The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 232
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 232

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 232
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Page 232 article text (OCR)

Monastery Mass (1 DO) (VOO) 36324, 34966 (T) Ironside (1:00) (10 63 All My Children (CC) (1:00163029. 35850 AP Wild About Animals 62904 DIS Tale Spin (CC) 984324 ESPN NCAA Women ol the Year Banquet FAM Diagnosis Murder: A volleyball player who plays on a team owned by Norman's cousin (Joel Brooks) is ESPN2 NBA Finals Films (Repeat) Cooking With Caprial: Ameri EWTN Delending Life FOOD Bakers' Dozen muraerea: guests Bobby Hosea; Nancy Everhard. (1:00) 480275 FOODTamales World Tour FX Collectibles Show (CO 9742121 can Bistro Fare CD Beverly Kennedy (2:00) 95782 FX Pet Department (CC) 9762985 HB02 Movie: Blood and Wine 63 Earth Revealed: Introductory GOLF Goll Channel Academy Live (1996) Jack Nicholson. (Suspense, Geology (UL) R. 1:45 CC 6726879 TBN Today (CC) UNI Marimar1:00) HGTV Victory Garden (CC) 44508 HGTV Fix It Upl 34633 LIF Main Ingredient With Bobby Flay 749430 In the Heat of the Night (1.00) NIK Hupert 299985 NOS Dennis Wholey: America! 252362 33 I Love Lucy (CC) 70695 MSNBC NBC News Today in Ameri- Martin CC (39 Newlywed Game SCFI Monsters: A greedy couple (Teri Copley, Kent McCord) pur MTV Music Videos 48881 7 NIK Little Bear 5fiS4:w (1978) Warren Bearty. (Fantasy, PG, (2:00)(CC) 940072 VH1 Greatest Hits ol Music Video 708966 WGN Empty Nest (CC) 376256 2:30 pjn. GD Bolerosl Unforgettable Love Songs (1:30) 36072 (37) Groundling Marsh (CC) 15940 E3 Write Course: An Introduction to College Composition (CC) Q) 45) TBN Benny Hinn gp Spider-Man (CC) 96324 (33) Toon Town Kids 985 (j)DuckTales(CC)1966 (39 Marvel Superheroes 3546 (-0 Psychology: The Study ol Human Behavior: "Psychological Disorders I" Normal behavior; psychological disorders. 8492 QI Jack Van Impe AP Animal Doctor 82508 BET Planet Groove 807362 BRAV Foot Notes 968350 COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? 9026701 DIS Rescue Rangers (CC) 663968 ESPN Best of PGA Golf ESPN2 Rodeo (Repeat) (2:30) NOS More Money With tha Dalam chases an Indian relic. 2027430 TLC INNtimate Escapes 364546 TRAV A Taste lor Travel 1020411 f Developing Child 62350 TBN Behind the Scenes (CC) 1 45 TBN (1:15) John Avarulni; Efrem ZlmbalistJr. (CC) (31 Charles Stanley (CC) (1:00) 383B RCN Slroounlfttfifiii SC NHL: Florida Panthers at Caroli A&E Law S Order: Acting for a cult, na mirncanes-ReDeatl (.inm 302256 SCFI Ripley's Beliav It or Nntl 2 p.m. GT E As the World Turns (CC) (1:00) 65275, 30527 Q Another World (1 00) 98527 fif) Sunset Beach (1:00) fT) Matlock (CC) (1:00) Cm (3 One Lite to live (CC) 2014966 a woman Is killed planting a car bomb; Stone goes after the cult leader. (CC) (1:00) 282695 AP PetLine 70508 BRAV Movie: Cries and Whispers (1972) LivUllmann. (Drama, R, (1:30) 958169 STAR2 Movie- fount I if doaii c, i,.: . ' v rii hciii. urama. fli-13 2 00) (CCI2?7f)fM4 (1:00) 45459. 32850 Theodore Tugboat (CC) TBS (12:05) Matlock (CC) 6419256 ( . . CMTV Big Ticket 53184 CNN CNN Today (CC) (2:00) 68492 TCM Movie: The Story of Seabiscu'rt gn Impact 84430 SJAIvin Slaughter '"si anmey temple. Drama, 200) twin COM Daily Show Year End Spectacular 9304695 DIS Jungle Cubs (CC) 425256 DSC Home Matters: Backyard 23 UNI Amada tnemiga (1:0U) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (CC) 33! Mr. Men 2140 TLC Graham Kerr's Kitchen' 638633 5284492 EWTN Church and Culture Today FOOD Chef du Jour HBO Movie: Edie & Pen (1996) crafts: lilies: stucco walls: auto- araDhs: appetizers. (1:00) 297527 TMC (12:15) Movie: Defiance (1980) Jan-Mirhal Uinmni El News Daily 250904 Dating Game (39 Empty Nest (CC) Art ol the Western World: "On Our Own Time" Jackson Pollock, (Drama. PR n a; .ccjinanc ENC (1:15) Movie: The Looking Tuti " rum iujuj GassWarmw uiristopner 'nn mesne s Creative Living With Stockard Channing. (Romance-comedy. PG-13, (1:45) 7075850 HGTV Simply Quilts 80140 MAX Movie: Iron Eagle t(1995) Lou Gossett Jr. (Action, PG-13, (1:45) (CC) 5299362 Jones. (Suspense, PG, (2:00) Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol. (Part 17 of 18) 3072 TNT Movie: Nnrth Shnrc naa7 2390256 Matt Adter (Adventure, PG, (2 00) 144879 ESPN Black College Sports Today ESPN2 NBA 2Night (Repeat) FWTN Other Side ol Faith '45 TBN James Robison Q) Joyce Meyer A&E Columbo (2:00) 393140 AP Amazing Tails 77188 CMTV Non-Stop Country 7656527 CNBC Money Wheel (1:00) TRAV Undersea Adventures 4845546 TVl That Riri j;vh:ij NIK Looney Tunes 428275 RCN Peyton Place 9031633 REQ1 Movie: Anaconda (1997) Jennifer Lopez. (Suspense, PG-13, (1:30) (CC) 78614 FAM Home and Family: Kevin Cost- ner: saxophonist Dave Koz: party USA Movie: Wedlock (mi) Rutger Hauer. (Artinn R tonrn ,crami 4596879 tips for working women. (2:00) 619850 FOOD Cooking Monday to Friday FX Supercollectors 3066633 HI Hollvwnnri k Vinui .nonc? SCFI Ray Bradbury Theater: A serial killer stalks a girl. Guest: Joanna Cassidy. 3325275 wiN Geraldo Rivera (CC) 999256 COM Soap (CC) 4253053 OIS Donald's Quack Attack 381 1 88 DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart: Fabric; ceramic tiles; mail slots; ven SHO Movie: Kingpin (1 996) Woody Harrelson. (Comedy, PG-13, (2:00) 12:30 p.m. GOLF Goll Central HGTV Designer's Landscape 78140 CC 955492 CBVouri(jand the Restless '11:00) 690091, 843121 News (CC) 48169 TLC On the Inside 450782 TRAV Inn Country USA 1856817 tilation fan: theme gardens; glass vases. (1:00) 460546 El Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 211594 HIST In Search ol the Trojan War: Evidence from preceding programs suaaests the fate of Troy. (Part 6 of WGN Empty Nest (CC) 537344 17J Headline NAHM 3 p.m. 6) (CC) (1:00) 91430 LIF Commish (CC) 479169 MSNBC Newslront 3500409 MTV Plnlield Suite 464237 ESPN Amazing Games (Repeat) ESPN2 NFL's Greatest Moments (Repeat) EWTN Shroud of Turin 6755053 FOOD Oinlng Around (T 'O Guiding Light (CC) (1:00) 9184. 9002 NIK Allegra's Window 164850 NOS Issues and Answers 786904 O Ftosie O'Donnell: Helen Hunt; Shania Twain; Paula Poundstone. (CC) (1:00) 69188 FX Hart to Hart 2266411 GOLF Shell's World of Goll (1:00) HGTV Carol Duvall Show 42492 6 Montel Williams (1:00) 50430 SCFI Mysteries, Magic i Miracles 9180695 SHO Movie: Weekend at Bernie's II (1993) Andrew McCarthy. (Comedy, PG 11:30) (CC) 623188 Hunter 1:00 54256 HIST Air Combat: Three crewmen fly an F-4 Phantom in a sortie 10 General Hospital (CC) (1:00) 24184, 66102. against the North Vietnamese. (1:00 72492 SH02 (1:15) Movie: Metropolitan (1990) Carolyn Farina. (Comedy- flTi Sesame Street (1:00) 23904 CD A Glint of Gold (Joined in progress) (1:00) drama. PG-1 3, (1:45) LIF Movie: Aftermath: A Test of Love (1 991 ) Richard Chamberlain. (Docudrama, (2:00) 557053 MTV Music Videos 637256 S42B4527 American Adventure 45 TBN 700 Club (1:00) SUN Motor Sports Hour 20904 TBS (1:05) Movie: The Death 0 Ocean View Park (1979) Mike Con 8910053, 52898, 36492 UNI Genie Bien (1:00) ) BeelleBorgs Metallix 60411 NIK Muppet Babies: Rowlf feels left out of the Valentine's Day celebration. 782985 NOS Movie: The Mark of the Hawk (1958) Eartha Kilt. (Drama. (2:30) 373140 nors (Suspense, (2:00) 7031362 33 DuckTales ICCI 1275 39 Port Charles (CC) Fresh Paint 45)TBN Betty Jean Robinson All in the Family 11091 59 GEO 26850 CD It's Time for Herman and Shar- fon 237053 JPPetcelera 63633 INK Power Lunch (1:30) 4655985 CNN I Burden ol Proof (CC) 832614 COM Kids in the Hall 9309140 "is New Adventures ol Winnie the Pooh (CC) 985053 E! Model TV 222121 F000 Essence olEmerll HBO Movie: Star Trek VI: The undiscovered Country (1991) William Shatner. (Science fiction, KU)(CC) 555817 HGTV House Doctor 45237 "1ST Real West: During the westward migration, stone and wood lorts were refuge to tired pioneers. '6575 jJF Handmade by Design 474614 w Movie: Fast Forward (1985) Scott Clough. (Musical, PG, 2J2(CC) 346121 m Bl"e s Clues: Newspaper hats: 'Sh predictln i"c,ures; bakery- JEQ1 Movie: SrealWoiw? (1997) wrt Russell. (Suspense. R, (2:00) J; TO 310362 LCCuclnaAmore 365275 NNAIeene's Creative Living With rafts 347879 VL Pattlcoat Junction 9316430 HI Pop Up Video 235695 E) Wacky World of Tex Avery TLC Great Country Inns: The Lodge at Moosehead Lake in Maine. B7P140 51)53 RCN Peyton Place 4268985 SCFI Night Gallery 6447053 r39)Bugs 'n' Daffy (CC) 7633 9 Wishbone (CC) 6425492 CD Becky's Barn 553343 AMC Movie: The Best Years of Our STAR2 Movie: All the President's TNN Wildhorse Saloon 368362 TRAV A Tasle for Travel 1092184 TVL St. Elsewhere: A pregnant woman hrandishes a aun in Ehrlich'S operating Wen(1976) Robert Redford. (Docu Lives (1946) Fredric March, (Drama, drama, PG, (2:30)(CC) 9954817 SUN This Is the PGA Tour 27904 BW. (3:00) 214546 room' Rosenthal resents special attention after returning. (1 00) 931 1 985 VH1 New Videos 223850 TCM Movie: Every Little Crook and AP Buck Staghom's Animal Bites 56695 BRAV Movie: Mass Appeal (1984) WGN NewCC) 908904 Nanny 1972 Lynn Redgrave. I m u r 2 Jack Lemmon. (Drama, PG, (2:00) 1:30 p.m. 90'b9b (Comedy. PG, (2:00) 8469546 TLC On the Inside 738072 TMC Movie: Daisies in December (1995) Joss Ackland. (Romance. 1:40) 8872324 fT 0 Bold and the Beautiful ICCI 18904, 98053 CNBC Street Signs (100) 9573614 00 m o 1 CNN TalkBack Live (CC) (1:00) 213430 COM Saturday Night Live: Host fi7iCuclnaAmore Humanities Through the Arts ) 45; TBN Casey Treat Ctt'l Love Lucy (CC) 10362 TNN America 's Country Hits 165362 TNT Movie: 4rroiWw3o'(1953) Charlton Heston. (Western. (2:00) Tom Arnold; Neil Young. (CC) (1.00) O 81U14U SW2!b y DIS Tale Spin (CC) 360695 tfQ Newlywed Game (39 Dating Game (flit's Strictly Business 25121 AMC Movie: The Fabulous Dorseys (1947) Tommy Dorsey (Musical, BAV, (1 30) 773850 TRAV Romantic Inns of America 1104481 TVL Hill Street Blues (1:00) 1626256 USA Movie: Heaven Can Wait 1 p.m. rjAdiosPalria? The Cuban Eso-"(UO) 59411 -?J Days of Our Lives (CC) DSC Interior Motives: Alternatives to paint and wallpaper. (1:00) 673898 El Talk Soup 548411 Ol ENC (3:15) Movie: Pascalis Island CJ '

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