Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 25, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1936
Page 7
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. ( ,4 SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-M !MLD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN WANTED WOOL AND MOIlAlR.. WB i pay highest market price. M. Sender fi Co. al5-ml ! OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT I NOTICE CALE & MONTGOMERY. WHO arc advertising in this paper for worthiest horses and cows, are in no way con-necteo with my place. Cecil Montgomery. m6-a-6 NEW TODAY FOhTrENT DUPLEX, FURNACE, CAR-age at 138 E. 7th. Adult. a25-itv Explorer of Cold Regions DIRECT FROM THE MILL K-1NXII mill wood, fine for cookstoves, $3.50 per cord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, $3 in load lots. Sawdust and hvmmt. Albany Fuel Co.! Inc.. 316 Calapooia St, Phone K. ayif NON-RESIDENT SAYS SELL Never in h history of Albany has there been a house sold of like alue at this price. Two extra fine lots, paved street, fruit, fine location, th house itself would cost tHOOO to replace ; hardwood floora in front rooms, fireplace, full basement This property is offered for a few. days only at $3800, whk-li is only a frac-. tion of it,s real .value. Located at 622 Went 7th slrvet. Drive by but do not disturb the bGGS All Prices Are Delivered Albany I LMt Kvlurneo Extras I'-'e Staniiai-ds. .......Itic Extra medium 16c Stnndard medium 13c Brown extras I He Dirty extras , lttc Undergrmles 13c tullcts 12c Pee wet lfc VEAL Live 8'ic DreMed I'-M-jc HU'I TEKKAT A grade -rti B grade 2r5 C grade 22c SHEEP Lam Us .'. SK.26((i lMm Previous 1'tty.le M'P'HIIJBH JAINISl R A Clio R E V Ols.EjjL TjSL, EWT S FROG eivii il ' sTiTlTt S'AIKTT i y LL.ZI3IR SBOlRlllFll C IE Wf OTTi RlEP Eflr I SH 17 To rub out 18 Calyx leaf. 19 To devour. 20 To soar. 21 Playing card. 22 To corrode. Stitched. 26 To encounter. 27 To split.! 35 Cylindrical body. 37 Decayed. 38 Harmonious. 40 Seventh note in scale. 42 Third nolo ill scale. 41 Narrative ,. - poem. , 45 Iteglon. -48 English coin. 47 Vigor.. 48 War flyer, . 50 Ron. 51 Halt an em. ; 63 To perform. 54 Rumanian ' coins. 55 I'nrt of circle. : HOHI.ONTAI, 1, 6 A olnr explorer. 1 1 CoiikoIouk. 12 KukIc'k nest. 13 UoKinns. 15 Street tars. 16 Belonging to a neat. 20 Festivals. 24 Kntlvo mvtnl. 25 His military title, . 29 Korm of "bo." :I0 Knock. 31 Oolt device. 32 Climbing Rhrub. 33 Mno. 3i Kormer Utia- sluii ruler. 36 Audacity. 38 Signal system. 39 Slave. 4t Petlnl digit. -42 Containing , motes. 43 KHlseboud. 45 Sloths. 46 Kgg-shnped. 49 To run out. 52 Kvlls. 56 Chinese fond. 57 Goddess of peace. SSOno who Ices. 59 He was an 61) Ho made several expeditions. Answer to IHRIOIGI A IS1"?!! IS E 1M E N Pfi MAlNlE lBG AiRicjadeTs PldrulT E. R O llMlpjEld ElRI f ' Aib GjAjRIA G IE JS 0 L OHC PIE A L "WiA'T THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude. Wright, plume ;6ti-J. 6:W E. 6th SU m2li-tf 12 - For Sale Used Cars USED CARS YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE litm Ford Coach - Reconditioned and in perfect shape. Here's a car that will give good service at a price that will seiL Come and see it. 1P30 Chevrolet Coupe If you want ,a coupe, grasp this opportunity of n litVUmv. You'll be proud of its appearance and performance. And at this low price you can ! pay for many mo lit ha' operating coots with ( the savings. Reduced for quick sale. 1931 Ford Victoria Sedan Just traded Id on a now Chevrolet Six, and in excellent condition. Body and upholstery jUHt like new. For sale "with an OK that counts'' to the first lucky buyer at a very low price. We have many cheap cars such n Pontine. Fords, Chevrolets, Buicka. Stude-bakers, etc., that you., can buy .for very little money. Open Sunday for your convenience. Used Car Corner ALBANY AUTO COMPANY 2nd Ellsworth St. Phone 200 ' a23-'.'6-S 11 Hay, Grain. Feed FOR SALE SEED CORN, Mr KAY'S Yellow Dent, be I for enHilnge: 100 lbs. $1.00; fiOU lbs.. I7.6i; 1.00U 1U., $ A. C. Heymnn. Albany, lit. 4, 2 mi. west from Bryant Park. a 17-30 5 Livestock LIVESTOCK WANTED INCLUDING ewea with or without lamh piga and mule. S. E. Eicher, Phone 12-F-1J, Albany. Rt. 1. ...... ,2326 FOR SALE TWO COLTS: ONE YEAH ling and one two-year-old. Cull Ida Mny Roth. Albany, Phone l-F-5. a23-25 WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTI1-less horses and cows; also deitd animals if in good condition. Cnle and Montgomery, Phone colleeet 83-F-12. Corvallis ai7-tf CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horse and cows. Day-old calves. Ph.- 14 F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-tf DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND rows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect 14-F-14. Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-F-4, Corvallis. ml4-tf THOUGHTS WHILE ' 13 For sale, Miscellaneous HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE. CALL und see at 83 u East -Hh. Mm. McConna-hay. a'-'4-26 WRECKING 2 SCHOOLS LUMBER $4 j and up. II rick $4 per M. Planks good for 1 barns and bridges, timber, lxS and 1x6 hhcetinK. flooring, ceiling, siding. Can de-'.ir. 3rd aitd Madison, Albany. aS-2tt-S , USED TlltHS WE HAVE SEVERAL I good -550-17 used tires and tubes; also1 uthur sizes at very reusulialile price x Ted lock & Footer, 1st & Jackson Sts. Phone 375.. a2'J-25-S FOR SALE CANVAS. AUTO COVER, .14x1 ft. Wm. 11. Smith. 417 E. Third St.. City. a23.25 i r or Rent, Housei, Apts. FOR KENT GOOD 3 ROOM HOUSE. new paint and newly papered. $12.50 per munlh. 531 Uifnyette St. Inquire for J; K. Wilson. 10i8 West 7th St. a24-26 FOR KENT 4 ft S ROOM UNFURN. apts. Phmie 547-K. a21-tr KI.ISWOHTH APT. tlKAT. OVER. tulitt 'liH'iutiir.- Ih. h Bit6 Ellsworth. otf APARTMENTS FOR RENT. , DR. Stark Bid. alS-mS 'I A'nn(d MiAcetlaneous WANTED WE ARE BUYERS OF CAS-rarfc Bark. M. Senders & Co. alfl-ml WANTED ALL KINDS OF TRACTOR work. -plowing, dmcing and all ' farm work. Guy E. Cotter. 5)0 Railroad St. 1 021-27 CASH PAID FOR OLD COLD. DENTAL crowns, bridges, filliniia. ntd jewelry, watch cases, etc. F M French ft Son. Jewelers. d30tf CASCARA BARK WANTED WE ARE in the market for an unlimited quantity of dry or green Cascara Bark. Will pay highest cash price. Albany Bargain House. 2nd and Uatur, Phone 706. alGttf WANTED WOOL ft MOHAIR Cash advanced' on contract. No interest charged. We always pay market price. See us before you sell. . , SAM FRAGKR 'Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd ft Baker. tn28-a2H GARDENING HE COULDN'T I 1 i Portland Market Review Portland, Ore., April 25. - The price of standard cube butter wan advanced cent a pound on the Produce Exchange today. Butter fat was unchanged. An advance of le doxen lias Iwen forced in tho price on etiga here with the exchange quoting lt)c for extras. No other change were made! With cooler weather and heavier receipts, strawberry price continue their downward movement for Californiun with both Florin and Fresno shippiiiK. Tin cups of the latter are not mooting with fuvor al though the berries are. of very good quality. , PORTLAND LIVESTOCK . Ily U. 8. Dept. of Agriculture) I'ortliind, Ore, April 2r..- Hubb: Wrrk'a tutnl 4U30: compuix'd with wcok aku: Mnr-kct 64l'36c, inciiKC. ROc of f ; bulk better lf! to 211) llw. drivviim S10.5U. few mvr tlu.OH; In.. I lot. to tlO.TS. few .ale. down t.i $1(I.K ; fJU to 2811 lb... JU.76'1,1 10.26 370 IK kind, down to fll.tlU : littht liKhtM JIO.IIIKulll.-Jn. few to $111,011; iwrkinu town fK.0ll8.26. mnoot hnort to $8.75; Kd to choice feeilcr Ikh $10.IHIIinin.75. Cnttle: Week', total 283(1; cnlve. H40 ; compnrcd with week ago: Markut 2Afr :iric lower; vealcra atva,l-; bulk h'd ateer. $i.iMr 7.50. top $7.75; common d;wn to S5.25 : Ted hvifrra 6.0041.6.76. few to $7.00 ; cutter to common hcifera 3.75fti: 6.50 ; low cutter and cutter cowa 2.50f,i" 4.00. common to medium, includlnit fut dairy type cows. $4.60(yi'A.25 : iruod beef cowa $6.60ftf fi.00 ; bulla IB.OIifit 5.60 ; cutlery down to $4.00 ; good to choicu vcnlcra $0.00 (luio.oo ; common down to $6.00. Sheep: Wrek'a totnl.3080 : compared with week &ko :. Muat. lasaa. . about . atcaily : quality mostly plain ; common to medium prime uunua $K.00lr .CO, few,' Kood lota to $10.00';' .fairly Hood woled Mil crolt Inmlia. $0.85 ; common .to niedtum $8.00'i 0.00 ; rom1 70 Iba. ahorn Inmlia $8.40 ; heavy and plainer' kinda $d.00 down to $; few cllppcd'yrarliiiira $7.00; Wethers $6.00 FOR SALE RECONDITIONED Old&niobilc Couie. Terms cash. Address Box lS9y, core Democrat-Hi-rald. " aiS-IiS WANTED TO RENT 5 OR 6 ROOM houe in Albany for li'-j or 3 yre., 3 adulta. Large Karaite. Cauh rent or will consider paintinitv decorating- or remodeling. Phone 612-Y or address 112$ E. First St., Albany. aL'5-'i8 WANTED 1RL rOR GENERAL housework. Call 43-rMl. Paul Muller, 2 mi. vfct TanKnt toward Oakville. a3 SPECIAL BARRED ROCK CHICKS TO-day, Uc. Jink's Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. a25 WE HAVE SEVERAL VERY FINE rantre specials in addition to the ones mentioned in our regular ads. Mountain Staet Power Co. fl PIANO SMALL BALANCE DUE wanb quick sale. Cash or $5 monthly. No reasonable offer refused. Good, hitfh tirade, piano. Address Mr. Smith. Adjuster, Cline Piano Co.. 1011 S. W, Washington St., Portland, Oregon. mliO-'i SICKNESS COMPELS SALE. 25 ACRES rich Willamette bottom with l'J in a), falfa and some berries and filberta, balance mostly cultivated. Five room residence with eluctricity and -usual out buildings. Stocked with 3 cows, 4 hogs, 1 calf, 1 horde and .full lino of machinery. All for only J3.0UQ ; terms fttU.caih. balance (lov. loan, long time low interest. This ia real buy. Tripp a Mmphy, Real-on. ... atio-lf RIVER BOTTOM 104 acres $3500. Easy terniB ; family fruit, bldgs., hiKhway. 6 ACRES CLOSE IN Strictly motlerr bungalow. c rue km equipment, walnuts and fruit. Price $3Bi0. CALIFORNIA TRADES 10 ACRES. PLASTERED house, family frutfc, close in. r a- M. DOLLARH1DB CO. al5-tf FOR SALE WHEAT 4 OATBRIGHT straw, $ per ton, Tangent; Katahdin table and seed potatoea, t'l per 10U stored In Albany Seed Co. Wlise. Knrttlere Seed Acct, Brownsville. a'25-28 WHITE LEGHORNBABYCHICKS Heady now. Still plenty of time to raise a nice lot of 'fall Ittytfrs. Allb' Jersey White Giants, unxcelled for capons, and Black Minorca. a sp1enHi two-purpose fowl. RUSSELL'S HATCHERY. Corvallis. Oregon. Phone 3H0. ,26 Little Orphan Annie Mild Other" Comic.8 1 v I i i "i t J '1 I l ! i -i J i f i J 1 11 i I A 5"" j ftp-.;; a 9 To C'5 84 tie a no 9 Tt ; ' "52 33 4& W 35" " IP " IT ZbT 3iT i 55" "' So ' ' ' ?i ' tenant. Pleane act quickly on this as it will I not last. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 a-rttf HELP WANTED STIIONC. CAPABLE woman for house work in country home. $35.00 month. Permanent job. Call, phone or write Mrs, Willard Herman, lit. 1, Harrisburg, Ore. aW-liT TAX SALE PROPERTIES SELLING for fraction of value, includes Lebanon, lots, timber, farm lands, acreages, etc. 70 pieces to chose from. Address Box 1M43, care Democrat He raid. a&-ml BABY CHICKS FEEDING EQUIPMENT, water fountain, at less than mail order price. Brewster Hatchery, Crabiree, Ore. 2 For Sale Farms . 474 ACRE FARM FOR SALE ON SAN-tiam Hwy 5 miles out ; new 6 room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair: on main power line. Crops all in. A BARGAIN. See owner. Wm. McKinley, Rt. lr Albany, Ore. aiH-nil'L 1 For Sale-V-Real Estate FOR SALE BY OWNER ONE OR TWO acres in North Albany; close in. Box 43, Albany. al!4-27 FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Bank Far ma. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A. Barnes, Field Salesman, 1163 Oak St., Eugene, Or. - alR-ntie Poultry, Eggs CUSTOM HATCHING OF TURKEY AND hen eggs. Any time and any amount. Phone 636-J. Mrs. T. B. Burton South Ferry St. x aLM-26 DAY OLD TURKEY POULTS TO LET out on shares. Shook Produce, Foot of Ferry St. a24-26 SPECIAL, BARRED ROCK CHICKS Today, 9c. Jenk's Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. 23-24 S For Sale. Wood and Coal GOOD WOOD PRICED TtlGHT. DELIV-cred in any length. Lester Chilcote. lfldfi Santiani Rd. Phone "34-R. j20-tf CM, POCTOR ( UNCLE" JK'S 'llfl SORT OF AV FUNMV fW W I FELLOW, IM SOME H WNS- 'COURSE Vl LOVE. HIM-yl 'BOUT IT- lv DIDN'T S'PECT HlrA TO- BUT I DJD SORTA HOPE HE'D FEEL SORRV AND Wf M'J W1 V-7 I I; h BUT I TOLD HlhA ALL ABOUT HOW HARD UP TH' JOMESES ARE- THAT . THEV RE GOIN' TO LOSE EVER' THING HE , ACTED AS IF HE HARDLY A LOT TO KNOW IN THAT VOONGSTER'S THE JONESES- THEIR WERE NOT JUST A .' THOUGHT WITH HER-WELL THEV ARE REAL FOLKS- J I at Owson'a Drug Store. . marltf CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. etc. "Look In your attic." Chat. Kohr-bough A Son. 416 W. First St. jl-tf 30 Miscellaneous CttVb&ttied PAINTING, WALL PAPERING, INTER- ior decora lit) k that' different. Phone 42 ur 613-L. Wilbur Dawson St Claire Snyder m30-tr TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Price quoted below are too pn Tailing at 11 o'clock av m. on day of Muuiication, and are subject to eaaag at any hour tbtroitr. , - ? LOCAL GRAIN j H. Sender A Co. WHEAT: No. 1 . white. 80c; red and! mixed, 78c bushel. I BARLEY: Hansen, 121.00 ton. '- ! OATS: White, No. 1, I1M.UU ; gray No. j $23.00; gray feed (2U.UU tun. . ( j WOOL ' j Wool, per pound 5Uc j MohHlr, per pound 40c '; MEATS l. K- Nebrgll Meal (Vl " CATTLE I Steer ...... Heifers Bull Cows, beef Cows, cutter HOGS ICQ to 160 pounds 210 to 250 ppumts ..... 160 to 210 pound 250 to 350 ikiuihIs ..... 350 pounds up ....... Sows, . .$fi.rof(i7.oo .. 4.50$i6.60! .. 3.504t&-UO' .. 3.00i,i 5.00 j .. 1,601713.1)0 1 ...$ JU. ..; 8.25ii;.25 . .. K.75ii.0.76 ... H.258.50 ... 6.60C.I7.25 ... 6.50(117.0(1! SHbEP Iambs , , Ewe .... Yearlings Live Dressed ... . . S 108.00 . . I orw.oo ...7c . . l2o POULTRT (Swift Company) No. 1 hens, 4 to 6 lb. No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs No. 1 medium hens, over QV lbs. No. 1 medium hens, under 3'j lbs. Colored springs t... No. 1 broilers, 1 to 2 lbs Stag ...17c ! ...I7e i ....14.! ...14c I ,...le ! ...,14a! r.lte DO ANVTHING SO- By laid IV HE FVICf . INC IS A 5BI fC, HE SEEMS rBEnER L UE A G,D CANT GS yl UNTIL I (WHY, FOOZY.' WHAT UNDECVWIZEB. . arXl ;itav.I WIT r I'D GIVE WHAT'S MIND- TROUBLES PASSING , i- TrlbMu-N. T. Nw CTHttiraU. Ir r-5-. VKIITH'AL 1 Kodent. 2 To be indebted 3 Curse 4 Upright. 5 To soak flax. 6 Mutter lump. - 7 Weird. S Constellation. 9 Border. ; 10 Affirmative. 14 To make sad. 16 He discovered-tho Pole. stairway in a brick building now situated on said land,, thence south parallel 'with the East line of said lot Sixty-five (65) feet Three (3) inches, thence East parallel with the North line of said Lot Thirty (30) feet three inches to .the East line of said lot; thence North to tho place of beginning; together with the perpetual easement in and to the West half of the West wall of said building. Now, therefore, by virtue of said execution, judgment order, decree and order of sale, and an compliancewUh the commands of said writ, I will, on Friday, the 29th day of May, 1936, at one o'clock P. M. at the front door of the County Court House in Albany, Linn County, Oregon, sell at public auction (subject to redemption) to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all tho right, title and interest which the above named defendunts and each and' all of them in the above entitled suit had on the 15th day of October, 1929, the date of the mortgage herein foreclosed, or since that date had or now have in and to the above described property or any part thereof, to satisfy said execution, judgment order and decree, costs and accruing costs. Dated April 24th, 1930. First Publication, April 25th, 1936. Last Publication, May 23, 1936. HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. April 25 May 2 0 16 23 Albany Business ; DIRECTORY The merchants and prole-sional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. In The Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg Phone 2B ALTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. - CAKI'ET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP, 40 W, First Phnna vh - - - - MLM Skit VIC. HUKLEY S DRUG STORE FOB nvernleht film rtrtfs FUNKKAL DIRECTORS CORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME ra w Nlht nhrm v7- INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY , Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. af-WCJ to loan, farm security. PRODUCE i i SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IM the market for eggs, ptmilr j . vea , and cream. WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maytag. Easy. Thor Wisher. MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse realizimq that sue wfb escaped death bv incmes. myra seizes tme Dagger and paswes into the corridok' HAVE VOLI SEEM SAV r WEN SO SURE JUSTICE MUST WOT ERR W CASES INVOLVING JUVENILES.' VICIOUSNESS IS OWE THIWG...YOUTHFUL. IWD I SCRETION ANOTHER ! Bl-t O ft Pil Off : 'V.-T(rii, km. kv li.raM . . -i ANOTHER WW HEARD ME - GOOD OLD VOU KAEAM THE . I DEVRIE5 ORIErJTAL QENTLEWW WHY; YES-IM FACT, HE GAVE ME THIS NOTE, JUST A MOMENT -(AGO , FUZZY'S NOT THIS COURT IS. DE SIGNED TD ASSIST BOYSi,.TO HELP THEM.., OR, TO PUNISH THEM, IF riHE OFFENSE 'Merits rr V HEARD ME- 11 LEW 71 '. h 1 Utvv VVtNJ- 11 THE FUTURE OF A YXIUQ MAM IS TO BE DECIDED Ef THIS COUFT .' WHETHER OR WOT this Young maw may continue TO EWJOY HIS ' FREEDOM RESTS SOLELY WrrHIW THE 'JUDGMENT OF THE ffsrr COURT.' I. 'VsV L " v .S down; Kuotl to chuiro wolcd ewes 5.1(lti 6. HO ; mi'dlum to Kod shorn ewea $3.G0fi(J 1.00. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby Riven that the uiidersiKiicd have been duly np-pointed by the County Court of the Stale of Oregon for Linn County executrix and executor, respectively, of the will and estate of W. H. Howard, deceased, and have qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned executrix and executor at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building, in the city of Al- Uiany, Linn County, Oregon. Dated and first published this 18th day of April, 1930. MABEL HOWARD . ARTHUR K. McMAHAN Executrix and Executor of the Will and Estate of W. 11. Howard, Deceased MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, Attorneys for Executrix and Executor. A1H 25 May Z I) 1(1 NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON, FOR THE COUNTY OF LINN. No. 17450 UNIVERSAL HONI) St ) MORTGAGE CORPORATION) a corporation, ) .Plaintiff.) vs. ) J. R. CARTWRIGHT, a wid-) ower VIVIAN CARTWRIGHT,) and HAZEL CARTWRIGHT,) his wife; MARGARET A. ) THOMAS, Executrix of the es-) tate of J. B. ASHENFKLTER.) deceased; STATE INDUS- ) TRIAL ACCIDENT COM- ) MISSION OF OREGON, ) Defendants.) By virtuo of an execution, judgment order, decree and order of sale issued out of tho above entitled Court in the above entitled cause, to me directed and dated the 24th day of April, 1036, upon a judgment rendered and entered in said Court and cause on the 20th day of April, 1036, in favor of the above named plaintiff, Universal Bond & Mortgage Corporation, a corporation, and against the above named defendant, J. R. Cartwright, for the sum of $S,-172.34 and accrued interest in the sum of $1,552,00, together with interest on said $5,172.34 at the rate of Ten (10','r) per cent per annum from the 2()th day of October 1935, until paid; and the further sum of $15.00 together with interest thereon at the rate of Ten ( lO'r ) iier cent per annum from the 10th day of November, 11135; and the further sum of $376.25 with interest thereon at the rate of 6 per annum from 20th day of April, 1936; and for the further sum of $14.25 costs and disbursements and the costs of and upon this writ commanding me to make sale of the following real property situated in the County of Linn, State of Oregon, to-wit: Lot Numbered Twelve (12), in Block Numbered Six (6), in the city of- Harrisburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, according to the official plat thereof on file and of record in tho office of the County Clerk of said county and state, saving and excepting therefrom that part of said Lot 12 described as follows: The first story of that certain building located on the portion of said lot described as follows, commencing at the northeast cornei" of said Lot 12, Block 6. in the City of Harrisburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, and running thence . West on the North line of said lot Thirty (30) feet and Three (3) inches to the center. of the Thompson and Coll DEAR OLD LEW-WHAT I OWE TO MM BUT WMV HAS HE CHOSEN GET MIXED ALL this r BY BLOSSER BY HAMLIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . t t i ' i -i 1 1 i i i . f M j; "A t t i t i i i I s-" .',;i,,;-''V',,l w! buTNp TELL ABOUT EGGS 1 YOU CRACK ' OWW. ., ... J.: . i., . ... ,4. HE FATE OP 4- - . SLYVESTER' NUTTY COOK HANGS IN ( THE BALAWCE .. ALLEY OOP FOOZY WILL DRAW FIVE CARDS 7" SO. YOU TWOUGHT YOU'D BORROW MY HAT; DIOJA : I MAY WOT HAVE OL' DINNY BACK -BUT, BY JEEPEBS.IVE GOT FOOZY -AW ' WITH HIM AS MY &CAND WrZEB.r CANT GO WELL, WELL J WHAT DO YTHIKK YOU DA DONE THAT BLASTED GRAND -HE DONE ME Im$-WTH'SUW?jBrDlRX' e.?.-AN HA klFAQ . 4iVA WITH A ORAWD WIZEBS HAT, EH? DONTCHA WBOW&' NOZZIR I'LL TELL TH BUG- KNOW Y GOTTA HAVE BSAINJS T KEEP P5. EYED POPULATION, THAT BONNET ON YER SKULL? , I i- ' i I 'l Br m f. I' V 1 ft. THAT BOY WHIZ 4WfMMW WELDING - BLACKSMJTHXNQ . mm SNYDER & SON - PEAR ALIGN ing frames, axles straightened. WELL DRILLERS C. E. OORD1NIER A SON Well Drillers "We o1lrit fnttr inquiries" Eugene, Oregon C $1 titjj tcuvicc. me. T " l u r. or. 0

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