Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 29, 1936 · Page 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 2

Albany, Oregon
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Wednesday, April 29, 1936
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o o li past Two THt LBAHT DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL' 29, 1936 sufficiently to resume her workly DAY FETE Salem Publhher Visits- ' Ace Comedian WILL BE FRIDAY last evening and confered with but desires to be one of Oregon's local leaders regarding his can- representatives at the republican didacy as a delegate at large to ZUloX 5''" at Cleveland' the Republican national conven- ClETY Charles A. Sprague, editor and co-publisher of the Oregon States '4 FEATURE AT SC10 Answer to PrevJouM Puzzle 11 Pertaining to - notice to cm - ' ' SUBSCRIBERS If your paper hag not bean delivered by your Albany carrier by 6:00 o'clock call D. M. Rohrbotifb, Phone 718-T and a copy will be delivered by special carriers Report all other complaints to the office, Phone 15 The Albany Democrat-Herald man of palem, was an Albany business visitor yesterday afternoon, calling at the Democrat- Z f pick l Scio. (Special) A song will: be an Innovation of Scio hAlCR nasi?) THi CAW I j) 7JI the inion. 14 Aperture. lka;cTaifljpAiviwi iLiaq I A f A u Ef All I A n IP In IN I PICK Herald office. school's annual.' May Day to be YOU'LL FIND THE Oakville Society . Oakville. Mrs. Victor1 Yates was an inspiration for a pleasant surprise when Victor-and their daughter, Mary, entertained honoring Mrs. Yates on her birthday anniversary, Thursday night. A complete surDrise of the Banquet at Corvallis held at 4he Scio school grounds Friday, May 1. Crowning of the DEPENDABLE A banquet and public dance will May Queen, Patsy Densmore, Scio tion. Mr. Priaulx is the publisher, of the weekly paper at Chiloquin. near Klamath Falls and was formerly in the newspaper business in towns in western Oregon. In 1932 he was chairman of the state central committee and directed the republican campaign in Oregon in the face of the strong democratic landslide which swept the couilry that year. He has never been a candidate for office 16 He Is a master at . 17 To care for. IS Pair. 20 Disposition. 22 Due to motion 25 Decreased. 26 Footpath. 28 Pronoun. USED CAR BARGAIN YOU WANT AT- ut- !ii.-iu bi uil- mwra noiei in f irst urader, and winding the Maj Corvallis Thursday evening of pole will be special numbers pre- una wren in nunui oi miss June ceding tne atnietic contests an poTsffOB i e Ppngjff i e EgPHA rw-Tjv, EnMU 5HfyA c J'W ratBc IJF A T e RA" WMAN p i ejtTa DjfsFM WILBUR zvWBf etBs i n etyi i ff ElPnC ABI IN1E rffTlQO f AtroggjE" g a I ljbboto n sieIeqa liposiaInIs PfEtBt TIC TlINll n? A IB ClElNl oeii, corvallis candidate lor queen high school baseball games. "Z u k,u f ,u aeoica- A number of rural schools will null wt lll-iu ill Vliv llt'Ul 1ULU1C.I participate in the event at which :io Work of skill honored guest added to the pleasure of the evening which was spent in enjoying games and music. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Taylor entertained with violin and piano selections; Janice Millhollen sang; Mary Yates gave saxoDhone num Scio will be host. 34 Calm HORIZONTAL 1. 7 Who Is the pictured man? 12 Hodgepodge. 13 Since. 1& Shower. 16 Baby corrliiRc 17 Ills favorite impersonation 19 Ketch. 21 Onager. 22 Prison guards. 23 Hurrah! 24 Northeast 2.1 dale. 27 Musical note. 28 ManuK. 29 Sun god .11 To think. 32 Melody. 33 Hardens. 35 Neuter pronoun. 36 Within. 38 Perislied. .. THE WEATHER From Grants Paas 37 Scandinavian Mrs. Melvin Wilson, Scio pri George Hilton of Crants Pass OFVALUESs 8 TODAY'S SPECIAL 0 lV 'f'" I I 39 Small notches mary instructor. Is in charee of arrived in Albany last evening on bers and the male quartet sang. m riil.N Kl II II I K T JWI I I inn-.. ...... a business trip. the lower division music and Miss Marion White, Scio third and fourth grade teacher, of the uouer Mary was assisted by Jean Williamson and Janice Millhollen in serving refreshments. Guests in i II I iiij ruru v I T I I LIVE CHICKENS, LAMBS I C Mekup g I OR WOOL I S tC57 P Goes to Harrlsburg Oregon: ' Showers tonight; local frotits ;ic' east portion; "Thursday partly t qlbudy; moderats 'changeable wind off coast. ' Maximum temperature yesterday locally, 67 degrees; minimum temperature last night, '42 ' degrees; rainfall, .67 Inches; river 4.8 feet. - VKItTK'.W, 2 Mare..: 3 Sound of orrow, 4 l. rink. 5 Behold. 41 Itatile bird. 43 Iron basket. 47 Pronoun. 48 Sea eagle.-- 50 To register. 51 Nobleman. jne program will open at 10 J. L. Stuart, local insurance man left this morning for Harrisburg cluded: Mrs. Victor Yates. Mr. I ... " I I Ji )L. I K I m. by chorus and community II bhLL IO I LU I 8 I singing of the national anthem and and Mrs. Sid Taylor, Mr. and 40 Luster. 42 Source of indigo. 44 Senior. 45 Shoe bottom 46 Enthusiasm, 47 Caterpillar hair. 49 Prophet. 51 Chum. 53 Half an em. and vicinity on a business trip. America. Special numbers will 52 He still makes 6 Aurirulute Plan Vacation mcmae crowning oi ine queen and pictures. 7 To arrive. ; i Swift & Co. Ralston Motor Co. I "Swift's Service Satisfies" I 7th and Lyon Phone 170 mrs. rranK mce, Mr. and Mrs, George Willett, Mr. and Mrs George Millhollen, Mr. and Mrs, Melvin Williamson. Mr. and Mrs Mr- .nd n u tiii.. f wiiming oi we may poie, the Greyhound stage terminal are . events, will take place 8 Measure of area. 9 Dance step. 10 Falsifier. 54 Woolly. 5ti Lines again. 57 He was born In . . Innvinff in n t,u n ..J lrom " " ""on. and from 1 p. ,!,? ,, , u, ' ,.u " m. to 2:30. The five events for Visitor in Albany . C. Cofnutt of Douglas county, a former resident of the Plainview neighborhood, transacted business and visited friends in Albany yesterday. , 55 No good. 40 Street. Floyd Bulman, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bridges, Jean Williamson, Janice Millhollen and the host and host imauuii in mc VYViiuiiuirc I , .,, country in Washington. gram-scnooiers win comprise inree v ' It iiiwfi iiuiii orvi:u w nine, from 10 to 12, and 13 to 15 ess. . Ships Wood Contests include high jump (boys A birthday surprise honoring 'nun iivwk ui niiluil., la lUOU" . Inn a no ..f KlnL- ...,.tn..4 I..,. -..-1 iinO gins, two trials), running airs, oienn wuuams was enjoyed myrtlcwood logs and burls from ?r"d, jump oys and girls, two Not the Jack Frost The Jack Frost recently arrested and brought into court here is not the Jack Frost who has been a resident of Albany for the : ' oy a group oi mends who as. sebled at the Williams home Fri boutnern Oregon to be shipped to : , . " V "" a manufacturing nlant in MinnP- '" scnuous uor euner day night. Group singing with Mrs. Clarence Windom at the ""J J BIIU ! l-T, 111 IJWlll, HI 1LI 111 sota last -.IS years .and employed by aoor Dan tnrow lor accuracy piano as well as games was en the local laundry. tnrough basketball goal (boys and Attend DeMolay Meeting joyed until a late hour. Walter Stuart, ir.. and rtalnh ,r'V' "'P" stno 1 Raseoii i games Refreshments were served to Senders were in Eugene last eve risburg teams will conclude the ning to attend a meeting of the Portland Visitors J.'W. Smith and C. H. Perry from Portland were among business; visitors spending last night in Albany. . , , . . festivities DeMolays. T 5" "" fo 7 l7 iTT"" 15" " 13 so . , eZ ' -1 3i ' M :? J 3e " ' 56"i7 3 H9 "40 V Is TTi i 14 45 4b A7 Si 'TE T si S3"- .., M 11 1 1 1 1 rl 1 1 1 1 J. H. . Tumbleson, principal of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Otho Froman, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Windom, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Waddell, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Verne Williams, Mrs. Annie Kendall, Mrs. Annie Lehn, Roland Edson. Sicio high school, is genera chair Finds Weddlnr Ring. man for the fete. E. P. Caldwell. and' remodeling the Interior of principal and Ralph ih i . j. , .. McDonald of the Gilkey school the former Lee drug store First on Doris Williams, Dorothy Lehn and three miles southwest of Scio are gold wed " iioyd .Kendall. Ana rtntf ii nrfnr ViiiL ri a X. 7.' in charge of the athletics program Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Walker en dows. The ring has the inscription 'Noble to Edna" on the inside and "uic lu iuiiu nil nil- uiaiuu UIIU school, two miles east of Scio, is tertained at a dinner party at their home Monday night. The r,,,!.!:,,:,,, l,..l,,. Is dated Nov. 10, 1917. Mr. Pingle P' e'rma" Schools and teachers invited to Back from. Portland Mr. and Mrs. 1. J. Bird returned' last evening' from Portland where they had been for the day on a business and pleasure trip. Credit Man to Speak L. S. Crowder of St. Louis, Mo general manager of the National Credit association, is to speak next Tuesday evening at, a meeting to be held at the Albany hotel sponsored by the Albany chamber of commerce in lieu of the regular weekly meeting. A dinner will be served at 6:30. occasion was in honor of their thirty-seventh wedding anniver states that he would like to find the owner. A number of old coins of small denomination also were sary and also the birthday anni participate in Scio's May Day observance are the following: De-vuncy, Mrs. Carl Yunker; Ml. Pleasant, Mrs. Maysel Lyon, Crab- versaries of Mrs. Walker and Michael Coon. A birthday cake found. presented the honored guests had & (S5 j SEAGRAM'S ffi : 11 iil.-b ...i iiw. nuui urn r ai u iviis. lou At Albany General iwi,..,. m.,i, m-. r,: eficial moisture in recent drought Mac Horton and Billy Yokum as tne place of honor at the well ap Eldon Clldy of Albany under- .Stiirlnir'k: Jordan . 'r.prtrnrip Hiirl,.ii- areas oi ine soumwcsi renewed 'alternates: fourth arade. Jaekie pointed table. went a major operation Just night iquidation iri new crop wheat fu- j Ooylan and Glorian Glodhart; fifth Seated at the table were Rev. 1 8 ven mi:. tires on ine board oi trade today. ; I'lude. Delmar Bnv .in nnH Rcverlv at the Albany General hospital. Mrs. Eva Gordon: Weasel Flat! and Mrs. F. H. McMeekin and Trade Ted & Fred your old tires. I Mrs, May sliowed early strength but re- i Fiostad, with Chester Beeson and Addle Li. ItUblO Of Turner Clirtnirln Gliimi- r.l-niru Mm-inrip daughters, Ethel and Helen, of VAbSeM CROWN Special trade-in allowance for actea near ine close on neavy com-IPhvl is Fisler as a termites- uivih your old tires on new McCIarcn mission house offerings. i grade. Bi Hecht and Hnttv Tlark. anedd; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coon, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller, Lawrence Walker and the host Deluxe tires. Tedlock Be Forster, At the close May was off 1 M, ci with John Faulk and Laura submilted to a major operation Smith; Mt. View, Mis. Gladys at the hospital this morning; Miss Beckman; Franklin Butte, Mrs. Eleanor Couoy of Monmouth was Glen Philippi; Providence, Mar-admitted for medical attention garet Leonard; Shelburn, Harry last night; Ed Hawkers was dis- stums: Ohi-phpi- m Mmnnrpi 1st & Jackson, Sts. ... , B28-30 cent nei and cent above the Rceser as alternates and hostess. ow. jiny was down :n cent aim, n-vard ri-mh -ThrH oinrle .September was down u cent. Corn;Bl.tty Jcan Laurie Yvonne Agee closed l' to -Hi cent hitfher. niits . t..i... c. T to . Tangent Society Tangent. The Taneent Bridge missed from the hospital today, Kelly; Riverview, Mrs. Grace having received medical treat- Sacre; Richardson Gap, June mcnt; Mrs. I. C. Scott, Albany, Cooper; Cole, Mrs. Freda Elder; was taken to the hospital this Lakeview. Mrs. Fiances Puali: Gil- , , i, . , iiuuy acnuiie, jonann i-arsons finished hi , to 4 cent lower and Virginia Bloom, Anneta Grove club met at the home of Mrs. lu eni. Helen Frostad. El izabeth Schulze. E. O. Newport last Thursday morning to receive medical atten- key, Ralph McDonald; Lyons. jRosmary Whitney, Mai ie Cole, Ray Visitors In Portland-Fred Hoflich and Jess Sloncr, a sawmill man of Kings Valley, returned last evening from Portland where they hod been on business for the day. On Business Trip . J. P. Alexander, local automobile dealer, left this morning for Salem on business. Wool James Gordon; Arnold, Eleanor i Hood, Charles Thompson. Dan Boston, -Some wool April 2'J.- Miller. Helns, Harold Smith, Erwin Wil- ..u.-,u., wc.u .clt-.v.B u iiiciu.iuu.kms011i Uill Biunson and Steven tion for a broken hip, which she suffered three days ogo, when she fell at her home. Frances Farwell of Shedd submitted to a minor operation this morning and Mrs. H. F. Vrell was dismissed . LcmimlU. Kj.Lx,c.l uficei.- New York Jy III afternoon. High scoring honors went to Mrs. Hugh Churchill. Guest prizes went to Mrs. Hugh Richardson and Mrs. Kenneth Hulburt. At the close of the afternoon refreshments were served to the following members: Mrs. A. R. T" iiim"'"" V". vvuu. ,i, u:Gl.lffin. 4th gracle Donald Seavy TODAY'S STOCK, bMS. but Kenorally the trade wasin.iiv Hiw-nM u.-in n,;ff;L uiet, the U. S. agriculture depart- nu,, c-i.ti r-i..;.. iu GRAIN MARKETS from the hospital today . . . . - "niu t amiii, ViiuilUII UlUUllill L (orster Mrs. H. B. Obermeyer. m MS ;v- 1 5 Irene SUait, Eleanor McGuire, ,;A few graded French combing uMy Jane Fintel. Ruth Burrelle. I VUtf. Club to Meet V The Mothers' club of the Al Mrs. Earnest Harnisch, Mrs. J. E. Jenks, Mrs: John Grell, Mrs. MARKETS AT A GLANCE Illy I llllnl l'ri..l From Eugene A. G. McNeil, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dawson, C. R. Dean and A. Olson of Eugene were business visitors spending last night in Albany. S" . lna?..5r" E "ewitt; fifth grade. Lyle bany junior band is to meet Hugh Churchill, Mrs. George iii N in 1 u m i i i , J arsons, f.lwood Johnson, Le Roy hncK Nil suloe nf uivnnlilii i'n iimi.U ... . ' ... . J Stocks 1 to 7 points lower. Am- Thursday ut the Central school " , j . ninvy, Hal Biunson. Bobby Wales Koos, Mrs. Jess Gale, Mrs. Lillie Westcott and Mrs. A. D. Hudson. ni a :iii ;.VI,.L- ii ,.. i erican Telephone at new 19.1G low. h . 1 Merle Moench. Chester Beeson by club members toduy. L Bnds Corporations lower; U. Additional guests were Mrs. D. Robert Kelty, Robert Keller, Irene w. Shirley, Mrs. Hugh Richard HUNDREDS WILL Liggett, Margaret Whitney, Elinor Curbs Fractions to 2 Points Meeting Advanced son and Mrs. Kenneth Hulburt. IL liilds, Maxine Garland. Rita Mol lower. The meeting of the Baptist wo On Business Trip A. J. Hodges, J. C. Irvine, A. W. Bowersox,. George erry and W. L. Jackson returned last evening from Portland where they had been for the day on business. COMPETE FRIDAYj'1"11- Dorothy Ward, Pearl Turpin Cotton Slightly lower. ann r-nyuss nsier; sixtn grade. Burgoyne Opening men's missionary society for this week has been advanced from Fri- rinv tn Tlinreiliiu rtUP.w,.,.. 1..... I all money 14 of 1 per cent. Foreign exchange about steady. (Continued frnm Pas One) Keitn McGuire. Kobert Thompson Robert Frostad. James Moulton of the May Day exercises planned cx",ul . Swiss Jl a"cs break 10 Bobby Green, Donald Snider, Ray Is Scheduled Friday All will be ready for the ODen- na Ward as alternntes: fifth grade, points. mond necson, lorn Anderson l.minw tl:irri nnrt Viruil lTnlhiir for Friday. The group will meet with Mrs. Annie Howard nt TM Rubber 13 to 18 points higher. with Patsy Mitchell and Lawrence Liauoie raiweii. i0d lannish silver at New York unchanged. ing of the Burgoyne Motor company's new quarters at 127 East H.irnes as alternates: Sith erndn ""ucii newman. tugene Hunter Rohert Stronrl and Paii ieia i Lloyd Schriber, Ger.ildine Ben- fcast rifth. Mrs. W. C. Osgood will give a missionary address; Mrs. W. T. Cochran will be in charge of the devotionuls; Mrs. E. A. Junker will Slocks To Return-Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Williamson of Albany , who have been spending the. winter months at Ashland for the benefit of Mr, Williamson's health, write they arc returning to Albany Mila week to resume their place of residence ut 8U3 West 5th street. Second street Friday morning. I.inrtlini i. vein, l),.v un nnH t nuiger. Ella Hewitt. Lucile New York, April 29. A break of Carpenters, painters and other riiiiin ti-,t,.i,.i, nr.,i0 ; Moench, Ina Ross. Mnrjoric Kaea than 7 points in American S0-vard dash, fourth made ! L"'"" Whitney. Ruth Robertson give a vocal solo; and Shirley , Hnwnrri ulll l,. ..,.1.. N Clephi more phone mid Telegraph capital Albert Grice. Frank Taplev. Rav- ancl Uons ey. stock plunged the utility average workmen have completed remodelling the salesroom and shop and new models of Nash and LaFayette cars will be placed on the floor Thursday evening. Plans lor the slate convention will be discussed. mond Ewing, Joe Mitchell. Wal- Baton Fourth grade. Kenneth into new low ground for the year today and unsettled the stock mar- ter Haven. Jerry Stroud. Hillv Joe Phelps. Jack Howe. Jack De Waal Lance and Geraldine MeMnhnn. I Dick Sti aney, Dale Wallace. Horn- Ket, which on the average was CHINESE RESENT COINS Perry Arnsbarger, territory Shanghai. An uieent reouest bai to r)y January. supervisor of Wentworth & Irwin, state distributors, will be on hand all day Friday to assist Mr. that an old Chinese custom be . n ,' ' averac wns Fifth grade- Jack Pvbum, Rex j er Hadley, Jeanette Barker. Helen McHeynolds. Ian McLaren. Perry Hacklenuin, lone Zuvodsky, Betty Conrad. Wallura Anderson, James I Halsey. Minnie Griffin and Carol Alexander. Wilbur Senders. Billy 1 Reeser: fifth grade. Raymond Resumes School Work Miss Mary Nimmo, a former toucher in the Albany schools and for the last several years u teacher in the English department of Eugene high school, has been in the Emannucl hospital in Portland for treatment for the last five weeks but has recovered down nearly 11 points or more than 10 per cent from its high of Burgoyne in receiving the public. Pauramann. David Packard, Rob- I Long. Virgil Garland. Robert RiiS' the year made on April 6. Other revived and that holes be put in the new subsidiary coins now being minted, has been lodged with the Chinese government by 11... f1!.:.... I i :..i . the China sell, Jackie Daily. Orville Volz Over Barrett Bros. Store Albany, Ore. We have just installed the newest PHONE 264-J X-ray equipment, giving- you the last word in improved dental service. from "Dear Sir" hi to "Yours verv tmlv" I ert Lennurd, George McBride, Priaulx Here on sections have suffered similar declines in recent sessions without Robert Barker. Joan Swnnder, Industrial federation. Joan Jenks, Walter Gates, Dean Conrad and Mary Villar. Sixth Ruth Hack, Nancy Banks, Jean much rally. Hence, Wall Street was Quest for Votes ette Miller. Eva Agee, and Doris worried. i grade .lean Hassett, Eileen Bren- The Dow Jones industrial aver Nelson: sixth grade. Charles South, Bob Jacobson, Robert Schram Donald Walz, Kenneth Garland. age dropped Within a fraction of Arthur Priaulx of Chiloquin, Ore., visited friends in Albany Lloyd McFarlane. Gwendolyn Gladhart, Leota Williamson, La the 1SI3U low at 143.87 off 3.07; the railroad average was off 1.10 at 42.30 and the utility average at a new low of 28.83 off .(!. DR. CHAN LAM Chinese Volume approximated 1.790.000 neman. liernardine Caldwell, Mary Lou Conrad, Coral Doble, Virginia Gutierrez, Glenn Hancock, Harold Hart, Raymond Huffman, Alice Smith, Charles Johnston, David Knight. Leona Linville, Tliad Looney, Alma McTimmonds, Jack Stiles. Richard Swanson, Petty Winterstein, Virginia Hall, Jimmy Lewelling, Jack Neborgnll. Beth Nutting ami Cliartes Wicks. Madison School Entries Hurdles Third grade. Mabel Verne Halsey, Elnetta Wilson, Patsy Gilchrist, Naomi Abbott, and Jim Risen and Louelln Whitney as alternates. Boys and girls will constitute shares compared with 2,230.000 shares yesterday. Curb sales were Medicine Co. Natural romodipn fnr tlUnnlers of liver, Htmnach. 402.0110 shares compared with 478.- 000 shnres yesterday. separate teams in all three events. Junior high school entries, con Ri a mis, skin, & ur ('rain sisting of eighth and ninth grade pupils, will be listed tomorrow. Chicago. April 29 - Further ben-Kelly and Ivan Chase, with Laura inary )'Hlcm of men & women. KeinrrtifH fur roust Ipat ion, nsthma. arthritis, s u k a r Ford Builds 'High Wheeler' for Difficult Roads " If you would be letter per- feet, start in with your ict.,... clothes. Be sure that they 'iK'lifSl ars right. You can then tfSWAfM acknowledge anyone with ''jrPll your salutation without fear ' XwCs H r of being dated. Get in a Tiffany Worsted "ki suit by Michaels-Stern and L I.-lV-l you can sign yourself "Re- P1H spectably yours." These yttj clothes are the last word in f'fVf i ' fitf Iaiii. V. T. Uim, N.D. Naturopathic : J'liVHk'iuns riwtntrx Room High-Style Krock Made at Home Lends ( harm to Summer Wardrobe Pattern 27U2 Are YOU one to envy Another's wardrobe of dainty, Summer frocks? No need to, when you've this Anne Adams pattern ni your Ix-ck and call. Before you've hod it finished a day, you'll agree that H's sure to be the backbone of you wardrobe, sure to accompany you EVERYWHERE! See the way this one-piece frock plays Gay Deceiver, in combining a soft'y tied collar with pretty cape-let sleeves to suggest a cape? Thus you've a cool bit of coverage for your shoulders, because you will find cape-sleeves Just twice as cool, thrice as flattering as any other kind. Printed crepe and figured voile are equally smart suggestions. Pattern 2702 is available in 14, 18, 18. 20, 32. 34, 3, 38. 40, 42 and 44. Size" 10 lakes 3-S, yards 3!) inch fabric. Illustrated step-by-step sewing instructions included. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) In coins or stamps (coins preferred) for this Anne Adams pattern THIRTY CENTS (30c) for both Write plainly name, nddress and ami 2, enetfan Theater Bid. Vr. First nml Hrnnrinlliin St., Albany. orfU'6 Hours: 2 1. in. to 5 i. ni. Tuesday nml Saturday only. Consultation, It 1 noil Pressure and lr-Iiip Tests Kre of - ' iiimr- Gohiie Chan, X.L. harce. Barber and Beauty Work for the Entire Family At Popular Prices style number. BE SURE TO STATE SIZE. ! Be sure to order OUR SPRING 'PATTERN BOOK for smart new ei'Miies inai 11 ill you and your .i.H.iiiil.illtiiiin Hatr CttttiRff Permanent MaviMff Hair Tinting FInrer Wavinr Mftrceltintf etc. fabric, pattern and model . IPl iH -sMl ' design. Stop at the sign of M-&WJ the Value-First Boy. . r' u Mr a: MICHAEL ;!ln ($jna Value"Rrii kes OtZ TIFFANY WORSTED SUITS J J (Uf 8W SAW CLOTHING iipnwniit Clothes JJ Er"-""-tj I . ' A FOltn V-8 "HIGH WHEELER" for use in rural di-tricl where exertional road clearance is needed is now being produced by tne roru atoior (.ompany. nie car is equipped with IS-inch steel spoke f needs to a "T ! Gay, practical .'nicks to cheer you at work. I.ove-iv party frockj and sports clothes ,: Matter you (it play. Collars, biiue. skirts tnt multiplying costumes. Chic slenderizing styles. .Patterns for tots. Fabric and accessory news. PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOK AND A PATTERN TOGETHER. TWEN-.TY-FPVE CENTS. Address orders to Democrat-11 w aid. Pallors Department. 2702: cM wheels and by 18 4-ply tiros. Instead of the 16-incb; (Jrawn steel wheels and 6.00 by 16 tires which aro standard on the 1930 model. The addition;! )road elearMice cnabk'S the "high wheeler" lo nego-tiate roads with deep rut and trails with hurh spots such stone and stumps. The view at right shows the liwiUurJ wheel in front, with the new "hish wheel" behind. J WALKER'S Barber (Wld Beauty Shop 215 I.) on St. Phone 61B-K I :J O Q

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