The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 219
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 219

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 219
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(2) UNI Primer Impacto: Ediclrjn Noctuma(1:00) 27644, 927248 (33 Mad About You: An old classmate blames Paul for his misfortune. (CC) (TVPG) 94248 S3 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Previously spurned by Troi's mother (Majel Barrett), a Ferengi kidnaps her, Troi and Riker. (1:00) 90996 (p) News 46248 GDJerry Falwell (1:00) 835828 AMC Movie: The Five Pennies (1959) Danny Kaye. Life of Dixieland cornetist Loring "Red" Nichols. (Musical. (2:00) (TVG) 448335 AP Keepers ot the Kingdom: Elephants of Tsavo: The elephant's natural life cycle effectively controls overpopulation. Tsavo National Park in Kenya. (TVG) (1:00) 56170 BET Comlcview (1:00) 271606 BRAV Movie: City of Joy(1992) Patrick Swayze. U.S. surgeon joins Englishwoman's clinic in Calcutta. (Drama,PG-13, (2:20) (TVPG) 1679847 CMTV Non-Stop Country (8:00) 5076098 CNBC News With Brian Williams (CC) (1:00) 1721489 CNN World Today (CC) (1:00) 376644 COM Viva Variety: European variety. ; (TVPG) 6486809 : DSC Code Red: Submarine Rescue: , fl Cutting-edge technology averts I marine disasters and saves lives. j (TVG) (1:00) 730828 i E! Talk Soup: Best moments from i the daily talk shows: host John Hen- ,! son. (TVPG) 627996 turns out to be Mr. Mullens (Robert Klein). (CC) 97016 () Living Single: Khadijah's mother brings along Regine's estranged mom during a Mother's Day visit. (CC) 55996 9 Andre Rleu: The Christmas I Love: The musician tells holiday stories and performs in concert with the Johann Strauss Orchestra. (Repeat) (1:30)22828 COM Make Me Laugh: Frank San-torelli; Margaret Smith; Ngaio Bealum. (TVPG) 6495557 E! Night Stand: Errant clerics. (TV14) 636644 ESPN2 NHL 2Night: Hosts Bill Pidto and Barry Melrose. 4984489 FOOD Entertaining at Home With Dean Fearing 25083 FX In Living Color: Fire Marshal Bill visits a Japanese restaurant; Sherman Hemsley. (CC) (TVPG) 7450248 HB02 (10:45) Movie: Plain Clothes (1988) Arliss Howard. Policeman poses as student to solve murder, woos teacher. (Comedy, PG. (1 :40) (CC) 36975170 HGTV Best ol American Design: Designer Bill Hodgins; architect Hugh Newell Jacob. 90335 MTV Beavis and Butt-head (TV14) 708354 NIK Mary Tyler Moore (CC) 537828 SH02 (10:35) Movie: Bullet (1996) Mickey Rourke. Urban thugs share violent rivalry, grudging respect, (Suspense, R, (1:40) (CC) 66707002 STARZ Movie: Jungle feiw(1991) Wesley Snipes. New York architect and woman make waves with biracial affair. (Drama, R, (2:30) (CC) 6223847 TCM Movie: To Have and Have Not (1944) Humphrey Bogart. Skipper fools Nazis, flirts with singer on Martinique. (Adventure, 8W, (2:00) 2411538 TMC (10:40) Movie: The Laughing Policeman (1973) Walter Matthau. San Francisco detectives clash on mass-murder case. (Crime drama, R, (1:55) 61153606 TNT Inside the NBA 737712 TVL Phil Silvers 6402847 WGN News (CC) 384644 11 p.m. (X Boleros! Unforgettable Love Songs (1:00) 50977 (T)News(CC) Q TIB News (CC) (7 i Seven at Eleven m (11:15) Deco Drive (Repeat) (10 63 News SSiNoliclas 63 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (CC) (1:00) !331Vlbe (1:00) 70731 (2) Jerry Springer (1 :00) 73489 39 Real TV (3D In the Word With Gil McDowell (100) A&E Law & Order The investigation of a preschooler's death leads to the crack-addicted mother and her boyfriend, a disreputable attorney. (CC) (1:00) 708489 AP Animal Doctor 21996 BET BET Tonight With Tavis Smiley 171267 CNBC Charles Grodin (1:00) 6310809 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) COM Dally Show 5681286 CSPN Prlmetlme Public Attalrs 486460 DIS Movie: Moochie ol the Little League (1959) Kevin Corcoran. Little League catcher refuses cheap win. (Comedy-drama, BW, (1:00) (Part 2) 526793 DSC Justice Files: Legal loopholes allow young people to obtain deadly weapons. (1:00) 773793 El Howard Stern 195712 ESPN2 Winter X Games Trials EWTN Get a Life - In Christ FAM 700 Club (1:00) 984847 FOOD Ready Set Cook! FX X-Files (CC) 3189538 GOLF Golf Central (Repeat) HBO (11:15) Movie: She's the One (1996) Jennifer Aniston. Wall Streeter needs to compete with cabbie brother. (Romance-comedy, R, (1:40) (CC) 90258606 HB03 Movie: The Pian(om(1996) Billy Zane. Purple-costumed superhero tries to thwart archcnminal. (Action, PG, (1:45) 6439809 HGTV Gardening by the Yard 36828 HIST Civil War Journal: Union and Confederacy employ spies. (1:00) 62915 LIF Homicide: Lite on trie Street (CC) 957793 MSNBC Big Show With Keith Olber- mann 3298967 MTV Loveline 982489 NIK Taxi 795606 NOS Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters 894731 PLAY Movie: Drawn to the Flame (1997) Lisa Welt. A woman returns to a lover from the past. (Adults only, AO. (2:00) 873286 REQ1 WWF: In Your House: From Springfield, Mass. (Repeat) (3:00) 846828 SC Sports News 166335 SCFI TimeTrax (CC) 9236828 TBS Movie: Moomaker (1979) Roger Moore. Agent 007 meets Hugo Drax. out to nerve-gas Earth. (Action, PG, (2:45) 94981441 TLC Sideshow 327644 TNN Dallas: James Richard Beaumont impresses the Ewings: Miss Ellie shocks Clayton; J.R. and Cally have an unwelcome visitor. (1:00) 995809 TNT Movie: Above the Rim (1 994) Duane Martin. Good and bad brothers influence basketball star. (Drama, R. (2:00) 325286 TRAV Amazing America 2781977 TVL Gunsmoke (1:00) 6852267 UNI Primer Impacto Extra 292064 USA Silk Stalkings (CC) 337915 VH1 Legends 876335 WGN Beverly Hills, 90210 (SS) (CC) 551489 11:30 p.m. (XC9 (11:35) Late Show With David Letterman: Helen Hunt; Denver Bronco Terrell Davis; band Chumbawamba. (CC) (1 :00) 4747354, 5986642 O CI) (1 1 :35) Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Alyssa Milano; Quentin Tarantino; Lewis Browning, a Twinkie devotee. (CC) (1:00) 7708731. 7706373 f7j(11:45) Keenen Ivory Wayans: Kelly McGillis. (CC) (1:00) 7799083 CfQ!S3(11:35)Nightline (CC) 8874248. 3941267 07 Andre Rieu: The Christmas I Love (Repeat) (2:30) 799151 23 UNI Notlciero Univlsion: Edi-ci6n Nocturna ("39! Married ...With Children (CC) AP Animal Doctor 88441 CNN Moneyllne (Repeat) (CC) 682977 COM Win Ben Stein's Money 1743977 El Howard Stern 176847 ENC Movie: The Only Game in Town (1970) Elizabeth Taylor. (Drama, PG, (2:00) 5294712 ESPN SportsCenter (CC) (1:00) 513809 ESPN2 Rodeo (Same day tape delay) (2 30) 7354422 EWTN Feminism & Femininity: A Catholic Perspective FOOO Dining Around GOLF Golf Channel Academy HGTV Surprise Gardener 93373 MAX Inside Out: "Just the Fax"; "The House Guest"; "My Secret Moments." 239809 NIK Newhart: Dick may make a video of his plumbing book. 347903 RCN Shogun 4269915 SHO (11:45) Women: Stories of Passion: An experiment contributes to a student's sexual awakening. 6053460 TRAV Great Castles ol Europe (CC) 3306606 Midnight (T) Only Fools and Horses (JO: (12:05) Oprah Winlrey (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) 5447403 O Collectible Coins & Currency (3:00) 1 23 Al Rltmo de la Noche (Joined in progress) (1:30) 63(12:05) Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher (CC) 5973213 6D Keenen Ivory Wayans (CC) 11.00) 998132 (33 Real Stories ol the Highway Patrol All in the Family 65768 (39! LAPD: Lile on the Beat (Repeat) Christmas in Vienna (Repeat) (2:00) 80652 A&E Biography (1:00) 577522 AMC Danny Kaye (CC) 443768 APE.S.P.U. 820132 BET 227 194316 BRAV (12:20) Movie: TheRitz (1976) Jack Weston. (Comedy, R, (1:40) 91434233 CNBC Rivera Live (1:00) 5976671 CNN Newsnlght COM Saturday Night Live (CC) (1:00) 5817923 DISZorro (CC) 556132 DSC Wild Discovery (1:00) 169774 E! Melrose Place 179652 EWTN Our Lady ol the Angels Monastery Mass (1:00) FAM Three Stooges 1045229 FAM (12:20) Three Stooges 39435565 FOOD Essence of Emerll FX NYPD Blue (CC) 7239382 GOLF Goll Channel Academy Live (1:00) HB02 (12:25) Movie: Awakenings (1990) Robert De Niro. (Drama, PG-13, (2:05) (CC) 52138756 HGTV Room by Room 739836 HIST In Search of History (1:00) 810300 LIF Unsolved Mysteries (CC) (1:00) 380126 MAX Movie: Mother Night (1996) Nick Nolte. (Comedy-drama, R, (2:00) (CC) 388768 MSNBC News With Brian Williams (CC) 5165039 MTV Singled Out 892010 NIK Dick Van Dyke 614294 NOS Dennis Wholey: Amerlcal 645010 SC Sports News 548768 SCFI seaQuest DSV (CC) 6675010 SHO (12:15) Hunger 4406836 SH02 (12:15) Movie: Lily Dale (1996) Mary Stuart Masterson. (Drama, PG, (1:45) 26578836 SUN Women's College Soccer: NCAA Championships, Final (Repeat) (2:30) 884279 TNN Dukes of Hazzard (1:00) 353652 TRAV Lonely Planet 5163671 TVL Petticoat Junction 4140836 UNI Al Ritmo de la Noche 610045 USA Highlander (CC) 720720 VH1 Movie: The Song Remains the Same (1976) Led Zeppelin. (Documentary, PG, (3:00) 269039 WGN In the Heat ol the Night (CC) 993294 12:30 a.m. QT Benny Hill 4956403 (T) (12:55) StarGazer (4 09(12:35) Lale Late Show With Tom Snyder (CC) (1:00) 9106229, 4792126 O T) (12:35) Late Night With Conan O'Brien (CC) (1:00) 1128213, 1126855 QD (12:45) News (Repeat) (CC) (TOO) 63(12:35) Hard Copy (Repeat) (CC) 6421942 33 Real Stories ol the Highway Patrol 69 Vibe (1:00) 27855 (39 LAPO: Lile on the Beat AP Spirit ol Adventure 364805 EWTN River ol Light: (Part 3 of 4) (1:00) 5040335 FAM Hawaii Flve-0 (1.00) 141016 FOOD Motto Mario 16335 FX In Living Color: "Men on Fitness." (CC) (TVPG) 7474828 GOLF Benson & Hedges International Open Highlights: Bernhard Langer triumphs in the '97 event. (1:00) 723538 HBO Dragtime: Flamboyant cross-dressers discuss their fetish. (CC) (TVMA) (1:15) 1287921 HGTV Kitchen Design: Dream kitchens. 14915 HIST Great Ships: 'The Coast Guard Ships" Coast Guard vessels: early revenue cutters. (TVG) (1:00) 96712 MAX Movie: Relentless IV: Ashes to Ashes (1994) Leo Rossi. L.A. police partners track ritual serial killer. (Suspense. R. (1:30) (CC) 400460 MSNBC Time & Again: Host Jane Pauley. (1:00) 3964915 MTVBeavis and Butt-head (TV1 4) 799606 NIK I Love Lucy 511880 NOS Streets ol San Francisco: A public defender puts herself in danger when she refuses to believe her client is a murderer. Guest: Linda Kelsey. (1:00) 828538 PLAY Strip Search SC Sports News (1:00) 299002 SUN College Basketball: Florida at Texas (Same day tape delay) (2:00) 86809 TLC Rituals of the World: Researchers travel the globe to wit-h- ness ancient ceremonies involving ft rites of pain. (TV14) (1:00) 947002 TNN Yesterday and Today: Johnny j- Cash, Loretta Lynn. Barbara Man-O drell, Elvis Presley, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Emmylou Harris. (CC) (TVG) (1:00) 929606 5 TRAV Rough Guide (CC) (1:00) f 3979847 TVL Hogan's Heroes 6493199 r. VH1 Legends: "The Who" Film-clips x and interviews profile The Who. I- (1:00) 826170 WGN Honeymooners 375996 10:30 p.m. O 33 Grace Under Fire: Grace befriends a crisis-hotline caller who

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