The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 59
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 59

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 59
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Page 59 article text (OCR)

UUULUUULUJULJUUUJUUUI Movie Code: CX' Means Dough Palm Beach Post- Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1968-D9 Theaters This Week By HAROLD HEFFERNAN HOLLYWOOD (NANAi -With box office figures proving repeatedly that clean, wholesome movies, well-produced, far outgross the filthy trash now crowding screens of the country, the question is naturally raised: Why then doesn't Hollywood produce more of the untarnished variety? The answer comes in a comparison of time and costs. The get -it-fast-while-it-lasts operator simply seizes upon an idea, one where the characters can run around in various stages ol nudity, hastily dralt what they call a '"script.' cast the "story" with unknowns who will work for "scale" pay. then shoot the thing on a one-take stvle that will finish up in a matter of days instead ol months. Almost none of the flamboyantly advertised quickies, such as "Seven Savages." "If He Hollers Let Him Go." "The Fox." "Girl on a Motorcycle." "Finders Keepers" and dozens of others now battling for the moronic dollar, cost much more than $300,000 and you can set aside a full third of that sum for their steaming publicity campaigns. The come-ons are so ribald and racy that respectable newspapers have been forced to set up censor bureaus in their ad departments. Copy in many instances is thrown out entirely and more often than not sexy illustrations must be discarded. In Los Angeles, for instance, one paper axes more than half the drivel offered with unscrupulous exhibitors yelling bloody murder and threatening free-speech suits. The Motion Picture Industry's recently-promulgated 'code'' classification, with its four categories, is playing right into the hands of the purveyors of dirty movies. A big fat "X." which denotes a film that has been condemned for all but adult viewing, has proved a bonanza that screams out enticingly from the top of their ads. "What is real nice about our format." one of this new-breed of artists stated happily, "is that our patrons are not at all interested in Oscar-winning dramatic performances. or in pretentious sets and wardrobe. What they want to see is plenty of epidermis, and we're giving it to them. Let the other fellows make those year-long Star' and Funny Girl' films. Our take is bigger and faster! " With the present snowballing trend, it obviously becomes impossible for conscientious sponsors of solidly-contrived romantic stories and fancy musicals with their star-studded casts and colorful production values that run into multi-million dollar budgets, to compete with assembly-line obscenity. And it is a little sad to report that as a matter of economic necessity, some of the colony's most reputable producers and directors have themselves turned to the primrose path of plotting films. Several have withdrawn their names from the credits rather than let the public learn that they are a part of the racket. Furthermore, everyone connected with the making of pic- Meet me at MY A V ART M EXT COCKTAIL LOUNGE The most relaxing atmosphere jor particular people. Featuring Betty Rowland Nightly Bobby Price and His Society Combo Friday and Saturday Nights Cocktail Hours 4 To 7 P.M. Open 1 P.M. To 5 A.M. Ph. 833-9219 BOCA RATON Today Saturday: "Lady in Cement," Frank Sinatra, Raquel Welch, Dan Blocker. CAREFREE Today: "Santa Ciaus," Deadfall," Michael Caine. Monday - Tuesday: "Deadfall " Wednesday - Saturday: "West Side Story, Natalie Wood COLONY Today Wednesday: "Oldest Protes-sion," Raquel Welch, ElsaMartmelli. Thursday Saturday: "The Two of Us," Michel Simon. FLORIDA Today - Saturday: "2,001: A Space Odyssey." LAKE Today Saturday: "Gone With the Wind," Clark Gable. Vivian Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia De Haviland. LOEW'SCINEMA BOYNTON Today. "Santa Ciaus," "Half a Sixpence." Monday Wednesday: "Halt a Sixpence" Thursday Saturday: "Rachel, Rachel," Joanne Woodward LOEW'SCINEMA 70 Today - Saturday: "Lady inCement." PLAZA Today - Tuesday "Boston Strangler," Tony Curtis Wednesday - Saturday. "Crocgan's Bluff,' Clint Eastwood. PLAYBOY Today Wednesday. "Blond on a Bum Trip," "De- aved " Thursday - Saturday: "Lust Weekend." "Sexpert." RIVIERA Today Wednesday "Barbarella," JaneFonda. Thursday - Saturday: "With Six Vou Get Eggroll." Egg roll," Doris Day, Brian Keith BEACH (DRIVE-IN) Today Tuesday: "Cool Hand Luke." Paul Newman, "Wait Until Dark," Audrey Hepburn Wednesday Thursday: "Speedway," tures. as well as a large portion of the people who pay to see them, are now firmly convinced that the "historic" and much-publicized " code" ratings recently announced by the industry's $150,000 per year spokesman. Jack Valen-ti. was an unworkable ruse born of desperation to counteract the I'mted Federation of Women's Clubs drive for a real clean-up. one that still could spark federal censorship of all movies made or released in this country. First hint that even the producers association has become skeptical about the plan's practicality came recently when Valenti. in addressing Hollywood studio and press critics, answered a barbed question with "It might take nine or ten months to get it in full operation." Other critics include dozens of newspapers, which conduct their own weekly department of film ratings as an aide to parent-readers as well as many parent-teacher groups hich follow the same guidance pattern fitted to their Dwn taste and spirit. "We have our own way of distinguishing the good from the bad." said the president of one big city organization, "and we do not intend to let our responsibilities fall into the hands of people in Hollywood, paid by the industry, and who probably will be constantly harassed by producers seeking this or that rating for their own financial good." The blast that really stirred the Valenti ire and caused him to shout back was a speech delivered by chain theater operator George Meade to a national convention of exhibitors in San Francisco. Declaring the plan was a "much-publicized failure." Reade let go both barrels with: "It's undesirable, unconstitutional, unworkable, impractical, uneconomical anu an attempt to pass the buck." A '4 CTirnmf-mrm .0 "Wild in the S'reets," "Born Losers " "Hell s Angels on Wheels." Friday - Saturday: "Devil Doll," "Torture Garden." "Day of the Triftids." "Sting of Death." BOULEVARD (DRIVE IN) Today Wednesday: "Prudence and the Pill," "Singles Only ." Thursday - Saturday "Stranger Returns," "King Kong Escapes," Kona Coast " DELRAY (DRIVE IN) Today Tuesday "Oldest Profession, " "Shuttered Room " Wednesday - Saturday: "Thunder-ball," "From Russia with Love." Sean Connery. SKYDROME (DRIVE IN) Today - Thursday: "The Ugly Ones," "Secret War of Harry Frigg," Paul Newman. Friday Saturday: "Scalphunters." Burt Lancaster, "Pink Jungle," James Garner MOVIE AUDIENCE GUIDE The follow rating dfMtjnation by the Mution Ficturf Association ol Amenta applies to him released alter Nnv. 1. 1MH and is being run as a public service by this newspaper to acquaint (he view inn audience with this new system Hating symbols appear in individual theater ads. G - Suggested (or General audiences. M MufoceMed lor Mature audiencei (parental discretion is advised). K Restricted. Persons under 16 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian, X Persons under 16 not admitted. REACH DRIVE IN RIVIERA liiMr mImi" fflSB n , ; ' j urn Titp rMirurui rruTlEUCU Km. u LESTER U-U,4tl N EARL with SMOKEY MOUNTAIN BO MUSICAL Natalie Wood and George Chakiris are pictured in a romantic scene from "West Side Story," opening this Wednesday at the Carefree Theater. Also appearing are Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn and Rita Moreno. The film, a musical drama built around New York's juvenile gangs, won 10 Academy Awards. 'orvd THE COUNTRY POUTANS 2 BIG SHOWS - 3 P. M. & 8 P. M. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 WAR MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM IWMjm STREET 'O" l"PLl nd w acres i. mm SAVE T PER TICKET NOW! SPEC'S MUSIC STORE PALM BEACH MALL - W.P.B. OFFER EXPIRES FRIDAY HURRY! PAUL NEWMAN IN PHONE VI4-0330 COOLHaiMD U1KE I , VAT ,-7 I,., t, if "-tr 4 fe&agSatii Marin SPACE MISS - Beautiful "Barbarella" (Jane Fonda) pauses for a rest before leaping into her space adventure, which brings on a host of characters and troubles. The film is now showing at the Riviera Theater in Riviera Beach. 1 LAWMAN - Clint Eastwood finds that the suspect he is seeking has fled, in "Coogan's Bluff," starting Wednesday at the Plaza Theater on Okeechobee t j 2 COLOR HITS wu (( MOVK T)( C "TaaT JOUtHllN HlU WEST Of AiKPOH U J DAVID . DEBORAH NIVEN w KERR Prudence and Pill fill H,V,MA Bawl" ii i i n aia sfMsBsMssBrasl I" W&JS11MJL: 'V i 2 THANKSGIVING DINNER i TRAIL (DRIVE IN) TODAY - Tuesday: "Barbarella." "P. M J.Wednesday - Saturday: "Sons of Katie Elder," "Big Mouth " BCH-IN N.W. BAZAAR 2 un I il uahp Pjj jjJf''ijM 2 COLOR HITS II MARY ANN MOBLEY II "Singles Only" in Color Swop Shop Sun. 2 COLOR HITS GIG YOUNG "Shutti . CAROLE LYNDIEY Shuttered Room" Big Hits GEORGE PEPPARO "P.J." II II Oovn Roadi - lake Worth WED. CLINT EASTWOOD "COOGAN'S BtUFF" ACHIEVEMENT! - ADMISSION iiasiun i 11.71 UT. M. H IS I I TKUI. II M I I. saa. IMS ' TS. oa .in VI. 0 ivi fin .t DAVIOOSflNICKS i i i m ik ii IIOWMtl) .nirm,!,. ILVMIJAM) j SHOWS 1:00 i 1:00 P.M. VpawELcyr l iiMitsiyir Jm wio. si. sun. m fntnviE7' -ev 1 Er ( M l Thursday, November 28 Seafood Cocktail Tomato Juice Chopped Chicken Livers Cream of Mushroom Soup Fresh Fruit Cup ii French Onion Soup nwIo "COOL HAND LUKE" Audrey WAT UNTIL DARK" Hepburn ROAST YOUNG TURKCV, DRESSING, GlfilET GRAVY ROAST LONG ISLAND DUCKLING, BING CHERRIES ROAST PRIME RIB OF BEEF, AU JUS Whipped Potatoes candied Sweet Potatoes Mj RAOUEl WELCH H j , "The Oldest Profession uuiNo i 2 ami vurtstu Waldorf Salad - Tossed Salad Pumpkin Pie -Hot Mince Pie -Chocolate Eclair Chocolate Sundae -Orange Sherbet-Strawberry Sundae Creme De Menthe Sundae NUTS MINTS Coffee Tea Milk Theaters Today BOCA RATON "Lady in Cement," 2 00, 3 55, 5 55, 7:55,9 50. CAREFREE "Sanfa Ciaus, t ii, Ueadlall," 4.J5, 7:15,9 45. COLONY "Oldest Profession," 7 25,9.30 FLORIDA "2,001, A Space Odyssey," 2:00, 5:00, ( 30. LAKE "Gone With the Wind," 2 W, 8 00. LOEW'SCINEMA BOYNTON "Santa Ciaus," 2.00, 4:00, "Halt a Sixpence," 6:30, 9: 10. LOEW'SCINEMA 70 "Lady in Cement," 2 00, 4 00, 6 00, 8:00, 10:00. PLAZA "Boston Strangler," 1:00, 3:10, S 20, 7:30,9:40 PLAYBOY "Blond on a Bum Trip," 2:00, 4 00, 6:00, 11:00, 10.00. "Depraved," 3:00, 3:00, 7:00,9:00. RIVIERA ' Barbarella.' 2 40. 5 00, 7 25, 9 45 BEACH IORIVE-IN) "Cool Hand Luke, " 6 JO, 10 45, ' Wait Until Dark," 9 00 BOULEVARD (DRIVE IN) "Prudence and the Pill,'' 7 00. 10 20, "Singles Only," 8 50 DELRAY (DRIVE-IN) "Oldest Profession," 7 00, 10 35, "Shut tered Room," 8 55 SKYDROME (DRIVE IN) "The Ugly Ones," 7 00, 10 45, "The Secret War of Harry Frigg," 9 00 TRAILIDRIVE-IN) "Barbarella," 7:00, 10 40, "P J ," 8 55 SHOWS AT 4:10-6:45-9:15 STARTS WED. "BIST PICTURE?' Winner of 10 hiitmy Awirds! ,, MIRISCH PICTURES prmnti HLJ-"- jjt i 1 fSmiSs)-! Ii2!ist22jl tat ff PORTMAN mi vat mlm one show oniy j:oopm A ft toff "'ls jtf W IMS Auditorium Box Office: 683-6012; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday 1-5 p.m. Sun Public Ice Skating; 12-2:30; 3:30-6:00. Mon Open Date. Tues Open Date. Wed - Open Date. Thurs Open Dale. Kri Open Dale Sat Gem & Mineral Show; 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sun Gem & Mineral Show; 10:00a m to6:(H) p.m. Town Demolished BRISBANE U PIt-A tornado demolished the township of Killarney Friday night and injured several residents, police reported Saturday, as they announced a state of emergency. Drive over African Veldt Territory. Lions and other wild animals come right up to your car window. BRING YOUR CAMERA! You'll see zebra, giraffes, elephants, chimps, C the 3Vi ton white rhuiu,i and many more. THRILL TO THE ONLY REAL SAFARI OUTSIDE AFRICA . . . FIRST IN AMERICA! -, i, iiimJF W eek's Schedule r 1 k LlJ- i ' lJ(T,orVV5VxX I XXXoSuVV'JWj'W' m&t P t 2 $3 SO S3 SO $475 Butternut Squash Green Beans CI fin I-.. 1 yeurj, i , w i 'b1 WUNt 'jl 3:00 - 5:00 7:00 Ml v. j' c HMdM$ f Military Juil fan AND s"n,h ir th AND Sunsbin Parkway Intttcnangs lit hard Wyltr-Thsmai Milton "THE UGLY ONES" Paul Newman-Sylvia Katcina "THE SECRET WAR 0FJRRJfFWI6G "TlRTo?mmiD!j92500 0 iter? bu.mIi B, c" "I' Sf .Km wlnnlaf blu. rib.. iin( JStn k H.r I nmIMm lit H. Khbl. f.mllf S 1 L:IJ l. 11 v.nnurcn unuer i KfcbfcK VA MUNi UNIT Dining Times: 1 :00 - O mil? E A ;yB E 7500 M Andrews Rood lake Worth, Florida J7 T GOLF GOLF TOM'S BAR 506 25th. St., W.P.B. 1 BLOCK EAST OF BROADWAY (iO CO l ( I ICS EVERY NIGHT 8 P.M.-4 1.M. COUNTRY CLUB NOW OPEN! OVER 100 LIONS ROMIHG WILD! DRIVE YOUR OWN CAR THROUGH 1TBAMQLIR. PI J Panavtston' Cotor by DLu I STRANGLER ADULT ENTERTAINMINT c JANE FONDA HU..-II, o DdrUdlClia Corner Lake Worth lOfKING rHAIt IH1AII1 i i , mmwii i in I A BRILLIANT "A FANTASTIC VISUAL EXPERIENCE, AN ADVENTURE IN IDEAS" - MART ANN HILL POST TIMES AN EXCLUSIVE ENGAdEMENT SHOWS DAILY annrtron.H-.TO 3 Ii PUNS IH1 I George Kennedy I THE BOSTON & 1 da3ys for the Season Knollwood Groves "NEW OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT" Weil Pdm Beach it Royal Palm Beach Jual oil the Florida Turnpike Exile I or I and follow the algna - tTf. T - NOW TAKING CHRISTMAS GIFT ORDERS HT J i i ' "' 1 1 ni CHILLMIN AND STUDENT! MAT. ST 00 IVI, JUS III ikk srrrni iliii(liir..Tlic inosl nwifjiiilin'nl pirliirr orr! ri '-, Fancy Tree ripened TANGELO'S NAVEL'S SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT Free Samples M ' :A (iakk(;.vi5i,f, ;E A ?y mi:ni!.k.h - 'M7 mm SMF ptHtvisiMi TfCHriicmnn ..-1 r. n eft n If Located ON LAWRENCE ROAD, I MILE SOUTH OF HYP0LUXO AND 2 MILES NORTH OF BOYNTON ROAD. (OX OFPrCI OPtN FROM 1:00 P.M. . ADMISSION AU DAY SI 50 Phone 965-1 66 CMILWfIN ALL DAT 75'

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