Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 4, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1936
Page 5
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o'regon MONDAY, MAY 4, 1936 t THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, PAGE FIVE YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT WILL MOUNT WHEN YOU BECOME A USER OF OUR WANT ADS.: 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified DEMOCRAT-HERALD WANT-ADS ARE AT YOUR SERVICE, ALWAYS NEW TODAY 1 4.0 to ICO pounds .'.SS.SSKJS.TbI I Mil t,. ! b rr.Ki a it AnfiRF knvi:upi:s. "UUMLJJ fled sparetlme work. $5 to $15 weekly commission. Experience unnecessary. HUmll brings details. Employment lluu-UKer. Dept. 4!4I, Box ' "5, Hammond, Indiana. iu4 OTApl EQUIPMENT - FCR.Nl-OlUUrX lr ,j a(.res located on Hrush Creek, all bottom land, crop nil In, very good buildings, a very fine little place, 2 horse. 2 ciiwi, all equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only $;75o move right in. IRVINE 1 HOOP, Phone 300 a30tf SEE OUR i unk op bird ottery. dishes. Hull's floral Co. TlATMTV PEIt . CENT KEPITC- lyfLiii i tion -n Mother' s Pay m4-t Curdy. Hall's Floral Co. CUSTOM TV'Z Burred Kock, 9c. Jeuks Hatchery, Taugent, Ore. m-1-6 FARM FOR LEASE ." ) peat ton and good locution with 20 trcrws nice alfalfa and 84 acres -other crops, balance pasture. large 8 room house with hath and - toilet hot -and cold trater; harn for J4 dairy cows and two silos. Poultry houses for j50 hensvnd other buildings. 21 nice young Jersey cows, hull and young1 stocks' horses, hogs, tractor aiid full machinery with this year lease goes for 3750 and can have Ion time lease on farm. 80 ACRES WtiL.1 IMPROVED Minnesota , clear for Oregon. TiUPP & PHYf HEALT-OKH. m4th PAQLl PAID FOR OLD OOl.D. OnOll u(,ntai crowns. , bridges, fillings, old Jewelry, watch cases. etc. F. l. French & Son. Jewelers. , . uaoif PAIIfTINft- WA'L. , VAPHRINC. I Mill I lliu Interior decorallng that's difrerenh I'hone 42 or 51S-I.. .Wilbur Ilawsou t Claire. Snyder. m30-tf pACU PAID FOR I'SED Fl'IINl-Onon . lri,t ct,.. ''Mjjok III your attic." chas. Rohrbough & Son. 415 W. First St. jl-tf ARE YOU C,OtN(S TO Rt;ilj. ItR-model or repair? If so, let me figure with you on your work. Ceo. tV RH'hards. Building Contractor. KU6 Catnpoola St. Phone 177-U . .. iU7S Up I D THE NKEOY. THE WAlA'A- tlon Army Jteeda-fruits, vegetables, clothing, to;, io. hrlp needy people in emorgeiiey euses. ute. We have po tcltiphpne but bring In what you have to donate or drop us a card and we'll call for n. i apt. lien nvaney, lutavwi'Ji St., Albany. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Prices uuoted below. aire tboce lire-vnlling at H o'clock i. m. on day '6f publlratloa. and arr huns at any hour thereafter. ' ' 'V - t- i.tuwr, .RAI V M. ttrudera A. Co. WHEAT: No. I white, KOc; red and mixed "8c bushel. V , PARLEY: lliinsen, $71.00 ton. OATS: "White. No. 1, SIR.tMl;' grny No. 1, $13.00 ; gray feed $ I'M. no ton. WOOL Wool, per pound , 30c Mohair, per pmiud 40c MEATS l. I:. e le ran II Meat Co.) Steers , $G. 5047 7.00 Hcirers , 4..rOfii6.&U Bulls tt.r.Ofii ti.00 Cows, beef 3,00 ',t .'..00 Cuws, cutters 1.604j I1.00 HE WENT AND V If I OT STOLEN OH STRAYED LVJO 1 I Light brown milk goat. Reward. Finder notify Mgr. City Dump. m4 JERSEY BULL 2f , humeri rlnif in nose. From rvjclsttTed atot-k. Frnuk Urush, lit. 4. I'll. 37-K-33 I1I4-6 RRINfi 18 Yol'n Tl'llKRY K(Ki DfllllU hatching. Wr hav- plriity of room now. Pacific Hatchery, TuiiKcnt. m4 I (")CT - UHE K X KVKIUSHAni' LV-'0 1 iieucll at Albany CoIIcrc May Hay. Iti-wartl. Ilicliard Tal-bott. I'lione :t70-U. tn4 VVriLH Bnwp ,-all J. Kn Mnllow, lit. 1, 'orvlli, Phone 18-F-I. mi' CryCn fOCKERBLS, t PEIl 100. OCALU lMnft i,0xn Thurn., Frist. Will take turkey gg nntll -.May 15. Piione 6-K-3. Oukwooil I'oultry Farm. TaiiKent, Ore. ni-9-S BAY TEAM, ,'V;.t OLD nliotlt H0II Hi. earh. K Hay Mule. II -yrs. old, 1400 lb. Inquire at Pinner Imp!, l.'o n)4-G For Sale Real Estate 47I, APRP FARM FOlt KA1.K z "V(I1L nll snntlam Hwy.. 6 inilea out: now 5 room holme, new I'lilfken hous' all other out-bulldlttKK fair; on mall) vower line. Clulu all III. A HAItGAl.N. fiee owner, Wm. .McKlnley, Ht. 1. Albany, Ore i22-ui22 FOR 9AI F KRAI. ESTATU onl-1-Federal Ijind Bank Farms. All eoiiiitles In Weatern and Southern Oregon. C. A. MnrtioH, Field Saleainan, ,11 S3 Oak .St., Eugene, Ore. ul6-mltt MAN AND WIFE TO RUN LOCAL coffee agency. Wonderful op-' nortunity to make $200 In a month. Every thing sent complete. You risk no money. Ford Sedan given onwIiHHTs as ti bonus. Write quick. ZANOL, lflS Teuth St.,, Oakland. Cal. m4 WAiMTrn KXPEUIENCEO ANO nni' 1 ulJ responsible logger with cat to log 6 million ft. Untt fa Logging, timber nmt roads good. Address Box I9S3, c-o lemocrat-Herald. n30-m 2) For Rent FOR RENT10"AO"K Tl!RKEY lil-lll ranch orchada. See Wm. Ilain near P. o. on Broaat-bin between 2nd & 3rd. m2-S FOR RFlMT- room un I VII I I L. I I I rn. aptn. Phone .v a2t-tf ELLSWORTH APTS HKATt LLLOVVUn I n (Uvr(lluffH(l furniture. Ph. n&. 805 Ellsworth. nC-tf APARTMENTS 'X.,m' 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous'1 pAOpADA BARK WANTED i,WK V-'rtOUrtnnare lu the market for nn unlimited quantity of dry or gretui Cascara Hark. Will pay highest cash prices. Albany bargain House, Sad and Raker, Phone 7H. a!5-tf OLD CN1TE1) STATUS COINS botiKht at Dawson'a TJruir Store. niarllf 8 Lost, Strayed, or Stolen LUO I between Hall's Nnrsey & Main St. Reward. Finder notify Democrat-Herald or Kusaell KnlRhtou, I02II E. Mil. 1112-6' LOST 1-Ot'KET ON WATCH chain, valued nfl keepsake, sake. Reward. Notify Hex 1H77, - Deuiocrat-Herald. - ml-4 MONEY BUT FINALLV Weed and Coal Rnnn wooi priced kwht UUVJU nellvered In any lengrth. Leater Ohilrotv. IMS .Suntlaui ltd. Phone -.14-K. j20-lf DinUT -WOOD THE 11IUHT IIIVJIII ,)r,.e. Claude Wright, phone 566-J. 1H8 R. 6lh St. m20-tf 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggs pACLl FOR Ol.I) AND WORT1I- old ealvea. Ph. H-K-U Albany. 4'eell Monttriimexy. ml4-tf DFAD ANP wo,!T"1-KKS MORSES -and cowb picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect H-K-14. Albany. IX no .answer, Phone ll-F-4. t.'orvalllB. ml4-tf WANT TO nlTY A OOOD MIMC "' 1 cow? Make it known with n Want-ad. WANTFD FOH t-'Asn olp unit i m aml worthless homes and cowa. Dead animftls picked up free of charge anywhere, t'ule & Montgomery, Phone collect S3-F-12, Corvallls. mltf CUCCp SHEARING, f'AI.I ROH1N m-l-rTruax. Phone S3-F-4 or call at 1315 K. 2nd. AUTp 1.E11HORN BABY CHICKS VV 11 1 I I- ijal,.j14,s every day the flrat week in May. Order from thin nd 10 per loo. Still plenty of time to rnlHe a nice lot of fall layera. ltt:sSEI.IS HATCH BUY. Phone 3S0, Corvallls, Ore. aSOtf For Sale, Miscellaneous WRECKING,mi-ri,rr IIOOLSr p. Bricks 4 per A!., planks for barns. hrldges, timber, lxS and 1x6 sbeetlng, flooring, celling, silling. Can deliver. 3rd & .Madison, Albany. a3U-mG-S FOR Al T 'ONLON ELECTRIC I OHLL washer. Splendid con dition, $15.00. Bamboo fish poles up to 21) feet, 5c to 2a c. Chns Robrbough & Son. ml -4 10 Help Wanted HPEK FOR 11 nil I uiv Bcntlemen ot or mother less home. Address P. o. liox.57, Albany. Ore. m2-fi' POUND - 36 22 TvMo HE DIDN'T WAS WHOEVER IT ;, SAID TO GO I CALLIN' "N TH' MWL t UP ? tD FIGGERED k )", WAS SOMESOCST ifeCOCCL.' HM-M WELL.VFr- Jh A ??ESTERIKV-" MIRACLE OF MIRACLES-FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS IN THE JONES' fAML BOX--- TELL- -m TWAS JOST h LOOK I'V 6ox- I IT "WW TRVIN , L if K MIRACLE. m IT'S ' I ' THING Looked - and there was FOUR HONORED DOLLARS' HONEST, ANNIE- ISN'T THAT MAWBE A REAL MIRACLE? ft- S10 lu 2S0 pound 8.25A9.25 S50 to 350 pounds .... S.a5i i 8.50 350 pounds up 1 H.J0(fl 7.25 S"W 5.50h 7.00 NIIEEP Ii tubs $ vT0ff S.50 Ewes 2.00 iff S. 00 YVarlings 6. 00 f( 6.00 VKAI, Live 7c Oressed l2o POII.THV (Hwlft t 4inpny No. 1 hens, 4 Mi t U lbs. 17c No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs 17c No. I medium hens, over 31 lbs. 14c No. 1 mcdlumheiis, under 3 lbs. 14c Colored springs 18c No. 1 broilers. IU to 2 lbs 14c Roosters 7c Staas ..,.10 Kuun All I'rUiew Are IIHivered Albnny Case Itelurued Extras . 1 9 Stundards ' I7i Extra uieillinn .16c .standard medium 13c Rrowns extras .19c llrty exiraa 16c Cndergrudes 13c .luRets ...lac-Hep wee . . 10c VKAL Live .......,. 8V6c Pressed . tJ, 12 c lit TTKHFAT A grnde , I) grade , .". .26c t! gradtt 22v , MI1HEI Ijunbs tS.2r.fiH. 00 I'OIITI.AMJ MAHKKT J'ortlHiul, Ore., .May 4. .Market for butter suggested a trifle easlur tone although prices were unchanged. Wllji prices unchanged getieuilly although buyers continue to offer more than the official resale price a generally steady tone Is suggested lor eggs. Increased offerings of crabs are showing and recession in the price is shown In spots. Crab meat do maud is good but some ju ice dcclltios are noted. Small supplies of Columbia river salmon are arriving but the run Is still a limited one, although Inclined to show a fractional increase. Trices being held firm. Old und ln-w potatoes steady. First California field cucumbers are around $ per lug. Tomatoes are firmer and higher. By HAROLD By Thompson and Coll ABOUT THIS f Tlitie r ma smvtcl. inc. BY BLOSSER WHERE YOU or ' BY HAMLIN it isn't a K-;;. 7 CUTHBERT, K'' J TH' KJEXT E -. n TO ONE- JK V.. M MYRA BLAMES HYSTEfcV T ' ucres of prairie land all under cultivation fair buildings, thf bent buy ever offered in Linn cpunty. $1H0Q total price. Why rent? (' 4H VINE U itOOD, Phone 300 . a30tf FHR QAI P"r BAIN WARON, 3 J run OftU inch, cheap roif nsh or will trade, for cow.- Paul Car ter, Albany. fit. 3. FDR AI f double DISC -f Also Jersey cow. W 'Jit.- 1. - ;!- ' E., il tiller, TpAnC SELL HOUSE JN I nnUL bnny, to trade for a good car. . ' ' v 220 ACRES, oJoBe to I-ebnnon. $0 acres cultivated, balance' pasture and timber, on good graveled road improved, with two sets of buildings, 10700 for all. " ' ALHO several farma.ion. vefy'Ieasy terms. t ' C. M. DQJLLARHIDI3 C(X ' - - --' a27-tf MVRA NORTH, Special FRECKLES AND HIS just a rw or so ago, .THIS BO ASKED MEC IF I'D TEAR UP MV FLOOR, AMD NOW DEMAND "TUAT T rv " AL LEY OOP "- : Little Orphan Anne And j, OtherComica, RETURU . 1 ALL IT THEY'RE RETURNlMG FROM HARUM, ALL RIGHT.... BUT TMEY'VE BEEN PRETTy CAREFUL WITH THEIR BOMBi - fSOME- THIMS QUEER ) H TELL ME ABOUT AGAIN C0THBERT- WELL. MOM CRViM', AND : SAID WE D LOST " TU' Ca.OkA ClIQP. THEN TM' PHONE RANG- 5-4- Nurse FRIENDS WHAT'S THE'"-" IDEA? WUY ARE YOU SO AWXlOU FOR MY FLOOR TO BE TORKI UP? " T - PHOWF BAK1G- R S LHjj TOO BAD Pabout J SACK- BUT TWATS 0 Iff. WAR, MVRA BUT JACK LANE, ON A HILLTOP FAR FROM THE DANGER ZONE, INTENTLV STUDIES THE ENEMY PLANED tal; Klamath, $2.85 cental: Scappooae Netted (lems, $2-2.15 cental;. Deschutes Netted UemH, $2.25-8.35 cn- tii. : . Celery California, $3.25 crate; Lenta, $2 dox bunches. Pttas California, $l.s0-2.00 a sack. Spinach :i5-50c orange box. -Onions Oregon, $1.25-1.35 per 100 lbs. Tomatoes Imperial, $1.25-1.50; Indlo fl.7Ti-l.K5 lug. 1 lettuce Ha linns, $2-2.25 crate; fiacraiuento, dry, $1-1.25 crate. Sweet potatoes California, $2 per 50-Ib crate, southern yums, $1.95 (irate. Cauliflower Hoseburg, ( ) orate; California $1.75 orate. Jlhubarb Field .grown, 26-4Qe per apple box. ..... Cucumbers Local, hothouse, $l-t.60 dox. New potattjesTexas, $1.75-1.86 per 50-lb bag; Hhafter, $1.75-1.85. Asparagus Mid -Columbia, $1.86 per ito-lb pyramid; J4ermlston, 6 lb; Yakima, $1.65-1.75 per IHWb pyramid. New oiilfinsCallfiiiia Btiruiudus. 75c per tug. MKAT.H AMI FHOVlNlONfl C!ountry meats Helling price io retailers: Country killed hogs, beat butchers, under 150 lbs, 12-Mb In; venlers, No. 1, l;i-14c lb; light and thin, 0-I2c lb; heavy, K-llc lb; ctittar cows, ff-IOc lb; lambs, old, 18 fb; spring lambs, I0-20c tb; ewes, 6-10p lb. ' ' ' Hacon 20-2llc lb. Hams 2tt-30c tb; picnic, 21-2e lb. ,Lnrd Tlerc basis, llJc lb. iir IIOI'N AMI WOUI Hops Notninul : 1935 Fuggles ( ) lb; Clusters, 6-Jc lb. V do I 1 li 30 co n t rac.t n, nom In a : Willamette valley, medium, 30c lb; course and braid, ac lb; eastern Oregon, 21 -23c lb; southern Idaho ( ) lb. WIFE ASKS DIVORCE ' L. C. Blake has filed suit in circuit court here asking a divorce from Fred Blake, to whom she was married at Salem March 5, 1926. She asks custody of their minor child and $25 monthly for its sup-por ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY: The merchants and professional people listed on this pafe arc known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call. on. them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTOEMEYS , MARKS fc McMAHAN ? , Attorneys at Law ' ' 1st Nat'l Bonk Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Frelfht Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP ' ' 409 West First St. Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan, Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.-Maytng, Easy, Thor, Washers WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON WcU Drillers . "We solicit your inquiries" . Eugene, Oregon Cauliflower Is scarce nud higher; up to 1.75 crate. 1 demons are 25c higher for tho 300a. - Arlxona grapefruit up ly-2c. ?amAlotiH!8 soiling around I7.2&-7.50 for jumbo ads. Navel ii ranges up 15c case In spots. Slight Improvement In price on California carrots. lOllTI,AU l.lVF..STO K Portland, tire., .May i. Hogs 2.000; 377 direct. Hlov. Kew early sales drivel ns steady tit $1.50. Most bids lf-2(ie lower. Utds down from 110.60 on I o ad J ot n : down to 1 1 0 . 2 f for llghtwelKbt drfvelus. 230-SOO lb butchers, $f.7Q-J0. Pew jmcking sows fs, No feeders Hold but bust held above $10,50. Cattle: 8,000' 217 dlrert, Cal v pa 20(). Scat tt red sales around 25 cents higher. Hmue In between steers up more. Many bids only steady. Veal-urs steady to fifty cents higher. Best fed sLecrs held u round B. Karly bulk ntrdluin to good grades J7.15-7.K0, Kpw fed heifers $11.60-7. Uond heofs $ri.7B-fl.:i5. Cotters $a.76-4.lti. Hulls $5-5.75. Choice venlers up to $10.75. Hhcep: 2,000: 1354 through nnd dl-emt. Hrlug lumbs around Ufi cents hluher. . Older classes about steady. Uond trucked lu spring lambs $10.26. Medium grades around $9.50. Few good shorn lambs $8-8. SB. lond wnoled lambs unsold. Hul good shorn ewes $4. , 1 - I'HUIM ( K KK'M A tiHK 'The following prices were named to be effective today; Hulier-cube extras, .27c; slandards, 26Jc; prime firsts, 2 fie; firsts, 25jc. Che se flregnii triplets. Hie; Oregon loaf, 1 6c. Mrokers will pay c below quotations. - i'ggs iroluce exchange . tjuola-t Ions between dealers; en Ira large, 1 9c; standards, largi. 1 He; ex I ran, medium, 17c; standards,, inediutii, 1 7c..Iobblng prices 2c higher. I(IITI.AMI UIHII.KHAJ.K PIIKKH These are the prices retailers pay! wholesalers, except where otherwise' slated: Huttcr I'rluis. A gratle, 2!.e lb. In parchment wrupiMr, 30c lb In car-ions: M grade, parchment wrapper, 2Hc lb, cartons 2!n lb. Hut lerfat ( Port land defiver)-y-A grade, delivered at least twice week, 2tf30c. lb; country routes, 2-2Kc lb; B grade 28-29r lb; C grade at market., JJ grnde cream for market Buying price butterfat basis, 63 c lb. CheeMc Selling price to Portland retailers: Tillamook triplets, 21c lb) loaf, 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, IDc lb; loaf, 20c lb. , Kgas Huylng price of wholesalers: Kxtras, 10c dor: standards, 17c tloz; extra midlums, lc doz; do medium firsts, l&c doz; under grade, 15c do; pullets, IIc dox. Milk A grade Portland delivery, r.RJc lb butterfnst basis for 4 per tit. Live poultry Port land delivery, buying price: colored heus, over 4j lbs, IK-I'Jc lb; under lbs, 1K-Hc lb; liiuhorn bfiis, over 1 lbs, 16-17c; under III lbs, 15-1 lie lb; leghorn broilers, 1 to I lbs, 1B-17- lb; do 11 lbs up. H-17c lb; cu lured springs, 2 lbs, nnd up, 20-2lc lb; ruoLers. S-flc lb; Pekin ducks, young, 14-1 7c, lb geese, ll-2c lb. bive poultry Selling price by wholesalers: light hens, lC-17c; med ium hens, 17-1 Sc lb; colored hens, in-l'ic lb; broilers. 161c lb; springs, ie-22r lb; Pekin ducks, young 2l-22c lb; do colored, 12-lc lb; capons, over 7 lbs, 2 4 -25c lb; guinea hens. 50c each. Habbits Fancy dressd 20-2 lc lb, Turkeys tdressed) selling price to retailers: No. 1 hens, 23c lb; toms, 22-22jc per lb. PHKNII FRl'IT Apples -DeliclouB, extra fancy, $l.R5-2 box; do fancy, $1.5&-l.fi0 box; New Towns, extra fancy, $1.70 box; do fancy, $1.45 box; do face and fill fancy, 85c box; do face and fill, choice, 65c box. Hpttxeuberg, extra fancy, $1.40 box; do -combination $1.25 box. Komt Iteauty, Jumble. lb. Winesaps, extra fancy, $1.65 box; do fancy, $1.40 box; do Jumpble, ex tra fancy, 3c lb. Cant nlon pes Cal. standards $d. Pony $5: Jumpbo 8tJ 57.25-7.60 crate. Ban unas Bunch, 6 Jo lb; bauds, 6-filo lb. Strawberries Florin, $1.(10 per 12-box crate; Fresno, ( per 20-has-kft crate. Pears-D'AuJou, $1.15 box. Orange California, navels, fancy $1,15-3.30; choice. $2.75-2.05; standards, $2.65 case. tlrapefruit Arlxona, $l.RO-2,tO case; Florida, $4-4.25 case. lemons California, fancy, $5.40-5.90 case; choice, $4-5 case. Kit I'. Ml ' K KT. II I - K IVluluts JiLal, l.LtU-i per c na STYMIED THAT FIEND WySTER, MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ATROCITy.. IT WA DELIBERATE TME OTHER PLANER ARE LEAVING.' HURRY, DOCTOR... WE MAS BE t 1 NEP6CD f I L' AMD SO IbQ DRAGGED OUT THAT OLD ORDINANCE THAT REQUIRES HE TO TEAR rr- UP Jroped in 1 i pi E ' TOMORROW I'LL EXPECT "ID FIND A YAWNING CAVrTY WHERE THE FLOOR USED TO BE f IF I DONT, I'M AFRAID THERE'LL BE A YAWNING CAVITY IN YOUR STORE iiecn m :5 WE'RE LOOKIKK3 FDR CLUES THAT MAY HELP TO CLEAR yxIMG COOK ! IF WE TORE UP THE FLOOR AND FOUND MOTHIMC5, THE tlTY WOULD HAVE TO PAY -rue nAKAPQ f ..DINNY K " S II i ii S-AGHT. FOOZy-HECe V HERE5 WHERE WE HAND THEM A SURPRiSE ) HEY, THEY COVE, BOTH J THAT I GUARANTEE WILL OPEN VOUML'OS-') DWUY AW TH' -i "THEIR EYES - y S ' ' ' ' XX , SO FAR SO GOOD. OL GUZ, BY HECK- I. I'VE GOT OL' DINNY BY THE NECK yT fOr 2T Citi it wt ttmai. mt. T, w. ute. . i. rT. off, j .' , . -. - ' ' " ,

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