The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 25, 1968 · Page 47
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 47

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1968
Page 47
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15 30 Ford 15-34 Mercury 1 15-36 Plymouth 15-37 Pontiac 15-38 Rambler 13-iel Rambler fost-limes llassitied, Monday, Nov. 25, 19GS 5 15-30 For J 15-40 Thunderblrd LOCAL Minister'. 1944 Pambler custom 990 4 Door. Factory olr con STEAL! 196? Barrocuda. High performance. 383, dsk brakes, tachometer. 686-0725. 65Cust.500Air998 62 RAMBLER American, 2-door. automatic clean. Good running condition. New tires, new brakes. Inspected S32S 613-3652. 1961 PONTIAC Bonneville convertible Automotic. Radio and heat. Gone -onditlon. Call after 3PM, 142- mi. COMET 1964 4-DOOR, Caliente. 6-cyllnder, standard, shift, original paint, 1595. Con finance, S34 per month. ditioning, full power, automatic and THUNDERBIRD 1962 hard-top. Full power olr, new tires, brakes, ! 66 Fastback Goloxie 500 Fact. Air M Gataxie Guar. I Owner at new Ht 64 Custom 500 Guar. 1 owner 40 7VI O Gist, 1619 N. Dixie. L. Worth 1965 AMBASSADOR 990. Factory tlr, full power. Best otter. 95-6009. A BEAUTY. '67 XL Fird. 5 -or ti o r d t o o, oir, new tires, console, ticket seats. Sncnlice. S1995. 663 424 otter 4pm weekdays. Weekends, anytime. Take Over Payments 1W1 FALCON 2-DR. b real little gas 16 Dn. dellveri, only $4.K meek. 5156406. Dealer 1961 BELVEDERE V-l wagon, 4,500 miles. Bought to drive south. Air. Radio, heater, power steering. Original owner, perfect. 746-5798; Jupiter, shocks, and muffler. s?oo. 655-2361. 1967 PONTIAC. Tempest Custom. Air conditioned. Rodio, heater, automatic. Sacrifice $2,000. 965-3467 at-ter 5PM 1963 COMET deiuxe. 2 Door, rodlo, heater. Absolutely llkt new. oil other aeiuxe equipment, incite your certification as to the magnifl-cmt condition of thle tine automobile. SI59! 65 Ramb. Sedan $698 Wt totol price. 20,000 ml. actual. 1965 Rambler automatic 4 Door. m. pew pwriei, pewer ek. HcmtumtOKDmoMMa. 15-39 Studebaker-Lark 66 FOBO CUSTOM 500. AUTOMATIC 1398. RUNS EXCEPTIONAL NO G'MMICKS. NO TRICKS. CHARLEE AIKEN, 22S NO. MILITARY AT SOUTHERN. 1964 VALIANT J-door hordtop. bucket seats, standard transmission. Very good condition. 1650. 965-0446. 15-35 Oldsmobile TEMPEST convertible 1962 Original paint, new top and battery. Sacrifice. $350. 613 7297. Marvelous condition. Very, very Studeboker Lar 60, 2 door, standard shift, excellent condition, $300. 5824090. TAKE over payments. 1961 Plymouth Fury III. 142-8422. 194 CUSTOM Ford. 2-door, 6-cylinder, new tires, seat bells, radio. Excellent condition. J675. 132-0 '36. CREDIT OR NOT 64 FORD OMWMT 697 CHARLEE AIKEN 175 NY SJIIHffy Tielt et twftw 15-31 Imperial NICE '64 Pontloc. 4-door. radio, beater, air, 44,000 miles. Reasonable. 967-2919. easy to drive ond parn. Also 19 ml. per gal. Ban Financing. 1-65 Automatic 2D htop. As newll 1-04 Automatic 4D. Sean, clean D. Gist. 1119 N. Dixie. U worth 15-40 Thunderblrd 15-37 Pontiac 63 BONNEVILLE Conv. $498 1963 CHRYSLER Imperial, furl pow. er. air cond.. 4-door, J50. Excellent condition. Phone 141-1208. Exactly 51510 Dn. sai.M Mo. 42 Auto Trans. $391. 15Dn.-?9 Mo. D. Gist, 1119 N. Dint, L Worth 60 T-BIrd U9I. S15DD-S27MO. O Gist, 111 N. Dixie, L Worth. Take Over Payments 1963 OLDS F4J5. 2-DR, AT. Heater. A real sharpee. $6 Dn delivers, only J6I0 Wk. 585-6406. Dealer 1966 OLDSMOBILE Toronado. Gold. s?oo and take over payments. 585-7519. IMMACULATE 1 owner 1967 Olds-mobile Cutlast Supreme, automatic transmission, full power, factory air, radio. S2695 . 582-9725 after 6PM. D. Gist, 1119 N. Dixie. L Worth. MUST SELL 1966 Pontiac Catollna hardtop. Power and air. Excellent condition. $1895. 142-2167. 15-33 Lincoln-Continental 65 MUSTANG $998 Other MUSTANGS 66 Mustang Ht VI Suck 11291 45 Fastback Fact, oir Pow Strg. 64 Cpe. Vt-Aulom. Pow Strg -RH 66 Conv. Autom. Great Gal's Car. D. Gist, llio N. Dixit, L. Worth BEAUTIFUL 1966 Bonneville Brougham, white vlny4 top over burgundy with custom pium interior. AM-FM rodlo, cllmote control, alr-conditloning, fui: power Including seats and windows. New cost 1964 FALCON Sprint, VI, 4-speed, bucket sents, tachometer, like new. 1995. N2 8347. J5400, by original owner, 57350. 600 STATIONWAGON, 1963 Oldsmobile. Best offer over $500. 132 7577. 655- 2903. Lake usgorno urrve, sw-wuz PONTIAC convertible 61. 4-scieed. Very good condition. Reasonable. 833-2317 REFINANCE Atr-Cond. 1965 Mustang SlOtl.51 due. No cash required. Just make 164.73 pyts. O. Gist, 111; ft. Dixie, l Worth. 5M-6452. 1960 FALCON, automatic, radio, renter. J150. 1961 Folcon waqon, 1200 746-5392. 1962 OLDSMOBILE 88 convertible. Factory air-conditioned, power steerlnq, brakes and windows. Good-condition. S500 or make offer. Owner 746-4045. SUN. 11 TO 7 PM BANKRUPTCY 196s Factory air conditknd hardtop sedan. Thert were two cars: 1 1966 Cod it lac, sedan that was sold Wednesday for wtiotesal book. Ana now there Is an all white 65 Lincoln hardtop that will also be sold for wholesale book. Please coll your bnnker before looking ot the cor. Get the actual wholesale book price from Mm because this Is a legitimate bankruptcy sale. Com to the drwi shop ot 2100 N. Dixie, Lake Worth, there Is First come first served. There Is no telephone, will finance or assist In GT0 4Spd.66&64 Gist, 1819 N. Dixit, L Worth. 1967 CUTLASS. 1 Owner. Like new, air, low mileage. $2150. 142-3752. Take Over Payments 1962 FALCON Stn. Won. A real beauty. $6 Dn. delivers, only $4.10 Wk 5856406. Dealer. 1965 LTD, factory air, power steering, brakes, windows. Automatic, radio, heater, deluxe Interior. Very clean. J1395 firm. 582-4K7 trade-in If necessary. BEAUTIFUL '59 Continental. Wake ntier. 7795 Loomis Street, off Miner Road, between Lent ana and Boyiv ton. i 42 FAIRLANE 500, 4-door. V-l. ro. dm heater, stick. Excellent condition. S425. 144-9852. 111 ie I To ChooM From 1966 GALAXIE 500. Factory Air, power brakes and steering. Reasonable offers. Days 848-5543, nights 133-2321. ; nurcussssT ! Snort niM ente. stom- tlN, ft. I l mAao AM, tii n el tnwyi CREDIT OR NOT T64 PICKUP $397 . CHARLEE AIKEN MS Ne. MKHery Trail louthem P'ssrsxppsssppj LATE-MODEL CONTINENTALS When the word is . D J LEASE Cm OK Dealer pampered ffilJY and repriced! and the automobile is a 1968 '68 CONTINENTALS 2 DR HTOPS & 4 DR SEDANS. FACTORY AIR & LOADED, from . . . '67 CONTINENTALS 2 DR HTOPS & 4 DR SEDANS. FACTORY AIR & LOADED, from . . . '66 CONTINENTALS 2 DR HTOPS & 4 DR SEDANS. FACTORY AIR & LOADED, from ... A BRAND NEW 1969 BUiCKG.M. OPEL For more information see or call: COCHRANE BUICK 3031 OKEECHOBEE ROAD WPS, FLA. Phone 683-3200 Our LEASE starts at . . . $50.00 Per Month. See Us before You Deal! '3295 '2695 Oldsmobile CLEM GUIDER ISC. LINCOLN-MERCURY 0ki (Mm M. t Cortgrm Ph. .H4S0O t. Tt.uipi,'in anyH"lw"jJ. mt"f " '.j..i..;.:.jt-J fj-i-.- i,....X i liV huMi litrartiihrir Your Volume Discount Sales Center Offers Easiest Financing Highest Tradi-ln Valwlmmediat DeliveryLowe$! Monthly Payments Plus the Last of the New5 BRAND NEW '68 BRAND NEW '68 BRAND NEW '68 FAIRuNE FILM iOSTAII and the price is . . . 6 cylinder, .cruise-o-matic, white walls, power steer ing, choice of 11, from . . 500 2 Dr Htop, V8, vinyl trim, cruise-o-matic, white wall tires, power steering, FACTORY AIR, radio, tinted glass, wheel covers, choice of 5, from. ... FUTURA, 6 cylinder, 4 door sedan, 2 ton paint, vinyl trim, cruise-o-matic, power steering, radio, tinted glass, wheel ' covers, aqua with a white iop, choice of 8, from . .. RETAIL $ 2tlS7 r.ETii PRICE! $3922 RETAIL PRICE (Will PRICE YOUR $ PRICE YCU5. $ PRICE 4 PRICE SHOP AROUND IF YCU MUST. But BEFORE YOU BUY . . . See WAYNE AXERS FORO LAST. HIGH VOLUME LOW.PROFIT - THAT'S THE WAY WE OPERATE. including . . . 250-hp, 350 V-8, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Radio, White Walls, Full Carpeting 30 HERTZ- RENTAL CARS! 23 to ckoase from '68 GALAXIE 500 4 Dr Htops, V8, cruise-o-' malic, power steering, radio, heater, FACTORY AIR, white walls, tinted windshield, factory warranty. 4 TO CHOOSE FROM '68 FAIRLANE 500 4 Dr, V-8,'eruise-o-matic, power steering, rodio, heater, FACTORY AIR, white walls, tinted windshield, factory warranty s2495 2 TO CHOOSE FRO '68 FAIRLANE 500 2 Dr Htops, V8, .cruise-o-matic, power steering, radio, heater, FACTORY AIR, white side walls, tinted windshield. $2495 DOWN S 2595 j tS f""J Cxi CHECK ON OUR '63 1 TO CHOOSE FROM '68 COUGAR Hardtops, V8, cruise-o-matic, power steering, radio, heater, FACTORY AIR, white walls, tinted windshield, FACTORY WAR PER MONTH 3 TO CKC3SE FRCSI '68 MUSTANG Hardtops, V-8, cruise-o-matic, power steering, radio, heater, FACTORY AIR, white side walls, tinted windshield, factory warranty $2595 umub at RANTY o u Big Savings! 6 TO CHOOSE FRCH $ 2695 TRANSFERABLE FACTORY WARRANTY "We have the Best Service Department in Palm Beach County, Ask Your Friends and Neighbors, They Know!!!'" '63 TR3TWC33 CAMPER 'ftR Fnt?n LTD 4 door hardtop. UO rUnU V-8, cruise-omotic, power steering, power disc brakes, vinyl top, radio, heater, FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING. 1-owner, extra jk sharp, fac tory warranty t 3 iJ '64 RAMBLER Classic 770 station wagon, 6 cylinder, automatic, radio, heater, FACTORY AIR, 1 -owner, extra sharp . . . '3 35 13 foot, stov & ice box, like new '635 '65 FORD Country Squire 10 passenger, V-8, cruise-o-matic, power steering, power '68 PLYMOUTH VIP 4 dr hardtop, V-8, automotic, PS, PB, R&H, power windows, vinyl top, FACTORY AIR. 1-owner,- snr.nm extra sharp, fact war. '64 FALCON Deluxe 4 door station wagon, 6 cylin-dr, automatic transmission, radio, heat-r, low mileogi, txtra sharp ShJJJ brakes, radio, heater. J 4 1485 -owner, exiror snorp . '66 MUSTANG Convertible, 6 cylinder, automatic, dio, heater, extra sharp '&3 csisE zmms CONVERTIBLE. V8, automatic, power steering, bucket wots, radio, heater, low mileage, extra sharpl Q 5 '66 CHEVROLET Malibu 2 door hardtop, 6 cylinder, standard transmission, radio, heater, low mileoge, extra sharp JJ J JJ -wwwiip e wj.ppss.BPwf' fp m '.J 9 1 ilk J KING CAR-TRUCK RENTALS 1040 OLD OKEECHOBEE ROAD WEST PALM BEACH 450 N0RTHLAKE BOULEVARD LAKE PARK 'Hows and ""I I I II III III ! III II WW II ' " ' .e'-H. Zrf t ' J

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