Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 25, 1936 · Page 13
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 13

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1936
Page 13
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How Year 'Round Western Sports Prove Boon to Business Variety of Games Maes Problem of Keeping Fit Both Easy and Pleasant Rainier in the Northwest and dozens of other spots offer precipitous ascents comparable to the best to . be found in the Alps. These same places furnish, in winter, unexcelled snow sports, and with the first crack of spring you'll see the hardy hikers, decked out with alpenstocks and such accoutrements, battling their way up precipitous crags. In other words, there's everything on hand to keep the waistline where it belongs and Westerners, wise to the drawbacks of the overgrown abdomen, are making use of the advantages as never before. Everybody Plays These Days, and Bay Windows Are On Way to Oblivion By Orville Strong and . Milton Seropan HERE'S one Western hunting season that never closes that on the pestiferous paunch! Once a well-rounded, even overly protuberant paunch was a sure sign of prosperity. But that day, particularly in this section where every form of sport is available throughout the year, is gone, never to return. It's something of an official edict, this war aga inst bay-windows. For the variety of sports and figure-trimming pastimes available makes it easy for everyone to stay in shape. And, because the press of modern life demands physical vigor, corporations and businesses everywhere look with hypercritical eye on the men and women who neglect to take care of themselves ! Impossible, of course, is the task of listing all the health-giving sports that Westerners can indulge in the year 'round. While Eastern city-ites may taxi in winter to a weight-reducing emporium to have fat slapped off, the Westerner travels not much farther for skiing, bobbing, snowshoeing and so on. And that's not mentioning hunting at all. IN a survey of states issuing hunting licenses a couple of years ago, for instance, California was close to the top with 154,031. And California is typical of the West in this respect. How many fishing licenses are issued annually in Western States is not definitely known but they run into the hundreds of thousands. .' Hardly a cross-roads hamlet nowadays that doesn't boast something resembling a golf course. Scotland's contribution to the catalog of sport, it is estimated, leads all the rest in the number of participants. Naturally the West moved up into a top place in the production of great golfers, while its courses are visited daily by hundreds who'll never break into the 80's but who reap plenty of benefits, nevertheless. In the last few years, a new and1 exciting variation of the American mania, baseball, made its appearance on the West Coast. This diversion, known as Modern times demand physical fitness and to keep fit Western men and women heed this edict by turning to sports. Here are some Western business men in action keeping In trim for the dally work. Left, two of the West's foremost fliers, Fred Hammer, kneeling, and Sandy De Renzo, standing, keep fit by playing golf. Right, Carl H. . Spitzer, coach of gymnastics and swimming at a San Francisco, Cal., high school, Illustrates his Idea of the perfect exercise gymnastics. Center, Sherwood J. Allen, director of one of the Coast's largest music schools, plays squash when he's not playing musical Instruments. proportionate share of public tennis courts than any other section of the nation. This fact probably is responsible for the "tennis minded" West that produced so many champions May Sutton Bundy, Helen Wills Moody, Johnny Doeg, Ellsworth Vines, and so on. Swimming? Well, where in the West can't you swim? Ocean or lajte swimming it's available to all. True enough, the winter months are scarcely conducive to the daily dip, yet some hardy souls, notably along the Southern California shores of the Pacific, brave the ocean, even when the calendar frowns on such doings. IN recent years, too, another sport has emigrated from Europe to the Western United States. This growing pastime mountain climbing is distinctly not for the infirm, but it's guaranteed to keep the figure trim. Yosemite Valley in California; Mts. Hood and PUZZLES enigmas the world is full of them. For many there seems to be no orthodox explanation. One of the most perplexing archaeological mysteries of the last hundred years was the discovery of 60 ancient Chinese seals in Ireland. Not all were found in one place, but at great distances apart. Some in Tipperary, some in Cork, Down, and Waterford. These curious seals were not buried in the ground, as if deposited in early times. They lay upon the fields, in the forests in plain sight of the passing farmer. Each seal was alike, a' small square with an animal raised upon it. The inscriptions were of extremely ancient Chinese characters. Archaeologists agree that no other finds of ancient Chinese objects have ever been made in Ireland. So far as history records, the ancient Chinese did not travel to the emerald isle. They had no trade with the early Celts. An English scientific journal commented that these seals were "the greatest archaeological mystery of recent years." What is your solution to the riddle? How did the ancient seals get to Ireland? Who scattered them, and why? soft-ball, proved a boon to workers tied to a desk throughout the day. Something more than 50 soft-ball leagues are in operation now, and the number is growing. Principally, soft ball's advantage is in the fact that the diamond is smaller than for regulation baseball, afld it lends itself perfectly to play at night when, too, there's a better chance for an audience to do a little strenuous cheering. SOFT BALL tournaments in Southern California have drawn upwards of 10,000 fans for a single game. And it's a game most anyone can play, barring wooden legs and such. ' Just by way of variation, some one initiated a soft-ball game played from the backs of donkeys. Unfortunately, the supply of donkeys is scarcely large enough to go around. Tennis, handball, squash and other old standbys get their share of the play, of course. Several of the country's leading handball players live in the West. The 1935 senior national doubles champions, Joe Gordon and Andrew Berry, are from Los Angeles. It is estimated that Western States have a greater r VaT V SC' ', ?z7Tt t'opyriifht, 1!KW, It. J. ItcynnM Tnbnrrn (Vtmpany, Winaton-Slwn, N.O. SVvr S2! ' I I f WELLGOOSE; THIS 6AM6WILLTELLTHE WRY. YOU'0 I 1 ' T, , " 1 1 Hill 1 T lit TAKE IT EASY ON THAT CORNED BEEF AND CAB8AGEf IB FOLKS -GET THIS V . Nff Z ) 7-. ) V C L f SVX SETUP LAST HALF J W I EAT WHAT I WANT-AND I f f O M fc OF THE NINTHCORE wtrZ1 if! J SMOKE camels', they 'yK4' IUj 3-3 SIXTH GAME 217.-JSSZ ClOOs 1 f YV JS? 1 UTiMOLATEDiGVsTroNj . fiSf Wk OF WORLD SERIES- " 'ji y MAN SECOND- j YOU'RE TELLING ME-") ' J RUNNFRll GOOSE; A HIT Wl&dL WHAT A SPOT "U t A S ni cprnL - 7- Z? " " ITS 7 "V T MORE Pgj tJ ONSECON . t "A. i I r S v CAML$ AIO DIGESTION... QtJ "ft f r(r b. ''A ''-O I oZs I a , r- . 7r- .,TT.vr ..a- PROMOTE WELL-BEINfr AMD OO0 FEELING. rtff f 1 L2 tlS-ilr 1, J f A BIG-LEACUE BALL PLAYER HAS smokimocameis improves piestion ... S YHhi r' that's hitting L'-S s -. 1 f TO WATCH HIS DIGESTION LIKE A HAWK. "!2 f,Fu,T"E crfJ.c1 VliiAXLl fl I )) 'EM WHEN THEY'RE V7' ."f ) Y0U'R IN DETROIT ONE DAY-WASHINGTON DIGESTIVE ACTION THEV PROMOTE THE FEELING Of W JfAjZJWl I ;f d5s& Vif'rfiJj, M'J-iLr fl( J AFTER WEEK-EATING ALL SORTS OF rooo. cameis set yoo right turn to camels.. I Ftfefp Wgr FOOD -OFTEN WHEN TIRED. I ENJOY l&Zg$g T6ACC$ 1 iCZJFk M3UiSl- J IfcjSl MY MEALS MORE, THANKS TO CAMELS. MMM.MmMMW I tl .jCTi CEtti'V' fe.ISP5?! r CAMELS HELP PROMOTE DIGESTION JiSSM'.ra'W.'.S ThVVl T" I . C o o P o oo o O . OO o 0 . 1 s : I

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