The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 245
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 245

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 245
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Page 245 article text (OCR)

(Part 1) (TVPG) 6726522 SH02 Movie: Color ot Justice (1997) Bruce Davison. A murder trial becomes a media circus. (Drama, (1:35) (CC) 6809473 TLC Solar Empire: Scientists explore the nature of life. (TVG) (1:00) 390909 TMC Movie: Full Body Massage (1995) Mimi Rogers. Bizarre relationship between masseur, client. (Drama, R, (1:35) 7568676 TNN Prime Time Country: Host Gary Chapman; Randy Travis; LeAnn Rimes. (CC) (TVG) (1:00) 398541 TRAV Lonely Planet: Water sports of Corsica; Sardinian festival; pasta Ot Sicily. (1:00) 3B07676 TVL Bosom Buddies 5524947 USA Skating Romance III: Love Is in the Air: Brian Boitano and Michelle Kwan welcome other - Olympic and world-champion figure sxaters. (!:uu) 7Ui!u VH1 Beach Boys: Pet Sounds 575763 9:30 pan. (T) Diana: Queen ol Hearts: Docu 95040164 CC IB Story ol Santa Claus: A jolly couple comes to live at the North Pole and begins a magical toy-giving tradition. Voices: Ed Asner, Betty White, Tim Curry. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) (1:00) 4299, 39725 0 3D Dateline NBC (CC) (1:00) 72201. 72283 C7; BD Millennium: Animal attacks terrorize a community. (Repeat) (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 72229. 93589 CfO E) Sabrlna, the Teenage Witch: Sabrina plays matchmaker for a reluctant Aunt Hilda and the new vice principal. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 17015, 11473 ED Waterways 28725 gj Frederick K. Price (1:00) 8435589 P0 Members' Choice (9:00) !45 TBN Frederick K. Price (CC) (1:00) 91541, 14283 (J) Benny Hinn 544893 A&E Story ol Magic: Mankind has been in the thrall of magicians since ancient Egypt. (CC) (TVG) (2:00) 184454 AMC (9:15) Movie: Von Ryan's Express (1 965) Frank Sinatra. Air Force colonel and British major seize Nazi prison train. (War, (2:15) (TV14) 38421283 AP Emergency Vets (TVPG) 32693 BET Hit List (1:00) 640541 CMTV Signature Series: Classic country videos. (1:00) 84831 CNBC Rivera Live: Developments in legal issues and court cases around the country (1:00) 1659218 CNN Larry King Live (CC) (1:00) 712251 COM Movie: Johnny Dangerously (1984) Michael Keaton. Pet-store owner recalls becoming big-time gangster. (Comedy, PG-13, (2:00) (TV14) 6751218 DSC Discovery News 449893 E! News Weekend: Steve Kmetko; GinaSt. John. (1:00) 299831 ESPN Boxing: Erik Morales vs. John Lowey, Super Bantamweights From Tijuana, Mexico. Morales (27-0. 21 KOs) defends his WBC title against Lowey (25-1, 18 KOs), 12 rounds. (Live) (2:00) 559744 ESPN2 Women's College Basketball: Illinois at Tennessee (Live) (2:30) 7204473 EWTN World Over 5898947 FOOD Emerll Live (1:00) 60299 FX NYPD Blue: Detectives search for a woman who vanished with a million dollars in diamonds; Gina is attacked (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 5970522 GOLF Golf: AMP Air New Zealand Open Championship, Third Round From Auckland, New Zealand. (Live) (5:00) 582744 HB02 Movie: Above Suspicion (1995) Christopher Reeve. Paralyzed policeman avenges wife's affair. (Suspense, R, (1:30) 9377928 HGTV Awesome Interiors: Color and texture: a lighting problem; hula skirt to window curtain. 1 901 5 HIST Movie: Escape From Sobibor (1987) Alan Arkin. Pole, Russian and seamstress lead Nazi death-camp escape. (Docudrama, (3:00) 467164 LIF Movie: A Home ot Our Own (1993) Kathy Bates. Widowed mother loses her job in L.A.. heads to Idaho. (Drama, PG, (2:00) (TVPG) 449928 MSNBC News With Brian Williams (CC) (1:00) 3892744 MTVYol (TVPG) (1:00) 444473 NIK Wonder Years: Kevin recalls junior-high incidents. 470763 NOS Rockford Files (CC) (1.00) 297473 PLAY Hot Rocks RCN Movie: The Manions ot America (1981) Pierce Brosnan. Young man leaves 1845 Ireland, begins U S dynasty. (Miniseries, (2:00) NOS Love Boat (1:00) 284909 RCN Real Romance: Couple prepares for their first child; husband treats wife to a night on the town. (TVG) 4215893 SCFI Movie: Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1 989) Jensen Daggett. Hockey-masked slasher follows teens on cruise. (Horror, R, (2:00) 9475928 SHO Movie: Swingers (19) Jon Favreau. Show-biz hopefuls discuss women and careers. (Comedy, R, (1:35) 2239947 STARZ Movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Geena Davis. Mom gradually remembers past as government assassin (Action, R, (2:00)(CC) 5989270 TBS (8:05) Movie: Licence to Kill (1989) Timothy Dalton. Agent 007 tracks Stinger-armed Latin American drug king. (Action, PG-13, (3.00) (TV14) 31009134 TCM Movie: Earthguake (1974) Charlton Heston. Engineer cheats on wife, followed by earthguake. (Drama, PG, (2:15) 68497947 TLC Solar Empire: Graphics illustrate the inner workings of the sun. (TVG) (1:00) 303473 TNN Ryman Gospel Reunion: Ricky Skaggs, the Whites, the Gatlin Brothers, Jeff and Sheri Easter, the Martins, James Blackwood, Les Beasley, Vestal and Howard Goodman, and Eva Mae and Mylon LeFevre perform at Ryman Auditorium. (TVG) (1:00) 318305 TNT NBA: Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers (Live) (CC) (2:30) 362218 TRAV Amazing America: Soap box derby; Mary Kay convention; steel guitar convention. 1009837 TVL Petticoat Junction 4217251 USA Walker, Texas Ranger: Walker's protege goes under cover to prevent free heroin from reaching schools. (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 727183 VH1 Legends: "The Doors" Clips, interviews and photos profile The Doors. (1:00) 282541 WGN Movie: The Bear (WW) Tcheky Karyo. Hunters chase kodiak bears, cub and adult, in 1885. (Adventure, PG, (2:00) (TVPG) 406915 8:30 p.m. (J) Wall Street Week With Louis Rukeyser: "What's With Tobacco?" Tobacco: foods; beverages. 8896251 C.4 (0 Frosty Returns: A snow-removal spray threatens magical Frosty (voice of John Goodman); narrator Jonathan Winters. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 8305, 7473 (30 83 Boy Meets World: Eric moves home from college; Shawn's half-brother unexpectedly shows up (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 2305, 70541 fTjl Everything Animal 87893 FjJJohn Osteen 5092725 C0 Wall Street Week With Louis Rukeyser: "What's With Tobacco?" Tobacco; foods; beverages. (CC) 4305 (35 TBN John Osteen (CC) 6589, 30909 G9 Peacemakers 223819 AP Spirit ot Adventure: Industry affects the ecosystem. (TVG) 63251 CNBC Hardball With Chris Matthews 4956980 CNN Burden ol Prool (CC) 636367 FOOD Dining Around 92725 HGTV All In Good Taste 78183 MTV Beavls and Butt-head (TV14) 276909 NIK Happy Days 922541 RCN Great Romances ol the Twentieth Century: Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner (TVPG) 4234928 TRAV Great Castles ol Europe (CC) 6859134 TVL Green Acres 4236386 9 p.m. (J) (9 0S) Washington Week (CC) Daniela Romo presenta un tribute a . los mejores artistas del mundo latino. (Repeat) (2:00) 86251, 310763 (53 gD NBA: Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers (Live) (2:30) 328560, 155676 (39: Movie: Santa Claus (1 985) Dudley Moore. Santa and ell foil , Christmas toy profiteer. (Fantasy, PG. (2:00) 55763 Gfl Washington Week (CC) 5270 gSTBN Behind the Scenes (CC) 6551015, 7158102 (TBN (8:15) John Avanzini; Efrem ZimbalistJr. (CC) 58075522, 62530102 Kenneth Copeland 2731 34 A4E Biography: Singer Leonard Slye becomes Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys, and builds a financial empire. (TVG) (1:00) 181367 AP Wild Guide: Host Margaux Hemingway. (TVG) 84744 BRAV Movie: King of the Hrf(1993) Jesse Bradford. Bright boy grows up in seedy 1930s St. Louis hotel. (Drama, PG-13, (2:00) (TVPG) 174819 CMTV Big Ticket: Country music hits. (1:00) 71367 CNBC Equal Time With Bay Buchanan: Perspectives. 4977473 CNN Prime Newt (CC) 640560 CSPN Primetime Public Affairs (3:00) 841102 CSPN2 Public Affairs (8:00) 1402473 DIS (8:15) Movie: Toy Story (19) Toys come to life when people are absent. (Children, G, (1:25) (CC) 64620725 DSC Wild Discovery: The serpent. (TVG) (1:00) 196299 E! Making oil Child Star: Two aspiring child actors are documented. (1:00) 286367 ENC Movie: Heartland Rip Torn. Widow keeps house for rancher in 1910 Wyoming (Western, PG, (1:45) 7930454 ESPN College Football Film: "Peyton Manning: All Access Granted" (1:00) 556657 EWTN Journey Home (1:00) 5998928 FAM Holiday Greetings From 'The Ed Sullivan Show': Bob Newhart presents new performances by Johnny Mathis, Paul Anka, the Mup-pets, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans and Delia Reese, with clips of Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, the Beatles. Bmg Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Liza Min-nelli. (TVG) (2:00) 437183 FOOD Michael's Place 13218 FX X-Files: The mysterious deaths of several black men leads Scully to suspect an unusual medical disorder (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 5990386 GOLF Shell's World ol Golf: Bob Charles vs. Bob Goalby. from New Zealand. (1:00) 189909 HBO Movie: Passenger 57(1992) Wesley Snipes. Security expert must force down skyjacker of jet. (Action, R, (1:30) (CC) 249015 HB03 Movie: The Truth About Cats S Dogs (1996) Uma Thurman.A radio host dates a photographer I through a proxy. (Comedy, PG-13, 55 (1:45) (CC) 3523454 cl HGTV Party at Home 99676 X HIST In Search of History: A shad-U owy organization allegedly helped Germans convicted of war crimes m escape. (TVG) (1:00) 68893 5 LIF Unsolved Mysteries (CC) 5 (TVPG) (1:00) 439541 S MAX Movie: I'm Not Rappaport (1996) Walter Matthau. Two elderly X New Yorkers face age-related perse-I- cution. (Drama. PG-13. (2.20) (CC) 7974589 MSNBC Big Show With Keith Olbermann(1:00) 3872980 0MTV Darii (TVPG) 280102 (0 NIK KaBlam! 943034 mentary profiles Princess Diana and the breakup ot her marriage to Prince Charles. (1:20) 9504893 CIS S3 Teen Angel: A teen's recently deceased best friend returns as his guardian angel. (Repeat) (CC) (TVG) 50893, 87589 ED Palm Beach County Naturescope 87541 QJ Joyce Meyer 710909 AP Vet's School (TVPG) 70299 DIS (9:40) Movie: Alice in Wonderland '(1951) Girl falls down rabbit hole. Animated. (Children, G, (1:20) (CC) 73168367 DSC Storm Warning! (TVG) 615909 ENC (9:45) Movie: Awakenings (1990) Robert De Niro. Doctor tries L-dopa on immobile man in 1969 New York. (Drama, PG-13, (2:00) (CC) 2336454 EWTN Holy Rosary 8704657 EWTN (9:45) Faith Matters 658170 HBO Movie: The Peacekeeper (1997) Dolph Lundgren. Military specialists try to thwart a terrorist. (Action, R, (1:45) (CC) 3724003 HB03 (9:45) Five American Handguns - Five American Kids: Handguns in the hands of children claim many victims; host Beau Bridges. (CC) (TVPG) 41839819 HGTV Walls That Work: Upholstering a wall 78831 NIK Wonder Years: Vacationing at the lake, Kevin meets a girl. 606251 REQ1 Countdown 32015 - SHO (9:35) As Good as It Gets: On the Set: R&mantic comedy stars Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. (TVPG) 84687367 TVL Flip Wilson Show: Rich Little; Ed McMahon: Cicely Tyson; Bill Withers. 9370638 VH1 Rolling Stones Pre-Show 701251 10 p.m. . GPfE)Kathle Lee: We Need a Little Christmas: Kenny Rogers, CeCe Winans, Michael W. Smith and the Broadway Kids join Kathie Lee Gilford for a musical celebration (TVG) (1:00) 7386, 32812 11 6 'Homicide: Life on the Street: An HIV-positive man's death prompts detectives to visit the people listed in his address book; Munch's ex-wife (Carol Kane) asks for his help (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 18218, 22760 C7'6DNews(CC) (1:00) 22706, 96676 05 632020 (CC) (1:00) 47744, 25164 OTanzanlte Hour (Joined In progress) (1:00) 50812 GD Comm. Bulletin Board (8:00)

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