Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 15, 1936 · Page 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · Page 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1936
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOC RAt-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1936 THE 19aC SEASON GETS STARTED so lull that she had had little time 'short illness of measles and chick- 6:30, Things Seen and Done ! Floyd Mullen; 0:45, Market and crop reports and weather fore-. fast 7 rivHf. Wnllnr "Tho Tli,.L- ' en pox. Interment was in the Union cemetery at Crawfordsville. Enlvlva at .lban, ui-ukuii. txMtuffie sacond-class mail. Member United PreH If ' v, . T-1 up Baier"; 7:15, Carl Cunningham "Problems in the Division of and NEA News Service. EaUblUhed U6. During the Hot Weather Editors and Publishers .L, Jackson and B. R.' Croats : not worth while? That was why . she had done this dreadtul thing, : o! course. There couldn't be any ; other reason. j If Harriet would only talk about i it! But the didn't. She was sweet-t ly appreciative of everything that I was done for her. She lay back i against her pillows like a pale j shadow of herself. The verve and (sparkle, the gaiety that everyone associated with Harriet was gone-I Only one person besides Tooy knew the truth about the "acci to herself. Now she had more than she knew what to do with. For no reason at all, calls lrom the studio dropped off.. .-. - "They'll pick up again," Sally at the Model League oltice, assur-red Her. Toby hoped they would- Jay Hihyer was out of town. Bill seemed to be busy at his job; at any rate, she didn't hear from him. Then the weather turned Market Enforcement"; 7:30, Music for the Strings Clara Chapman, Catherine Jordon, and Carol Yo-kum; 7:45, Municipal Affairs League of Oregon Cities; e:05. Mu ( let's take a V ' HE WAS OUT J 'iiV STRAW VT6 J PJ AMD I'M witLTrJC (?$r5T& Trt6 B-eCHeRS ( Jwl TO TAKE IT OP TO I (Jsm'A . ) sic; 8:15, We Write a Story Alexander Hull; 8:30, Pacific College Program; 9-9:15. United Press News. SUBSCRIPTION RATES OELIVEREO DV CARRIER Ona rear, in advance 18.50 $W months. In advance 2.7S One mootb. in advance 81 BY MAIL Linn, fVntoa. Marlon, Lane and Lincoln eountiaa. One year, In advance 18.00 Six aonthi, in advance 2.26 Three month, in advance 1.26 One month. In advance 60 By Mall EUewhera in U. 8. A. 'not. It was June, but the sun beat j down on the pavements as though dent" of the escaped gas Bi Thursday, April 16 Toby discussed the nrohlem with ! it were August, and what breeze mm. . 9 a. m., Homemakers' Hour, 9:30 'Wayne and Jane"; 10. Music: 10:15, Guarding Your Health: wnat worries me, sne confided, "is what may happen after she leaves the hospital and comes home. Everybody knows she was 10:30, Music; 10:45, KOAC School One year, In advance 16.00 of the Air 10:45, German; 11, The Sis asontha, in advance C.76 One month, ta advance ,60 Story of Oregon; 11:15, The Ro to oe married. It will be awfully Per eol.7, on tralna and newsstands . . .06 nara lor her to go back to work. mance of Words; 11:30, The Story of Music; 11:45, Music; 12, Noon Farm Hour 12:05, United Press In orderinn changes of addreea aubierlr there was only added to the discomfort. People said they "1011 if because the heat had come so .-.uddenly. Toby, finding the apartment unbearable, set off one alternoon for a movie. The theater, at least, would be cool. She reached the avenue and halted, waiting for the traffic light to change. A young man in a white suit was also waiting there. He turned and said, 'Why Gor ane ougni to go away some an should al-vays srfve old ma well aa nv DRINK Califorange Ade - . . . - ." l'i " Tlx? now delicious California Orangeade NOW ON SALE AT LEADING GROCERY STORES , and by the ' Albany Dairy Co-op The Home of Grade 'A Dairy Products News; 12:15, Foresters in Action; 12:40, Market and crops reports place for a while." "1 think so, too," Toby said, "but she doesn't seem to be inter , Published Daily Except Sunday! The Democrat-Herald Publishing- Co., Inc. Independent Afternoon Newspaper ddreaa ested. She isn't interested in anything any more. That's the trouble. Bill, do you think she's trv " K. C. Mecenaea Co, National Adver- tlalne Representatives, and weather forecast. 1 p. m., Music; 1:15, The World Book Man; 1:30, Programs on Parade; 1:45, Music; 2, Lesson in Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30, The Home Garden "Native Trees, Vines and Shrubs" A. L. Pack; geous!" He understood what she meant To Be Continued) betore the words were out. "Not A GOOD TAX RECORD a chance," he said,. "Don't you know, Toby, that once anyone has PLAN PKOGRAM FKIDAY Members 'of the riivei-vitw 3, The Club Women's Half Hour "Interesting Commonpluce in Art" come as close to the finish as Harriet did, they never make a second try? They realize, I guess just how Farmers Union will present a pro Prof. Bernard Hinshaw; 3:30, Albany can point witli pride, and without fear of alarming views, to the record of municipal taxation recently compiled by the Bureau of Municipal Research and gram of skits and old time music much life means." Friday nighat 8 o'clock at the Music; 3:45. The Monitor Views the News; 4, Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for boys and girls. "1 hope you're right." "Of course 1 am. i can show vou Santiam-Central hall- A small admission will be charged. 5 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, figures to prove it-" n was Marty Hiatt, eventually. DAKLtNE COCHELL BURIED Holley. (Special) ,; . Darlene. Music; 5:45, Vespers Led by Dr. E. J. Harper; 6, The Dinner Concert; 6:15, Swindles to Suit Portland Better Business Bureau; 6:30, 1st and Lyon Sts. Phone 64G who made the suggestion that was carried out. Harriet was back at the apartment, still pale, still with the lar-away expression on her five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Cochell, passed away Thursday, April 9. following a - Evening Farm Hour 0:30, Farm Act Information; 6:45, Market and crop reports and weather forecast; lace, still silent about her plans service of the University of Oregon, cooperating with the League of .Oregon Cities, into which Albany was recently inducted. The buroau's findings reveal that Albany has the lowest tax rate of any municipality in Oregon, having a population of more than 5,000, and that few smaller towns can make a better showing. Albany's tax rate for all purposes, including state, county and lor we future. 7, Animtil Hsubandry; 7:JS, Hops; 7:30, Radio Shorthand Contest; 8, The Oregon State System of High . Marty dropped in one evening f alter woi-k. "i ve got-an -idea," he announced. "You Can't go back to er Education J. A. Churchill, President of the Oregon Normal School; 8:15, The KOAC Drama Guild "Love in 70 ; 8:45, Oregon State College Orchestra Delbont municipal levies, is 45.4 mills. Its Moore Conducting; 9-9:15, United Press News. ' nearest rival in the 5000 population or over class is Baker, with Put Yisa Hoiiicisi Step with ifieTimes a consolidated levy of 54 mills- It must be said, however, in Baker's BARBS work ler a while, Harriet. At least you shouldn't, i'he country's what you need. I have an aunt who lives in a little town farther in the state. She's the finest cook in the world and there's nothing she likes so much as to have someone around she can fuss over and take-care of. "She'd be tickled to death to have you come up for a week' or two, or as long as you want to stay. You see, the old girl gels sort of lonesome. Likes to have someone around she can talk to. I've been promising for months to run up and see Jicr. If you'll come along, we can drive up next Sunday. Harriet said it was awfully nice of Marty, but she couldn't impose on his aunt- "Impose on her? Why you'll' be doing her a favor. Honestly I mean it!" "It would be grand for you, Har HOOVER suggests that the MR New Dealers adopt as a sym BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN CHAPTER XXXI j Bill crossed the room and flung 1036 NEA Ssnlce, foe, forgotten ?" "They'll tell us, Toby, as soon as up a window. Toby felt the chok- ; they know. I don't think it will be favor that on a 50 per cent valuation basis Baker's rato would be 38.97 mills, for Baker county property is assessed at 68 per cent of actual valuations, according to compilations of the state tax commission, while Linn county assessments arc rated at 52 per cent of actual values. However, figured on a basis of assessed valuations to actual valuations as 50 to 100, Baker pays a municipal tax of 27.88 mills compared with a city tax of 18.72 mills for Albany on the same basis. The actual municipal tux rates are: Albany, 18 mills Baker. 20.5 mills. Also the municipal tax per capita in Baker is 12.93, while Albany's mg fumes in her throat. She groped for the electric switch, Kcrpingrcsiilrnt.u. property in pood repair and thoroughly ''inoclrrir in simply :iml hiisiiicsa. It not only imi!i-s home vastly more nttrnctive niul oinrorluli.ef hut it enhances vnluc nn:l .iicriiMi'H mi ij:ility. As this hunk lukes care ol' lepiiimaic loan needs for hiisiness, farming ami person it I needs, so it helps home miners to protect the vnluc of their homes. a: EAS M. Our Homo Modernization Loan plan in prae.tienl, economical and convenient. It has these advantages: Harrow from 7W to $2000. frmv nmiiililw Koasonahle interest. Tli re years 1o pay. I'or repttirs, remodeling. Ault Tor comph le details today. Also nhoul our Mortgage Loan plan. .1. C. Irvine, Manager K, S. Miller. found it. . The room was just us it had ! been, but there was no .sign of r Harriet. "Where is she?" Toby cried. "Oh, I riett," Toby urged. "You know Bill came with her once ar.d another time she arrived to find Marty Hiatt sitting beside Harriet's bed. There were flowers in baskets and vases about the room so many that some of them were on the floor. ; ' Harriet's illness bad been reported as the result of an accident. She had many friends and all were solicitous about her recovery. "Why, the place looks like a florist's shop!" Toby exclaimed- Harriet smiled. "It does, doesn't it? It's lovely of people to send them, but I feel selfish with so many flowers when some of the patients haven't any at all. I've asked the nurse to take part of mine to some of the other rooms." Marty nodded toward Harriet. "She looks fine, doesn't she? All she noeda is to get some color in her cheeks." She did look belter, although she was still weak. The doctor hud ordered that she should remain at the hospital a few days longer. Toby was cheerful at the hospital, but privately she was worried. Since the day Harriet had received Clyde Sabin's letter she had not mentioned him. Did she still fool that life without Clvde was bol tbe white rabbit. Maybe it's because they liavo been giving him gray hair. a a a Cleveland loxcrt have formed union, icJilcIs probably it the only inch organization which would strike by refuting to ttrikc, e e e In Hungary, wliero two notables recently nilsBed each other, there Is an antl-duellng law. Possibly becauso there Is always a chance someone might get hurt, a a e Na:l election theory: an affirmative vote it a vote opalnsl jwrttcuflon; vote "no" and see what happen to you. a a a "Ic Spain, Scot Gives Away Mine." Catch blm giving nwny his, (Copyright, 1936, Mi A Service, Inc.) the doctor said you shouldn't go to work right away." Two days later a letter arrived from Mrs. Abigail Dinwiddie a letter that revealed Mrs. Dinwid per capita levy is but $12.33. Only Bond and Pendleton in die to be exactly the sort of person Hiatt had described her as. this group of cities have lower per It was sweet of her to write Asst. Mtrr. me, wasn t it?" Harriet said. "But, of course, 1 can't go." capita tax levies, with $9.31 and $12.18, but Pendleton's rate based on a 50 per cent valuation ratio Alltsiny Ilrasicla .Nevertheless, when Sunday of tho would be 19.17 per cent, compared with Albany's 18.72 per cent, imrl Bend's would be 27-82. Bend's uc- United Stnlos jValioisal 55: ink . OPPOSITE POST-OFFICE morning arrived, Marty Hiati halted his car before the apartment and presently he was helping Harriet in and slowing her suitcase in the rear. Toby found it lonely after Harriet was gone. The days had been lsi I J. where is she: The kitchenette of the apartment was little more than a cupboard. In fact, it had been once. Hill pulled the door back and disappeared inside. The sting of the gas was sharper with the door open. Toby cried, "Bill!" and ran forward. There he was, Harriet in his arms. "Raise the other windows," he directed. "Do you know where to get a doctof?" He put Harriet on the davenport and they did everything they could think of to revive her, but she was still unconscious when the doctor arrived- He made arrangements immediately to take her to a hospital. Toby's eyes sought the doctor's, voicing the question her lips did not dare attempt. "We'll do all we can for her," the doctor promised. "Hut, Doctor !" "No time to waste now," he said brusquely. "The sooner we Community Service tual municipal levy is 29.6 mills. La Grande's per capita city tax Head Office. Portland. Orcf-nn FEDERAL HE POSIT INSURANCE MEMBER Held Easter Sunday CORPORATION long now.". "But it's been a long time already. Oh, Bill, it's all my fault! I shouldn't have left her alone tonight. 1 knew how she felt- If I'd stayed with her, as I should have, it wouldn't have happened." "You mustn't say that, Toby." But it's true! And there isn't anything 1 can do now. Ill never forgive myself. Never! Bill, if she shouldn't " 1 "Don't say it, Toby. You must-' n't let your self go to pieces like this. Besides, Harriet's going to be all right. Just remember that. She's going to be all right!'.' . it was another 20 minutes before a muse came and told them, "Miss Holm is resting - quietly now." "Can I see her?" Toby asked. The nurse shook her head. "Not tonight. She's very weak and the doctor doesn't want her to be disturbed. I imagine that you'll be able to see her tomorrow Toby was there ncNt morning-She found a pale and wan-faced Harriet lying back against the pillows ol the hospital ben. Harriet said, "I'm sorry, Toby. I guess I've 'made everybody a lot of trouble.'' ."Darling, it's all light now. You had us horribly frightened last night, but now everything's all right. The doctor says you'll be yourself in just a few ditys." "Yes, 1 know." The lew words seemed to have exhausted Harriet. Toby lingered a few moments, and then a nurse said that it was time for her to leave. From then on, her daily routine included as much time at the hospital as she could spend there. is $12.27 slightly lower than Al Riverside. (Special) Baskets filled with Easter candies were bany's, but its municipal levy is 23 mills and its consolidated levy is 59.7 mills. given to the children at the close Albany, with a population of or the Sunday school lesson by those in charge of the classes lust Sunday. A basket dinner was served at 1:30 to nearly one hundred people who brought their dinners lifter services in town and other communities. At two thirtv Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Olson from get her to the hospital, tire better. Eugene, with their four children, assisted with the program which was planned by Joyce Slellmacher with the assistance of the teachers J hat s all I can tell you." Later Hill sat with Toby ill the dreary hospital waiting room. Her eyes were lod-rimmod, the handkerchief she twisted in her hand asrs sMiffl! Gg of the various classes. Mr. Olson led the sineinir of the hymns with Mrs. Olson accom a limp, moist ball. "What lime is it now'.'" Toby asked. panying on the piano after which Mr. Olson offered maver. Lois He told her. "Surely it can't be much lunitcr! 5,325, is paying $05,633 for municipal government and improvements while Pendleton, with a population of 6,621, is paying $80,-641.58. Albany's nearest neighbor of the 5,000 class Is Corvallis, whose municipal levy is 19.57 mills ami whose per capita tax is $12.54. both higher than Albany's. So, viewing the matter from every angle, Albany residents may feel fortunate In respect to taxation. The town enjoys as many municipal conveniences as do most other municipalities of Its class, which includes Portland, Astoria. Baker, Bend, Corvallis. Eugene. Klamath Falls, La Grande, Marsh-field, Medford, Oregon City, Pendleton, Salem and The Dalles. A wise business policy in administration of municipal affairs here has been the rule for many years, and the results are reflected in this comparative tax record. Smith and Lucrctia Slellmacher They ought to know by this time. gave reading as representatives of the beginners class; Dob Thompson from Corvallis rendered ac Why tloesn t someone, come and tell ns. Hill? Do you think Ihev've cordion selections; quartet by the Ideally Located lour uison children; a reading by Lila McCutchan; Easter message by Mr. Olson: vocal duct by I'hvl-lis Dallas and Louise Schlegel accompanied by Irene Schlegel ac-lin solo by David Olson accompanied by his mother and a pageant. Post Street at tLJ 1 1 : 1 1 isfew Jones a'LA" 1:11 xrrr" miiiiiia m m m warn a m eiiissKSW caster Message, liy the Live- Wire class and directed by Mrs. Hradshaw completed the program. (".r Jl J-1 sJGiTj" -Mr" . r -hI kak here f. ; 3 f NO GEAR - x ' i s J LEVER HER .- J Vsl ' X S NO BRAKE' - !J v N V LEVER HERE Joyce Stellmacher announced the numbers. Shift with both hands on the wheel . . . with the Electric Hand COME in for a "Discovery Drive" in a Hudson or Terraplanc with the. Electric 1 land. See what it means to shift gears ut a finger flick . . . smoothly and surely ... . with both hands on the wheel and both eyes on ihcroud. Then let us show you FOUR MORIi ways in which the Electric Hand makes driving almost magically simpler, easier and safer. No Levers to Stumble Over Now you can enjoy a front seat ride with no gear or brake lever in the way . . . with the floor all clear. A front scat, at lust, in which three can stretch in comfort. That's another Electric 1 land advantage. At the wheel of a 1936 Hudson or Terruplune, you'll soon find many other reasons why these cars are growing so fast in popularity.; You'll discover more power, and smoother power, than you find in cars priced hundreds of dollars higher. More room, too ... in the biggest cars ever priced so low. With the newest, most advanced style of the year and many new comfort and safety features found on no other 1936 cars. Then let us show you what others have discovered about the amazing economy and long life of Hudsons and Terraplancs. Tbe proof is waiting . . . come and sec. Dnlton Gibbs & Vic Hughson, Dealers iaWL Ml Where ONE RATE single 3sodouble H00 twin beds TOO DIVORCES CiKANTED One husband and one wife each That William E. Borah should have been an also-ran in Colonel Frank Knox's own bailiwick Is something for the republicans to think about. received a divorce from Circuit Judge L. G. Lcwolling here yester day. The court granted Lester C. Chilcote a divorce from Edna Chil- FRONT FLOOR ALL CLEAR cote, awarding him the custody of their minor child, while Mrs. lie I la Watson secured a divorce from James W. Watson, also receiving The boy who plagiarized the winning Eddie Cantor peace essay Just didn't get away with it, that's all. Ike Mectrtc Hand, an optional extra, is mounted conveniently under the steering wheel Smart People Meet in San Francisco The distingulihrii M.U'RICE HOTEL offers the traveller 17 floors of cx-qulaitely furnished rooitit all Kith bath and howeroall oulaidc and flooded ith aunsliineaal one alandard rate. Excellcut meala nl aatUfuctory price. PRICES niiCIN AT lor Terrar-Iane I)e Luxe ModelnfflSnr I00hnr.n,-. . custody of u minor child. Each de fendant was declared in default. s FREE drivc-in GARAGE 595 1 15-inch wheelhase); $710 lor Hudson Sir (93 or 1011 horsepower, 120-inch whcelbase); $760 lor Hudson Eight (1 13 or 124 horsepower, 120 and 127-inch whcelbase). Alt-prices l.o.b. Detroit. Standard group of accessories extra. It begins to look as If we were going to have three seasons winter, summer and fall. SAVE , Our Prescription for EASTER CHIC and n sure tonic for that "tired of it all" spring fever. with the new HUDSON - C. I. T. 6i Time Payment Plan . . . low monthly payments KOAC Radio Program . convenient economical luxurious Remove Unit irritating dan-d r u f f and choose a flattering Wednesday, April 15 5 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30. Music; 5:45, The Vespers Led by flev. H. H. Griffis; 6, The Dinner Concert; 6:15, Oregon Former's Union; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour visit our SPRING SHOWING ot New Models and New Colors Take Your "DISCOVERY DRIVS" Today NEW An Oil Permanent $2.50 Relieve the soreness and aid healing by washing daily with Resinol Dalton Gibbs & Vic Hvghaon kdoap and freely applying WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 215 I.yon St, flume 6J9-R DEALERS Albany. Oregon Second and Washington Streets Phone 621

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