Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 2, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1936
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, MAY 2, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN A CAR TO FIT YOUR NEEDS AND YOUR POCKETBOOK IS ADVERTISED HERE Turlteys (dressed) selling price fAOrADA HAUK WANTEH W'l (-,MVnnMare In the market fo for NEW TODAY 1 I'll- TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS FOR nAI F TltAPNESTEH I U II . On LL Hollywood chickens, 1 yr. & 2 yr. G wit. old pullets. Call morning or 4 to 6 p. in. .Movinir out of town and must sell. Mrs. W. IJ. Holhrook, So. Ferry St. R30- 2-S O I UUf .,, a,.r,.s i,atcd on Hrush : I'reek, all Itotlniii land, crop all in, very Rood buildings, a very fine little place, 2 horses, 2 cows, all equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only J:t7rn move rlKht In. Ill VIM U HOOD, Phone 30(1 aSOtf Produce Kxehtiiig The following priced wero named to bo effectivo Monday: HuUer-eubo extras, 27c; standards, 'JU'a.c: prime firsts, 2rtc; firsts, 25c. Cheese Oregon triplots, 15 Oregon lotif, 1 tie. Hrokers will puy VQ below ciuotations. Kggs Prod ueu exchange, quotations between dealers: extra largo, l!e; standards, large XSciextras, medium 17c; standards, medium, 17c. lobbing prices 2c higher. Portland AVholrNiilr Price Prices qunUd below arc Umae pit vailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on ily of publication, and are subject ta cliuntie at any hour theivaftvr. l.OCAI. ill A1X 1. SenderM A: t'o. VHi:AT: No. I white, See; red ami mixed 7Se bushot. MAHI.KY: Hansen, Jil.OO tort. HATS; White, No. 1, $1S.U0; Riay No. 1, $2;t.0u; Ktay fi'd $0.00 ton. wool. Wool, per pound ,.30e Atoll air, pi'r pound 4Uc MEATS 411. I-:. Vcberunll Men Co.) IATTI.K Steers . , . . $5,r0 ii ".00 Heifers 4. SOW ti.r0 Hulls ... . ; S.509!1.00 Cows, bM'f a.OOfttfl.ttn I'ows, cutters l.&tl'fl :loo IlllliS HO to lfi pounds $S.2r tjr S.75 niu to am pounds 8.7rf.Tr jin to ar.o pounds , s.2ri( ;..ri 25(1 to mn pounds S.'J.WS.Mt :ir pomiiis up n.iiofir 7 .25 Sowh fi-SO'd 7.00 SIIKI'.I Lambs ,$7.fiOi?R.50 Hwen 2.00(11 X. 00 VearliiiKS .', 5.00( 6.00 VK.U. hive . 7c Dressed 12c . 12 Vic . . . 20c It Krade 2;ic C Kradc 2Jc siii:r.i l.amliM $$.2519.00 IMUt I I.AM 1IAI1KK1 I'ortland, tn-e.. May 2. There was fin eliaiiK'1 in tin market on butter for the weekend. Uito trad Iuk has been steady with only a smalt Increase In tnJHHil'ucture while demand has Improved Homcwliat. .Market for eBK continues to show a firm tone. No ehaiiKo In the price was xiiKK'Ht'l t weekend on (lie open market wlih buyers actually piiyltiK more (ban the official sell-hiK price. Complete wreck of the lettuce deal Is nhown with very liberal offerings from the Stockton, Calif, sector. This is affecting offeriiiK from other Sect ions. Due u the fact that growers have at last koI toKcther for shipment of curluwds, the asparaRUs market here is stroiiKor tt hlffher with increased supplies available locally. IMHtTI.AMl l.lCsTO K Portland, ore.. May 2. iloj-s total for week 3,175. flos: compared imc week hko, market mostly steady; bulk U5-215 lb drivelns $10.50, few lo $10.60 early, toad lota to $10.75; 2;tl-270 IbH. $10-10.25. few to $10.50; 2S0-325 lbs. $!l. 50-11); 120-155 lbs. $!i.75-$ 10.25; paekliiK- sows $S-R25; Kod to choice feeder pls $10-10.75. nttle: Kor week 2,250; calves 245. Compared one week iibto, market steady to lfio splits 25c hiKhcr, venters und bulls ateaily; bulk fed steers $0.75-7.50, few loads $7.00-7.85, common grades down to $5.50; medium to Kood heifers $0-7, top $7.25; common down to $5, cutlera down to $3.75; low cutter and cutter cows $2.75-4, common to medium grades $4.50-5.25, truod beef cows $5.50-0; biillH mostly $5-5.50, few to $5.75, and belter, enters down to $4: good to choice veulurs $!-l0, selects to $10.50, common to medium $5-8; Sheep: Week's total 2.liltl. Compared one week ao, market stroiiK: Rood spring lambs mostly $10 sorting lenient, few common to medium grades $S-!.50; extreme top wooled old crop lambs $1U, medium kinds .nuUuly good .to choice shorn lamliN $ H -S . 5 o , medium down to $7.50, good to choice shorn ewes $4-4.5n, common down to $2, choice I wooled ewes up lo $0. By HAROLD GRAY lhes.sed iiiTTi:nr.T A Ki-ad UUITF LUtlHOUN BABY CHICKS VVIII.IL. Hatches every day the first week in .May. Order from this ad lll per 100. Still plenty of time to raise a nice lot of fall layers. liFSSHLL'S HATCHEIiY. Phone Mill; Corvallls. Ore. a30tt 7 For Sale, Miscellaneous WRECKINGJ,,-;M',Vr,,-ct: $1 ter M.. planks fur -'burns, Uridtfcs, tfinhvr, lxS and lxtl shi'dtiim, flooring ceil in tr. sid-inar. iin deliver. 3rd & Madison, Albany. a:tO-mG-K FOR Al p "NrxN KM.iooTuir I Ull OrtLL washer. Splendid con-dition. 715.0H. Htimhoo fish poles up to 20 fi'Pt, 5t . lo 25c. I'huH ltohrhoiiK'h Son. ntl-4 10 Help Wanted VVANTFD-i-:xk"iki-ki am Mnt' 1 LU r.sponsil.lo lopK..r with :. cat to Iuk 6 million ft. Ulnn Co. litfTKlnK. timber and roadH (food. Address Box littiS, c-o l)cinoTal-Herald. :t:i0-mti 21 For Rent CI FAN MO,1:ltN THIIEE KOOM 'Ll-n,' apartment; central location. 215 East First St. nSO-n FOR RENT-4-" 5 HOOM l'N" l Ull .111.11 I (urn a,H. Phone 547-1!. a21-tf ELLSWORTH APTS - I,EAT' 1 1 I I I n-cKtuff,,,! furnl- Jure. Ph. 35, Snr. Ellsworth. aO-tf APARTMENTS alti-infi 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous WANTFD Kuu fA"- i'i'" " ii nit i il. wrl1(sl( horses and eows:also dcail animals if in Kood condition. Cale and .Montgomery, Phone collect 33-F-12, Corvallls. al7-lf an unlimited iiuantity of dry or ereen Cascara Bark. Will pay! biuhest cash prices. Albany Bar-! sain House, 2ml and Baker, Phone j Tlili. - . . al5-tf OLD UNITE! STATES COINS bought at Uuwson's Dciik marllf WANTFD ' ''',m ' ''' anil worthless horses and cows. Head animals picked up Tree of charffe anywhere. Cale ,V .Vonttfomcry, Phono collect 33-F-12. Corvallls. mill' S Lost, Strayed, or Stolen LOST LOCKET ON WATCH UwO chain, valued as keepsake, sake. Iteward. Notify Box 1977, c-o liemocrat-llerald. nil-4 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified PA9H ,Al11 KO" oli ooi.p, vVOIl ,!,., ., crowns. , brhlRes, filllliKS, old jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. .M. French & Son. Jewelers. d30tf PAINTING' WAU' r,A,,,':uiN,!- I mil I II1U lltorllr deeorallnK that's different. Plioiie 42 or 513-L. Wilbur Hawsou Ac Claire Snyder. . ni3o-i r pACU I'Alll FOB I'SEl) FCUNI- tjnoil ,,u.. ".,u,, 1,1 your attic." Cllas. HolirboUKh & Son, 415 V. First St. jl-tf ARE YOU (Rtl.W, TO Bl-ILD. lliJ-imdel or repair? If so, let me flKur with you on your work, (ieo. Kichanls, liuihlinK Cmi-traetor. loiti Oalnpooiii St. Phone 177-11 .Ml-TS CASH K(H Ll ANI) WOUTH vriOl I t,ss (lorst.s an,i cows, Oay-old calves. Hh. H-K-M Albany, (Veil MoutKomery. inM-tf U-nU .iml ,.OWH ,,u Ued up free of charge anywhere, rhone collect 14-K-l-t. Albany. If no auswui I'hotie ll-K-4, t'orvallis. ml4-tl Democrat-Herald Want Ads. Brinje Result. ER-- BUT-- RFNTAI ST- t.'H-u1'1- llLMinLO id Property, :io. wr month. L'ppiT & lower 5 room iipartniiinta, unfurnished for $15.00 j in f I $17.50. 35 tu-re farm with 5 acrt'H of berrk'3, (160 until Onto lift l, mac. . WISIiL UMWTRD HtlUSI-: JS50.00. 8 rooms with modt-rn cmmivom-li'iictH, plastered, built-lns. ear-etc. Terms of one-half down. TIUFl' &. MUKl'HY.. m2tf LOST" -CASTING POI.H & liWBU htrtwHii Halt'H Ntirsry & Main St. llrwunl. Finder initify Ut'lnocrat-yfenihl or K u s s I 1 UnlRhton, 1026 K. 5lll. ni2-0 tcipflfl act quick iso. so J) I 0JJ ntTP8 o. iirnlrlc land all under cultivation . lair liullilinK.s, l'hi best liny ever ot'fert'tl ill I. inn county. $1SU total price. Why nrtlt ? . 1RVINK U HOOP, Phone 300 aaotf FOR RFNT10"A,'"B TU,lKKY Ill-Ill ranei, & nr.hads. See Win. Bain, near P. O. on Broadal-bln hntweon 2ml & 3rd. m2-8 00 AfRFQ Foil TIUMK 1-ti OUU HUnLO la land, clear Koll ar of debt. Deal with owner only. Jesse Kcnvoll, 6 mi. S, K. Lebanon on Santiam Hwy. ni2 TRADF-SFAA' HOIT8B IN AI.-I llnUL bany, lo trade for a sood car. ACItKS, dost, to Lebanon, !UI a,Trn cultivated, baltinee pasture and' timber, on Rood traveled road Improved with two suts of buildiiiKS, tSTSO Tor nil. ALSO several farms on very easy d terms. ' O. 'M. DOLI.AI1111DH t'O. n27-tf UAMJpn iiousickeepi:ii puit nil llL K,,nt8mi.n or ,iher-less home. Address P. O. Hox 57, Albany, Ore. nt-'-H' WF HAVF slJVIiKAL VEI1V K1NE 't- 1 lnv rnniio specials In addition to the ones mentioned In our reRular ads. Mountain States Power Co. ml' Little Orphan Anne And Other Comics I These aro' tho prices retailors pay wholesalers, whoro othor-wlso Btated: llutter Prints, A grade, 29e lb. tn parchment wrapper, 30c lb. In car tons; tl grade, parchmunt wrnppor, 2So lb, cartons 2'Jc lb. liuttorfat (lortland del Ivory) A grade, delivered at least twice weokly. 2S-30C lb; country routes, 2B-2Se lb; li grade 2S-2l)e lb; C grade at market. H grade cream for tnnrkot-buylng price buttorfat basts. 534c lb. Cheese Selling prleo to l'orUaml retailers: Tillamook triplets, 21c lb loaf, 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, Vic lb; lunf. 20c lb. Kggs Buying price of wholesal ers: Kxtras, l'.ic doz; standards, 17c doz; extra, mediums, lbu doz, do me-dlum firsts, 15o don; under grade, 15c doz; pullets, 15c doz. Milk A grade Port la ml delivery. 5S. lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. Ilvo poultry Portland delivery, buying prleo: colored hens, over 44 lbs, 18-1'Ju lb; under 4ft lbs. 18-lDc. lb; leghorn Iiciih, over a Mi lbs. Hi-1 7c lb: under 3 V ha. It;-17c lb: leghorn broilers, 1 to Hi Ihs. 15-ltic lb; do lbs. up. Hi-17c lb; colored spriugH, 2 IbH. and up, 20-2lc lb; roosters, 8-9c lb; Pekln ducks, young, 14-17e lb; geese, U-12o lb. llve poultry Selling price by wholesalers ilght hens, 10-1 7c lb; medium hens, 17-1 8c lb; colored hens, 19c lb; broilers, 15fec lb; springs, 18-22o lb; Pekln ducks, young, 18-0c lb; do colored, 1 3-1 lie lb; capons, over 7 lbs, 24-25o lb; guinea hens, 50c each. TtnbbltB Kency dressed 20-21e lb. NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON, FOR THE COUNTY OF LINN. No. 17456 UNIVERSAL HOND & ) MORTGAGE CORPORATION) a corporation, ) Plaintiff.) vs. ) J. R. CARTWRIGHT. a wiri-) owcr VIVIAN CARTWRIGHT.) iind HAZEL CARTWRIGHT.) his wife; MARGARET A. ) THOMAS, Executrix of the es-) tate of J. B. ASHENFELTER,) deceased; STATE INDUS- -) TRIAL ACCIDENT COM- ) MISSION OF OREGON, ) Defendants.) By virtue of an execution, judg .y.u u,uu,, uuc.L-e una oiuur ui sale issued out of the above en- titled Court in the above entitled cause, to me directed and dated the 24th day of April, 11)30, upon a judiiment rendered and entered in said Court and cause on the 20th . day of April, lfl.'Mt, in favor of the above named plaintiff, Universal Bond & Mortgage Corporation, a corporation, and against the above named defendant, J. I?. CartwriKht, for the sum of $5,-172.34 and accrued Interest In the sum of $1,552,08, together with interest on said $5,172.34 at the rate of Ten (10'') per cent per annum from the 20th day of October 1!!35, until paid; and the further sum of $15.00 together with interest thereon at the rate of Ten RFAn THKSH ADS HVKY HAY iltfoi'imitlon. For Sale Real Estate 471-1 APRF faum sale HI 12. nunL un (jnntin,,, wy., 5 utiles out: new 5 room bouse, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair; on mtiin Vwer line, i rops all In. A HAKl'.AlN. See owner, Win. AlcKinley, lit. 1. Albany, Ore. a-'2-in22 rno cat C Htinsu on m;iu I Ull HALL iUB bit 1(115 E. 2ml. a3"-lli2-S' FOR sAI F UKAL ESTATE rut! On LC. i nli Bunk Farms. All counties In Western and Southern Oregon. t A. Barnes, Field Salesman, llf.3 Oak St.. l-'llffene. Ore. a HI-m HI 22 Wood and Coal nnnn w" pihceh right yJJV, any lenKth. Lester t'llilcote, ltioti Santiain ltd. Phone 734-lt. j20-lf RlftHT WOOD THE RUillT niOn I price. Claude Wright, phone 2t;ti-J, 3S E. tit li St. m2(l-lf 5 Liresrock, Poultry, Eggs currrp sheaimnc, call iiobin v3nl-l-lTruax, Phone ;-K-4 or call at 1315 E. 2nd. FOR QAI F " thabu-i-yii. Tun CALL ,,, Sii,ik. mare. Phone S2-F-12. a30-iu:i FOR sale-: -10 mtiin U1LTS. Joel Kopp, .TatiKcnt, Ut. 1. u30-m2 FDR 9AI F-2 Yl!- OL'EltNSEY l vjii ortii llllM. 3 ,,! .,. ()f Leliauou by beacon light. Eli Opel. a:i0-ni2' FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS- YES- IN TWENTIES WILL- BE . ALL RIGHT - FASTER, DOCTOR FASTER TWEy WOKJ'T BOMB TWE HOSPITAL - roi'l.THY No. 1 hens, 4 i to 6 I lis. ... No. 1 hens, over l IbH . .17. ..I7i No. 1 medium hens, iver IPfc lbs. He No. 1 mi'diumheus, under SVit lbs. He Cidored KpriliK's ISe No. 1 brnil.TH. I in 2 lbs He Koimters 7c StnRs .10c i:;ti : All PrlerM Art llellverrd Allintiy ('hnpn llpliiriirtl Kxtras .Standards Kxtrn medium Standard medium ...... Hrowns extras Olrty extras UndeiKrades PulletH , fee wees Live ... ..t ..SVje x YEP- It SURE IS, ISN'T IT. MR: BALANCE? GOOD CORNING- WHAT BE FOUR FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS Iuu7. MD RnnT. I well- well- . ' Don't see much-.' ! of vou- Busing ' r- 'THAT OLD MISER? ON EARTH COULD HE GOING TO DO WITH HUNDRED DOLLARS'? HA" HA! I SEE VOO DRAWING OUT FOUR HUNDRED -DOLLARS- THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY V ' I hi si J I to retailers: No. 1 hens, 23c lb; toms, 22-22 c per lb. Fretth FrnltM Apples Delicious, extra fancy, $l.KT-2 box: do fancy, $1.55-1.60 box; Newtowns, extra fancy, $1.70 box: do fancy, $1.45 box: do face and fill, fancy, s.ic box: do face and fill, choice, B5o box. Hpltzenberg, extra fancy, $1.40 hox; do combination, $1.25 box. Rome Peauty, Jumble. 2 Vic lb. AVInesaps, extra fancy, $1.65 box; do fancy, $1.40 box, do jumble,, ext ra fancy, 8e lb. Jtauanas bunch. 5 Vic lb: handfl, 6-6Mic lb. Strawtierries I-'lorln, $1.50 12-box cralol Kresno, $2.40. - 1'ears IVAnjou, $1.15 hox. Oranges California, navels, fancy, $3.15-3:30; choice, $2.752.85; standards, $2.65 case. Grapefruit Arizona, $1.80-2.40 case; Florida, $4-4.25 case, heinous California, fancy, $5.25-5.50 case; choice, $1.5 ease. Fresh Vrgetnble Pidatoes Local, $1.90-2 per cental: Klamath, $2.35 cental: Scappose Netted ileitis, $2-2.15 cental; Deschutes Netted iiems, $2.25-2.34 cental. Celery California, $3.25-4 crate, . Peas California, $2- 2.25 sack. Spinach :t:.-5oc. Onions Oregon, $1.25-1.35 per 100 lbs. Cauliflower lloseburg, ( ) crato: California, $1.50-1.75 crate. 'muatofH California, $1.25-1.85 lug. Lettuce Salinas $2.25-2.65; Sacra mento, dry, $1.50-2. Sweet potntoos California, $2 per 50-1 b. crate: southern yams, $1.95 crato. Ithubarb Field grown 50c-60c per apple box. Cucumbers fjocul, hothouse, $l- 1.50 doz. New potatoes Texas, $1.65-1.75 per 50-lb bag; Shafrer, $1.75-1.85. New Onions California Bermudas, 70c per lug. Asparagus Mid-Columbia, $1.60- . 1.75 per 3U-lh. pyramid: Ilermiston, 6c per lb; Yakima, $1.50 per 30 lb. nyrnmld: California $1-1.50 pyra mid. Meats and Provisions Country meats Selling prleo to retailers; country killed hogs, best butchers, under 150 lbs, 1314c lb.r vealers, No. 1, H-HHc lb.: light and thin, tf-12o lb; heavy 9-12c lb; cutter cows, 8-10c lb; lambs, old, 18c lb; spring lambs, 19-20c lb; ewes, 6-10o lb. lliips, nntl AVool imps Nominal: 1035 Fuggles ( ) lb: Clusters, 7-8c lb. Wool 1936 contracts, nominal Willamette valley, medium, 30c lb;, coarso and braid, 28c lb; eastern Oregon, 21 -23c lb; southern Idaho ( ) lb. STICKS TO LAST 75 YEARS Limerick, Mo. Samuel Sawyer Knight, 82-year-old shoe maker and oldest resident of the townj still occupies the room in which he was born. He has Deen in me , repairing business for more 7 than 75 years and is still actively employed. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have been duly appointed by tho County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County executrix and executor, respectively, of the will and estate of W. H. Howard, deceased, and have qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent arc- hereby required to present them, duly verified, witnin six (0) months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned executrix and ...... t,, ..1 1 lm nff inn nf Marks bany, Linn County, Oregon. Duted and Hrst pumisnca uns 18th (lav of April, 1936. MABEL HOWARD ARTHUR K. McMAHAN Executrix and Executor of the Will and Estate of W. H. Howard, Deceased MARKS & McMAHAN, " Albany, Oregon, ' Attorneys for Executrix and Executor. A 18 25 May 2 9 18 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. - CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St Phone 78 FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY -Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Monev to Loan, Farm Security PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN tho market for eggs, poultry, veal, and cream. " WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HOWS. Maytag, Easy, Thor, Washers - WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORD1NIER 4 SON Well Drillers "We solicit your inquiries" Eugene, Oregon V ,.'r . v. r ... r ! ! a! 1 'A -4 i ! M I M .ii 1 'I 1 u i I '""5 I ,- s 3 sis i 3 1 I 1 4 3 THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENS MYRA NORTH Special Nurse - - MERCIFUlL- ; ; WHAT LUCK.' AMD I WA5 ALL SET TO DEVOUR THOSE TEMPTI06 CREPES .110'w-,."t'!; Cel", PMCr "nTm !;'!'",& McMahan, in the First National l Z 1 ', L' Nrm. 'fL'ri,7 lUnk Building, in the city of Al and tho further sum of $376.25 DARE VOL) THAT AT A LIIETMIS WHyi,..OM,LOOK BUT 5UPP05E& THERE'5 A SLIP - DOZENS OF PEOPLE AREr WHY LVlkia THERE, 6ET 50 EXCITED Tr.l. V Y S-i.h.(il. IM By Thompson and Coll TWE HOSPITAL BY BLOSSER ct 3 WMAT WITH FEAR GRIPPING WER HEART, AS TME EMEMy PLANES ROAR CLOSER, MYRA SUZETTEJ GOES WITH DR. DEVRIE5 BACK TO TME HOSPITAL FRECKLES AND HIS OFFICER KELLY, 1 DOWT KWOW WHY VES, A THE CAR DASHES AROUMD A BEWD, OME OP TME EMEMY P LAMES DELIBERATELY DROPS FROM TME FORM-ATIOM,TO RELEASE A BOMB DIRECTLY THESE DAYS- OH, I SEE -WORRIED ABOUT JACK. EM ? IN THE DARK OF TM WIZER'S DOME.THIS'LL HARM MOT A HAIR -THIS RiG WE'VE FIXED ISA : DlMOSAUe SMARE .' ' HOW 5AY TIME j ALL FIXED NOW OVER DO YOU MEAM THAT I LL HAVE IO TEAR ) FRFckf 1 HOPFTi in ri : MR. TWIDGE.... 1 AC3REE UP MY FLOOR ? . f BUT WASN'T SURE THAT YOU'D CONSENT ! I KNEW -iU-H S rr --vi ur, cr ADDAiKrnl S IT COULD EE ARRANGED .' ) Z A ORDINANCE IN ARE YO'J AN IDEA.... HAVS: I THIS TtWiN "THAT HERE JUSTATHEORY, ' - WOT JuJs THEM FOR J OF COURSE ...BUT -'JiTJ REC;UIPE5 THEM J IT MA WORK CMU WDE",f t03 OUT! HAVE YOU . HH ? aJ " with interest thereon at the rate of B'n per annum from 20th day of April, 133(1; and for the further sum of $14 25 costs and disbursements and the costs of and upon this writ commanding me to make sale of the following real property situated in the County of Linn, State of Oregon, to-wit: Lot Numbered Twelve (12), in Block Numbered Six (0), in the city of Harrisburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, according to the official plat thereof on file and of record in the office of the County Clerk 1 of said county and state, saving ! and excepting therefrom that ! part of said Lot 12 described! as follows: The first story of that certain building located on the portion of said lot described as follows, commencing at the : northeast corner of said Lot 12, Block 6, in the City of Har- 1 risburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, and running thence West on the North line of said lot Thirty (30) feet and Three (3) inches to the center of the stairway in a brick building : now situated on said land, thence south parallel with the East line of said lot Sixty-five (05) feet Three (3) inches, thence East parallel with the North line of said Lot Thirty (30) feet three inches to the East line of said lot; thence North to the place of beginning; together with the perpetual easement in and to the West half of the West wall of said building. Now, therefore, by virtue of said execution, judgment order, decree and order of sale, and in compliance with the commands of said writ, 1 will, on Friday, the 29th day of May, 1930, at ono.1 oclock P. M. at the front door of the County Court House in Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction (subject to redemption) to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest which the above named defendants and each and all of them in the above entitled suit had on the 15th day of October, 1929, tho date of the mortgage herein foreclosed, or since that dutc had or now have in and to the above described property or any part thereof, to satisfy said execution, judgment order and decree, costs and acujting costs. Dated April 24th, lUTitf. First Publication, April 25th, 1936. Last Publication, May 23, 1936. HERBERT SH ELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. FRIENDS BUT I'LL ALSO FK3H TO THE LAST DITCH 7 KEEP AW INNOCEl .T PERSOW OUT OF A RE FORM SCHOOL? THIS UNIFORM DOESWT MAKE ME A DEMOW. ! YOU KNOW A -VO HO.'V.E OWN!, MXl'RE IMTERFERIMG . ifa THIS CASE ' YOUR DUTY IS TD ARREST WITH ! MALEFACTORS YOU ALLEY OOP GUZ IS NOT NOW, KOV.', I GET IT ' : BY HAMLIN - WE BETTER LOOK WHAT TH' THUMDERATIOM ARE THOSE TWO DI7ZY DUBS DOW UP THERE ATOP THAT CLIFF? AMGD IF I CAN YOU'LL GET 7h"CA 'FOk:E SEE H&V WERE ( WE &T 7HCCUGH -CMOM, GONNA DOAWY- .VK;0V-WEE GOT VvCC THl.MGTOTH'GPAMD-v TO DCs ("OHI) V- C'MOM, DINNY CO HAVE A W2E2. WAY UP HERE OM THIS CLIFF K i-EAvE vO'J FIGGED WAMT BOuMCiNJ'TH S OF? o OM CLWWES -I S Cv - ' - ' ' - -") April 25 May 2 8 10 2 j ' t91g BY Nf wvicr. INC. T m WCO U 9. PAT I

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