Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 1, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGOtf PAGE FIVE HERE'S WHERE FOLKS ARE LOOKING FOR THE THINGS YOU WANT TO SELL OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT I at r son's Drug Store, marltf I NEWTODAY KOll H I.K ,0 l.G :!. KI TIIH washer. Sph'iulitt rnmlition, $15.00. LtamltOH finli polftt up to 20 feel. Situ 2'tc. Clias. Iti.hrbouirh & Sou. ml -4 ltnblilta Kency dressed 20-21c lb. Turkeys (dressed) selling; price to retnilers: No. 1 hens, 230 lb; toms, 22-22 'Ao per lb. TODAY'S MARra QUOTATIONS wiiiti: iuiiv t int us Hatches every day the first week in May. Order- from this ad $10 er 100. Still plenty of time to raise a nice lot of fall layers. Kl'SSKI-l.'S HATCH Kit Y, Phone 3R0,- CorvuHls, Oregon. aSOtf PreHUftl :. . . . . . . !. .7 12'. 4 1! Ill TTI-IHKAT A Ki'iuli 2 tie It (trade . . , 25c (' Kt'ii'lt 22c KHI-.HI I.amhH . . , , .$R.2rtfD.OO i si:i h i: iioxr.s only ft ami up. Pick you in now, a large stock to select from. Iawn mowers, trade In your old lawn mower on one of our new. light running, high wheel, ball bearing mowers. Curd en hose, we have a number of pieces of good used garden hose New hose, 50-ft. lengths, $1 .95. Sprinklers, garden tools, etc. Albany, Hargatn House. 2nd & Maker, al.'9-inl : Ki p r- I.ONV I.OI KKT OX W.tTCII ' f 1 . I X vnhiPil ns k(eiHtake. Re ward. Notify Hox lit"", f-rf Hemm rat-hf ralil. NKW RI-IMTH1C SHI : A It n A STKR Hipper, 4 Hhecp iini t-attlf at Sml-til)'s Auction Sat. ml auk vol ;oin; to Bin. ii, hi:. iimhIcI or reptilr? If ho, lot Hit f 1 jjt-iir' with yon on your work. iin. c itit'ltanlx. BuIKUiik Contractor, loifi Oilapooin St., Phone 177-11. iiil-7-S NTOCK-TOU'IPMKXT-FI RMTI IIK. Ill arrvH lot-alt! on 13rush Creek, all bottom -land, crop all in, very Itood iMtlhliiiKK, a very fine little plaee, 2 horses. 2 cons, all equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only $375 A move rlttht in. ' 1KV1NK U HOOD, Phone 300 a.tOtf IIIKAP PI.ACi: 05 ACIIKS. FOOT hills above Lebanon cut over land with spring water. Small house and small other Imildinps. Price only $1200 with $500 cash balance G. Or miKht take small house and lot for equity. A iHen llti j III - jtrm, h .sh way front a bp at Tidewater with small set if hnililintrs. Sell rut terms or trade for Albany property. . IMI Acre X'2Htm with 90 under cultivation and balance timber., on terms. $1200 cash balance W anleil -Mouse in town for suburban acreage in No. Albany. Tripp Murphy IteuItorM. mltf I'll A UK S K L lj House in Albany, to trade for a Rood oar. i 220 Acres, close to Lebanon, 00 acres cultivated, balance pasture and timber, on good gravelled road proved with two aets of buildings, $5750 for all. Also several farms on very easy terms. C. M. Dollarhlde Co. o27-tf M'AXTED Flllt CASH Ol.O AMI worthless horses and cows. Dead animals picked up free of charge anywhere. ('ale & Montgomery, Phone collect :t3-F-12, CorvalliK. mltf SHi:KI' Silt: AHIN4.. I All. IIOIIIN Truax. Phone 2!i-F-4 or call tU 1316 E. 2nd. ml-7 CASH FAID FOR USED FURNITURE, etc. "Look in your attic." Chas. Rohr bourn A Son, 415 W. First St. Jl-lf 30 Miscellaneous Classified I'lllST-Cl.ASS PAIM'IVIi, I'AIM'.H luuiKiiiK mid Interior dt'oorutinu. 1'hom- -r-l. W. M. Krh. i2ll-ml- PAINTING. WALL PAPERING. INTER-inr tleeoratinfr that's different, l'bone 42 or 613-L. Wilbur Dawson & Claire Snyder. mSO-tf HELP TUB NEEDT The Salvation Army needs fruits. vege b)es. clothins .etc., to help needy people in emergency eases. Money, too. if you care to contribute. We have no trlaphona, but bring a what you have to donat or drop its a card and we'll call for It Capt. Bert Bailey, 840 East First 8L. Albany. NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, by an order of the County Court of the State of Oregon, for the Cyunty of Linn, duly made and entered on the 27th day of April, 193G, was appointed Administrator with the Will Annexed of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of. HANNAH R. TILLOTSON, Deceased, and that he has duly qualified -as such Administrator. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to persent the same, duly verified, as required by law, to him at the law offices of Edward E. Sox in tiie First National Bank Building, in the City of Albany, in Linn County, Oregon, within six months of the date of this notice. Dated, and first published this 1st day of May, 1936. JOHN A. HELT7.EL. as Administrator witli the Will Annexed of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of HANNAH R. TILLOTSON, Deceased. Date of First Publication: May 1, 1336. Date of Last Publication: May 29, 1936. . THAT (HM-M-M-- Prices quoted below are thot pn vailing at 11 o'clocltt a. n. on 4ns of publication, and are aubjoet to ehanm at any hour thereafter. i.oc i, (at i M, NeuilerK Co. W 1110 AT: Nh. I whitf. Silo; nil ami mlxfil 7St' tnishi'l. MAKI.KV: lliinsin. Jl.'in ton. I t A TV.' Willi si V.. 1 tl lilt sr.i -No. I. Kiny fe-a 2.00 ton. j M OO I. Wool, por pound S0i .Moluiir, per poittnl AiU' mi; ATS (1. i:. VrlM-runll Men I Cn.) :.rri.K Stors , .$r.50ti T.00 HHfen , . CMHi Ii Ml niillH , a.&nfi &.oo Cows. Iipof ,-. 3.001 5.00 I'llWS, CllttlTH ,.i l.uOtfA.OO HOliK 140 In K.O ppun.lH $fi.2offR.7r lfiO to 210 pomiils S. 7.1 ft 9.75 210 lo 2:rt ponmlit 8.2"iYi !.2.1 250 to rtfiO p mi i His 8.2.1 ft 8.50 :ii0 ponnilK tip J... li.tSOtf 7.25 Siiwm .. 5.5OH7.00 mii:i:i I .ii mini .17.50 (ft S..10 IOwps , 2.00ft S.00 Vf-ai'llnKf 5,H0 11.00 V I'M I I.ivi. 7" ll-ss. l uv roi ii itv (Siri A Cotnimiiyt XO. 1 lU'NH, 4i tO Ii .17c Xo, I hfiin, ovi'i' 0 llis 174 No. 1 nieilhint ht-ns, fiver M Him, l ie No.- 1 nuMlliimhcnN, inuli-r II is lhs. He Colon-il HprtiiKM . , . i ,: , 1 Xc No. 1 hrolliTH, 14 to 2 11)H, ...... He JliiomTH 7c Sfiitfs . . . . ........... . IOC. I'M. CM All Trlcf Art- IIHIvcri'il Allitiny Cimrn Itffuriicil I'.x t niH 1 ill SlnniliM'tlH 17r Kxtrn nn'iH inn 1 lie Sltunlurd nieiliiiin i:tc (IrmviiH cxtruM , lite I irly cxt dim ., 16c I'nrit-rKnidi-M 1 3 c rnllttM 12c I't'f VM' , 10c v i:ii LIvh. 4 SVic Bv HAROLD GRAY MAN HE KNOWS Livestock FOK SAI.K OH TKAIF 4-VII. OI.I saddle mare. Phone K2-F-1 2. n;t0-m2 POK SAl.i; HI IUtl.l CII.I'S. Phone 1H-F-3, Joel liopp. Tangent, lit. 1. BJO-m! for sai.i: a vit. i;i f.usfv bull, it miles west of Lebanon by beacon light. KM Opel. a30-m2'; ik;s fok sai.k. Kniph Miller, llalsey, Dre. a29-ml WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-less horses and cows ; also dead animals if in good condition. Cale and Montgomery, Phone collecet 33-K-12, Corvallis al7-tf CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. m!4-tf DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect 14-F-14. Albany. If no answer.- Phone ll-F-4, Corvallis. ml4-tf 12 For Sale Used Cars - 30 BARGAINS we linve 3ft used cars I it 29 to 1932 Model A Fords, t'hevrolels, and Pon-tia-s in sedans, coaches, coupes and roadsters. All reconditioned with Hoekeusmith & Temple ton's O. K. Kvery one a bargain. Open on Sundays At. HAW AITO CO. J I'sed Car Corner 2nd. & KUs worth Sts. Phone 200 a2!t-ml 13 For sale, Miscellaneous (ii.Aiiioi.A m i. us, loc no.i: Pompom l)ahllas, Kie each Hall's Floral Co. a2lt-m! FOK SAI.i; HOI SFHOI.D COOPK. 627 K. 3rd St. Albany. a30-ml hi: Kivf; 2 ii h; schools Iu tuber $4 up. Brick $4 per M. planks for barns, bridges, timber, 1x8 and lxfi slieeting, flooring, celling, siding. Can deliver. 3rd & Madison, Albany. aUO-mfi-S THAT r 0H-- HM-M" AH- WELL, THAT THERE ( "J7 FOItll COACH, .OOIl Nil APR license M urphy's l-Ved Store Kerry St. at Water. ml' StStMt ACT HI ICK 1SM SO acres of prairte land all under cultivation fair buildings, the best buy ever offered in Linn county. $IS00 total price. Why rent? IUV1NK 1- MOOD. Phone .100 niioif For Sale Farms 4714 ACRE FARM FOR SALE ON SAN-ttain Hwy., fi mile out; new 6 room home, new chicken house all other outbuilding fair: on main power line. Crops all in. A BARGAIN. See owner, Wm. Mc Kin ley, Rt. 1, Albany, Ore. a22-m22 1 For Sale Real Estate FOK SA1.K HOI Si: OK IM ILDIXfi bit 1615 K. 2nd. a30-m2-8 TAX SALE PROPERTIES SELLING . for fraction of value, includes Lebanon, .lots, timber, farm land, acreage, etc. 70 pieces to chose from. Address Box 188.1, care Democrat-Herald. a25-ml FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Bank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A. Barnes, Field Satmman, 1163 Oak St., Eugene, Or. alfi-ml6 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DELIV-ered in any length. Lester Chitcote, 1606 Santiam Rd. Phone 784-R. J20-tf THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude Wright, pTione 266-J, 638 E. 6th St. m20-tf 11 Hay, Grain, Feed i:TIIA (iOOI) SKKI) OATS FOII sale. Ira Cox, Phone 2-F-23. lit. 2, Albany. n 20 - m 1 s" Poultry, Eggs FOII KAI.F TKAPNKSTKI 1101,1, V- wood chickens, l yr. & 2 yr. 5-wk. old pullets. Call morning or 4 to 6 p. m. .Moving out of town and must sell. -Mrs. W. K. Holbrook, So. Ferry St. a30-m2-S ANNIE'S not doing SO WELL LATELY. EH HAVE VOL) ANY SHE HAS SOMETHING ELSE ON MIND MR BOOT- HIXK STI IIUY CWnilAiili. TOMATO, Cauliflower and Flowering plants --Hail's Floral Co. a29-ml 15 For Rent, Houses, Apt. I t: V MOUI .lt TllliF.F UOOtl a pa rt mt ii l : cent ral loi-nt ion. -215 East First St. a30-m2" FOR RENT 4 & S ROOM UNFITRN. apts. Phone S4T-R. . a21-tf ELLSWORTH APTB. BEAT. OVER-stuffed furniture. Ph. 86. 806 Ellsworth. 6-tf APARTMENTS FOR RENT. DR. Stark's Bldg. al6-m6 35 Salesmen Wanted W.WTF.II WKX WITH CAII ft WHO can sell farmers. If Interested in $30 to $50 weekly nnd up, see or write Stale manager. Apt. 3. 64H l-'nlon Si.. Salem, Ore. n29-ml' 20 Help Wanted, Male wi l l) i: i-ioii 1 1 :n : ami i-ispinsllil. InKKi'r witli i'ut to Uk Ii niilhiin fl. I.iiiu Co. l.i'KKiiiK. tim-Iht nnd i'ohiU iiimkI. Ailtlrt-MM' ltux r-n I ti'iinK-riti -Mt'niUI. ii30-mC 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous CASH PAID FOK OLD GOLD. DENTAX crowns, bridge, fillings, old jewelry, watch cases, etc, P. M. French A Sou, Jewelers. d30t CASCARA BARK WANTED WE ARE in the market for an unlimited quan tity of dry or Kreen Cascara Hark. Will pay hiirhest cah prices. Altmny UarKain House, 2nd and liukvr. Phone 16. al5-tf WANTED WE ARE HUYERS OF CAS-carh bark. M. Senders & Co. al6-ml WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR.. WE pay highest market price. M. Benders Co. ats-ml MAN THEN 1 DIDN'T SAY SO- BUT MY SUGGESTION IS TO WAIT, SAY TILL NEXT WEEK VERY WELL, 1 MR. BOOT- SOMETHING ANNIE HAS NOT BEEN HERSELF LATELY HE KNOWS WbY- HE'S BAFFLING-YET FOR SOME REASON I'VE HER IS SOMETHING ON HER MIND THAT YOU KNOW MIGHT BE-YES- YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT- IDEA WHY? i x ALWAYS LIKED HIM- AND SEE ABOUT? ni If I r V r i i r l 57 ' Little Orphan Annie : And Other Coriic8( . . tF.sV m " Fresh FraKa Apples Delicious, extra fancy, $1.85-2 box: do fancy, $1.65-1.60 box: Ncwtowns. oxtra fancy, $1.70 box: do fancy. $1.45 box: do face and fill, fancy. 85o box: do face and fill, choice, 05c box. Spltzenberg, extra fancy, $1.40 box; do .combination, $1.25 box. Rome Beauty, Jumble. 2VjtC lb. Wlnesaps, extra fancy, $1.85 box; do fnncy, $1.40 box; do jumble, extra fnncy, 3c lb. Bananas bunch. 5!&c lb: hands, C-C-ic lb. Strawberries Florin, $1.50 12-box crate: Fresno. $2.40. Penrs rvAnjou, $1.15 box. Oranges California, navels, fnncy. $3.15-3:30: choice, $2.75-2.85: stnndnrds, $2.65 case. Grapefruit Arizona, $1.80-2.40 case: Florida, $4-4.25 cose. Lemons California, fancy, $5.25-5.50 case; choice, $4.5 case. Freah Vegetable Potatoes Local. $1.90-2 per cental: Klamath, $2.35 cental: Scappose Netted Gems, $2-2.15 centnl; De-schates Netted Gems, $2.25-2.34 centnl. felery Cnllfornln, $3.25-4 crate. Peas California, $2- 2.25 sack. Spinach 35-:,0c. Onions Oregon, $1.25-1.35 per 100 lbs. Cauliflower Tloseburg. ( ) crate: California. $1.50-1.75 crate. Tomatoes California, $1.25-1.85 lug. Lettuce Salinas $2.25-2.05; Sacramento, dry. $1.50-2. Sweet potatoes California, $2 per 50-lb. crate: southern ynms, $1.95 crate. Ithuhnrh Field grown 50c-00c iter apple box. Cucumbers Local, hothouso, $1- 1.60 doz. New potatoes Texas, $1.G5-1.75 per 60-lb bag; Shnfrer, $1.75-1.86. . New Onions California Bermudas, 70c per lug. Asparagus Mid -Columbia, $1.60-1.75 per :la-lb. pyramid: llermlston, 6c per lb: Ynklmn, $1.50 per 80 lb. pyramid: California $1-1.50 pyramid. EXECUTOR'S NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Executor of the Estate of Henry A. Vollstedt, deceased, has filed its final account as such executor in the office of the County Clerk of Linn County, Oregon, and the Court has set Monday, June 1, 1936, at ten o'clock A. M. as the time and the County Court room of said County as the place for the hearing of objections of said final account, if any there be, and for the final settlement of said estate. Any and all persons having objections to said final account are hereby notified to present the same at said time and place. Dated and first published this 1st day of Mav, 1936. THE FIRST SAVINGS BANK OF ALBANY, OREGON Executor. VICTOR OLL1VER, Albany, Oregon, Attorney for Executor. May 1 8 15 22 29 NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned executrix of the estate of Fred C. Veal, deceased, has filed her final account in said estate with the county clerk of Linn County, Oregon, and the county judge has set Saturday, May 2nd, 1936 at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon as the time and the county court room of said county as the place for hearing objections to said final account, if any, and the settlement of sairj estate. , IDA I. VEAL, Executrix , SWAN & SWAN, Attorneys for Executrix. f April 3 10 17 24 Ml Albany Business . DIRECTORY The merchants and profe-sional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in The Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS $ McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 1M AUTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer, 1st St Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. CAAPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP, 4011 W. First Pbnne 7" FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORK FOR Mvemttfht film arvlc ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS) FORTM1LLER FUNERAL HQMB TT or NlBht rthona' 7. - INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1811 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. tfUMT to loan, farm security. PRODUCT SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS OH the market for eggs, poultry, v and cream. ' WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.- Maytag, Easy. Thor Washers. " WELDING BLACKSMITHINO SNYDER & SON - REAR ALION -inn frames, axles .straightened. " strTO, V 8 WdH Drillers SJEstHiet you&inquuies" Itagne, Oregon trourle Brewing I'OHTI.AMI M VHKi:r I'ortlnnd, Ort, .May 1. Itnttcr inurki't whh Mtciuly, hut without prlcp rhiiriKc Kkk were firm. Prices Hill-hauled. Rei'fiit ndvanco In strawberry prices has slowed up demand. New potatoes uenerully a trifle lower. Tomato market continued advance for Indio hut Imperial still sold $1.25 nn SI. 50 lug-. Hothouse cueumherM ntronK. t'aiillflower stronner and hitther. Lettuce Is mixed; spread of $1.50 nnd $2.50 crate. Old potatoes steiuly, old onions weak. Kluihnrh nnd spinach continue sIuk-risIi. I'llll'I'l.AMI I IVl'KTOI K irllmid, oro.. .May I. IIukh 24 iltrecl. Stfaily. I'.itnrt choice Kil- I'Sil lb. ilrivclllH 1U., Ml. 140-21,0 lbs. Jl'l. Packing Hiina JS-S.25. Kcrilcm $10-10 7.'.. ulllp 25; 3 illrccl. Slcnily nn llm- Itcil Hlipply with full early clcnr- c. iloiul fcil HlccrH $,.2r-7.r0. Plnin lti.2fi. Ilcifci-H H-tu-cc. llond fctl hcll'cri $7 anil alinvc. I'utlr $2.7,i-4. .Mcillinn to frood $r,.10&.7. Hulls $.ri- ".50. Choice vcnlcrM lip to $111. Sheen .Ml; 4! illrect. Noiulnully stady. Hood Hprlnir lanihn up to $10. Woolcil old crop lonilm iirouud $10. Ilood 4'lioU'C Hluiru llunliH $S-!i.f0. Shorn ewes $4. Till. Woolcd ewes up to lrMlllc4 Htchnnsre' The followlnir prices wero nnnied to he effective Mtmdny: llutter-cubo oxtras, 27e: stauilnrds, 2li Lji;: prime flrstM, 2ilc: fli'sts, 2f,Vjc. Cheese Oreiron triplets, lf,e Ore- iron loaf, ltic. ltrokers will pay c below quotutlons. 1'Jitks 1'roduce exchanRo quota tions hotween dealers: extra larjre, 19c; standards, large 18c;extras, me dium 17c; standards, medium, l?c. Jobbing prices 2c higher. ortlnnd AVholeNnle Prlera These nro the prices retailers pay wholesalers, except where other' wise stated: Hutter Prints, A grado. 29c lb. In parchment wrapper, 30c lb. In cartons; 1 grade, pnrchment wrapper, 2So lb, cartons 2!lc lb. llutterrat (Porllnml delivery) A grade, delivered at least twice weekly, 28-20c lb; country routes. 20-28C lb: 11 grade 2S-2c lb; C grade at market. B grade cream for market-buying price butterfat basis. 53 'c lb. Cheese Selling ptico to Portland retailers: Tillamook triplets, 21c lb; loaf, 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, 19c lb; loaf. 20c lb. Eggs Buying price of wholesal ers: Extras, l!lc iIok; fltnndards, 17c dor.; extra mediums, 10a dox, do medium firsts, l&o doe; under grade, 15c doz; pullets, 15a dog. Milk A grado I'ortlnnd delivery, 58V4c lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. Llvo' poultry Portland delivery, buyinir price: colored hens, over 4 lbs, 18-lllc lb; under 4 'A lbs. 18-l!lc Hi; leKliorn hens, over H'4 lbs. 10-17c lb: under :!', lbs. Ill-17c lb; leghorn broilers, 1 to 111 lbs. IG-lOo lb; do 1 lhs. up. IH-lic Hi; colored springs, 2 lbs. nnd up. 20-21c lb; roosters, 8-9o lb; Pckln ducks, young. 14-17C lb: geese, ll-12c lb. Live poultry Helling price by wholesalers: Light hens, in-lic M; medium hens, 17-I8o lb; colored hens, 19c lb; broilers, 15'c lb; springs, 18-22n lb; Pekln ducks, young, lS-Oo lb; do colored, 12-ltlc lb; capons, over 7 lbs, zi-zijc io guinea hens, 60c encli. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR LINN COUNTY. NELLIE HART HARRIS, ) Plaintiff,) vs. ) R. F. PRATT, as Administra-) tor of the Estate of Margaret) Halt Miller, Deceased, and) GEORGE E. MILLER, ) Defendants.) SUMMONS TO: R. F. PRATT, as Administrator of the Estate of Margaret Hart Miller, Deceased, nnd GEORGE E. MILLER, defendants. IN THE NAME OF THE STATE OF OREGON, You are hereby required to appear and answer the Complaint tiled against you in the above entitled suit within four weeks from the dute of the first publication of this Summons, and you are hereby notified that if you fail to so appear and answer with in the said period of time, default will be entered against you for want of answer, and that the plum tiff will apply to the Court lor the relief prayed for in her Complaint herein, as follows, to wit: 1. That she be decreed to be the owner of the fee simple title of the real premises described as follows: Ik'ninning at the Northeast corner of the U. L. C. of Jas. M. Coon and wife, claim 49, '.in Township 13, Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian, thence South 58.60 chains, thence West 41.40 chains, thence North 58.60 chains, thence East 41.46 chains to the place of beginning, containing 242.00 acres, in Linn County, Oregon, and all thereof, Bubiect only to the rights of the Administrator herein, the just and valid claims against the estate of Margaret Hart Miller, and the expenses of administration, and upon the clos ing of said estate the administrator be directed to release said proo erty and all thereof unto the plaintiff. 2. That the administrator and all other persons be immediately restrained from selling, disposing of or otherwise incumbering the property in question, except subject to the rights of the plaintiff, during the pendency of this suit. 3. For such other and further relief as to the Court shall seem equitable. This Summons Is published by Order pf the Honorable L. G. Le-wclling, Judge of the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, in the Albany Democrat-Herald once each week for four successive weeks, and the date of the first publication is the 1st day of May, 1936. IMMEL EVANS Attorneys for Plaintiff. First National Bank Bldg. Eugene, Oregon. My 1 8 15 22 29 By Thompson and Coll MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse TT B-1H VTZ mi I THIS ISALOMELY PLACE MVRA, WITH EVERY" NERVE KEYED UP DASHES TO THE STREET AS SHE HV; WILL YOU 5TOP TALKING 5WOP ANP ENJOY LIFE FORGIVE ME. Ill Jf V, J, FOR A DOCTOR, MYRA- 1 WONDER IF JACK WILL WERE WE- ARE, MVRA-AMD NOW FOR THE BE-eT PINNER THE CITY OP MAKUM CAM PRODUCE FOR TME PRE5EMT.' : IT'S BEEN SO DIFFEREMT DOCTOR- IVB ; -v r 5IMCE YOU CAME TO TMK 7 W50RRYJII y3 BUT LISTEN? WWAT IS THAT-? THE DISJAWT 77 IBOPFturr .. mm i . U MJaMaMTZTMBt, , s W " 1 JUKI RAID QUICK- BACK -tl BE ALL RIGHT FRIENDS 1 HOSPITAL 1 ONE . BBLIEVIWG JACK 5QUUD ASLEER MYRA GOES TO THE EUROPEAW CLUB . WITH DOCTOR OEVRIE-5. BUT MVRA IS TORMENTED BY AN (JMEASy FEELIMQ THAT ALL IS NOT WELL... CHALK UP DCOUEOFMANS' PLANES. BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN "06 TH GCAKJD WCERS ' I -ii--.' ; 'n f : j S 7 : y' 1 ; r BUT I'LL H PERHAPS I MR. KELLY, IF YOU BROKE I DOW'T KMOW EXACTLV...SO ( HOW DO BECAUSE THE DAYS ' prr,;. MEED HELP... J CAW HELp , InTO' A STORE WITH THE V MOWEY IKI THE.- WOULD AKIY- YOJ KNOW RECEIPTS WERE ) FINE .' ' THE HELP y IDEA OF ROBBIKJG IT, J OSH REGISTER . ) OKJE ! BUT s HE DIDNT LEFT W THE VSCORE OUEm " i-h'yJ WHAT WOULD OU LOOK ) I SUPRDSE .' WUTTY DIDMT.A TOUCH REGISTER ALL joWEW AUlT V RDR FIRST? J Cw- ALL HE TOOK THE NIGHTS. AMD THE ASnlO hi Kr? y fbT WAS A BOTTLE LISTER THERE WASWT J WEAK TZ p COMEDO ! FRECKLES AND HIS WHY ARENT I FIGURED lOU IW , J I'D BE luukIj more help TESTIFYING .J TD HIMJF FOR YOUR f I ASSISTED PAL ? 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