The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 58
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 58

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 58
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Page 58 article text (OCR)

Dg-Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, 1968 Brave New World A Giant Rubbish Heap? Garbage ExplosionThreatening PRICES GOOD SUtf DAY 10 'TIL 7 MONDAY 9 'TIL 9 SAVE MORE AT FLORIDA'S LARGEST DRUG CHAIN OEIRAV KACH 318 N.E. 2nd Avo. ROMPANO BEACH MIAMI MSI Coral Way 2278 S W 271k Av. 4801 S W Bill St. 4878 liKortM tlx!. MIAMI SHORES 9O40 tiKoyw llvd. NORTH MIAMI KACH 1831 N f 185 St. HIAIEAH S7I W. 49 St. FT. IAUDERDAIE 2231 W. Iroword Hvd. 3420 N. Andrtm Avt. 3011 N.E. 18th Am. 1383 S.E. 17 StrMt PLANTATION 17l W. SunriM Wi MARGATE 3709 Moroott Blvd. HOUYWOOO 6663 Toll StrMt HAUANDAIE 1620 HoHondolt Btoch Blvd. DEERFIEID BEACH 930 S. Ftdtral Highway 2301 E. Altontk Kd. UGHTHOUSE POINT 3780 N. Ftdfol Hio,hray BOCA RATON 130 W. Com RmI VIUAGE OF PAIM SPRINGS 3343 Congrtu Avo. WEST PAIM BEACH 860 MHitory Trail South isl 1 1; SCORE HAIR CREME LARGE SIZE LIMIT ONE cal year Americans throw away over 30 million tons of paper. 4 million tons of plastics. 48 billion cans more than 250 a person and 26 billion bottles and jars, or more than 135 a person. Twenty years ago, when Americans were throwing away less because they couldn't afford to buy more, the average citizen discarded about two pounds of trash a day. the service said. The figure now is about five pounds a head and is expected to reach six pounds in lOyears. The service estimates the nation spends $3 billion a year trying to get rid of 165 million tons of trash enough to fill a hole four times the size of the Panama Canal. And the cost keeps going up. The budget of New York City's Department of Sanitation was $30 million five years ago. Now it's $146 million. Philadelphia, the nation's fourth largest city, now spends $36 million removing 1.7 million tons of waste a year. The cost of garbage in "lJ52was $23 million. In Colonial davs. New York By PHIL THOMAS AP Business Writer A garbage explosion that threatens to bury some major cities could turn the brave new world of the future into a giant rubbish heap. The world's rapidly expanding population is being hard-pressed to keep the growing mountains of trash, refuse and waste down to manageable size. It hasn t happened yet. but New Yorkers got a whiff of what could be the smell as well as the look of things to come when a strike by collectors left some 100.000 tons of garbage heaped high in the streets earlier this year. Accumulating at the rate of U).(KK) tons a day. the situation grew so critical that a health emergency was declared. The city began preparations to give its people shots to protect them from typhoid fever. While the population of the United Slates has increased an estimated 30 per cent since 1050, the amount of waste has increased bv HO percent. The l .S. Public Health Service estimates that in a typi OUR REG. 74 BMW I 1 12 00MCE if, ' OR MIMT RIGUUR OURRWiISl UGHT TOUGH in 4,201 ak wtreptioro UM1T ONE A WARNING A New York sanitation is such that a few days without regular workers' strike in February, 1968, was removal can bring a city to near disas- responsible for this sidewalk pile-up of ter. refuse. The garbage accumulation rate ULTRA BRITE TOOTHPASTE FAMILY SIZE, LIMIT ONE ORDER YOUR GIFT FRUIT NOW for The HOLIDAYS cent of the city is on reclaimed land, considers landfill "the most practical and economical answer." The only problem is that the city is using up 200 acres a year for landfill and is running out of sites at a time when its people are producing more garbage OUR Ec REG. 93' iQlfU) NAVEL ORANGES & GRAPEFRUIT available NOW AT SHULTON DESERT FLOWER CHILDS' WOOCEN City got rid of its garbage by letting pigs roam freely about the streets to eat it. But even an army of starving pigs couldn't digest the six million tons of refuse the city now produces each year enough to fill the 102-story Empire State Building, the world's tallest, 30 times. In a city where 30 tons of trash is carted out of the cavernous subway system alone each day, 14.000 sanitation workers battle the daily garbage problem, and they do only half of the mammoth cleanup job. The rest is done by private carting agencies. "The well-known capacity of the modern city to drown in sewage is more than matched by its talent for smothering under a blanket of garbage and refuse," a health official says. Warns Karl Wolf of the American Public Works Association in Chicago: "The major metropolitan areas are standing in front of an avalanche, and it's threatening to bury them." If the threat becomes a reality, it could result in a world much like the one described in Michael Frayn's recent novel, "A Very Private Life." Here is a world where man has retreated into sealed, hygenic cells while outside the sun's light barely shines through a filth-laden atmosphere on a rubble-encrusted world where "flies swarm over unidentifia m HAND & BODY LOTION STEP STOOL LIMIT ONE 7flC WITH CUTE SAYINGS 129 13 OUR REGULAR 1.00 1.59 VALUE r in. GROVES OPEN DAILY 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Sunday 1:30 P.M to 6 P.M. GROVES State Rd. 7 STORE 312 Clematis 00 Trade in Allowance 1 L . m tSfflSfea " iiifiaow rJ fiiWSWtlt"1 "notl than ever before. Chicago, where refuse is increasing by 5 per cent a year, estimates its landfill area will be exhausted in two to three years. Pima County, Ariz., which includes Tucson, estimates its fill areas will be full by 1973 and warns "comething has to give at that point." In an effort to make the fill areas last longer, a variety of methods are being used or tested which, basically, try to jam five pounds of garbage into a one pound bag. While incineration is a standard method forgetting rid of waste, it tends to create air pollution. New York's incinerators cough more than 17.000 tons of soot into the air annually, and there have been times when they have had to be shut down for a few days so the air could clear. The cities have been spending large sums of money, and will spend more, in an effort to clean up their incinerators.: The Garbage explosion that's giving America's sanitation men headaches also has spilled over in other nations of the world. In Belgium, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, there are more rats than people - and the blame primarily is put on open air garbage dumps. Belgians, like most Europeans, produce about two pounds ol garbage each day. The figure is double what it ble pieces of dark stinking decay among the rocks." The recent, rapid growth of the affluent society gets a large share of the blame for the rising tidal wave of garbage that is forcing man to look hard to the protection of his enviorment before he has none. The affluent society is a spending society one in which making do with an old television set for as long as possible no longer is fashionable. A society symbolized by a nonreturnable bottle lying at the side of a scenic highway; a throwaway paper dress or diaper; a refrigerator in the gutter; an abandoned automobile rusting in the streets. "People are throwing away more food than ever before," for your old television set on any of these fine furniture KODAK 124 Lsfi-J THERMAL BLANKET Instamatic Camera 72"x90", COLORS 4.95 VALUE 3" 88 FOR COLOR, BLACK AND WHITE SLIDES 16.95 VALUE 3 PIECE CANE POLE 12' LENGTH 1.39 VALUE RCA Co loir fTtit pamho IVrfTi Model oi 676 mm 23" dm 295 llMjJ I mm tA 1 mmm irul otod rJ I C"TV JJ I 1 ijw P 79c CAMERA CASE 2 Tray Tackle Box 249 1567 FOR INSTAMATIC CAMERAS AND OTHERS 3.95 VALUE 12 COMPARTMENTS PLANO 5000 5.00 VALUE 988 FLAStiCUBES SYLVANIA 3 PACK flQC 2.25 VALUE U9 JULIETTE . All forW HAMILTON BEAM ELECTRIC says a Portland. Ore., sanitation union official. "When I was driving a garbage truck. I'd find turkey carcasses in the cans with so much meat on them they could have fed a whole family. I've seen big chunks of roast beef and halves of hams thrown away." Sanitation men in Pittsburgh find pianos dumped on the curbs. Abandoned mattresses and bedsprings are a common sight along New York's sidewalks. DeKalb County, Ga., estimates it's disposing of 30 per cent more junked appliances than a year earlier. Indianapolis, Ind. , is buying seven new trucks with double the capacity of its present trucks in an effort to cope with an overabundance of abandoned refrigerators, ranges and washing machines. The refuse heap at the well to do community of West port. Conn., has grown so high that city officials have been asked to cover it with earth and convert it into a hill for the kills to sled down during tin-winter "Kvervbodv likes to eat. but nobody hkes to do the dishes," a sanitation ollicial said. "Everybody likes lo drive a car and enjoy it. tint nobody likes to provide it a decent burial." Which leaves it up to the cities and towns to harvest the derelicts and dispose ol Idem Philadelphia collects some 20,000 abandoned cars each year; New York had nearly 26,000 last year and expects the figure to jump to 30.000 this year; Little Hock, Ark., police cleared the streets of almost 300 junkers in 17. As the garbage piles across the nation grow higher and higher, traditional methods of disposal are growing inadequate. Sanitation men warn that collection isn't the main problem: "The urgent question is what to do with the refuse and waste once they are assembled." Burning waste, burying it, using it for landfill are the most common methods for getting the stuff out of sight. RADIO, ME. AC CONV SOUD St 1M-" BIADES FULIY GUARANTEED FUUV 15.MVM.UE MODEL 275 88 was 10 years ago and is expected to double again within the next lOyears. Among the sights not on the itinerary that tourists see in Rome, described by health officials as the "dirtiest city in Italy," are heaps of garbage piled by the local citizens along the banks of the Tiber and at ancient sites. Tokyo, the world's largest city, now sheds 9,100 tons of garbage a day, compared with 3,340 tons 10 years ago. The cost of disposal has increased in five years from $7.22 a ton to $13.89. In Britain, the volume of household refuse is doubling once in every 25 years, and prosperity is cited as the cause. The rising rubbish piles cost London $48 million a year to dispose of. While man thus far has been able to avoid being buried by the mountains of garbage he creates, many experts are convinced a lasting solution only can be reached through regional planning that requires the urban and rural areas to cooperate with one another. They suggest a "rail haul" system in which the wastes of the city would be loaded onto trains or ships and dumped in areas scarred by mining or at other selected disposal sites. Chicago is considering a plan which calls for refuse to be packed into solid blocks, then shipped to abandoned strip mines and quarries within 250 miles of the city, and dumped. Philadelphia hopes to have a rail haul plan in operation by mid 1969 under which its trash will be taken to abandoned mines in the hard coal fields of northeast Pennsylvania and dumped. "The mines now have a capacity for a reported 80 million cubic yards," an official said. "It might solve our problem for handling trash for the next 30 years. "We hope. Tin WOOIN 3 199 TM DUBOIS MoMI 01-JO 13' tf'U , ? 14 In ptclurf Th. BRAOf IflD Moorl Gl-A6 23" dial , Vf tq. In. PKlj 1 19.95 Mm GL 6M 13 " d., lli h. In. pidurt V VALUE JULIETTE PROCTOR SILEX choose from Spanish, French, Italian or Colonial styles GLASS TAP RECORDER DOUBLE TRACK CRYSTAL MIKE REEL WTAPE -. your choice I EARPHONE, BATTERIES H)2500 unoEL IT. "it 1 ' EASY CLEANING all models feature Automatic Fine Tuning (A.F.T.) locks in the correct fine tuning. Color intensity stays the way you want it, thanks to automatic chroma control. Solid State color demodulator gives you a truer reproduction of what the TV camera "sees", New Vista 4-circuit VHF ti: " Solid State UHF tuner. 12.95 VALUE A69 REG. Ill-12J8 lU mm and your old set regardless of make or condition n lTT.. V BAYER CHILDREN'S ASPIRIN WOMERSLEY RESULAR SIZE, OUR REG. 39c BOTTLE OF 3b OUR REG. 34c LIMIT 1 WITH COUPON TURN 1125 LIMIT 1 WITH COUPON THRU 1125 A leading philosophy is: "If you can find a hole that is not in a residential area, you dump it. If you can't, you bum it." New York, where 17 per Phone 585-2553 813 V Divio Lake Horth

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