Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 6, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 1936 ONE OF THE ODDITIES IN AMERICAN JUSTICE "I don't think you'd, make such. watch for kitty's claws" her smile fleeting second she tried to under- to complete breakdown of campus laws, to the detriment of the entire said plainly. student body. Bntcred at Albany, Oregon, postoffiee a. The Washington State incident eecoad-claae mail. Member United PrcM Md NKA Mem Servlee. Established 18M. is typical of the country as stand herself. Had she liked it, or was the wild beating of her heart anger? "I came out looking' foi -something I thought I'd lost." Honey Harmon with an undertone of threat in her voice that women usually recognize, was at their side. (To Be Continued) Editor end Publishers W. L. Jackson and R. R. CronlM. whole. When legislators pass laws that are unessential to the gen "The little girl with the blue hair-ribbon," Basil pointed sternly to Linda. "What's she -doing with these grownups?" . Honey's lips weren't quite so sweet, "Oh, so sorry. Linda this is Basil Thorne. Linda Bourne, the writer, you know." "No! You lied to me!" He look the glass from Linda's hand and threw himself at her feet. She turned to Gregory Pryor, at her eral well being or that are impos sible of enforcement they induce disrespect for and violation of all SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER On. Tear, in advance 8 months, in advance ......... One month, in advance BY MAIL E.60 2.76 laws. .60 a bad pair of apron-strings to be tied to. Young' lady, you're the first girl I've, met in Hollywood who looked like (he. kind of a girl a man might want to marry. How much of that ribbon for love letters have you sold to yourself?" "Thanks for the implied compliment," Linda said drily. "I don't "save tihet love letters or compliments." ! "I'm not a marrying man myself, but if I change my mind may I come around and -see you?" - ' "You'll have to ask my father." Linda drew her cap on hastily, and grasped the sides of the ladder. "Wait a minute. I think I have changed my . mind. May I swim you home?" ' Linda was several feet ahead of him. She raised her arm.. It was an invitation. Temperate regulation is better Linn. Benton. Marion. Lane and Lincoln than legal despotism. Sheep Owners . ATTENTION! We are now Q POUND for 1.00 2.26 QUEER POLITICS 7b "LAMBS paying; 1.26 .6" left, and asked him if he thought Briffaud's novel had any lasting significance. Pryor had theories about it, and discussed them until dinner time. Basil Thorne did not take dis-' missal seriously. He knew too: much about women. He watched Linda through dinner, caught her i ayes on his, and the quick flush ! counties. One year. In advance Six asonthi, in advanc Three months, in advance One month, in advance f Mail Elsewhere In U. 8. A. One rear, in advance Bis atonths. In advance One aaonto. In advance Per spur, on traini and newsstands . Governor Alf Landon's defeat in California and his doubtful show 11.00 171 Receiving Wednesdays, and Saturdays 7 SWIFT & CO. . AT ALBANY .(0 ing in South Dakota yesterday tend to justify fears of the gov .06 may gst I JfPusesLl V veYAf Ia''!- 7f e r a anp vote for V; ; XV -I -i else A.exr TslWiFW f Jr?4 , time M5rf - f& fcM: l i w ft M ' ernor's friends that his initial as sne turned to me otner aeuD-j erately. Linda lost at bridge. She; gains in Massachusettes and the middle west might prove a to ordering chaneee of address subscrir. en should aWays erve old e well as new t Published Dslly Except Sundsys The Demoerst-Hersld Publishing Co., It.e. Independent Afternoon Newspaper address. H, 0. Korensen A Co., National Advertising Representatlvpe. The fear was expressed that if the popular Kansan should come too prominently and too early to the front he might become the OVER REGULATION "What's your name and where are you staying?" he shouted. "What s yours?" she souted back and caught "Basil Thorne." "That's unfair to labor," she shouted again. "You lied to a working girl." He caught her at the water's edge, and grasped her -elbows in his strong hands. "I probably will be unfair to you," he said. "But you'll like it.". - Rubbing herself vigorously with a towel, running a comb through her hair, donning a -sleeveless linen frock, socks and sandals, tying . a ribbon around her hair center of attack by combined forces of other Republican presidential aspirants. The California and South Da cuuiuii l renieiiiuer laius Willi Thome's eyes burning through her. - ! It was nearly midnight and they were all together in the small ! drawing room when Linda ex- cused herself. She didn't go to her room. Out-of-doors it was starry and dark and clear. Her head ached with fatigue and excitement. She picked up a wrap and, slipping out, made her way to the beach. Her solitary study of the night came to a quick end. Basil Thorne stood beside her. She turned to speak to him, and he took her in his arms. He kissed her hard and murmured something she couldn't hear. : She tried to draw away. "That's not fair," she said. I "I told you 1 wouldn't be fair," he said, "but I told you I'd muke you like it." In the darkness she could see the triumph in his smile. For a kota primary election results may prove to be the turning point in the Landon campaign. They give the Landon boom somewhat the and making herself look younger ippearance of that which broke MRS. FRANCES ZIEGLER (Formerly Frances Whitaker) is now associated with this shop and welcomes all her former friends and patrons here. WALKER'S BARBER O BEAUTY SHOP. 215 Lyon St. Phone G79-R by the minute, Linda- thought of Basil' Thorne, and . deliberately up in the defeat of General Leonard Wood In 1920. slowed her efforts. She wanted to Governor Landon's situation il see him, and she didn't want to see him. Hadn't Cora told her that lustrates the peculiar antics played uutuc- wcut xiuuejr list uiuu a-. . . i used? Linda remembered the implication if she hadn't remember- j ed the word. And she had no in-; tention of making such a stupid ' move- as to annex a movie star's favored escort. " i Nevertheless, Linda's heart by American politics. Under our system a candidate for a presidential nomination gets along fine until (he moment it begins to look as if he is the popular choice of the voters. When that moment arrives when, in other words, the ordinary men and women of the country seem to have decided that he Is the man they want he im ARCH RAY If it is true that Washington State college students are rulud as strictly as they complain they are these young people have cause for grievance. Such rules as that prohibiting a girl from sitting on a boy's lap unless a pillow is interposed, one of the similar alleged regulations against which the W. S. C. student body is protesting, render ridiculous the authority which is responsible for them, and precludes enforcement of whatever discipline may be needed. Human nature, particularly in the United States, rebels at too much restriction of persons' conduct. We are a nation of individualists, and revulsion against regimentation is not confined to youth. While we rue lawlessness we at the same time resist over-regulation. Observance of certain restrictions on conduct is admittedly essential to preservation of an orderly society, but overemphasis on precedent defeats Its own end in this country by inviting violation through inciting resentment, . Such U apparently the case at Wasliington State college. In attempting to purify the morals of the students the authorities have evidently gone loo far. The result has been revolt which may lead - Native Son ForCounty Commissioner ' " Republican Ticket 1 mediately runs into (lunger. As long as nobody in particular FOLLY and FAREWELL wants to sec him in the White "Not a very good one," he said quickly. . 'Oh,, don't apologize. I'm not a very good ribbon clerk. I only sell the blue ribbon that ladies use to tie up old love letters. I'm working up to the apron-strings department." FOR skipped one beat as small as the sip she took from her glass when, half an hour later, Thorne, in flannels and soft shirt, strode into the patio where the others were all sitting. He frowned at Linda, and turned to Honey. "Honey, do you allow children to drink at your parties? Tsk, tsk!' So this is the immorality I've been hearing about!" "Children of immorality? What are you talking about?" Honey asked, and cuddled up to Basil Thorne. "This is my man and House, he has a first-rate chance of getting there. As soon as the Taxpayers Interest. Development of Linn County. rt ' Reasonable Wages to All Laborers. By Marie Blizard w6NEA.Se.v;,inc voters themselves start to go for him, his chances dwindle. motor trip, made her way to the beach. She dropped the slacks, VOTE X--72 Thome had thrown himself ARCH RAY (Paid ad v) In theory, the great parly pri and replaced the cartwheel with I .,n iM4u u,; j i the maries are designed lo let the peo f bat,hinf cap. The water was too(fIoat and studied her thoughtflUlyi tempting! She ran into it eager y, : his chin SUpported by his fiands y ple themselves nominate their standard bearers. If you didn't know American politics, you might innocently suppose that the man who seemed to be getting the sup iiniuv ii kh R loirW LINDA HOt'UNK, 20 yearn old, pretty. In h'ft iilnioNt n'nnilcHH hy tlit Kiiddi'n rt filth of Iwr father. PIOTIUK (lAKDINMU, NfWHpapcr ropinlfr, h-OpH lier k.t a Job writ-Iiik Hoi-ifty nfvn. Uiifla In In lova with DIX CAItTIUU, hut ho K'h-m iihroiitl tti Htmly Hi n kI nit;. When HfUT iihUh hfi to many him Hhe UKrtifs. hut iMiNipotif x the vvud.llnK- HONEY HARMON, film star, cmnuH to Newtown, making a "pr-. Mfnal apt'ju-aiu'c " lour, futt-r gtna to Honat appfitrniK-c" tuur. .Slut Imys a Mi-fiitirlr) will I fii by Llmla. Llmla. Koun tu Ilnlly wrtml, and Ihwro, ox-prf hh! ii tf fdfUH thiil hit ri'iilly I'ftcr'H, hIh in-tiiih-fN a ri-puiiKlon for lu-h.K ahlf In dlm-ovfi' new Main. Sunn hi-Ih a i-f Ifbrlty, SQW tit U WITH 'I'lIK N'I'OltV es-asssssssssssai r j.- 1665, as3mTmi& a n fi n nn r port of the voters would be the man about whom the politicians would twine themselves lovingly. But Gov. Landon Is about lo discover that it doesn't work that WHAT UO YOU ME AN Pete Gardiner had taught her. Exhilarated and refreshed, she pulled herself up to the float and found herself not alone. Thorne, in his tights, his crinkly hair gleaming wetly in the sun, reached down a bronzed arm and drew her up. He didn't let her go for a moment until she got her footing, and for one breathless minute thy clung together in the most impersonal way. Then, laughing and . a little breathless, she drew away. ... 'Thanks," she said, drawing off the tight cap and shaking her head lo free the water that had seeped around her curls. "A pleasure," he said, taking V3 way. THEM'S A SURE Couple this fact with the related WAY FOR ME TO fact Unit presidential candidates GET THE RIGHT are growing more and more reluctant to enter state primaries these REFRIGERATOR days, thus paving the way for the CHAPTER XIII Linda knew, the first moment tlfat she saw him, that Basil Thome would play an important part in her life, however brief that part might be. He was an enormous man and, looking at uninstructed delegation and fav orite son rackets, and you get a m singularly unhealthy state of her arm as her perilous footing on the wet flooring threatened to him. Linda Bourne remembered send her slipping into the water. I tnCMN JUiT WMMI I SAY!-BE SURE IT MEETS ALLS See what it comes down to. The "May 1 have the next minuet Cora Jarrett's saying, "I don't even know whether he is ugly or "You'll have to ask my father she answered, and regarded hinr average voter may not get any chance a tall lo express his choice for party standard bearer. It he handsome. When a man like Thorne attracted a woman he was attracted STANDARDS FOR appiaisiiigly. "You don i look the type for a minuet at all." "I'm not," he said. "I'm a prize- does get the opportunity the very too, he would be more than hand 0 vow REFRIGERATOR fact that he expresses his choice Evcrything i fighter and 1 suppose you are a some, she thought BUYING! muy diminish his favored candi date's chance to gel the nomina lion. Am !'.'!hl :!;; brJnJ--A,. , And people wonder why only SO per cent of the electorate bothers to go to Ihe polls! An 1885 Housewife PARKER IS CANDIDATE about him was dramatic, His curly hair was crinkly rather than merely curly. His voice was deep, lus step was a stride, his eyes met and held the other's gaze. His frown darkened his whole face. His smile broke it up in waves as though all the parts of it were separate units, controlled by the mechanism of that smile. Linda came upon him after she had discarded her traveling frock for a white knitted bathing suit, the slacks and cartwheel sun hat that was the accepted beach costume. Honey's house party was distributed over the playground movie star. "You're not, I'm sure." Linda felt very gay. "And you're not a California!)." "You can't be sure of anything about me, but you are correct. I'm not a Californian. Why did you say that?" "1 know," he said. "You're the little girl who works at the ribbon counter, having a wonderful day at the beach." "That's right," she answered gravely. "And I came here because 1 heard picture people do and I always hoped some day I would meet a movie director who would be impressed with my expressive Russell Parker of North bany, an employe of Tripp & Murphy, is a candidate for the democratic nomination as repre Would Marvel at I ms llUMIIJillHM sentative from Benton county. Mr. 1 936 Electric Rane of tennis courts and patio. Linda face, and you turn out to be a i HURLEY'S j PLUMBING SHOP Second and Ferry Streets ' Phone 108 hot and tired from the dusty 1 prize fighter!" Parker is said to have been drafted to make the race. He is the son of Hiram Parker of the North Albany neighborhood and was born near Plainview in Linn county. Mr. Parker is said to be a close student of public affairs, strictly honest and worthy of the confidence and support of the voters of his county. He has no opposition in the primary election, it is said. 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Our Home Modernization toan plan euahlea home onnera to borrow needed amount from f 100 to $2000, for periods up to three years, at very reasonable tutor rates. Hepav In nominal monthly payments that reduce lotliiutereatamlpriHeipa4..4iB fur complete details loda nlo ajuaat omb economical Murtaace Loan la. FASTEST OVEN v v with M-lrntlflr heal eveners, giving greater en parity n ith nure economy. SLIDING SHELVES mi that rood may he removed from the hot oen euMlv aiid coiivpnlriit ly. ARTISTIC LAMP beautifully -leaned that IiRhu up me rmCsinr Mir Cure ELECTRIC CLOCK srtnvme in de-Ian arm so piami that Hie correct lime Is In jmt the right phice to see ra-llr ...... 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