The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 25, 1968 · Page 36
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 36

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1968
Page 36
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Page 36 article text (OCR)

36 -Palm Beach Post, 'B? jmkmi. Monday, Nov. 25. 1968 Sub Crew JDeslroys Legends If I N V T.m.. e Ifltf S .C0mi"8 f ,W -or mi S3' tet-' K's always a special fflti event to us. Wrp. nrnurf nf nnr mom in,oi rm j xl -v v . jr. COPACABANA, Bolivia - Two mustard-colnreri minis Ture submarines have all hut rMrnved a centuries-old Ipe- TnI e. -..I j i 'i , , . 1 w) uiiu 11110 nig lllllC UI IIIC year we show it. All our shelves are stocked to the brim and the aisles are filled u.... x r T r"""1"0' 0,,u u 'c unit; ui me .... .uiirt-ii iiaidim ana nin-flen gold at. thp bottom of the. highest navigable body of wa ler intlip world. Ji fSy-w 1 in'-.- .. A tPam of 17 mm and unm. PRICES GOOD THRU WED., NOV. 27 en headed by the Frenrh QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED oceanneranher Tmrfr MICIIEL0B Jacques Cniisteau. lias nearly completed an eight-week underwater survey of Lake Titi- 1 caea. astride the frontier be tween Bolivia and Peru UNO 0' SUNSHINE J.' fL& CMS J fEt5ki'!, Apart from large toads and some interesting geological formations, they have found !-! Ml A little of the stuff of dreams The lake has long been a source ot tascination to arche- ologists. geologists and histo nans. DUSCH BAVARIAN JrS 1 Most visitors, including 75s. m-n . j , inose in commander Cous LIMIT 2 OF EITHER WITH $5 ORDER OR MORE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES teau s expedition are left ga spmg. not only by the magnifi cent hills and mountains sur CRACKIN GOOD DIP or rounding the lake, but also by If 39 r,r W V POTATO CHIPS ...:. ineaitnuneot 12.507 toet. The lake itself is 120 miles TWIN PACK. $5 lone and 60 miles wide. i;ntii 1 $X-; llMIT 0NE 0F ITHER mn ! . ftpnru no Mnot cvn unik LIMIT ONE OF EITHER WITH ORDER OR MORE the current expedition no one EXCLUDING SUPERBRAND O.S.D.A. GRADE "A" K , , nan an aceuralp idea of the ILL MCB v 'K rippth of its clear, blue water, - --. jLlbflKtl IB ; " - , N - . f w of FLORIDA FRESH I ci mil there are Indians who be lieve the lake has no bottom While modern lift? around LARGE the lake is as primitive as anv Special . m Latin Amprimi ort-ut n'.uiu. . zations have e;t their mark 1 Around 600 A.m. theTinnan, aco civilization began to t ish around Lake Titi caca A r- ';;;H'jr-i!B i NEW I Red I Embossed I Canister 'cheologists have excavated ceremonial plazas, temples and monolithic stince this period at the southern end ormeiaKe. Some catastronhp nupr. whelmed the Tihuanaco civili 6 0Z. PURINA LIVER & TUNA. TENDER BEEF-0R CHIX S KIDNEY CAT FOOD . ... .15 6 Hi 0Z. PURINA MACKEREL. CAT TUNA OR COUNTRY DINNER CAT FOOD .15 6' 0Z. PURINA CHICKEN 4 LIVER CAT FOOD .15 ; 8 0Z. MUELLERS MUCHEN OR KLUSKI NOODLES 2.49 16 0Z. GLASS YORK COUNTY WHOLE ONIONS .33 10 0Z. TERRY CHERRY CHOCOLATE COVERED MINTS 35 ?4 0Z. DEEP SOUTH PURE PRESERVES STRAWBERRY . ..: .49 3-OZ.CANB4B SLICED MUSHROOMS .39 U 0Z. GLASS AST0R COFFEE CREAMER .49 zation, which apparently had already declined when the Tn- cas, invaded the area about 12(10 A.D. The Incas. skillful engineers, built huee - stone LIMIT ONE WITH $5 ORDER 'OR MORE iri i t ' urasm '.EXCLUDING CIGARETTES 1 W I lL LIMIT TWO WITH $5. ORDER OR MORE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES temples and fortresses throughout a vast, area of Peru and Bolivia, and remnants of their roads extend as far south as Argentina. i Rut with the Spanish conquest of the sixteenth century, the Indian civilizations collapsed. Many of the old for-' tresses and temples were destroyed. Virtually all were looted of their gold and treasure, described in contemporary chronicles as rich bevond belief. I nhke the precolnnial Indian civilizations of Central America, the civilizations of Lake Titicaca left no written history and remain enigmas in important respects. ..i: y .. -'- 3 LB. CAN AST0R ' tttnttwttttttt ALL FLAVORS ANDRE The rieseendents of the Ti buanaco and Inga civilizations jre the modern Aymara and 3"ochua Indians. They pro- 'f 1602 THRIFTY MAID WHOLE OR SLICED 12 0Z. GREEN GIANT , SmfFVr? WHITE POTATOES .10 NIBLET CORN 4S1.00 3oz tehey pine new clues to the charac Jer of their ancestors, af l.;TT,4L4X! " it rw Dnonciu c m rumcrvumn lllIU va ihouch all are vaguely aware ! f ' FGG NOG .1 lUSnAIUtO .'...j.S' 10 0Z. NABISCO MIX 4 EAT 51 ineir heritage. Kvery evening at. sunset. CREAM OF WHEAT . . . .39 i LIMIT ONE WITH $5 ORDER OR MORE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES flusters ot Indians gather at lhe lakeside nier here to spp GOLD MEDAL .vhethpi- the Frenchmen have bi ought back anything inter esting trorn the lake. During the day the only object of interest on the pier is one of the ficht-font submarines not in Use. which the Indians exam Tie minutely. THRIFTY MAID sliced or crushed . The little jet-propelled cratl Ime no propellers, and with leanliehts. sonar devices, ra 1414 0Z. NABISCO CHIPS A HOY .49 BATHSIF ' MM Jio antenna, port, hole and S 20 OZ. 'j, IB 2 C4NS L I' liappline claws, they look like .12 Biil'e insects. The submarines are lowered IVORY BATH SIZE into the water each day from large launch in the areas CAMAY ,16 BATH SIZE inder study. 16 0Z. At dinner in the small hotel' 1 HOME BRAND HEAVY CREM1 SPIC SPAN 29 .22 bere where the expedition Members live. Cousteati was H PT. CTN. Nmmiiiii.imh SAFEGUARD BATH SIZE .29 .25 Khausted by his day's work. ZZ OZ COMET 40-OZ. "There are all kinds of sto ries about this lake." the 58- ZEST 22 REGULAR SIZE LAVA 2.27 fear did oceanographer said. 1 3 CANS $1 l "Take the matter of the so J 46 0Z. LIBBY I TOMATO JUICE I 32 0Z. DEEP SOUTH f IflnifARIRlHIAR failed unfathomable depth of MR. CLEAN .97 40 0Z. ......iwi TOP JOB .97 he lake. Our soundings indi I fate that at no point it is more (turn 2:10 meters i 754 feet 39 jeep. itJilv UtJiJjlloE: "We did not come here to I .81 $1.09 DOWNEY 38 OZ. PRE SOAKING BIZ 7i 07 DlViriFP park tuiim imir. 16 0Z. THRIFTY MAID look, tor relics or gold, and its rxtremelv unlikely that there re anv in the lake. For onp IMBERRY SAUCE239CI .nine, the main centers of civ ilization were some distance (rem the lake, not right on its CHOW MEIII .; .67 I til il Uii lliores. Tihuanaco is 18 kilo meters r.nnco pi DETAILS IN STORE "The lake near the shores is .Jftft; rMtrW::.,. SUPERBRAND l M'i 'Hi'PM'f' (hallow, and if anything like lalaces or gold were there. Ihev would probably have teen tound long ago. , BIG 5 PK. FROZEN PET RlTZ PIE SHELLS .69 "The word Inca has a kind 1 1 "a y&o ho holidayr If magic, but it. has bppn nros jituted. and the importance of V ORANGE JUICE 531.00 he lnca civilization is magni-liedout of proportion. "I hate to have to demystify (omethmg, but am devoted to ine trum. ro vi. rnun BIKUJ It COOL WHIP .29 10 0Z. FROZEN LIBBY JUMBO ASPARAGUS .49 10 0Z, FROZEN AST0R BROCCOLI SPREARS OR CAULIFLOWER . 4.S8 To mik. your Ho-Ho-Hollday a little happier, th. Green Giant will send you $2.00 to h.lp pay for your turkey when you send him 15 labels from Green Giant canned vegetables along with a special order form. Get details nd official entry certificate at th. Green Giant Dit play in our store. GALS. I ' mm mnr, jui ""1 if Ssvt Driving Sponswed Tmk Oiamkw i tmmm

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