Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 17, 1936 · Page 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 1936 THE ALftANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD. ALBANY, OREGON r PAGE THREE , BLOSSOM DAY TOUR ROUTE LEGAL NOTKE -T1 4't TV 1CHURCHES1 Robnctt $13.90; Sawyer Lumber Co. $5.38; Ray Rich $1.78: Winkler's Repair $1.50; Grni'ral Road Fund $162.50; Hen.-y Ilever $6.00; Ames Hiatt $28.71; J. C. Kemery $19.25; Edward Jungwirth $31.90; J. E. Jungwirth ' $93.34; Clarence Jungwirth $215.71: J. E. Jungwirth $18.00; Jim Kemery $21.51; Works 35c; Exide Battery Elec, $16.95; Fir Lumber Co. $29.39; All Market Road, $14.00: Hellena May Evans $60.00; W. W. Larsen $4.94; Ralston Motor $9.10; Warner Hdwe $3.84; Standard Oil Co., $103.70; General Petroleum $1,-133.58; Union. Oil $120.89. Road Districts Fund Albany Sand St Gravel $253.10; All Market Roads $15.00; General W, Hall $17.43; Fred Howard, $51.61; Geo. Harrison $18.13; Amos Hiatt, $19.14; Walter Hopkins, $20.92; Geo. Hayes $35.90; A. H. Ingram $23.01; F. E. Ingram $15.95; Ed. Jungwirth $19.14; Bert James $24.41; Geo. V. Kendig, $19.97; R. J. Kdndig $139.75; C. L. Leffler $93.34; B. S. McClun. $21.95: John Olson $18.83; Bert Petermen $8.37; A. L. Palmer. $75.31; Carl Porter $82.94; Tom Quigley $62.60; J. C. Robertson $140.84; Ernest Rice $89.85: Ross Ray $67.38; Walter Rice $54.74; L. E. Soderstrom $93.34; Melvin Sweet $82.57; John Suytar $8.78; J. O. Schrunk $8.78; Henry Schulte $68.58; C. Walker $53.85: Arthur Wigle $54.29; Joe C. Stockton, $14.64: N. P. Vipond $23.01; Rose Road $562.05; Ray Rich $1.80: Al bany Planing Mill 75c; Albany Thursday, 7:30 p. m. Prayer ser vice :.d fBibie studyVRead Isaiah j 58-66. 8:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal. First Presbyterian Church M. M. Stacker, Minister ., -ii i ' smte-ndenr- Adult dSSS taught by Dr. Lee, Dr. Brecn and lw.e nort n-:nutnn I I ptiamj dti )nou a o,IOI-mn uo ojjt in uTT4 I v Brick & Tile Co. $4.80; Geo. Ben-man 35c; Pacific Tel & Tel Co:, nett $23.89: City of Brownsville $5.10; Groves Hardware Co. $2.91; $10.10: J. B. Cornett $17.92; Har-Aibnnv Sand & Gravel $19.60; J. old Chance $46.67; Raymond E. ! j Gill Co. $6.58; B. Bode 79c; Duncan $38.23; General Road Fund c. W. Bover 79c; Ed. L. Boggie $300.87; W. H. Gillette. $46.59; C.;$22.04: Mcrl Boggie $4.48; Bcr-i R. Montgomery $46.46; Harvey ;nard Bolf $4.78: James Cochran'. Tharp $14.34; O. E. Thornton, i57.42: Harrv Dinkel $17.66: Earl Zielinski $58.61; Albany Auto Co. $293.91; Albany Magnolia $1.00; $31.07: Henry Schultz $93.34: Dil- Elliott $1.00; Chas. Gallaway 7Bc; J. H. Allison $244.69; Albany Paint lars Alford $1.19: Paul Belts $2.39; Isam'l M. Garland $5.00; F. T. Gin-& Body $9.00; Automotive Tool M. E. Burnett $31.07; J. N. Bur-jtlcr $io3.74; A. L. Haley $93.34; Service $5.25; Albany Iron Works nett $89.75; General Road Fund Ernest Iufcr $10.00; W. W. Lar- $110.31: Alexander Motor Co.. Morning worship at 11. Sermon 75 ?'htnr, KnH2l5?: by the pastor. "What a Religion C f, m. 3'5 " c' J Shel-Ought to Do for Us." Julian Bry- 1" $4'4i J' K' M'"sn : ant will sine "The Holv Citv" Beam Agency $51.30; , Henry ?ArtBm I Doubleday $1.00; Pacific Tel & 1 Evening worship at 7:30. Ser-' General Petroleum mon, "The Foregiveness of Sins." Kathleen Willard will sing "My ,l u ,',.rS i i xj ,t Task" (Ashton) E. G. Arnold $125.00; Lei a Hoff- Music for both services in charge 'a"S90?: L"rlene, AInnd of Mrs. Roy Worley and Fred Ncal, I 85': Barion Pen Co $2.00; organist Capital City Bindery $15.00; Har- Young peoples' societies will surg Bulletin $6; H.&M C Co. meet at 6:30. 2-50- P?c'fl(v Tel K?t $6P; r $216.62; Albany Planing Mill, ; Gibson Motor Co. $1.50; Tom $2.75; Air Reduction Sales Co., I George $11.95; Moody Hardware $23.27; Bartu Motor Co. $1.05; Co. $1.10; Ivan Tandy $5.39; Eu-Barde Steel Co., $184.86; . Bean 'gene Concrete Pipe Co. $65.10; E. Truck Line $13.35; Bigbee, Lvle, Donovan $32.00; Andy Elswick, $33.75; W. E. Burns $35.58; Bal- i $2.39; Elmer Fitzgerald $5.24; Gen-lou & Wright $26.59; Ben Clclanleral Road Fund $693.75; Hugh $45.00: R. M. Cain $1.50; Chain : Kizer, $74.00; Berniccc Kizer, Belt Co. $44.56; Marvin Daven- $76.10; Henry Morey $4.58; Wal-Dort $7.50: Frank C. Dannnls $3.90: 'ter E. Mathews $2.39; O. M. Ran- iLeon Smith $5.98; Ted Trask $2; Market Knad Fund Henry Timer Co. $12.87; Ted- lock & Forster $7.40; Standard .station No. 126 50c: Scott Chris- son $162.80; B. S. McClun $17.56; John McNeill $19.95; Otto Paetsch $7.17; L. Pitman $93.34; Ralston Motor Co. 50c; Ray Rich 70c; J. O. Schrunk $13.17; D. Sliger $82.94; Frank Uhrhammer $68.21; General Road Fund $1075.28; General Bridge Fund $8.10. MRS. GAMBLE BURIED . Ash Swale. (Special) Funeral services were held Sunday for Mrs. Cecil Gamble who died Friday, April 10, of pneumonia following an attack of measles. Burial was in the Ash Swale Baptist cemetery after services at the Starr funeral parlor in Brownsville wjth rcv. Wright of the Methodist church officiating, $100 BILL IN COLLECTION Santa Cruz, Cal. $100 gold bill was dropped into the collection plate of the First Presbyterian church here. It will be held in the hopes that some day gold bills will be a medium of circulation. Schillmg Church of the Brethren Salem Road and Pine St. J. D. Miller, Pastor, 10 a. m: Sunday school. F. D. Standish, superintendent. Where are your children getting their education? Why not bring them to a school where they will get an education that will help them in all walks of life. 1 1 a. m. Worship period. Theme, "God's Perfecting of Life." Are wc interested in life? I believe we are. 7 p. m; Young people's meeting. Come and join these young people in their struggles with the problems in real life. You will get an inspiration which you thought impossible. 8 p. m. Evening worship. Theme, "Small Things." "The church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones." Henry Ward Beecher. -.. First Methodist Episcopal Church Third and Ellsworth Sis. 7 . Thomas D. Yarnes, Minister 5 9:45 a. m. Church school. Classes for everybody. 11a. m. Morning worship. This is the thank offering service for the Women's Foreign Missionary society.- 8 p. m. Evening worship. . This will be a "Church Talent" program in charge of Mr. Leonard Gilkey. Note the change in time for this service. . . pur last qartuerly conference will be held at 8 p. m. on Monday evening. Dr. Louis Magin, superintendent of the Salem district, will be here to conduct the .'conference, j and all departments will report on ' the work of the year. .-'- The Bible study class will meet on Thursday evening at 7:30. The book of Revelation is being sys-1 tematically studied. Come and bring your Bibles. ' The district convention of the Froman & Barton $1.80; Factory: Motor Car Co. $13.15; FecnaugMy Machinery 38.52; Joe Feuerstoin, $69.25; Gundcrson Bros. $31.68; Goodyear Rubber $61.49; Goner - al Tool Co. $30.08; Gibson Motor Co. $1.25; E. E. Gourley $5.00; Hollemon Garage $2.60; Hasel-tine Co. $68.60; A. C. Haag Co. $15.80: Rov Hildrelh $35.90. Hooker Electric $7.09; L. C. Hughes I 1 . 7 - f S. vf . ? So : 7Wv $211.00; Hollemon Garage $3.55 kin $93.34: Bert Petcrman $1.19; I Jess nay mic: a. l,. waters j.Db; Bill Home $7.17; Albany Sand & Gravel $794.80; George Canoy, $388.00; General Road Fund, $583.37; General Bridge Fund, $15.54; J. a. Keebler $3.34; Hugn Kizer $220.15; B. Kizer $593.10; Leonnon Hardware i..; Merrill smith sz.ou; a. u. cook z.h I General Road Fund $385.63; W. I Paul Roner $228.50; Arch Ray, $28.71; G. H. Ray $1.19; Scio Garage $2.20; Fitzgerald Transfer, $200.80; General Road Fund, $679.75; Guy Hutton $2.39; Groves Hardware Co. 55c; Jack Galloway $17.48; J. P. Harrang $1.25; Ber niece Kizer $82.75; Lebanon Hard- ware Uo. 25c; Kenneth Mcuonaio $89.70; Merl Morriss $23.90; Martin Pickens $37.40; Paul Roner, $110.70; W. R. Robnett $26.92; Elbert Swink $6.58; Art Slater, $22.70; Avery Swink $6.58; C. B. Ware $93.34; LcRoy Anderson, $4.78; John Clark $4.78; General Road Fund $972.75; Hugh Kizer $76.00; W. J. Pettit $4.78; Martin Pickens $24.20; R. R. Robnett, I $72.68; M. Roth $2.39: Ray Riggs $4.18; Elbert Rice $15.83; W. R $100.00; L. H. Jones $10.00; J. N. L.. Jones $6.u; Hign Kizer sia.uu; Johnson $48.95; Kenneth MuDon- A. Kraynek $13.54; Kenneth Mc-ald $6.50; Claude Kendall $6.75; Donald $236.15; N. I. Morrison, Kellys $3.50; Hugh Kizer $4.20; l$7.45; R. W. Montgomery $93.34; Loggers & Contractors $55.50; Gco. Lawrence Co. $16.27; Mag neto Electric $41.75; Mt. States, $39.13; N. I. Morrison 92c; 1 Mt. States $200.77; C. R. Nokes $10.12; Pacific Tel & Tel $20.45; Pacific Machinery & Tool $5.26; Pacific Eiseman $15.64; Bert Preer $12.50; C. C. Rooker $42.50; John A. Hoe- blings $109.96; Paul Roncr, $11; C. R. Sageit, $108.14; Cora Stone 54e; Scott Chrisman 20c; Salem Iron Works $19.76; W. W. Stuart $4.19; Silver Wheel Motor $100.61; F. L. Snyder & Son $7.45; Ted-lock & Forester $45.78: Woodbury Co. $30.03; E. L. Davis $25.13; Irvine Garage $77.10; fcugene Concrete Piue $03.60: Kirkpatrick Motor Co. $300.66; Wm. Bain Agency $5.00: Baltimore Gun Th map shows the route for the annual blossom day tour by the Salem Cherrians through Marion and Polk county cherry and prune orchards on Sunduy, April 19. Boy Scouts will be stationed to direct traffic and the route will be marked with signs. V Pure . yfa rui uaiiu " $4.00; Lester Chilcote $5.25; Payi ; A cordial welcome to all services of the church. Mid-week service will be omitted because of the evening meeting of the April group of the Women's Association to which all are invited. A program has been provided and further announcement will be made later. Evangelical Church First and Pine Sts. E. C. Hicks, Pastor Swander, superintendent. Good teachers and classes for all. taster , i- is past, but let us continue to work or the Risen Master. giving usaood service Preaching glVing US gOUO. MM-YlLtf. nOHUUll, Betty Erb, our young pianist, is at 11 a. m. Subject, "A New Vis ion." Special at this service, Mrs. Obedience Moulton, pianist. Young people, intermediates ana juniors will meet in their respec-1 tive places at 7 o'clock. A good rousing song service will .J h. ..nnn covmnn M.Vii.-h will be at 8 d. m. Subiect. "Re- member Qod Has a Plan." 'There Wednesday evening at 7:45 will be prayer and praise followed by Bible study. Our young lolks are turning out strong lor prayer crouD and has proven to be a good leader. Both groups meet in me church for Bible study at the close nf nraver. where E. C. Hicks. Das- tor leads. (Jome ana enjoy incse SDiritual feasts with us. Please notice the change in me time of our evening services. , Interdenominational Church Fourth and Ferry Sts. H. H. Hubbell, Pastor Sunday school session at 10 a. m. W. C. Burkhart, superintendent. Morning worship, 11 a. m. Pas tor's sermon, "The Greatest Mystery of the Christian Faith." Evening hour, 8 p. m. "What tne Woman Hid. Prayer meeting for all classes and ages Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. First Baptist Church The Dastor. Rev. Elmer A. Junk er, appreciates the gracious welcome extended him and his family. We are Impressed with the friend ly spirit of the people 01 AiDany and feel sure we shall like our new hqme. We hope to have the pleasure of meeting many others at the services next Sunday. The subiect of the morning ser- meeting in the Social nail. Lester Horton is their leader; Howard Stanton is the leader for the senior at S & w. vy. diu i -,, .,.:7n. Knont? Co $5 00- Coast Printing Co. $75.00; A. D. & Save $15.79, Koontz Co. $5.U0,, Salem's two linen mills are to be R.1R- Flli M.uknf S2.50: Grocer - . . -., Hnm tons Store, $2.34; Don Home $10.00; Mont- gomery Ward $9.99; J. C. Penney Co. $3.94. Jail Pete Presti $104.48; Cummings THE WORLD'S LOWEST COST ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR AND ITS A Transfer $30.00; Dooley Bros. '"; Jon" ?"?r D'0''C . $1.98; Froman & Barton 40c; Lee's i McPherson $52.50; M. C. Helms, Bakery 75c; Mountain States, $7.50; J. A Hamilton $35.00. $17.29; Owl Drug $1.10; Pacifio . "' General Road Fund Tel & Tel Co. $2.45; W. W. Stuart A. L. Palmer $17.95; Frank Ba-$2.00; G. E. Fortmiller $8.00. ker, $110.84; H. M. Bryant $52.63; Bridges ' ' R.'"W. 'Burr $93.34; Roy Bowman Fir Lumber Co.. $224.29; Fro-S $109.74; T. J. Btinson $134.14; ELECTRIC GENERAL Proceedings of the Linn County Court for April term, 1936 compiled by R. M. Russell, County Clerk and published pursuant to Section 27-510 Oregon Laws. Bills allowed: Registration and Elections Foshay & Mason $13.55; Barion tC' 2'40; Frank Taylor 4 Son $92.40. Sheriff's Office Woods Bros. $4.65; Amy M. Ross $124.69; J. K. Mills $88.50; iv A c ii 1 n r an. m l 1 Clem $85.00: I.eona Zch $78.00; J L' $60.00; Mary Goman $78.00: Nita .jviciaui, .-lima xrciiutri ?'LV. . f., .J $5.61; Foshay & Mason 80c. Recorders Office Paulene Wilson $90.00; Pacific Tel & Tel $4.20. Treasurer's Office Lenore Powell $13.50; Bur- roughs Adding Machine $2.50; ft.oKe cnapman z.oa; -acuic xei rei $.uu. Surveyor Glenn A. Peck $120.83; Wm. Cooper $16.54; Hammond Lbr. Co. $1.00; Pacific Stationery $18.11); Pf'flc Tel 4'80 Carl Stavang Assessors Office Lilla O. McCoy $110.00; Earl Elliott $85.00; Courtney Gilbert $100.00; J. S. Nicewood $125.00; . . ,.,,nn. T T VlnNnil W. R. Kirk $125.00; J. N. McNeil $100.00; Leslie Cade $125.00; A L. Geddes $125.00; James O'Hara $125.00; Claire Powell $125.00; Arthur Sportsman $100.00; Earl 7rS T .iniT Pacific Tel & Tel $4.00. COUM HOUSe J- W. Hutchinson $3,48; Foshay Mason $3.50; J. C. Penney Co ecrve'teri'a $1.91; Cummin'gs Trans- for $77.17; French & Son $20.00; 1 nuusw met. i.iu, u. "-"-'- snuui ji.ou, mi. oiait-o ruwa u. Circuit Court t., r-noiiprntivo Pnhlkhinir Lawyers Cooperative PuDlislling' Co. $7.50; Frank R. Mcnnc $62.50; ivatmeun rv. luinui ju.uu, j-uumi; Tel i Tel o.3a. County Court & Commissioner J. J. Barrett $2.50; H. A. Ren-ninger $117.15; H. F. Warren $117.10; Pacific Tel & Tel $14.75; ' Justice Court Harvey A. Wright, $3.00; Victor Olliver $86.40. Coroner E. Fisher $7.00; M. M. Wood-worth $5.00.. , . .' School Superintendent J. M. Bennett $100.00; Elsa Butts, $60.00; Albany Printing Co. mro; W. F.. Finzor Co. $3.50: G. t. Hockcnsmith $10.00; Carlinc B.I Martin $3.00; Pacific Tel & Tel $4.40; Valley Printing Co. $21.19. Health Officer G. E. Fortmiller $25.00. Indigent Soldiers Ralph L. Banton $85.61. Widows Pension Selina . Alexander $20.00; Lura Alexander $15.00; Mary J. Ben- nett $12.00; Florence -Bland : $20 00; L" Blatchley $15.00; Gertrude Brunson $20.00; Hazel Burress, tie Crablree $15.00; Gladys Dow, $20.00: Katie Edwards $15.00; Gertrude Farmer $15.00; Rhoda Gentry $25.00; Etta May Gallea $35.00; Lela Green $35.00; Pearl Hobson, $20.00; Eva T. Henderson $25.00; Verda Hess $30.00; Freda Hyda, $15.00; Crystal Kcebler $30.00 Mary Winona Lovett $20.00; Dora MacHugh $20.00; Lyda Marrs, $15.00; Pearl Miller $25.00; Laura Murphy $15.00; Goldie McNeil $15.00; Mary Louise Packard, $15.00; Alice Parks, $16.00; Mary Jane Parsons $20.00; Amy Pere-goy, $25.00; Dove A. Phillips, $15.00; Wilhelmina Plaat szu.uu; Lillian Powell $30.00; Clara Pres ton $35.00; Lilly A. Rathman, $15.00; Maude Rhinewault, $15; Alice I. Roberts $35.00; Rachel A. Ross $25.00; Lillian B. Rocher $10.00; Alice Rogers $15.00; Alcta Sandner $25.00; Margaret Schultz $15.00; Eva Scott $15.00; Mary M. Sitter $20.00; Cora Bell Stubbs, $15.00; Anna M. Swift $32.00; Elsie Torgeson $15.00; Parthenc Tur-pin $15.00; Alide Thomas $35.00; Helen C. Thompson $15.00; Muriel Thompson $25.00; Una May White $25.00; Pearl Whitaker $25.00; Emma Whitney $25.00; Martha Whitney $22.50; Constance Odenborg, $16.00. Care of Poor Warner Hardware $2.05; Foshay & Mason $8.09; Owl Drug Store $1.10; Hurley's Plumbing Shop $2.50; M. Sender's Co. $30.90; Mountain States Power $4.12; Foshay & Mason $8.00; Bureau of Labor $7.50; General Petroleum, $12.60; Scio Mill Co. $12.90; Albany Democrat-Herald $3.00; D. H. Adkins $5.25; Bosel Dairy $6.20; Berger Variety Store $3.00; Bennett Grocery $2.50; A. O. Brown-ley $3.00; City of Albany Ambulance $9.00: C. E. Clifford $4; F. F. Cleek $5.00; C. C. Store. $17.16; Cummings Transfer $13.00; Dooley Bros. $3.50; H. W. Eagle $13.00: Faust & Robinson $4.50; Froman & Barton $1.00; F. W. Fleetwood, $4.52; Grocervetria. $55.62: General Road Fund $71.12: Hiblcr tc Gill Co. $3.00; Hollowy Grocery $12.00; Hooker Electric $5.55; C. F. House $5.00; Mrs. J. W. Htitcheson $2.50; Jenks Variety $4,207 Jenners Grocery $7.50; Lee's Bakery $22.97; Fred Meyers $6.00; Pay & Save $5.00; J. C. Penney Co. $23.47: Rohrbough !c Son $11.50: L. F. Rambol $135.00; St. Vincent Hospital $163.35; Williamson Grocery $7.50; Eichner $3.90; Albany General Hospital $20.00; Chilcote Wood Yard $5.25; G. E. 1 FortmilliT $10 00; Grocervcteria, man & Barton $12.20; General Road Fund $160.93; Red Fir Lum - hoi. rv. ti.TR!!- Harrv ninkel. $85.60; Dale T. Gronso $14.36; Elmer Hoist $145.34; Frank Kizer $26.92: B. S. McClun $72.43; J O .Schrunk $85.60; Dclmur Schick women s Home Missionary society will be held at Woodburn on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21, 22. . Church of Christ Broadalbin & Fourth Sts. Virgil F. Halbig Bible school 9:45 a. m. Classes for every age. Mr. Earl Horning superintendent. Mary Magets, platform superintendent. The church at study. You will enjoy it. A check up will reveal which class gets the attendance award. Morning worship and communion 11 a. m. Special music. Sermon, "The Three Crosses." Do the other two crosses signify anything in our lives? - -' All C. E. groups 'will meet 'at 0:30 p. m. All are urged to attend. 7.30 p. m. Evening praise and ' worship service. Orchestra musie direated by Mr. Cleffman. Choir and special vocal numbers directed by Linden Launer. Sermon: "The Precious Promises of Jesus." Do you know what they are? Prayer service and study class Wednesday night at 7:30. Choir practice Thursday night at 7:30 p. m. Plan to attend a worship service some place every Lord's Day. . ... ...,... Pentecostal Assembly of God I 223 East Second St. Alan H. Banks, Pastor Friday, 7:30 p. m. Praise service, Mrs. Banks will speak, "The Lord Reigneth." - . 9:45 a. m. Sunday school.' John Nelson, superintendent. This school is constantly growing, record attendance last Sunday, wc invite you. : 11 a. m. Worship service, special music, message: "The Two Memorials." , ' 6:45 p. m. Sand table hour for children, Christ's Ambassadors. Adult hour of prayer at home of Mrs. Miller, 6th and Baker Sts. 7:45 p. m. Evangelistic service. "-Good congregational singing, also special selections. Message, "Family Relationship." - Monday, 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. District fellowship meeting to be held in the United Presbyterian church. The public is cordially invited to attend these services. Wednesday 1 p. m. Prayer mcet-inc - ' $7.18; Lloyd Stubbs $1.49; ClenH. Frank $27.20; C. E. Galbraith Stubbs $1.49: Jack Rhodes $3.59.' $53.85: H. A. Gambill $93.34; Sam Ferries . B F Howard $49.69, mon will be: "A Demonstration of.Suuu; uorotny lox su.uu; rayr 6- IS 1 recreation MERE open for visitors. Miscellaneous Albany Democrat-Herald $35.92; reater Oregon $20.92; J. W. . - " . '.." - v V.' uecoraers uuice va.iv; mas. c ic nn. ni r ein,.,,.( 19.- R. B. Thompson $18.05; Annette Tiridell $80.00; P. T. Tweed $29.10; J. W. Goin $52.50; Ernest Reitz, $7.50; R. G. Stearns $25.00; Glenn O. Williams $7.50; J. W. Chambers Ky)c Beard $93.34; Ralph Blan- i chard $125.79;' Geo. Comwell, $20.92; W. L. Carson $26.92; James Cochran $30.30; Harry Dinkel, $8.78; L. D. Dawson $8.37; A. L. Downing $71.80; A. P. Elswick, $87.95; Elmer Findley $27.20; O. Gundcrson $27.20; A. M. Crim '$16.74; Dnlte T. Gronso $78.98; C. If you're missing this kind of coffee you shouldn't do it any longer. Get M-J.B's famous development in coffee . , . the "Strength Essential" which is a constant richntss of real coffee flavor in every grain of M'J'B. This is the secret of the superior deli-ciousncss of this famous coffee. any If not completely latis-ftgi tory your grocer will refund your money. THE IDEAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR for small homes, summer cottages, JL A rooms, butler's pantries, stores, offices, Bn1''aiiiiT1iiasssi Tin . - x . . m.vj roadside stands, etc. It supplies all the modern conveniences cf electric refrigeration at the World's lowest cost. Portable . . . easily moved from one location to another. No installation necessary . . . simply plug into any electric light socket. Powered with the famous General Electric sealed - in -steel mechanism the G-E L i f t o p will faithfully serve Even mildest coffee is full-flavored with the the Power of God." All members will want to hear this sermon. At the evening worship, which bceins at 7:30. a group of students of Linfield college will present the play, "Were You There.' special music will feature the services. The B. Y. P. U. services will begin at 6:30. The pastor is anxious to meet more of the young people at this service. The Sunday school will open the Lord's Day services at 6:30. A cordial invitation is extended to all to worship with us. ' Providence Church Regular services will be held at the Providence church beginning at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Rcv. Henry Albers of Albany is to preach. A cordial invitation is extended to all. : Free Methodist Church Eighth and Sherman Sts. V. M. Abbott, Pastor Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching service at 11 a. m. Young people's, hour 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic service at 7:30 p. m. Weekly prayer meeting on Thursday evening at 7:30. Come and worship with us. You are welcome. .-Inunanuel Lutheran Church R. Hcins, Pastor Services will be held Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school meets at 10 a. m. Walther League will meet tonight for Bible study. The regular voters' meeting of the congregation will be held at 2 p. m. Sunday. April 19. .. United Presbyterian Church Fifth and Washington Sts. J. B. .Patterson. Minister Bible school, 10 a. m. B. H. Phar-is. superintendent. Classes and teachers for all ages. Morning service. 11 a. m. Organ selections by Prof. Justin Miller. Choir and special music. Sermon by the pastor, "The rirsl Sunday After Easter." Young people's societies. 6:45 p. m. including junior, intermediate and older crouDS Evening service. 8 p. m. Young people's choir and special music. Sermon, "The Christian Cathed rals." Mid-week service, Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. for prayer and Bible studv. Choir rehearsal. Wednesday, 8:30 &.m. Women's missionary so-cietvit the churchy Wednesday, April 22. 1)2:30 p. m. The church welcomes you to Christian worship and icrvicc. Wednesday. 7:45 p. m. Praise and prayer service. . Grace Mennonitc Church Fourth and Main Sts. W. R. Augsburger, Pastor m a. m. Sunday school. " Come, let us go into the house of the Lord " Classes for every age. Dr. J. N. Widmer, supenn 11 a. m.' Morning Worship. The nasfnr-will continue the messages i,n "Praver." The theme of the message will be "When and Where to Pray." Anthem by the choir. 7 p.m. The Christian Endeavor cniotip: will meet in their re spective rooms for an hour of dis-piiecinn nnrt meditation. 8 p. m. Evening worship. "The Fathers Will will De me mcme of the evening message. Special music. DR. CHAN LAM Chlneto Medicine Co. Natural mn4ie for disorder! of liver, tomach, flaods. ikin A urinrr imtem of mea and women. New discovery tot awar diabete without the uit of insulin. It Trs In !msincss. Naturopathic Y. T. LA. N.D. hrsiriant Upstairs Boon 1 and 2. Venetian Theater Bids., Cor. First and Broadalbin Sts,. Al bany. Office Hours: t p. m. M p. an. Tuesday and Saturday Only. Consultation. Blood Pressure and Urine Tests Free of Goldit Chan. N.D. Ctaflre. T) it m you for years and quickly pay for itself through economies effected. TRADE IN WITHIN 2 YEARS AT FULL PUR- ; CHASE PRICE less a small rental charge for its use, to any local electric refrigera-. tor dealer, for any larger model ' electric refrigerator, if you wish. $8950caslior$5.dow And Ea$y Momthif Twm Mountain States Power Company What do you want in coffee if not a rich, full flavor? Surely mild , coffee should not be lailtleis coffee, yet some people still think it has to be. ' They haven't tried M-J'B, the "StrengthEssential"Coffeewhich gives full flavor at any strength mild, medium or strong. Fall Cava ac 'e guarantee that yiu find full Savor in eveitjr J B. (1 L ru o J (9) i

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