lt.nti eiiiwiiH. bridgPH, fillings, old jewelry, watch cases, etc. T M. Kreilch .t Son, .leWi'lers. - - - . dJtotr PAINTING- WALL "'AKinsMi. 1 mil I IMU hiterlor decoratlliK that's different, l'hone 42 or Gi:i-U Wilbur Uaw.spn & Clairu Snyder. m:i0-tf PAvM I'AIO KOU CSK1) FCHN1- ji i tlll.e vW -Look In your att c." Clias. 1 Join bough & Sn, 1 W. First St. . Jl-tf ARE YlHI COINd TO lU'lbl), UK- model or repair? If ho. let me figure with you on your work. ico. (.V ltichards, IMiildlng I'un-trador. UUii Cnlnpoola St. l'hone 177-11 1 M1-7S BUT THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE AN AWFUL TIME PROVING ANYTHING .' IF THEY FOUND ONE FIFTY-CENT PIECE UNDER THOSE FLOORS, fT'D BE pty A GREAJ ALIBI 11 L iit r wca srnvicc. mc T. fALVtf:v .of VJf H 19 N'ogative. 20 North Carolina. 22 Stir. 23 Quantity. 24 Wrath. 20 Thing. 27 Tanner's vessel 28 Measure ot cloth. 29 To rob. 34 Therefore. 35 Compass point. 37 A Slavic people. 38 Adhesive substance. 40 Wren. II Parted with. 42 Whip stroke. 44 Genuine. 46 Dili of fare. 47 Armadillo. 48 Citrus fHUit, ' 60 Sailor. , . - . . 61 Dry. 63 Mother. ' . 60 Advertisement .1 Cotton staple. 4 Ksistonce. 5 Hill. 0 To rub out. 1 Skin ointment. 8 Keno. 9 lieln 12 She Is well 15 Flower type. 17 C'mmmmderx. tonn: It ifrude, pnri.-liini'nt wrapper, 2Sl! Hi, ciii-toiiH 2;lii lb. Milk A itrnile Portlnml (liillvcryi r.sjc lb hut I i rdiHl IiuhIh fur 4 pen Mil. t SHERIFF'S NOTICE OF SALE . By virtue of an order issued out of the County Court of Linn Coun-i ty, Oregon, on the 4th day of May, 1936, I will on Saturday the 6th duy of June,. 1936, at the hour of, 1 :00 o'clock in the pfternoon there-i of, at the front door of the County Court House in the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, all the tight, title and in-t tcrest acquired by Linn County through foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property for- merly owned by Thurston P, Hacklcman, and described as fol-, lows, to-wit: Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6, In Block 8, llackleman's 4th Addition' to, the City of Albany, Linn Coun- ty, Oregon. ' ' The said County Court has set a minimum price for which salct property shall, be sold at $50.00, plus the cost of advertising said sale, said purchase price to be paid In cash, or not less than 20 of the purchase price to be paid in cash and the remainder to be paid, according to written agreement to be mude between said Linn County, Oregon, and the purchaser, in equal annual installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, ull deferred pay- mnnla I.. Ivin. inlnm.l f flm Ihn-i date of sale nt the 1-ute of 6 pcrj annum, payable annually. HERBKRT SH ELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. Mny 13 20 27 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people ll.sted.on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ud. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st NatT Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM, BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan, Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AME$ HDWE. Maytag, Easy. Thor. Washers 1 WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "Wo CTiliclt your Inquiries" Eugene, Oregon. HlHlAJUiSiEM Prices quoted brlow are those pro-vailinic nt U o'clock a. m. on dny of publii'Htlon, and are subject to chungc nt any hour thereafter. i,o Al, ;it AIN M. Senderw A C. WIIKAT: No. I white, 7Kc; red and mixed 7 tic bushel, HAUltF.Y: Hansen, $21.00 ton. OATS: White. No. 1. $18.00; gray No. 1. IL'3.00; gray feed $20.00 ton. WOO), Wool, .per pound .....50c Mnli:ilr, per ptUlld ,v.0e M:.VN l, V.. ehpranll Unit .) CA'rri.n Steers $5.504? 7.00 llelfera .50iti 6.50 HlillH 3,50tjf 5.00 !(MVH, beef ... 11.00 Ji' 5.00 Cows, culters 1.503.00 1 1 ( M S 110 to IIIO pounds .,..$S.25TtsS.75 IliO to 210 pioiudN S.75fti !i.75 210 to 250 pounds S.25'(( 9.2T 250 to :t50 pounds S.2riiS,50 i,(U pou ml: up ti.HOCfi 7.25 Sows 5.50 7.00 NIIKKI Lnmbn ' $7.50ff s.r.o F.wen 2.iiOfn 8.oo YearliugH 5.00QiO.OO v Live 7,. Iresscd 2e rm I 'm v (Kuirt K Cumimiiy) No. 1 hens. 4Vi to (i lbs I7e No. 1 hens, over 6 11m 1 7e No. 1 medium hens, over :) '4 lbs. l ie No. I meillutnhens, under. 14 lbs. 14c Colored springs 1 Xe No. 1 broilers, lj to 2 lbs 15c Uoosters , . . , 7e Stags ...10c All lrleON Are llellvrreil Allmnr CnMeM llelurnril Kxtras 19c Standards 1 7c Kxtra medium i Gist a mbi rd med lum 1 ,1c itrovviiH extras nip I Mrty extraH lp Undet KI'adeH . . , ; ; .... 1 So I'ullets .12c Pee wees luc hlvo ,.SV4e 1 ressed . 12 c By HAROLD GRAY By Thompson and Coll BY BLOSSER BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT GOOD IT'LL DO THEM, IF THEY FIND A DOZEW OF THEM ! AND THAT'S WHAT THEY'LL FIND! BY HAMLIN m we u s pat or? A f - I Trr&TlS: .0 MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse DOCTOR DEVRIE)- PS&SJ it xi inner rxr., J 3 7 Tl I DOCTORf HASTEN) lvi WITH AMBULAWCE THERE'S FIRIM6r1r rf , KjiT CLQ5E BY -Jf J -SSBBSC , -i PALACE I Ft 7T "1 lJ PERHAPS ir-or- in II 'Wt'J- i 1 S 71 - Tit v k r ..jflWWLLXZ. BECAUe-P OF THE IMTEMSE EMOTIOWAL 5TRAIM ?UE'S BEEM UMDER, MVRA'5- MERVE5 FIMALLV S MAPPED. 111 A Krnilo 2(ir n iri'IKlff C Krailu -t: hiii:i:i' I.UI11I.B S.259.00 . I'OBI'I.AMI .!l.llltl';T 1'i.rtlnml, ore., Mny . llnlUT anil I'KBM wurii uni-hiiMKi'il todny. Whllt iifflrlully iirlro on Klurln KlrftwlH'rrli'H liolitK al l.r0 cruto of 12 luiKki'tH, sali'M vi-r niBht WITI) ciinrii'iiii'il 11 H low 11 H 76c uwlim liii'ul ilirrnrelienn In iillillly. AKimruKiiH iniirUiH Is sit'iuly fur ,-. ciiU UL Hhipi'liiLC pulnU. New miloiiH cuntlmtu cny; old rnp llllchHllKcd. ( ' Ari.onu Kin)cfiult 1m firm to IiIkIi- ('iiiiliriiiwur cnnttmit'H rirm, inoHlly $1.50-1. ti5 cratit fur 'alirirnlit. J .cit nee In HtrottK with Minima rc- lirtliiK abmii 15c advance I'llllil.AMI I.I I :MT0 K 'iirtliinil. Ore., May tl. Hukh, 3110: SlllW. WvlllUlO 10 C'I'lltH luWur. liollll cliolril 170-210 IbH llriVfillH $10. 2. Uilil hi itil lo $10 .36. l!:ill-2T0 lb i!IK S9.iu.-l.lKht IlKlllH .7u-'J.5. raiklllK Mw f7.7j-8. I'iiiIitb till or CnUli: (ill; 'i illl'iTt. Mlv'H iOi 17 illri'ct. Very urtlvo. StrniiK tu UK llllll-ll HH l!j IM'lltft IllKlier. AllVIIIHM' mainly on 111 lintwi'i-ii hK-hi-h anil low tiraili' i'iiwm. .Mi'illulii tn uiiml tfil Mli't-m 17-7.110. Hi'lfi'l'M Hrnrce. I''ml klllilK Mllll-llllle 111. .10-7. ClltturH l.'lit. I'oiiiiiinn tu iiii'illtiniH 4.7f-.r..rU. lioml lii'i'fH r.75-li.;lu. HlillH $l.7fi-- j.riil. I'hnbii viulvm till-HI. SO. SIli-np Hill: &H illri'tt. Arllve. MohI cIiihmi'H hli'iiily. SprkiiK IiiiiiIik 2.i ri-ntH Inwi'i for two Oayn. (lunil trui-kiMllii HIirliiK luiilliH till. .MnHlly HiiHorli'il. Ki'W i-lioli-f nlmrii lainbH SK.rll. (luou cllpliiil i-wi.-h. 1 1 I'ltom i i-. i:rii wiii: 'I'lll! fllllnwllIK pril'I'H WITH llllllll'U to bit i-ffuctlvo toiliiy: Mlitlor-rulii' 1-xlriin, 27c: HtuliilartlH. 2HJir; prime flmtii, 2Hr; rlrMn, 2 r, t?. iMini-m OreKon trlpli'ln, Kir; ure-trnn lour, I lie. ItrokerH will pay r Oelow tJlllltatlolIH. Kkkh I'roilllce eKi-lllillK illiita-tiniiH liptween fli'iili-ra; rxlra lai'Ki'. Ilir; HtaiiilarilM, larKi'. IXe; i-xtran. mnilliini, 17e; HtiiMihiriln., nii'iiiiiin, llir. JublilllK irli-i'H IiIkIhT. I'liirri.AMi iioi.i-.iai.i-: run r.i '1'ln-ne are the prleeH retulliTH pay wholenalel-H, i-xeept where otherwlm-Htated: llulter 1'rlntH, A Kraile, 2Je lb. In piiri-hineiit wriipper. lb'' lb In i-nr- NOTICE OF.SHERIFF-S SALE By virtue of an order issued out of the County Court of L.inn Loun ty, Oregon, on the 25th day of April ,11130, I will, on Suturduy the 6th day of June, 1930, ut the hour of 1:00 o clock in the after noon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House in me City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, all the right, title and interest acquired by J,inn County through the foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property formerly owned by Ham ilton Company and by Allen tox and described as follows, to-wit S'A of S'i of Section 16, Twp. 10 South, Range 4 Last, Also WA of Section 23, SEi of Sec tion 33, and SW'i of Section 34, all in Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, in Linn County, Oregon. The said County Court has set a minimum price for which said property shall be sold at $3,021.55 plus the cost of advertising said sale, said purchase price to be paid in cash, or not less than 20 of the purchase price in cash and the remainder to be paid according to written agreement to be made between said Linn County Court and the purchaser, in equal an nual installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, all deferred payments to bear interest from the date of sale at the rate of 6'A per annum, payable annuallv. HERBERT SHELTON. - Sheriff of Linn Cmiiily, Oregon. April 29 May 0 13 20 WW BE A CMAkJCE T WAT JACK FRECKLES AND HIS 7 ALLEY OOP C&,r Ancn ?l 1 r, I ?' k r YOU CAW GO OUT TO f- LUNCH, WOW.... IT'S V, ENOUGH TO TWELVE O'CLOCK .! UTI okAV II Usfci CLOSE ) Co Pn J( DOEl-iP-rX Jr'?S- .Z- FRIENDS OOP HAD PUM GUZ. THE PALACE AND NOW THE WTZER'S ON THE RUN I (SAY, YOU CHUCKLE -HEADED SLCB- 1 I jfmm. VttfcV V MY STARS v- WHY, I ONLY TDLD HER THAT ' WHATARS YOU DOWHECE? I'LL - fl f WELL.FER-fV WHAT WHAT ALLEY IS THE DID VOL) OUTA GIVE YOU JUS' OWE BAT OF mt I MOW WHAT5 W S CL A. ' MATTcCSAY TO HE5 SEIZED THE si IAN EYELASH TOnCHER NUW. l BUSTFD CtPlt-'.. WITH VTAT UPSET THRONE - T LSHLP ,OUTA TH' PALACE - UMF , YOU 1 I lOOSE 'r(fZ fe ' A irM'V'-f) T'VrM-vi... .. w

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