The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 24, 1968 · Page 55
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 55

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1968
Page 55
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Page 55 article text (OCR)

U.S. Accuses Cong Of Massacring 48 Palm Beach Post-Times. Sunday, Nov. 24, 1968-D5 West Palm Chamber To Meet Wednesday The Greater West Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Coffee Club will meet at 9 a.m. and adjourn at 10 a.m. at the Lion Country Restaurant Wednesday. Lion Country Safari is the sponsor of the event. All Cof- ders from the Tibetan highlands to the South China Sea a few miles away. In other action, American spokesmen Saturday reported two reconnaissance aircraft shot down by Communist gunners in South Vietnam, killing two of the four crewmen aboard. U.S. warplanes flew 451 combat missions over South Vietnam Friday as Typhoon Mamie packing winds up to 75 miles per hour roared across the South China Sea toward the central coastal area. Air Force weathermen said Mamie was expected to lash the coast around Phan Rang, about 200 miles northeast of Saigon, with heavy winds and rains Sunday, then dissipate as it swirled inland. Saigon. In that raid. 88 civilians were killed and 113 wounded. Normally, My Tho is defended by about 200 South Vietnamese militiamen, but the parttime force was away from the hamlet last Monday in search of guerrillas prowling the countryside. By the time the militia force returned, the Viet Cong invaders had come and gone. My Can sits amid an expanse of paddy fields near the Mekong River which mean the DMZ when Communist gunners there opened up on a U.S. reconnaissance plane, headquarters said. The U.S. shells ripped apart a freshly dug bunker for a .50-caliber machine gun site about 200 yards north of the Ben Hai River, spokesmen said. Authorities said the attack on My Can hamlet was the worst Viet Cong masscre since the attack last June 29 on the fishing village of Son Tra, 380 miles northeast of RIVIERA GROVES AND PACKING HOUSE 28th & U.S. 1 Riviera Beach by the U.S. command in Sai-, gon that the Communists have committed 210 violations of the agreement not to abuse the Demilitarized Zone since the bombing halt began Nov. 1 The announcement was the first time American headquarters had released official figures on what were described as "indications of enemy activity or presence" in the six-mile-wide strip which was established 14 years ago as a no-man's-land. The U.S. command said 139 of the 210 violations have occurred on the South Vietnamese side of the Ben Hai River, the boundary between the two Vietnams. The other 34 violations were placed on the North Vietnamese side of the river. One of the violations Friday triggered retaliatory action by American artillerymen who fired into the northern half of THE MOTHERS- OIIDEK IOW FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY "SHIPPING DAILY" IN-LAW TV 51 By DAVID LAMB SAIGON (LPIi-Viet Cong guerrillas invaded a Mekong Delta hamlet, massacred 48 villagers with pointblank gunfire and bumed its huts to the ground. U.S. authorities reported Saturday. Survivors said 38 of the victims were women and children who begged for mercy. Kifty-seven peasants were wounded in what was described as one of the worst atrocities of the Vietnam War. U.S. investigators piecing together details of the assault last Monday night on the hamlet of My Can. 75 miles southwest of Saigon, said 60 marauders stormed into the vil-late behind a barrage of mortar fire and mowed down 10 militiamen who tried to stop them. The guerrillas then swept through the hamlet, lobbing grenades and firing rifles into bamboo huts and tunnels where the villagers were huddled. Some were shot in the back as they tried to flee. The Viet Cong fled into the delta swamps 30 minutes later alter administering a coup de grace to the village by setting it afire. The report on the delta attack coincided with a charge J S COLOR IM IUVEK NAVEL ORANGES - JUICE ORANGES PINK & WHITE GRAPEFRUIT PHONE 844-0770 OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS MTYOfr COME TO A FREE Christian Science Lecture 8:15 p.m. Toes., Dec. 3 First Church ot Christ, Scientist Cor. Flagler Dr. & Okeechobee Rd. West Palm Beach 8:30 PM TONIGHT V Wholesale-Retail-Fruit for Home Use 610 N. DIXIE HIGHWAY, LANTANA ijmm mmmm tm mmm WHiU mm hhMm gjmmmmmmmmmmmimmm OPEN SUNDAY 1 P.M. 1 to 5 P.M. I iropEfn MO.. TO 18:30 p.m. I TERMS ARRANGED! FREE DELIVERY! THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LIST! LARGEST SELECTION IN THE COUNTRY. ail Items subject to prior sale! U.S. Plane Shot Down SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL BROADLOOM WALL TO WALL INSTALLATION LANTANA STORE ONLY! BUY BYTHE NUMBER! BUY BYTHE NUMBER! TAKE OUR DARE! 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N 421 P-49549 N 621 120 A-519 N-707 A-700 N-510 0-1 N-8076 N 26912 H 841021 A-3024 A-3023 SIZE 12'xl3" 9'x 14' 12'xl2' 12'xl5' 12xl2' 12'xl4' 12'xl2' 12'xlS'1 12'x17' 11'xM' 12xl4' 9'x 12 9'x 12 SAIGON' i I.TI i-Commu-nist gunners Saturday shot down ;i C.S reconnaissance plane over North Vietnam. American headquarters reported. It was the first such loss since the bombing halt began Nov. 1. The I S command said a search and rescue operation 4as under way lor the pilot of the unarmed photo-taking olane. Hadio Hanoi said the i lot was captured, but American spokesmen refused to con-n rm this. I S. reconnaissance flights l keep track .if Communist Croups and supply movements have continued over North Vietnam, although no raids liave been carried out since the bonibini halt was ordered bv Preside' Johnson to open the door to peace talks at Parts. The last American plant-shot down over North Vietnam fas a Marine F4 Phantom which crashed hours before the last bomb fell on North .Vietnam. That was the 9!6th U.S. plane lost over the North, according to U.S. figures. The North Vietnamese claim to have shot down 3.427 American planes Manila Shaken ' MANILA il l'l - , sharp earthquake shook buildings in Manila Friday in one of the strongest tremors recorded here since the Aug 2 quake that killed more than 300 persons. 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