The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 201
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 201

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 201
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Page 201 article text (OCR)

Danny Glover. A black Army corps i helps settle the American West. . mi lO.nm TIM1 .1CT7IE J (WBMBin, .UUj ( 1 V ! fcj( Ji i TRAV Lonely Planet: Tel Aviv; ; Shabbat celebration; Hebron; ; Jerusalem; Madada; Sinai desert; diving in the Red Sea. (1:00) 941088 LIF One West Walkiki (CC) 404514 MSNBC Weekend Magazine With Stone Phillips 5294595 MTV 120 Minutes 495866 NIK Taxi 738682 NOS It's i Great Lile 776798 RCN Sins 4134363 SC Sports News 679446 SCFI New Edge 5219021 SHO (12:15) Poltergeist: The Legacy (CC) 20849392 TCM Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow (1:00) 1143595 TLC Twister: Fury on the Plains 486798 TNN Race ol the Week: Monster Truck Challenge IV From Beaumont, Texas. (1:00) 484330 OUUOJUJ TVL Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger finds Silver. (Part 2 of 3) (TVG) 6459755 ; USA La Femme Nlkita: An enemy ', organization plots to kill Section i One operatives. (CC) (TV14) (1:00) i 396262 ; VH1 Storytellers: Ray Davies of the j Kinks sings and talks about "Lola," "Celluloid Heroes." "You Really Got Me." "Come Dancing." (1 :00) 957858 WGN Newt (CC) 1419587 10:30 D.m. Cuba y Su Hlstorla 48668 Evening Elegance (Joined in fjJHuellas J5 Noticias SD Mike Hammer, Private Eye (Repeat) (1:00) m Martin (CC) Outer Limits (Repeat) (CC) (10O) 39 Adventures of Sinbad (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) G9 Masterpiece Theatre: "Bramwell III" Eleanor has concerns about the bruised wife of a military man. (Part 4 of 4) (1:00) 30213 GO In the Word With Gil McDowell (1:00) APWild Rescues 83194 BET Frederick K. Price 686858 CMTV Non-Stop Country 9314228 CNBC Hardball With Chris Matthews 9655262 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) COM Daily Show 5647842 CSPN Booknotes 66129 CSPN2 Public Affairs 6363991 DIS (11:20) This Is Your Life Donald Duck (CC) 63477020 DSC Justice Files: New technology Is making false accusations a thing of the past. (1:00) 724281 El Playmates of the 1980s 821649 ESPN SportsCenter (CC) (1:00) 184649 EWTN Life on the Rock (1:00) FAM Hawaii Five-0 (1:00) 902007 FOOD Quench FX Miami Vice: The detectives nearly derail a gubernatorial candidate when they find, then lose, him aboard a rolling railway bordello. (CC) (1:00) 3145194 HB02 Mr. Show With Bob and David: Biosphere; corporate ice cream: battlefield quarrel. (CC) 9406484 HGTV 8efore 4 After 98026 HIST Rain ol Ruin: The Atomic Bombing ol japan: Planes are modified, crews chosen and weapons prepared for the Aug. 6, 1945, attack. (CC) (1:00) 72213 LIF Homicide: Life on the Street (CC) 908281 MSNBC Big Show With Keith Olbermann 5698543 MTV All-Time Top 10 900649 NIK Newhart: Romantic Joanna wants Dick to repeat their marriage vows. 870656 NOS Richard Diamond, Private Detective 144842 PLAY Movie: Smoke and Mirrors (1997) Lexi Eriksson. A magician enchants strip-club patrons. (Adults only, AO, (2:00) 997674 RCN Movie: Casanova (1987) Richard Chamberlain. The 1700s Italian adventurer and lover. (Biography. (1:00) (Part 2) 6816465 SC Sports News 117823 SCFI Web 9292484 TBS (11:15) National Geographic Explorer: "Kangaroo Crazy"; "Bat-Eared Foxes"; "Storming the North Pole." (Repeat) (CC) (2:00) 9081533 TCM Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow: Keaton leaves the family act to make movies with Fatty Arbuckle. (1:00) 5932620 TLC Forces of Nature 931465 TNN NASCAR Garage 245910 TRAV Primetime Traveler 2038736 TVL Gunsmoke (1:00) 6818823 UNI Notlciero Univlsion: Ediclbn Nocturna 243552 USA Big Easy (CC) 451303 VH1 Legends 827823 WGN Coach (CC) 944804 11:30 p.m. CD (11:35) Sports Sunday: Review of the week's events and Interviews. 30217945 0 Sports Live 32465 1 6 j (11:50) Hurricane Football Final CJj Comedy Showcase (1:00) V) (11:35) FX: The Series (Repeat) (1:00) B SportsPlus 8933945 (B (11:45) Entertainment Tonight: Dick Van Dyke. (CC) (1:00) 1986282 17 MusicVideo Internacionai 53 UNI Titulares Deportivos: Edition Nocturna 69 (11:35) Walker, Texas Ranger: Walker and Trivette are trapped in Texas backlands while chasing a gang on the lam. (CC) (1:00) 1848991 03 Roc(CC) APE.S.P.U. 37129 BET Carlton Pearson 495113 CNBC Tim Russeil 4782674 CNN This Week in the NBA (CC) 633465 COM Viva Variety 1709533 ENC Movie:! Fine Mess (1986) Ted Danson. Small-timers win race, buy piano, offend gangsters. (Comedy. PG. (1:30) 4021823 ESPN2 Rodeo (Same day tape delay) (2:30) 7327378 FOOD Dining Around GOLF Storecard Report HB02 Movie: Nowhere to Hun (1993) Jean-Claude Van Damme. Escaped-convict he-man protects farm widow and kids. (Action, R, (1:40) (CC) 321564 HB03 Tracey Takes On ...: Stunt-woman raised by dingoes; Asian immigrant; with Judy Geeson, John Mahoney. (CC) 4171194 HGTV Extreme Homes 39533 MAX (11:45) Movie: North Star (1 996) James Caan. Two fight over gold-rich land in 1899 Alaska. (Adventure, R, (1:30) (CC) 9047649 NIK Bob Newhart 622151 NOS Law and Mr. Jones 192649 STARZ Movie: MallRats (1995) Shannen Doherty. Dumped by girlfriends, two teens hit the mall. (Comedy. R, (1:45) (CC) 7099552 TNN Ready for the Road 202465 WGN NightMan 297769 Midnight (T) Next ol Kin fj. Pensacola: Wings ol Gold (Repeat) (1:00) ( EXTRA (CC) (1:00) 55330 l6j (12:05) George Michael Sports Machine ffi) Immigration USA CD Sports Cards (Joined in progress) (1:30) 23 UNI Cine Univlsion (2:00) Roseanne (CC) (33 Viper (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) Tales From the Crypt (CC) (39, Poltergeist: The Legacy (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) CF3 Iris Acker 94682 A&E Story ol Magic (CC) (2:00) 101514 AP Crocodile Hunter 202576 BRAV Inside the Actors Studio: A 50-Year Celebration 801066 CNBC Rivera Live (1:00) 5012427 CNN Impact (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) COM South Park 4295330 CSPN British House ol Commons 204934 CSPN2 About Books 5005137 OIS Zorro (CC) 574392 DSC Wild Discovery (1:00) 187934 El Hollywood's Party lor Lile: Fire and Ice Ball 200330 ESPN NFL PrimeTime (Repeat) (100) EWTN Our Lady ol the Angels Monastery Mass (1:30) FAM John Osteon 925156 FOOD Gourmet Getaways (1:00) FX 21 Jump Street (CC) 1355318 GOLF Viewer's Forum (1 00) HBO (12:25) Chris Rock Show (CC) 2191934 HB03 Movie: Total Eclipse (1995) Leonardo DiCaprio. Nineteenth-century poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine. (Drama, R, (1:55) (CC) 4808601 HGTV Christmas at Biltmore Estate 217408 HIST Modern Marvels (1:00) progress) (1:JU) 91bW4 Roc: Roc and Joey manage a boys singing group. (CC) 72484 39, LAPD: Life on the Beat: Stolen car; domestic violence; burglary call; shooting. 24484 AMC Movie: Magnificent Obsession (1954) Jane Wyman. Guilty playboy turns surgeon to restore widow's sight. (Drama. (2:00) (TVPG) 173674 AP Emergency Veil (TVPG) 24026 BET Feed the Children 794002 COM Critic: Jay meets a seductive debutante at Margo's ball. (CC) (TVPG) 6451113 ESPN2 World's Strongest Man Competition (Repeat) (1:00) 2951533 FOOD Taste 39910 FX In Living Color: Blaine and Antoine prepare Thanksgiving dinner. (CC) (TVPG) 7416804 HBO Movie: One Fine Day (1996) Michelle Pfeiffer. Swamped single parents share love and stress. (Romance-comedy, PG, (1 :55) (CC) 2899945 HGTV Homes Across America: Japanese-style home; restoration of the Roosevelts' summer home. 35718 MTV Austin Stories: Robbery: French girl; diaper odor. (TVPG) 759842 NIK Dick Van Dyke 651216 NOS Westerner: Dave trails horse thieves to an old man's ranch. 758674 RCN (10:35) Great Romances of the Twentieth Century: Winston & Clementine Churchill. (TVPG) 68071804 SC PGA Tour Florida Style (Repeat) 112858 SH02 (10:50) Movie: Color of Jus-lice (1997) Bruce Davison. A murder trial becomes a media circus. (Drama. (1:40) (CC) 13901804 SUN College Basketball: Georgia vs. Stanford From Anaheim, Calif. (Taped) (2:00) 156910 TMC (10:50) Movie: American Strays (1996) Jennifer Tilly. Char TNT Movie: Buffalo Soldiers (1997) Danny Glover. A black Army corps helps settle the American West. (Western. (2:00) 473224 TVL Cannon 5960069 USA Silk Stalkings (CC) 851408 VH1 Hard Rock Live 280576 12:30 a.m. GQ 2point4 Children (T, (12:35) Save Our Streets (Repeat) (T)SiskelEbert(CC) 81475 ilO (12:35) Psi Factor: Chronicles ol the Paranormal (Repeat) (CC) 000) 9(12 45) George Michael Sports Machine 6373156 17 Haitian TV Music 63(12:35) NYPq Blue (CC) (1:00) 8834088 Jack Van Impe 63 Tales From the Crypt (CC) (5 Andre Rieu: The Christmas I Love (Repeat) (2:00) 66514 AMC Behind the Screen (CC) 389205 COM Tick (CC) 1550427 DIS Spin and Marty 851953 FAM Feed the Children 286779 HBO (12:55) Movie: Wounded (1997) Madchen Amick. Female game warden has showdown with poacher. (Suspense, R, (1:45) (CC) 70846224 NIK Rhoda 888755 NOS Lcne Woll 405791 SCFI CNet Central 7293430 SH02 Movie: Class of (999(1990) Bradley Gregg. Teen gangs unite against android school enforcers. (Science fiction, R, (1:40) 7260779 SUN College Basketball: New Mexico vs. UCLA From Anaheim, Calif. (Taped) (2:00) 908408 TMC Movie: Castle Frea (1995) Jeffrey Combs. American family In Italian castle with monster. (Horror, R. (1:35) 1218156 WGN Earth: Final Conflict 262205 1 a.m. (T) EastEnders (Repeat) f4)NYP0 Blue (CC) (1:00) fjKwik Witz 40595 (6 )(1:05) Sports Bar CD Entertainers (Repeat) (1:00) 17243 (9(1:15) SportsPlus 96802934 Q5 45 TBNMac Hammond 133, Movie: Watch It (m3) Peter Gallagher. Chicago pals live for sports, sex. pranks. (Comedy, R, (2 00)(CC) 71330 33 NFL Films Presents 39 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Repeat) (CC) (1:00) AMCShogun 100494 AP Pel Shop 964309 BET Peler Popoll 455953 BRAV Movie: Requiem for a Heavyweight (1 962) Anthony Quinn. Punchy boxer ends career with sad trainer, bad manager (Drama, BW. (1 30) 733359 CNBC Charles Grodln (1:00) 7124205 CNN CNNSports Illustrated (CC) COM Or. Katz: Professional Therapist 6726514 CSPN Public Affairs 961953 DIS Movie: The Gnome-Mobile acters cross paths in an isolated desert community. (Comedy, R. (1 40) (CC) 38331587 TNN NHRA Today: Host Steve Evans (TVG) 762262 TVL Have Gun, Will Travel 6531303 WGN (10:40) Instant Replay (CC) 88424649 1 1 p.m. riNewslCC) OCR News (CC) 50200. 98484 rS) News (CC) Cfj(11:20) Sports Final (CC) 9671736 (Jj Sunday Sports Extra 3a News CM

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