Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 25, 1936 · Page 16
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 16

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1936
Page 16
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Western Resorts DrawTourists Around the Globe Eyes For The Dark The Story Of A Dog By Paula Norton: England raving! They demanded that the persons committing the acts be tried and executed for treason. Now the problem of obtaining a jury to hear such a case in that neighborhood was a puzzling one. It naturally follows that these Jurymen would be of the very same trend of mind as the men tried. There would hardly be a conviction. Of course, there might be a law passed hastily whereby the culprits could be sent to England for trial, but there was already a law that a man must be tried in his own district. The "tea party" wasn't the only showing of Independence the colonists were advancing. They protested against any stamp tax placed upon them by the motherland. They stormed the stamp offices and treated the stamps very much as they had the tea. England was so riled now that she ordered troops to establish order. The troops took things pretty much In their own hands and many a Boston rebel felt the sting of bullets, and was not moved to any great loyalty to England by the pain! TEA SMUGGLING WHEN the people of the American colonies were told by their dictators in England that they could buy only English Importations, they purchased smuggled goods. Naturally they wanted to pay as little as possible for the necessities of life and the smuggled cargoes came at a much lower rate than those sent over from England. A cup of tea was a very important part of any Englishman's daily life and those English people living In America were no different In this respect than those at home. So they bought smuggled tea. This act caused England to lower the price of her, tea and send over a shipment of it. But the colonists felt that they were being more loyal to themselves and their cause if they refused to buy English-owned tea at any cost. And to show their feelings in the matter, a crowd of Boston boys disguised themselves as Indians and boarded the vessel carrying the tea shipment and dumped it all into the sea. This set the powers-that-be in An attractive vacation spot Is El Mlrador, In Palm Springs, Calif. Each year thousands of winter vacationists from all parts of the United States, as well as foreign countries, arrive there to enjoy the climate and the vacation and play facilities, such as swimming, tennis, badminton, horseback riding, shuffleboard and other outdoor sports. Here is the story of one of those marvelous "Bceinij - Eye" doijs shepherds trained to lead the blind and, in act, utmost to think for them. The doi) is telling the story. Last week her days of training her puppyhood ended, and now the is ready to carry out her life work. Chapter 3 ONE day Frank came out Into the play yard and called me Into the school room. I knew what this meant. Someone had come to get a sceing-cye dog, and I was to be tried for the Job. If both my new master and I passed this test, I would soon have a new homo. I hurried along with Frank and tried to look' bright and dignified. I wanted to make a good Impression, and I cannot deny I was anxious to sec what sort of man was to be my master. Imagine my great surprise when I came into the room and found only the usual workers and officers of the school and no strange man among them. The only porson there I had never seen before was a young girl she couldn't have been more than 16 and she was blind. I stood very still and looked at her. She was tall and slender, very slender, and the way sho stood with that questioning look on her pale face I felt she knew I had come into the room, and she was wondering about me Just as I had wondered about her. "Clare," said our head lady, taking the girl's hund and leading her away from tho chair where she stood, "This is Hilda." I knew my name and walked over to Claro and stood very close beside her. She smiled and groped with her hand to find me. Timidly sho patted my head . . I knew right then that we would be friends. It's funny how when you meet some people you like ..made ient and Savings Only ft them right away, and other people you never like at all. I had learned my lessons In leading the blind, and I thought my schooling was over, and In a way It was, but now I had to go to school with Clare. She was Bhy about walking about the dark was so new to her for sho had not always been blind. I noticed how she felt her way around, how timidly she felt for doorways, and how she drew back whenever she discovered a chair in her way. I was not sorry for her long, for I knew that soon I could help her to "see." That afternoon Claro and I went for a walk. She held to the rigid bar that was part of my harness, and I walked slowly so she would get used to rnc. I led her over the walks of the garden (of course, Frank went with us, to suggest and help). At first she seemed almost afraid to walk freely with me but by the time we were ready to go in for dinner, I could feel she was moving along with greater ease. I went along with her and Into her room. Our dinner was brought in, and after the attendant left and closed the door we were alone for the first time since we'd met. Clare leaned over and felt for the plate that held my dinner on the floor. She picked it up and for the life of me I couldn't inv ugiue what she was going to do. "I want to feed you myself. Hilda," she said. Then sho lifted some of tho food and held it out to mo with her left hand while sho ate her own dinner with the other. I liked that. It was sr chummy. I wagged my tall and thumped It on tho floor so she'd know I was pleased as could be And that's the way Clare and I had our first meal together. That night I slept under her bed. (Continued next week.) realms of the Fourth Estate. Occasionally one comes along who gets serious attention. Ko may not draw tho largest space, but he's genuine. Ho doesn't try to pull "fnst ones" that can't he pulled nnyway but If the time ever comes when he needs a hand. . ho gets It! GOVERNOR POINDEXTER Is such a man. Directing the destiny of the Pacillc island unit of the American nation Hawaii an area that is the apex of America's Western system of defense and the locale of one of the greatest American agricultural Industries, sugar, Joseph B. l'olndexter walks Into any mainland city like any oilier reputable resident. He doesn't talk much, but he answers Questions, and he has a friendly smile. He's sincere, even to the point of wondering why the news-pepers consider him of importance. He'll talk Hawaii any time, "but if you're looking for a handsome face, go get a movie actor." he suggests. ONE OF THE JOYS of roaming far trails are the meetings with such genuine men. You find them In the oddest places --at the prows of outbound ships. In the smokers of railway trains. In the cushioned chairs of planes snd. surprisingly frequently, beneath battered hats whipping high streams or sitting negligently against a sun-hathed rock gazing across the miles, OVER ROLLING WHEELS you can meet them. In their brief play days you will find them In-' tensely human, likeable chaps, who are Just as interested in companionship as you may be. As a director of three steamship lines, with numerous millions, commented the other day: "Ono thing I like about travel most people don't know you, and those that do apparently forget their habit of saytng, "Yes, sir.'" A special offer on Simmons Lifetime Beds. Huge quantity production makes possible lowest prices in history for such quality. New styles new finisheschoice of 6 beautiful designs at one low price. . Go to your furniture or department store without delay-select the bed that fits your own home. N. B. Hotels, Clubs, Boarding Houses:-Here is the chance you've been looking for to get famous quality at a big saving. SIMMONS WORLD'S LARGEST MAKERS OF Beds - Springs Mattresses - Studio Couches Livable modern.. in several & SpE 555 ' " Lovely spool bed in soft attractive color Combinations. SO WE'RE going to be out of tho timber by September 16. It has a strangely familiar sound, harking back about 20 years. It was "Christmas" then, however. And the muddy trenches of Franco. Not tho battle of the Gold Standard. But then, who knows? Unless It actually bo Col. W. O. Mackendrlck, who thinks he does. "We can." he says, "foretell every major nntional development by Biblical prophesies. For example within llvo years England will lose the Sue, to Italy and Italy will Invade Palestine. Within a few years Japan will become a republic. Roosevelt Is going to be defeated," THE COOD COLONEL Is a high executive In organizations In Canada and Australia. His hobby - though It Is more than a hobby: It is a "life work" is the forecasting of events by study of the Bible. He's the author of "Tho Doctrine of the British Empire and tho U. S. A ," a study of those nations in tho light of the Book. Cost him $5000 to produce It, but Its current 11th printing aided In a recent Jaunt off through the raclftc to Australia seeking further thoughts. I SOMETIMES THINK (rarely, but occasionally) that 1 ought to write a book, too. 1 should like to know how It feels to be famous. I should like to stand nonchalantly beside a steamer's rail on somo bright, sunny morning, and watch the news-hawks gather 'round, and with a dreamy, far-away look In my eyes, soy: "Oh, yw; qulto so! It was Just a few weeks ago, down off the Isle of . Let ma know when you're ready to take Uie picture. . . " DO CELEBRITIES KNOW what the news men really think of them T It Is doubtful. It Is also e secret of the trade, not to be casually released beyond the PAGE EIQKT-B Mapie iinisn Prices slightly higher in Hawaiian Islands. Each of these beds is Simmons standard quality sturdy - durable beautiful colors - lasting finishes, Windsor bed. .in wood grains or beautiful colors. 4ri i i i i rv rtrum Gricclii Walnut finish panel Grsceline bed . . Blended" with burl v--" Smartly styled . . Hnished in blended Walnut o

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