The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 26, 1968 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 26, 1968
Page 26
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26-PaIm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 26, 1968 THE LITTLE WOMAN WHAT IF SOMPROD tT SAYS HEREIN THE HUMAN BOOY ) - IS MADE UP ! 1 ( WHV, THAT'S 1 ' N TERWBLE.' V ink Vr Olio ACROSS 1 Freezing 7 Voralist 13 Withdraw 14 Gratify 15 Devmdof tonality 16 Makes vigilant 17 Golf mound 18 Cover 20 However 21 Those who sew loosely 25 Made of oats 28 Redactors 32 Nautical ropes 33 Of a sorus 34 Concede 35 Lift up in spirit 3fi Of Siena, Italy 39 Rebuild 40 Lack of emotional warmth 45 Recent 46 Uncooked 49 City in Spain 52 Whole 55 Made level 56 Motive 57 Pesters 58 Scatters DOWN 1 Fraternity (ab.) 2 Anatomical plexus 3 Siouan Indian 4 Babylonian moon-god 5 Musical syllable 6 Shouts 7 Cut in the shape of a spade 8 Sick 9 Born 10 Indiana city 1 1 Italian city 12 Pause 3 1, T USE IT IN hM EFFORTS TO SET THRU TO THE. WHY CO YOU WEAR THAT LITTLE BA6-AROUND YOUR NECK, MEDICINE MAN -v "I hate to do this, but I get so sick of having to ask my husband for money." HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY 2A.m7 J 7" 1 2 3 4 15 16 I 17 18 19 MO 111 12 - J U,- 21 22 23 24 25 1 26 127 H 28 29 (30 131 32 ; . ' "1 33 34 ( : ; .-.!3r 36 sTTlTi W Li I ' 40 Ul 42 43 44 FT?- 45 46 47 48 W 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 26 5UI?E " ,f ; - BROKE IN ?jS7a STEAL ' It WA a!,, -JL Wi LHT'Jy J&S Anioer to Prttiout Niil 19 Follower 21 Yonder 22 Reply 23 Upright pieces of steps 24 Mink (pl.) 25 Mrs. Johnson and namesakes 26 Husband of Gudrun (myth.) 27 Story 29 Algerian seaport 30 Value 31 Killed 37 Ecclesiastical councils 38 Compass point 4 1 Pitchers 42 Let it stand 43 Ground ivy 44 Athena 46 Upward slope 47 In a line 48 Small tumors 50 Abstract being 51 Stream in England 53 Seine 54 Pitch Expert Skill finessed the jack of spades against East's king. This worked and things were looking up. He needed just one more break. He cried, "All together, boys," and played his ace of spades. The king dropped and all was well with the overbid. South could trump his three clubs in dummy and discard his losing heart on the nine of spades. ! Newspaper Enterprise Assn. I 26 Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1A Dble Pass 1A Pass 2 A Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ 10854 VA 10 453 A765 4 What do you do now? A Bid three or four spades depending on how conservative your partner is. Do not pass since you might well have bid a spade without any high cards at all and you actually hold an ace and a queen. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding two spades, your partner jumps to three spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Hatlo's IhMbIe Bits RARE w'f i ii n1. lim finr"! EME WS.M! I PAp I p Al tTAll IJFru Egrsll I iVE Nl r6!ATMlll"iMA'NT J. MJ Rp JU B CTaTtHMMKES UB.Ell-JljLA? D A TiE EDA EEJ AMA ODEA stci i tn (mWyi lJo'sIt FUNNY PLACE TO CARRY A CORKSCREW '6 SETTING careful betouj- j i Granny McHaddocK, J'h r i y T THEY BEAT IT. BUT I COT J $$0 l' - .1 m l-i! inm BUT HE'S a7ar REDEYE A COPTER- St STAY WHERE Li YOU ARE. DIANA.. PHANTOM ' THE FLINTSTON ES THE TIME WAS J AWOKE WITH A STMT f BY THE WAY, WILMA.A , HOW'S FRED'S NEW DIET ( jf (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Luck Assists THAT THIKIO WAS ACAINST MY NOSE. I WAS DIZZY. BUT I GRABBED. ' you AND YOU SAID 1 i ii t 1 LETTING ) TRIED TO REASON HAVE WIFHER-BUTIT'SA x. it I in m in LSAk Ml A T PRETTY ( GOOD... - ' J (S)hr tesTi IS-sjy TV 'J x-T'i J X NORTH 26 A 9754 VA753 QJ987 Void WEST EAST AQ62 AK83 VQJ96 V10 8 54 A 2 K954 AA107B32 SOUTH (D) A A J 10 V K42 K 1063 AQJ8 Neither vulnerable West North East South 1 Pass 1 V Pass 1 N.T. Pass 3 4) Pass 3 V Pass 5 Pass Pass Pass Oponinc lead 5 ( YOU'RE ) ROCK-'?-'? HER ' I COULD MAKE OUT TWO PERSONS. I REACHED FOR A .38 I KEEP NEXT TO I MY BED, AND FIRED. LOSING 50ME WEIGHT THEN, HUH ? ( tf HIS PHONE "KM OUT OUR W AY WHAT A DAY.' EVERYTHING GOING TO ) HAVE TO MAKE LAND? r- s. MOBOD irr NOT i THERE TO Vf UNIE5S WE OUR STUFF. VA TOUGH J(lHM'S A TTho f 1 rAT "'5LC 5 deat BJT VHA"r fZONT PAjE...AN? ANYONE IS ah ,.sn, ir THE ONEYOU V LIKE YELLIN' ATA ARISTO. AN'YO' PSED J ROCK - 1 x 'u i November 26, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR The wise man controls his (ieslinv . . . Astrology points the w;iv." AHIKS i March 21 -April 1(1 : Delav may appear to be your duel encounter. In reality, the challenge is lo t ul 1 1 1 1 obligation. l)on't rush over obligations. Throw off doubts. Dig in tor purpose ol accomplishment TAITU'S i April 20-May 20 1 : Some of your desires are ful-lilled through aid of friend. Kinish task which has been weighing you clown. Accent on good will, charm. Communicate with people who want best lor you. (iK.MIM i.Mav 21-June 20 1: He confident and let others know of your capabilities. No day for false modesty. You mav be in line lor promotion, signilieant gain. People at the top make room lor you. C.VNCKK i.Juno 21 -July 22i: Gain insight into motives, trends. See beyond surface indications. Accent intuitive intellect. Means come up with complete answers. Don't settle lor superficial explanations, l.KO i July 23-Aug. 22 : Strive tor comprehension of those dose to you. Light touch CARMICHAEL F0RG&T Mom's HOMe REMeDIe-- ste's ever, murspp SlU-CtSS FULLY WS A GRUp&t 11-76 They'll Do It Every STAR QUALITY ( OH! M , )6 THAT'S what; . a v7 ft ,rS XTt.b 'iff 4 i 7 I Wa (1 VJS AAH JACKIE.'.' ) IVlt .' l'ilap.ner 7" mom ! gams objective. Don't torce issues, especially in financial area. Mate or partner deserves your co-operation. VIRGO i Aug. 23-Sept. 22 1: Take nothing for granted -important that you verity tacts. Discuss problems with one who is concerned. Accent on public reaction to your ef-lorts. Attend lo details He thorough. LIBRA i Sept. 23-Oct. 22 1: Olfbeat approach might be best one today. Means indirect action spells accomplishment. II von are too direct, others shv away Strive to improve relations with co-workers, neighbors, associates. SCORl'IO i Oct. 23-Nov. 21 1: Harmonize relations with loved one. Includes children -kev is to reach area of understanding. Creative efforts are rewarded. Kxpress yourself. Kind outlet lor unique abilities, talent. SAGITTARll'S (Nov. 22-Dec. 21 1 : Conflict exists between desire and duty. Best to get work done before turning to recreation. Security is affected if you neglect essentials. Give attention to home, oi'ooerty value. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 1!) : Accent on short journeys. Much movement is indicated. Message or request from relative could spur action. Handle responsibility. Know that el-lorts will pay dividends. Ayr AH II 'S i .Ian. 20-Keb Hi': Studv CAPRICORN message. Money is spotlight. Be knowledgeable about interest rates, expenditures. Guard possessions. Kinish assignment which you mav have neglected. PISCKS iKeb. 19-Mardi 20.: Stress initiative. Be a self-starter; take the lead. Cycle high, circumstances veer in vour lavor. Ride with the tide. He independent, but avoid any display ol arrogance. IK TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are a natural organizer. You are forceful, direct. Currently your plans are beginning to bear fruit. Kollow through on recent efforts. What appeared a failure proves a success. GKNK.KAL TKNDKNC1KS Cvcle high lor PISCKS. AHIKS Special word to LIBRA: family member proves valuable ally. Time NOW CAM WE LEAVE tui rat immv ui tz. iNFfeSTED SWAMP:1 . 4 ft 1)1 Pit OH r SAID I COULD A AND OUP PHONeA ONLY GOES L'P V TO NINE NUMBER IS NEPTUNE TWO- CALL UP EDDIE THIRTEEN FORTy- zVE.' QUINN.' 7 WMOVE THEY GOT OKI si0NE OF THEM MAS BEEN I SO ME THINKS I THE PAN NOW? NOBODY ( WHISTLED AT SINCE TWENTY ) ME'S TURNING ON V- V AROUND MERE WOULD VmiLES A.N HOUR 7A.S THE J? the Charm and tegj X call HER poll-Tt speed limit- -wf HE SAYS, "HELLO, rrmn c--'V-,-1 CTj I DOLL'; AND I JUST JpHPPV X f I TOOK Mv LOOK STRAIGHT W BET THAT V HALLUCINATIONS. M ' J MAT OPP WHEN THRU WfA AND PUT m7A in A EY HK EVY rT rM TLJC SA, v': 'C'.'.'O vou. mS place--' yAMS on the Ilk )YL 'JA eleatgr once WIFE AND JjJTZy MAKE- "SflMi SHE ACTED , v CHILDREN? IJHftwTY r)JY '-"I LIKE I WAS THE K p:l tsk. J 6-') o t- fyti ) Boston HI AND LOIS couesE .' Hivy IS LSO:'Ne Foe !5COSTH SE PEEKS ASOJ'TD SEE Is WATCWNfi AS SHE COPIES AN ITEM... THESE , WILL YOU COPIES HELP MISS O'BRIEN HEAVY.' jh-i t-iNu iHb iiivits i cakeful; R When the expert gets into a hole he frequently is lucky enough to be able to dig his way out. South had a good 14 points for his opening diamond bid and was tempted to try a stronger rebid than one no-trump. The fact that his distribution was the flat 4-3-3-3 deferred him. No-'h had plenty of distribute but no cards to g" with ' His jump to three dianK ds was a decided overt) his lollow up to five consid ably more of the same. Soutl thought about bidding si: Not that he had any partial' r reason to think about ''. merely that he assumed 'is partner had been invititr. him to '.' on. We;' nnmrvl South looked ovt dummy care'ully because h (elt that there ought to be jus a little' more (if a hand. Then he saw that there was some sort of play for his contract. All he needed was a favorable break in the spade suit, plus no really bad breaks anywhere else. East won the first trick with the ace of diamonds and returned his small trump. When West followed, trumps had behaved properly and it was up to the spades. South won in dummy, led a spade and finessed his 10. West was in with the queen and led the queen of hearts. South won in dummy and ALLEY FEKDNAND LOOk.FOOPLES, YBOT ThO WWONi.; IPFA ABOUT I PON'T COOLA. .SHE'S JLIST CARE IF A C AVE -DWELLER i CAME 'JK ME HIGH -?v7 vn ME2E WE V A BOUNP AEE 8E r-mfr ,t with Major Hooplc 5 .y s.. .: NT'. Vt ...... i?tu . , "p STEVE CAN VON -J OL'K BOARDING HOUSE ...SHE'S GOT TWAT., RARE SOME- ( SHE THING WF V o . FRCM NEED TO KEEP V TIBET... V O-ICKINifiy ;l WAS IMA FOUL AAOeD--UNEXPECTEPFR3P- L DKCVE TOPAV.' J ' I Akin T- TiD i-T .fr rr . i r-f--r . .t f HAP TO SUM FOR. THE BUS AKP FOKbOl ' .f riy II. r i I lr r j WY 0KlEp CA5E...IVHICH I'LL " 1 SUf jllT'O BE J HMPH-'f 1 just an moke (from what MjEM IT fOK TO COMPLI- EXTRA (HlS STYLEjV lV 3UST CATirl' A SIMPLE THIN6 LIKE IlAYER OF S TO HEARO L AWELMET,HI5Mi85lN PADDIN6 jOEVELOPA M .IT4 THE GENIUS CLASS .'HE'S V WOULD HAWPOO ALREADY STUDYlN' UPON REVERSE 7 6E TOO l CONTAIN) I NI6' BEEN ' MAGNETIC FIELDS .' ylMPLE-'IS SKULL 7lMVENTED.' nf7Trr:; (rouGHENeRr . FiACK FOP.' WHERE ARE ' V THE CAR KEYS? . ,' B.V Nt'K Cochran WENT WROJ&.' J TRy VDUR fOAT ') LCI i- C, y - ,. . HAVE 1C GO :! : STRAW I s THE LAT

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