Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 24, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1936
Page 4
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X PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1936 IT'S ALL VERY INTELLECTUAL One tomorrow for yes, there is news! She dared not leave the house jing them, for fear of missing his call. IheiGracie. Oh, said winningly, and Pete could be extremely winning. 'If you'd like to, but take it with Jane was at the movies last -night you. It would embarrass me to Intend, at Albany. Oregon, poftoffiec u ataono'-alaas mmU. Member United Fran have you read it here." - -"And may I bring it back?" ' - ana NEA Newt Servle. Eatabllanad 181 a boundary line between the two states anyway. If it were removed, then who would care if, for instance, the Olympians should borrow Mt. Hood or Crater" LaKo bnee in a while, or if Oregon should now and then usurp Puget Sound? United in a booster program, the two states would also be in a bettor position to defend Pete wanted an invitation, and he didn't know how to ask for it. Editors and PublUhcra ' W t,, Jackson and R. R. CronU "1 hoped you would. I'm here SUBSCRIPTION RATES DELIVERED BY CARRIER now all the time." 'The country's pretty fine now. Oh jrtar, In advance 15.60 Hi month.. In advance S.76 Like to walk on Sunday?" "I d like very much to walk on these scenic wonders against raids from the south. Sunday." It was a date, and thinking of NO MOKE SNOW WORRIES it Pete pushed his hat a little more to the side as he walked housekeeper was too old to be relied upon; that was the excuse she gave- herself . Deep in her heart, she knew her real reason was that if Dix called and said he couldn't come on Sunday, she hoped she could make him suggest another time. On Saturday Wilda Jennings came to see her. Wilda had been Linda's right hand in those days that seemed so long ago. "Honsy," Wilda assured her, "None of us are having a good time, thinking about you having to stay here and all this terrible trouble. We don't talk about anything else, and the parties don't seem to be any fun at all without you. Don't ypu miss them?" "No, I don't, but it's sweet of you to think about me. Now tell me all the news," Linda answered, wondering how she could ever have been" like the other girls with nothing but parties to think about. "There really isn't any news. Tommy is coming down from Cambridge next week-end, . thank goodness. And Jane Wyatt's giving a cocktail party. She's always giv- with Dix Carter and he s taking her to Gleen club'concert tbrftght." After that,. Linda coudn'f ire-member anything else Wilda had told her. Dix was taking Jane' Wy-att to the Glee club concert! i She couldn't speak quite clearly for the flood of relief that poured into her heart when Dix called her a few minutes after Wilda left. , , ... "I'll come by or a little -while around four, Linda,',' he said,' and Linda placed the receiver on the hook tenderly because she loved it The nice, kind, friendly telephone that had brought Dix, : back to her as she knew he would come. Pete Gardiner .called her t 10 on Sunday morning. "I'.ve got. some wonderful news ,. for . you,'.he said. "But I'll keep it until -J. .see you. How about starting around two and having suppor: at imy house? My mother asked me .tot invite you." . ,,...., ,w , (To Be Continued) . s. : : ' .H Democrat-Herald Want Ada RrineRpiiltr - u through the quiet town, whistling on his way home. Ho didn't go directly home; he stopped at a news stand and bought all the Holly Om month. In advance BO BY MAIL Linn, Benton, Marlon, Lane and Lincoln eountlea. One rear, In advance M.00 III monthi, In advance 2,26 ''Three months, In advance 1.2S h One month. In advance .60 Br Mall Elsewhere In V. 8. A. i One rear, in advance 16-00 III months. In advance 2.76 One month. In advance 60 ' Per epur, on trains and newsstands . . .06 In orderlnn changes of address subscrlr. en should al-vars glvs old as well aa new Published Dallr Except Sunday ' The Democrat-Herald Publishing Co., lie. n Independent Afternoon Newspaper address. M. 0. Moejensen Co., National Advertising Repreeentatlvea. wood magazines. Linda wanted to think of him after he left. She wanted to go back, step by step, over all that had been said between them before he had surprised her by his half-serious proposal, but she fell asleep, thinking about Dix and wondering how much time would elapse before she heard from him. WHY NOT JOIN FORCES The next day she wrote to Dix Opening of the Santlam pass road to provide an outlet for Mc-Kenzic highway traffic that will be snow-bound for some time to come by drifts on the MeKenzie lava beds will be a triumph for the Santiam route. It will revivify strongly the oft-repeated argu-i ment .that the Santlam route should have been the first completed across the Cascades. It has long been known that the Santiam pass of all the Cascade summit gateways is the freest from snow. During some winters it has been established that, were the road completed ,it would remain open without help of human hand. At worst the -snowfall on the Santiam route Is never such that more than slight effort would be required to keep traffic going. The South Santiam road is for the most part located along sunny or sheltered mountain slopes where it rises above the winter on her new, black-bordered sta tionery. It was a little note thank ing him for his expression of sympathy, and adding that, since she could not go out, she would like to have him for tea on Sunday. Linda torgot her date wtih Peter Oar- We are interested ! in your business progress diner. She dropped the note in the box and then went home to plan for Sunday. She must not be too sombre; she would wear a smart little black velvet frock and she would fill the house with flowers. She knew that her mourning snow line. It traverses no cuts or would have a deep influence on Dix, and the enchantment of their companionship had been paced by gaiety. gorges which will fill with drifts. On one side or other all the way the South Santiam highway is There were four more days until Sunday. Every time the telephone rang, Linda's heart jumped to her throat as she took the re open, which will enable snowplows Your interests are our interests since nearly eVery business suction you make involves one or more banking, service. The business development of Albany is closely paralleled by, the growth and progress of this bank. Naturally we are interested in the individual progress of each of our depositors. We invite you to use ALL of the facilities of this bank not only in Albany but in Portland and other Oregon communities when these prove convenient. ' ; ceiver from the hook. She sorted always to dump their loads. When the South Santiam highway is finished no one will need to Inquire whether or not the pass is open, summer or winter. i; Up in Washington a' group of public-spirited citizens has launch- . ed an organization knovvn as the Olympians, whose purpose is to attract tourists und industries to that stute by means of nntion-wido publicity. Washington and Oregon have much in common. Their respective .topographies arc similar, with i.each state sharing the Cascade mountains, high plateaus to the east and well-watered vnlley and thills to the west; similar coast lines and general scenery. They share ,ithe advantages of the Columbia river its fishing industry, Bon- r.neville dam and its transportation facilities. i The two stales are now more closely wedded by interstate high-ways and railroads. In fact, no other two states in the union have more mutual Interests than do Oregon and Washington, There is ; really no cause for rivalry between the two, for the progress of one Is bound to reflect to the other. It would be a fine thing, then, if Oregon and Washington boosters Bhould pool their resources and Join "efforts toward advertising the Pacific Northwest Instead of competing each state with the other In the eastern tourist market. If Oregon and Washington Would pay less attention to such minor rivalries as have been promoted In the past by ovor-enthusl-bctls state parlots, the energies of each could be turned to the advantage of the whole territory, and less effort would be wasted. 'FOLLY and FAREWELL ; By Marie Blizard 1936 nea. Service, inc. j the mail with trembling fingers and tried to put time from her mind. Dix was busy. He might not have received her note. He might be out of town. He might be ill. He wouldn't write. He would telephone. He couldn't disregard her note. He wouldn't want to, sue kept assuring herself with faltering belief. - - Sometimes a son can go far toward emulating an illustrious father. Witness the case of the detective's son who has been indicted for helping to get Paul Wenclel to confess to the Lindbergh IIEfilN IIH1IK TODAY LINDA HOIJHNK. ail ynr olil, i.rolly CM. ami socially prominent in the little mithllc- HOWARD, 1 Manager. wt'Hti-rn town of Newtown, nii-cts 1'ETKIt retire and live with a married daughter. "In the meantime," she said, "I've been thinking of tilings I could do. It can't bo so terribly hard to be a secretary. I've had lots of experience at the League and I thought perhaps 1 could get (iAHDINKlt, iioliticiil reporter, when she uoes to the Itluile office with ml announcement nhont n elmrlty Imztiur. '1'he Hnme liny l.lmin'H fiilher. In finnn "Then, tell me about it," he urged. "You'll think it's all pretty silly, but it has been fun and it's kept me from thinking thinking things I didn't want to. One day at the hair dresser's I picked up a movie magazine. Hair-dressers have the very latest movie magazines, "she assured him gravely and he said he'd have to speak to his barber about .that; he was getting tired of the Barber's Manual. . . "You ought to, because your Big Chance may come that way! Well, I read in this magazine that there was a contest with a big prize and a job in Hollywood waiting for the winner who submits the best scenario. So I've been playing with the idea." "Finished it?" "Yes," she said. "It's finished, but I wouldnt dream of sending it.' "Would you let me read it?' Pete clnl illmciiltlcii, kills himself. The editor wishes to thank his public for the generous gifts of fruit trees, rhubarb plants and 1'oter ittH'M to t lie llonrne home to hrenk tho news to I.iniln, MiHinulerHtumlliiK,. she ALBANY BRANCH THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK treitts him rntlely. Later she iiiioloKies, srouted potatoes which he receiv anil confides to J'cter that her father's money is none and slip. tnuHt find a job. ed during his recent illness. I don't know what to do," l.lnilu si-ys OF PORTLAND mid Peter- nniutinK hlniM-lf Teplies, "Vou could innrry me," :. - i . B . ' . 'OtOEST NATIONAL BANK ' WSI Of THE ROCKIES" !' . NOW fit) ON WITH THIS KTOItY Stamp News Hy I. S. Klein through a quick course at u business college." :. Pete had heard a good many stories from girls who had lost and were unable to find secretarial jobs, but he hadn't the heart to discourage her when he had nothing else to offer. "Or perhaps," Linda chattered on, "1 might try to get u job coaching dramatic courses. You know Little Theatre things." Pete was glad the subject had changed to something about which he could talk. "You're interested in theMhcater, aren't you?" Dapoalta n this tank ara Iniurod by the ffoderal Pepoalt InaliriBca-CarpHtatloaj If the appeal of either state alone to the east can be effective, then a joint appeal should be cor- - CHAPTER Itt Linda wasn't ritn'te sure she had heard the words correctly Pete himself almost doubled that he had said them "You could marry me." He didn't want a wife. He wasn't in love with Linda Bourne. He hadn't given any romantic thought 'to her. He wouldn't know what to do with a wife and if he were Rolng to marry any yirl, he would have too much sedf-respect ;-' ..... - . Fok1 Dealers sr "Crazy about it," she told him, and added hastily, "Not acting, yuu know. I couldn't do that. I'm not pretty." Pete thought she was more than pretty when her face lit up with enthusiasm and Unit her delicate expressive hands spoke as eloquently as her voice. "But dramatic expression, plot development those ore the things 1 love. 1 haven't had any experience except with school clubs and things." i "And you wrote a play' for the bazaar," he reminded her. "Oh, that!" She dismissed 'hat. She didn't want to think of it. It was too closely associated wtih the dreadful week before. "Did you ever do anything else like that'.1" Pete asked her. rrspuiiuutKiy more so. : Any tourist who has gone to the trouble of crossing the continent should want to see both Oregon and Washington before returning homo. Having seen both states, he would bo influenced the more to remain, perhaps, as a permanent resident of one or the other. Certainly if the lure of Oregon alone la not enough, the added beauties i of Washington must Induce him to linger, or vice versa. He should be overwhemled. as It were, by the combined charms of the Pacific northwest. So Oregon and Washington should get together on a mutual program for the entire territory. There never was much excuse for win to marry a girl who was accustomed to luxuries he couldn't givev her. Then lie remembered that" Linda was no longer im heiress to anything except trouble. Nevertheless, . his overwhelming feeling was surprise that lie had spoken so impetuously. Whatever Linda's reactions were she did not betray them. She knew why he had asked her to marry him, and she knew, too, how to reply. "That was exactly tho right thing to say to a lady in distress," she told him, but 1 am not to be T TNI. IKK FriuK'o, Knulantl will have no nnoHnl Htnnii for the nutUUMl voyiiKC of the Queen Mitry. on Muy 21, nor will the Ctimml While Slur line provide n nporlnl rochet, or miy npei'lnl fm'lllttfK for plilliitrl.c mail on thnt trip. Colit'clorn, however, may designate the Queen Mary for mich mail, no that It will reach Southampton Hliortly before the liner Mails went, nticl New York before she return east. Mark your rovers, ."Hy S. S. Queen Mary," TostaKe In 1 1 j-peiuo from England, nml 5 rent from the United State!. , Covers from KnRland will have to bo handled by private person there, Hlm-e Hi lt ltd. postal authorities will not nflix pontage to mull, ii m Ih done In the United Simon. Furthermore, the only evidence that the mall went hy the Queen Mary would be your own notation to that effect, since there will he no fadlltleH for cancellation of &G Gars and Trucks new automotive quality (ox- She didn't answer him immediately. She crossed the room, unlocked the desk, -and drew u sheaf of papers from it. Then she shyly resumed her seat beside him. Pete had never seen a girl who w as shy, and it suddenly occurred to him thai he had never enjoyed himself before as much as this evening. "Yes, I have," she answered his question finally. "l"ve written a movie scenario, but I'm not going to ask you to read it. 1 know it isn't tiny good," and, as he reached for ii, "No, please." outdone in gallantry,..! thank you for your kind invitu ion und regret that 1 cannot accept." Then she laughed gaily. So she had thought it was only a gallant speech! l'ete stilled the smallest sigh of relief. It was easier niter that for Linda to talk to him. She had established a lighter note and the tense strain of the hour I hey had spent dispelled itself. She told him that she was planning to sell the house, but until it was sold she would stay on there with the housekeeper who, in time, would i HlumpH on (he liner. 1 the-Used Cm, buyei from the United States I on the new Cermait airship Hin-i denhurg will he AO cents a half j ounce, with .1 cents more for air-i mail delivery either In the United i Statea or Kurope, and 3 cent, addt ; tlonal lor airmail delivery at both ends. There will be no special V. S. stamp fur the llindcnburr?. 1935 Willys Deluxe 4-Door Sedan funrantecd to be in No. 1 mochaniciil condition. $490 Good Model A Fords and other fine used cars to choose from. Hedge's Garage I'hone 769 Chrysler - Nyntouth - Willys 11 Hoi in mill has Issued a new net of fttampa showing (he portrait of the late King Ccorge nf Kitgland. There are nine values. This Is probably the last of t ho "lieorgl mm," and ought to become unite 1 valuable. ; impyrlKtit, ly.)l. NK. s.-rvieo. lnc I STRAIGHT BOURBON NEVER before has there been assured to used car buyers as definite protection as is now offered by Ford Dealers in R&G cars and trucks. ' R&G means RENEW ED and. GUARANTEED RENEWED to meet the definite specifications shown on the R&G tag reproduced here, and GUARANTEED, in writing, by your Ford Dealer. The R&G specifications cover every important detail. Study them carefully you will agree that any car or truck meeting these specifications is an outstanding value. Yet the R&G car or truck of your choice will cost you mo more than an ordinary "used car." WHISKEY Backing these specifications is the written, money-back guarantee of your Ford Dealer. This guarantee says: MECHANICAL GUARANTEE " We agree to correct at our expense any condition in this car or truck which is not in accordance with the above specifications, provided that we are notified by the purchaser of this condition within tea days from this date, and further provided that such condition is not the result of accident, neglect, or abuse of the car or truck after delivery to the customer, and that the car or truck has not been repaired or altered outside of our shop during the guarantee period." , MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE "VTe further agree that we will refund such part of the purchase price of the car or truck as has been paid by the purchaser, including any used car or truck applied as part payment or, at our option, the allowance price thereof in cash, thereby canceling the $4e if finer Greater age means 1 1 I fliSIMICHt WWWjJ quality -r-you will marvel at the taste, of this fine Kentucky whiskey. , makes 1 GOOD COFFEE! 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