The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 242
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 242

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 242
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Page 242 article text (OCR)

USA Movie: The Babe (1992) John uoooman. me storv ot lustv base- oan nera Bane Hum. (Biography, PG. (2:00) (CC) 746218 HI Greatest Hits ol Music Video 201676 WGN Empty Nest (CC) 846638 HGTV Decorating With Style 98947 HIST Movie: Truman (1995) Gary Sinise. Harry S. Truman, 33rd U.S. president. (Biography, PG, (2:30) 414812 MSNBC News at Issue 2627725 MTV Top 10 Videos of the Week 709812 NIK Beetlejulce: Beetlejuice loses his head to the monster across the street. 942305 RCN Movie: Heartstrings (Wi) Phyllis Diller. Live and love over IB Jewelry Carousel gj Sociological Imagination: Introduction to Sociology fj) 45 TBN John Hagee (23 UNI Crlstina (1:00) 79473, 670657 Montel Williams (1:00) 22589 gD Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (CC) 14096 33 101 Dalmatians: The Series (CC) 386 E) Sweet Valley High (Repeat) (39 New BatmanSuperman Adventures (CC) 3198 m Arthur (CC) 2569744 2:30 p.m. " TT nmnnrilinn March iTJCCn EilA Woman's Place G) 45 TBN Benny Hinn Spider-Man (CC) 23744 Tl Tnnfl Tnuin Um .11 A SJlDuckTales (CC) 3928 1Q Maniol Clin a rh . whelm a would-be artist, (Comedy, (1:30) 3752251 REQ1 Movie: The Fifth Element (1997) Bruce Willis. A New York CB Universe: The Infinite Frontier (31 Lett Behind cabby tries to save Earth in 2259. AP Animal Doctor 19928 (Science fiction, PG-13, (2:30) (CC) 252034 49415638 APPetcetera 99164 BET Rap City 869909 CNN EarlyPrime (CC) (1:00) DIS Aladdin (CC) 579454 DSC Great Chefs ol the World: Lobster; swordfish; banana napoleon. 650812 FAM Santa's First Christmas 997980 FOOD Ready Set Cook! HBO Amistad: HBO First Look: Steven Spielberg's film focuses on a Caribbean slave revolt. 200788 HGTV Help at Home 95116 LIF Night Court (CC) 900454 Nik Garfield and Friends 658454 NOS Rockford Files (1:00) 473386 RCN Real Romance 9088541 SHO Movie: The Maggie A) Paul Douglas. Old Scottish skipper outwits U.S. businessman. (Comedy, BW, (1:45) (CC) 5596218 STARZ Movie: The Adventures ot Pinocchio (1996) Martin Landau. Woodcarver's puppet magically comes to life. (Children, G, (1:45) (CC) 4213909 SUN Gear Television 51980 TBS (4:35) California Dreams (CC) 2169980 TLC Hometlme 940928 VH1 Pop Up Video 760744 5 p.m. stT Planet Groove 38281 2 COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? 9093473 DIS Rescue Rangers (CC) 599218 SC Sports News 916096 SCFI Buzz 6426560 STARZ A Hollywood Christmas: Rare clips and deleted sequences show film's treatment ot the holi in n m mi n ina la nf nauM ruuu unet du Jour HBO (2:45) Movie: Gallavants (19841 A Vminfl uillanar in an ant day: host Jane Seymour. (1:30) 3637589 TBS (3:05) Flintstones 3347589 j colony. Animated. (Children, G, til Praise TV (1:00) A&E Equalizer: A bored housewife (Blanche Baker) leaves a restaurant with a stranger (Ray Sharkey) and witnesses a murder. (1:00) 478305 AP Pet Connection 93980 CNBC Market Wrap (2:00) 4970560 CNN Inside Politics (CC) 366096 COM Movie: Car 54, Where Are VW?(1994) David Johansen. Brooklyn police partners protect mob witness. (Crime drama, PG-13, (2:00) 4243676 DIS Timon & Pumbaa 573270 DSC Great Chefs of the South: Grilled-vegetable terrine; barbecued tuna: Cuban French toast. 661928 E! Melrose Place 573305 ENC Movie: See You in the Morning (1989) Jeff Bridges. Manhattan shrink s wife, ex-wife, kids. (Romance-comedy, PG-13, (2:00) (CC) 6420386 EWTN Abundant Lite (1:00) FAM Little Drummer Boy 908096 FOOD Molto Mario Ui3ju744611 HGTV Sew Parian nsRn TLC A Wedding Story 227589 TNN Crook & Chase (CC) 653980 TRAV Great Country Inns: Santa Fe, N.M.: the 13-room Grant Corner Inn: Salsa del Salto offers skiing MTV Brick Awards 915386 NIK Looney Tunes 678218 RCN Pevtnn Plira iOnnomc . .WWW TJUUUUg J"1 Inside Space (CC) 3392947 unu f m mnuia- una in i ui,.n and hiking. 2459378 TVL Gunsnto.e (1:00) 5516928 WGN Wiseguy 385102 MOOn (19941 rnrlu Soma Ti.,n (oar. 3:30 p.m. '"'uuysuunaarocKet. (unildren, Pp. (1:45) 14847270 SUN NCAA Football Weekly: The Slant 71744 TLC On thai Inviria oinicf (?) (3:40) Graham Kerr's A Tale nl Three Chickens fCC) (1:20) ED Oceanus: The Marine Environ TRAVinn Country USA 1823589 ment R21 Power Rangers Turbo (CC) ""W nesi (Wi) 584386 3 P-m. 35589 (33 OuackPack(CC) 251 Q Breaker High (Repeat) (CC) (T IDfiiiirtinn I inhi irf d nm 8473 (39 Pinky the Brain (CC) 4831 D Rosie 0'Donneli: Nathan Lane; Arthur (UU) nw Fletcher Brothers FX Fall Guy (1:00) 5861893 GOLF Golf Talk Live: Chi-Chi Rodriguez. (Call-in) (Repeat) (1:00) 476947 HB03 (4:15) Movie: Cold Comfort Farm (1995) Kate Beckinsale. 1930s Londoner moves in with her odd rural kin. (Comedy, PG, (1:45) (CC) 20175299 HGTV Today at Home 95152 LIF Night Court (CC) 904270 MSNBC Your World, Your Way 2639560 MTV MTV Jams Countdown 133015 UfCnfi:tra (PP 1 nm .cenon 16 Montel Williams (1:00) 54522 AP Animal Planet Zooventure 1 447.1 .nimier(i:uu) 81676 O0 p General Hospital (CC) BRAV Movie: fleumc-n (1989) Jason Robards. Jewish man recalls himself and friend amid Nazis in 1933. (Drama, PG-13. (2:00) 121763 nis finnl Trnnn ICO 594763 NIK Tiny Toon Adventures 652270 SC Sports News 928831 SCFI Movie: The Land Unknown (1957) Jock Mahoney. Navy scien El Fashion File (CC) 749251 EWTN Holy Rosary EWTN (3:45) Sacred Heart FAM First Christmas 929589 r-nnn Ftsence ol Emeril (T) Arthur (CC) 5218 (XiNewsJCC) d'Sj()03New(CC) (17) Arthur (CC) 86164 (00 Jewelry Carousel (Joined in progress) (1:00) FTQComm. Bulletin Board (1:00) 0 45) TBN Praise the Lord (3:00) i23 UNI Primer Impacto (1:00) 21251, 214015 News 62522 Simpsons (SS) (CC) (33 Boy Meets World (CC) $Q Family Matters (CC) 1 39 1 Home Improvement (CC) 09 (5:20) Arthur (CC) 69338096 (3)100 Huntley Street (1:00) A&E Qulncy, M.E. (1:00) 920183 AP PetLlne 88560 CSPN2 U.S. Senate 1026305 DIS Dinosaurs (SS): Earl discovers new territory; natives capture Robbie and Baby. (CC) 835522 DSC Travelers: Bio-Bumba folk festival. (1:00) 935015 El Uncut 8731 98 ESPN2 ESPNEWS EWTN Image of God 6746305 FAM Red Boots for Christmas (CC) 293676 FOOD Entertaining at Home With Dean Fearing FX A-Team (CC) 6727270 HBO Movie: One Fine 0ay(1996) Michelle Pfeiffer. Swamped single parents share love and stress. (Romance-comedy, PG, (2:00) (CC) 334522 HB02 (5:15) Movie: The Phantom (1996) Billy Zane. Purple-costumed superhero tries to thwart archcrimi-nal (Action. PG, (1:45) 49591183 HGTV A Season for Lights 89299 LIF Golden Girls: Dorothy is arrested as a slumlord. Guest: Bill Dana (CC) 266522 7 MAX Movie: Pee-wee's Bio Adven- m tist, newswoman and copter pilot tind dinosaurs. (Science fiction, BW. (2:00)6437676 SUN Ron Jlrsa 62096 HGTV Joy Philbln's Haven 29305 MAX Movie: Guntighters Moon (1995) Lance Henriksen. Gunslinger meats unknown dauahter, fights TBS (4:05) Super Looney Tunes 7471947 TCM Movie: Paris flues (1961) Paul Newman. Two U.S. guys play outlaws. (Western, PG-13, (1:30) 613102 NIK Inspector Gadget Saves Phrllmai 673763 jazz, woo tourists on Lett Bank. (Homance, ow, (2:uU) 5018763 SCFI Mission Genesis (CC) 3364164 SH02 Movie: Lady Sings the Blues nam nana Ross. The rise and tall TLC INNtimate Escapes 944744 TNN Dallas: Alter the tanker collision, Ewmg Oil faces the press; John Ross and Cally are jealous of James; April eases Bobby's pres of Billie Holiday. (Biography, R, ?imIRC 1367560 . --, .-.m iu, to:iot 'i7 Sesame Street (1:00) 27096 A Glint of Gold (1:00) tad, Write end Research 45,TBN 700 Club (1:00) 122.15265. 89218, 63812 23, UNI Genie Bien (1:00) KJBeelleBorgs Metallix 97831 S0uckTales(CC)7299 3 Wacky World ol Tex Avery Animanlacs(CC) 6367 59Jrthur (Repeat) (CC) 4541 ta Worship (or Kldsl 623675 iocn i,: MeBt Dmny WllS0" t'S52) Frank Sinatra. Nightclub anger has racketeer for a manager. (Musical, aw. (1:30) 968164 ''Slaghorn's Animal Biles BJIJ15 Sr,si8n,(i:oo) JghU(CC)(1:00) MM Saturday Night Live: Host ryieianie Griffith; musical guests Lit-wfsat (CC)(1:00) 5509638 uiSTaijSpi. (CC) 863305 Interior Motives: Decorating 'ools. (1:00) 464102 ! Talk Soup 328003 tPN Goll: Diners Club Matches, JJVw From Newport Beach, aid (Live) (3:00) 773812 29?0763de (Repeat) 12 00) ;WTN Divine Mercy Chaplel :"IN(3:15) Mora Reflection . Forgotten Toys 281831 ;00D Taste ; WegaJ 5882386 -Shell's World ol Golf (1:00) !U2 Movie: Tin Cip (1996) Kevin Wner. Texas driving-range ner tries for the U.S. Open. Wy,R,(2:15)(cc, sures. 1:00 62015 SUN Water Sports Magazine 83589 TBS (3:35) Flintstones (CC) 4280744 TLC A Wedding Story 932909 TMf I3-.151 Movie: Bum. Witch. TNT Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (CC) 665725 TRAV Travelers 2611164 TVL Cannon 5528763 USA Baywatch(CC) 101003 VH1 Number Ones 764560 WGN Beverly Hills, 90210 (SS) (CC) 371909 Burn! (ml) Janet Blair. British professor destroys wife's voodoo kit (Horror, BW. (1:30) 4:33 p.m. 3771251 TRAV Holiday 1828034 4 p.m. (TT Magic School Bus 20096 (ft All News Channel 05 A Writer's Exchange (CC) fl) 45 TBN Rod Parsley (J) Geraldo Rivera: Gossip. (Repeat) 1:00) 14J Q jfl, Oprah Winfrey CC) (1:00) iZims 11831 tore (1985) Paul Reubens. Childlike Pee-wee loses his vintage bicycle (Comedy, PG,(1:30) 345299 MSNBC News Chat 4888251 NIK Are You Afraid ol the Dark? (CC) 914522 RCN Jane Eyre 4226909 SC Sports News 475164 SUN Public Atlairs 36183 TBS (5:05) Saved by the Bell (CC) 6553560 TLC Hometlme 222034 TMC (5:05) Movie: Burnt by the Sun (1994) Oleg Menchikov. Wife's ex- (JD Rosie 0'Donnell: Nathan Lane; Shelley Duvall; irans-siDenan nrrhoora (CO 11.00) 73657 Boy Meets World (CC) 1 33 Full House (CC) 13 Family Matters (CC) (39 Men in Black: The Series 9522 05 (4:40) Arthur (CC) 70410589 AMC Movie: Guys and Dolls (1 955) Marlon Brando. Gambler bets high roller can't take soul saver to Havana. (Musical comedy, (2:35) QHIn the Heat of the Night (CC) :ioo) CD i People's Court (1:00) mw Barney 4 Friends (CC) 24812

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