Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 18, 1936 · Page 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 14

Albany, Oregon
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Saturday, April 18, 1936
Page 14
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Dinner for Five, Please James! Fashion Tips 2l Springtime Bouquet of Foods Is Easily Prepared and Adds An Appetizing Touch to Table When the Mood Is Light-Minded, Menus Should Follow Suit and Here's How to Do It By VIRGINIA ROSS Home Economics Editor INTERNATIONA! AUTHORITY ON WOMEN'S ATTIRE wear orange and It will tatid to whiten her skin. The red, or titlan haired woman will find apricot a lovely shade for evening wear. Unless a woman's own coloring is extremely vivid, purple will tend to make her look sallow, or old. Purple is not entirely suitable for ordinary daily wear. Again let the Importance of "Dinner for five," ready at six, happy memories at seven. Easy no end. It's an All-ln-the-Oven Meal. Here's baked fish with a cornflake coating, new potatoes In milk, scalloped tomatoes, lemon fluff pudding, baked at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, without so much as a peek in the oven. Dr. Frank McCoy On Walking Gas Factories The importance of choosing color in the costume to harmonize with one's type can not be overestimated, and Mischa, whose articles appear here as a regular feature, elaborates this week on some previous hints, both as to harmony of color and to the effect of various lines in the dress. SO OFTEN the uninformed or careless woman neglects to determine exactly which of her . features should be emphasized and which subdued through use of color harmonies and those little, but essential, tricks of dress. - It is the color of her eyes, hair and skin that determines the color type, the rules of which are exact. First it is necessary to determine which of these three features holds the strongest color appeal. In the main, the hair or the eyes will supply the foundation for the careful building of an ensemble attractive to the eye and. most of all, flattering to the wearer. One should never make the error of wearing shades In direct contrast to the color of the eyes, for this is a palpable attempt to change that eye shade, and as such is apt to prove a boomerang. Choose shades that complement not that deny. SIMPLE RULES Last week, the harmonies of color were listed here. Today let us look at some more simple rules rules that will be of Inestimable value If they are followed with care: As previously noted, the "V" neck is always slenderizing. However, if the stout woman Is unable to resist the lure of a large collar, let it be narrow at the back of the neck. A further rule for the stout woman: Do not me a collar of light colored material on a dark dress. This tends to broaden the figure. If a brightening effect is wanted, use contrasting hues not white. Overly conspicuous hues are not desirable either. Large figures lend themselves to effects in black and the darker colors. Extremely light colors and white are not flattering to large women. USE WITH CAUTION Care is advised in the use of orange. Occasionally a brunette may Five Star Dish time meals. One chooses whatever is in season, often combining with canned fruits. Strawberries, pineapple, grapefruit, perhaps a few pears, arranged with sugar or well chilled In syrup. Not too sweet, and with a dash of what have you (sherry or a liqueur) If you like. And I'm reminded, as the fruit season comes on us, of a help-yourself dessert, bowls of berries, one kind and another, with a choice of cream, good aid thick, but not whipped, and well chilled boiled custard, both residing in pitchers alongside. Pretty as any bouquet you ever saw. Or perhaps we'll have a clear soup, always a good idea if you're serving something like a jellied tomato ring with a crab salad in It. And a dish of new pets. Or a mound of mashed potatoes with a topping of cheese, residing In the center of a baking dish, with shredded or whole baby carrots and new peas in alternate clumps about it. Finish off with a sun-gold coconut cake and isn't that a picture? PLUM DES8ERT And, just as we wander through our gardens plucking posies at random, there's a plum sweet that sort of bridges the gap between winter and summer. Nothing more than a half cup of rice cooked until nice and fluffy, mixed with a cupful of boiled custard and poured In a shallow dish to cool. Nice big canned plums are placed atop and the whole is served with good thick cream, and It doesn't matter a bit If it's a trifle sour. No reason on earth for not trying It with other fruit. A springtime bouquet nice enough for any company tabic, If you're not too high-toned, Is asparagus de luxe, just sliced baked ham, about a quarter Inch thick, sauted In butter. Then on each Ilea we place six or eight stalks of cooked aspuragus. Cover each serving of ham and asparagus with a generouB slice of either American or an Old English type of cheese. Place in a slow oven (326 degrees) until the cheese Is melted. Serve Immediately, with spoon bread, a mixed green snlad or tomatoes stuffed with cole law, and a raspberry deep dish pie. Preface it, if you like, with well-chllled pineapple juice decorated with a sprig of mint. By the by, mint, parsley, cress and GUIDE of the STARS By Laurie Pratl SUNDAY: A very favorable period today through Tuesday. Watch for opportunities and make new contru.U MONDAY: Make this day count. Plenty of energy and foresight here. The harder you work, the better you'll be pleased later. TUESDAY: Still a good day, but you'll have to conquer that desire to speak out of turn. Not a fortunate time for acting on impulse. WEDNESDAY: One hectic day. You can't go flshlng-it's only Wednesday so sit tight and stick to routine work. , THURSDAY: You're liable to surprise yourself and plenty of other people by what you say today. A good time to adopt Gandhi's "speechless day". FRIDAY: The law of compen-. satlon is operating. It's a grand day. You don't even get ttred for what you did on Wednesday and Thursday. SATURDAY: Expect nothing today: you won't be disappointed. Keep away from elders they'll bite you. Children's Prospects C "CHILDREN born this week have the following life prospects, according to astrology: SUNDAY: Lota of luck here. This child Is born with a wandering foot, so his parents can look forward to a sheaf of mall from Spain and Tibet. MONDAY: Tireless energy, and he'll know what to do with all of It A born organizer with remarkable business sense, TUESDAY: A life of extremes; many downs and ups. Caution Isn't In him, except when you least expect it I know that's contradictory so Is he. WEDNESDAY: An Independent nature, with much originality. You can't guide him, but he'll learn his own way. A public career. - THURSDAY: Friends count for much In this child's life. He'll be studious, observant and outspoken. Public work connected with food or farmers' Interests Is Indicated. FRIDAY: A quiet, musical and gifted child. His daydreams will materialize, so encourage him. SATURDAY: A complex nature with mysterious depths. He'll need optimism and . outdoor life for best development. Work connected with the movies Is suitable. KITCHEN SHOWER LONG ago. In Holland, a wealthy Dutchman's daughter fell In love with a poor miller and wanted to marry him. Her father did not ppprove of this marriage and so refused to give her a dowry. The friends of the young couple got together and gave them a party where each guest brought a gift for the engaged pair. These gifts of a practical nature made it possible for them to set up housekeeping without the aid of the disgruntled parent. Thus the custom of showers for engaged couples originated. MANY years ago I coined the phrase, "walking gas factories," to describe those patients who are conscious of the fact that their digestive organs manufacture so much gas. I find that many people remember that description. It seems to stick In their minds for a long time. I have therefore kept that phrase and use it frequently, simply because practical experience has demonstrated that it means something to practically every patient troubled by excessiva gaa formation. We hear a lot about the danger of carbon monoxide gas; for example, a test of one of the tunnels in Los Angeles showed that enough of this kind of gas Is produced from automobiles using the tunnel so that any human being staying in there for two hours would be In danger. The public Is well educated on the potential danger of carbon monoxide gas, yet very little teaching is given on the much more common danger from the continued pressure of . the gas formed within the body from fermenting food. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds in danger of dying from the mechanical effect produced when gas presses upward against the heart. Millions more are slowly developing functional or chronic disorders because of the continued Irritation from stomach or Intestinal gas. Many of those who are literally "walking gas factories" do not understand that dietetic Indiscretions are the fundamental cause of the abnormal gas pressure which causes them so much discomfort Get rid of the dietetic causes and you get rid of the mechanical gas pressure at the same time. CERTAINLY the distress from gas is one of the most prevalent of all symptoms. Of course, " the cause of the trouble must be understood and removed, before you can look for the disappearance of this unpleasant symptom. However, with the removal of the cause you may rest assured that abdominal distress will eventually disappear and will never again return. The patient who was formerly troubled with excessive gas will become entirely free from it, with no symptoms whatsoever in the abdomen to remind him that he Is the possessor of digestive, organs. If you are troubled by gaa, then make up your mind to avoid those foods which you have found to cause the appearance of excessive gaa. The foods which usually must be avoided while you are attempting to obtain relief are: onions, cooked cabbage, garlic, and cooked dried beans. ALSO, determine to use your foods In correct combination, thus avoiding the "food battles" which develop when you use Inharmonious combinations. At the same time, be particularly careful about taking enough time for your meals. When eating rapidly there is a tendency to swallow a mouthful ot air with the food, and this, added to the air already In the stomach, will make you feel uncomfortable. If you are tired when meal time comes, rest for 30 minutes before eating. Food eaten when you are tired will produce more gaa than the same food eaten when you arc rested. I will be glad to send you three articles which should prove helpful, on the subject of Excessive Gaa. To obtain the articles, write to me In care of Room 4S0. Mills Tower, San Francisco, Cal.. and enclose on large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. I'VE Just arranged nasturtiums In a bowl of blue and a symphony of color by way of gay Hvm'W UUie DIOS "V' - In a qualn V-? Chinese onA talner of I little blosnoms quaint old con- ham mered brass. Springtime bouquets. . . What a lot of gaiety they add to old rooms! And It occurs to me that a springtime bouquet by way of foods mleht Virginia Boss aaa just as much Joy to our tables and zest to our appetites. Take your choice an old fashioned bouquet of dandelion greens, sliced tomatoes with minced parsley, fried chicken and cream gravy, topped off with rhubarb pic. Or a modern arrangement of spinach soup, Crepes Nicole, Bechamel sauce, and an Iced compote of fresh fruit. Or select what pleases you and arrange them as you will, thereby adding your own little touch of personality. QUT since our moods are llght-Q minded, why not our menus T Begin with soup, if you like, but let It be light and delicately flavored. Even In warm weather, soup has Its place, you know. There Is spinach soup, about which I've hinted. It won't be long till we have Its cousin, chard, In our gardens, whloh wilt do just as nicely. SPINACH SOUP Take nice youngish leaves of spinach, about 2 pounds, I would say. Wash well and cook as usual In the water that clings to the leaves, and uncovered. Season with salt and pepper and ohop line. Melt over low hoat tablespoons butter, add 2 tablespoons Hour and cook a bit. Then add 1 H pints of good rich milk along with the spinach and W cup sliced mushrooms sauted In a bit of butter. Simmer for 10 minutes or so. Just before serving time add Vii cup top milk, cream, or undiluted evaporated milk, and a tablespoon of butter. Serve with croutons of friod bread. Crepes Nicole, despite their high-sounding name, are nothing more than nice thin lit t lo pan-I'Hkea, or maybe not so little, with this mixture rolled Into them: A good cupful or more of minced cooked chicken, a few mushrooms, cooked lightly In butter, seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and a half cup cream or evaporated milk added. Place a heaping tablespoon on each rnke, roll. Place the rolls in ii shallow casserole, adding a pint or Ions of Bcrhumel sauce, a white sauce which uses chicken broth, 1 1 llnd the canned soups excellent for this purpose) In place of milk. Ami which has an egg yolk along with a bit of cream or rich milk folded In at the last. Sprinkle over with Parmesan cheese and brown under the broiler. FOR THE SALAD A sprightly accompaniment Is Salad ChifToniulc, which may be served from a salad bowl. Just well washed and dried lettuce leaves, ronmlnc. chicory or watercress, well mixed Just before serving with French dressing, diced lonmtoes. chopped cooked beets and hard rooked eggs. Fruit compotes are Just the right finishing touch to spring- FEMININE HYGIENE NOW tnnc Pouch? lV0f-Itc Ik- It hi it, clrantma, tltotturU-,ii.HiUWrrvommcriU:i1 bvrh (clans for minor vinl Irttt.. ; lions. i-romoicB nraiins. r "IVtlrtti ml may Jmij or dprt mtnt iirt. l or I ... I I 1 VV U'staKin. i n. 1 ot Atttfrlr. CmM.. Prt- ITCHING SCALP- DANDRUFF For unnoving itching ami uir lightly 0n dtutf, uc tilov tr's. Sun unlay with Cilovcr'l Mane Medicine nd Mluw with Cilof"l KWttitattd S- iP fof thr itiamrtMt. Sold bj ail Liuj mm. - .... .u-i-.&Ja- ftLOVfcK i, 40tt Wtuiih Avcnut, N. Y. Uqf r 83 i CM r iw t takHI an tha Halt an alB-wiitr OLOVt. i. 46tt lunh Avcnut. N. Y. Uqf RICE SPOON BREAD Add: 3 fafcleapoon white corn-meal to t cup boiling water. Cook gently for five minutes. Remove from heat. Add: 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon sugar. When cool, Sophistication and stunning lines mark this smart dress in the new shade of gray maschen crepe. the wife's personal appearance be emphpsized t Is all too eas; to blame housekeeping duties foi a careless appearance, when a few moments of daily care will preserve the charm so essential to happiness. of The Week Add: 1 cup cooked rice 2 beaten egg yolks cup milk. Fold in 2 stiffly beaten whites of eggs Pour into buttered glass pie dish One Clever Woman SHE LOST 20 POUNDS OF FAT Feel full of pep and possess the slender form you crave you can't If vou listen to gosslpers. To take off excess fat go light on fatty meats, butter, cream and sugary sweets eat more fruit and vegetables. Take a half tenspoonful of Kruschen Salts In a glass of hot water every morning to eliminate excess waste (tastes fine with Juice of half lemon added). Mrs. Elma Verille of Havre de Grace. Md.. writes: "I took off 20 lbs. my clothes (it me fine now." No drastic cathartics no constipation but blissful dally bowel action when you take your little daily dose of Kruschen and follow our suggestions with respect to diet. Adv. PALE CHEEKS Miy Be Due To Round-Worm Children are enmniniitj infnrtnl bj wj of food. watr. p.l. gin. rthtr Siinn : Poor Appetite Broken Sleep. Crossnra. Talanru. N,nM. TrT j,j-, vrm. rose, used for 105 jfarm, Chlldrtn like It. Urrwt for th money. 5 million aold. Bake in a slightly under moderate oven, 325 degrees, for 35 minutes. If this recipe Is doubled, bake In a dish no deeper than a pie plate.) Serve in Its baking dish, using tablespoon to transfer servings to individual plates. Lots of butter and large pieces of American cheese or pineapple-apricot Jam are good accompaniments to this bread, v I1...1 by the by. is eaten with a fork. (You'll want to clip this and paste it on a 3 by 5 card or in your scrap book of favorite recipes. It's good the year around.) chicory are aorta like maidenhair and asparagus fern in adding Just the right bit of filler for the bouquet. Filet of sole Is always good and offers so many interesting ways to serve it. I like to cook It lightly In butter, arrange It In a baking dish. Then over tliu top I pour a mixture of 1 cup chill sauce anil 'i pound of a good nippy cheese, cooked over low heal or hot water until the cheese Is melted. Sprinkle with grated cheese and brown In a quick oven. A crispy salad, and a finishing touch of whole wheat wafers and cream cheese with homemade jam, ah no one can ask for a lovelier Springtime Bouquet! MEXICAN SCHOOLS PLANS of the Mexican government call for the building of 2000 -schools every year taking education to the peasants, and with suitable publicity creating the desire for such learning. Recently a group of Tiirahu-niara Indian children visited President Cardenas, seeking schools which they might attend. They entered tho palace on bare feet, stood about on rich nigs, as the president asked their opinion of Mexico City, On the walls of the reception room hung ornaments from the reign of Diaz a dictator with a hand of iron, and a treasure chest of gold. He took taxes from the masses, but distributed no schools. President Cardenas arranged for the barefooted youngsters to be sent to Mexico's new sv hools -where religion Is banned, but children arc taught to read and write. TRACKLESS TROLLEYS INVADING Ban Francisco for the tlrst time, trackless street ears are taking passengers over the steep sides of Twin Peaks turning Into the curb fur cukUmu-i ers. steering around sharp cor-inern lmnoMtble for nrtilnarv afreet cars. They take power from two trolleys overhead. There Is no ' dodging of automobiles, as tlajt i new cagi cisjej In tdt fuwjtm i rather than r''-s "lng liajo in muK4f the tr-i. '.routined, thQr H-'"mfm rwajnf) have a 'aMiitaj HtMM .M f milea aii hum-. xJMischa Fashions EXTRAORDINARY sleeves ot brightly colored wool or silk piaid, tailored yet dressy: large, attractive buttons and the flattering cross on the waist make this frock. No. 126. unusually attractive. The skirt tapered at the hips gives a slenderizing effect. Available in sizes 14 to 42. Size 16 requires three yards 39-ineh material or 2 yards 54-inch and yard of 39-inch plain or contrast material for sleeves. The model for the younger miss. No. 127. features a fluffy collar with a bit of embroidery set off by tiny bows; raglan puff sleeves with bows and a whirl of pleats in the skirt. Available In sizes 7 to 14. Adaptable materials: canton crepe, novelty wool, rib silk and faille. Size 10 requires 2 yards of 39-Inch material or 2'4 yards of 54-inch and '4 yard of .tn-inch contrast material for the ripple collar. Mischa fashions are accurately cut to size and are made of Urong paper. Mischa Fashions, Fiw. Star Wkkkly. 450 Mills Tower. San Francisco. Calif. Enclose 15 cents for-eaoh pattern wanted. Pattern No SI"----. , Name. ... W. U Street State. . O Q c 1 8 1 o o GLOVED WAITERS EVER see a waiter wearing gloves? Here's how the style began: Back in the days of Louis XII the kitchens of the palace (Versailles) were so far from the royal suite the dishes had to be very hot to keep the food warm on the long trip from stove td diner. The footmen wore thick white gloves so they could carry the hot platters. When this news got to the ears of the rest of the kingdom all the waiters started wearing whfte gloves. ZEPPELINS TO HAWAII ZEPPELINS carrying 150 passengers at a time will fly between the Hawaiian Islands and San Francisco during the San Francisco E-xpoaltlon in 1939, If plans now maturing are fulfilled. The German Zeppelin Company is now endeavoring to make arrangements for the concession. The California-Hawaii route will open new fields for airship travel, and possibly be extended later from the PacifP Coast to the Orient J) if ; 7 I ) fiT-C v PAGE SIX-B Q O

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