Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 23, 1936 · Page 10
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 10

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 1936 a - rASl FOUI i THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON lis LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY European Soldier " TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS ;B grade, parchment wrapper, 2S1J(!c lb.; cartons 29 lb. , Butterfat : Portland delivery : A grade, j delivered at least twice weekly, 28'(i30c i lb. country routes, 2641 28e: B grade 28U 2Uc lb.; C grade at market. , B Grade Cream for Market: Buying price, butterfat basis, 53'c lb. ' Cheese: Selling price to Portland retailers: Tillamook triplets. 21c; loaf 22c. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: NEIGHBORHOODS Answer to Previous Puzzle Price quoted below ara tboM pre valllnr at 11 o'clock a. m. on day of publication, and ar aubject to changa at any hour thereafter. j. . Halsey Halsey. Irene Davis, Mildred Sanders. Donald Borne and Errol Gardner motored to the coast Sun IQ1UIE.IE.INWI I L 'HiElLlMjl iNiAJ Ztslf 0 AffR 6 eF. A W EH zHajn iIJa "Ir5v "efl U SOS ADf DPlE NBN U T 0 NOUA fr E AlLnsib L DUE TOBJO R ElDjnfP E R I E R G OXllU S EDclR AIM P gjjl e a sTPBdib ppfls EMgHk aIpI tjaU QUEEN day. Mr. and Mrs. Jess O. Cross and 1 Werner - , military ' leader. 11 To emulate. 12 More ex- pensive. 13 Encountered.'. 14 To admit. 15 Within. IS Blemish. 17 Lava. 18 Rapt. 20 Being. 21 Thoughts. 23 Father. son, Barton, spent the weekend at IM 16 Veal. 18 To serve. 19 To redact. 20 Brink. 22 To opine. 24 Poker stake. 26 Pound. 27 Distant. 28 To press. 29 Stair post. .11 Koran ch'aatcr. 32 Gaelic. 35 Bucket. 36 Seasoning. 39 Part of blood. 41 Ottoman court. 43 To affirm. 44 To fluctuate. 45 Vessel. 46 To have on. 47 Reverence. 49 Like. 51 Mineral spring. 52 King of Bashan. 63 Upon. 64 Southeast. Bl-jfl CLOSES 25 Like an elf. 30 Delivered. 31 To scorch. 33 Nude. 34 To scatter. 35 Golf clubs. 17 Line. 38 Type standard. 47 Graiidparenlal 48 Strife. 50 Three. 52 Is In debt. 53 Fertile desert spot. 55 Mulberry bark, 57 He comes from . . 58 His title , 3 Insect's egg. 4 Td subsist. 5 Smells. 6 Males. 1 Rear. 8 Before. 9 Fortification. 10 Animal fat. 13 He Is of war. 14 Soup LOCAL GRAIN M. Sendera Co, WHEAT: No. 1 white, 80c ; red and mix id, TMc bushel. BARLEY: Hansen, 121.00 ton. OATS: White, No. 1, S1H.00; gray No. t, $23.00; gray feed 120.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound SOc Mohair, per pound 42c MEATS (D. . Nebergall Meat Co.) ' CATTLE Steer $5.50137.00 Heifers 4.506.50 Dulls 3.505.00 Cows, beef 3.00rr5.00 Cows, cutters 1.60(3.00 BOGS 160 to ISO pounds f 8.25 210 to 250 pounds 8.259.25 ItiO to 210 pounds lUSti 8.75 2fi0 to 350 pounds 8.2GrVi..60 :ir,0 pounds up 6.50fVr 7.2(1 Sows 6.507.00 BHMKP Lambs I' 6038.60 Ewes 8 'JOf?C3.00 Yearlings 6 006.00 VEAL Live ...7c Uressid ... lie POULTRY (Swift Cosspany) No. 1 hens, to 6 lbs. 17c No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs 17c No. 1 medium hcnB, over 3'Xi lbs. ....Me No. 1 medium hens, under 3lj lbs 14c 39 Nominal value. 40 To undermine. 42 Compass point: 43 Assumed name 45 Beneath. VERTICAL 2 Kiln. 56 Dye. Triplets 19c; loaf 2lc lb. Eggs: Buying price of wholesalers: Ex-trns 18c; standards 16c; extra medium 16c; do medium firsts 15c; under grade 13c ; pullets 13c dozen. Milk: A grade Portland delivery, 58 'c lb. butter fat basis for 4 per cent. Live Poultry: Portland delivery, buying price: Colored hens, over 4li, lbs., 18ft 19c; under 4 lbs., 18ft 19c; leghorn hens, over 3 Hi lbs., 15fjjl6c; under fi'j lbs., 15fll6c ; leghorn broilers, 1 to 1 Vi lbs., ISftrlfic; do 1V4 lbs. up, 15rr(16c; Col ored springs, 2 lbs. and up, 19iVi20c; roost ers SftOc; pekin duck, young, 14ft 17c geese, lift 12c lb. Live Poultry' Selling price by wholesalers :' Light hens lSftilS'c; medium hens leWilHc; colored hens 18ft. 19c : broilers 15c; springs lBft-iiOc; ' pekin duck, young. 15&17c; do colored 12ft, 14c; canons, over 7 lbs.. 24 (y, 26c b. ; guinea hens 50c each. Turkeys: Dressed: Selling price to retailers: No." 1 bens, 23c lb; tonus 22ftj 22'jc lb. Kabbita: Fancy drwsed. 20ftj24c lb. FRESH FRUIT Apple: Delicious, extra fancy. $I.R5'u7 2.00 box; do fancy, l,55fti.60; New-towns, extra fancy. $1,75: do fancy $1.45; do face and fill, fancy, 85c ; do face and bill, choice, 65 ; Spitzenberg, extra fancy, SI.40; do combination $1.25; Rome Beauty, jumble, 22 '-C lb.; Winesaps, extra fancy, $1.65 box; do fancy $1.40; do jumble extra fancy 3c lb. Banana: Bunch, C'jC lb; hand 6ft 6 Wc lb. Strawberries: Fresno $2.35ft'(!.40 per 20 banket crate; Florin $1.15 icr 24 box crate. Gears: D'Anjou, $1.15 box. Oranges: California navels, fancy, $3.16 rU3.50; choice $2.75ft 2.H5 ; standards $2.65 case. Graprfruft : Arizona 1.8(Kf(.2.40 ; Florida J4.OOfrU.2r. carte. Lemons: California, ruuey, $5.25ft5.50; choice $4. 00ft 5.00 caw. FRESH VEGETABLES Pntatoes: Imcr $1.11061,2. Ou iK-r cental: Klamath $2.40ft2.50 cental; Schppoosp netted gems, $2.00ft 2.15 ; Deschutes netted gems $2.25ft2.3G cental. Celery: California $3.00ft 3.75 crate. 1'chh: California, $ 2.75 sack. Spinach: The Dalles 26ft 35c; local 20ft1 35c box. Onions: Oregon, $1 25ft 1,35 per 100 lbs. packed. Tomatoes: Mexican $2.75ft3.00 lug, Yachats with Mrs. Cross s aunt, Mrs. J. H. Griffith. Mr. and Mrs. George Starr and daughter, Louise, motored to Newport Sunday and visited with Mr. Starr's mother, Mrs. Granville fry. ? Friends here and in the Lake Creek community were grieved to learn of the death of James Traz-lers last week at his Eugene home. He has spent much of his time the last few years on his farm at Lake Greek. Otto Nichclson of the Lake Creek community was badly scalded one day last week when he took the radiator cap off of his tractor and it spouted hot water over his head, face and shoulders and arms. He is suffering considerably. Rev. and Mrs. Ellsworth Coulter, pastor of the local Church of Christ spent most of last week in Salem where Mrs. Coulter assisted with the nursing of er sister who lias been ill. ' Mrs. Franklin Smith, wife of the former minister of the Church of Christ, is ill with scarlet fever at the home of her mother in Portland. Dr. and Mrs. T. I. Marks departed Saturday for several days fishing trip in the coast range streams. The young people pf the Ep-'wo'rth League of the Methodist Episcopal church are planning a social time Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hoscoe Sisk. Wednesday evening of this week the members of the local Rebekah lodge are entertaining the Odd Fellows of the local lodge with a program and refreshments to commemorate the 117th anniversary of the founding of Odd Fellowship. ; Miss Anne Mioses of Albany spent the weekend in Halsey visit-ins former neighbors and friends. Colored springs 17c No. 1 broilers, 114 to 'I Ibn. 14o HoosUra 7a Stags iwc Ills-T4T"TST7 e I? i io i --?sr"" " -ii r a hi -L. fV:? --jr-Hi Te is so JLf ; W'3A M si sa , t?i ... sb at s7 sa w "Si Ji 13 ' 33 "T 55 tZ T s? S6 6? ,.; 55 tj T. 52 "7 5i ST" 6iT 6 I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I I " Our landlord is raising the rent 66 2-3ds per cent, which regretfully forces us to close our store in Albany. Thousands of items in our stock must be sold by the end of the month so you profit by the sensational slashes. We're sorry to have to leave Albany but remember, there's a fred Meyer store in Salem, and many locations in Portland, so on your next trip look us up, and stock up with needed items at those famous deep-cut prices. Hundreds of Unadveriised Items at Sensational Reductions! Quantities Limited! Checlt Our Shelf Prices! Come in and shop around, we have many items in quantities too small to advertise, which offer real savings to you. No sales to dealers. We reserve the right to reafonably limit quantities. We have only limited numbers, of most items, so come early to be sure of a fuller-selection. GROCERIES At Close-Out Prices! WALLA WALLA, ALL GREEN ASPARAGUS, No. 2 can 17c BAKER'S COCOA, Y2 lb. can 7 c YOLO CATSUP, tall bottle, 9c LIGHTHOUSE CLEANSER, 2 for 5c HILLSDALE BROKEN SLICE PINEAPPLE, 2 large cans 25c ALL BRANDS COFFEE 25c lb. ASSORTED FLOWER OR VEGETABLE SEEDS, 3 pkgs. 10c FORMAY SHORTENING, 3 lb. cm 47c ROKEACH SCOURING POWDER, 5c can BERGER BEER, 12 oz. can or bottle, 9c MY-TE-FINE HONEY, 10 lb. pail 83c LESLIE'S SALT, 3 lb. bag 5c; 8 lb. bag. 14c MY-TE-FINE FRUITS FOR SALAD, No. l's tall, 2 for 23c And Hundreds More Reduced At Our Store TOILETRIES At Close-Out Prices! her home in Lebanon from after ting and daughter, Beth, to Eugene All Prlcea Ara Delivered Albany Casea Keturnea Extras 1e Standards 17c Extra medium 16c Standard medium 13c Brown extras 18c Dirty extrua Ifie. Undent rades 13c I'ulleU lUc I'm weea 10c . VKAL Live .8'ic Drt'Hiu'd .12,lic BUTIKKKAT A ii rude 26c H Krndc '. 2o5 C grade 22c HllfcKP Lambs ... .....18.25(29.00 THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices were named to be t'f (Vcllvo today : Butter: Cube extras 2'2T K.c ; standards 27mc; prime firsts 27c: ffntta 26'.c. Chcene: Oregon triplets IS'.-jc ; Oregon loaf 16c. Brokers will pay c below quotation. Ekk : Produce RxchnnKC qiiotnttons bo tween dvalent : Extra large 18c; stntidnrdii large 17c: extras medium 17c; standurds nu'dium 17c. Jublifng prices 2c higher. PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES These are the prices retailers pay wliole-r a lent, except where otherwise stated: (fuller: l'rints, A grade, lb. In liar chin en t wr.inni. 3(1 'e lb. in rurlnnn: the Cream Tartar in Schilling Raking Powder effects of flu. Mrs. King is nursing her. Marie Whilaker had n relapse of measles and was taken to the Lebanon hospital very ill Willi pneumonia. At present she is no worse. Albert Corlson is gravely ill with pneumonia at his home In Lebanon. Albert was born and reared in Ash Swule. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harrison entertained Rev. and Mrs. John Mud-gin and three children, Agnes. Fred and Dorothy of Eugene, and Mr. nnd Mrs. M. A. Pixley of Pacific Grove, Cal., and Mrs. Frank Fee of Lebanon, at their home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Keefe of Portland were brief callers Sunday afternoon lit the Hex Harrison home to see their small son, Phillip. Miss Moses taught the Kirk school tor two years. Mrs. Flora Taylor of Watcrvllle, Wash., has returned to her home after having spent the winter here Visiting with her sisters, Miss Anna Drinkard and Mrs. D. Taylor, Mrs. Dollle Hoffman is suffering with a badly swollen and painful right wrist and arm. She docs not know just what Injured the member. . . Mr. and Mrs. George Ganslc of Eugene arrived In Halsey Friday to spend the weekend here visiting their two sons, Frank and Charles Ganslc. . Members of the Christian Endeavor of the Church of Christ and neighbors in the vicinity of the A. H. Quimby home surprised Puul Thursday evening by gulliciing at his home to help htm celebrate his birthday. . Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wright and little son of Cottage Grove spent the weekend hero visiting Mr. Wright's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wrieht. Sunday where they visited members of the Bryant family and Mrs. Cundiff, un old lime friend of tho Nutting fumily. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steiner and small daughter, Anita, of Cor-vallis were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Robison last Thursday night. Mrs. Robison is recovering from an operation for the removal of her tonsils lust week. The boys of the Riverside baseball team went to Oakville last FridaV afternoon where they played the Oakville boys. The local bovs won the game with a score of 8 to 6. Mrs. Hurry Cheesman has been named chairman of the community for the program at the music week contest for communities and granges of the county to be held in May In Albany. Mrs. James Caldwell has been suffering from an Injury to her shoulder when she fell recently at her home. The bone was found to be broken in the shoulder cap and the doctor has kept it taped. Mrs. Harry Checmun entertained lust Friday night in honor of nelson Chester's birthday. Those invited to eniov this affair with the makes cakes fluffier Rivemide Riverside. On Saturday. April 25 a "hard times" parly will take place at the hall. This is the regular play parly night and those not coming In hard times outfits will be fined. The Dent Stewart and Hnrr.v Cheesman families will . Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Stcllmachcri and daughter, Joyce, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gourley and children1 Kenneth, Marvin and Vena, all of Riverside community, were Sun-, day dinner guests of former friends j serve on the committee;. The usual basket supper will be served be 35c Vick's VapoRub, 17c. , ?5c Pounds Hospital Cotton 17c. . $1.00 Marrow Oil Shampoo 56c 50c Mavis Talcum, 27c Was $1.00 Admiracion Shampoo 49c 50c Woodbury's Cream 27c. 10c Nursing Bottles, 3c. 10c Light Bulbs, 2 for 15c. $2.00 Lunch Kit, 89c. $1.00 Vacuum Bottle, 49c. I Cheesman boys were Olivcne and 10c Woodbury's Soap, 5c. 10c Scott Tissue, 6c. 10c EvereHy Batteries 2 for 15c 50c Lyon's Powder, 29c. 50c Jergen's Lotion, 29c. $1.00 Armand's Face Powder 59c. 50c Box faper, 19c. 49c Eversharp Pencils, 27c. 25c Barbasol Shave Cream, 14c. $1.30 Pinkham's Compound '81c. fore the party. Irene Schlegel, Lonn Andrews, Margaret Jean Canning and Howard and Everett Atkeson. The meetings of the canning and sewing clubs were postponed due to a combined meeting on Wednesday at the home of Mrs. William Frcerkson at which Miss Helen Cowgill was present. The 84th birthday of Mrs. William llinrichs was celebrated at her home in Albany Sunday with Mrs. Ella Telford of Oregon City Is visiting former friends and neighbors In this vicinity. She is a house guest of Mrs. William Stellmacher. John Eldon Bryant, Martin Sehultz and Joe Van lliblier. members of Kappa Kappu Phi fraternity at Albanv college, spent the weekend at Newport with other members of the group. One new member of Calainelte grange was obligated In the first and second degrees at tho regular meeting of the grange Saturday night at the hall. John Archibald of Grand Prairie was a visitor. Mir. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton and small daughter, Nancy .loan of Oakville were visitors at the home of Mrs. Hamilton's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Minor Clark Sunday. TOBACCOS-CANDIES To Close-Out! 5c Bull Durham, Stud, Buffalo, Dukes and Golden Grain 3 for 10c All 5c Gum, Lifesavers, Cough Drops and Bars, 3c 10c Beechnut, Torchlight, Bank Roll and others, 6c 16 oz. Associated Lighter Fluid 1 5c; 8 oz. Kuick-litc 9c All 25c Briar Pipes 1 Oc; 50c Cigarette Lighters 19c 16 oz. Half & Half 58c; 16 oz. Granger 65c; 16 oz. Edge-worth 85c; 14 oz. Union Leader 59c and neighbors, Mr, ana Mrs. tan Jackson. The local I. O. O. F. lodge Initiated two candidates for Crnw-fordsvllle at their regular meeting Thursday evening in the local hall. Jane Goodman of Albany was home over the weekend visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Den Goodman. Mrs. Joyce Roberta' and little daughter returned to their 'home In Salem after having spent the week end here visiting Mrs. Roberts' parents, Mr. and Mi s. P. J. Forster. Mr. Forster has been ill. ' Mrs. Blanche Sweet of Corvnllis Is here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Forster, for a while. Francis Norton has been assisting with the switchboard work nl tho local telephone office during the absence of Mis. Adrain Smith. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Muller motored to Yachuts Sunday for the day. , Rev. and Mrs. Elsworth Coulter lire moving into tho Christian churcli parsonage this week. Rev. Franklin Smith has been here packing their belongings the last few days. Mr. and Mrs, Claud Hedgcpeth of Portland were Sunday morning breakfast guests of Mr. and Mrs. . Clair Miller as they were cn-routc to Cuscadiu to spend relatives in-the vicinity of Albany j in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. William Frecrksnn from this neigh-' boi hood and Mrs. Leah Frecrksnn j from F.guene were present. Mrs. Kreerkson visited relatives until Tuesday when she returned to her home. 1 I A good representation of members of the Christian Endeavor .from this neighborhood is planning to attend the state convention in Eugenethelast of this week. DKYI K IN MAI.IIK.l R COUNTY j Salt m. Ore. Malheur county, largest and most sparsely settled j in Oregon consumed $17.02 worth I of liquor per eapitu In 1035. compared with an average of $8.34 lur 'the state. i Mrs. Jack Lhecsmun. mother 01 Our Family's Whiskey is so popular now Harry Cheesman left Sunday for Onalaskn, Wash., where she will visit at the home of her son. Les ter, later leaving for an extended trip east. She spent the past winter here with her son and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryant ae- We're tickled almost to pieces enmpanied Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Nut- lill j ' ' Srs- 0 FRUITS fond 5 VEGETABLES MUST GO! PRICES GREATLY REDUCED! COME EARLY WHILE SUPPLY LASTS! Saves Gasoline v Afth Swale Ash Swale. Miss Frances Booker went to Oregon City to be with her sister, Mrs. Kidwell, mid attend the funeral of her brother-in-law, Jasper Kidwell, at Oregon City Friday afternoon. Miss Hook In Our Meat Dept. Specials for Friday and Sat. Free Delivery Phone 272 ' I just can't Ret over how this Family's Whiskey of ours took hold! Even when we Ret asked over to drop in on folks that can afford to pay a whole lot for their whiskey, it appears they're find-iiiR The Wilken Family Whiskey more to their liking than any other. Well, this Family's Recipe of ours ought to be Rood. It's Rot everything that three generations of our family ever found out relating to making whiskey rich er expects to return the last of the Pure Vegetable week. P. I. Troutman had his shoulder Shortening Qfity 9c lb. badly wrenched and Mr. Smith broke both bones in his wrist when ot ri Sugar they attempted to load some calves lOic lb. cured ricnic; anouiaers Into a truck one day last week. .School was dismissed Friday Jilt ONIY nK 25c EEEI QUART Half or Whole afternoon in order that the teacher. Mr. Crowe, and pupils could Sugar Cured Hams 26c lb. attend trie tan Harrison funeral. i Miss Betty Lawrence of Albany is home with her mother this week. Fresh Ground Beef orYercca! I2fc lb. Snow White Pure Lard, 60-lb. tub, $5.98 Mrs. R. M. Tomllnson and daughter, Patsy, of Turner, and Mr. end Mrs. Elbert Harrinon and ton, Donald, were dinner guests at their parental home Sunday and ME attended the funeral of their cou (in, Macy Harrison. 1" Fred Meyer MsM 1) ( II IV XI SaUr Ca! Miss Welma Kelly is helping Mrs. Wilma Harrison in the care aft LvYi of her two small sons who are ill a VENDED WHISKEy IhsM aas) BattM bvhM. S. fine I Ca.. lac., ScsMastf . Pa.-t)arhua of Scswalsi PradMts C.. hsc -lUI II Prices While Quantities Ust! Come Early! with measles. Toilet rir. rrmc. candiea, and to-barro. ITo North Ltbtrtjr St. SaVm. On sale throughout the West ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY Irene Gamble, Seymour Allen nd George Harrison are back in school after a two weeks' absence KRKK-A ropy ol our WiUen Fam'ly Cooking Album if you'll wrttt me at The Maples. R. P. D. No. X Schenley. Ps. " Copyright 1W. J. P Fiswh Co.. In. on account of measles. fcMrs. C. Carlson is quite HI nl AVAILABLE IN OREGON

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