Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 25, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, April 25, 1936
Page 14
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V i Five Star Fashion Tips Don't Forget The Cookie Jar; It's Easy to Keep Filled When You Use These Tasty Recipes Temperatures Important for Success in Making Good Old-Fashioned Dainties By Virginia Ross Home Economics Editor Neutrals gray, black, white. Warm colors yellow, orange, red. Cool colors green, blue, violet. The brunette has a wide range of colors from which to choose, all of which are flattering to her individual type. Yellow is a most suitable choice for the brunette type. If her skin is pale olive or i clear and the hair brown or black, eyes brown, gray or blue, red orange or blue are most becoming. Also cream-white, blue-green, light or dark tan and dark green. This type should avoid yellow- Complete Luncheon In This Salad mkwmmmmmmmitfkiMi kill iili.iiiiiiiifi'Tt Set f K ilk 'Jri r tm V K A Crispy, crunchy hearts of lettuce, tomato quarters, green onions, peas, carrots and a delightful mayonnaise dressing a meal in itself Is this salad, so healthful, delicious and good to look at. Cooks' Kitchen Tours Conducted by Virginia Ross GUIDE of the STARS By Laurie Pratt SUNDAY: An inspirational and harmonious day. Contacts with elders are favored. Evening is adverse for love affairs. Monday: Favorable developments in financial matters. Sign contracts. Much energy today. Plans for pleasure go awry In the evening. Tuesday: A fair day if you avoid extravagance and guard your speech and temper. Wednesday: The morning is really excellent; push all affairs. Don't speak out of turn or sign papers in the afternoon. You may meet some eminent person this evening. Thursday : A delightfully charming day. Travel; contact strangers and occupational superiors. Lots of luck here. Friday: Hold everything; disappointments loom. Adverse for love affairs and for dealing with elders, authorities and servants. The evening is stimulating but expensive. Saturday: Take a trip with others this afternoon. Fortunate for letters, contracts, good news, cooperative and social activities. CHILDREN'S PROSPECTS CHILDREN born the week of April 26, 1956, have the following life prospects, according to Astrology: Sunday: A receptive, domestic and inspirational nature. Marked constructive ingenuity; engineering and financial abilities. Monday: Determination, enterprise and immense tenacity are here Indicated. Sudden occupational changes. Military interests will be strong. Tuesday: Pride, and some stub-borness, mark this child. A gay, pleasure-loving nature. A singing or theatrical career is indicated. Wednesday: A fortunate life. The favor of famous persons is promised. Ambition will overcome the early lethargy of this child. Thursday: A sensible, practical nature, clever at detail work and in financial and investment matters. Gain through travel and marriage. Friday: This child will be quiet and capable. He needs cheerful surroundings and will gain through associations with younger rather than older people. A literary or publishing career is favored. Saturday: A child born in the morning could be a successful playwright. Those born in the afternoon will work best in partnership, in a business featuring artistic or luxurious articles. Crushed Bone Is Good Fertilizer By Cecil Solly WHEN they planted a vine in the old days they first burled a dead sheep in the site or was it a goat? Nowadays we use artificial manure. Among the best for such a purpose Is that old-fashioned fertilizer known as crushed bones. Crushed bone can be obtained In quarter-inch and half - Inch sizes. They decay slowly, but, for this reason chiefly, are excellent to use when the soil Is being prepared for all kinds of trees. Dig out the soil, scatter one or two pounds at least on the heap of soil, and use it round the tree that is being planted. It is generally Inadvisable to use any other kind of fertilizer. The bones provide a continuous supply of foods for the ' trees. THESE fashion hints are for the purpose of aiding the woman who is sincerely interested in her personal appearance. Authenticity is the keynote of all suggestions made, and If followed weekly each woman will derive true knowledge, enabling her to dress well according to her own particular type. All women who are Interested In being smartly dressed will first make a careful study of their build, and second, of their coloring. In this way they will be enabled to make tho most of their good points and will divert attention from their less flattering qualities. If the woman is Inclined toward heaviness, Intelligent use of lines will do much to create the illusion of a slender figure. This use of line holds true for the face as well as the figure. As one advances in years, dignity of appearance becomes an outstanding source of pleasure. Not only is this true of the individual concerned, but also of her daily social contacts. Maturity contributes a great wealth of charm in its gift of silver-gray hair. Scrupulously groomed gray hair softens the lines of the face and adds much to the general appearance of the matron. The woman who is thin may call to her aid the magic worked by the use of certain colors. By avoiding tones which are harsh or Intense and confining herself1 to the soft colors, she will give the appearance of having a more plump, curved figure. She should always refrain from black, due to the slenderizing effect It tends to produce. Softly curving and caressing garments rather than the stiffly tailored styles are the most flattering for the mature, motherly woman. She is a consistent, unchanging type in the realm of women's dress. On many occasions the use of colors will go infinitely further than the spoken word in the attainment of the desired effect. Generally speaking, the light colors are attributed as being the possessions of youth. Bequeathed to maturity are the dark tones and deeper rich tones. , Primary colors red, yellow, blue. Some Handy Hints For Home Building DECORATIVE PLASTER If you are building a new house or remodeling an old one, !nves-; tigate the possibilities of decorative plaster over mantles. Often a picture over the fireplace will over-balance the wall. An attractive design in relief left the same color as the remainder of the walls will add interest to the space, but will not over-emphasize it Many attractive designs are executed for this purpose APPLIANCE CLOSE! Add an appliance closet to the kitchen. There all the smaller mechanical equipment mixers, toasters, waffle Irons, etc. may be placed on shelves designed to accommodate them. On the door, place a row of hooks and paste white labels above each one. The electric cords which fit each appliance may be hung there and the name of the appliance placed above it. This will prevent cords from becoming tangled, and they . will be easy to locate. Paint the interior of the closet a color which contrasts with the main kitchen wall color. MIRROR DOOR Add a full-length mirroi door in the entry cjoset. This will be convenient for those who live in the house as well as for guests. the Week Andrews dozen. Keep tightly covered in tin container. These are crisp and crunchy. AUNTIE'S DROP COOKIES Cream together well: 1 cup shortening 1 cup sugar. Add 2 eggs. Beat well. Add 2 cups uncooked oatmeal 1 cup each of raisins and walnuts Sift together: 2 cups sifted flour teaspoon soda Vt teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons cinnamon, other spices if desired Add alternately with cup sweet milk. Mix well. This will be very stiff. Drop by teaspoon-fuls onto greased baking sheet. Bake at 425 degrees (a quick oven) for 10 to 12 minutes. Store in stone Jar. QUICK MACAROONS (Use these when guests drop In. They may be made in a Jiffy. ) Mix together: Vt cup sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated) 2 cups coconut 1 teaspoon vanilla Drop on greased sheet. Bake at 325 degrees (a fairly slow oven) about 10 minutes or until browned. Makes 18 to 18 cakes. Remove from pan while hot. These Improve with age if you can keep them! VARIATIONS: Add M cup ground chocolate: chopped nuts; use half cornflakes Instead of all coconut; vary flavor by using different extracts. HERMITS ( Roll 'cm out and cut 'cm. Keep well.) Cream together: 'Ai cup butter or shortening cup suifar Add: ' 1 egg, well beaten A cup raisins, cut in sniiitl pieces Mix and sift together: 1 cups sifted flour 2 teaspoons baking powder teaspoon cinnamon A teaspoon each of cloves, mace, nutmeg Add to first mixture along with 2 tablespoons milk. Roll mixture out a scant fourth Inch in thickness. Bake at 425 degrees (a quick oven) about 12 minutes. Makes about 2 dozen. Store In stone or porcelain Jars. ORANGE SUGAR COOKIES Cream together: H cup shortening ISi cups sugar. Add 2 eggs, unbeaten. Hi nt well. Add grated rind of 1 orange 81ft together: 8 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoons salt. Add to aborfl along with 1 teaspoon orange juice Knead Into rolls. Wrap In wax paper and store In refrigerator. Slice off as needed. Bake at 450 degrees (a hot oven) about 8 minutes. Store In tin. SPRITZ COOKIES (Made with a cookie press. Require a hot oven, and watching.) Cream together: 1 clip buffer or margarine cup sugar Add: 1 egg unbeaten or 3 egg yolks Sift together: 2 Hi rii;w sifted flout teaspoon baking powder Mi fmispooii salt Add to above along with 1 teaspoon almond extract. Force through aluminum cookie form or press in forms desired. Rako at 425 degrees about 8 minutes or until light brown. Store In stone contalnor. TRILBIES (For these easy filled cookies use either uncooked rolled oats or a llaked uncooked wheat cereal.) sweetened whipped cream. Garnish with candied orange peel cut in bits. if you pack lunches, put in some fruit bread sandwiches occasionally. They pack so nicely and can be used in place of cookies and cake to satisfy the craving for sweets. Try adding a few drops of lemon Juice to rice the next time you cook it. It makes it beautifully white and keeps the grains whole. For a children's party, try serving toasted marshmallow crackers. Place a marshmallow (the colorod ones are very pretty for this) on the cracker and place In a hot oven a few minutes. To serve with lamb, cut one glassful of currant Jelly intc small cubes. Sprinkle with a grat-tlng of orange peel. Add 2 tablespoons chopped mint leaves. The jelly may be melted very slowly instead of chopped. To dress the molded fruit salad, add grated cheese to the mayonnaise. Diced celery and ripe olives cut from the pits may be added. Drain hot boiled cauliflower and serve with tomato sauce. Combine plain cauliflower with cooked peas and melted butter. When cutting marshmallows, use scissors, dipping them into hot water, and they will not stick to the blades. GRANDMOTHER'S cookie Jar! The ginger cookie smell! If ever I sigh for the good old days, it's when memory pulls me back to the times when it wasn't any harm to munch, after school, on a great sugar-crusted cookie. Surprising how much energy as well as goodness la wrapped up in their luBcious sides. Surprising too, what a trusty friend the cookie Jar is. Drop cookies are perhaps the easiest to make, unless we take much the same sort of batter and spread it in shallow pan, to bake as cake, cut In squares or diamonds when cool. And I of course, there's the roll you stow away in the re- , frlgerator and .slice to bake when you need them ; and the little cakes you drop in muffin tins ... is there Virginia Ro anything difficult about any of these? - -' Cookie sheets or pans with very low edges produce the best results. It's bettor to bake one sheet at a time, having the other ready to slip in when tho one is rcmovod from the oven. Othorwise they'll have to be shifted upstairs and down, and tho baking results aren't so good as they should be. Don't bo continually looking at them, for you lose oven heat In that way. And don't use your enamel broiler pan, or .that relic from your grandmother's kitchen, the enamel pan, or your cookies will bo of the black bottom variety. Always allow cookies to cool before storing them away, and do let them cool on a rack, even if you use the one from your broiler pan. If you'ro out for crisp cooktcB, keep them so by storing In a tight tin box, lined with waxed paper. If you're making drop cookies, tuck them Into a porcelain or stone Jar, with maybe an apple to add moisture. Temperatures aro most important. In general, they go like this: Drop cookies, 400 degrees, 10 to 12 minutes. Macaroon type, 325 degrees, IB to 20 minutes. Rolled and cut, 42S degrees, 8 to 10 minutes. Sliced (refrigerator), 428 degrees, 8 to 10 minutes, or 4S0 degrees, S to 8 minutes. Cake-cookies, 350 degrees, 20 to 30 minutes, baked in sheet and cut Gingerbread men, 375 degrees. 10 to 12 minutes. And hero aro your cookie patterns: BAMBOO'S OATMEAL COOKIES These arc crispy Instead of the usual soft-middles. Croam together: cup shortening 1 cup sugar. Add 2 cup rolled oats the longer- cooMng variety are best, but the quick-cooking will work) 1 teaspoon vanilla Sift together: 2 cups sifted flour 1 teaspoon soda teaspoon salt I teaspoon cinnamon Add to above along with: cup sweet milk, and 1 good sited cup of raisins, sliced, not chopped Mix well. Drop by small tea-spoonfuls onto greased baking sheet. With tho fingers dipped Pist in cold water press out very thin. Bake at 375 degrees (a bit above moderate) for 12 minutes. Take up immediately. Mukes 4'j BAD DREAMS Broken Sleep, Grinding of Teeth Thw are com moo ilgni of Ptomm-h Wormi, still mftiict to clt.r and country chllil rcn, cauiln om of weight, aphtha or color, Irregular bowtla. T.-mttlnjj, iich-ln, ate Utatlraa don't balu get Jyn'a Vrrmlfuira. Children Ilka It 45 million aold. i Fa feminine hygiene ?a I NOVV.CniniDou(lwPwiltr- C 4 I RvrrtaKlna. clnlna daodor it f J Ing- Highly mnmimntWd bvrhv l tit-Ian lor aiinoi vaat&ai irrtla i . ttun. I'roanocaa h tiling. Ak lor V j. i "t'nMM" at n diug o dort- - TsM aaanC antra, roc FRcB SAMPLE V , 1 writ On. 1211 W.Wuhln aajBpBjai ion, im Aniiwi, mi., .itit. a ton, Loa Anftm. I 111-. lfH. f .X A "5 lj21 MINT is a fine accompaniment to many a fruit drink. Just wash fresh mint leaves and stalks, add them to a pitcher of fruit punch, lemonade and so on. Pouring the drink over the leaves gives a mild, elusive flavor that Is most pleasant If baked potatoes arc pricked or split as soon ns they are cooked they are not likely to be soggy. Add ripe olives, pitted and sliced, to scrambled eggs. Stuffed olive slices are also good. The secret of good scrambled eggs is to use very low heat so that the protein will not become lough. Flaky korncls of popcorn are good served with clear soup In-stcud of the usual crackers. Tho newest in bran muffin making Is to fold M cup banana, cut very line. Into the batter Just be-foro ladling Into the pans. Freeze canned grapefruit or pineapple Juice in the ice cube trays of your refrigerator and serve In gingerale, fruit drinks, iced tea and the like. A few mint leaves may be placed In each square, before the fruit Julco is frozen. Tea and gingerale may be used In like fashion. . For a smart tart, bake little tart shells by lining your muffin Una with a good plain pastry. When baked and cold, fill with sliced bananas and cover with Five Star Fashions DAUGHTER will be charmed and charming If she wears this clever Bolero suit frock. No. 128. The Intricato epaulets are really easy to niako In the Jacket The contrasting waist with puff sleeves is colorfully adorned with bright buttons. Sizes available: 7 to 14 years Canton crepo. ribbed silk, novelty wool, faille and plaid are adaptable materials. Size 10 requires 2 H yards of SO-lnch material, or 1 yanla of 64 -inch material and yard of 30 - Inch of contrasting material for the blouse. Five Star fashions are accurately cut to slzo and are made of strong paper. A simplified cutting chart and a practical step-by-stcp Instruction guide arc Included. Five Star Fashions, Five Star Weekly. 450 Mills Tower, San Francisco, Calif. Enclose 15 cents for each pattern wanted. Pattern No.. Size Name Street City Stats When gay flowers bloom, of course milady of fashion expresses the mood in her clothes. The frock above is a colorful print and the long pleated sleeves are most flattering to any type and can be worn to the office or to a smart oocktall party, A print two-piece traveling suit Is a favorite with the bride for her go-ing-away costume. green, blue -purple and pastel tints. If her skin is imperfect, she will do well to refrain from using yellow or black, since these shades have a tendency to center attention on the face. WIDOW'S WEEDS BEFORE the death of Charles VIII It was the custom for widows to wear white during the period of mourning. But when Charles died, Anne, Queen of France, dressed In black and draped her coat of arms In the same cloth. This new style of mourning started a fad. DIETING TO REDUCE CUt OUt fat mpnts-vnn rlnn't nuri them eat sensibly of lamb, lean beef, fish and fowl. jO light on butter, cream sugary sweets-Mat fruit and vegetables In variety. Gain in physical charm look younger feel younger. Vi Si .i. r" i ve lost exactly 21 lbs. and am to happy to get rid of that bulky fat. My akin is clearer and I feel to much better." Mrs. N. S. Take one half teaspoonful of Krus-chen Salts In a glass of hot water before breakfast every morning for elimination of excess waste add juice of half a lemon. Kruachen costs but a trifle and la sold the world over try one Jar if not Joyfully satisfied money back Mr. Doctor's Prescription Stops Craving For Liquor A doctor s prescription success! ully uwd for years in hospital treatment for those sddicted to the use of alcohol, in now offered to the public for home treatment. It is harmless and can be taken in tea, coffee, food or any other liquid with or without the user's knowledge Removes the craving for liquor and builds up the resistance. Many loved ones saved and brought back to a life of usefulness. The treatment coots noth ing if it fails. Write Western Chemicals. Inc., Dept. 43, Vance Bids., Seattle. Washington, for a FREE trial and full particulars. It will he sent immediate. id a plain wrapper. Do it toda)t Mv. Menu of By Joan Filling: Cook together until consistency of marmalade: 1 Lfe nips pilled dates cup water Remove from heat and add 3 tablespoons orange or lemon Julco and nuts if desired. Cool while preparing: Sift together 1 H cups sifted flour Vi fenspoon salt 2 teaspoons Itaking powder Cream together: to cup shortening and to cup brou'n sugar 8tlr In 1 cup uncooked rolled oats. 2 tablespoons water, milk, or orange Juice. Mix well and divide In halves. Spread with the fingers Into a well-greased shallow pan about 8 by 12 Inches In size. Spread with the cooled filling. Pat the remainder of the dough over the top, along with cup chopped nuts. Bake in a mod-crate oven (350 degrees) about 30 minutes. ONE of the most delightful forms of entertaining, I think, is the breakfast party. There Is something so gay and informal about these occasions when breakfast and lunch are combined Into one festive and delightful meal. Here is a menu for a big breakfast party one that caters to really hungry people. Waffles, of course, are featured but this time the waffles are different and arc used more as a dessert than part of the meal itself. ( That makes It easier on the waffle-maker!) Qrapefrult Baskets PtJy Eggs : Crisp Bacon Sauted Apple Rings Toasted English Muffins Chocolate Nut Waffles Coffee I The chocolate nut waffles are made by sifting together 2 cups of pastry flour. j cup of sugar. s cup of ground chocolate or 3 tablespoons of cocoa, H teaspoon cinnamon, Vi teaspoon nutmeg. 4 teaspoons baking powder, 4 teaspoon salt. Beat 2 egg yolks and add IV, cups of milk. Stir liquids into dry ingredients and add 'j cup melted butter. Fold In stltriy-beatcn egg whites and H cup finely-chopped nuts and bake in hot waffle iron. This makes 7 or 8 large waffles. To make puffy eggs, separate the yolks and whites of as many eggs as you need. Add a little salt to the whites and beat until stiff. Pile In a shallow, buttered casserole. Drop whole egg yolks Ob top and bake In a slow oven about 15 minutes. J- FASHION No. 128 PAGE six-a ) o o i o o o o

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