Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 23, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 5
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE , THURSDAY APRIL 23, 1936 Winners to Model-After Where Italians Have Crushed. Foe I KOAC Radio LATE, COMPLETE MEWS Ot NEARBY MiuHBOKHUOUS I contly elected officers for the new year. Mcrvin Gilson, who has i been chief for a number of years was re-elected to that office and Elmer Fitzgerald is the assistant. Other officers were: Victor Carl- son, secretary; Albert Smith, assistant (secretary : Ross O'Brien, reporter and Albert Carlson, elec IMUAN IHiASlON HR Program - . ; : : : Thursday, April 23 5. On the Campuses; 5:30, Music; B3N OCT- ARABIA . TALK STREET OILING 1 Lebanon. (Special) At tho meeting of the city council on April 21, Councilman C. P. Hass-ler was appointed to secure subscriptions for oiling streets. A number of residents had very good results from oiling unpaved streets; hut year and the dusty condition of the roadways has brought the matter to attention earlier than than usual. i Suver flRSt ITALIAN PENCTRATIOH OCT2,IS3S " -' ' : : ev:-ivi2.'9 trician. if? fFEoTKf 4, AM VrV'-. Goer n-H. Want Ads Bring Results 5:45. Vespers Led by Rev. E. V. Warrington: 6. The Dinner .Concert; 6:15, Swindles to Suit Portland Better Business Bureau; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:30 Farm Act Information; 6:45 Market and crop reports and weather forecast; 7. Animal Husbandry; 7:15, Hops; 1 7:30, Misic: 7:45, Trends in In-' dustrial Chemistry George . W. n-Suver. Yyonne Kerr , gave a 1 "taffy" parly at her huuie la.-.v Wednesday night. Those who enjoyed the aflatr were Marion Kes- i ler, Florenca Conger, Veva Couey, vbnuiey Vanderburg, Douglas Do- ' dele,i Howard Jonnson, Holand liQV ' "Aden MAR. 3 1 lb S In BRITISH S0MALILAND Gleeson, assistant . professor of DIREDAWA., chemical encineerinij, O. S. C. 8, i The Oregon State System of High-' cr Education E. L. Packard, Dean It ETHIOPIA. A 3 , 1 and Director of Science; 8:15, The KOAC Drama Guild "The Pen is Mightier"; 8:45, Oregon State College Orchestra Delbert Moore Conducting; 9-9:15, United' Press News. ' Friday, April 24 9 a. m.. Homemakers' Hour; 10. Music; 10:15, " Guarding". Youf Health; 10:30, Music; 10:45.'KOAC School of the Air 10:45 German; 11, The Story f Oregon; 11:15, OiO wnnruw, (Jan nandsaKer, luiiiun, iiolter and the hostess. Mrs. Frank Miller of Toledo spent Friday and Saturday visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. a. uuuat, and ouier relatives liei'c. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lamb and daughter, Agnes, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ueniemann drove to Toledo Sunday and spent the day jvith Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dickson and family. Mrs. Wesley Kester and daughter, Marian, and Yvonne Kerr ut- tended Partner' Union at Buena visia Friday night. The girls played a piano guitar duet during ine program. - Mrs. tmma Anderson of Buena Vista is spending a couple 01 weeks with .her' daughters, Mrs. fc. b. Goual and Mrs. Martin Longer. uUliB Glenn Harris of Portland spem the week-end and Kuth and tnree ot her friends from O. S. C. spent Sunday at tneir home. . ' The Suver school played a los ITALIAN S S S0MALILAKD Facts and Affairs; 11:30, Story of Music; 11:45, Music; 12, Noon Farm Hour 12:05 United Press News: 12:15, Furs, Fins, annd Fea VMVA C H06MSCIO thers; 12:4U, Market and crop reports and weather forecast. 1 p. m., Music; 1:15, The, World i a f J iwi Book Man; 1:30, Programs on Parade: 1:45. Music: 2, Lesson in Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30, Bards of the Oregon Country by James M. Morris; 2:45, Music; 3, Continuing 'Education ."It's Up to the Less than seven months after Italy's 'legions began their Invasion of Ethiopia, Emperor Haille Selassie's black warriors have been cut down and driven back by Mussolini's blackshirts, native Askaris, and bomb-laden planes, until Italy's grip closes on Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, bringing complete victory near. This map shows important dates and extent of the Italian advances as Mussolini insists that peace shall be made only on his own terms. Ar.-ows indicate the path of Italy's attacks; the shaded area, the territory occupied..- , .. , Contests usually have only one winner, but the Art Directors Club jury picked four winners in the model contest conducted in New York Here they are. left to right, most beautiful model, Jane ing game 01 oau wiuj, ine wens Women" Mrs. J. W. Ellison. Cor- Powe.l of Omaha, an art siuaeni; mosi popular, nuun ?.l of Omaha an art student; mosi Ppuar i i vallis: 3:30, Music; 3:45, The Moni- lor Views the News; 4, Musical dauf.nter of artist Guy HofT; typical American gin, ivamei "ter ?rt'E5' rett. and preutesT enna niouui. imd mu&cc, Stories; 4:30, btorics lor boys ana scnooijasi Friday at ine wens school. Mrs. Laura Hurd received the news ot the death of her nephew Fred Price, who was killed in an auto wreck last Thursday. Mr. Price was a former resident ot i Mr. M. I. Conger, Mis? S. A. lur. ana iwrs. iNeis lencKei spenv k n nn th rammises! 5:30. Benedict and Doris Conger were j Sunday- in Portland with Mr. and ! ,,,,,,'. Ti, r'nri'hv shfinnino in Knupnp Thursday " I Mrs. Rov Edwards and family. U-. ' . a .,. i Mrs. Roy Edwards and family. Rev. D. Vincent Grey: 6, The Din Suver. Mrs. Earl Brown and children of I Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Barclay spent ner Concert; 6:15. What Trust Mr. and Mrs. E. B Gobat and A -t Thuda? with Mrs. Sunday- as guests of her sister, ' Do-M0 Evening Farm eir euest. Mrs. Anderson ot r, ,j- 'Mr. Tswior at Ain i "'"'''"V. . . .. . their guest, Mrs. Anderson of Annin nnri Mrs. She Mrs. lavlor, at Alsea. BEHIND THE .SCENES IN WASHINGTON Rrmi-n Ki-ri- Consult us on your child's summer shoe problems! Don't experiment with your children's feet! Get them shoes that fit properly .... shoes that allow normal and healthy foot growth. Bring them in now for an accurate fitting. Buster Brown shoes will save you much trouble and money. , also called on Mrs. O. J. Bagley. ; Miss Cohagen and Miss Helen Fiker, student teachers at the Cor- i vallis junior high school in the Hour 6:30 Plant Pathology: 6:45, Market and crop reports and weather forecast: 7, Agricultural Economics; 7:15, W. P. Bnruz "Pollination of Fruit Trees"; 7:30, Music; -BY RODNEY DUTCHER- Buena vista and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Conger and Florence attended a birthday dinner last Sunday given by Mrs. Blanch Rust at Crawfordsville in honor of her lir 11 home economics department, made a home visit at the home of Mrs. Word now comes that tho "power wens j 7:45, Oregonians and Their Hob Wells. Martin H. Ripley, chief 1 John Ridders and daughter. Aunes, lather Ed Harmon of Buena Vista Mrs. O. .J. Bagley is still bedfast macmnisi s mate oi ine u. a. navy, bies: 8, The Oregon State System of Higher Education H. E. Inlow, The JJastorn Oreiron Normal trust"" people have been noticing exactly tho samo thing, notice, strategy is changing and there's a move on In fnvor of trying to and not much imoroved. ,m.u iiiiy uumuw uuvu vu m.u . -..n... ,.h..a:.. r..,.. : ihk siLiuun ai was a New Nome Will Rise From Ruins of Fire School: ' 8:15. We Write a Story; 8:30. Student Forum; 8:45, Music; valT hTh schoir-om'he te d : " j11" Rid" a-picnic at Helmick park last Sun- ! SendentTV Castle o, aa" , , , . ,. Benton county visited the Wells 9-9:15, United Press News. ii. r. vuuey hiiu uduBiuui, jwi-,school on his lcgulal. semester i CANADA ASKED TO GIVE ENTRY "trade" with nit administration which the industry figures it will have on; its neck for more- thnu four years longer. If a close Inspection of tho Republican candidate and his chnuces proves discouraging, tho Democrats probnhly will have a chanco to pick up some campaign money from this Nome, Alaska. A new and improved city is rising from the ruins of the disastrous fire which swept Nome in September, 1934. Among improvements listed are a reinforced concrete federal building to cost $500,000, a $65,000 school-house, and coast .guard quarters i TO MENNONITES .' ' ' t ' ' ; Ottawa, Ont. Eight thousand source. for crews and ships valued at MVmnonites, a strange colony nor, ana son, ivienyn, drove io:vjsit last Tuesday morning. Eugene Saturday to see the phy- j Ml-S. Susan Nash and daughter, sician who is treating Elinor. She , Mrs. Jesse Tan. of Buena Vista is improving but not yet able tu ; were visitors of Mrs. Kate Van-attend school. 1 derpool on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Keltz and Mrs. F. E. Dodele and mother, Mrs. Otto Hilke spent several days ; Mrs. McKay, of Portland are vis-last week visiting near Astoria. ' iting at the Lafe Barclay home this Mr. and Mrs. Willis Allen and week. Mrs. Minnie James drove to Salem i. Miss Ruth Torgcson is quite ill Friday to see the whale that was '. with the measles at the home j)l exhibited there l,pr mother. Mrs. J. E. Morss. W. J. Kerr took a load of lambs 1 , Tll,e Wells school won a game of to Seattle Monday returning home baseball with the Suver school last dia $90,000. which scorns democracy and cdu- PWA projects of water mains, cation and believes in earning HY KODNKY DUTCIIKK .NK.V SitvWt NHitT 'mMiitlrnt WASHINGTON. Arc the bin in-dunU'ltilMs and flnnnciers almost iinHnimouHly hostile to the Roosevelt administration begin-nim; to rove in? . Th ore are signs of it, although fusunVioiit to inspire any conclusive generalities. One might predict, however, with a reasonable amount of conviction' that something resembling an olive branch, not to say a white flag, may soon be uoked up from the ramparts of 'Mmmattan. Many of Roosevelt's big business enemies are said now to he sold on the probability of bis re-election. Confidence among New Dealers runs ho hitih that they're talking about "what we can do after election." Some Republican politicians con-?edo privately that Koosevelt trength has increased lately and stress the possibility that "breaks" will turn the tide. The boys with the money bags are willing to sjend plenty to beat Koosevelt If they can be convinced there's a fair -chance. If they decide It's hopeless, they won't spend nearly as much and some of them will be willing even' to contribute to tho Democratic war chest, to he on the winning aide. TiAKR, for instance, the public combination city hall and fire de- their living by toil, have applied partment and graveled streets, to the Canadian government for costing $100,000, were recently permission to return to Canada completed. and settle on farms in the prov- ince of Quebec. The city now has a winter pop Friday afternoon on the home ulation of 1,200, and a large in Tuesday. crease in other seasons. Marvin Dickerson sheared sheep The colony at one time lived in Manitoba, but migrated to Mexico because the younger element began succumbing to the lure of the bright lights of cities and deserting their farm homes. I They found conditions in Mexi- mond. Mrs. Virginia Wolfer from Gladstone spcnt'Suiiday with Mrs. Lafe Barclay. , ' Mis. Frank Dodele. and mother from Portland spent Monday with Mrs. Lafe Barclay. Botanist Discloses Why Weeds Never Will Die for, Ei G. -..Harris Saturday,. , . ; Rev. J. D. Burns called on the Davis; and Bagley families Tuesday.' V Is' r Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pendarvis and family of near Airlie spent John Ridders and son. Sylvester. . . , , ' ,, co worse and are now seeking to Chicago-Weeds, says a North- rotm.n to Canada. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Willis ! were Albany business callers Sat- western University botanist, The Dominion governrpent. Auen. 1 urday morning. here to stay. Pif- f01,r Muggins, after a the neCe'.ssary permission because of 100 Assuming, of course, that there's some ass u ran co of a more ''reasonable administration attitude, especially as to tho "death sentence" In the holding company net. J70R a straw to show tho wind's direction, you might tnko the speech of Hjissell C. Ledlngwell In New York tho other night, which then nttracted little attention. Lcf-ting well is a partner in J. V. Morgan & Co., nnd a eloso friend of Senator Carter fllass of Virginia, once a vitriolic New Deal foe. "If there he anyone inclined to cvcrslmpllfy the problem of finding a happy solution by simply saying 'balnuce tho budget,'" said IiCfllng. well, "let him hear In mind this paradox a government cannot balance its budget by edict; it cannot extract blood from a stone nor gain revenue hy deflating the national economy." Cing national debt figures, Lef-(lug well declared; "The credit of Iho United StatcH and the resources of tho American people are so great that tho financial risk involved seems even now, after five years of mounting debt, quite remote." Sound llko a New Dealer? Well, most of flume who have read tho speech are gasping for breath. Cojvi liibt. vitii, Nli.V Hcrvice, Inc.) study ( common American of objections from the- Quebec government. 1 The Mennonites are an industrious and peace-loving colony. They i: ,,.. ,.,..1 K.,cit- ,,! ,h. weed types, reached these conclusions: Deep roots enable weeds to survive cold winters; they can grow in a wide range of soils; they have , , , ..i. ,J,,,..,i;,, v. utility companies. Recently this writer observed that huge sums spent In employing John W. Davis, Newton D. llaker. the late .lames PLENTY OF GOOD BARGAINS YET - " IN OUR REMOVAL SALE and MORE COMING IN ALL THE TIME Here are just it couple of examples Jong flowering periods and effi- ' nn ' lin ' of lh,h. own ClZl- L ?SS biblical teaching. M, Heck, Sullivan & Cromwell, nnd plants and they are indifferent to climatic conditions. POLICE JOB roi'ULAK FINDLAY, O. (U.R) Twenty- many other lawyers to fight New Deal power policies In the courts weren't doing much good, as wit 7'"'' cfiifWM n ivir bitt '' three, men took the competitive SUIOOI, CLINIC RLT examination for one vacancy on Sweet Home. Spenal )-r nd:,y ,cc fom!( cl.eated when a afternoon, a health clinic will be . ,..;,. h in i.,.m ness defeats on TVA.-PWA power plants, ami the holding company act, against which $2,o00,0tMi was Men's Sanforized-Shrunk LIGHT WEIGHT PANTS - - - farmer. spent in lobbying even beforo the held at the high school. Dr. R. S. Langmack will be the physician battle was transferred tu the Just the thinjr for spring wear a f u range of sizes, sale price courts. BEATING A PATH TO YOUR D00R-- Yours, u supposedly wise man of the day said: "If you make a butter mouse, trap than your neighbor e'en though you live in the woods the pub-lie will beat a pathway to your door." What may have been true of mediaeval times does not apply in this modern age. Today, the public follows the paved highway to the door of the live and progressive merchants ; who constantly keep them advised as to their location and the merchandise they sell. Are You Making It Easy For the Public to Find You? The alert, representative business and professional people of Albany and Linn County arc making it easv for the buyer to find them. They" are cooperating with TIIK DHMOCRAT-IIERALD in compiling the new 1 !)IiG Who's Who CLASSIFIED BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY in charge and will be assisted by (;AT IJCAIS 3 STORIES SAFELY the county health nurse. Diph- The DuUcSi Ore. A frightened theria and small pox immunization cali ,.SUI.m.isocl by a (iog while will be given, also the tuberculin sunning. itself in a third story test. All districts in the high school window, jumped to the street, union will bring their pupils to the , arose unhurt, and fled from an-clinic at Sweet Home. 'other dog. the bonds are voted the pumper boiiKht will be a standard motor driven vehicle and will meet the standard set by the National Uoaid of Underwriters. PUMPER VOTE SET ."Lebanon. -'"(Special) -On May 15 voters will have url opportunity to express their views on the matter of issuinn bonds not to exceed $8,000 for the purpose of purchasing a six hundred gallon capacity pumper to add to the Lebanon fire department's equipment. If MEN'S SPRING HATS 98c and $1.49 See the many-other bargains in our store Spence Shoe Store William LEBANON FIREMEN ELECT Lebanon. (Special) Members ol the city fire riVpurlmont have re- This Curious World b. Fergufon 111 . "The Biggest Little Store in OreBon" Ta Phone "2 140 West First Street Albany, Oregon SPECIAL THIS WEEK OIL CLOTH COVER NOTIC! rjgBMIHMaHaBMHRaMHHBB ) y - - Regardless of any changes WE WILL CONTINUE TO MAINTAIN Low Dfuig) I , L V FEMALE L ' ' v"'"i' 1 wasps, IaNv!" ' ' ANTS, AMD 'N. ( I ' " 1 BEES CAN ' I ? I C STMCS, ' (Ua 'l . V FORTWE STINGINfS ' PfJ X JITnH WEAPOMS "IN THESE (a;Ylffnl , INSECTS- AR5 OML.V frjrrpe. c&vr gg-lavag organs. be uniformly, alphabetically arranged, as to classification and name. These directory books will be given a general FREE distribution. A nominal listing charge of S3. 00 Is being made to Include your card In this work. NO PERSONAL SOLICITATION WILL BE MADE. AN INVITATION WILL BE EXTENDED TO YOU HOWEVER, BY TELEPHONE TO COOPERATE IN GETTING OUT THIS REPRESENTATIVE This directory In undertaken with the object of providing a reference kuIiIc to the business anil professional men and women and Institutions of the community. Upon completion, publication will be made in the columns of the Democrat-Herald. The directory wilt then be Issued In hook form, classified and alphabetically arranged, so that the information may be had at a (lance. There will be nJ display advertising of any kind In the directory book. All type will PRO AT ALL TIMES! ' " s We Invite you to come in and Shop our Store larga 54 x 54 inchei j.Bl. tmmmiy TK. MI brif Ut-m kitakta r Wr.f.ft laak. faiiW fmm m tf aaW fraaa. : mtf aaaa. e SKUNK CABBAGE. HAS FLCWEES, FRUIT AND LEAVES, BUT EACH CROWS AT DIFFERENT SEASONS OF THE VEAR. AND IS GONE BEFORE . THE OTHER. APPEARS. , 74 If You Have Not Received An Invitation, Or If Your Name is Not Listed in The Present Telephone Book as A Business Phone, Call 430 or 431 ,, Directory Department THE DEMOCRAT-HERALD Rosecc Am rdware DRUG STORE Albany, Ore. 216 West First Street Kenneth Cross CLOUDS cut off a good deal ot the minllKlit that otherwise would reach us. alnce lln-y have a r-ftwtlnit power ot 75 per cent, and about Sftie-Kalf of the arlli is covered with clouds all the time. HnwevMr. they do form an ntninphTir hlankt-t which helps lircreui lUK'.'aitti from undue ruoliug at night. Qj Phone 25 Truman Robnett

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