The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 25, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1968
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

22-Palm Beach Post, Monday, Nov. 25, 1968 LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES Senate Liberals May Utilize Filibuster filibusters possible. Under this rule, debate on any measure is unlimited unless two thirds of the members present and voting vote to halt th debate. With a full house this requires 67 votes. last week at a world poverty conference in Washington. At this "International Development Conference," speaker after speaker digressed from the announced topic of antipoverty strategy of the 1970s to speculate about Nixon's plans. They said the poor themselves fear government anti-poverty programs are about to be taken from them and urged the president-elect to give public assurance that he has no such plans. For all their possible future need of filibusters to block such a Nixon move in the Sen-ete, the liberals apparently intend to try once more to abolish a Senate rule that makes buster speculated during an interview that liberals might use the filibuster to try to block parts of the Nixon program. In addition, senators outside the administration circle might hope for administration support of acquiescence for bills that would not stand a chance with President Johnson in office. For example, Sen-Elect James B. (Jim) Allen, D-Ala., said during a Washington visit last week that he expects "coalition support" of his bills on "law and order" and "local control of schools." Allen was a key supporter of the third party race of former Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace and his bills, now in the preparation stage, closely reflected Wallace campaign proposals. Nixon and Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the Demo- WASHINGTON (LTD -One Southerner in the Senate has speculated that liberals may resort to filibasters to try to block legislative proposals of Republican Richard M. Nixon. The filibuster has become a traditional parliamentary weapon of a coalition of southern conservatives and Republicans in defeating liberal bills by talking them to death. With a Republican president committed in his campaign to conservative positions in key issues such as crime control, this coalition might find itself proposing bills instead of opposing them. This would place the shoe on the other foot in the parliamentary scheme of things. Liberals, long outspoken foes of the filibuster, might need it for a change. Sen. Russell Long, D-La., a staunch supporter of the fili 1 .riSiM - X " ' , - N.54 NOTICE UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME LAW NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of SEA SHELL FISH MARKET at 700 S W Avenue "E", in the City of Belle Glade. Florida, intends to register the said name with the Clerk of the Circuit Court ol Palm Beach County. Florida Burley Adams Horace Stevenson James Slater Pub: Nov. 25. Dei. 2. 9.16. 1968 No. 3057 ADVERTISEMENT Sealed bids will be received by the City of West Palm Beach. Florida, at the Purchasing Agent l Office. 832 Newark SI ,P.O Box3211,upto- 11:00 A M. DECEMBER 9. 1968 at which time thev will be opened and read in public In the Purchasing Agent s Oflice. 832 Newark St Such Bid Proposals to provide (or the furnishing ot: SANDBLASTING AND RE LINING HOWARD PARK SWIMMING POOL The Contract shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, which said qualifications shall enable the awarding authontv ol the Cltv to take into consideration the financial responsibility ol the bidder, proven skill and experience, facilities for per forming the contract, previous satisfactory periormance and such other abilities of the bidder as will enable him to pertorm efficiently the contract bid upon. The envelope containing the Bid shall ue iiiarKea as ionows : SEALED BID - SANDBLASTING AND REL1N1NG HOWARD POOL (VENDOR S NAME) TO BE OPENED DECEMBER 9, 1968 11 :0OA M. No Bidder may withdraw his bid tor a period ol sixty (60) davs alter the date set for the opening thereof. The Cltv reserves the right to reject any or all bids, in whole or in part and-or make awards either as indi vidual items or as a total combined bid. whichever it considers in the best interest of the Cltv, and to waive anv informality in anv proposal Specifications and proposal blanks may be obtained by bona tide bidders, upon application at the oflice ol the City Purchasing Agent. 832 Newark Street, West Palm Beach. Florida THE CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA BY L, R. HELSER, PL'RCHAS 1NG AGENT Pub: Nov. 25. 1968 . . , 1 cratic candidate, also took strong stands on law and order but Allen conceded that liberals are likely to oppose his bills. But Allen was not so sure liberals might resort to a filibuster a device they have denounced year afteryear. "I doubt it," he said. "It's not impossible, certainly." The gravest concern of the liberals apparently is that Nixon might move to reduce funds for "Great Society" social programs, such as anti-poverty projects, that Democrats have fostered for two administrations. Alarm over this possibility has spread beyond congressional ranks, as demonstrated LEGAL NOTICES No. iOab Notice is hereby given that an order dated November 22. 18 has been issued by the undersigned authonzing the name ol the gas screw SOUTHERN COMFORT otlicial number 25xt!8, owned by James O. Crane, ot which West Halm Beach. Fla is the home port, to be changed to STAR OF THE SEA. JOHN P. ABBEY, Documentation Otlicer By direction ol the Ollicer in Charge U.S. Coast Guard. Manne Inspection West Palm Beach. Florida Pub: N0V.25,2t,27.2.lH6S NO. 3(14(1 Notice is hereby given that an order dated November 21), 1HHX. has been issued by the undersigned authorizing the name ol the gas screw LoAFEK III. otlicial number 2t754;j. owned by Clare E. McManus, ot which West Palm Beach. Fla. is the home port, to bechanged toMYAlll. JOHN P. ABBEY. Documentation otlicer Bv direction ol the Ollicer in Charge U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Inspection. West Palm Beach, Florida Pub.: Noveniber2.').24,25.26. 1HB8 NO. 3021 IN THK COUNTY Jl lMili'SCOI RT IN AM) FOR PALM BEACH COIN TY, FLORIDA. so. raos IN RE: ESTATE OF ROBERT L. WARFIELD. JR., Deceased. NOTICE OF PROBATE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF SAID DECEDENT: You are hereby notified that a writ ten Instrument Durporting to be the bast win and lesiamenl ot said decedent has been admitted to probate in this Court. You are hereby commanded within six (Bi calendar months from the date of the first publication of this notice to appear in this Court and show cause, if anv you can. why the action of this Court in admitting said Will to pro-bale should not stand unrevoked. County Judge, Palm Beach County. Florida. -s-BvPaulT. Douglas WOOD. COBB. ROBINSON . FALCON & LETTS Attorneys for Robert L. Warfleld, Sr., Executor 230 Royal Palm Way Palm Beach, Florida Pub. : Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 2, 9, 1968. 'lH - .AtMi - ' J LEGAL NOTICE No.Stlo NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Commission of the Cltv of Deerlield Beach, a municipal corpoj raiion oi r lonaa, win oner tor sale for cash, the following described PARCEL OF LAND owned by the said City, situate. Iving and being in the City of Deerlield Beach, County of orowara ana aiaie oi r lonaa, togetn er with the followine described IM PROVEMENTS AND FACILITIES located thereon, to-wit: PARCEL OF LAND Lot Sixteen (16) of Block One (1) ol THE COVE, a subdivision of Deerlield Beach, Broward County, Florida, according to the plat thereof, recorded in Plat Book 32, Page 48, of the Public Records of Broward County, Florida. IMPROVEMENTS AND FACILI TIES A one-story block building containing approximately seventeen hundred (1700) square feet ol floor space. Said sale shall be for cash. No bid: shall be considered unless the same shall be accompanied by a deposit equal to lu per cent oi the total price said deposit to be in cash or by Cash ier s Check or Certified Check, payable to the order ol 'CUV of Deerfieid Beach. All bids shall be sealed and in writing and net to the City and the City shall pay no brokerage commis sion. The City reserves the right id accent nr reiect anv and all bids and I it a sale is made, the City shall sell to me highest ana best oiaaer. An Abstract of Title covering said parcel ol land continued to a date sub sequent to September 9. 1968, will be on file with the Clerk of the City in the city Han. ueertieia Beam, nonca for examination by interested per sons, and the City will furnish saidl Abstract to the successful bidder. If title to said lands proves merchant able, marketable, or insurable, then the said sale shall be completed, and the successtul bidder shall pay the balance of the purchase price within 45 days from the acceptance of his bid. The balance of the purchase price shall be either in casn or Cashier's Check or Certified Check, payable to the order of the 'City of Deer- field Beach.' If title to said lands shall prove merchantable, marketable or insurable, and the successful bidden does not complete the said sale within the time herein provided, then the 10 per cent deposit accompanying said bid shall be forleited to the City as liquidated damages. The City will convey said parcel of land by special Warranty Deed. The! ciiy win piace tne requirea aocumen-tarv stamps on said Deed. The City will receive sealed bids from the date ol the first publication of this Notice until 7:30 o'clock P.M., Mon day, December 23, 1968, such sealed bids to be addressed to 'City Commission of the City of Deerfieid Beach f'itu Hall HonrfiaM Daanh KMnriH a and to be marked Sealed Bids for Purchase of Lands. The City Commission will meet at! 7:30 o'clock P.M. Monday, December! 23. 1968, in the City Hall. Deerfieldi Beach, Florida, to open such sealed bids so received and to hear any protest which might be made to such sale. -s-ELIZABETH ARNAU Elizabeth Arnau, Clerk, City of ueertieia beacn, lonoa Pub: Nov. 25, Dec. 2. 1968 5 to 9 pm Only no. mm IN THE COUNTY Jl'DGE'S COrRT IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA. NO. J7608 IN RE: ESTATE OF ROBERT L. WARFIELD. JR.. Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AH persons having claims or demands against the Estate of Robert L. Warfleld, Jr., deceased, are hereby notified to file their claims in the office of the County Judge of Palm Beach County, Florida, at his office In the County Court House. West Palm Beach. Florida, within six (6) calendar months from the time of the first publication of this notice. Robert L Warfleld. Sr.. Executor of the Will of Robert L. Warfleld. Jr.. deceased WOOD. COBB. ROBINSON. FALCON A LETTS Attorneys for Executor 230 Royal Palm Way Palm Beach. Florida Pub.: Nov. 18. 25. Dec. 2, 9. 1968. NO. 3WIK IN THE COURT OF THE COUNTY JUDGE IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COUNTY. FLORIDA; IN PROBATE, No. 1767 IN RE: ESTATE OF MARIANNE MEAGHER BARTRAM. Deceased NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL CREDITORS. LEGATEES. DISTRIBUTEES AND PERSONS HAVING ANY CLAIMS OR DE M ANDS AGAINST SAID ESTATE : You and each ol you ar hereby nntifipri that vnuArp renin red hv Ijiuv to present any claims and demandsf which you or either of you. may have against the estate of MARIANNE MEAGHER BARTRAM, deceased, late ol said County to the County judge ot Palm Beach County. Flon-' da. at his oltice in the court house ot. saiu lAjumy ai wesi rann Drain, Florida, within six calendar months Irom the time of the first publication of this notice. Each claim or demand shall be in writing in duplicate, and shall state the place of residence and post oltice address ol the claimant and shall be sworn to bv the clai mant his agent, or his attorney, and any sucn claim or aemana not so niea shall be void RENSSELAER W BARTRAM As Executorol the Last Will and Testament ol MARIANNE MEAGHER BARTRAM Deceased HenrvF. Richardson. Jr. Attorney for the Estate of Marianne Meagher Bartram Deceased 256 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. Fla. 33480 Pub. : Nov. 18, 25. Dec. 2, 9. 1968. to BURKE'SJ NO. l7 IN THE COISTY Jl'DGE'S COl h . IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COIN TY, FLORIDA No 27622 IN RE: ESTATE OF RAMONAD. WARD, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors and oersans having any claims or demands against the Estate of Ramona D. Ward, deceased, are hereby notified and required to file any claims or demands which thev may have against said estate In the Oflice of the Countv Judge of Palm Beach County. Flori 'da. in the courthouse of said countv at West Palm Beach. Florida, within six calendar months from the time of the) first publication of this notice Each claim or demand shall be In writing in duplicate, and shall state the place of residence and post office address of me claimant, ana snail be sworn to by the claimant, his agent, or his attor ney. and any such claim or demand not so filed shall be void. EDWIN TAYLOR WARD Executor of the Will of Ramonal D. Ward, deceased. GUNSTER, YOAKLEY. CRISER. STEWART A HERSEY First National Bank Building Palm Beach. Florida 33480 Attorneys for Executor Pub : November4. 11,18, 25, 1968 NO. .11119 IN THE COl'RT OF THE COI'NTY Jl'DGE, IN AND FOR PALM BEACH COI'NTY, FLORIDA: IN PROBATE NO. 27674 ESTXTEOF: MARIANNE MEAGHER BARTRAM. Deceased NOTICE OF PRnTir THE STATE OF FLORIDA ; TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF SAID DECE- utm : You are hereby notified that n writ. ten Instrument purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of said decedent has been admitted to probate In saiu vuui i. You are hereby commanded within six calendar months from the date of the first publication of this notice to appear in said Court and show cause, if any you can. whv the action of said Court in admitting said will to probate should not stand unrevoked. PAULT. DOUGLAS, County Judge Palm Beach County.Florida By -Clerk Henry F. Richardson. Jr. 256 Worth Avenue Palm Beach. Florida 33480 Attorney for the Estate of Marianne Meagher Bartram Deceased Pub,: Nov. 18. 25. Dec. 2, 9, 1968. from clamour OPEN EVERY NIGHT Till CHRISTMAS Electric Alarm Clock $199 Reduced 1 1 Tonight to 1 onlv f 3 5 if This quality Sunbeam Alarm Clock is dependable and accurate and has an easy to read dial. Buy several and save! WHILE THEY LAST! BEACH MAIL 313 CLEMATIS PALM 100 KODEL PILE BROADLOOM MODERNAGE EXCLUSIVE Brilliant! Buoyant! Beautiful LEGAL NOTICES No. 2995 IN THE COUNTY JUDGE'S COURT. IN AND FOR PAI M BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA. IN PROBATE NO. 256 IN RE: ESTATE OF WILLIAM MARTIN COFIELD. Deceased. NOTICE OF FINAL RF.PORT AND APPLICATION FOR DISCHARGE TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN : Notice is given that SIDNEY A. STUBBS, JR.. as Administrator of the above styled Estate, has completed his administration and has filed in this Court his final report and application for discharge. Objections, if any. should be duly filed with this Court. After filing proof of publication showing that this notice has been published once a week for four consecutive weeks, the matter of approval of the report, the ordering of the distribution of the Estate and the final dis-charge of Sidney A. Stubbs, Jr. as Administrator will come before the Court. -s-Sidney A. Stubbs, Jr. Sidney A. Stubbs, Jr., as Administrator of the Estate of William Martin Cofield Pub. : Nov. 11,18, 25. Dec. 2, 19H8. No. mi NOTICE OF SALE OF ASSETS United States District Court Southern District ot Florida in Bankruptcy No. 68-323-Bk-EC IN THE MATTER OF; BOCA STEEL, INC Bankrupt. NOTICE fs HEREBY GIVEN that all of the assets ot the above-named bankrupt, will be ottered for sale in parcel or in bulk, free ol and-or subject to liens, and sold to the highest and best bidder lor cash on Saturday, November JO, 18, at 10:00 A.M., on premises at 109 Northwest 20th Street, Boca Raton, Florida, by the Trustee Gordon Zuehlsdortt. INSPECTION will be Irom 9:00 A.M. to 10: ou A.M. same day. SALES SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION bv the Court. j: EDWARD HOUSTON, Referee in Bankruptcy P. O. Box 230, U.S. Post Office Bldg. Miami, Florida 33101 Gordon Zuehlsdortt, Trustee By Daniel L. Bakst Attorney for Trustee 815 Conieau Bldg . WPB. Fla. Pub: November24.25.2K. 18 Free estimates, of course. CALL: 683-5630 before you buy. hide". . . the Kodel polyester carpet that rises to every occasion, glamour, is available now, only at Modernage. Its resistance to fade, mildew and pilling and its easy cleaning features make it a must for the Holidays. So hurry in and make your selection now. 1 2 and 1 5 foot widths in colors that p ut a rainbow to shame ! A spectacular purchase enables us to bring you this outstanding carpet at the very special price of $8.99. KQDEL i'oi,vi;s n:n i i m;n V JV ifon U.dWVv S1' - mas delivery! 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