Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 2, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1936
Page 14
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Five Star Fashions REDSKIN RHYMES By R. Remlow Harris GUIDE of the STARS By LAURIE PRATT Maytime Is Season For "Things It's Fun To Do" In Recipes Kids Love Eight Novelties Made of Just What youngsters Enjoy -And Good for Them, Too! By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor MESQUITE MARY Little Indian girls are curious, Just like little white girls are. When they fall to mind their mothers. They most always get a scar. Once our little Mesqulte Mary Learned about the prickly pear, Full of little thorns and needles, Finer than a horned toad's hair. t: ' "i 4;- :U" - 1 V Mama Mesqulte told her not to Touch those prickly, sticky things, But our Mary didn't mind her nd her hand got full of stings. Prickly pears are very pretty) A nd they're very good to cat, When you're careful in removing All the thorns to get the meat. Why not learn from little Mary ? Stay from things you should not touch; You will think the world Is nicer, 'Cause it won't hurt you so much. and dark mixture. Bake in a moderate oven ( 350 degrees) at least one hour. When cool spread with chocolate frosting YUM YUM SANDWICHES Blend one can deviled ham with !4 cup grated pimento cheese: two tablespoons chopped sweet pickle and one tablespoon boiled dressing. Spread on whole wheat bread. , PRUNEWICH SANDWICH FILLING I As good for your bridge tea ah tor your youngsters lunch box.) Combine Hi cup strained or sieved prunes. Mi cup mashed sardines. 2 tablespoons chopped sweet pickle, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, salt. Good on nut bread or whole wheat KABOBS Lour; sticks of green uhhhi Tender beetsteak. cut I inch thick Spanish otnnns Bacon Cut tender steak in 1-inch pieces. Thread them on the sticks (skewers at home), after dipping in salt, pepper and meat sauce, alternating with the peeled onion, sliced crosswise, and squares of lean bacon cut thicker than usual. Use 3 layers of each. Hold over glowing coals to cook, turning . frequently till done. Eat with split long rolls spread well with mustard. These may be broiled In oven at home. SAUTEED SANDWICHES 1 4-os. jar f V6 cup) deviled ham Evaporated milk 1 cup evaporated milk 12 slices bread Butter I egg Bread should be fresh. Remove crusts, slice and spread with butter and deviled ham that has been mixed with evaporated milk to make good spreading consistency Beat egg. add the 1 cup milk. Place sandwiches in a shallow pan and pour egg-milk mixture over them. Lift carefully to a hot well-buttered frying pan and bake both sides to a golden brown. Serve garnished with cress or parsley. Yield; 6 servings. Other fillings may be used. Menu of By Joan the Week Andrews I STARTED out with my mind on gingerbread men, prompted of course by the spicy ginger cookie smell that fills the house, and the sight of two small boys nibbling on the somewhat deformed products of their small hands. But suddenly my thoughts were sidetracked to mothers, what with the merry month of May holding both Mother's Day, as well as National Child Health Week, when, naturally, our attention is drawn to mothers and small boys and girls. Oh, it isn't the little knees you've rubbed in the wee small hours of the night or the skimping you've done to get Mary a new dance frpek that makes small boys and girls grow tall and sophisticated remember you on Mother's Day! It's the little "foolish things it's fun to do." Here are some: HOT D AWGS D E LUXE Parboil frankfurters or use canned. Split them and spread with prepared mustard. In each place a thin slice of dill pickle. Roll in bacon strips. Fasten with a toothpick. Broil or pan broil. Grand for outdoor meals. CORNED BEEF BUNS Brown thin slices of canned corned beef hash. Toast round soft rolls or bread. Place the browned hash between slices of rolls or bread. Put thin slice of white onion and a dot of mustard on hash. Delicious for picnics MERRY-GO-ROUND CAKE (for a post-circus party) Make a marble loaf cake. Cover with chocolate or butterscotch frosting. : Arrange stick candy poles on top with animal crackers, dressed up with weird spots of pink frosting, chocolate stripes, vegetable coloring eyes and such, leaning up against the poles which support a tent top cut of white wrapping paper. To turn this into a birthday cake place candles in gum drops hollowed out for candle holders, placed around the outside of the cake like so' many street lights FROSTED CHOCOLATE MARBLE CAKE Cream together: cp butter, margarine or shortening 2 ci(ps sugar teaspoon salt Add 1 teaspoon vanilla Sift together 3 cups sifted cake flour 6 teaspoons baking powder. Add to creamed mixture alternately with cup sweet milk. Beat after each addition until . smooth. Beat until stiff six egg whites. Fold in quickly and thoroughly. Divide batter into three parts. To cup ground chocolate add three tablespoons boiling water. Stir well. Cool slightly. Add to one part of cake batter. Second portion add a bit of red coloring. Put three batters by tablespoonb into a greased 10-inch tube pan, alternating light YOU MAY IT ISN'T very often that we are fortunate enough to find a desseri that Is a really thrilling climax to a meal and at the same time has the virtue of simplicity. But I found Just such a dessert the other evening. It Is Burgundy jelly. I built a Sunday dinner around this marvelous new recipe. Appetizers (Horseradish Kolls Stuffed Eggs Olives) Smothered Chicken Green Asparagus Rissoles New Potatoes Pickled Peaches Romaine with French Dressing Burgundy Jelly, Whipped Cream The Burgundy Jelly Is made by dissolving 1 package of lemon gelatin In 1 cup of hot water. When this is cool add 1 cup of Burgundy, or some other red wine. When it begins to thicken add 1 cup grapefruit sections, 1 cup pineapple tidbits. Chill. Serve in sherbet glasses topped with whipped cream and Maraschino cherries. For horseradish rolls, simply blend cream cheese and horseradish and spread on squares of chipped beef. Roll and chill. Smothered chicken is made by browning floured chicken In oil, then placing it in a casserole. Add 1 cup of water to the pan In which the chicken was fried, and pour this with 1 cup of cream into casserole. Cover and cook in moderate oven almost an hour. The rissoles new potatoes are made by boiling them until done, peeling them, placing them In a pan with butter and salt, and baking them until brown. SUNDAY A very good day. Social and artistic matters are favored. Lucky for hunches. Monday The morning is excellent; push everything. You may recejve a real financial opportunity today. The afternoon Is adverse for domestic affairs and group activities. Tuesday A difficult day, full of obstacles and sudden upsets. What you do today Is likely to receive full publicity, so guard your speech and actions. Wednesday Fortunate in every vay. Contact elders and authorities. Initiative and energy will bring you worth-while results. Thursday The morning favors Heady and concentratlve work. Afternoon brings nervous tension and Indecision. Contracts and correspondence are under adverse vibrations. Friday Start nothing new. Travel will bring disappointments. Your Judgment is unreliable; woid elders. Saturday Excellent before 8 a.m. Rest of day ordinarily good. Stimulating for love affairs and finances; extravagant tendencies CHILDREN'S PROSPECTS CHILDREN born the week of May 3, 1036, have the following life prospects, according to Astrology: Sunday A charming, co-operative child with marked artistic tastes and talents. Marriage and partnerships bring opportunities. Monday This child will have unusual abilities to amass wealth. Fortunate In lovo and friendship. .1 Tuesday A determined, aggressive nature; powerful emotions. Scientific research or surgery both offer suitable careers. Wednesday A public career; lots of luck. Strong Intuition. A clever, resourceful nature. Thursday Children born this morning will do well in medicine or government employment. Those born In tho afternoon will travel constantly. University or educational work is favored. Friday An Independent, outspoken and versatile child. Much slcudy determination below outward rostlcssncss. A literary career. Saturday Many travels. Diplomatic; magnetic charm. An exceptional artistic career is indicated. liam K, Meyer, his ashes were given. And there, aboard a liner that carries the same name as an earlier vessel whose bridge he trod. Mariposa, will be performed tho last riles that human hands can bestow. SEA-BOURNE TUGS Imve dropped their lines. The plank is down. Outward bound, there is today only the memory of a shtp slipping softly through tho Golden Gate, of a faint wisp of smoke fading on tho blue horizon, and of a man who knew so well those far horizons. Tho aa-lute of triple whistles echoes softly and . . . the Wheels Roll On... IT IS NOT FITTING that other words be now injected here. Who mood of solemn beauty comes too seldom, and so tonight I've ridden to the high hills over Rerkeley and my gaze goes out beyond the Gate to where I know the ship rides on. The moon that oaihes this landscape floods that ship; tho seti that looms a dark shadow beneath the sky, out thero mirrors a joyous highway beckoning on. .v. IN SPLENDID FAREWELL tho colli north wind has swept clear tho atmosphere. The cities, 1200 feet below, shimmer as prismatic jewels merging into a unit and tied with the shifting lights of ferries. At Land's End a lighthouse blinks on. RESURRECTED from dim past flies, someone's radio is softly singing that haunting Island song: "Across the sea, an Island calling me, . ." Cooks' Kitchen Tours Conducted by Virginia Ross v AT y J No. H-3066 LIGHTWEIGHT wool Jersey frock modeled by Joan Christy. Slim and youthful, with the new high notched collar and short pleated sleeves, this tailored shirtwaist frock la built for stylo aa well as action and comfort. The square yoke tops two tucks at each eldo of the front-buttoned closing. These vortical tucks carry down tho length of the dress to the knee, where thoy open Into action pleats. Tho opon V collar is tailored, but ousy to wear, and Is accented by the row of ball buttons that run down to the waistline. Tho model pictured Is of lightweight wool Jersey In this year's fashionable dusty pink shade with black buttons and bolt bucklo adding a guy color accent. The summor Jersey takes easily to tailoring and Is a good choice for utility woar throughout tho coming season, as It reslstB wrinkling and keeps Its original lines with very llttlo caro. Send for Five -Star Fashion No. H-8068, designed for sizes M, 16, 18, 20, 40 and 42. Correspond DATE TAPIOCA POUR tnploca cream over dates HtufTeil with peanut butter; Burnish with more dates. Fold toasted chopped almondn Into tho cream and put a cooked apricot half on each serving. To partlfy tapioca croam, I fold whipped cream Into It and mm flections of grapefruit and orango an a garnlnh. CLASSIFIED FILMS DEVELOPED Rolls Devolopod Two Mcnutlttil lo,i Wr Wrulil IW loiui! Knlartrmrnt aii.l H miamid..! Ni-vw Kmlr-IVrfcct Ton I'rinlfl. '.' V com IMVa PHOTO SERVICE, la tlroise. For Tkn ykars- Drui.fti.ti ant) phyBKMuii h fill) and fitJoinctl y T-Ui atiiflfil women I'liiiiHiim. ZaMrTHS OHIOINAl II STIll THl 11 IT gU'lMI l!Ulll'lll THl ofclOINAl IISTIII D E LKit NIVIR lovrniih' new fttrimiln TRIPI r.fc ttri irir COMPOUND i it, tatt-aritut, .itr aid m trwir nut wonn-r, Avl ttWnu ilwrf unfurl , ,r.Oin.vt- "'i ptvKxts ovtulur, nlirl m oik- l.iy " Mr O. M. wy "Few .low wtvkM tirw ' Itmi'i tnko clwnrf' Ol tliwIn-ltci.iHin kci U Ip 1-uUliMt-tnent U. : () li l rum H v . wr' liviMtii iltipnHni in ilnin. scaled wiitiHKf. Frc caukvo. Hkk-ik! AriKt.-. POtlTIVC PRODUCTS CO CM Cvltag Gran, 10ft, ChtcaKe Kidneys Must Clean Out Acids Itm only mf voir Imly n vtn out Aci.k nii lowooou wiim 'rmo ymt Noo.1 is (hrouh 0 niillton liny, tUIwvt Kirtiwy lul or tiiiart, bj btuf rSfap, drutir, uriMtin drutja. t( (uncuooal Ktiity or Blft4tr diMrilcn makt you miftar troa Utins l'p Night, NTtutw, lf rHint, HjvkvNn, trrl I'ndw P,rc tutnw. Khdiimatir liri. Arxlity. fturning, Smf Hm or Ictiinn. dun t lV r'.m- (h Dorlor i twantcod r"-miilkyi (fW-TfiK Workj fu(, ul mi Ib 40 hour It moai hrttf Mr nUBty. and la Kurnid u de tU (iJn 2 ing bust measurements 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Size 16 (34) requires Just i'A yards of 30-inch or 2 yards of 64-inch fabric. Fabrlo: Sagnomor lightweight wool Jersey. Pattern No. H-3066 can bo purchased for 25 cents. Please remit in coins or stamps (coins preferred), giving your name, ad-dross, puttorn number and size. Mall your order to Five Star . Fashions, Suite 4!0. Mills Tower, San Francisco, California. Patterns are shipped by first-class mail. Five Star Fashions Suito 450, Mills Tower, San Francisco, Calif. Enclose 25 cents In coins or stamps for Pattern No Size , Name Address , . (Wrap coins securely in paper) Spring Pattern Book Is now available at 15c each, or If bought In combination with Pattern, 35c for the Pattern and Book. W1 NKWS ITKM: . . and it has been arranged that hia aahea Hhall tie scattered alontf tho equator . . " Occasionally there is played out aloiiR the sunlit or rain shrouded or fog misled docks of Pacific waterfronts a saga of tho sea a story of hlK adventure, or pathos, or an extract of human life that brings a softness to tho eyes of those who witness Us passing. SUCH A STORY has Just been written into tho log of the Mariposa. The ashen of a dead Master arc riding the serene decks bound on that last long voyage that leads to final rest. Along the calm waters of the equator, they will be scattered in the sea. to drift within warm waters where the high moon sifts Its broken silver in tropic nights, and where sometimes the faint sound of distant music wafts Uq-ulilly from coral islets CAPT. WM. D. WATSON is returning to the sea he loved so well. His death In Alameda, California, a short time back touched deeply tho hearts of those whoso life revolves about tho'wu-terfront, Retired for many years, his name was nevertheless as familiar to those who guide great ships along Pacific lanes as arc tho names of those who now follow the trails ho blazed. HIS LAST REQUEST was that he be sent back to the .Southern Seas. And so, honoring his memory, his executors arranged that his wishes be fulfilled, and into the hais of one of his best friends, Captain Wil LVfc'A. KM . Dx --- ECZEMA Also callftd Tettar, Salt Rhum, Pruritus, MilkCruat,WiiterPoUon,Wt)epinB Sktn, etc. FRkKTRIAI lont nWEloct u ! Don 1 ive i. I IVLiLi 1 IVIrlL Try a week's free teat of a mild, Bootlunft. nunrumwii treatment, which for 30 ycarx hiw Ikvii Bivina Kcietnii autferem their "Flrtt Real Night's Rest." Write today a postal will do. AUitrtw DR. CANNADAY Eciema Specialist 245 Park Square. SEDALIA. MO. BROKEN SLEEP Bad Dreams, Gnashing of Teeth TbeBe are common signs of Stomnch Worms, still a menace to citT and i-ount ry children, cnimiiiK loss of welRht, nnnotite or color, irregular boweln, vorulttng, Itching, etc Laxatives don't help aft Jarne's Vermifuge. Children lllte it. 45 million sold. 1 FORD V8 OR CASH icci t, vm uuic. RADIO STATION KGGC San Franciaco, Cat, My arnwer -- ' -" . Name Street. City. -. - State Send m the Fr Picruri Are you smart? Here's a puzzle that will test your wits. The Scrambled Letters below, when properly rearranged, will spell the name of a Famous Movie Star. Probablr you know the names o( most at tht Famous Movie Stars, but juit to refresh your memory we mention a few; Greta Garho, Fredric March, Jo.m water In a clean bowl and beat the mayonnaise Into it slowly. Berry stains in table linen are removed by pouring boiling water through the stain before washing with soapy water. Soot stains on carpet, if quickly covered thickly with dry salt, may be swept up without leaving stain or smear. For meringue! A pinch of baking powder added to meringue will help to keep it from falling. Reheating rolls: If rolls are Drushed with small amount of water before being put in an oven to reheat, they will not become hard or form a thick crust on top. NOW WITH COD which he tells about his lone search for the Truth, how he finallv came to the full realiration of an I'tneen Power or force "so dynamic in itself that all other powers and forces fade into insignificance beside it" how lie learned to commune directly with the Living God, usine. this mighty, ncver-failinv: power to demonstrate health, happiness and financial success, and how any normal hcins may find and use it as Jesus did. He is now otTcrinc this treatise free to every reader of this paper who writes him If you want to read this "highly interestins, revolutionary and fascinating story of the discovery of a great Truth," just send your namr and address to Dr. frank B. Robinson. Fifth Strt. Moscow, Idaho. It will he sent tree and postpaid without cost or obheation. Write the Dvtor today. Copyricht 10.35, Dr.. Frank B. Kohinsoii.Advertiscment. PLAN your meal backwards. So often a hearty meal Is made top heavy with a tempting but substantial dessert. How much better if such meals were planned backwards. When your dessert Is to be tapioca cream (full of the nourishment of egg and milk and tapioca) "go light" on the first part. Your family will be well satisfied, you'll have less work to do and your food bills will grow smaller, too! You can make a real French garburo of your bean soup by adding a couple of cut-up "wieners" to the pot and a handful of toast cubes to each portion when you ladle it out. When mayonnaise separates, try putting a tablespoon of cold MAN CAN TALK MOSCOW. IP AllO. "A new ami revolutionary religious teach-intf ttased entirely on the misunderstood sayings of the Galilean Car renter, and designed to show how wc mav rind, understand and use the same identical power which Jesus nsctl in performing Mis so-called Miracles, ' is attracting world wide attention, to its founder, Or, Frank H. Knbinson. noted teacher, author and lecturer. 'Tsychisna.' this new psychological religion, believes and teaches that it is today possible tor every normal human beirn;, understanding spiritual law as Christ understood it, "to duplicate every work that the Carpenter of Galilee ever flid"it believes and teaches that when He said, "the things that 1 do shall ye do also " He meant what He said and meant it literally to alt mankind, through alt the ages. Dr. Rohinvm has prepared a oUV word treatise on "rsychiana," in irawiora, sniney lemi'ie, an ate Jean Harlow, Uick rowen, w arner Jt.ixter ana Nay rrancis. These scramble! letter, will .pel! tlie name ol a Famous Movie Star when ihev are nrot-ertv r. manned. Start (witching the letter, around; see if you rnn ficttre It out II your nwer i correct, ynti will receive at once, A L4RGE SHE PICTURE OFT211S FAMOUS MOVIE Sf.lR FREEI - heiutilully rnlorcl and suitable lor IranrTr.g and the orrortuntty to w,n FORI) V-S SKIMX or the cash. It make, no difference where you live, you can taWe rait. Be The Bl Winner. First Prize Winner (lets Ford V-8 Sedan: 2nd, i.WO in Cash: 3rd, JiOO in Cash : 4th, $100 In Cash ; and many other Cosh Prises. Duplicate prizes In case of ties. 5END NO MONEY! Juit your answer to the Movie Scramble bove. I'SE THE COUPON. HIRRY! DO NT DELAY! Iladio Station nBec Sun Frnnrluro, Cat. wtrt ib one wk at mn&ry Iwk m rflurn a fmpiy rwrhaff. (.NrrtM cm!i nnly it dc at JnU!iu ami lb (uaraata protwta )u Adv PAGE SIX-B o o o O o O

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