Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 15, 1936 · Page 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1936
Page 5
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' WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1936 THE ALBANY .DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE r I WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR.. WE pay hiKhci't niuiket prict1. M. St-ndc. ! Co. alS-ml CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL crowns, bridges, fillings, old. jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. ' French So. Jewelers. dSOlf Explorer of Old TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS FOR SALE SPOTTED POLAND CHINA Brood Sow with weanling pig. THillar-hide Co., 120 Ellsworth St. aU-16 FOR SALE WEANLING PIGS. 10 WKS. old. Carl Keen llnrrisburg Ore.. Rt. 1. all-17 FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN ROOST-ers. 4 wks. old, 5c. IJring boxes. W. J. Giddings. Phone 15-F-31. al5-17 TRAILERS WE HAVE A NUMBER OF tiailers. some with- mock racks. well built. $10.00 and up. 12 in, steel plow, orchard plows, etc. Aibariy Bargain Howe, 2nd and Baker. ul5-17 FOR SALE 12-WK. OLD PIGS; f-MO. Jcrsty heifer. Waller Kevfu, Rt. 1, Lany. al6 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at O 'son's Drug Store. marltf Answer id Previous Puzzle AiP Price quoted below art tboM prevailing- at 11 o'clock a. ui. uu us, oi tii.uii. mi ion. niiU rv (ultjevt U rtiMiiue hi any hour thereafter UI I DMU UIJ I CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. ete. "Look in your attic." Chaa. Rohr-bough A Son, 415 W. First St. jl-tf CASCAKA HARK WANTED WE ARE in the market for an unlimited quantity of dry or green Casta ra Uurk. Will pay highest cash prices. Albany Uargmn House, 2nd and Uakcr, Phone iVfi. ulO-lf I For Sale Real Estate CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14 F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ntH-tf N'OTICBCALE & MONTGOMERY. WHO are advertising in this paper for worthless horses and cows, arc in no way con nected with my place. Cecil Montgomery. mJG-a-6 21 Help Wanted,: Female NEW TODAY FOR SALE SEED POTATOES, 4 VARI-cties, at Sudtcll's Auction House. 15.ltS LOW PB1CED CARS From 525.00 to $150.00 MUST SELL All makes, 20 cars to chuoac from. Ready to yo. Buy now umi yavc money. OPEN SUNDAYS ALEXANDF.R MOTOR CO. 2nd and Lyon Sts. Albany aU-17-S FOR SALE TWO GOOD FRESH COWS. 4 miles East Neqr Price School. M. K. AturkhHm. ' alfl17 RIVER BOTTOM 104 acres-' $3500. Easy term ; family fruit, bldns., highway. fi ACRES CLOSE IN Strictly ' modern bungalow. chicken equipment, walnuts and fruit. Price $3500. CALIFORNIA TRADES 10 ACRES. PLASTERED house, fumily fruit, ' close in. C. M. DOLLARH1DE CO. alo-tf FOR SALE THREE VERY NICE building lots in the 600 block on East Second St., just West of the canal on the North side of the street. Address P. O. Box 8. Corvallis, Oregon, or telephone 14. all-17 yEwnwiRJEOE HrnrsuuiiL AJBa B IWBO N EHCJL a.doc a n JLAfeJBr7AR IIN-AiTiEiD T tlARHj A DlEteHTfOlRig ,R I A Hnckr R E tDHClolR ' 'L eImEROi L'hIt Otji nBe mHsia ulc yBr nf eBPiS BJElA U TJVBTJO NlBLtEb l'a'n c eBlo v eHFo a m WANTED EXPERIENCED HOOK-keeper in produce '.mslncss, lady preferred. Address Box 1732, care Democrat-Herald. U14-16 Poultry, Eggs 12 For Sale Used Cars HOUSEKEEPER WANTED LIGHT work. Call eenings. Phone 601-lt-l, Albany. ul3-18 LOCAL UKA1N ' M. Senders A Co. WHEAT: No. 1 white, "tic ; ml mixed. Tic bushel. HAKI.KY: Hansen, r.'l.oo Ion. OA'l'S: White, No. 1, 18.0u ; Kray , .123.00; Bmy teed $20.01) ton. WOOL Wool, lHr imund Mohair, per pound MEATS (II. E. Nebercall Meal C.) CATTLB Stvrs $:i.50fit Heifers L50(1 iiuiu a.sow Cows, -beef . .I.OOfu Cows, cutters l.I0ft( , uous rtc o'm e'a t a"& l'e. DAY OLD COCKERELS EVERY WED. and Thurs., $1 mt loo. L. E. Arnold, Lebanon, Ore. Phone 1421. al4-15 FOR SALEBUFPORPINGTON HATCH-ing eggs. M. L. Gingrich, K. 3, Albany. Phone 10-F-12. u!4-l6 A goat. 12 Slumbered. 10 Squanders. 18 Monstrous winged serpent. 23 Boat parts. 24 Honey gatherer. 25 Measure of area. 20 Transpose. 27 Constellations. 29 To shiver. 31 Devil. 32 Moving picture. 33 Monkey. 35 Dormant. 36 Kmerged. 37 Writer's mark. 3S Singing voice. 40 Dlood-sucklng worm. 42 Chestnut. 43 I-air. 40 Drinking eup. 47 To hasten. 50 Note in scale. 52 Therefore. HOIUZOXTAL 1, 1 Famous explorer tor KiiKlanil. 10 India 1 boat. 11 Worshiper. 13 Tart of piilloy block. 11 Italian coins. 15 To iron. 17 Snakes. 19 To soak flax. 20 Doctor. 21 Quantity. 22 Structural unit. 23 His companion, his son 2S Musical note. 29 Wiser 30 la Curious. 32 To scolil. 34 Prickly pear. 30 tiold coins 37 Pussy u9 Native. 41 Writing fluliU 12 Scraped, ALEXANDER FOR USED CARS Renewed and Guaranteed '35 Chev. Coupe, spotless clean throughout, low mileage, motor in perfect condition. See for yourself. '35 Ford V-8 DtLuxe Sedan with built in trunk. Has the appearance of a new cur. Save $200.00, guaranteed the same as a new car. '31 Ford A Sedan. This is a nice car inside and out. $16 Down. '31 Chev. Coupe, moor Al, "0 per cent tiros, body in fine shape, new puint. $05 Down balance on easy lmymcnl plan. ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. OPEN SUNDAYS 2nd and Lyon Albany Your Ford Dealer a!5-16-S FOR SALE 1931 LIGHT 8 SEDAN, Exceptionally nice condition, mechanically good. Priced right. 338 E. 6th St. a!4-15 33 Personal STOMACH ULCER, GAS' PAINS, AND INMliESTION victims, why sufftrT rr iiuiok relief Ri't It froc sift inckrt of Udira. n doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson's Druir Store.'4 THE RIGHT WOO! THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude Wrigm, plume 26G-J, 638 E. 6th St. m20-lf 13 For sale, Miscellaneous li To surfeit. 15 Td observe. 40 Sailor. 4S Horn. 4!) Typo standard 50 Speechless. 51 Harden. 53 North Carolina. 54 lie was an exjiort . 55 Ho arrived at America In 149? 30 Miscellaneous Classified VERTICAL 1 Shook vlo- ' lently. 2 Assault. 3 Garden tools. 4 Northeast. 5 Ho explored tho east coast. 6 Paid publicity 7 Cuuragcous. S Hay window. !) Alarm. 10 Pertaining to ISO to 160 pounds .... 160 to 210 pounds .... TRUCK BUYERS ATTENTION '33 Chev. 1 H. ton, cab and chassis $35.t0 '31 Ford 1-. ton, cab and platform 2H5.00 35 Dodge Pickup, like new v 565.00 '20 Dodge chassis and cab, 2 ton , 2D5.00 7 Dodge chassis, cab, pint form 250.00 '2G Chevrolet panel 60.00 "29 Chev. panel 1D5.00 '31 Ford chassis, cab, duals new paint THESE TRUCKS ARE OK'd CHECKED - - Painted and Ready to Work See us before you buy The best Values in Tmvn RALSTON MOTOR CO. 7th and Lyon Sts. DODGE DODGE TRUCKS PLYMOUTH al4-16-S SHKKP SIIKAH1NC. I101IIN TKUAX. t all 21I-F-I. aH-20 WRECKING 2 BIG SCHOOL BLDGS. Lumber $4 and uu Planks, flooring, siding, sheeting 22, 2x6. 2x12 .2 1 -x 1 8 and 3x12. Casings & mouldings. Bricks $4 IK'r M. Pipe, lath, dry wood cut to length. Salesman on job 3rd & Madtsuu St., Albany. Ore. a2-16-S ( S.76 O.'JGf.J 10.26 8.76fii; 0.76 d.75!. 0.00 7.00fiH 7.76 7.60 .17.(04(8.50 . 2.0O(ir3.0O . 6.00)1:6.00 ALEXANDER FORD USED TRUCKS "31 Ford AA Lonn Wheel Base Truck. new -factory motor, completely overhauled otherwise. This truck will sive you real service. , - '33 Ford V-8 Lan Wheel Hase Truck -f ua ran teed in- every way ; 65 per cent dual tires. '27 Chev. Truck, Rood shape, a dandy farm truck. '35 Ford V-8 Panel Delivery, best of condition. Save $200. OPEN SUNDAYS ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. 2nd and Lyon Albany alI-l6-S PAINTIXfi. WALL. PAPKKING, INTKK-ior dccoralinK thal'a tliffrivnt. Phone 42 or M.1-L. Wilbur Dawson (t Claitv Snrdt-r. mlio-tr 210 to 260 iKiunds 260 to 960 pounds :l5n pounds up Sows SIlBKr Lambs Kwea Vearlinits VEAL Lira Dressed PIIULTKY (SwKt Companr No. 1 hens, 4 1 -It to 6 lbs No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs VETERANS INVESTIGATE THIS NEW Deal! 10 per cent cash down, plus license and insurance will drive a new Ford V-S Cuujk or Svdun to your home. This deal is for a limited time only. ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. 2nd and Lyon Allmny ulS-'-'l-S USED ICE DOXES ONLY $1.00 AND UP. Pick your show - a large stock to select from. Lawn Mowers -Trade in your old mower for one of our new light running high wheel, ball taring mowers. Garden Hose We have a number of pieces of good uced garden hose. New hose. 50 ft. lengths $1.1)5. Sprinklers, garden tools, etc. Albany Uurgain House, 2nd and Baker. alO-17 HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT AND NUT tree, shrulw, rose buifivs, shade tree. Send for price list. Sctlli'mcicr Bros. Nurseries. IU. 3. Albany n21-tf 11 Hay, Grain. Feed ELLSWORTH APT HEAT. OVER-stuffed furniture. I'n. 3ft. 80a Ellsworth. 6-tf GOOD WOOD PRICED RIG1I1. DELI V-ered in any length. Lester Chilcute, ICofi Suntiam Rd. Phone 734-R. - j20-tf ll. .. No. 1 medium hens, over o'j Trades ' 29 lbs. .. . . 17c ..17c ..He ..14c . .Uc ...7e . IIH- FOR SALE 3-GRAIN SEED OATS.' N. N. Roth, Phone 28-F-5. at-l-lti No. 1 medium hens, under o'-j Colored spritiKB No. 1 hroilrrs. Pi to 2 His. ttoontrni , Stain : TRADE 5-ROOM HOUSE IN ALBANY, well located, for Dallas proiwrty. Address Box 1731, cure Dcmoc rut-11c raid nl4-16 FOR SALE ALPALFA SEED, lac LB. Call at 55 E. 5th. "" : nl-l-lH-S NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby Riven that the undprsifjned lias been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, Administratrix of the estate of Anson I. Savior, deceased, and has qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent, are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administratrix, at the office of Marks & McMahan, First National Bank Building, Albany, Oregon. Dated and first published this 18th day of March, 1938. KATIE SAYLOR, Administratrix of the Estate of Anson I. Savior, deceased. MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon. Attorneys for Administratrix. March 18 25 April 1 8 IS NON-RESIDENT SAYS SELL Never in. the history of Albany has there been a house sold of like value at ihis price. Two extra fine lots, paved street, fruit, fine location, the house itself would- cost JS000 to replace; hardwood floors in front rooms, fireplace, full This property is offered for a few days only at $3800, which is only a fraction of its real value. Located at 522 West 1th street. Drive by but do not disturb the tenant: Please act quickly on this as it will not last. t IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 a-8tf FOUND AUTOMOBILE OR TRUCK Ll-cenfie tau number L-2-216. Owner may have same by calling at Democrat-Herald and paying for ad. a.5-17 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal' LtitIS All Trices Are Delivered Albanv Cases lleturnra Kvtrns Slandavds 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous rs lr?:hp hs."'.y. iy' 45 . i EXTRA GOOD FARM CLOSE IN, HIGH-ly improved and ideal location and nil fixed for dairying. This farm is offered at a sacrifice and SlOUt) cash will handle with long and easy terms at low interest. If you are in the market for a good farm see us at once. Mortgage Company Says Sell, good 6 rocm house on terms ll0 cash balance $15 iwr month. Tripp & Murphy, Realtors. al5-tff SHAKES WANTED FORTY THOUSAND 30-inch shakes. Bidders are invited to leave sealed bids for delivery the Inst of this mouth with the city recorder. Albany City Council. al4l6 DIRECT FROM THE MILL 16. INCH mill ends, fine fur cookstoves, $3.50 per cord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, $3 in load lots. Sawdust and shavingA. Albany Fuel Co., Inc., 316 Cnlnpoom St. Phone 52. ailf j Kxtra medium Standard medium I Ilrown extras Dirty extras Undentrndes , I Pullets . . l.'lc . . 12c ..10c Livestock l'ee wee . . VEAL WANTED WOOL i MOHAIR Cath advanced on contract. No interest charged. We always pay market price. Sec us before you sell. SAM FRAGKR Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd & Bnkcr. m28-a2 USED GAS RANGES ELECTRIC ranges oil stoves electric and gas plates lovaest poscible prices. Rebuilt used ranges, large stock, only $0.75 and up. Rest possible values at Albany Uurgain House, 2nd & linker. a!5-17 l.ivo ... IJressed 400 WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS, 7 wkir. old, Hollywood, 5oc each. Will trade for young fresh cow. Mrs. C A Dault, Tangent. UJ DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect H-F-14, Albnny. If no answer. Phone ll-K-4, Corvallis. ml4-tf UUTTEIIPAT A- Kfade ....a:lc LITTLE EAGLE EYE By HAROLD GRAY . VmiI HOUSE CLEAN AS A PIN- II Ki-atle Mo 1 C iirnik- Ute 8IIEKP I.aml I8.26lil0.nn Portland Marker Review I'uiIIliuI. On-., April 15. All butter lirlrcs wrro lowoml OIH' rent a pound tn-ilny. cxcctit extras, wlilch lost one-half fOO MUST COME OVER A KID SEE US AGAIN SOON ANNIE- ' S AND I H WOKKY- KNOWIN V . THEY'RE DUE TO LOSE EVEN " , 'I TH' LITTLE THEY HAVE Ss I DOG-GONE IT, SANDY- I COOLD 1,'A, BUT THEY'RE SO POOR- AND TH' THINGS YUH CAN SEE WITHOUT '-OOKIN'- TH' WAY THEY SACRIFICE FOR ONE CURIOSITV I S'POSE-BUT I HAD TO SEE FOR MYSELF- GEE- HARDLY ANYTHING IN THEIR HOUSE TO EAT- FURNITURE ALL' BUSTED AND MENDED- iJ k dAWL : WHY DO SUCH THINGS ..) ANOTHER- KEEP CHEERIN.' A 1. CM!t. EACH OTHER UP-. EACH OTHER UP- uk.y . i nnrrtiiH iu iuvn 1 .: i f? L ' NICE PEOPLE? 'f 'M rT r " r-r-.n:i?. come fry v SJ i" OFTEN- ( THANKS- i Lf i' J J U AND VOU - rTHl ' f COME OVER ) MUST COME 'i? ' TOMORROW- OVER AND Little Orphan Annie. Other Comics No. 47; thence East on said North line 20.60 chains to the place of beginning. Also, Beginning 10 chains South ot the Northeast corner of said . Claim No. 47; thence West . 14.53 chains more or less to tho East line of the lands formerly owned by Martha Morgan; thence North 9.30 chains more or less to the center of Muddy Creek; thence in tho Northerly direction down the center of said creek to the West boundary line of the John Wilson and wife Donation Land Cluim No. 80; thnce South on ! West lino of said claim to, the place of beginning; Also, All that part of the West half of the Thomas Cannon and wife Donation Land Cluiirl No. 48, lying within said i Section 19 Townshio 12 South of Range 4 West of the Willam- , ette Meridian that lies West of the County Road; A'so, All lots 2, 3 nnd 10 in Section 19, Township 12 South, Range 4 West of tho Willamette Meridian; The land hereby conveyed containing in tho aggregate 165.44 acres, more or less. Also including herein all lands adjacent to the above which have . been acquired by giuntors by t accretion. HERBERT SHELTON Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon PHILIP HAMMOND, - 310 Guaranty Trust Co., Bldg., Portland, Oregon. Attorney for Plaintiff. ' March 18 25 Al 8 15 SSmm, Huttcrfiit showfd n jietii'rnl loss of ono cent. Kkks were unrhatiKrO. I'utato iirlcoa continue llu-lr boom for olil crop nl butll the source anil here. Tlicre was very little ofrcretl al Orenon points tor the dny. First new white llawallnns are due Thursday. Onion market (s active fur old crup. . fancy ijuality lettuce Is firm; others There continues 11 dearth of uualiljj ureen pens. Ornnttes ale moving belter with Improved weather. Khubnrl is weak and ttenerntly lower. Mplnneh prices have dropped. Cauliflower Is 11 trifle weaker. I'OHTI.AM) LIVKSTOf'K (lly V. 8. Drill, of Airlcullurrl I'ortlnnd, Ore., April H:- lions i Ke-eeiiis llllO ; active : mostly steady; hulk ImhlwelKht drlvelns 1 1 II. Tr.'.T 1 ".H." ; hcnvles f lo.2r,Ci 111.50 : slnUKhter pins and hirht 11b Ills tlO.IIWil 1(1. M ; pnckhiK sows IK. Till : feeder iiIS J10.75, ; Cattle: Iterclpts I0I; calvra lTt ; fairly active; mostly steady ; few medium steers held aliova $7.l!Ii ; itnod louufeds iiuotnblo to fs.lin nnd above; common-medium heifers tti.Mut (t.'ib ; low cutter and culler cows S:l.ul'ill.ri : common-medium NERVE WHACKING MOMENTS MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll I Vv3i TUT-TUT-WE DOMT .EU5W jfi TMIW65 RDWM l-'.ECE, MY HAVEW'T YOU A 5IMSLE 5HEED OF MOWOE? OEDEE WV3TER-IF VOU tX5M'TSWOOT, I'M GO! MO TO . FALL OM. YOUR VERY WELL,TLEM.' 5ER&EAMT-HAVE VOUR MEW MOW THE PIG DOWW, AT WILL ..... I'LL WOT GIVE HIM THE SATISFACTION" OF A SEVERAL DESULTORY 5MOTS CIWG OUT AS HYSTER CASUALLY TUENS Hlj BACK AMD WALKS TOWAE.D THE EAR.EACKS :' THEM, SUDDENLY, A TINY SPECK. IS SEEN IM THE SK.Y, T0WA6D THE NOBTH THEM TO FIELE- I'LL bi( Wi-j SUM'S FRIGHTFULLY FORMAL EXECUTION. rnml? WARM TOCAV, EM? TELL VOU MOTMIMQ! WVSTER COWTIrJUES rMKlMG 5P0ET OF JACK, ' A THE RCIkJQ ) SQUAD I AWA1T5 WIS FIMAL COMrvWMD 1 .r'-' " Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in The Detnocrat-Kerald. 4.7fi'rl r,.RII ; jicsid Is-rf cows to f fi.OO : bulls 95.0001 r,.r,0 ; medium venlcra IT.fillK KJiil ; ehoice tiuotiihlc to llll.oo. Khivp: Iteeeips f,0 : nominally sternly : trucked in wootcd liimbs snlenlilc arouml Sfl.75 ; choice loud lots to $111.25; ilrivelll sprlnir Itimlm up to $10.00 or above; ttood-elioice lonil lots ftiotable to $111.50; wooled ewes $5.50 down. tiik ritonticK t:x iian(;k The following iric4 were named to bo effecllvo today: llutler: i:ulie extras :t;ie ; standards ;!2Wc; prime firsts JKic ; firsts ale lb. Cheese: Orrftnn triplets, I5'jC: Oregon loaf I0r lb. Ilrokers will pay .jc below (luotntions. Kkks: I'rodurc- KxcbnliKo iiuotnlions between dealers: Kxtra larice IHc; standard lanre 17r; extras medium 17c;; standards medium 17c: Jobbing; pricrs 2c lliuher. rilllTI.AMI WlltlLKHAI.B l-KICKS These are the prices retailers pay wholesalers, except wheru otherwise slated: lluler: Prints, A (trade, JlSe lb. In parchment wrnpiicr, afir Ih. in rartuns; II Hrade. parchment wrapper :ilc lb. ; rar- k ',vtmvnm-x ? fi" 5"vcr. ic l Ifl GIVING HIMSELF UP FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER ATTORNEYS 1 . 1 v- I'D LIKE TO BE A mis siiumi -jDSPARE I DONT kWoW THE PROCEDURE, IN A MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys al Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg Phone 29a AUTO FREIGHT RXLYAMWA, MR.MGCOSEY, NEVER HA5 ARISEN, J MF TUP 'tA VELLOU'LL HAVE TO CONVIKICE A WT' , ( COURT, I SUPPOSE, "THAT YOU AREKI'T ' V ;: GUILTY OF COMSPIRACY, IM Ltt f". 7 AIDIMG A SUSPECT ID f : CASE LIKE THIS, BUT. r IM HERE IO PROVE - ': IO GIVE BW 0tJr MYSELF OKI MR. UP, . MGOOSEV SERGEAWr J HE KIKIDA 11 . LET YOU J BUT I CAKIT AGREE WITH 16U ! THE BOY SIMPLY GOT HIMSELF A ROAD MAP AND LOCALLY, IKI THE -(cRmcsM CASE Or A MISS- OF pQLHS IKJG JUVENILE! WHO WW DO DU THINK DOUBTED HE DISAPPEARED? NLTnY'S SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from- all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts, Phone 371. I VOUCHED FOR THAT i BOY IKI GOOD FAHH ? - 1 r CAttPET CLEANING Uniirrerrv I THE SHADE SHOP, 40g W. Flrit Phone 7R FILM SEKVICK HURLEY'S DRUG STORE rOR nvprnlffht film nervlr FUNERAL DIRECTORS FORTMILLER FUNERAL HQM1 r or NlBht nhnnev 447-11 V .mli!i.,;q 1 1 IN8URANCK WE DON'T THINK THERE WILL BE ALLEY OOP BY HAMLIN OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 loris U5e lb. I Grade t:rram for Market: Uuylng price butterfnt basis, 53 c lb. Ilutterfat: J'urtland delivery: A nrade, deliveml at least twlco weekly. :i5r,:itic; country routes 3Z',:Uc; II a-rade 3-l'(a6c; C grade at market. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of a mortgage foreclosure execution issued by tho Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County In Suit "No. 17147, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, Plaintiff, nnd Wilbur 11. Storer, Walter P. Storer, ct al. Defendants," therein pending, nnd to me directed, I shall, on the 18th day of April, 1930, at the hour of one o'clock in tho afternoon thereof, nt the front door of the County Court House at Albany, Oregon, sell at public auction, for cash, all right, title and interest had and possessed by said Defendants, or any of them, on or since the date of execution of the Plaintiff's mortgage, in and to tho following described real property, to-wit: That portion of the John Smith and wife Donation Land Claim No. 47 lying within Sections 20 and 2U in Township 12 South Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian described as foHows: "teginning nt n point in the North line of said Claim 29.00 chains East of the center Muddy Creek; thence South 2'30' West 10.28 chains; thence West 30.06 chains to the center of Muddy Creek; thence North 10 East down the center of raid Muddy Creel: 10.4 chains to the North line of suit! Claim 1 .-. ' V i- n lill". rtl I Tl JUWPISJ' JIMMIMY- f,llir.AY'RECK:OKi WE WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Money to loan, farm security. ' ' AMYOWE ELSE WAMXA - jL.'f CVOM, MEW -SXEPOKJ IT HIS CCYAL HIGHKJESS VHATi GOM'OM r,r a jEHTTES CO MAKE TH' SAME PRODUCE M.GHT BE. OVE2IMTH' n cnr HAVE A V'EH,1 MISTAKE HE DiO ? jAlf Pal -CP-- J K ' C LCCxLT WEN KEEDIM . -If6- S MAJESTY- J K 'D iaT72'J SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry. : and cream. ? Ki&HT with v us y. tj -,m,-v je em' teis w- Ji V (?OVL OUflPD WASHING MACHINES - OTTO KOOS, AMES HDW Maytag, Easy, Trior Washers. t vi WELDING BLACKSMJTHINO 1 atr .. 1 r 1 - t -- ' SNYDER & SON - BEAR ALIO! ing frames, axles straightened. WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER it SON Well Drillers "We foliclt your inquiries'' Eugene, Oregon htk i. ;

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