Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 5, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MA.Y 5, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE MIF YOU HAVEN'T TIME TO READ; YOU HA VENT TIME TO -SUCCEED" , 1 ' - ' . . , , . .......... " SEE 0UR' FOR SALE--",:. v;,i The Greatest of Liars J lnxli EINQOiN uTgrHA TPS T AiMIE IN e dhT rtt HOItlZONT.U. I. i Champion liar. Huron 13 Aperture. 15 lliuein. 16 Chest bone. 1" Melody. IS To corrode. Ill To spill. 21 llavllies. 22 To be In debt. 23Duting mtuitlne. 24 Husslan ruler fh! Itelnc. Answer to 29 Machine nart. R2 Elk. 33 Negative word-63 Bound. 34 Corpse. 5 To rent. 36 To entwine 56 To ,live'- ' Into fabric. 58 He R n 37 Ti) nttompt. by ",rl1-' ;1S Those who sell 59 He was a 40 Kverisrecn tree by profession 41 Inlets. I pi. I. 45 Quaking. VKUTir.U. 4Si;nello. 01 llrink. aJno t ID IStrJiE MIUlsnSIE Lfob TKfpTo HArrJA R E PAig UTnnFiE 2 Hideous Kiant.14 NEW TODAY pACU FOR vorK CAK on UMOn eiUilv Warden's Car .Market, Lebanon. Phone i:i:;i. ni5-j: SPECIAL BUY acres, with nice lot itf fruit, berries, nuts, liveable house, hum, etc. Surrounded by beautiful shade trees timl a real beauty spot. $1000.00 eatm handles, balance easy lerms. DO YOl WANT I X 1 12 P KS O KMC E aiitl u eriml livinic? Tlii'ii iuv-NtiKatc this fine 10 acre tract with good plastered house with electric liht, double garage, modern poultry house, 2 brooder houses, 80 walnut trees In full bearing;, family orchard of assorted fruit. A real bttrnain at only $2750.00. TU1PP & Ml'HPHY. niStf Al WAY9 .WMEHOIY LOOKING nuvv n i fop a trflde ilnhe known your wants through the Want-ads. 4) I OUU f prairie land all under cultivation fair build Inks, ihd besi'bny ever offered In IJnn county. Iisuo total prhe. Why rent? -IRVINE. ! HOOP, Plume 300 aUOtf FOB SALE" -175 (iOOl) EWES nlid lambs, G ml. east of HoseburR. W. 1. Ifxon, Oixou-villo. Ore. : m5-ll FOR 9AI F"12 H- K HTATKIN- ltobson, Hhedd, Ore. WF HAVF SKVEKAf- V Ell Y FINE M L "f1"1, ruuffG speeluls In uddl-tion to the ones mentioned in our regular mis. .Mountain States Tower Co. - ; ' U)2 TDAnp SELL IIOL'SE I.N AI-- I IjnUL bnny, to trade for a good car. 220 Aflt ES. cloKe to Lebanon. 90 acres cultivated, balance pastur and timber, on good graveled road Improved with two sets of buildings. )550 for all. ALSO several farms on very easy terms. c. .M. DOLKAniunn o. . - n27-tC Personal TOMAPH i'l''KU- as ains. O I UlVlrtn (digestion victims, why suffer? For ouick relief get n free sample of IMyii, a doetor's prescription at Fred Oawson's 1'rnR Store. niS-j! 16 Miscellaneous Classified CASH '!?, for Old i:oli. crowns. . br hi tees. fillings, (dd jewelry, watch -ases. F. M. Freiieh & Son, Jewelers. asoir PAINTING' I'API'.HINO. decorating that's different. Phone 42 or fLt-L. Wilbur 1 lawson & Claire Snyder. m30-tf PJCLl l"All Kolt I'Sini. KI'IIM-onoil 1lrt, ,., "Look In .your nttle." clius. HohrlioUKh. & Sou. 41Ti V. First St. Jl-tf ARE YOU tlOlNO TO BCILO. ItE-niodel or repair? If no, let me figure with you on your work. Ceo. C. Itiehaids. Building Con-traeior. lOlti Calapoola St. Phone 177-11 M1-7S NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the undersigned lias been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County as administrator of. the estate of Edgar A. Trulove, .deceased, and nus quautiea. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administrator at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building, in the City of Albany, Linn County, State of Oregon. Dated and first published this 2Bth day of April, 1930. ELMER MILLER, Administrator of the Estate of Edgar A. Trulove, Deceased. CLARK S. KENDALL and MARKS & MVMA1IAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys for Administrator. Apr. 28 May 5-12-19-20 24 Conrad. 2 ml. east TaiiKent. m5-7 FOR RENT - 5-UOOM hovsb I JI HUM I ,im, g.lra(!e ,. llt , CIS W. 4II St. llli-T FRIFD '"HIC'KEX ni.VNKK. 50c. I I1ILU ,.!., i.-irni, halfway h.-- tweeii SuU'iu timl Allmny. -S BUY NOW 1.1 Ai'liES, nearly all cultivated, a fair set of buildings, sprliiR- water, price $SR00 with $500 down. 10 At'ltES. In Kenton Co. 5-room house, barn etc. family orchard and berries, price $I7P0. C. .. HiUI.AItllItE CO. lii5-tf STOCK KgriPMEXT - Fl'ltNI-OIVLr lure. 31 acres located on It rush Creek, all bottom land, crop all In, very good buildings, a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 cows, all equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only $:(75 move right In. IIIVINH U lloul), Phone 300 a30tf IIFD ftA 'IANOE.S EI.ECTH1C UOCU UrtO ruilCHHi i toves. ele-tri' & gas plates, lowest possible prices. Kehtiilt used ranges, large stoek only ?!i.7y up. Best possible values at Albany Itargain House, 2nd & ltaker. ni5-7 HAV HI H HH'KEUEIS EVEItY Uttl ULU Wi, & riiurs.. $1 per 100. K. Arnold. Lebanon, Ore. Phone 1421. mS-tt l For Sale Real Estate 4 7 'A APRF KAIlM sai.k-Hl 2 nunL SaMli.lm ,,.,., 5 miles out: new 5 room house, new ebb-ken house all other outbuildings fair; nn main power line. Crops all in. A HA IH !A IN. See owner. Win. Mclvfllley. IU. 1, Albany, Or- u22-m22 FOR QAIF kKAI' i-tath Farms. All , counties In Western and Sonlheiii Oregon, c. A. Hai nes. Field Salesman. 1 ICS Oak St., Eugene, Ore. alO-mlO 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs . AAMT To "iU'Y a r.oo'n milk a Want-ad MIS 0.1 salt. !- honifd antl ring In noso. Krom rt-iEWteri'cl mock. Frank llrnsh. Kt. 4. I'll. 37-P-33 Iiij-S QFYFH oockkiuous, $1 pki: u.: OLALU lirin,- l.v 'I'hnrs Vri.A St. Will take turkey crkh until .May 15. Phone 5-K-3. On k wood Poultry Farm, Tangent, Ore. n4-a-S : WANTFD FOK AH OLH nni1ILU and worihless horses and en us. lVad animals picked up free of charge anywhere. Cnle A- .Montgomery, Phone collect :,!-K-1 2. Corvallls. ml if M bay team, vr.? 1400 lb. each. E Hay Mule. 9 yrs. old, 1400 lb. Inquire at Fisher Imp). Co m4-6 fMIQTHIVl HATCHING HECE1VEP OUOIUIVI limv w u Elicits, sc. Barred Hock, 9c. Jeuks Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. m4-6 CASH FOK OLP A N I WOKTH-less horses anil cows. Iny- otd ealveM. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany. Ci'il .Montgotnery. mH-tf DEAD AN1 wo"TH'-KSH HOIISKS ami eows pit'ketl Ui free of iharir anywhtrt'. Plion- fotl't 14-P-H. Allmny. If no unxvvfi', I'lione ll-K-4, torvullln. inH-lf Curpp SIIKAKIXi;, CAM. lit ttl OntLr1.nlls I'lion ;-K-4 or al iit 1 :i I r. v.. 2ol. ml-7 AUTr I.KtSlloltN BAHY CHICKS VV ni I L tl.1(.s ev.-ry day tin-first wtM'k In May. ord.-r from thin nil SIO pit 1 . Still plenty of lllni to raise n nlee lot of full layers. Itl KSKM. S 1 1 A'I'CI I KH Y. I'Hone 3S0, 'corvnlllK. Ore. R.ltnf 22 Wood and Coal GOOD w""n uicini itic.iiT In any length. Lester Chlleote, 1 mill Kuntlam Kil. I'lione 7a4-H. J20-tf RIRHT won THE KIC.IIT niUIII ,)r,.e- Clninlo WrlKht. phone 'tio-J, lias I'l: flth Ht. tn2u-tr 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous TWFNTY-li:,r f'i:N"1'"" 1:1 ''r- I iil.ii I I ,MntherK Day Cards. Hull's Floral Co. ni4-li GOODNESS JERSEY BULL 2 (Munn. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices quoted Wluw art those prevailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and are niliject to cluinKc at any hour thereafter. I.IM'AI. (ill l 1. semlerM & Co. WHi:.T: No. 1 while. SOe; red nnil mixed "Se hushel. HA1M.KY: Hansen. S21.00 ton. OATS: While. No. 1. $ I K llll; Rray No. 1. ;:t.0tl; urny feetl -'"" ton. WOOL Wool, per pound 30e Mohair, per pound 4llr MKATX (II. i:. Vrl.erunll Mm I .) C.Vrl'I.K Steers .5.r,(Ml 7.00 Heifers 4.r,(li 11.50 Hulls 3.r,0 4i'5.0O Cows, heef 3.00115.00 Covs, cutters l.MUi 3.00 IHIliN t40 to ir.O pounds $S.2r(frS.7ri lfiO to 210 pounds H"Mi'!l.75 210 to 2Mi pounils S.2SSI fl.2.1 250 to .150 pounds 8.2541 S.r.O 350 pounds up ti.liOfu'7.25 S..HS-H S.SO'u J.OO kiii:i:i- l.amhs ., Kwes . . . , YelirllllKS l.lve lire I . .7.50S S.50 . . 2.oojs nu . . 5 ti0 9i 6.00 12, IHII I.TIIV (Snift A Coiiiiinn)') o. 1 heus; 4Ui to li Ihs 17e No. 1 Ileus, ovi-r ti His 17c No. I medium hens, over 3 Hs. 14c No. 1 uiedltliulielis, under 3 i hs. 14e Colored spi'liiiis ISc No. I broilers, 1 U lo 2 II. s 14f lioosters 7c SlaKs 10c All l-rlees Are llellvered Albnny 4'HNeN lletiiritrd ICxtras , Sluudards , Kxlra luedlum . . Standard medium Hrow-ns extras hlrty extras : I'lideriirades 1'ullels I'ee wees . . . VIOAI. Mvo "...too . . .17(1 ... I tie . . .13c ... .I'.'c . . .lllc ...13c . . .12c . . . 10c ..8V4c By HAROLD GRAY By Thompson and Coll UK lllltH Hull's UI4-6 Klt.ritl t'o. WRECKING, i:io schools 'Lumber $4 up. Itricks $4 per M., planks for barns. oridKcs. timber, IxS and 1x6 sheeting, flooring, ceiling, std-intr. Can deliver, ;ird & Madison. Albany. aUti-mti-S 10 Help Wanted kl AMTCrj HlirsKKEKl'lXi! FOK 'vni' 1 -u Kt'"ll'"'i r molhiT- It-sjt honu. Aililn-sK P. O. Ilox 57. Allmny, Orp. i5-7 W A N TF n ,:x ,i:" 1 '"N',,--1 an d "n" 1 L-u rtspnnsilil.' loKger with cut: to loir ti intllion ft. IjIiiii Co. I.okitIiik. tlmlitT mul roads g:ooil. AtltlrcsN Hnx I!tia, o lVmocrat-lli'ralil. nno-mt 21 For Rent FDR RFNT-,0"A('KK T1,I1KET run niH I r,lm.n & or.lmrts. See Win. Itnln near I. (I. on Hrouiliil-liln lo-twi'iMt 2ml & 3rd. inH-S FOR RENT-4, i HOOM UN-apts. I'hone ELLSWORTH; APTS HEAT overstuffed furiii ture. ph. .15, Slir, Ellsworth, ati-tf APARTMENTS 'o-1,!- alti-mfi 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous OAQPARA lAItK WANT EH WE Wttonnrt :iri. hl tlu. miirkt.t for an unlimited Humility of dry or green Caseara Bark. Will pay hiKhi-st cash prb-es. Albany Bargain House, 2nd and Baker, Phone 7,.Mi. ulti-tf OLD I'NITEH STATES COINS bought nl lavson"s Hrug Lost, Strayed, or Stolen I rOT CASTlNtl POLE & KEEU L-U 1 between Hall's Nursey & Main St. Bewatd. .Finder notify 1 -mot-rat - Herald or It ll s s e I I Knighton, 10241 E. 5lh. in2-f KNOWS A I Ii"iSrvVHTSn j (T'S MOT it ""i5 : i9 ' ao ii ". 7e ! ' " T j J-i 'lL I 75 ' r 33 CW5l" i&" S5 ! Ji 41 42 44 44 ',45 1) 47 :i4a 49 50 ST 6b " 50 67 ' ' " " H 111 I H I 1 1 1 1 ;i 17 He fold marvelous tales of ' his s. 20 He is the author of a book of travels 2.1 Sliding box-25 Preposition. 27 Neither. 2S Kye tumor. 30 Footlike part. 31 Knave of club .12 NiKht before. 35 Money vaults. 39 Hereditary. : 42 Unoccupied. ' 4.1 Dye apparatus. 44 Suture. 45 Last word of a prayer 46 Therefore. 47 Kettles. ? 48 Toilet box. 49 To ascend. S 50 Prophet. 55 South America. 57 Doctor ot medicine. 3 .Spike. C To consume. G Roman emperor. 7 Buttercups. S Nether world. 9 To hasten. 10 Bear constellation. 11 River mud. 12 Tree. Turkeys (dri'HKeil) Set II tiff pHna to retnllern: No: .1 hens. 2Sp Ih; tortin, 22-22JC per Ih. I-IIKMII FRI'tT Applet) lie-lU'lnUR. tra ' fancy, $1.85-3 box; do faney, Sl.R5-l.00 bo: New Towmii, extrn faney, f 1.70 box; do fancy. 11.45 box; do race &)hl fill, fancy, 8EW- box; do face and fllli choice, OTio box. Hpltseitberf, extra Taney, 11.40 box; do combination, $1.25 box. Unme Beauty, Jumble, 2Jc. lb. WlncHHps, extra fancy, fl.RG box; do fancy, 91.40 box; tin JuinpblP, X tru funey, He lb. NOTICE TO CREDITORS -. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned hiis been duly appointed by the County Court of tHe Stale of Oregon for Linn County, ndministi utor of the estate of MaCy Harrison, deceased, and has qualified. ' ' t All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present , them, duly verified, within Six months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administrator at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bunk Building in the City of Albany, Linn Coun ty, Slate of Oregon. r?OMFBOfcV PtyrToURu F H WHO rROOMD HERE COOLO N TAT FIRST I THOUGHT - AxNVWAV-- Cfc,N VUH 7WM ktiPFr, OLLAb IM C F J ll AFFORD TO DO A SWELL MAVBE IT WAS UNCLE pVM MAGIK1E ANVBODY DOIN J yv,at . . , t W ifiMFMML B oy K i 1 THING LIKE THAT? ANO WHO JACK- HE'S AWFUL GOOD- K-- , SUCH A KINO DEED 'M I ithlo H Jo THEV COULD SAVE' l Id WOULD DO IT, EVEN IF f BUT HE MAKES SO LITTLE- WITHOUT BRAGGIN TO ' ' ' f, Little TMR FARM- BUT J I Ul THEY COULD AFFORD IT? j U HOW COULD HE EVER f;f J SfiME ONE ABOUT IT? A p W T 1 1 A AFFORD TO TOSS AWAY ; .'.Wi -V J.i (7Z. Can S 2 JACK'S JOURNEY IS INTERRUPTED ,MYHA NORTH, Special Nurse OUR ROMANTIC LITTLE NURSfetf I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S DEAD .... BUT I LEFT WIM SAVI WHATTH'...?AN EMEMV SUPPLY TRUCK. ..PROBABLY ABAMDOMED INJ THE MUD DURING THE IRA.INY SEASON,. TOO BAD I'M RETURNING TO HARUW-THE OL? 3COM WILL LEARkl THAT IT5 WISE TO FORGET QUICKLV, IM ASLEEP IM WIS COT... AND THERE'S MOT EMPEROR'D GIVE 3QZ 1 WARTIME . i MA Dated and first published this ; AFTERTWE W05PITAL BOMBIMG. MVRA GRIMLY CARRIED OM THE WORK, OF ERECTIMG 28th day of April, 1936. ' . ! ED 5. BOWERS, Administrator of the Estate of Macy Hurrison, Deceased. CLARK S. KENDALL ' and MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys lor Administrator. ' ' Apr 28 May 5-12-19-26 ALBANY 6USINISS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed or! this page ore known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. ' Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MEANWHILE, JACK CONTINUES HIS SOLITARY JOURNEY NORTHWARD. WORWWG AMOWG THE VICTIMS, DR. ' DEVRIES KEEPS A STEALTHY EYE ON MVfi hrcHSfU 12M.C , hi:ttkifat A irrnilB ,...2Ce M ffnulp .". . - .2Rc Bi'iulo zc KIIKKI l.nmbH .$S.20W0.OO HtHTI.AM) ll.tHKIOT Pnrt IiiimI. ore., Aiuy ft. Hult.T wun HlrntiK, but wlthmit irlt' i'lmiiK'. F.uuh wt'rt' Hti'inly except Biumiuni int'illinuH which WITH down on- ront. llntlnr mixed tono In Khowlnit in tho niiirket fur timnincH. OM Rtuek In nld hloraK'' In hutX nh lit lull 1HitH while iMiminnn Htfiniwn mirniir- Iiik nnt wi-iiKcr in lower; .nuw huh'ic ukm down. New Itfi'uuidn lypc oninnH from CiH'hi'llii and Ti-xiih lire down fniL-tlonally. Citllftinilii toinnlin'H nn firmer to hlKht'i', U $2 Iiik for lit'Ht Imlio Ht04'k. Calil.dKe iiinrket Ih firm for it y Hturr. Cnntulouin'M nn mov-iiifj; Klowly at ili- iirlec. CauMDiiwer In firmer to hlKher for f'allfortilnn with pnn'tleally no lo- cam in HiKtu. Itliutiartl Im Hteady with 'tinuiarH liuyhtK around $16 ton. SallmiN li-ltih'f In up to $l'..10 In k pot h with a fiirllii r K(Ht advniife of it qua rter. 1 .Mont Ki'uen liciiiiH are arrlvInK from tin mm I h and HetlliiK H-I.ric Id. IMHt'l'l,M l,lr.TOCK Portland, ttre., Aluy .1. Hon 100. HUiiflv with late .Monday. (bind 'h(b' llKhtwelKbt drlveliiH $10.35. 2-m-2: iiih v.i sr.. i-" u iinin I mi' i $!).Hr. I ktiiK howm H. K ler H,2r, down. Cattle TiO; eulvea 1.1. .Steady. Very limited Niiitply. Odd head eonimiiu and medium hi ecru .&U-7.2u. tiofid fed MteeiH quotable $S. ll.lf.iH ;i.&0-7. f'atterH $2.7-4.26. tNonnion to med-IliniH $4.r0-r:25. (ii(d beefH $5.75-0-35. lulls $fi-r.riO. (im, rlndce Vealcrs $!-lit. Sheep r00. ;t02 direet, Nit early fialeH. ( ienerally aHkliiK Ktendy or upward irood trucked In HprhiK lambN. Other cIiihhcb Kcarce, Quota-Me Hleady. Choice Hlmrn luintiM $K.50-Wooled lnmbH $10. Ciood cifrj 'llppefl owch $4-4. 50. I'll outer: r.vniAx.K The followliiK prlcea were named to be efftM-tlve today: Itntter-c uhe extt'UH. 27c; HtamlardH, 2Gc; prime firxtH, 2Qc; firHtt, 2 file. cbecMf Ort'Kin trlpletH, I5c; Ore-koi biaf, 10c Hrokei-H will pay Jc below Mt'otatloilH. 13kk 1'rodui e i-xcliutiKc iiiola-tlonn betwei'ii dcalerH; extra larKc, lit)-; Htiindurdri, larK, IKc; extra, medium. )7t-; HlaudHnlr uieiliuiu. 16c. JolitiiiiK prlct'H hiijlur. I'mrii.AMi uii(ii,i:haii; iiiki:h '1'hene are the pricea retuilerM pay wliMlexalerii, except where otherwise Mated: liulter I'rlnm, A, 2 He b. In parchment wrapper. :jOe lb In ear-tonn: It Kradti, parchment wrapper, L'X.- h, eartona 2!e lb. llutterfat (Portlaml deliver) A Knule, delivered ut leant twice Week, 2H-;mv. lb; country routew, 2fl-2So lb; H Kfttde 28-2'.tu lb; C Krad ut mar ket. Ii grade cream for market Rny- llifC price biltterfut baHlii, &3c. Hi, Cheene Hellln price lo Portland retailers: Tillamook triplet, Zlc lbj loaf, 22c h. Tillamook Celling prfce lo wlifileHalcm: triplets, lUc lb; loaf, 20e lh. Kkic Huylnic prleo of wholesalers: KxtraH, '.U' dm; Mandardn, 17-dojt; extra mediums, Mo dox; do medium firsts, l.'.e dox; under grade, 15c tox; pulletH, 15c dox. Milk A nrad Portland delivery. ftljc lb butterfaat basin for 4 per cen i. Jlve poultry Portland delivery, buying price: colored hens, over 4 lbs, IS-l'Jr lb; under 4 Ibn, lS-l)c lb: leKhorn hens, over 3 j lbs, Hl-17c; under .1 lbs, 15-1 he lb; leghorn broilers, I in 1 1 lbs, in-17c b: mi 1A lbs up, fl-17e lb; colored nprliiRs, 2 lit, and lif, 2"-2lc lb; rtMtsters, H-Qf lb: Vif ducks, youiiK, 14-I7r lb; lt-l lb. Live Cltry SellliiK price by wholefais: IlKhi hens, 16-17c; medium hens, 17-lKc lb; colored hens, l-19c lh; broltem, 16c Ih; nprliiRs, lll-22c lb; Pektn duckn. younff 2l-22c lb; do colored, 12-1 To lb; capons, over 7 lbs, 24-25 lb; guinea hens, 50e each. ' llubbiix fancy drnta 2U-31u lb, FRIENDS f had aIT )( vEPCf GOOD Y?? S REASOM.' ' X A TRACE, EMERGEUOl TETS AMD CARING FOR THE WOUNDED FRECKLES AND HIS ALLEY OOP WHY. YOU IGGECUNT YAPS : WHY DIP TtXJ HAVE OFFICER KELLY INSIST "7 THAt I TEAR UP f A MODERN THE COW THAT NUTTY SAYS HE LAID ON THE COUNTER TO PAY FOR .THE MEDICINE HE'S ACCUSED OF TAKIN6. COULD EASILY HAVE ROLLED ONTO THE rt. FLOOR?- . J St J SHERLOCK I NOTICED A CRACK ' IN THE FLOOR YESTERDAY.... ITS BIG ' ENOUGH FOR A FIFTY-CENT PIECE TO DROP THRU !? I MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299, AND, LOOK AT LOT TO KWOW GUNS' I'LL SOME OF THE TO GO BACK,, THINGS I'VE DISCOVERED. OH, WELL,... NOW r V -' ' oh.So You're doing ALL THIS TO CLEAR THAT YOUNG 1 NO, RASCAL! . ARE C JUST YOU? DOING T&UP OILING BEST TO STOP THEM . Ii lerrirrr FH? 1 D" ' . . . 3d K L'u- iBifi rv Mr K-fS THOSE MACHINE RS; HAVE BY BLOSER HJND ) '. IF NOTHING IS FOUND TO CLEAR NLTTY, DONT BLAME MR. K OUT KELLY ! THIS WAS ( OF MY idea .....i Your THOUGHT FT UP OUT OF MY OWN HEAD? BY HAMLIN Cravirr tur t m err. ti 4 VT tt$ mrm THE TRAP SPRINGS NOW WHAT? AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phone 76 FILM 8ERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service ' " FUNERAL DIRECTOE8 FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phoner 447-R " INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O, Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan. Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry,' veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maytag, Easy, Thor. Washers WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers ' T "We solicit your inquiries" 1 ' Euueue, Oregon ' , . j D'YOU THINK YOU CAN HOLD ) -s V STUFF GUlCK-NOW WE'LL i TmCCXJE AT STAKE, VOU r A .n. ACK J i curw mim cy ip i ittlf A RTTEP hope th5 you V r f-?!7 II f OKAY, X IKIOri s I ' vine wmi " I S7A1UU . 1 jr.'-n, (.i&t 11 conr7V. "" . ll RPPAUf i POf-)7V ONTO A DINOSAUR. WITH THAT BIT OF STRING? HAW.' ONE JERK OP HIS HEAD AN' IT'LL &E JUS TOO BAD FOR YOU

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