Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 22, 1936 · Page 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1936
Page 7
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; WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT -H E R A L D, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. CASCAHA 1IAHK WANTED WE ARE in the market for an unlimited quantity of dry or yreen Caspar a llark. Will lay highest rash prices. Albany H;iruin House, 2nd and Maker. Phone l5. aU-tf Feminine Ruler TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS MALE COAT SERVICE. SEE MANAGER City Dump. a21-23 WEANLlNti PIGS FOR SALE V-j ML raft and 1 mi. No. ( ranker. D. K. Wheadon, lit. 4, Albany. A21-23 CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows, pay-old calves. Ph. 14 F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-tf .llsVIT ( I'lTvillllS Viizlo iNiRiOiL IRiOiMIAil Vl yJAflLlElAIVIEfl j NEW T017AY fALEXANIlER FOR USED CARS 1 ai lord Model A Tudor, upholstery clean, 70 per cent tires, good point, !'" Down. '31 Chi-v. Coupe, motor OK, Bod Urea, Clean ins iik1, nsy terms, :i '31 Ford Koudsler, new motor Installed Kcently, wood tires. Two in stock. i '2'J Ford A TourinK. S3 ptr cent tires. Dew paint, KOod curtains, full price $135.00. .; '35 Ford V-8 Pick-up, low imitate, best f condition. : OPEN SUNDAYS 3 ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. 2nd and Lyon Albany' & Your Ford Dialer n22-23-S ADS MORE THAN TWO LINES 1 tinw. ir wnrti 2c it consecutive tunes, per woru . . . . o iinuu-rmivr timet., ivr word To Month. eunnefUlive turn, per wurd 2'ic HEADERS Count five average words to line. el in ruin doiiliit vuuiit. IVr line, first insertion, 20c ; per tine each additional insertion. 15c. Card of Tnanks. 5c. COPY DEADLINES Classified cony must be in office before 11 :00 o'clock on day of publication. Copy for Thursday must be in before y ;00 a. m. for classified pave. ILIAIRIK IsgPiElpp Im1WIAISHTEI M00TlD ltlNlTOlMMMAU icie l ra , . if, CiElNlTTEIRloUl. FtAlRlolIc RjOlN'E P R E N C H N iiohizonta:. i kuIit i n.o Dutrh ponple. i: l-.irllni. 14 Kw:s ot liMios. 15 KiIkp f a roof. 17 Socinl Insert. IS To veutlhilc. 1!) Hy way of. 2 You and me. 2:1 Sorrowful. WiilhiB tool. -t Cluios. 27 Klei lrilk'il pui'litlc. 2!l l-piluliiliiK to the ulilc. :l2Sun. .'ill CouipoHllion for t wo. .15 I'crforiilcil. is Fairy. :17 FutiKiirt iIIm'hsi. .1!i Ciisloin. 411 To compress. 41 Slllallcsl. 4:iTo (Irivvl. 4TtTo niovo country. 20Hollaiul in fanioiiH for 22 Tart. 24 Flatfish. 25 Small tablet. 20 Pattern. 2S Careless. 30 Tipster. 11 LonK Krass. 12 To close with wax. I I HavliiK toes. 16 (lolf teacher. IS Powder In- Kreillent. 40 To lose heat. 42 Suture. 44 To hcllow. I.r Part of a wall base. H! ItiiiKworm. 45 Half Kiuit, half man. Ml Collin cloth, "il .Mahogany. i"1 Hurrah! fill Musical note, r.s i.ikc. Kiiivwiw. ' Hawaiian hint. I laze. Her rounlry lias two . .Mapli sliruli. Ct'lil house. Ot tho ulna. Lion. Ilor founlry, Kiimdoin of . rat::s and information Count six averaitr wont to the line. 1' your hI (nHUr incorrt'Ctiy. miti-ij- u- immi-diatvlv We accept rwot--tiliiiitv fur tint- incorrect insertion. PHONE ADVF.KTISKMESTS Adfc will be taken over the telephone mi iy nmit. This is done lur Ok- iun-veruence ol the advert --t, and remittance should be mailed upon the receipt ot invoice. Minimum 2 Li. l' lime 25c M nununi 2 Li 3 time 50c Minimum 2 Li. 6 times H5c Minimum 2 Li- Month $2.50 Phone II USED ICE HOXES $1.00 AND UP. PICK yours now, u luree stock to ticket from. Lown Mowers trade in your old mower on one of our new light ruuninK. hiuh wheel, ball beurinK mowers, tiarden Hose We have a number of piece of itood used KHi'den hose. New hose BO-ft, leiiKthn, $ 1 .K5. Sprinkleiv, Karden tools, etc. Albany ItarKuin House, 2nd & Itaker. a22-24 DUMP TRUCK FORD late model, new 1st tirade tilts, HJxrt-Ht ply; built up end sale for l'.j-3 yd. bed ; everything in fine shape; Kunr-anleed. SAVE S41KI. ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. ly-nd und Lyon. , Alhnny. Ore. n22-2:i-S HUY NOW FINE FARM, 300 ACRES. one of our county's finest farms for only 1 $50 iwr acre. i Another Fine 120 Acre Farm, well int-j proved antl owners will accept sinnller ! place as part pnymcnt. j Half Acre, 5 Room House, nuU and fruit, : clear incumbrance und owner will con-j aider a ttood farm subject to Federal Loan. ! " Exchanires Everywhere. Two Apartments . to rent. Tripp & Murphy Realtors. aJ2-if ; 1 For Sale Real Estate 96 ACRES STOCKED AND EQUIPPED near Springfield. Ore., J1500, $1500 eiush, terms. J. F. Smith, Hox ill, SpritiK-field. Ore. alK-24-S FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Hank Farms. All counties in West-ern and Southern Oregon. C. A. Ilnrm-B. Field Salesman, 11 A3 Oak St., Eugene, Or. alfi-ml6 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal i THR RIGlIf WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude WriKiit. plione 2C0.J, 638 E. tilh I St. m20-tf i I 1 ; Prices quoted below are tnot pre vailing at 11 o'clock a. m. on iaj m uoikmHoii nil An- tuhj'Ct l rtuinw l auv houi iht-n-a'ivi LOCAL GRAIN I M. Senders & Co. ! WHEAT: No. 1 white, 80c; red and mixed, 7Se bushel. I HAUI.EY ; ilwiiscn. S21.00 4)ii. I OATS: White. No. 1, $18.00; uriiy No. ! $23.00; uray feetl $20.00 ton. ! WOOL ' Wool,, per Miund Slit Mohair, per pound 42c MEATS (D. fi. Nrbercall Meat Co.) CATTLE Steom $n.60f(t;7.00 Heifers 4.50ftl6,50 Hulls 3.50'!(6.00 jCows, beef 3.00615.00 Cows, cutters 1.60(a3.00 HOGS 1 100 to DU) pounds $ 8.25 I 210 to 250 pound K.254i!.25 j IC) to 210 iMiind ............ 8.75M9.75 250 to 350 iKiunds ............ M.25'(f 8.50 350 Miunds up .............. tV50ffi 7.25 Sows B.r.Offi 7.00 811 bEP Lambs . , Ewes . , , . Yfflrhnit Live Dressed . , itlfn 8.6H . i HK(i3.00 . 6 M)U 6.00 .12c POULTRY (Swift & Company) No. 1 hens. 4W, to 6 lbs 17c ...17c ....14e ....14c . ..17c . . . . 14c ...10c !Jo. 1 hens, over 6 lbs. No. 1 medium hens, over 3'j llw. No. 1 medium hens, under 3Uj lbs. Colored spriiiKS No. 1 broilers, 1 to 2 lt Rooster Stairs EGGS All Prices Are Drlivrrrd Alhany 4 Cases Rcturnca Extras 18c Standards I7e Extra medium 16c Stnndnrd medium 13c ; Brown extras 18c Dirty extras 16c ' U ndcrit rndes 13c ' t'ulleta 12c Pee weea 10c VEAL 8ic I.... 12'jc HUTTEREAT 20c 2c5 Live . n, I) rcsse d A RVHcle U tti'iidc Pl'v HAROI O r,N DIRECT FROM THE MILL 16. INCH mill wood, fine fur cook stoves, $3.50 per curd. Heuvy old urowth 4 ft. slab, $3 ' in load lots. Sawdust and shavinKS. A I bany Fuel Co., Inc., 316 Calupooia St. ; Phone 52. a'.'tf IcOOD WOOD PRICED HICHl. Dr.l I V- ered in any lenuth. Lester Chilcnte, 1 fit lit Santiam ltd. Phone 734-R. j20-tf RONE DRY WRECKAGE WOOD. SRD & Madison. Albany. at6-22-S S Poultry, F.ggs DAY-OLD COCKERELS EVERY WED. & Thiirs.. $1.00 pr 100. L. K. Arnold, lA'bnnon, Ore. I'hone 1421. a2U22 FOR SALE 12 WEANLING PIGS; feeder piKS, 50 to 00 Hs. Gale Jiikel. 2 mi. west of Shedd. a21-2:i 1 1 Hay, Grain. Feed FOR SALE SEED CORN. McKAY'S Yellow Dent, best for ensihiKC : 100 lbs. 4.00; 500 llw., $17.50; 1.0(10 lbs., $30.00. A. C. Heymnn, Albany, Hi. 4. 2 mi. west from Bryant Park. l7-3t Livestock FOR SALE GRAY MARE. 12 YRS. OLD. 10O0 lbs. Itlack KclditiK. 4 yrs. old, will make 171)0 lbs., come und see him work. 2 cows to freshen this week. Holstein and Jersey.- Amos Noftifer, . Albany Kt. 2. nl Conser Sta. - . a21-23 WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTII- less horses and cows : also dead animals if in Rood condition. Cnle nnd Montgomery. Phone collecct 33-F-12, Corvallis nl7-tf NOTICE CALE & MONTGOMERY, WHO , ,ie advertising in this paper for worth-leas horses and cows, nre in no way connected with my, place. Cecil Montgomery. ' m26-n20 ii T" i 3" r u" " 73" 77 is I i "I- 17 75 75 ao - r; &' ! 41 45 4i" 4T" 4S 4S 47 WAT!""1 IS 49 35 6 Z " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' FOR SAKE EXTRA FINE JERSEY bull calf, three months old. H. C. Huff man, Route 2, fhut huutte went of Millet-- virtc on Conner road. - a22-23 Non-resident says sell pYf Never in the history of Albany has !-tore been a house sold of like value at pthifl price. Two extra fine lots, paved F; lret't, fruit, fine location, the house itself , tvould cost $K0l)0 to replace; ha ni wood i- .floors in front rooms, fireplace, full baite-i fnenL Thie property is offered for a few iluyfi only at $3800, whkh is only a frac-( M ion of its real value. Ixrated at 522 West ifiiU street. Drive by but do not disturb the ( rtcinint. Please act quickly on this as it will :-4 IRVINE I j. HOOD, Phunc 3u0 a-Stf $ 'OR SALE 1000-CIIICK SIE WADE brooder stove. ti. M. Aupwrle, Jefferson. I OR SALE HROOD SOWS AND WEAN-$f Imw piKH, mile east airport beacon i-iliKht. Frank Hoffman, Alhany, Kt. 2. S'l I RIVER BOTTOM 1; f 104 acres $3500. Easy terms; fumily ?f lUit, bldRS., highway, t J 6 ACRES CLOSE IN Strictly nioderr. bumrilow, cnicken juipment. walnuts, and fruit. Price $;i5i0. CALIFORNIA TRADES ACHES, PLASTERED house, family fruit, close in. : C. M. DOLLARHIDE CO. nl5-tf 47,j ACRE FARM FOR SALE ON SAN-Ham Hwy., 5 miles out; new 5 room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair; on main power line. Crops nil in. A DARCiAlN. See owner. Wm. McKinley, Itt. 1, Albany, Ore. n22-m22 FOR RENT 4 ACHES NSAR ALHANY. Good buildings and some fruit. E. H. Holloway, I'honc 28-K-12. a22-24 Little Orphan Annie And WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR.. WK pay lnulu-ht market price. M. Senders A Co. al5-ml WANTED WOOL & MOHAIR Cash advanced on contract. No itilenwt charged. We always pay market prtiv. See us before you sell. SAM FHAGEK Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd & Itaker. ni28-a28 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at l"son' Druic Store. marltf CASH PAID FOR USEfT FURNITURE etc. "l,ook ir. your attic," Chas. Rohr-bough & Son, 416 W. First St. jl-tf IS Lost, Strayed, Stolen LOST 1ILACK LEATHEIt PltRSE SAT-urday niuht at Cottonwmxl.. Contains small n mount rash, fountain iHn and valuable imiiers. HcwhiiI. Finder please return to IVmitcral-lIernld office. n20-22 30 Miscellaneous Classified PAINTING. WALL PAPERING, INTEIt-ior dt'cnratiiiir that's different. Phone 42 or 613-L. Wilbur Dawmin & Claire Snyder m30-tf HELP TUB NKEDT The Salvation Army net-its f ruiU. vevv a 01 in. clothinn .etc., to help needy ieopl hi cincrKenry cases. Money, too, if you -are t eoutribute. We hav no telephone, but briiiK 'n what you have to donstc or drop us a curd and we'll call for it Capillar! Hailey, S40 East First St.. Albany. 33 Personal STOMACH ULCER. GAS PAINS. AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer 7 For miiek relief net a free tiirt pnckel of Udira. a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson's Dnnr Stnrf. m'-M-n'-M CLUB II FA ItS FLANAGAN The regular meeting of the Sweet Home Townsend club was held Monday evening of this week. George Flanagan of Scio was the speaker of the occasion. It was not known in advance that he was to speak and as a result, according to the reporter, Alta Foren, the audience was small. He is expected to return at some subsequent mccTing. The club went on record in favor of the view that all of the work and money spent by tin. club has not been in vain. ant BUT,NOUI?l I (MJESTV- fi i i BUT.NOUI? 0UDEI2. UUDEI2. WOULD MAJESTY - tlJ ' WOULD time driven OP the OH, DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect H-K-14. Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-F-4. Corvallis. m!4-tf ' For n1e. Miscellaneous USED GAS RANGES. ELECTRIC i ti litres, oil Btoves, electric and iras plates, lowest iHtssibte prices. Rebuilt usetl innttcs. Inrjie stock, only 0.75 up. Host possible values at Albany luirnniu House, 2nd nmlHaker. 21-23 FOR SALE SEED POTATOES, NET-ted (iems, Ittirbntikft and Kailitst of All at SudtelTs Auction Mkt. u21-22 THOROUGHBRED SPRINGER SPANIEL puiis, finest luinters, only 3.011 each. Jenk's Hatchery, TanKt'nt. On1. a20-22 WRECKING 2 ItIG SCHOOLS LU Mil KK $4 & i-'p, floorinu. reilini;, s id in it, rns-ini: & Mouldinx. lath. Planks 2fi, 2x12. 2'..xlK, 3x12. R r irk $1 & tin. Iry wood. Salesman 3rd & Mntl!son, Alluiny. al6-22-S 1 r For Rpnt. Mouses, Apts. FOR KENT 4 & 5 ROOM UNFUItN. aitts. Phone 517-R. a2l-lf ELLSWORTH APT HEAT, OVRR--tturfed furniture, l'h 3A M05 Ellsworth. ao-ir APARTMENTS FOR RENT. DR. Stark's P-ldtr. at0-m6 20 Help Wanted. Male MAN FOR CO E FEE ROUTE. $45-A-WHEh Write Albert Mills. 131 Monmouth. Cin-opport unity. Automobile liivt-n as bonus. cinuntE, O. n20-22 24 Wanted. Miscellaneous WANTED ALL KINDS (F TRACTOR work, plowing, disrinir and all farm work. Guy fc. Colter. 5411 Railroad St. U21-27 CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridkes. filhnirs. old jewelry, watch enses. etc F M. French & Sou, Jewelers. , dSOtf WANTED WE ARK HUYEHS OF CAS-enra Hark. M. Senders A Co. r , ulO-ml FOR IIYSTER KWOQ. MySTEK-YOU NVW COMSIDEE. YOURSELF UWDER ARRE5T (JMTIL I AW ABLE TO INVESTIGATE THIS eiTUATIOM MORE hTHOROUC3HLV- HAD SIIIC FORGOTTEN! concehjtrm-ion- for the Being, her studies hwe everything else out HER MIKirs. MU.U-M HM-M" WON'T I SEE I FlGGER I $$J&M t- 'ti'ttvl KvWWWi W -V: WAMT TO GET. I X fej l' - ' Joneses and their troubles- WtLL. IT 5 ONUY NATURAL L ANiOl LIEIAtD lTen16 LlAlQIEJN G.R.O.P.E. AM RE!' UAL A S U'R'I 'CrH vi:i(Tir.f, 2 You am) im. .1 (liofk lillor 4 K)oi-hs. : Nallvo. d Coil of war. 7 I mIiis. S Pronoun. !l Flat. 10 I'rinripul. 11 HiikIo plant. 12 Northeast. HI A Zee In her Lemons : Cntifornla, fancy, ;6.251jS.50 ; chuli'o $4.00(ftfi.00 cane. FItESH VBCJETAIII.ES rotatom: Lornl l.Uf(r2 0 ikt cental: Klamnth ia.40f li.50 crntnl ; Scappooso noitcd penw. f' ; Ih-aohuU-s netted Celery: California 3.0f3."a crate. 1'can: California. S2.G0r( 2.7ft sack. Spinach: The Dalles 2firii.t36c ; local 20ft 35c box. Onions: Oreiton. 125ftll.30 per 100 lbs. pneked. Tomnlots: Mexican 2.7Bfj3.00 Iuk, re crntc. Lettuce: Stilinna 3.0fil.3.6B '; Imperial, $;i.uo. Sweet 1'otutoca : California $2.00 per lid-lb. erntc ; southern ynms $1.05 crate. Y Cniiliflower: Itiwehuru, ll.lnitt 1.26 ; Call- fornin tl.00ri).16 crate. Uliubui li; Kirlil Kruwn, SOfn 35c jM?r 16- lit. box. Cucumbers: Local, hutiinuae, 8Gc((jl.36 doscn. New Potatoes : Texna Jil.OOtVi, 2.G0 per SO lb. ban; Slmftcr. 6c lb. AnparaKUs: Mid-Columbia 11.85 (it 1.90 IM'r 30 lb. pyramid; liertnioton Ufa 6c lb; Yakima 6tVn 75c per 12-lb. pyramid; California, (I.UOfff 1.50 pyramid. New Onintia: Texas Hermuiln. $2.25Ai2.-IO per 6-lb. crate; CaHfurnia Hcrmuda 85c (it $1.(10 per bnir. MEATS AND PROVISIONS Country Minim Sell inn price to retail-em: Country killed hott. bent butchers, under 160 Mm., la'-jfi; 14c ; vinlcrs. No. 1. 13'V'l-tc; linlit and thin ki2c: heavy lKc; aprinti lambs IHril'Oc; ewea BfiulOc lb. Hrtft lie; cutter cows 8fMI)c; lambs, old, imcon: 'J.VnLlfi'.jc lb. Hums: 2!ld';i0c ; picnic 21((i22c lb, Lard: Tien-e LhnIh ll'iic h. HOI'S AND WOOL Hnpit: Nominal: lit.'tfi rluitters, 7ft(9c lb. Wool: lil.10 contracts, nominal; Willam- etle valley, medium. 30r ; conrae and braid 2c ; caNlcrn Orninti 21'Vf2:tc lb. Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Cull on them today. Please mention that you stw their ad. in The Democrat-Herald. ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMArlAM Attorneys ul Law 1st Nat l Bank UUIk Ptiuiie AUTO KKEIOHT, SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. C'Artl'tT CI.EAMISU THfc SHAUfc SHOP, 41IH W rimt HUKLKY'S DKUO STOrU! KOH ovrntiih! film r.M t'UNEKAL UIKKCTUKB ruKTMILLER KUNEHAL HOMS iv nr Mleht nhnn, ii-f INSURANCk OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 191) WM BAIN, INSURANCE. M-oej to loan, farm security. PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IM the market for eg onultry va nd cream. ASHING MA IIINK8 OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.-Maytag, Easy, Thui Washers. WELDING BLACKSMITUNG SNYDER it SON - BEAR ALIOW ing frames, axles straightened.' WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINrER & SON Well Drillers "We solicit your inquiriet" Eugene, Oregon MYRA NORTH. Special Nurse ARESST, ELI ? WELL, IT Vffffl AREfrST, EW ? WELL, IT END OF THE TRAIL X. - . i s.Z 1 CCXS, LEW WEM-MELPME 5ET H!M iO A KOSPITAL.-M'5 STILU f EU5HIMa TO JACK'S SIDE, APTEE LEW WEM'S STAETLIM6 AMJOUWCEMEWT THAT TME AMERICAM STILL LIVES, AAVEA ie OVEEWWELMED WITH TOV. -2EM THAT VAJOC MVSTEE" LUVS TUST ABOUT OUTLIVED MIS U5EFULMESS IM HABUM -THAMKe. TO TME -2EM THAT "kVAJOC FOOLS r .1 : :y u 1 I hACK, tAELIMG - I : : I MIGACL.E1 . I vMtefcf J$ MM2ACLE, I ' W JS,-" rp SWEETHEAET 1 y li usT bum Mm Y u KjKtibT mtn- By Thompson and Coll THOSE AMEEICAU BY BLOSSER THANKS, FRLCK! YOU'CE A REAL PM I BY HAMLIN mm '' -X - .--.yzsm i: Portland Market Reiew I'nrllnnil. Ore., April 22. Huller nnd L'KKit wirr iinctmimt'O tunny. Union net aalva are beinK made down to l'c lb. There Is a stronic tune In the html lettuce market here aa a result of further Hhnrp mlvancva In the Snlinna aector. I'oim are wraker and lower und down lo $2.75 for &.. Now Culirorula Ut-rmuilu tyiie oniona nre Mt-UiiiK KnCnd.Otl. Markt't la full of California Blruwlicr-tita whlrh nre aellluu nround $1.46 for Florin 12m. Now SlmfUr while imtnlora are weaker with iiaJity not a koikI nnd an lea around JL'.m) for fill while Toxiia rtila nre up lo Old pntnloi'tt are atcaily to firm. I'OHTI.ANlt LIVESTOCK (By U. H. Dept. of ARHcullure) Ptrtlnnd, Ore., April 22. liK : Rt- ceipU, 2110; nix direct; atcady ; icood choice Il6 to 2111 lb. ilriveina SKI.&O; ':iU to 2H0 II., till; IIhIU jiitlita IKl.ODfti 1(1.26 ; paik-inn aowa IK.26 ; kooU choice feeders $10.00 KI.7C. Cattle: Itecclpta iWt; H direct: calves 2ti, 12 direct: "low; acalten-d enrly aalea Mlnidy to weak; no fed tileera aold enrly; Hood Inn k fi d lH'ra 17.76: helfera 4.6 ; fid heifeia $fi.00fti rt.75; cullera $2.60fti 1.00 ct.mmnn to nu-iliums $1.505.00; itwd lHefs $0.00; hull $6.0015.60; choice veaJ- erN up lo sio.oo. Sheep: Hecelpla 60, three direct; hum- milly Htc ndy ; Kod trucked In apriiiK liimlm $Hi.lHr; koiI cliuice wooled $10.00 or I above ; few Kood fill ewes held $6.60. TIIK ritODUCK EX( HAN(;E The follownm prices were named to be vffecllvr lodny : 1 Huller: ('u)m rxlriiH 227c; ntnndnrdfi' 27 '.-..c ; prime firxltt 27e ; firttta 2fi',-je. . f.-hei'rie: OrcKon triplets 15' jc ; Oreuun haf Hie, Urokers will pay --c below iuol ; alinnH. Ekkh: Produce Kxchnne fiuotationa Iw.-1 twecii d ca lent: Kxlrn larue IHc; atnndardn lartte 17c; extras medium 17c; standard medium 17c. .lohliinit pricen 2c hitrhcr. POICTLAND WIIOI,ESALK P KICKS Thetw are the prices retHllera pny whole- I ifllers, except where otherwise Mttted: llitller: PrinU, A Krndc, 21jc lb. in n rr htm; nt wrapr, 3fl'jC lb. inVnrtoim; II k ni fie, iinrcbmefit wrapper, ZHjcU.i cartons 20'c lb. llulterfal: Porllnnd delivery: A tirade, delivered nt least twice weekly, 2Hftf;jp lb. country nuUh, 2fi';2Hc; U Kiude 2H'i 2'Jc lb. ; C tirade at market. I( Crude Cream for Market : Iluyiiiif price, butterfat baals. 6:S'C lb. ClieeM: HellltiK price to Porlland re tnilern: Tillamook triplets, 21c; loaf 22c. Tillamook sellitiK price to wholesaler: Triplets 10c ; loaf 20c lb. Kxks : Ituyinic price of wholesalers: Ex tras lHc ; standards 10c ; extra mediums 1 6c : do medium firsts 16c ; under xrnde 13c; pullets Lie dozen. . Milk: A (trade Portland delivery, 5HUc lb. butter fat hauls for 4 kt cent. Live Poultry: Portland delivery, buying price: Colored hens, over 4'ij lbs.. IHfiri 10c; u ruler 4'j Urn., IHfViliic; lenhorn hens, over :i 'aj lbs., irrnltic; under JI'j lb., lffilfic; IcKhorn broilers, 1 to 1U Ilia., 15'('10c; do I 'i lbs. up. i6AM0c; col ored sprinKS, 2 ll. and up, lWu2Vc; roosl-era HfuVc; (tekin ducks, younic, Ufa lie Keese, llV(12c lb. Live Poultry' Sellinn price by whole salers : Linht hens Ififji lfiVyc ; medium hens 16 V l"c I colored hens 184( lUc : broilers 16Mjc ; springs lHfi20c; lwkin ducks, younK, 15i 17c ; do colored J2 Me; caMins, over 7 lbs,, 24'425c lb. guinea hens 50c each. Turkeys: Dressed : Selling price to re tailers: No. 1 hens, 23e lb; toma 22 22 'ye lb. Kabbita: Fanry dressed, 20rt24c lb. FKESH EKUIT Apples: Delicious, extra fancy, .H&U 2.00 box ; do fancy, 1.B.S'( 1,60 ; New-towns, extra fancy, $1.75: do fancy $1.45; do face- and fill, fancy, 86c; do fareand bill, choice, 6ft; Spit Zenker, extra fancy. $1.40; do combination $1.26; Rome Beauty. Jumble, 22';,c b. ; Winesaps, extra fancy. $1.85 box; do fancy $1.40; do Jumble extra fancy 3c lb. Hananas: Hunch, ft'c lb; hands 6fy.6Kc lb. fltrawberrlea: Kresio $2.36e.40 per 20 basket crate; Florlt $1.45 per 24 box crate. Ceara: D'AnJou, $1.16 box. Orantres: California navels, fancy, $3.15 (3.60; choice $2.76f(i2.K5 ; standards $2.65 case. firnrtrfroit : Arlrnnn $l.S0J.(f; flor. Ida $1,0114.26 ciue. j AT JUVENILE HALL r; I i no.'there wasnt time.' U'.'jl-.. I LEFT THRU THE WINDOW, THAT OOP GOT( , TIME'S ; YOU HAVE OWLV TMEIE. WOEDS A5AIMST WIME.' A-1 LUCK OP X. i W I LL KEEP WORKING AND IF ANYTHING TURNS UP, I'LL LET YOU LL l-ftji fNINVVV i" vafi i crd. ' -MAYBc THAT BAD IC-EA, ;,5!5 lj. s.-' r . linn, im ,)ii-jm wmmxv STT ii . wm J 'LJVFJi r L-ii , HEY.FOOZy ME...WE VEMT RIGHT INTO THE feiORE v"3 " GOMDITIOM FBCAA LOS5 CF BLQOD FRIENDS ARE M3U ABSOLUTELY. SURE Kxi , FRECK ! I LEFT THAT LEFT IT FIFTY-CENT NEAR THE PIECE ON THE COUNTER ROLL OF WHEN "ifoU VAPPINS WERE IN THAT k PAPER DRUG STORE? 0 IJ . 0 - - HECE UlslTIL I C-'T SAC, Ivj, hTH' I Aw ATTA50', oor my SO TOUGH r kuew, 1'U LOOK FOR THE COIN, IT VAS GONE .' .1 FRECKLES AND HIS GEE, FRECK, IT'S NICE ID KNOW Mr OLD FRIENDS HAVEMT FORGOTTEN ME.' FORGET IT, NUTTY.' I WANT TO ASK YOU ONE QUESTION ALLEY OOP B I IT" A. IK " I . - V S TT-IAT MONEY IS YOUR ALIBYbU KWOWl DO -rblJ THINK AM-ONE "TOOK rt AND PRETENDED YOU .HADNT LEFT IT ? TO NOMINATED, ELECTED A WHEN BACK AND IPJL wm'. mvl) TgWITihiJIiri rii I i AND ON THE JOB - - . - DON'T W0S2Y APsOUT J""1.1 I M &OIM , OOf? MY FIRST Kvell, bless ( YEzne, JAi om tm'Thg'cne -Aki' YE 3 HEAD CF COME HAIL AM' HIC-M WATE5 , 1 M jog -r-Do . As tu' MEW DIMMY. WHILE SOU'VE GCAMD WiZEC? I YEH -I GOT TH STUFf pal awei&h r. but r ( AWT GOT MY OL' &y dimosaus r-,nr K'F i a, tu' kipn vm GCAMD WIZEC, I'LL ( HMm SOLID BONE.' GONWA STAY WMAT5 TH'S V. OL' DIMMY SHOl'; YSOME SEE ( WOULDMT BE SUCH fr.-y 'r . N. I MALI STUFF .tn-? m ii mm m w . vr 5 1 I 1 t A SB mm jtTif 4 tvi S v - nit er m siRncr. inc." t m ten u g ptr. orr

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