The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 25, 1968 · Page 31
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 31

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1968
Page 31
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Palm Beach Post, Monday. Nov. 25, 1968-31 1 THE LITTLE WOMAN HI 'lfWByU.mi !8UTY0ua6m ftR tO LIKE THESE fl I rK lX 6S R.EAOY-li.1 !W IM S TElsL JS. X THAT MEANS Mfi- oawts pops J. ( rvAiTPQ n nur- . . Foreign Dignitaries B5fi ii llfwl fi SURE IS J Ik 'M TRAINS I T NOT BAD... SAV, ISmY !k HIM MVSELP K HIS LANOINS-S THAT A BIRD -1 iTO HOW'S U ARE STIU-A ""LE &L0PPY 1 REDEYE ' 7 ' T ACROSS 1 Iranian monarch 5 Turkish official 8 Arab chieftain 12 Creek goddess of youth 13 Twite (music) 14 Uncommon 15 Genus of true olives 16 High mountain 17 Egyptian goddess 18 Fountains 20 Citrus fruits 22 Compass point 23 Heath genus 24 Cretan mountain 28 Ethiopian title 29 Medicinal plant 30 Movie actor, David 32 Small child 33 Time before Christmas 34 French novelist 37 Spring month 38 Profit 39 Through 40 Impair 43 Water barrier 44 Modern Persian (var.) 46 Choler 47 World War I menace 49 Defense missiles 51 Rodent 53 Lively dance 55 Palm fruit 56 Winglike parts 57 Literary genre 58 Greek theaters 59 Slash 60 Fodder 61 Misplaced DOWN 1 Precipitation 2 Capital of Montana 3 White r 1 i 7rrOTfvji ll-t? () Kmc Fmimm 5yiktt, mc, World rifku f nerved. "I don't want anything that's fussy about its diet. One dieter in the family is enough." HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY DOWN THE HALL. THAT IS, HOW THEY COULD HAVE CUPPED MY HAIR AS I SLEPT. WITHOUT MY 1 2 3 4 15 6 7 I IB 19 110 111 12 T5 U 18 " l7T?20 21 I ' 1 2 r:2T2? 7125 26 27 " hi fTfl 33 34 135 136 I ' J 37 L JJ M J 38 CO 40 41 42 43 HI 44 45 , 4fT 47 48 pl4 51 52 " 53 54 " 55 56 57 58 59" 60" 61 I I I I I I I I I I 25 Anivtr to Fnrioirt Puult poplars 4 Cure 5 Near East garment 6 Hunter's attendant (Scot.) 7 Meat jelly 8 Great Lake 9 Bulky 10 Grandson of Benjamin (Bib.) 11 Legal matter 19 Harem 21 Former Chinese dignitary 24 Boorish 26 Lair 27 Pismire 31 Climbing vine 32 Oriental porgy 33 Prayer ending 34 Youngster 35 Girl's name 36 Daimio's military retainer 39 Film formed on copper 40 Japanese emperor 41 Mountain crests 42 Seat anew 45 Hindu ruler 48 Source of sugar 50 False god 51 Owns 52 The whole of 54 Merry but he had a brainstorm and decided to get off the hook at five diamonds. North passed and South was finally able to make a bid he liked. He doubled. Oswald: "Then came the crowning blow. North went to five spades!" Jim: "Not quite. When the hand was over and East and West had chalked up 500 points, North said to South, 'Why didn't you pass? You had five diamonds beaten.' South was last seen banging his head against a wall." Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Dble Pass ? You, South, hold: AQ 10854 VA10 53 7654 What do you do now? A Bid one spade only. You have a good spade suit but only six liijjh card points. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid one spade. Partner raises to two spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Ratio's JACOBY ON BRIDGE Experts Make Errors Too ,mLKR rmf'M m PHANTOM'S I "'" -. f W UMwy mm . eme. jm. . Jli SOMEONE fZ --v BROUGHT V r Sm, V. t, JjjT : HERE- fcmSL' Jf S-l. S? ? will GxfTZj J$M1Z2ij&f. . 7mm f4. .''.j Tp STUMPED, Vf VHtC THOUGHT ABOUT fr POPS- vS-TjthK AN ALLIGATOR ?KlKZr S K WAKING UP! I THAT WAS OUCK V 5HE LOVtt? n. HUH? 13 YEAH JURE MUST BE (j SOMETHING IMPORTANT NILE TRACV HAS BEFN SUDOUIMCTHE HUMAN HAIR BANDITS, LET US LOOK IN AT HEADQUARTERS. TRIXIE'S THROUGH WITH HER K DIWNPD HI AND LOIS JOE, ISNY THAT TO Hiyy o brien COINS INTO THE ANCHOEAiSf- TIMES OFFICE STEVE EiteJW-!!! ATQp THIS PLACE IS FILLED WITH ART TREASURES ) -SOME OF THEM ALMOST PRICELESS fyrytwr1 w --IkITsomeone Tfj I mi IT 91 7 CANYON? V- RANTS.' ID LIKE TO REPORT A ROBBERY NO. SHE'S JUST THROUGH WITH IT. 2& O i I HAVEN'T VtHE DFC.2.I9IB VOU IN ACES.' EDITION WILL TELL TAKE VOU TO YOU THAT THERE . LIBRARY .' l SHALL NEVER BE pmmmL ANOTHER WORLP Jt WAR ; ,1- By Neg Cochran " TLJU tVtK bAW. r yJ -i"-" WART MMMI tY 1 17 : GOIU6 ST, UH- .EUPOF ) flfj November 25, 1968 By Sydney Omarr "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points thewav." ARIES (March 21-April 19 1: Some who try to ingratiate themselves may have ulterior motives. Know this and keep guard up. Some of your desires are close to fulfillment, keep on course. Message clear bv tonight. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) : Stress on how to accomplish goal. Key is acceptance of added responsibility. Don't try to battle those in authority. Chance for promotion exists takeadvantageof it. GEMINI (May (May 21-June 20 1 : Spotlight on ability to learn, perceive. Being persistent today is tremendous asset. Don't give up before project is really completed. That's the key to happines. CANCER (June 21-July 22): You are asked for financial advice. Give your best but don't become involved to the point of no return. Think. Plan and analyze. Realize you must first aid vourself. LEO Uulv 23-Aug, 22): Rise CARMICHAEL II-IS MEDICAL DR. J. DR. 5. P0c SAID IF I Were a biJilpin& --- i'P k They'll Do It Every ..THAT'S WHAT ) YOU MEAN OOOLA, I'M FUSSING THE ONE WHO ABOUT, GUIDED YOUR CAMERAMAN above petty annoyances. Set fine example. Permit mate, partner to have spotlight. You gain through display of patience, consideration. Make gesture which shows your sincerity. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Show appreciation for services. One who has been loyal deserves praise. Give it. A hunch today could lead to valuable discovery. Keep health resolutions. Avoid extremes. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Creative resources come to fore. You can break down restrictions. Express yourself. Personal magnetism rating is high. People find you fascinating. Take a chance on your talents. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Accent on future security. Fine for establishing program of savings. Avoid waste. Gain greater understanding of family requirements. If facts are faced a definite gain is indicated. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Avoid being confused by nonessentials. Do first things first. Then your forces are concentrated. Help in community affairs. Co-operate with relatives, neighbors. Display humor. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan 19 1: You lose if you see only what you want to see. Key today is to face facts as they exist applies especially to money. Think before you invest. Gain shown if you are patient. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Positive gain shown if you take initiative. Fine for new starts in new directions. Highlight independence. Welcome challenge. Prepare for overtime assignment. PISCES i Feb. 19-March 20): Finish important project. Don't neglect apparent minor points. Work with tools at hand. Aid is forthcoming from surprise source. Be discreet. Plav cards close to chest. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY your feelings run deep; you abhor the superficial. Emphasis is on recent effort which affects family plans. Conditions improve and success is indicated. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cvcle high for AQUARIUS, PISCES. ARIES. Special word to VIRGO: pleasant surprise in social area is indicated. Time RIGHT! WITH A DOLL LIKE HER, WHO NEEDS DINOSAURS? Kin;: HI hT H( NOKTII (D) 25 AKQJ9 V AKQ842 3 Q7 WEST EAST AA A852 VJ10753 96 A984 4K652 AKJ 49853 SOUTH A 107643 V Void QJ107 A 10642 North-South vulnerable West North East South IV 4 Rdble Pass 5 Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 1 A Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Dble 5 Pass Dble Opening lead A A Oswald: "We get occasional complaints that everything seems to go well with bridge experts. Their finesses work, and when they do go set it is just bad luck, never plain old-f a s h i o n e d mistakes." . Jim: "Maybe we should show a few hands for the department of total idiocy. Here is one from a local duplicate. Each player at the table was a Life Master with well over 1,000 master points to his credit. That is, each player exept East who had a mere 500 or 600 points." Oswald: "I see that East contributed nothing to the general confusion. All he did was to pass and follow suit." Jim: "The bidding started mildly with North's one-heart opening and South's one-spade response. South wasn't happy about that but no one likes to pass a 54-4-0 distribution when he can bid his five-card suit conveniently." Oswald: "I see West decided to pass and await developments. North jumped to four spades and he certainly had enough. South was delighted to pass and not at all pleased when West doubled, lie didn't know what to think about North's redouble but there was no place to go." Jim: "Expert West should have stood with his double. "i Ue twins 'tS I &s who ; TO FOLLOW TWO Y B1 It A J rJ2 f WOOLDNT WANT GAMES, SO DURING -JHSSi" Situ Y 1 rffiNs? ' T0 HUDPLE IN E 1 - TIWE-OIJT AMD A THE BREW WITH V CHANNELS f 1 BIS NEW COMPACT I SmIrLl VOU 1 "Sg'i 1 SIR V SKATEMOB,lE?J if PrJr ANP i HIVU OF COURSE I I MA'AM, COULP I FILES OF SEEN ANCHORAGE U FOR. DE THE 2nc '?rsri SEE BRINS 'PLENTV'O'BRIEN THE POWN FROM THE BOON TIMES DOCKS IN NOVEMBER.' HOW ABOUT I 60METHINli5 J REALLY S IMPORTANT- LIKE A SHIM- Mi wm THE CEMBER 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople IATTHE Pf?ICE5 THE -FAN5ARERyiNfi)l J,YA5, 805, THE PtfiME MEED Of) FOR 6CME OP OUT OUR W AY WE MW A RABBIT &0 IN HERE AM' I 60T THE FILM OOIW--IF 1 WAIT TO START SHOOTIKJ' TILL HE PA5HE5 OUT, HE'LL BE LOWS GONE BEFORE I CAN GET A CLOSEUP.' r 1 THE SPORTS WORLD 15 AM THE$FDRTS V IMPRE6NA8LE- SAFETY HELMET- FLOPS THE KACE CAR DRIVERS, FOOTBALL COULD U5E- 6UARD FOR 6UARD FOR Players and baesall a little- 1 6rid6e HITTERS WILL BE 3U5T A FEW (PROTECTiOiy PLAjK4,y 6RID6E PLAYEK4.', ,M FERD'NAXD ' I M hzxJrJ UJ OOP DOESN'T SEEM TO V"""-! GIRL? I ' , BE SELLING POOPLES I WONPER DON'T I DOIT V ANY BILL OF GOODS WHAT IT TAKES SEE ANY EITHER... J TO IMPRESS J'Ak fife THE WORRY

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