The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 57
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 57

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 57
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Plan Trip To Exotic India mm Palm Beach Lei , ravel Club Presents Knioi Citizens 32 OAvcitmM route jPAIN'PORTUGAI madeira, caracas EDERICOC. ompiiT Air ConcMiorwd 20 OOO G'Otl tont 21 Koti Stabti'iart Eltvotwi LMving Port Ewfglades April 2S, 1969 Raturning May 26, 1969 ALl FIRST CLASS aVQCQ SO ifldwdn Evwyrhma 3 J3, Round IrvVoyagt. 1 On Land Tour. SioMiteing Trtps, Morel Accommodations. Mtait and Taies Personally Conducted By Capt. Richard W. Denmore For detailed folder write BROOKS TRAVEL SERVICE 201 Datura Street W.Palm Beach, Fla. 33401 Ph. 832 4244 SAFE TV IMroenlTION Tke li ItrJxiroC itl'lttieo .n Utlt iGllaflt.t!lr mem Interntliontl Sa'er S'lndafdl tor new oeveiootd m l0 ind meett tne IHS rue ta'ftr reqtt-iemenft rieties egg. fish. meat, vegetable. There are kebabs of beef. lamb, fish and eggs, tandoori" foods baked in ovens and subtly spiced, and "bi-riani." a meat or chicken dish fir for a rajah, garnished with spices, dried fruits and rose water. Chutneys are tangy side dishes of pickled vegetables, and for dessert, creamy puddings and sweet mangoes. Don't forget to take home a souvenir. Indian craftsmen have been at it for eons and know their gems, ivory, wood, copper, silver and gold. The rupee, worth about 13 cents, goes pretty far. A sampling of buys would include jewelry and brassware Temple Symbolizes Friendship Bv HAMPTON DUNN LAKELAND - On a hillside on the Florida Southern College campus here overlooking Lake Hollingsworth is erected the only imported Hindu temple in the United States. This unique religious structure serves as the keystone in a Garden of Meditation. There's a reflection pool in front and seats for visitors. CRUISE TUT "ilTUCD'TDDIDDrilt w-iiii. uniLn vnniuuLHii raUOR THE UN-TOURIST. backwaters in an open boat under the palms. In Cochin is a potpourri of churches, temples, mosques and a synagogue, some very ancient and containing priceless relics. Kerala is also home of many handsome elephants, which can be viewed at the Periyar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary from a motor launch. Benares on the Ganges River is a goal for pilgrims, its narrow, ancient streets lined with vendors. A boat trip down the river at dawn is an unforgettable moment and a way to observe the holy life on the "ghats" (steps1 of the river. Calcutta is India's industrial heart and has a Victorian face in its cool parks, marble statues and museums preserving the yesterdays of a faded British Empire. Planes bustle out of Calcutta for Bagdogra. the airport nearest to Darjeeling. Darjeeling is built on terraces, with fine Westernized hotels. An excursion to Tiger Hill at dawn reveals the enormous twin peaks of Kanchen-junga and Mount Everest never to be forgotten. People also travel to India to see festivals, which include caparisoned elephants, folk dancers and parties. Republic Day on January 26. is most spectacular with folk dances, floats, costumes and parades. Even jollier is Dussehra. celebrating the triumph of good over evil with plays, dances and night fireworks. Diwali is the loveliest of all the festival of lights, when every home is illuminated with tiny earthen lamps. Holi takes place in early spring and is a boisterous festival where colored powder is thrown on everyone. In India it is a great mistake not to partake of local cuisine. Curries are king in many va- from Delhi. Jaipur and Madras: stone inlay work from Agra; enamelled jewelry from Jaipur; a dress, suit and modern painting from Bombay; hand-loomed rug and paisley shawl from Kashmir: an old bronze from Madras; an ivory carving from Kerala: silver filigree and folk painting from Bhubaneswar: terra cotta toys from Calcutta: and tea. fur caps and semi-precious stones from Darjeeling. To cash in on these artistic and cultural delights, wise tourists are planning well ahead to make sure their trip to exotic India is chock lull of delights and the source of happy memories. Sailing from Miami m FRANCA C. Compicttly A.f Coooilionetj P'ivttc BtitnSnawtr m iviry CetOirl NOV. 27 5 DAYS-SI 15 min. Nassau Freeport DEC.2HDAYS-$315min. EXOTIC PORTS' San Juan, St. Tfiomai, La Qualra, Curacao, NaiMu. Sailing from San Juan, P.R. W. Indies So. America 7 DAY CRUISES Starting Dec. 22, 1968 4 Ports 190 .. (Sailing every Sat. night) 1 HEADQUARTERS FOR THE PALM BEACHES! Cast off your cares thtrt's full fun thetd aboard the sleek and swift t-'s fjtderieoJl ms Franca C. ts fjavia. . . breee swept sun decks, swimming pools. . . deck tennis, skeet shooting, horseracmg, movie theatres and gay floor shows. . . these are but a tew of the pleasures that create matchless cruising. . . add the flavor of the Continent served up by an Italian crew. . . along with cuisme that is in itself an adventure. . . so pick your pleasure and Aweioh We Qg ' inlhorized Agents for ALL Cruise Lines Sailing from Cartagena Every Saturday 7 Days-3 Ports -$150 mtn. AIR SEA TOURS with Avianca Airlines available Uncommon causes of d'scovery from jnny, gay CartQen, Colombia (So. America I to Tropical' Edens of a "different" Caribbean, SatL.Arfdrej, refuge of Morgan and hi buccaneers. CnHobjl, rcent capital of the Quay mi at the mouth of the Panama Canal SjQjilaj, "The emeralds of the Caob bean," its inhabitants are Tule tribe. Sailing from Miami FLAVIA tiMy Aft Honrlit'Ontd Flfvitftr, i.litM- Ib.QGOG'. Turn- IB Knot Nassau 3 & 4 DAY CRUISES '70, ' mm All Dt Inaugural Cruise Dec. 20, 1968 Largest Most Luxurious Mietmi to Nassau Sails every Monday & Friday Docks in Do An town Nassau Stt yov' Tft Aftnt - call o m Book Sow for Steamship Accommodations jf ''c RADEWINDS RAVEL SERVICE 2112 Broadway Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 24, In Lakeland Statues of two elephants are at the entrance, and near the temple itself is a statue of a sacred cow. Each statue is believed to be some 500 vears old The late Dr. Frederick B. Fisher, one time Methodist bishop in India, presented the temple to Southern. Brought 15.575 miles from Benares, holy city of Hinduism, the Him year nail cruise plonned e provisional "Seulortu" who havt mart than 30 years ol ncw-tkal tKBeritMt. f.Vuur, la Ncjmm O f.'ariae,t Soma emrrtre MWiwrannui 0 (r,.l 0 Will firiir Around thr witrtd. Riviera Beach 848-2522 a good night's sleep, Sailing from Pt, Everglades FEDERICO C. Cnmplctc'y A.r Conditioned . JO.000 Groil ton 31 Knots SKDiluart tlevKori West IndiesSo. America 15 DAY X-MAS CRUISE Dec. 21 -11 Porte $450 min. 12 DAY CARNIVAL CRUISE Jan. 5 - 8 Ports $340 min. 14 DAYS 10 Ports $395 min. Jan. 17, 31; Fab. 14. 28. Mar. 14, 28; Apr.11 EXOTIC PORTS: San Juan, St. Trtomai, Martinique, Trinidad, Nassau, La Guaira, Panama, Kingston, Aruba, Cartagena, SAFETY INFORMATION FEDERICO C. FRANCA C, FLAVIA registered in ITALY substantially meets International Safety Standards for new stiipt developed in 1960 and meets the 1966 fire safety requirements. Atlantic Cruise Line, Inc., Gen. Agents 520 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Florida, 374 4144 WHEN YOU STOP TO SLEEP IN A MOTEL YOU DON'T WAKE UP 600 MOLES CLOSER TO YOUR VACATION. : iwM Exotic, mysterious India can be all the more so, for the traveler who has taken time to plan with a travel agent all the details of his trip after reading up on the thousand i and one attractions that INDIA offers. The following basic date is ideal information for first-time travelers to India. The first thing to remember is that visitors need valid passports and visas. These can be obtained from the Indian Consulate General offices in New York and San Francisco and from the Indian Embassy in Washington. D.C. Those from the mid-west can get visas from the Vice Consulate of India in Chicago. India's tourist season is from October through March. However, the lovely Himalayan resort of Kashmir and the mountainous tea-planting re- sort town of Darjeeling are best in late spring, summer and early fall. AH of the hill resorts have fine hotels, top sports facilities and cool sunny weather. An effect on the season is the monsoon showers, which start in late May and last into September. The monsoons are not a deluge. There are showers and stretches of sunny-weather. The point to remember is that those visiting during this season need a raincoat and umbrella. The wise tourist will want to stop in north and south India and also see some of the old and the new. A good trip will last 16 to 19 days which allows an itinerary of variety. Travel agents in India can help with on-the-spot planning, but American travel agents working with Government of India tourist offices in North America can lay down a detailed itinerary in advance. First thing to select are the cities to visit and what a wealth of diverse cultures they offer. Delhi, seven cities in one. is India's capital and holds about 1.000 monuments. Don't miss the Red Fort; the Qutb Minar (pronounced Khotb Minar i. a 234-foot id sandstone tower that has stood for eight centuries; Hu-mayan's tomb; and Delhi's definite western flavor. Flights leave Delhi daily for mountainous Kashmir and four times weekly for Khaju-raho. the location of the "temples of love." built in the 12th century and writing with shapely figures that seem about to burst into life. Or fly to Agra and drink in the beauty of the Taj Mahal, the world's most famous tribute to a lost love. While in Agra, visit the relics of the Moghul empire: Fatehpur Sik-ri. once a metropolis and now deserted; Aura Fort and its deserted massive chambers. Include Jaipur, a princely city of pink stone; and Udaip-ur. a city that seems to float on a lake; and Bombay, India's Manhattan, a bustling seaport where people-watching is paramount and the "dhoti" mingles with Western business suits. Nearby are the remarkable sculptures of the Elcphanta Caves. In Kerala. India's Southland, you can relax from busy sightseeing and cruise the 12 P asses Closed GENEVA iUPI - Twelve mountain passes, including greater St. Bernard. St Gol-Ihard and Klausen were closed to road traffic Friday lollowing heavy snowfall. 1 5.000 or on tons THE NEWEST AND MOST 7 DAY CRUISES TO JAMAICA (Port Antonio, Klrtgelon 4 Morllego Say) EVEH CABIN HAS PRIVATE BATH Dull S'abiliration 4 elevators Fjl'V Air Conditioned All salerooms with teleohone 4 Sun OfChs 2 S"nmm(! Pools Magnificent Dining Room 3 Niehf Clubs Dancing. Snows Sauna Health Club Unique open air bubble-top theatre Duty Free Shoppmi Arcade ALL CRUISES DEPART ON ST. UR0AVS. BEGINNING DECEMBER 21. 1961. FROM NEW OOWNTOWN MIAMI PORT la-ei sun at low aa Mm. lares subiect to availability CRUISE WITH THE STARS 'gtanmrd FEATURING M PWS0K; INFORMATION m.. u l'N WARD and " 5 -STARvVARD 60'" NORWEGIAN I NOW - 2 GREAT SHIPS OF THE FLEET FOR E'" 1 y it maiden vorAte H -MM HOKWEOIAH I I Mar ward SEE YOUR Hit CHC 11 u i inn , 1 1 1968-D7 temple is small because Hindus worship singly instead of as a congregation. The chapel is hand-carved in 239 pieces of red sandstone and is 25 feet high. Bishop Fisher, who had planned to erect the temple elsewhere in the country as a Mecca for his friends of all races and religions, was invited to the Southern campus in 1938 as a Founders' Week speaker by the late President Dr. Ludd M. Spivey. Impressed with the spirit of the campus. Bishop Fisher said: "Here, we shall erect the temple.'' He died less than a month later, but his widow-went ahead with his plans to bring the Hindu temple to the Methodist-related campus. The cross of Christianity atop the temple recognized' the conversion of Indians to Christianity by Dr. Fisher. He baptized and propheised. "Today. I have seen these hundreds start on a new path. They are weak Christians . . . but they have started on a new-road. I have this day crowned this Hindu temple and this entire village and all these hundreds of human hearts with the cross of Jesus Christ. SEABOARD coast uve RAILROAD State -tip. Atlantic Line to GrimdmM Just because you're sleepy doesn't mean you have to stop. Not on Seaboard Coast Line Railroad anyway. While you're getting Bahama our wide-awake crew is speeding you to your destination. Close your eyes and the next thing you know you'll be at your destination. Go to the Northeast on one of our streamliners: FLORIDA SPECIAL, SILVER METEOR, SILVER STAR, or to Chicago and Midwest on the CITY OF MIAMISOUTH I !( f'f ffr aT During 3 special periods you can still enjoy 5 Wonderful Days! 4 Romantic Nights at the WIND. Call your travel agent or us at (305) 832-5151. Or write to us at 415 S. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33401. FLORIDA SPECIAL service begins December 14. Bahamas' largest, friendliest and most complete resort for Oil if KIMS NASSAU 3 days 2 nights $5 57 Ra inclutfti Hottl with fewh focilhStt. brtafc tort A dinner dot(, wtkamt dnnk. Ak For and Transfer. FREEPORT 3 days 2 nights SC150 MEALS & CAR Ol hdufei Ait Fan. Ho. Meoh and D-Orna. HAWAII 1 4 days 13 nights '599 DK. 14 JAN. 27 FEI. 24 Rate includes: Fare from Miami, 3 nights in fas Vegas, 3 nights San Francisco, 7 nights Honolulu, tips, transfers, cocktail parties and breakfast and dinner daily. EUROPE By Jet Round Trip s262 (0SI FROM NASSAU 21 day cicunion fart-dtparturM twry Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Bowng 707 370C hH. Dtitinohofl Lutombourq. HOLLYWOOD TRAVEL OPEN 10 TO 5 30 MON 1HIU SAT. Ph. 683-0223 1801 PAIM BEACH LAKES UVD Btlwn 1-95 A Congrtie 11,000 grott torn BEAUTIFUL CRUISE SHIPS! 3 I 4 DAY CRUISES TO NASSAU . EVERY CABIN HAS PRIVATE BATH Dual Stabilisation Fully Air Con. ditioned Srtimminp; Pool 3 Sun Ofrlis 2 Eieant Omma. Rooms 3 Night C'ubs Dancine.. Shows Duty free Shop Elevators Theater ALL CRUISES DEPART AT 5 P M. MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS FROM NEW DOWNTOWN MIAMI PORT lares Slarl as low as ' ANO. THRU NOVEMBER 21. 1111. 7-OAY CRUISES TO NASSAU ANO JAMAICA at low e I17S Otpart last Prl. el tire ry month Special iriup rates n request ifCtdtlitnrf ertyFituntf Mattr Cut vaUr la! Ci flaunt! KimiaiI !( t rtl.rn. Stl flr T...H Aftnt. iitrrti ""erMW ran Iurie roMC It ';, JM4TOWI.I. ljj lawtitoe i I ...,-.. hivKtcMir CMtt imhi "Jr. ,"." fM-lttntii TO JAM It I ' II 'O IM jam IS TO ril I J Christmas Shopping Savings! Imagine the fun of filling your Christmas list with all sorts of imported bargains (liquors, cashmeres, cameras, perfumes, etc.) at well below U.S. prices and having a great time while you're at it! Might be you can save enough to pay for a big part of your holiday. The In the Old a Hanseatic Point-of-View: the spring. World deserves new look. CARIBBEAN LINEJ THE FINEST IN CARIBBEAN CRUISES! IlNorr -MM "OnWECIAH m k tiunvard I per person, twin orrupanry Including decorator designed air conditioned room at hotel and round trip transportation. Special Package Periods November 30 - December 4 December 14 December 18 December 1 7 - December 21 Take adruntage of Ifiese specially-priced packages! Roan MS Criiml Balmma, our 160-foot, air-conditionf-il, luxury lim-r at Port of I'aliu Reach (protected parking for your car, SI per day) ami land at the hotel marina refreshed anil ready to enjoy the !i7' fun things there ate to do at Grand Rahaina Hotel and Country Cluh! You'll spend all your time right on the scene, ready to golf or swim, fish, do any one of the many, many things there are within easy walking distance at this really different, really fun resort. Rut don't just come yourself. Make it an adventure for you, your family and your friends . . . the more the merrier. At this special price it'll he a blast! And the Hanseatic takes that look. First, we loiter luxuriously on our way across the Atlantic, visiting three exciting ports before docking in Genoa. Then we sail on through the Mediterranean and Black Sea, returning to Genoa. You may leave the cruise either the first or second time we dock in Genoa, returning to the United States directly by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Or, after touring Europe, you can sail home by ship, or fly home on KLM. You'll enjoy the Hanseatic, a great ship with its history of service, luxury of accommodation, and reputation for pleas- ing. (We make a point of knowing your name and wishes in no time.) You'll enjoy a great shipboard life, too, with an exciting entertainment schedule and professional cruise staff. So come with us for a new look at the Old World. Sea-Air Spring Cruise to North Africa, Mediterranean, and Black Sea. APRIL 30 - 29 DAYS from Port Everglades. From $800. To Puerto Rico, Madeira, Casablanca, Genoa, Malta, Istanbul, Sochi, Yalta, Odessa, Constanta, Piraeus, Genoa. Return from Genoa by KLM, or tour Europe and return by sea or air at extra cost. (First half 15 days to Genoa. From $460.) Your travel agent can give you more information. l03'HN-67 To: Holland-America Line Agencies, Inc. 1201 Brickell Ave., Miami, Fla. 33131 Tel. (305) 379-1781 Dear Sir: I'd like to know everything about the Hanseatic and its exciting spring cruise. Please send me your full color brochure complete with rates and cruise schedule. Name Address .Wea. It" fmr rjr a- aV - l- mil rilinni - liwrnei'ii run -ear TeJ eV. i ml WW Olher Florida poiat rail Tall Free? I-U0Kl.l2-r26 .r. A - jm. ' In West Palm Beach rail w ri. r ill' "liiill w City Travel Agent m ft '. J. X For the fun-time of your life see your travel apent, call or write our U.S. address: 158 Port Koad. West Palm Beach. Florida 33104. GDANn PflUflMA UflTCI and country club aE8oRT urHltU DHnMIVIH n U I l L west end, grand Bahama island, Bahamas SAFETY INFORMATION: The TSHanseatic registered in West Germany meets International Safety Standards for new ships developed in 1960, and meets 1966 fire safety requirements. TRAVEL AGENT or call ARISON SHIPPING COMPANY, Mantglng Agents 340 Biscay n Blvd., Penthouse (10th Floor) Miami, Fla. 331 32, Tel: (30S) 358-2501 la Miami rail 033-411 rway, m"1. international Safety Stanita'os for new "" develop' '" -un ia meet the rSTB -fit F " JlaS ,-. .-afaltM require It in.,! TS Hanseatic 3 German Represented by Holland-America Line ...jusi ror me sun 01 it AGENCIES, INC.

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