The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 210
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 210

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 210
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HGTV HomewiM 63779 NIK Wander Years: Kevin and his father have a communication problem. 771137 REQ1 Movie: MP.S(1997) Halle Berry. Two Georgia waitresses meet a Hollywood millionaire. (Comedy, PG-13, (2:00) (CC) 674779 TVL Flip Wilson Show: Tim Conway; Kris Kristotferson; Rita Coolidge; Slappy White. 9465750 10 p.m. 3) C0 Brooklyn South: A suspicious mobster feeds informant Terry lies about a bank robbery. (CC) (TV14) (1:00) 1514, 50088 Q ' 6J Dateline NBC (CC) (1:00) 96866. 94408 QD6DNews(CC) (1:00) 81934, 67934 CD Collectible Coins ( Currency (00) 22311 BDComm. Bulletin Board (8:00) 7387205 8) 45jTBN Praise the Lord (CC) (2.00) 8916458, 66137, 80359 (MUNI Crlstina ... Edician Especial: Esposos con las viejas novias. (TVPG) (1:00) 83934, 464156 (53; Mad About You: Jamie lands a big account; Paul's documentary is rejected. (CC) (TVPG) 90156 ) Star Trek: The Next Generation: Vulcan ambassador Sarek (Mark Lenard) becomes temperamental while on the Enterprise with his wife (Joanna Miles). (CC) (1:00) 63576 1 39 News 42156 GD Jerry Falwell (1:00) 349408 AMC Songs in Shadow: The Making of Carly Simon's Film Noir: The singer records an album of standards. (TVG) 407040 AP Elephant: Lord of the Jungle: Poaching and jungle destruction cause a marked decline in Southern India's elephant population. (TVG) (1:00)52088 BET Comicview 11:00) 718514 CMTV Non-Stop Country (8:00) 1771886 CNBC News With Brian Williams (CC) (1:00) 1754717 CNN World Today (CC) (1:00) 880224 El Talk Soup: Best moments from the daily talk shows; host John Henson. (TVPG) 131576 ENC (10:15) Movie: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1 978) Peter Frampton. Sgt. Pepper's grandson and three guys form band. (Musical, PG, (2:00) 3358595 EWTN River of Light: (Part 2 of 4) (1:00) 5073663 FAM Hawaii Fiva-0 (1:00) 581576 FOOD Molto Mario 57682 FX In Living Color: Madonna video spoof; Christmas with a dysfunctional family. (CC) (TVPG) 7407156 HGTV Grow III 40330 HIST Trains Unlimited: Construction of the Canada's transcontinental railroad. (TVG) (1:00) 85330 MAX Movie: Back to Back (1996) Michael Rooker. L A ex-cop and daughter get caught in mob war. (Action. R, (1:30) (CC) 914040 MSNBC Time 1 Again: Host Jane Pauley. (1:00) 3997243 MTV Road Rules: The group visits Oscar's family in Puerto Rico. (TVPG) 236514 NIK Lucy 731048 NOS Streets of San Francisco: A violent drunk is suspected of murder when his wife vanishes. Guest: Alan Fudge. (1:00) 365446 PLAY Playboy's Amateur Homo Videos SC Sports News (1:00) 703682 STAR2 (10:15) Movie: The Bishop's Wife (1947) CaryGrant. Suave angel saves cleric and wife from woe (Fantasy, BW, (2 00) 1309595 SUN Ship Shape 28494 TBS (10.10) Movie: The Rescuers Down (Mrter(1990) Cute mice save boy and eagle from hunter in Australia. Animated. (Children. G. (2 00) (TVG) 2813953 TCM Movie: The Sailor Takes i Wife (1945) Robert Walker. Sailor and canteen girl meet and marry on same night. (Comedy, BW, (2:00) 6116476 TNN Peace in the Valley: Alan Jackson. Pam Tillis, BR5-49, Diamond Rio, Lee Roy Parnell and Michelle Wright celebrate country's gospel roots. (TVG) (1:00) 466514 TNT WCW Monday Nitro: Tony Scht-avone; Larry Zbyszko; Bobby Heenan; Mike Tenay; Gene Okerlund. (Repeat) (CC)fTVPG) (2:00) 7431 75 TRAV Rough Guide: Florence, Venice, Italy. (CC) (1.00) 3902175 TVL Hogan's Heroes 6426427 USA WWF War Zone (CC) (TVPG) (1:00) 875392 VH1 Legends: "Tina Turner" Profile of Tina Turner. (1:00) 330750 WGN News (CC) (1:00) 165408 10:30 p.m. (3D Grace Under Fire: Grace must explain Quentin's haircut to the school principal. (CC) 76576 ' (39 1 Living Single: Things the roommates confided to Regine surface in a comic's act. (CC) 28576 AMC Movie: Dead Ringer (1964) Bene Davis. Edith kills Margaret, her twin, and takes her identity. (Mystery, BW, (2:00)(CC) (TVPG) 563866 COM Make Me Laugh: Craig Anton; Billy Garan; Henriette Mantel. (TVPG) 6428885 E! Night Stand: Beauty pageants. (TV14) 140224 F000 Entertaining at Home With Dean Fearing 66330 FX In Living Color "The Capitol Hillbillies"; Benita Buttrell visits the doctor. (CC) (TVPG) 7483576 HBO (10:45) Tenaciots 0: Jack and Kyle are acoustic troubadors. (TVMA) 49991840 HB02 Movie: Desire (1993) Martin Kemp. Ex-cop tracks killer who perfumes his victims. (Suspense. R, (1:35) 9825363 HGTV A Gardener's Diary: Banker turned gardener. 26750 MTV Daria (TVPG) 212934 NIK Mary Tyler Moore (CC) 731868 RCN Great Romances of the Twentieth Century: Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini. (TVPG) 6433717 SH02 (10:45) Movie: Educating Rita (1983) Michael Caine. Boozing professor tutors feisty British hairdresser. (Comedy-drama, PG, (2:00) 3375886 SUN Extreme Sports 80934 TVL Phil Slivers 6435175 11 p.m. (T)News(CC) P Ce IB News (CC) (Tj Seven at Eleven rr) (11:15) Deco Drive (Repeat) yf An Evening With Harry Belalonte JFrlends (Repeat) (3:00) 637934 3JNoticlas g) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1(1:00) Vine (1:00) 43311 Jerry Springer (1:00) 46069 (39j Real TV Qg On the Air With Jerry Blavat 65446 GD In the Word With Gil McDowell (1:00) A&E Law 1 Order: When a Broadway producer is accused of child molestation, a social activist (Joyce Van Patten) abducts the daughter, (CC) (1.00) 212069 AP Crocodile Hunter 88663 BET BET Tonight With Tavls Smiley 618175 CNBC Charles Grodin (1:00) 6343137 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) COM Daily Show 5614514 CSPN Prlmetime Public Affairs 907330 DIS Movie: Moochie ot the Little leapie(1959) Kevin Corcoran. Little League catcher refuses cheap win. (Comedy-drama, BW, (1:00) (Parti) 554971 DSC Justice Files: Methods criminals use to rob people, places; law- enforcement techniques to stop robbers. (1:00) 210601 E! Howard Stern 609392 ESPN Cheerleading EWTN Journey Home (1:00) FAM 700 Club (1:00) 498427 FOOD Ready Set Cook) FX X-Files (CC) 3112866 HBO Mr. Show With Bob and David: Guidance counselor; law-firm interview; suicidal teen; call-in show; field trip suggestions. (CC) 971040 HGTV At the Auction 25446 HIST Victory at Sea: The conquest of Okinawa; kamikaze attacks. 67446 LIF Homicide: Die on the Street (CC) 494601 MSNBC Big Show With Keith Olbermann 9993755 MTV Loveline 496069 NIK Taxi 517866 NOS Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow 308311 PLAY Movie: Generation Sex III: Private Showing (1997) Ntci Sterling. Characters come to life in an art gallery. (Adults only, AO. (2:00) 387866 RCN Movie: Casanova (1987) Richard Chamberlain. The 1700s Italian adventurer and lover. (Biography, (1:00) (Part 3) 6883137 SC Sports News 603243 SCFI Time Trax (CC) 9269156 SHO Movie: Cover Me(1995) Rick Rossovich. Policewoman seeks model killer. (Action. R, (1:45) 9077330 SUN Boxing: Fight Night at the Forum From Inglewood. Calif. (Live) (2:00) 101408 TLC Rosweil 427885 TMC (11:05) Movie: Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995) Annie Wood. Woman avenges mother's murder, but sister takes rap. (Drama, R, (1:35) 45462040 TNN Dallas: Carter and Tommy McKay have a fatal confrontation; Michelle pits Cliff against J R.; Ale; arranges a studio for Cally; J.R.'s ship comes in. (1 00) 432717 TRAV Amazing America 2714205 TVL Gunsmoke (1 00) 6885595 UNI Primer Impacto Extra 739972 USA Silk Stalklngs (CC) 841595 VH1 Legends 313243 WGN Beverly Hills, 90210 (SS) (CC) 754999 11:30 p.m. GD Great Moments in Opera (130) 90141 Of 10(1 1:35) Late Show With David Letterman: Courteney Cox; Peyton Manning: Shania Twain. (CC) (1:00) 4770682, 1681430 O (J) (11:35) Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Jimmy Smits. (CC) (TOO) 7748359. 7739601 CD (11:45) Keenen Ivory Wayans: John Witherspoon; Irina; JayZ (CC) (1:00) 7722311 (23,. UNI Notlclero: Edici6n Noctur-na (3D Married ...With Children E) On the Air With Jerry Blavat 41363 BRAV Into the Woods 93315934 CNN Moneyline (Repeat) (CC) 129885 COM Win Ben Stein's Money 1776205 El Howard Stern 680427 ESPN SportsCenter (CC) (1 00) B55507 ESPN2 Rodeo (Same day tape delay) (2:30) 7387750 FOOD Dining Around GOLF Scorecard Report HBO Movie: Don King: Only in America (1 997) Ving Rhames. (Docudrama, (2 00) (CC) 432345 HB03 (11:50) Eddie Griffin: Voodoo Child: Uncensored comedy performance (CC) (1:00) 6364021 HGTV Collectible Treasures 66953 HIST Victory at Sea: The Japanese surrender after atomic bombs destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 83363 MAX Movie: Serpent's LairW5) JeffFahey. (Horror, R, (1:30) (CC) 388137 NIK Newhart: Larry and the Darryls promise snow for a winter carnival. 581601 REQ1 Movie: Anaconda (1997) Jennifer Lopez. (Suspense. PG-13, (1:30) (CC) 647885 TRAV Great Castles of Europe (CC) 9001494 Midnight CRT 63 News CD Collectible Knile Show (2:00) Q) Power Connection UNIAIRitmodela Noche (UO) ED Keenen Ivory Wayans (CC) (IflO) 402712 (SSi Real Stories &) All In the Family 99408 (39i LAPD: Lite on the Beat (Repeat) Gael Force: An Irish Music Event (Repeat) (2:00) 59460 (45JTBN John Jacobs A&E Biography (1:00) 668422 APWild Rescues 334712 BET 227 608996 CNBC Rivera Live (1:00) 5089199 CNN Newsnight COM Saturday Night Live (CC) (1:00) 5913151 DIS Zorro (CC) 560052 DSC Wild Discovery (1:00) 673354 E! Melrose Place 763422 ENC (12:15) Movie: The Big Fix (1978) Richard Dreyfuss. (Comedy-drama. PG. (2:00) 2202286 EWTN Our Lady of the Angels Monastery Mass (1:00) FAM Three Stooges 1078557 FAM (12:20) Three Stooges 39531793 FOOD Essence ol Emeril FX NYPD Blue (CC) 8980070 GOLF Golf Central HB02 (12:05) Chris Rock Show (CC) 7549915 HGTV Kitty Bartholomew: 349644 HIST In Search of History (1 00) 497880 LIF Unsolved Mysteries 967606 MSNBC News(CC) 5261267 MTV Singled Out 419118 NIK Dick Van Dyke 224002 NOS Dennis Wholey: America! 262118 RCN Movie: The Vacillations of Poppy Carew (1 995) Tara Fitzgerald. (Romance-comedy, (2:00) 5924267 SC Sports News 132538 SCFI seaQuest DSV (CC) 6788538 STARZ (12:15) Movie: The Last Good 7me(1994) Armin Mueiler- Stahl. (Comedy-drama. R. (1:30) 12845557 TBS (12:10) Movie: Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985) Fred Ward. (Action, PG-13, (2:30) 69303199 TCM Movie: High Barbaree (1 947) Van Johnson. (Drama, BW, (2:00) 1109151 TLC Alien Secrets: Area 51 961002 TNN Dukes of Hazzard (1 00) 947422 TNT Movie: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1 984) Kimberly Beck. (Horror, R. (2:00) 969644 TRAV Lonely Planet 5276199 TVL Petticoat Junction 4246064 USA Highlander (CC) 347828 t VH1 Hard Rock Live 776996 m WGN In the Heat ol the Night (CC) u 587064 12:30 a.m. s (D (0 (12:35) Late Late Show m With Tom Snyder (CC) (1:00) 5 9139557, 4898354 V 1 6 i (12:35) Late Night With v Conan O'Brien (Repeat) (CC) O (TOO) 1224441. 1222083 W (7.1(12:45) News (Repeat) (CC) H (1:00) (10 63(12:35) Nlghtline (CC) 6324880. 6527170 O Q) 45 TBN E.V. Hill 1

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