The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1997 · Page 130
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 130

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 7, 1997
Page 130
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Page 130 article text (OCR)

2H THE PALM BEACH POST SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1997 Bedside tables made of grained woods Liens only way boards can deal with late fees ing Wonder, Barbara Ann, Butter-Nut and Bond brands. Most of the endorsements date from the 1950s and 1960s. Tip: Grease stains on tablecloths or bed linens might come out if rubbed with shampoo made for oily hair. B Hundreds of magazines, newspapers and newsletters cover antiques. For a recently revised 24-page list of general and specialized publications, send $3 plus $1 postage and a self-addressed No. 10 envelope to: Publications for Collectors, Kovels, P.O. Box 22900, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. Current prices Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions. Advertising match pack, Fearless Fosdick for Wildroot Cream Oil, white, three-panel comic strip with Al Capp and Fosdick, unused, 1950s: $25. Avon figural cologne bottle, 1850 pepperbox pistol, original box: $35. Gilchrist ice-cream dipper, No. 31: $40. Mr. Potato Head toy, Styro-foam ball head, plastic accessories, 1950, Hasbro: $50. ; Ralph and Terry Kovel ; Is it a dressing table, a lamp ; Mand, a sewing stand or a bedside 'jland? All those names are used to describe the useful small table with drawers popular in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Such tables Antiques & collectibles have a rectangular top about 16 to 22 inches to a side. A table could have one, two or three drawers. The legs were hiade in the prevailing style, from thin-reeded Sheraton to heavy-square Empire. , Today many people have a nightstand next to their bed to hold such items as a lamp, books, clock, handkerchief and perhaps a telephone. In earlier times, the table was needed primarily to hold a lamp or a hand-held candle or night light that had led the way up dark stairs. . , Most of the antique stands . were made of attractively grained woods, often maple, satinwood, pherry, birch or mahogany crotch-wood. Question: My 94-year-old cousin has two Steiff teddy bears, one brown and one yellow. Their eyes are embroidered. When did Steiff use embroidered eyes on bears? A nswer: Steiff never used em-" broidered eyes. Steiff, the German toy compa-' ny, was founded in 1877 and made .its first teddy bears in 1903. Its early bears had black shoe-button eyes. By 1910, Steiff was beginning to use black or black-and-, brown glass eyes. Your cousin's bears might have been made by another company, or the original Steiff eyes .might have been replaced with embroidered eyes. Q: I found a 1-gallon stoneware jug that's labeled "Radium Water from the Mendenhall Hotel Baths, Claremore, Okla., Cures Rheuma tism, Stomach Trouble, Eczema and Other Ailments." Was radium really in the water? A: No. Radium isolated by the Curies in 1898 was not in the artesian mineral waters dis- Covered in Claremore in 1903. But !a few years later, traces of radon, ;the radioactive gas produced from ;fhe breakdown of radium, were discovered in European hot 'springs that were thought to cure physical ailments. Claremore's en- i Mi k : m iff Question: I am a homeowner in an HOA-con trolled community. The maintenance we pay includes services such as cable television, pool and common area maintenance. Currently, there are seven homeowners who are arrears in their payments. The association has placed liens on their units and is in the process of foreclosing same. I questioned the board as to why the association doesn't cut off services to the delinquent owners. The board's attorney advised that there is no authority under the Florida Statutes to do so. Can you confirm the above or explain the law? H.B., Boynton Beach. A nswer: I concur with your " association's attorney. The only remedy available to the association is that which it is currently utilizing, namely, lien and foreclosure. On the other hand, the ability to foreclose one's home for failure to pay assessments is as potent a remedy as is available in the law. Q: I am an owner in an HOA-controlled community. One of the owners has installed a spapool in such a manner that parts extend onto the common areas. Is there some law that prohibits this? R.E., Palm City A: No homeowner can construct any improvement onto the common areas or association property except in such manner as may be permitted by the covenants. Absent specific language within the covenants permitting same, as a general rule, no construction would be permitted without an amendment of the covenants, which may require 100 percent approval of the owners. Q: Can a nonowner occupant of the condominium run for a position on the board if they are given a proxy by an ownermember of the association? Examples, renters, spouse not on the deed, relative living with owner. J.H., Okeechobee A: The Condominium Act is silent on the question of qualifying to serve on the board or as an officer, of the association. To answer your question, one must read the articles and bylaws of the association. Some will require that officers and This three-drawer stand with brass knobs was made of wavy birch and tiger maple. Made in New England in the early 19th century, it sold last year for $2,300 in Boston. tiques shops for about $20. If yours is in good condition, you made a good buy. Q: I collect bread plates, bread knives, dough trays and even bread wrappers, stickers, advertisements and give-aways. I just found a pack of Bond Bread trading cards that picture the cowboy "Moppy" with two guns. Can you tell me about the cards? A: Hopalong Cassidy, known as "Hoppy," was a character in a series of books first published in 1907. Hollywood discovered the character, and in 1935 the first of 66 movies about him was released. William Boyd was the first and the most famous of the actors to play Cassidy. Boyd, who also played Cassidy on a 1949 radio show, bought the rights to the movies and edited them into, TV segments, which proved so pbpu-lar that he made 52 new episodes. Boyd as Hopalong CassidT endorsed hundreds of products. They are all collectible. 1 His face appears on several bread company premiums, includ Gary Poliakoff Condo Consultant directors be a member (record title owner), others will not specify, in which case anyone can qualify to run for the board or serve as an officer. Some documents provide that where title is held in the name of one spouse, to the exclusion of the other, either may qualify to serve on the , board. Some documents limit ; proxies to unit owners, as well, r Q: I live in a 96-unit condo- minium that consists of 48 downstairs units and 48 up- stairs units. The declaration';' provides that upstairs units ; must get permission from the Architectural Control Commit- '.' tee (ACQ to put down any ' flooring other than carpeting. I submitted, as per instruc- ' tions from the ACC, the tile, '.-the required soundproofing and a letter from my doctor stating . that because of asthma and al- lergies, carpeting is detrimental to my health. My request was denied. Our documents do state ! it is at the discretion of the ACC ! to deny without reason. Do I have any legal re- ; course? B.K., Boynton '-Beach ' A: The Fair Housing ; Amendments Act of 1988,.; which extends the cloak of its protection to disabled people, -! requires community associa- -", tions to make reasonable modi- ; fications of their rules and regu- ; lations to afford to disabled : ' people full enjoyment of the u premises. You may wish to discuss the ; facts of your situation with the Florida Commission on Human Relations .which you may call at '. (850) 488-7082, or write to:, Building F, Suite 240, 325 John '. Knox Road, Tallahassee, FL ,' 32303-4149. Gary Poliakoff is a founding : principal of Becker & Poliakoff,:.-PA Write to him clo The Palm . Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach 33416-4700. . Housing Ordinance prohibits discrimina- orientation. I he falm advertising which is in informed that all dwe I- 1t j4j - oi74. OPPORTUNITY en owi EOUAI Hfilisiun Villas & Single ; ranuiy nomes bom $96, 900 to h 45 000 "0 W DERBY 3BR2BA2 Car Garage 2035 tot. sq.ft. from Coleslaw grater, hardwood, signed "Tucker & Dorsey Mfg. Co.": $65. Barry Goldwater campaign lighter, metal, "Why Not Victory" on front, elephant wearing black glasses on back, 1964: $80. Mickey Mouse pencil sharpener, celluloid, black Mickey, red pants and tongue, 1930s, 3 inches: $155. Kay Finch pottery, sitting dog, pearl white with gold bow, incised mark, 8 inches: $195. Gustav Stickley chair, four horizontal slats, arched stretcher, red mark, rope seat frame, original finish, 3fr by 18V4 inches: $350. Carnival three-footed glass bowl, Stag & Holly pattern, 10 inches: $425. B Ralph and Terry Kovel are recognized as experts in the antiques field, and welcome letters from their readers. Due to the volume of mail they receive, it is not possible for them to make a personal reply. Questiom of general interest will be answered in future columns. Write to the Kovels, in care of the King Features Syndicate, 235 E. 45th St., New York, NY. 10017-3305. Photos will be returned only if sent with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. than the paint chip because colors are darker when applied to walls. B A folding clothes rack makes a great poolside towel rack. B Make your own cleaning solution for fast cleanups. Mix 1 part ammonia with 3 parts water in a pump spray bottle. Label the bottle. t 4. m Clean AC filters with soap, water :It's a wrap: Solutions If or different situations ' EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY PUBLISHER'S NOTICE: " All rental and real estate advertising in the Palm Beach Post is subject to the Federal Fair Housing law which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference. limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, hanaicap, familial status or national origin or any intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination." '. trepreneurs and civic leaders marketed their spring waters as "Radium Water," and sold it in glass bottles and stoneware jugs. Some wily turn-of-the-century quacks did put small amounts of radium in their "medicines," and patients who took too much developed anemia and even bone cancer. The dangers of radium were known by the 1930s. Q: What is Francisware? A: Francisware is a glassware that was made in the 1880s by Hobbs, Brockunier and Co. of Wheeling, W.Va. It is a clear or frosted hobnail- or swirl-pattern glass with an amber-stained rim. Some pieces were pressed; others were mold-blown. Q: I just found an aluminum ice bucket decorated with penguins. I paid $5 for it at a garage sale. What is it worth? A: The penguin ice bucket is so often seen that we can identify it from your brief description. It was made by the West Bend Alu-1 minum Co. of West Bend, Wise, from 1941 through the 1950s. Today the buckets sell at an- scallop or bead stitch. B MY FAVORITE BOW: This foolproof bow is easy to tie, and stays put. Wrap a ribbon around a package, knot it, and form each end of ribbon into a loop. Cross the right loop over the left, send the right one behind and under the left one and through the hole. Pull the knot tight, adjusting loops and tails. B CELLOPHANE BAGS These crisp, clear bags make per fect wrappers. Use them to show off handmade sweets, or bundle a small gift in colored tissue and slip it into a bag. unch the top with ribbon. B GLASSINE-ENVELOPE TAGS: Slip a small handmade card, a color copy of a photo or a few hard candies into one of these translucent, milky-white envelopes. Punch a small hole in the corner, and tie it to the gift. Glass-ine envelopes come in several sizes and are available at archival-supply stores. They can be ordered by mail from American Printing and Envelope Co. (800-221-9403). B COLOR-THEME WRAPPING: For a stunning effect beneath the tree, choose two or three hues, and use shades of only those colors in your papers, ribbons and cards. Red and green are good for Christmas, of course, but why not change the palette to pink and silver, or green and gold? Questions should be sent to Martha Stewart, care of The New York Times Syndication Sales Corp., 122 E. 42nd St., New York, NY. 10168. Her e-mail address: In addition, the Palm Beach County Fair non Dasea on age, marital status or sexual Beach Post will not knowingly accept any violation of the law. All Dersons are hereby 3 ings are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of 2 discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The tnll-fr numue( iui me neurmg impairea is rouu - I f iL. I : : -J i onn The Baltimore Sun Helpful hints around the house: B Check filters of room air conditioners at least once a month. If dirty, clean with mild soap and water. Remember to turn off units whenever house is empty to save energy. B When choosing a paint color for a particular room, choose a color one shade lighter 1 ' ,.A. 1Mb r Wj;- ?hc ivy COMMUNITY features... 1 wi.-t32MH&Kt t - m w ooavme A World of Its Own : STEWART ' from 1H B GIFT SETS: When giving .'several things of the same size Ifuch as compact discs, books or ; Videos wrap each one separately in a different color of tissue. Stack them, then bind together "with ribbon, rickrack, cord or '. waxed linen twine. SOFT PACKAGE: At last -- a graceful way to wrap an odd-shape gift without using a box. I learned this technique from friends at Bell'Occhio, a San Fran- cisco shop that specializes in wrap- twigs and ribbons. It can also be jieed for a soft object, such as a scarf, wrapped in tissue. 21 If the present itself isn't soft, Renter it in a nest of Easter grass Ipr excelsior (a shredded-wood product meant for packing); look ; for these at craft or card stores. Place the gift (upside down) land its padding on a square of tissue paper large enough so that ; the sides overlap by 1 inch when folded to the center. Fold two I sides inward, and hold in place . with one hand; fold the other two sides into points, one at a time, with your free hand. T , - Fold points to the center, and secure in center with a sticker or ! tape. Turn the package over, pinch and twist the tissues at the cor- ners into "piglet ears," and tie ', with ribbon. B SEWN PAPER BAGS: Em-; belli sh a plain brown paper lunch ; sack with a pretty machine stitch: Place a gift in the bag, and fold the '. top closed. Using silk buttonhole ! thread and a No. 16 needle, stitch across the top of the bag with a decorative stitch, such as a zigzag, i Uated Waterfall Entry, Club House with Equipped Health Club, Heated Pool & Spa, Tennis Courts, Racquetball Courts, Basketball Courts, Soccer Field & Tot Lot. STANDARD HOME features... CASA RIO 3BR2BAGarage 2049 tot. sq.ft. from it $, 4 L 1. . ,!J $15i,900 PSt-.a" 1. - -- - jpumitn aiyie me noojs CBS Construction Brick Paver Driveway, Walkway & Patio Complete Kenmore Appliance Package White Raised Panel Cabinetry Lush Landscape Package Vaulted Ceilings with Pot Shelves MODELS OPEN 10-5 Daily For More Information Write DELMONT 3BRDen2BA2 Car Garage 2113 tot. sq.ft. from 130,900 PACK UP AND GO You don't have to go far to find great I DAKOTA 4BR2'2BALOFl72 Car Garage 2400 tot. sq. ft. 7777 No. Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 One Mile South of Northlake Blvd. (561) $40-0777 Broker Participation Invited vacation ideas that'll get you packing. Just go to the Travel section in this Sunday's Palm Beach Post. from 142,900 itilrl to ( hHrtfir wilhnui nntlrf 1

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