Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 16, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
Page 5
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-THIURSDAy; APRIL 16, 1936 THE ALBANY D E M O C R A T-H E R A L D, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE Stamp Club Will Citrus experiment station of the University of California here. taches at the Yalo institute of human relations, have been conducting the measurements.' SOU BOASTS YOUTH MB pelled to wear a. bell, is adopted. Sportsmen said the warning provided by the bells would protect young wild yito., i ; Fights New York Vice KingCbarge I Aid iierrmg lacner Glendalo, Cal., claims the world record fur consecutive loop-the-locps in a glider here after he looped his motorless craft 54 times in descent from a height of 16,-000 feet to which he had been towed by an airplane. The children first were weighed when 6 years old, and in all cases the subjects are now in their ninth year. Every three months they have' been rewcighed and RANCH GROWS TURNIPS Opportunity to secure the new j Oregon historical commemorative i stamps affixed to speeiallv illus- v COVERS 8 YEARS 1 I BELLS FOR CATS URGED ; Kenton, O. It won't be bells , on the fingers or bells on the toes ; but tabby may be required to wear a bell around its neck if the .resolution forwarded to the state legislature by the Hardin County More Game association, urging j that every cat in Ohio be com j Madera, Cal. The Ferry Hilton j ranch near here is growing tur-'nips that average 2ti pounds each, j'f'hcy are reported to be delicious although no one has y,et succeeded in eating an entire' turnip. i remeasured, a process which will continue , through 1938. During the same'period, investigators assigned to the study have made Moscow. Soviet boasting has periodic visits to the homes of the been thoroughly chastised by the pen of Michael Koltsov, journalist and prominent communist, writing in Pravda, official organ of the KIM.roV MOSQUITOES KILLED Berkeley, Cal. With the opening o( u marsh drainage system, A. II. Miles, foreman of the Mosquito Abatement District, estimates 1,200 billion salt marsh mosquitoes were killed. The estimate is based on the average number of larvae present per square foot of, marsh. Communist party. , iraiea envelopes will be afforded to local stamp collectors by the Lewis & Clark Stamp club, Ed. I Bryan, secretary of the club, said ; today. Those covers will be furnished by the club for 20 cents each, 13ry-4in said, the fee serving to pay the I cost of three such envelopeseach ! mailed from one of the three towns at which the stumps will be first placed on sale in the area formerly known at (lie Oregon Territory. Application is made by mail-j ing the request, enclosing the fee, I to tlie secretary of Lewis & Clark j Stamp club, post office box No. ! 3114. Albany. Or. Forwarding costs. Under the heading "In Favor of Modesty," Koltsov attacked the i vf V " ft children to check on the economic status, the environment, food habits, and illnesses, not only of the children but of their parents. When the data are correlated, it is expected that the results .vill ' rheel light on various problems of child -rearing and child health. -.:' " . New Haven. Conn. One of the lost intensive studies of the growth of children and their physical and mental fitness is Hearing completion at the Yale Institute of Human Relations. More than 1,5011 children in the New Haven public schouls have had their growth and physique charted every three months for !he last three years. St-itsticians ire assembling the great m:iss of Hata which is expected to be beneficial to children and child experts over the world. Dr. Martha' Eliot and Dr. Susan P. Souther, specialists in the U. S. children's bureau, department of Jabor, assisted by members of the pediatric department at the Yale school of medicine, and staff air FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS PICNIC SHOULDERS, lb. . . . 20c PORK HEARTS, lb. 13c LARD, lbs .........25c .... Try on? .tender steaks they arc good.! .... Verl Miller's Meat Market TOWN POLICE ItUDGLT $5 . Surry, N. II. The town's budget committee lias had to appropriate Sf to provide for maintenance of Surry's police department during "lillili. The 1035 appropriation was ojily IjiL FRUIT VARIETIES TOTAL 386 Riverside. Cal. California now Jjoslage and and thp cnvelopo '.self ALIEN ONCE 11. S. OFFICER San Diego, Cal. Samuel Marx. 83, German. brought to Ilia United States when was 3, later elected to: public offices, also appointed assistant postmaster, has discovered he is not an American citizen. - ' - are covered by the lee, Mr. aryail said. Phone G2-J West Side Free Delivery GLIDER LOOPED 54 TIMES San Diego. Cal.-r-Don Stevens, boasts of 380 varieties of citrus fruits, according to officials of the V,. 111 ilS "toy guns of Soviet boasting" in the following words: "Wherever wo turn, to whomever we listen, whatever anybody does, it is always the best in the world. Best architects in the world build .the best houses in the world. The best shoemakers in the world make the best shoes in the world. The best poets in the world write the best verses, the best actors act in the best plays, and the best watchmakers produce the best watches in the world. "Without 'the best in the world' nothing can be said by a trade-union orator,- even if he is speaking of collecting empty bottles or a tax on dogs. Finds It Everywhere "Recently we visited a library in one of the Moscow suburbs. It was comparatively clean there, tidy, well ventilated. We approved of the polite treatment of visitors, but this had no effect on the manager. She said with self esteem. 'Yes, of course, but this is the best library in the world, you know. " Rent" 66 l ises Tw.mCT-..--r ,nr-.ra.nTnir-1r1irTrnrrrrl nvlrr n j ,.0 irriirTTTHHTTr f 1 'f " I T'lTTlVrTWIWlBTiMBriMn Z3 Snmn foreigners hnvn hnon lipro. ' .-T!i.' " ' . aerEf-ice locks! EveryiEiing To Go Before May 1st! us Flglitini! extradition . 10 New York on a charge ot vice ring leadership. Charles "Lucky" Luciano Is shown acre as de ap-peared in the oillce of Gov. J. M. FutreMe of Arkansas, in Little Rock: 'The governor granted the extradition plea and the gov ernraent, aiding New York state, won a later victory in court In a habeas corpus action. "I iictibfts! Thousands of U advertised Bargains! ! Come Early! While Stocks Last! Shop Today! uanmaes POLICE CONFISCATE SKATES Toledo! Police are confiscating skates of children found- roller skating in the streets. The! children can recover their skates only if their parenls accompany them to ttie police station. Shop Early For These Special Sensational Values In Closeout Sale Of and told us.' "There is no resistance to this avalanche of boasting and bragging. Some even encourage it, particularly the Soviet press. It describes events either with gold or black colors. If the shop is bad, then it is no good the manager is a drunkard, the salesmen are thieves, the goods are rotten. If it is good, then it is the best in the world, and nowhere, neither in Europe nor in America, ( can there be one equal to it. "If the factory is not yet started, the 1 hotel not opened, the house not built and the film not shown, the newspaper birds are already chirpping, 'The new bath house will be equipped according to the new improved principle of engineer Vatruskin; they will have not only cold, but hot water as well. For the first time will be introduced an indivdual towel for each patron. Lampooning Hotel Service " 'By way of service our hotel equals the best American" hotels, though in many respects it will surpass them. Each room will have an individual key. Each patron will be able to order a taxi by telephone. By using the mailbox which wilf be specially installed on the hotel building, everyone staying in the hotel will be able to send letters to any place in the Soviet Union and abroad.' "Imagine the following scene. . A well dressed, solid looking foreigner enters a watch shop. He demands the best watch. After Swiss and French watches are shown him, he still says they are not what he wants, but with the remark that he has heard Moscow watches of the 'Tochmekh' factory are the best in the world, orders one, although it is the most expensive, "We are waiting for this dream picture to come true. "Meanwhile, let us take first place in the world for modesty." WHAT YOU EAT HAS A LOT TO G9 WITH HOW YOU FEEL Correction ' of Constipation Is Often a Matter of Menus We a r o rejm.'U'ully forced to the decision to close our Albany 'store. We have enjoyed the privilege of serviiiK Albany and nearby residents, and have sinc-cerely attempted to .help keep down your cost ol livinjr. it is only the fact that our landlord has raised the rent by two-thirds that prevents its from continu-injf what has been a pleasant business association. On your next trip to Portland or .Salem, drop in at Fred Meyer and stock up at those famous deep-cut prices. : FRED MEYER SALEM OPEN! Our store at 170 North Lib- ! city Street, Salem, remains open to .serve you. Come in unci make nil those familiar savings on toiletries, baccos, eandie.s, and Kroeer-ies. We'll be looking lor you! Libby's or My-Te-Fine Fancy Sliced Pineapple, 2 No. 28, 29c M. J. B., Folger's, Hills Bros., Gold. West Coffee, lb tins, ea. 25c My-Te-Fine Vegetables for Salad, No. 1 size tall cans, 2 for 25c. Vista Flour, 49 pound sack, $1.25. High grade, Bulk Pure Veg. Salad Oil, your container, 90c gal. Bulk 40-Grain Vinegar, you furnish the container, 19c gallon. 50ft Sacks Half Ground Salt 50-lb cW, 45c. Crown Mill Run, 80 lb sacks, for 79c. Jello, Jell-Well or Royal Gelatine Desserts, per package 5c. My-Te-Fine Hand Peeled Florida Grapefruit, No. 2 tins, 11c. Log Cabin Breakfast Syrup, Medium Size tins, 37c each My-Te-Fine Snider's, C.H.B., Heinz, Tom. Catsup 14-oz bot. 14c White King, Peet's, NuBora, Borene Granulat. Soaps, lg pkg 29c 10c Lifebuoy Soap 5c 10c Palmolivc , Soap I for IOC 50c v Phillip's Magnesia 29c For years, the medical profession has insisted that proper diet is more effective in promoting health than the indiscriminate use of patent medicines. Today, they ure seeing their teachings bear fruit. For instance, millions of families have learned that common constipation is largely due to insufficient; "bulk" in meals. Many of them correct this condition by the regular use of Kellogg's All-Bran. This delicious cereal supplies penerous "bulk" in effective form. Within the body, its "bulk" absorbs moisture, and forms a soft mass. Gently this clears out the intestinal wastes. Kellogg's All-Bran also supplies vitamin B and contains iron. It may be served as a cereal with milk or cream, or cooked into tempting muflins, breads, etc. Two talilespoonfuls daily aro usually sufficient. Stubborn cases may require All-Bran oftcner. If not relieved this way, consult your doctor. Kellone's All-Bran is not a "cure-all" but it does correct common constipation. It is guaranteed by the Kellogg Company. Sold by all grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek, Cmtntiiiglion due to iiumOicicl ' "bulk" Crown, My-Te-Fine, Pillsbury' Fishers Blend . 2. 89c FLOUR g- $1.69 22 Only $1 Lucky Tiger, 55c. 124 Only Spearmint Tooth Brushes 7c. 37 Only Sanette Facial Tissues, 9c. 36 Only fibs. Hospital Cotton, 17c 58 Only Atlas Shoe Polish Kit, 6c. -120 Only xl Adhesive Plaster, 2c. 120 Atlas Shoe Polish, 3c. 216 Only Seventeen Trio Samplers 9c. 2G4 Only 4 oz. Regal Toiletries 5c. 35 only Fitch Lilac Royal 5c. 144 Only Love in Venice Toiletries, 5c. 40 Only Auto Solo, 5c. 38 Only Velva Naps Sanitary Napkins 7c 72 Only Huck Towels, 9c ea. "SCANTIES" OF '79 CRITICIZED Vancouver, Wash. Perhaps it is a mistaken idea that lighter underwear for women is a present day tendency. A copy of the Portland Dally Beo of March 12. 1879, which lias just been found, contains the following observation: "Ladies' ought to wear warmer flannel under clothing than they do now if one may judge from the articles one sees hanging in the siiow windows of the shops." ASPARAGUS 0t 2 lbs. 13C POTATOES Klamath No. 2 No liimil NEW "HOT DOG" INVENTED Toledo. E. E. Marquart, an electrician who likes "to contrive mechanical things" when business is dull, lias patented a machine which will roast wieners or other meat fillers and the bread barter encasing it. alues U p To I O c ORANGES doz. iiC Kwcci, .luiry Rainier, Berger and Acme Beer in cans, 12-oz. 11c; case $2.50 Libby's, My-Te-Fine, CHB or Walla Walla Tomato Juice, Is, tall 3 for 20c. My-Te-Fine or B&M Baked Beans or Brown Bread, 2 lg cans 27c Franco-American Spaghetti, 2 tall cans, 13c. -My-Te-Fine Cut Stringless Beans, 3 or 4 sieve, No. 2 cans lie. AH Popular Brand of Flour, No. 10 size sacks 43c each Macaroni, Spaghetti or Noodles lib cello pkg. 14c. 2tb pkg. 25c Libby's or My-Te-Fine Golden Ban. or Whole Kernel Corn, 12c Campbell's Soups, Asst. Varieties except Chicken, 3 cans 23c. Kellogg's Pep, Bran Flakes or Rice Krispies, 9c package. Sugar, Pure Fine Granulated, 10 pounds 49c. French's Assorted Spices per tin 7c. At Fred .Meyer Croeery Urpt. No. C. O. D.'s Deliveries. Reservations, No sales lo Dealers, i Quantities Limited. 1700 .different items ;. in toiletries, remedies, and: sundry needs. Come early none to dealers. ONIONS No. 1, 10 lbs. a name and flavor easy to remember! lOc CARROTS 3 bunches Fresh and lender At Fruit Dept. In Our Meat Department I'rec Deliveries IMioiic 272 Vegetable Shortening 9c lb Pure Lard X lOc lb. Good and fresh ' L 62 Only Turknit Baby Bibs, 3c. 426 Only Picnic Cups, Plates, etc. lc ea. 72 Can't Miss Rat Traps, 5c. , 360 Only Asst. Twink Dyes lc ea. 36 Only Qts. Cliquot Ginger Ale 15c. 28 Only Wildroot Tonic and Shampoo 39c 127 Only Chromium Relish Dishes 9c. 154 Only Asst. Bobby Pins, 3c ea. 50 Only Asst. Box Paper 9c. 15 Only Comfy Combination Syringe 59c 39 Only Milady Kitchen Towels 5c. 12 Only $1 Roger Gallet Dust. Pow. 49c 35 Only 50c Dental Plate Brushes 19c. 13 Only Pts. Schieffelein Russian Oil 19c 48 Only 60c Italian Balm and Dreskin 29c 15c Tin of 12 Hospital certified 5-gr. Aspirin Tablets, lc. 15c size Colgate English Process Soap, 2 for 5c. 50c Kolynos Tooth Paste, 29c. Sflte Nature's Remedy, 27c. $1.00 Pint Vacuum Bottles 49c. 0 Sensational Close-out Values On TOBACCO-CANDY! 71 Only 15c Half & Half, 9c each 44 Only 15c Geo. Washington Tob. Cloth, 9c. 201 Onlv 15c Spud Cigarettes, 12c pkg $1.12 car- ton of 200s. 792 Only Assorted 5c Candy Bars, 5 for 15c. 540 Only Standard Brands 5c Gum, 5 for 15c. . 436 Only Assorted 5c Cough Drops, 5 for 15c. 57 OnIy.7-oz. Rockwood Chocolate Bars, Sc. 400 Only 2 for 5c J. G. Blaine Cigars, lc each 52 Only 2J-oa. Grand Slam Tobacco. 5c. 594 On(y Assorted Cigarette Papers, 4 for 13c. Beef Steak Xcrr Ilk lb. I.oin, rib or T-Hone (fid - ' V Sugar Cured I-argc Loin THE hsmmiy Mm OR THI RE-USABU glass Dry Salt Pork 19c lb. Porlt Chops 23c lb. Corned Beef 15c lb. Alaska Halibut Sliced, 14c lb Sugar Cured ... K,0 Sl.fcf IJin? ol Frrfnce Toiletries Fresh Caught e f&jenamfnt 27c IfoQan Balm 33c Sc 124 West First Street

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