Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 30, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1936
Page 4
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r PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY D E?M OC R'AT-N ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON Thursday, aprii. jo, i?36 Snk Wmtw Dog Stage Fatal Duel sat in the seats of power. It was often said that he was as effective for his stale as any member of the Oregon delegation in congress. FOLLY and FAREWELL i By Marie Blizard 1936 nea. Service, Inc. Entered at Albany, Oregon, postofflee as Beeond-eJass nail. Member United Frew "Oh, you're the slar reporter?" Honey reversed their roles. She sat at the feet of a great man. "Nonsense," answered Pete, and proceeded to act like a star reporter for the next 10 minutes while he questioned and made voluminous notes. He wrote and Honey watched. She broke off and NEA Newi Service. Established 186J. Dorris is one of the younger crew, a veteran of the World War, ItKf.IN' II EKE TODAY Editor! and Publiaheri W. L. Jackson and R. R. Cronlse. leading hotel, "for supper" he said. And when they had ordered I.INDA HOUKNE, 20 yean old. pretty and .socially prumincnt in the little town the usual chicken sandwich and ; Scio, April 29. (Special) A : two-foot garter snake and a small water-dog met death violently in j conflict at the Jim Oupor farm jseven miles south or Scio this week. The snake attempted to swallow the waterdog, but hadn't nationally known in veteran circles and definitely aligned with the younger, newer element of his of Newtown, in left almost penniless after coffee, he excused himself and made a bee-line for the desk. Was tho mi) Men death of her fitther. She become friendly wtih I'KTKIt GAR. DINKK, political reMrter, and shows hin Miss Harmon staying there? She was, but she had gone di party which will come into power if and when the Republican party comes back. a xr.-iiaijo title nan written. Peter Kelt. Ijnda m job hk society reporter. rectly from the theater to the Newtown hospital. The cold in her JMX CA It I Kit, with whom Unda is in Jove, Koen abroad for a yeur. Hi letters Linda got back on the trolley car and rode to the end of the line, trying to decide whether she was angry, jealous or disgusted. She decided she didn't know, but she would have given a great deal to know what Pete could have been saying that had brought a look of such utter absorption to Honey Harmon's face. Pete, his fingers crossed, had been saying, "I have a play I'd like you to read. I had you in mind or a woman just like you when I wrote it." (To Be Continued) FORMER RESIDENT DIES Jack Wilson of Granger is in receipt of word that his mother. Mrs. W. T. Wilson, 83, died April 18 at her home in Bournemouth, England, where she had resided for the last ten years. Mrs. Wilson formerly resided at Granger for many years prior to her return to her native land. Her husband. Dr. Wilson, who returned to England 15 years ago died in 1934. A daughter, Mrs. Hurold Densham, lives in British Columbia. SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER On rear, in advance ..$6.80 fit months. In advance 2.76 One anonth, in advance 60 BY HAIL Linn. Benton, Marlon, Lane and Lincoln counties. One rear, In advance 18.00 Six months, in advance 2,26 Three months, in advance 1.26 One month. In advance 6U Br Mail Elsewhere in U. 8. A. One rear, in advance 16.00 Six months, in advance 2.76 throat was as serious as her man This, then, is the situation: If Roosevelt is re-elected, it will taken cognizance of the hitter's tail. Being fixed ill the snake's mouth, the aquatic crawler rapped his tail around the snake's head, preventing the snake's finishing his meal. Both were held fast and neither could escape. agcr had claimed. When Pete the far hetweeii, and Linda trie to for-Ket him. .She becurnett enirajred to Peter, hut postpones the date of the weddiiiK. Peter writes a play, vubtnil ito a pro make no difference whatever who is Republican national committeeman, for in that event ANY Re ducer who tellit him to "try Hollywood." one of the long-stemmed roses and played with it, trailing it across the coverlet. "You've been a peach to let me take up so much of your time," he said when he finished the tenth page. "You're a peach to come and see a sick girl,." Honey said softly, and added, "Please don't go. It's terribly lonely here all by myself. Tell me about yourself." Pete wasn't ready yet to tell her about himself, so he asked some more questions about her. But when she had finished telling him about the finishing school in the east, the year dear Papa died, and how frightfully hard it was for Mumsic to get along on S15.000 a year, how Honey herself had gone into a beauty contest for a lark and won it, she JIONKV JIAIt.MON. film acln-M. comen to Newtown on a "personal appearance" publican will have about as much heard this he smiled with satisfaction. Hardly an expression one would expect at such news. Pete did not mention his visit to the hotel desk to Linda. Nor did he tell her that the next morning he ordered after personally selecting them a box of long-stemmed roses sent to Miss Harmon. Newtown hospital. And therewith One month. In advance , 60 totur. NOW (JO ON WITH THK STOItV Per epnr, on trains and newsstands . , .06 In orderinn changes of address subscribers should at'vars aive old as well as new j GAME IN DOUBT Barring rain or wet grounds, Albany high was to have met the ; Oregon State Rooks on Central ! field this afternoon at 3 o'clock ! Rained out in recent attempts, the Bulldogs will be after their third : win of the year, their record now (Standing with two wins and a sin-i ale loss. influence in Washington as Haile Selassie would have in Rome. If the Republicans win, with new leadership (as must be the case, in this writer's judgment, if CHAPTER VIII Newto vn didn't close its shoos Published Dsllr Except Sunders The Democrat-Herald Publishing Co.. Ii.e. In Independent Afternoon Newspaper address. enclosed a card marked simply: "You were charming last night. they win at all) Williams' effec the day Honey Harmon arrived to shed her cinematic glory over its modest environs. Nor did its mayor meet her train with the keys M. C. Motensen Co.. National Adver tivencss will be ended, because the Peter Gardiner." That day he made two tele tising Representatives. phone calls to the hospital. Miss men he has known and worked with for years will not be among Harmon had lost her voice quite NEW BLOOD completely. Yes, it was likely that she would remain for a few days. those present. In cither event, he will be OUT. came back to the subject of Pete.: This was the first time she had met a man who actually fitted the Hollywood version of the tall, striking, silent newspaperman. 1 Honey was tired of producers and Pete waited a few days. Then, Following Is an- editorial by Frank Jenkins, discussing "the day's news" and appearing in the three days later, dressed to what he called "the gills" (by which he meant his shoes were neatly juveniles. I to the city. But what the town lacked in civic welcome, the residents made up by their massed attendance at the Palace. Complete from whole families to Linda Bourne and Pete Gardiner, they waited patiently in line for the tickets that would give them first-hand knowledge of what a real movie star could do, as an entertainer. Unfortunately there was little that this one could do that night. True she gave them an excellent chance to see how lovely one Ralph Williams, in his time, was a good man for Oregon, and there is no thought here of discrediting the work he has done for his state IVMTSML THIS TACK ABOUT "Why did you say you dare' to come to see me if the! paper hadn't sent you?" She man-1 shined, his English suit well-pressed and he wore a low stiff collar) he presented his card at the hospital after scribbling "Representing the Newtown Blade" across his name. in his unofficial capacity as Oregon iged to wriggle the rose into his: member of the Republican nation lapel. . I al committee. The point is that his Tonite is Second Big Full House Showing Better Not Wait Till Saturday When Pete had finished telling small, golden-haired clvnamo Honey looked like a picture time is PAST. Dorris is of the younger goner ation of Republicans, and his ac her why he wouldn't dare and i she had invited him to come and see her the next day, it was well ' could be in the flesh. A glittering halo in her famous blond hair, a titled "Hollywood Slar Receives Reporter in Hospital." A little- after 7 and Pete had promised toi girl hair ribbon bound the golden quaintance, his contacts and his influence are with the men who be at Linda's house for supper at hair that flowed over a lace pillow. The darkened lashes dropped sheath of white satin, a coat of snowy ermine and the famous diamond bracelets did well by the picture, but the husky tones that only Honey Harmon boasted were will be sitting in the seals of the mighty if and when the Republi hadows on her unrouged cheeks. Layers of baby blue chiffon wrapped her shoulders, and from can party is returned to power. lost. I he rosebud mouth smiled appealingly. Blue eyes looked out them she extended a little hand with reddened finger-nails. Those who are interested in building a NEW Republican party sadly from under nearly-inch-long blackened eyelashes while Hon i riease cum I try to taut, r-eie to restore the principles that were ey s manager explained to a dis-isaid hungrily, looking at her face. appointed audience that Honey I She looked back at his, not so was ill. Brave little tiling that ! hungrily but appraisingly. This gradually lost sight of by the men who held TOO MUCH POWER TOO LONG will be inclined to vote for Dorris. Klamath Falls Herald-News, Med-ford Mail-Tribune and the Hose-burg News-Review: It IS POSSIBLE that a Republican may be elected President this fall. At the present moment, however, 'tt isn't PROBABLE. It will all depend upon the Republican nominee and the circumstances leading up to and accompanying his nomination. This much appears certain:. No Old Guard, standpat Republican can be elected President this year. Neither Is it probable that any dark horse who is looked upon by the voters as having the unqualified approval and backing of the Old Guard can be elected. . Any fairly competent observer can detect a swing of sentiment AWAY from Roosevelt and the New Deal, but no UNPREJUDICED person can profess to note even faint signs of a swing back toward the old leadership of the Republican party. If the Republicans win in November, it must be with new men. ) That leads right up to a situation here in Oregon. Ralph ;Williams, who has been Republican national committeeman from Oregon since about the time the Willamette river wus dug, is apparently going after the same she was, she fell she could not let j was nice. 6:30. "Are we going to a party?" Linda asked when she saw the stiff collar and the rose in his lapel. "Nope," he said and that was all. Linda wrinkled her nose delicately as a wave of perfume (not the kind she would have used) wafted from Pete's coat, but she said nothing about it. Linda didn't see as much of Pete as she had expected for the next week. Pete did not explain his absence, and she would not ask him to, but when she alighted from the trolley at the end of her street and saw a sleek Rolls parked in her path, she was curious enough to look at its occupants. Therein, in unaccustomed luxury, sat her Pete, a rug of fur over his knees and Miss Honey Harmon on his arm. her public down, but speak she I 'But 1 can. she said with a could not. A cold had developed throatv huskiness. "And I want to. into something serious and she: The flowers were divine. And I had lost her voice. She spread her ' adored the message." lands, bowed and blew them kiss-1 Pete looked embarrassed. I Give us 3 minutes to point out why ''G-3" is America's best-seller no ifs, nnds, or buts! To become America's best-seller, it had to be America's best buy and that's the "G-3" All-Weather for you! Evidence? we've got plenty . . . local proof of better thun 43 greater non-skid mileage, quicker-stopping, safer grip, longer endurance. Get your money's worth and then some see us about tires! vs and became less real to them didn t know I was going to have than her shadowed self that ap- i to come to see you officially when KOAC Radio Program 1 ; Thursday, April 30 5, On the Campuses; 5:30, Mu j May R0BS0NWeo. BARBIER peared later on the screen. i I sent them." He said it quite Pete, sitting beside I.inda in simply. the darkened theater, was, fori "Have to come?" she asked once, more conscious of the pic-: with a questioning smile. lure than the girl beside liiin. Hoi "Say, you don't think I'd have watched the screen with absorb- ! dared to come on my own?" He sic: ft:4:, Vespers Led by Kev. lv ,1. Harper; (i. The Dinner Concert; (1:15, Swindles to Suit Portland ed attention, and slipped the ever ; managed to make it sound the Better Business Bureau; 0:30. Eve ready scrap of paper from his way the words might. pocket to make surreptitious notes j "Oh, vou've come from the pa- ning Farm Hour (i:30. Karm Act Information; 6:45, Market and crop as the figure of the famous heroine i per?" she pouted. glided, swept and stormed across 1 "They want a story about your reports and weather forecast; 7. Future Farmers of America: 7:311. the silver sheet, 'llravn! he said illness. 1 don t usually do this Music; 7:45, Trends in Industrial once under Ins breath. i sort of thing, but they wanted Chemistry George W. Glceson, ....the " Pete was becom- That night when the picture was ingly modest "well, you know, Assistant Professor of C hemical Engineering. O. S. C; 8, The Ore job again. He has said thai he over, Pole literally dragged Linda (hey took me off a big story to lo the Mason House. Newtown's 1 get it." won't and has said that he will, h,l",! hy ,.',''".?, 1"',l'r lMU iumii ran w. Mien, i.n'jui Mini but the latest information is that BURGOYNE MOTOR COMPANY Joins NASH-LAFAYETTE in 6attdimAmfa'fam Director of Journalism; H: IS, The he will. KOAC Drama Guild "The Vicar 5111! Ben Dorris, of Eugene, is also I Saves the Day"; 8:45, Oregon Slate seeking the more or less honorary -"olIege Orchestra Delbei t Moore nn.itlnn nf Rni.i,ii, ',! conducting; U-!):15, United Press . ,, " I News MY BROTHER BILL This showa William helping : out when your orders get heavy. He's like the rest of us knows every step in turning out good whiskey. .ial. Whatl committeeman. Wijliams is an Old Guard standpatter. In the flays when the Old-Guard of the Republican party was In the saddle, he was useful in Oregon for Jie had a wide acquaintance among the men who Friday, May 1 9 a. m lloinemakers' Hour: 10. Music; 10:15. Guarding Your Health; 10:30. Music; 10:45. KOAC School of the Air 10:45. German: 11, The Story of Oregon; 11:15. Facts and Affairs; 11:30. Future Farmers of America Speaking Contest: 12:30, Noon Farm Hour 12:30. United Press News; 12:4(1. Market and crop reports and weather forecast. 1 p. m.. Music: 1:15. The World Book Man; 1:30. Programs on Parade; 1:45. Music: 2. Lesson in Spanish. 2:15, Music; 2:30, Bards of the Oregon County bv James Morris; 2:45. Music: 3. Continuing Education "Can 1 Still Learn Music?" Lillian Jeffreys Petri; 3:30, Music; 3:45. The Monitor Views the News; 4. Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. you owe it to yourself to see these sensational new cars "before you put the same amount ot money into any other car. Remember . . . 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Iota of boiled or duttlled water. Flush out exreu acids and watr with burhu leaves, juniier oil. etr.. made into little green tablets called Hukets. the bladder lax. Works on the blsdder airntla-to cm tor oil on the bowels. In four titty If not pleased any drusniat will refund jr-mr Jftk. Hurley Drug Store and Pawion Drug Co. adv. PARKWAY MOTOR SERVICE 3rd & Washington Sts. riionc 175 Russell Reeves. Prop. IRVIN'S GARAGE 324 Broadalbin rhone 39G 3. V. (Vin.) Shank and W. H. Bacon, Trops, :K8h n ft mMf MUM .- .. smmmwJM tl Ml 1956 iiffiTBK Ban ao. s. V-V-V- S frlSk 'o.. A I SE CHINESE HERBS WHEN OTHERS FAIL J. M. BENNETT Candidate for nomination for COUNTY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Linn County . ; .Ballot Qualified by education and experience 5 p. m.. Future Farmers of America; 5:30. Music: 5:45. The VespersLed bv Rev. Wm. Shosler: 8. The Dinner Concert: 6:1V What Trust Companies Do; B 30. F.vening Farm Hour 0:30 Battle of Hugs; 0:45. Market and crop reports mid weather forecast: 7. Agricultural Economies; 7:15, A. G. B. Bouquet Question Box; 7:30. Music; 7.45, Oregonians and Their Hobbies; B, The Oregon State System of Higher Education John F. Bovine), Dean and Director of Physical Education; H:15, We Write a Story; 8:3U. Student Forum: 8.45, Music, -! 15. United Press News. You never could have got a Family's Whiskey so tasty if it wasn't that us Wilkens -1b ' X -sasss , .-la ! I Charlie Chan Chinese Herbs Remedies are non-poisonous, their healing virtue has been tested hundreds of years in following chronic ailments. 1 he bipnest safest cur . . . the bist rr.Rt tut red car ever cltored in t he lowest price ht'ld Sfc-with vcurown eves, through the sensational new A K ay System, that is the ONLY car in its price cuiss with Oil or the vitru Curi-ncennd (cat tires ot high-priCL-d cars started distilling way back S. B. 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We want to make our Family's Whiskey something that'll do us proud, and make you pl-'d you bought it! t' '. Hi W SfcTV i .x Barber and Beauty Work for the Entire Family At Popular Prices inc at 7kY ... - aSalSS. rM Veeeea-rH T Jt ..V tumpufied it h,u iH fewer part? (ivim auKumespced. pick up mul peiltwtnance: yet usi,! lesA anil otl tluin ntanv ot the small t.-aJ JW est, cheapest cars I rlf giv' our car -""-j 1 new smoothness I eWM . Hair Cutting Permanent Waving Hair TintloiT riiwer aVaviaaf HcrrallitK , tc. Bif. tuMinaus iXasfi Amhassmtof tdan wtth buttt'tn trunks J?S tmh whtftbae$S iv jvv to tt tiiitorv -til frtt& VitfttYt lo chtiTit without notnt Sfnitit ftjHifitutwt entra tfl :.. ' ?:AT. OH MOM Hi ) PDMi.MS UIKOCUH MM C 7 M 'bGl t rt.A V. SLNSATIONAl, GAS SAVING CRUISING GEAR n availahie vi at1 Na 1 and l,allve(t m .ei nr csuncubt KtxJucoi engine resolutions at riih speeds ave u. 2L,s in fi;uour.e. up tt i in oiil i 7 UJ 1 5- . WM BLEND Ell, WHISKEY BURGOYNE MQTOR'cCOMPANY 127 E. Second Sf. Albany, Oregon WAITER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 213 Lyon St. rhone 679-R Blandsti and Battled tr, tot S.Ftch A C.. Inc , SctktMtv. P.-DtnsnM at SctmJi Products Ca.. he FRF K A cop of our WitWn Fttn'v CooWtti Afbum tt You II wmt me at Tlx Mar-tr. R F. IV No. .t , SkI-h nt v. P. 1'owrifM Jo S. VWh Co.. Ire. AVAILABLE IN OREGON T2'

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