Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 25, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1936
Page 4
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f PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERA LP, ACB ANY, OREGON SATURDAY., APRIL 25, 1 936 T.W.A. FUNDS KOAC Radio Program atntarast as Albany, Oncon. poatoffiea '- aaeoad-elaaa Basil. Hcahar Ualtaa Praia Old Time Albany and KEA Ntwi Senrlea. Establish! 1I6(. .Br Fred P. Nutting. Editors end Publisher! L, Jackson and R. R. Cronlas. who had run away from her little daughter. "I'm Linda Bourne, Mrs. Gardiner," she jaid. "Well, now this is a pleasant surprise!" Mrs. Gardiner had drawn her into the small hall. It did smell of spice and and tobacco, Linda thought approvingly. "We were afraid you weren't going to be able to come, after all. I told Peter to call you and Saturday, April 25 5:00 p. m., On the Campuses 5:3(1, music: 5:45, Whift the Edu In a recent narration about 'en were ones on Shakespeare and Willard Marks we referred to his the Bible, after which we receiver! cators Are Doing; 8:00 The Dinner Concert : 6:30, Evening Farm Hour experience as a paper carrier and j the regular tokens of accomplish- folder, stating that he was about SUBSCRIPTION KATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER Oh ysar. In advanca ' 81 months, In advanea : Ona aioath, in advanca BY MAIL o:J0, new publications: 6:45, ment, which were pasted on the 5.50 I.7f .10 market and crop reports and the fastest in folding for five minutes of any of the boys. We certainly jumped into trouble. Here weather forecast; 7:30, music: 7:45 original diploma, and this was continued until the parchment was about filled. We have it on file, and is rarely seen or even cared see if that gentleman might have Science News of the Week; 8:00 Lias. Bantoa, Marion, Laos and Lincoln comes a letter from Bert Warford leu oy now, but he said mavbe Music of the Masters; 9:00-9:15, aouatlaa. United Press news. you'd come anyway. And I see you have." manager of the Melfflex Products for, such is the fleeting character Co. of Akron, Ohio, and declares of literary symbols, when not ac Ona Tsar, In advanea 11.00 Sis months, in advanea t.ti Linda was sliuhtlv sweDt off Monday, April 27 : Thrae montaa, in advanea 1.25 Ona month, in advanea .5(1 9:00 a. m., Home-makers' Hour - Br Mall Elsewhere In U. . 10:00, music; 10:15. . Guarding inar ne couia loid witn willard companied by specific results, any old day, or to that effect. It , Then Chautauqua programs were Bert should come here on a visit given in the form of various kinds with his mother, now Mrs. Paul of entertainments. For several Steidel, we will arrange a match, I years they were looked forward to with the rnayor of the city as ref- i in Albany, well patronized for eree. awhile, until either the character her feet. She had planned to confess that she was suddenly ashamed and had come to apologize, but now Mrs. Gardiner had given her a graceful way out so that none of Ona jsar, la advanea 15.00 .Bis months, in advanea f.?5 One month, in advanea 50 Your Health: 10:30, music; 10:45, KOAC School of the Air 10:43, Par copy, on trains and newsstands German; 11:00, The Story of Ore Xn orderinR chances of address subserlr. gon; 11:15, History in the Mak them need be hurt and she seized it. ; - srs should alTars give eld a well as new ing; u:3U, High School Rad o Published Dally Except Sundaye "Mr. Gardiner said he would Guild; 11:45, music; 12:00. Noon Taa Democrat-Berald Publishing Co., It.8. r arm Hour 12:05. news; 12:15, can tor me, Dut i wasn t sure ' u Independent Afternoon Newspaper An Old Time Albany story was 01 tne program was lowered, or the suggested the other day on the Public became tired, as it does of visit here of Lawyer Arthur W. even &ood things, when over fed. Geary, of Portland, a leading at-1 In the building of the Chautau-torney there, for several years rep- 9ua tabernacle, our remembrance resenting the farm organizations of I is tnat James S. VanWinkle had the northwest, resulting in num-1 as much as any one to do with its W. S. Averill, "Questions I Have what time I would be free. I took address. Answered"; 12:40, market and ' M. a Motaaaeo Co., National Adver a chance, breaking in on you this way, because I wanted to meet crop reports and weather forecast tising asnaeatairvae. 1:00 p. m., music: 1:15. World erous trips to Washington, D. C., I cunsu taction, u be you. Pete Mr. Gardiner told me such lovely things about you." Book Man; 1:20, music; 1:30. Pro SIGNS OF PROGRESS in there interest. Now he is a can grams on Parade; 1:45, music; 2:00, lou mustn't mind him. Miss Bourne. He says lovelv thines longed to an association; but now is an orphan on city property, and, as fixtures go with realty, undoubtedly is (he property of the wesson in apamsn: 2:1s. music: didate for delegate to the National Republican convention, to be held shortly in Cleveland, O. Quali i-.av, wnai uie i-ducators Are Do Lebanon is planning a big event next Thursday in the laying of about everybody, and very lovely things about you." ing: 2:45, Maude Pratt Lewis; 3:00, cny, a matter ol concern during fied in all respects for the import- buddenly Linda felt her hack trn in tne world of Women. "Podu- a little straighter. She didn't want larizing uie Classics , "Eva Galli the cornerstone for the projpeted "Lebanon General hospital, upon which work will start immediate enne", by Althea Bruhl: 3:30. mu. ic; 3:45, The Monitor Views the Pete Gardiner to say lovely things about her. She didn't want him to think of her. She resented any im News; 4:00, Musical Stories; 4.30, ly. . Plans for this new structure in atones lor Boys and Girls. putation mat mere might be anything but the most casual re 5:00 p. m., On the Camnuses: Cicate thdt it will be a worth while 5:30, music; 6:00, Science Stories: ant mission, Deople here may well1"1? summer picnic season, on a be interested in seeing him elected rainy day that happens along once at the coming primaries, regard- i ln awhile. Hence the propriety of less of politics. The tie that con- a new 1001 in P'aee of the aged one nects him with Albany and Linn fu" 01 leaks- county is the fact that his grand- It is a peculiar thing that among father. Rev. Edward R. Geary was, the splendid programs there was prominent in the early life of the : one thing that stuck a little better county. than and longer than anf.hing Rev. Geary came to Oregon in I e'se- Thf speaker showed a vial 1852 stopping in Union county for of llclu!d, telling of the strong several years, and then coming to Properties, then opened it and Linn county, locating at Browns- asked a'. m a test of smell, to ville, where he took an active part ra.lse tneir nand lf tney sensed the in religious and educational mat- fdor emitted. Most present raised ters. We understand he was at the tnelr tand' wnen the speaker la- lationship betwen them, as a woman does when she is in love with another man. 6:15, Dinner Conceit; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:30, Oregon Prison Association; 6:45, market home of a worth while institution in a worth while community. The people of Lebanon owe a debt of gratitude to the promoters of this .enterprise and those who have "I sent him to a little shnn nd crop reports and weather down the street for cream.-We're going to have strawberry short- forecast; 7:00, F. L. Ballard: 7:15. L. Powers. "Sail Drainage and caKe. tie i ibe back in a minute. with their aid made possible its Management"; 7:30. 4-H Club Make yourself comfortable. I've .-realization. ; got to see about my biscuit." Meeting; 8:00, With Oregon Slate Engineers. American Socielv nf rieno, Linda said to Pete he- head of the movement for the first J-"'Vy 'ormea tne audience union school at Brownsville. I "?at 11 was merely water. We have Hospitals, like school buildings, itand as symbols of community Civil Engineers; 8:15, The Book of fore he had time to recover from his surprise. '-'My caller left always felt a great pride in the - t t : tne' week, Alexander Hull: 8:3U. enterprise and progress. A good, tiit-uuiiL ui ins missionary f.1f .1,, aa - L . Hi The truthTs not' smelt anWhln he Oregon Loggers: 9:00-9:15. earlier than I expected and I came to surprise you." United Press news. well equipped and well conducted hospital is an asset to a commun of'rndVanTffarorthrNoHhwes,. a "1' 2 they 'I hats whv that's fine" a position he filled acceptably for ,h i 1 -.fna several years. After Albany Col- I of honratv In vnreann rardless lnrrp was ostahiishnrt ir, iHfi7 h honesty in expi ession. 1 he same Shank Is Elected Pete had to readjust his thoughts about Linda. Disappointment had given way to hot anger after he had talked to her on the telenhnm. FOLLY and FAREWELL To Head Rotarians was elected as one of its e'arlv 1", In riX'I'irf, a.iUnd ? right presidents, in a few years followed aL"g.J" d.L"erent ,"nes showing wanted at that moment and that was to see Pete's mother. She was ashamed of her behavior, but her desire was stronger than that and she hastened her steps until she came to the drug store. Quickly, she turned the pages of the telephone directory until she came to but now all that had disappeared. By Marie Blizard w6 nea Service, inc. by others in the strenubus effort , Z i"ln?! "her, do. ne iiitca ne J. V. Shank wa selected her for coming. He liked ' on b.eca"se regardless of to place the school i all small colleges, Dce the chool n n ner tor the old tweeds she wore me old tweeds she wore!n .j ii"-'r sense oi ngnt or justice. meir sense of right or justice. dent of the Albany Rotary club at by public tun&lt i il-j;!?. ,its,.level meeting of the board of direct and the easy way she greeted him. He liked her. Pete said with a lightness he didn't feel. And when he had rung ors Thursday, it was annniinri.rl fight for progress and stability. 7 "Z:a"'"" never lallmS n i his name and found the address. off, his lips tightened as they had ! It was a little house, but it I when he was a little boy. Perhaps "Want to hear the news?" She nodded. "The Blade needs a gal to write wasn't quite the kind of a little Friday at the regular weekly meeting of the club by President W. L. Fitzpalrick. The announcement further stated that r:..m-..r. HKIilN HERE TODAY I.INDA BOIJKNK. 20 years old, pretty end socially prominent In the little middle-western town of Newtown, meets l'ETER UAKDINKIt, political repurter. when she Koes to the lllsile office with an announcement nttout a churity bazmir. The same day Linda's father, in finan-cinl difficulties, kills himself. i'eler Koes to the ilnurne home to break: Miss Bourne didn't care for the I idea of going across the tracks to!?use Lmda ,nad exPced to find. society news. I was talking to Bar ity not only from a purely commercial and materialistic standpoint, measured by its monetary returns, but it performs a humanitarian function that parallels and supplements the work of schools and churches. It ministers to the physical ills of the community and performs thus an equal service, for alleviation of human suffering is no less important than mental and spiritual development, with which it goes hand in hand. With erection of Its new hospltul Lebanon may well' feel, proud of ' itself, and the county as a whole may be proud of Lebanon. Sweet 'Home has a hospltul which mure than does credit to the community, as do the Sweet Home schools. Albany, already provided with an the Gardiner home for supper. !" was Palmea ana evel" I Linda didn't think of that or of!g?ensJ nld ,tne wo,m foundations. ren aoout you. it you'd like a job like that, drop in and see him to Crowell was named vice-president; Walter Smith was re-elected secretary and Bon Ceng, re-elected treasurer. Pete's mother until much later i. "u,ul' young nyacinin waved morrow morning." with moderate success. Dr. Geary I , ' was an outstanding man in every I. KalPh Junkin didn't say how wav. and his memory continues '"n.g he ,kc'Pl up his reading; but to be respected. , it is a pleasing and helpful mem- There were two sons, Dr. Ed- Tnylhli!'m'fannd iT,llap,s ,a solae ward P Gearv the father of At-- i m , llfc of an old bachelor, who Zr? and Dr.lyjohneGeary whoA ' 0.n 1 aJlmad one time practiced his profession hov RilnHi t Wflen a at Halsey. Dr. Edward P. Geary Z'.'J', at Newport and was born at Brownsville. After a L"h. there before there liberal education Dr. Geary was hn, n nf,? n i n hoUse-He was married to Miss Agnes McCormick. 0d'dnin , SY'h' W'y .186- He practiced medicine until a few sidernf,ln yf.' t ??ecs .t0 ...i , , ti . considerable out of life that inter. Hie news to l.imln. Misunilerstniiilinir. she I .iul. dv Div was r-nminirl I pink and purple and nodded to the "' him n ly. l-ster she a.H.loKizes. ' V:rJ? . . 8' ' white ruffled curtains hlnwin (To Be Continued) The entertainment nmm confide, the. her fsthcr's money is .one ' " - " moui H- .. the tj'ht w ! Fishermen Are All find a job. She tells IVler I "K "ULr ""u P"l ner OiaCK . - " consisted of a motion talking picture showing how oil products arc converted from crude oil; how the hum a scenario she has written and h velvet. She arranged and rear- sks to read it. ranged the flowers, the tea-trav. A wave of anticipation ran from Wet Bur Catch Fish l.inda promises to come to his home She lighted fires in Ihp lihrjit v snH Linda's Rloved fineer all throuch Sunday m meet in, mother, in the mean-! drawing room. She opened the i her as sne paused, hand poised v.. .4 4 .. . tyrai: iuae oil is extracted Irom the arth, and how all petroleum pio-lucts arc distributed. Tin. menu-.. time I11X I'AKTBK. with whom l.inda "uai iu but- wnicn mi n su-im i , ...i j.- csts him, and has a retentive mind 01 fni- MlH fin-,., " windows so that the early spring aoove tne oid-iasnioned KnocKer. air and sunshine would rout out ,Sne knew that the little house in love, telephone and l.inda fumcl her date with I'eter. Goevr3oeStF.fainhkerSuen VS W Tsl -en... 1,' FiankuBussaid and A'ch.ord as a physician and man. James G.and I uuint-a u. ana was shown by arrangcmenl with' Swen Johnson, Coivalhs, Stand the atmosphere of tragedy that 1 would smell of spices and good uavid Junkin NOW lid OS WITH THE STORY excellent hospital, is keeping pace lul1"' "v-tt- in load, irom cjiiio. still clung to the silent rooms h'".Sheflosed,c'es ioy iturn. took a swim in thp ai ' . Their son Arthur W. Geary af. with her sister communities by ard OH Co., manager Umv, ai d was screened by S. W. Sakagiiin, oan Francisco. "'"'"tMu.. ".r," em wnen rivel. durjn- tne wopk "rr.- ter nis entry in the University of Their father was from Kentucky 0l tstandin and,hl? Ialher came " the north in the stu em SL.Ir,a,nl' .sa!d RalP" the other CHAPTER IV A date was a dale, and it hnri in me aoor openea in answer to ner 0 ;ui 7. : : , uregon Decame an i building a new school plant. It was nearly 5 when Dix came His roadster roared into the drive, and through the curtains, Linda saw him glance at his wrist-watch be kept in Linda's code, but when , . When these new improvements are completed Linn County can "No, it can't be true!" she said I First Govro 'fell .. th vivnr I activities of the university. Upon h ''if;..0'0.16" ' eier uarcliners call reminded LAUX KITES IIKI.U Funeral rites for Frank John to herself before she spoke. Mrs. it was learned. While his two com- ' her of their date for Sunday after show its heels to any county in wU uuimui uisu naa six sons before he raised the knocker. iaux, who was killed in a truck: noon she thouuht nf l)iv '.n.i riiH uaramor was entirely too much pamons were still laughing at him, , t , 7 ; ' , Y . one of whom, Glenn has made his like somethiiiB out nf a hnnlr I nnk : Bussard slinned in nitr.rr,ntir,0 s.t"dent body ife in its different hrim : . .'".. " ai maae nib ami-thing out of a book. Look Bussard. slipped in attempting to Sd7 home in Alba Hello, she said in just the HOH ttUlIUfllL Alirt ,,.. Ul, l-,ii,,I .... -I... I 1 . I 21 VI the state when it comes to lios pitals and schools. These improve as she ,e ; We remember n or many years would, Linda couldn't find cross the stream. This left only ' etsXat Come1 ou n Since January, 1913, he hasyDeLn J '-'lZ'tZ ,.,lih;"L"d aTndO.AThadTenmansdword' ?' -ost of the from the Fisher-Braden chapel her life before. She lit-d to him "C ? had alays Said ht'110 lo -dLereK a flav ments are opportune, for with tourist traffic increasing and soft skin a network of the wrin-; smiles I he smiles waned sudden- poj t f '. ,w ' th ree vear when time as superintendent of streets, i w .,f 11,0 poi.i nr oil .i,.,. lv a few moments aipr u.hon ho . . mice j ears, wnen Wo hs,.j ., . : . points for two or three years, when i peiimaeni oi streets. ald A". ton Inst hi hTr nj To Arthur and others set about clos- " . V;"'" " 1 S'uzen. sa Arthur and others set about clos- . , a Pr("ninent citizen say, promising still greater expansion, ing the gap, which was success-, 'ong afio' that his knowledge ful. It was decided to hold the an- I ,, tne ?ewels; their depths, and Linn county towns will be the ua nut UM1J UIU, UillUIIIUl I i u..u to" iiisi was Linda idea of A Mother. Her ! contribution to the demonstration.! : 0 i The three, however, secured 35 and W. U AltormatV." Mus.c Z'2 d Vve tTZ see hud desW"d"d si"TO furnished by Airs. Maude Pratt J en e at 4 o'clock I Ulx "Irt.i t. It was not Lewis. Mrs. E. I. .Il,.- ...... 5,1 '. t""L "l " C'OIK. stlnilli mm i 11, 1,..,, I fnnthaii , owier liroperties of the eitv is more attractive to prospective set tiers. simple knot. Her slipping spec- ; ?'.'out in.,l,he meantime, leaving the still . ... n.- .-, UIIl-lfM III SI- ' t of tissue undecided. them. Linda had become someone tacles were gold-rimmed. Her Mrs. Julius Iluglund arriingcd the floral offerings. Interment was in the family plut at Riverside ccme- else. She was dramatized in his 2-r,k .,ata miht SEVEN SHEEP KILLED THE RIGHT KINO OF HATE which was done in a special fieid Z mi) salal"y Paid him a'-. south of the S. P. depot, with a ''-,Junkl" takes every task ser-high board fence made to order It !ousi-v: and 11 is doubtful if there proved one of the most peaceable ls a ,c"-v m ,ho state whose streets events in college history. It must ?re kep.1 eleaner than those of Al-be admitted that there was an , And he ls a member of a undercurrent of expectation of Jarniry residing in and near here mind, and try as she would, sh could not change things. He told her gravely of his activ " .. ,r.. . . , , , '.."i Kiuea ana several injured by does PAPEK WORKERS TO DAXC'K Lebanon. Anril 2S i; h loiices. Linda couldn't know that it was bitter disappointment. Then Pete tried again: "If it's not going to keep you late, couldn't I pick you up for supper'." It was Linda's turn to hesitate. Dix hadn't said anything about supper. He had said he would come by around 4. Hoping that he ities, and when she tried lo sneak 7 . .. . u ,i 1 on one of 'he Baltimore farm's he of her lather and all that Uix al .... uvct seemv years, print inp something that never occurred. Proceeds of a dance In ho iu..n -,i The writer was hear! marshal ( him to a place in these columns. ready knew (because she wanted to clear away the something be the American Legion hull here Saturday night by the Lebanon Paper Mill union will be used to jii.'iiii was tonunaie in the securing of a wife compatible with Albany. with twenty assistants scattered around the field. v.,... ..... u nwii.u ,,ui a- te rented in the Tallman neigh-member. borhood. Others in this neighbor-... . , ' , ... hood owning sheep are being In that quick second, Linda ; warned today to be on the alert in wondered what her own mother , finding the dogs guilty of such was like. The pretty, frivolous girl I crimes. tween them so that they could nis own tastes, a fine woman, and, While Arthur pay expenses of delegates to thp I would stay, she had already pre- we Tore Eked To't0, V"'11' has a daughter,' Mrs! of the three judge" ' : "la Luper, who has rare mu-h it V.gS slcal alent and a charming dispo- Geary was grad the uaie manager, officiate as one Iind each other as they had been) Dix would not allow her. He wouldn't have tea, he said, glancing once more at his watch. He had to "pick up some people." in her imagination, Lincia saw Jane Wyatt s laughing lace held . ..wun: iMoiinwcsi I'uip & Paper Pared a. little supper for them. Mill Employes' association at Port- "I'm afraid it will be too late. hind next month. Leslie Wertz and and. . . . I'm I'm really sorrv," Hubert H. Clarke are the local she said almost truthfully. sition. Another Wilma is getting delegates. "Okay. We'll try another time.' in a debate with University of Washington. Washington's student manager, at least of the debating team was another Arthur, son of Charles Younger, whose father-in-law was the late J. P. Galbraith. We think Arthur was born here, and for several years was our next BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON a une start in lite, as sweet as a rose in spring. As all know, Loren is at the head of the musical work, instrumentally, of the schools of the city. A former member of the famous Pryor band, he is now well known over the northwest, and is a genial gentleman too. But we William This Curious World -BY RODNEY DUTCHER- j Ferguson door neighbor. The debate was decided by a unanimous vote in favor I mustn't get any further away at of the U. O. debaters, whicTi we .!.;. . . certainly thought was the logical X " " Mfl up lo his. and she propped her cnin up mentally. "Tell me about the Glee Club concert," she said. He did. Precisely the way he would have (old his mother. Carefully he reviewed the pvo-giiiin. After that, Linda gave up. When he rose she got his hat ana, summoning a smfie she did not led, she said. "I'm not very gay now, Dix, or very good company, but I hope you'll come again.'' "You bet," he answered heartily and she tried not to see his reliel, "We I) have to do soniethinu une thing, though we felt somewhat of that might result in numerous di HY UODNKY nUTCUKU MM snilt ('..rrr-Mi.iii.Jrnt VVASIIINGTON. The House's ndvei-se vote on a request for added counsel fees for the Senate lobby committee had some interesting angles. Not long ago the committee disclosed that six congressmen, led been foreseen because tile Social Security Board turned down the Kansas plan for co-operation to receive old age, blind, and other pension aid in the federal program. A special session of the legislature is required if Kansans are to receive federal benefits at any . THE FAMOUS VOSEMITE VALLEV HAS A TOTAL. AREA OP ONLY EGHT SQUARE AILES. a pang for our former boy neighbor, a fine fellow. We do not know of any members of the Geary family now in Linn county, but the name remains high among our pioneers. by Representative Sam Pcttengill j early date. At such session, ac-of Indiana, had lived at the home; cording to all reports, wets and .' This .question of compulsory military training at Oregon institutions of higher learning is, like the student fee controversy, somewhat of a tempest in a teapot, and mother case of rank outsiders meddling with what In no way concerns them. , In the. first place the "compulsory" phase of military training Is quite a Joke. Practically any student whb doesn't want to submit to such training can easily get out of it. In the second place it Is of little importance to the ' people as a whole whether the system is maintained at all or not. Prior to the World war no military training, compulsory or otherwise, was maintained at the University of Oregon. Only at Oregon State college was such .training available. The welfare of the state has been influenced im- .perceptibly if at all by the Inauguration of training at Eugene. t The attack on the military training system appears to be led .chiefly by a group of deluded pad-lists who think that by removing this institution they are going to remove the cause of war. Their Argument is that compulsory training breeds international hatred and enhances war psychology. Thereby they betray ignorance, and In their actions they are in reality defeating their own end. ':' Anyone who has ever belonged to a military organization, particularly against his will, knows that such associations' instead of incubating a desire for war have Just the opposite effect. Compulsory training breeds hatred, yes, but not hatred of peace. It makes youth hate militarism. rections, because of the inter-marriage of the members of old time Albany and Linn county families. We would feel as if we were missing an opportunity if we did not moralize occasionally. The1 simple taste and character of the people of earlier days offers a striking contrast to "the present lipstick cigarette era of women, young and old, which, essentially must have an influence in the moral and religious lives of people of the present time, and in generations to come. of a railroad-public utility lobby oi inese niglits. Something quiet." drys of Kansas are sure to stage a knockdown battle. The drvs want veiy cunniy Lincia looK tlie to the kitchen. .Very n.lmlv she wrapped the untouched sandwiches in a damp ciotn, put the -01'-. cream back in the bottle, rinsed the dishes. 'Calmly she emntied the ash trays. Thin sue iook all the flowers out and dimmed 'he. When Ralph Junkin meets the writer he generally reminds Bs of the time when both of us were students, or readers, in the old time Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, called the CLSC. The CLSC had a great following for a good many years, all over the U. S. At first it was mostly formed into reading circles. There was one in Albany, composed of prominent people, men and women, including the writer, with the prominent left out. We devoured volume after volume, mostly small ones, coving every literary and scientific topic imaginable, and history galore. In fact from 1885 to 1889 we read over eighty books, the first a four year's course, covering the regular college topics, which we devoured voraciously. HUMAN them in the rubbish basket, hhe went upstairs and her eyes tightly shut so that the tears VISITING HERE Mrs. Brown and daughter, Mrs. Snedden of Portland are visiting a few days in Albany at the home of Delbei t Brown, on West Ninth street. ium not come inrougn. at s s Hut they did come, and when e had cried until her nose w:is CAR, IN SOWE INSTANCES, CAN HEAR. SOUNDS RANGING FROM sS TO 0,000 VIBRATIONS PER SECOND. red, her lip swollen and her eyes burned back in her head and she was as disgusted with herself as Barber and Beauty Work for the Entire Family At Popular Price he was huit, she took off the vel ist for awhile last summer. These men and their friends represented enough strength to be responsible for the margin in a 153-137 vote by which the House defeated Senator Black's request for $10,000 for defense against court action by William Randolph Hearst. Pcttengill, Clark of Idaho. Serugham of Nevada, and Sut-phin of New Jersey voted "No." The other two "tenants," Cary of Kentucky and Fcisingcr of Ohio, didn't vote. The California "Hearst bloc" was also important. Of the 20 California congressmen, only Buck, Costello, Coldcn, and Scott voted favorably. And only two Republicans Marcantonio of New York and Stefan of Nebraska voted to uphold the Black committee. Those were the chief factors behind a unique spectacle which found the House defeating a resolution which had been unanimously passed by the Senate, s a a spOVERNOft LAN DON of Kan-" sai plans to take one of his first political hurdlcFwith a running Jump. Although he Sms ' ke far out in front in Ify race for the Republican presidential nomination, embarrassment for hirJtus the state on an alcoholic basis of half of 1 per cent and the wets naturally don't. It was charged that Landon might be willing to delay benefits to avoid embarrassment, since his record is bone dry, and anything which would accentuate that fact would hurt his candidacy in most populous states. Landon has decided to call the special session, however, and how seeks to ' determine whether a satisfactory social insurance plan requires a constitutional amendment or merely a legislative act. His friends predict that if he is put on the spot as to alcohol, he will declare for "beer for revenue." s a a DEPORTS from Baltimore indi-cate that the reaction to Roosevelt's campaign-o p e n i n g speech there was even more sour than the thin applause seemed to indicate at least, among old-lino Democratic politicians. It is objected that the speech was too idealistic, philosophical, and inspirational "hooey" is the word the ward bosses use and that Roosevelt made an almost unforgivable error when he failed to pay tribute to or even mention the late ex-Governor Ritchie, a New Deal foe. ICi'Vrlstil. list, NEA SuWwe. Inc.) vet gown and got out her old tweeds, the worn riding hat, and her brogues. passed an examination, and were given the proper diploma and a gold badge, which we continue to possess, but do not wear. Then followed fourteen post graduate l.inda lelt the need of fresh air and sympathy. When she set out. with small hands clenched iu the pockets o her foiit. she SNA(LS sxs . only fiesh air. but when her mind THE abilitv V ' - mtX'XZZZT'iY have Hair Cutting Permanent Waving Hair Tlntlnr Finger Having Marcelling etc. courses, fifteen in all, the most of any one in Oregon, except one. all within five years, enough to have made a mental monstrosity of us: but a great deal of it failed to attach its tentacles, and we haven't very much to show for it. Nevertheless it was on enjoyable LEARN IMPLE lessons nail cleared itself of the afternoon she rememueied Pole Gardiner. She remembered the tone of his voice. She remembered how he had looked when he spoke of his mother and. to her own shame, she remembered how Imhtlv she hart Publicity seems to be all thai Representative. M. E. Zionchcck of Washington wants, no matter what kind it is or how he gets it. It begins to look like Ethiopia is going to need something more substantial than the League of Nations' moral support. experience, and the associations have never been forgotten and r tsis ay Nr. ttavKt mc. continue to be appreciated. How WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 213 Lyon St. Phone 679-R YOSEMITE NATIONAL PAI1K Is a scenic maaterploce of more than 1100 square miles, but Yosrmlte Valley la only a glsVi-r-carred crack, seven miles loan. Trior to the Ice ace, It vfa I v-shaped canyon more than 5000 Icet deep, but glock-rs ground it Into broad V-shspcd valley. dismissed his invitation from his mother, he had said tonve supper with them at his hofW. And then Linda knew there was Mnly one thing in the w.jrjshe ever much one remembers what one has read, there is something absorbed that, in a way. clings and occasionally crops out sensibility. Among the courses tan-. U A c G Co 0 (3 . -....

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